SAUL via John Smallman – As the Tsunami of Love continues to intensify – 2-13-18



Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday February 13th

The mainstream media have been avoiding issues of real significance, while attempting to draw your attention towards distractions which are intended to confuse and divide you so that you live in anxiety and fear.  Politics is a game played by influential people who are blinded by their own self-importance and driven by their desire for power over others, and who are supported by the mainstream media, while both are controlled and manipulated by a tiny but very powerful elite who have unlimited financial resources, and who have personal information about those influential ones which ensures that they can brought down in a moment, if they refuse to obey their masters, by releasing scandalous information about them.Thus many politicians and news organizations are “owned” and used by a few very wealthy people with self-serving, secret, personal agendas that have been kept hidden from the public view.

Many people are now aware, or are becoming aware of the immense corruption that has been ongoing for a long time worldwide in large organizations, organizations that until recently were thought to be honest and trustworthy – operating in politics, business, education, healthcare, charities, religion, and the media – and a worldwide grassroots movement seeking enormous changes in their management and operations is growing rapidly as more and more shocking but, until now, hidden secret scandals are revealed and brought into the light of the public arena.

f humanity is to avoid self-destruction this powerful and power-hungry elite will have to be totally separated from their financial resources, and from the organizations through which they exercise that power and control.  Then the incredibly damaging activities in which the military-industrial complex has been engaged for decades must be terminated, following from that,quick and positive steps must be taken to start repairing the damage done to the planetary ecosystem.

As many of you already know, the damage done to the planet over the last two hundred years, and which has been occurring at an increasingly exponential rate since the end of World War II, has resulted in unconscionable amounts of pollution being arrogantly dumped into the oceans, lakes, and rivers, into the forests and prairies, and into the atmosphere, with militant disregard for the damage that was bound to ensue.  If steps are not taken swiftly to reverse and correct the damage that the planet has already sustained, then, in the very near future, its environment will cease to provide the basic essentials of clean air and clean water needed for humanity’s survival.

That so much damage has not only been allowed but encouraged clearly demonstrates the insanity of globalization.  It has stripped away any sense of responsibilityfrom the owners and managers of these enormous corporations for their decisions and for the subsequent activities that their organizations have engaged in,despite the enormous consequential ecological injury done to the planetary environment, and to the non human life forms the planet supports, because of their activities.

Although modern physics has recently shown that absolutely everything is connected to absolutely everything else, the responsibilities that an understanding of this lays on humanity has so far not been taken nearly seriously enough.  Well before modern science revealed this vast ordering of the entire universe, people had become aware of it on a smaller scale as the ecological interconnectedness between plants, insects, and animals (including humans).  And although ecologists gave warnings about the damage occurring, those with power and authority to limit and restrain damaging activities chose to ignore them, while encouraging globalization, whose supporters, promoters, and backers were interested solely in short-term financial reward.

Now, finally, awareness of the overwhelming need for change in humanity’s attitudes and behaviors is growing, and leading to a move toward major alterations in industrial processes, so that the most damaging activities are eitherseverely curtailed and restricted, or completely terminated.  You already have the technologies necessary to replace the most damaging industrial processes which you deem essential, they have just not been brought into use because they are not in alignment with the financial goals of the large globalized multinational corporations.  This is going to change!  New technologies – new in that information about them has not yet been released into the public domain – can and will be put into operation very quickly once those who have been preventing their introduction have been removed from power.

ruly there is a bright future ahead for humanity once the essential changes in attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors come into effect within you all.  This will allow and most positively encourage the setting and maintaining of the intent to establish a caring and responsible stewardship of Planet Earth, a stewardship that will ensure the well-being of the planet, while at the same time guaranteeing satisfying and uplifting living conditions for all of humanity without any exceptions.  At present, as you observe so much senseless and totally unnecessary conflict and suffering planet-wide, it is almost impossible for you to imagine a change of sufficient magnitude to resolve these seemingly overwhelming issues and problems.  Issues and problems that have been discussed in countless forums for decades without there being any meaningful signs of progress.

As all the channeled messages have been telling you, as alsohave many aware and trustworthy individuals presently incarnate, L O V E is the answer, the onlyanswer to any problem or disagreement that arises between any of God’s divine children.  And each and every one of you, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, skin color, religious or political persuasion, or none, is a divine child of God.  Without even one of you God is incomplete, and God cannot be incomplete.  As the Tsunami of Love continues to intensify – and YES, It is most certainly intensifying mightily – more and more of you are beginning to rub your eyes and open to the awareness that truly all that matters is L O V E!

All is divinely taken care of, there will be no winners and losers, no conquerors and vanquished, because all will succeed and delight in the success of all, as Love’s all-inclusive embrace envelops all.  When you engage with love, peace ensues because they are one, inseparable, as each of you are inseparably one with each other, and with God.

So, spend time alone with yourself at your holy inner sanctuary daily.  Yes, gather in groups to do so physically, or via phones or social media (the perfect use for them), and then go deep, and, as the distractions of your daily lives fade away for a time, feel the Oneness that is ever-present within each one of you, and from which you are and never can be separated.  The wonder and the all-fulfilling energy field that you then experience will empower you and give you the strength to hold the vision of a future of peace and abundance for all of humanity.  You arecreating and bringing that vision into being.  Let go of your doubts, and know that it is so.

, With so very much love, Saul.

STEVE BECKOW – I Survived the Tsunami of Love – 6-29-17

Some insights just keep on unfolding – or unpacking, if you like.

The significance of what happened to me on March 13, 2015 just keeps on unfolding for me.

I’ve told the story so many times, release me from having to repeat it please. Suffice it to say that my heart explosively opened on that day and a torrent of love flowed through me.

For scholars, I knew the explosion happened when the kundalini reached the fourth chakra. But it did not occur to me that this was “spiritual awakening” or “stream entering.”

Archangel Michael later explained that it was. And looking back on it, I can also see how it would have been.

I expected to see a light or a form of God. Looking back on it, it makes perfect sense that it would be an explosive experience of love.

The flow of love that passed through me then was a torrent. It swept away all … not impurities so much as all concerns, anxieties, cares, anything that gripped my mind and tensed up my musculature.

My awareness expanded as a result of the event. As did the area of my field of compassion. I expanded in every respect.

I am only going on memory of it now. All experiences short of Sahaja fade away, leaving only a memory and a trace. In my case, the trace is that my heart remains slightly open so I have wisps of an experience that used to be a torrent.

What is my point in talking about a torrent? My point is that this was, I believe, an experience of the Tsunami of Love.

What the Mother is talking about? This was an instance of a person deriving the full benefit of it, seeing it in its own native splendor and desirability, etc.

If I were writing for the National Enquirer, the headline would be “I Survived the Tsunami of Love.

Survived it? I was gifted by it. I regard March 13, 2015 as my Birth Day.

Before it, I didn’t know what love was. I went 68-odd years not experiencing love in my life.

After it, I was submerged in love, gushing with love, bursting with love. I lived in complete satiation and satisfaction, a geyser of love going off faithfully.

It did not come with a handbook. It did not come with a list of terms and their meanings.  I had no words to describe what just happened to me.

I had to name things as best I could. What distinguished this brand of love from all others? This was “transformative” love. Why? Because it transformed the circumstances, rather than being transformed by them.

Later I learned from AAM that it’s Fifth-Seventh-Dimensional Love. And then I saw others calling it “real” love and “true” love, etc. Finally the Mother and AAM agreed it could be called “sacred” love.

Communicating what had just happened created a terrific communicational problem for me. I hope the ensuing discussion was useful. You saw spirituality on the fly there.

You saw clearly how a person can have an enlightenment experience and not know what just hit him. You saw me struggle with what happened on that day, with my attention permanently fixed on its outcome – the flow of transformative or sacred love in me.

I needed to make sense of what just happened. Even Michael allowed me to do that. He only fed me details a little at a time. And the sense I made of it just keeps on unfolding. It’s been very useful to put the pieces of the puzzle together somewhat myself. It’s been a useful exercise.

So, yes, I survived the tsunami of love. Sure, there are endless manifestations of that tsunami. Some are having energetic experiences of it. Others may be talking to animals. All these may track back to the tsunami.

But I can speak with complete confidence from my experience of it. The only thing that dies from this tsunami is our fears and worries. The only possession left to us when we walk away from it is endlessly-flowing, ever-sweet, and totally-satisfying love.

Universal Mother Mary via Linda Dillon – Third Wave of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love – 4-20-15

Mother Mary

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of change, Mother of constancy, Mother of hope, Mother of fulfillment.

Welcome my dear hearts, children of my heart, daughters and sons of my soul, welcome yet again to this Council, to my Council of Love, of which each and every one of you are part and parcel, not merely honorary members but full members, full participants.

I come this day to speak to you of my Tsunami of Love that you may understand just how persistent a mother I am. I do not waver in my intention in the fulfillment of my plan and your plan within that plan.

And yes, I bring thee, I bring all of this planet, what you are calling and what I agree to call ‘the Third Wave of the Tsunami of Love’. Let me discuss with you, my sweet angels, what this energy is. Is it substantially different than the Tsunami that you have worked with in this past year? The answer is “No. My energy, my Love is simply that.”

What is different, my beloved ones, is the intensity with which I and you and We approach this energy flow. And that is why I speak to and refer to my persistence…I will not stop this Third Wave until all is completed and I do not simply mean the cleansing.

Is there cleansing in core issues to be resolved? Yes, and I will only refer to this because what I really wish to speak of is this energy of this Tsunami. It is the energy of my Love, it is the energy of my persistence, it is the energy of my intention that you be raised up.

I will push you, I will pull you, I will fill you, I will lift you, I will elevate you, not only until you are on top of the highest peak of every continent but until you are high enough and elevated enough that you are standing, existing, right next to me as I am right next to you; with your angelic family, with the ascended masters, with the archangels, with the seraphim. You are divine.

I do not know how many ways I can communicate this to you and so I send you this information, not only through words but from my heart to your heart, to every fiber of your being. Every kingdom upon sweet Gaia has understood and participated in the Tsunami and have anchored fully, joyously, in the 7th dimension.

It is only the humans that have resisted. All other kingdoms have looked at the opening, the Love, the Christ Consciousness, the unified awareness and have come running through the portal. And all of you have been swimming in and out of this portal for years. And several of you have anchored fully and completely in the 7th.

So, why do I bring forth an intensified Tsunami of Love at this time? Let me be clear…this is not a resumption of the Tsunami. Yes, we are in new times with new meaning of linear space and time, but this is not a resumption; this is a new wave and it is a wave from the totality of my being tempered so that it does not injure any in any way, but it will carry you.

Some of you may experience that you are being pulled under, that the undertow has you. Dearest ones, if the undertow is pulling you, let go. It simply means that there is need to dive deeper and to see in the depths of who you are, in your journey with me, the brilliance, the radiance, the truth of who you are.

If you are being lifted up because you know your divine birthright, you know the truth of who you are, place your face upward to the sun, to the millions of stars, to your star brothers and sisters, to the Milky Way, to Venus, and enjoy the ride because you will not be exempt. All beings are being touched. It is not a time that I will be suggesting to thee to play in the shallows by the shore. That time is passed, not in a fearful way but in a way that you have evolved my sweet ones.

You are ready for a more powerful infusion of my Love, of our sacred union. I have said to thee that I have planted the seed eons ago within you. And I have not only planted the seed of my Love, of our Love, of the Father and I, I have planted the seed of your divinity, of your wholeness, of your brilliance.

So, you say to me, “Well Mother, could you not simply gently water me and allow my face to emerge out of sweet Gaia and find the sun?” You are already doing that and you need the full infusion for this blossoming.

There is no turning back. And I say this, not to you my sweet ones, for you are the ones who have said to me, “Mother, please, we are tired, we are impatient, we are joyful, we are in anticipation, excitement, bring forth the awe, the wonder, the miracles, the creation.” But there are others that have need to be lifted up and carried and this is what I am doing; there is no turning back, not in new times, not in old times.

This process that we began 6 million years ago is underway. It is time of fulfillment. It is time for you, each of you, my children that I Love, to truly know me, and even more importantly, to truly know yourself. You are creators and you have come, not merely for Ascension but for the anchoring of Nova Earth.

It is a promise that I made, not only to you but to Gaia eons ago, that she would have this fulfillment of her mission and purpose…not to dissolve into sheer energy but to thrive in the majestic glory and splendor of her diverse beauty and magnificence.

And you have said, “Yes, I choose to participate, I choose to be the activator, I choose to be the healer, the teacher, the channel, the creator.”… And in all realities, all dimensions, all time frames throughout my omniverse. It is time!

So, I caress you. I caress you in my waves of blue. I caress you in my gown of blue. I nurture you, I water you. Come in, the wave is all around you; allow the penetration, do not resist. It is not simply a matter of floating on the energy; it is a matter of grabbing your rubber duck, your surfboard, your noodles, whatever you choose, your floatie, and come and ride the wave.

Allow me to, with you, finish this transformation of Ascension. Go with my Love, my faith in each of you. Farewell, farewell my beloveds. You do not need to come to the beach; I will be in your doorstep. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 4-18-15
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Jesus through John – All are now enveloped and overlighted in every moment by the Tsunami of Love – 3-10-15

jesus 2

Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday March 10th

No one is unworthy of God’s Love, and therefore no one is unworthy of yours!  The only reason that you would withhold love from anyone is because you believe yourself to be unlovable, and to withhold love from someone is to withhold it from yourself.  However, to acknowledge and be aware of that extremely painful belief about yourself is often too horrific to countenance, and so you project it outwards on to someone you can judge as unworthy of being loved.

Judgment is an aspect of the illusion to which many are enthusiastically attached.  Because of the underlying sense of unworthiness that so many feel and deny, it can be very satisfying to see another’s behavior as wrong, sinful, criminal, deceitful, untrustworthy – in fact being in any way different in their behavior from your personally perceived and accepted sense of what is “normal” – judging them according to some arbitrary rules of your own making, and then righteously condemning them and enthusiastically sentencing them to what you have convinced yourselves is their well deserved punishment.

It is all too easy to find a target on to whom you can project this unbearable self-hatred – and it surely is self-hatred – because so many of you feel this way about yourselves and are constantly looking for some unworthy one doing wrong on whom you can impose a self-righteous and, of course, utterly justifiable negative judgment.  Doing this helps you to feel better about yourselves because as you compare yourselves to these unacceptable others you can tell yourselves: “I am not nearly as bad as that,” or even “I am really very good.”

And in your collective fear there are very few among you who have not committed some actions that are generally perceived as crimes instead of being recognized as the desperate calls for love that thy really are.  The way out of this bind or seemingly infinite playback loop is to acknowledge, look at, and release all self-judgment of yourselves as unworthy. In God’s sight no one is ever unworthy!

If you find yourselves judging others or yourselves, even if only privately, secretly in your minds, it indicates that you are in denial of your own sense of unworthiness, of unlovableness.  However, once you have looked within and fully acknowledged that extremely painful state, that fearful belief and feeling that you are not good enough, you can release it and see the insanity of it, the utter invalidity of it.  In that moment of awareness as you gently release it, thank it for the protection it thought it was offering you, and then intend and allow yourselves to feel the Love in which the Tsunami of Love has enveloped you.

The human condition, in which each of you sees yourself as separate from one another and from God, causes you enormous stress.  Your true nature is Love, but as humans it seems that you are separated from that state and so you spend your lives seeking it, mostly in the wrong places – from your parents initially, from authority figures, from your peer group, and then very likely from another individual whom you admire and covet and whom you desperately hope will return your admiration.

To believe yourself to be separate is a most painful experience that starts at birth as you are forcefully expelled from the womb.  As you grow and develop, the parental, tribal, cultural, racial, and religious rules that are imposed upon you further confirm that sense of separation because each time you break one of them and are judged wrong, and maybe shamed for doing so, it builds within you an intense sense of unworthiness thus separating you emotionally from the “good people,” those who have judged you and found you wanting.  And that pain has to be buried, hidden deep in your unconscious, because it cannot be born.

When you see it spelled out like that it is quite clear that the only way out of this unhappy state is by embracing love.  You all, every single human being, wants only to be loved.  And there is never even a moment when you are not infinitely loved.  As a human you need to feel loved because Love is your nature, and to feel unloved is effectively to die.  So you keep seeking outside what you can only find within you.  Love is the life force, without it you would cease to exist and that is impossible because you are eternal beings at One with Source.

Nevertheless, it seems to many of you that you do die because you have learned over the eons to identify solely with your human bodies which have, as you might express it “a rather severely limited shelf-life.”  Medical science has recently succeeded in extending that bodily life expectancy, but it has also encouraged a belief that it is the only life available to you.

Over the eons unconditional love and acceptance has been a state of being that very few have experienced.  However, over the last one hundred years or so, mainly as a result of the development of psychology as an approved ameliorative healing practice, the need that humans have for love has been increasingly recognized and applied, so that many young people today take it as normal – as indeed it is! – that people should behave kindly and lovingly to one another.

It is this enormous change in perception that led to the arrival of the Tsunami of Love.  Previously, in earlier times, it would not have been welcomed because the general human attitude encouraged judgment and harsh punishment for wrongdoers, even for the smallest offenses.  Love was talked about as being desirable but unobtainable, and therefore it was considered insane to even dream of experiencing it.  You have some “leftover” expressions from those times: “You have to be cruel to be kind,” and “Tough love.”  Many still believe in them!  However, humanity as a whole is moving very rapidly away from that insane and truly unconscionable belief system.

Love does not condemn or punish, It offers Itself freely and constantly to all.  But over the eons you have spent in the illusion, playing games of separation and experiencing the concomitant fear, judgment, and shame that it offers, you have “learned” to see yourselves as unworthy of Love and therefore find it very difficult to accept It.  Feeling unloved, because you have closed yourselves off to It so that the pain of not feeling It will not be experienced, you are amazed when someone unexpectedly treats you kindly and lovingly.

This is happening more and more frequently as all are now enveloped and overlighted in every moment by the Tsunami of Love.  All you need do to experience It is to open your hearts and allow It in.  Intellectually most of you know that God loves you all, but deep within you lies your true knowing, the place where you can feel that Love enveloping and embracing you.  By opening your hearts you learn to access that deep inner knowing and can then relish the experience of it whenever you choose.  It is your God-given right, your heritage, so claim it, daily, and release all doubts about your worthiness to enjoy and experience God’s infinite Love for you.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

Steve Beckow – Maximum Danger, Minimum Risk – – Tsunami Of Love – Archangel Michael – 8-23-14



Suggested Reading for a GoldenGaia Meet-up

I had a reading with Archangel Michael on Friday and he said we’d emerge from the Tsunami of Love “addicted to love.” The next wave is being called “the perfect storm.”

But a lot of what’ll come up for some people during some of that process – me included – are their core issues, major vasanas, etc. I actually phoned my therapist brother in Victoria, B.C. and warned him to expect an increase in clients – some leaving marriages, some feeling life is not worth it, etc.

The most important skill at this time that I can think of to assist anyone who’s hurting is listening. And there’s more to listening than meets the ear. I’d like to discuss some aspects of it, in this and perhaps future articles.

Listening has the power to turn the puzzle into a picture and cause a realization … and more. It has the power to set the speaker free from the unwanted condition.

When I was studying listening back in the 1980s, I used to say that what we aimed for was allowing the speaker to present their most basic upsets, conundrums, etc. (maximum danger) in a manner that posed the least possible risk (minimum risk). Maximum Danger: Minimum Risk. MXD:MNR

What does it mean to listen in a manner that poses minimum risk? It means to serve as a Second Self, a “sacred partner” we’d say these days. It would double, or quadruple, the person’s ability to see into themselves by seeing along with them, feeling along with them. and realizing along with them. It means to listen closely but with a light touch.

The Second Self that we act as is outside the upset and holds the space for the speaker to turn the puzzle into a picture. It allows the speaker the opportunity to put everything on the table and see what they’ve been missing up till now.

Very few people get the opportunity to be listened to long enough to get out all that’s really troubling them. Most people interrupt after a few sentences. Or they take the ball and run with it (“run away with their share”). Or they succumb to a need to feel useful and important and give in to the desire to counsel, console, advise – everything but listen.

When I was practising to be a counsellor in my Sociology Ph.D years, I followed Problem-Solving Therapy but quickly saw that very few people were buying my solutions. After much frustration, I saw that most people simply wanted to be heard.

So I threw my solutions out the window. No one was buying them anyways. I may as well have been selling water by the river. And I began to listen.

I threw away my need to feel important and instrumental in the success of their inquiry, which they were perfectly capable of running themselves, if only someone cared to listen. I simply set about following what they were saying and “recreating” (creating anew within myself) whatever it was they wanted to look at and feel.

I had a commitment to the truth but I also had a commitment to acting naturally. Be myself. Be who I am.

Everything they said to me was a chapter heading. I could have encouraged them to unroll any heading and had to be watchful for what was being said that was really the key. A word, a metaphor, a conclusion, a decision – you never knew when the one thing would be said that was crucial to their release from the unwanted condition.

Periodically I’d share something myself, a very small intervention, just to show that I had my hat in the ring. I did not redirect them. I did not take over their process. I did not say to them “Go into your heart. Get out of your head.” Everyone goes into their heart once they get a head of steam going. Their heart is where they want to get to. No one needs to be schooled in that. We’re love-seeking machines.

I simply got each thing that was said and waited for the one key piece to mirror back to them.

I’d mirror back from time to time my understanding of what was said, how they looked, what they seemed to be feeling. I’d watch gestures, body language, listen to tones, the rise and fall of their voice. I might periodically hear a favorite expression or hear a significant pause, which I’d mirror back. Anything could cause the breakthrough.

Feelings are particularly important to mirror back because our mind files our upsets under “feeling” headings.

Mirroring is foolproof because, if I got it wrong, they corrected me. So whether or not I got their drift the first time, I was sure to get it as a result of their correction.

Everything they said I held in confidentiality. Nothing they said would I bring back to them in a way that was confrontive.

Never would I disagree with what they were saying because I felt in my bones that they knew what they wanted to say. They only lacked a listener, not a sense of where they were going with things. It wasn’t that they lacked understanding of what was happening. It was more that they lacked someone who cared enough to invest the time to hear them completely.

If only they could get the whole story out, they could see what they were dealing with.

Listening is the greatest gift one person can give another. Listening is the alchemy of transformation and the speaker is himself or herself the alchemist. We’re simply the catalyst.

Listening is a very humble act. If the person got their “Aha!” all they really wanted to do was to rush out the door and tell their loved ones what they had seen. Many left without saying thank you.

Good listening is invisible. The number of people who said I was a brilliant conversationalist was legion, when all I did was listen. What conversation? Listening is not a conversation. It’s the other person speaking.

Once they achieved release, I never took them back into the upset. To do so would have been to recreate the unwanted condition all over again. Release was what we aimed for and the truth of their situation was what would set them free. Off they went to tell their partner or spouse what they’d seen. And that was fine with me. Mission accomplished.

The secret, if there is one, was to have a light touch, be non-threatening, be Maximum Danger: Minimum Risk. I am the listener. I think of this as “having a light touch” or “being light.” That is my mission. To be Light.

Kathleen W – The Mother’s Tsunami of Love – The Wave Brings the Biggest Love of All – 8-6-14

AfricaCA, an active participant in Linda Dillon’s webinar series, The New You, shows us how our Ascension process, our journeys of self and the Mother’s Tsunami of Love are intertwined.

The Wave brings you the biggest love of your life……… yourself!

The most amazing thing has happened.  I’ve met the most awe-inspiring person. She’s funny, she’s caring. She’s loving. She’s interesting to talk to. She looks good and when I’m with her she makes me feel joyous and happy. She’s………… ME!

The Divine Mother brought us the gift of the Tsunami wave, full of love and full of promise. Like a two-year-old toddler, we eagerly ran to the shore where the water met the sand and then reluctantly and timidly dipped our big toes in to test the waters. Once we gained confidence, we took it to the next level. We began to paddle, running into those waves with intent and determination, only to run back onto the safety of the sandy shore.

After a few times it then became like a fun game, we became braver, stronger, more confident. We felt safer. Once again. We took it a little further. Without the aid of our water wings, rubber rings or the reliance of a parent, we jumped in and started to swim. We began to trust. We rapidly progressed to being fully emerged in these waves only to absorb the love enmeshed in waves.

This process I call ‘Ascension in swimming!’ We’ve all felt the strength of the Mother’s love through these waves. I know I have. I’ve spent some of the time face down on my floor clutching a box of tissues, and some of the time dancing through the daisies, sprinkling my fairy dust over all who need it! So yes,  a roller-coaster ride is exactly what it’s been and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The general feeling of the Tsunami is that of feeling the love and emanating the love. I have most definitely experienced this. I think we all have.

In true human form, we’re always the last to receive this love. We do so very well at giving, but we haven’t quite mastered the receiving bit. This is why we experience the block of abundance in whatever form that might be.

It’s all there in front of us but we ‘think’ we can’t reach it. Oh goodness no! We must never take for ourselves. That would just be wrong! It’s like our pockets are full of health, wealth, happiness and bliss but our arms are too short! We can’t reach. I’ve had a few boyfriends like that, let me tell you!!

The Tsunami of Love, in my experience, is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s about receiving the new. The ‘new’ for me is the love for myself.

Every morning I walk into my gym to start a new day. I switch my lights on, turn on the Powerplate machines and await the arrival of my first client. To kill time, I stand in the middle of my four-way mirrors and observe my lady lumps from every angle.

I pull my stomach in, clench my bottom cheeks together, squeezing the flesh from the back of my thighs to make them look super skinny from the front! There you go – I am skinny, I have the perfect body, the perfect look. I am so ready for the catwalk. Where’s my bikini??

Then I let it all go, letting out a deep sigh of hopelessness and despondency. I start to entertain the absolute crazy-lady-extreme-way of thinking……. I’ll just wrap my self in cling film, really tight.  It’ll hold it all in. I’ll lose weight and then all will be right with the world. I’ll be happy.

After pondering the thought that I may look like the previous night’s leftovers in my fridge, I abandon the idea and start to become a little more rational. Will I ever be that body that I want to be?? My client arrives. I put on my happy face and step into the persona of exercise trainer and role model. If only they knew that I was as human as they are!

Before I embarked on the “The New You” (1), I was a machine. I was strict in my training, my diet and my overall health and fitness regime locked down and supported with an unhealthy dose of control! If I didn’t train or eat right that day, I felt completely out of balance, like I’d lost control.

The thought process would have been that of abuse – “Oh you are so useless, you’ve let yourself down, and you have not achieved what was required for that day… now go and sit in the naughty corner and think about what you’ve done!”

I have now come to realize that exercise has become a channel for self-abuse. It is a way to batter your self-worth. If you don’t get to exercise that day, you’re useless. If you do exercise that day, you didn’t try hard enough – you’re super useless.

Working your physical body is a grounding experience, a way to anchor the light into your physical being. It should be fun, enjoyable – a gift!

We’re here to honor ourselves, not to hammer the living daylights out of our very beings, hanging off a spin bike! No no no! That’s not it, trust me!

Now I stride into the gym, no need to suck it up, suck it in or squeeze together. I AM that body I want to be, I AM the person I want to be. I AM important and I AM enough.

I have now come to realize that I have always been there. What I have so desperately been searching for has always been there. It’s like those days you’re running around your house, searching high and low for your car keys that you didn’t realize you had in your hand!! Duh!

I feel a little like a piece of broken glass that has been discarded into the sea, I have been washed, tumbled and polished, only to emerge looking like a shiny crystal, glistening in the sun. I am so far from my original form it’s frightening.

So be that little piece of broken glass! Let go of control. ALLOW the wave to wash you, polish you and make you a crystal gem.    That’s nothing less than you deserve.


Lisa Gawles – The River of Life – New Flow – Time for System Busters



Lisa Gawles

What an interesting set of energy we have gotten ourselves into this time!  It is so unique to my internal processors it has taken me days to piece together the readings for any sort of understanding.  First, let me give you the set up as I see it.  On the 26th of June a massive geyser erupted from the depths of earth and with an intense force, shot upwards to the place I call the upper atmosphere, or the place where the higher (soul) mind lives.  The geyser then formed a tsunami and as it was flowing outwards, suddenly this massive tsunami wave made a sudden U-turn (on the 27th.)  As the Tsunami wave turned the bend of the U-turn (on the 28th.)  Until this energy came out of the “bend” of the U, it was frothy white, like intense water flow would be, as it turned the bend it settled down in intensity and I could see it as this amazing, brilliant blue infused with white river of energy.  No doubt a perfect and beautiful blend of pure energy from the earth and pure energy from the source of creation, creating a new, fluid river of life.  Actually, I doubt if the river itself is new, but, it is so pure, so filled with love, actually IS love and kindness and determination too.

What surprises me is the appearance of flowing backwards in time.  From what I am understanding, the entire globe is in its own retrograde system.  A time for those aligned with the true river of life to go back and clean up the earth.  To take old systems and make them new, whole, ALL serving.  To pick up lost dreams and desires that were discarded in the past and bring them forth to live.  Not just the personal dreams, or the dreams of this timeline, but for all time.  In order to fully do all of this, we have got to see ourselves as system busters.  The systems that are set up across the globe are not life enriching, life supporting or enhancing.  The rules and regulations that are, make it near impossible to ALL to flow into their dreams, their desires and it is simply because most (not all tho) are playing by old, worn out rules.

There are still some elements to the readings that I do not understand and yet others, that are perfectly clear.  If everyone wasn’t on such a different point in their path, it sure would make my job a whole lot easier, especially in this new, exciting, very unexpected times!!  But alas, what would actually get done if we were.

So lets take some of the reading visuals from the last few days that I do not understand (in the bigger scheme of things) and we can wrap them into what I do understand.

The first visual I got was with a wonderful lady hanging onto the flow of this amazing river from underneath it and at the front of the flow itself, which is kind weird because how do you hang onto water energy??  lol  But she was and what I could feel with it was “going with the flow” to where ever it took her.  To contrast her energy, I did sneak a peek to see where her husband was located in relationship to how I had seen her, he was on a short surfboard that was vibrating to the color mustard brown, very much like this color:



He was not flowing with the river, but instead found a way to balance himself on the top of the geyser that created this merged flow of energy.  What it felt like to me was holding the space as his wife flows into the currents of yesterday.  But what more it means, I still do not fully know…. but I do know there is more.

Much to my surprise, my lady after her, showed up in the same way as my first lady, directly behind her.  I have never, in all my years of reading, have a completely separate client show up in someone elses reading, but there was my first lady and directly behind her, hanging on to the under flow of this new river, was my next lady.

What i(kinda) important to state too, is by the 28th (the day I seen the two above ladies) the flow of the river was in a perfect U shape.  The day after that the river flowing in our past was now about a yard (meter) beyond the area where the geyser is, and today, another yard longer.

My next lady had to be different, I didn’t fully understand my first two and of course she presents so differently.  There she was, doing water ballot in place, in the section of the river that I call the bend.  What is very interesting and makes me ponder even more, is that my lady in the bend, in that section along, the river now took on the color of the mustard yellow.  The water behind and in front of the bend was still that amazing blue-white flow of energy.   What I could tell from this lady was she was happy where she was.  Not desiring to move forward, but also, very much in the energy of the new river, she is just taking a longer moment to play where she is.

Ohhhh, and as I get to my last lady of the day, I remember now that when I woke up that morning, I was being haunted (in a good way lol) by two images… my first lady of the day and my last lady of the day.  Their visuals hung with me until i read for them.  For me it felt like bookends in a way.  Where we need to go, and what we can no longer do.

My last lady’s imagery so surprised me on every level. From top to bottom, east all the way around to the north, ever spec of space was filled in with treadles, every one of them in that mustard gold color, every one of them pointing inward towards her created world.  All I could think of was those treadles we see in parking lots that if you backed up, you would blow out your tires:


It felt very…. hmmmm…. redirecting.  In my world of readings, east represents new beginnings and north is our future direction and both have these treadles so thickly laid I could not see thru it at all.  I could not see the now constant river of life up in the upper atmosphere, nor could I see where she is located in her created life, just these mustard looking treadles.  A complete redirect like I have never experienced before.

I also do understand, being human myself (smirk) that often times we like to force our own agenda, do what we want to do, and these treadles are placed to make sure that does not happen.  If we try and force ourselves out of the flow, it is gonna sting to make sure we get back where we need to be.  And yet, for this precious lady, I couldn’t even see where that was!!  Just treadles everywhere (except west or south.)

I was so confused about all the connections by the end of the day, I had no story to tell… at least, not until today!!

My next days appointments would start to give us a huge peak in what all of this is starting to mean to us.  I am going to expand on two connections for this part of the sharing.

My first appointment for the day, a beautiful man who took a pause from his current life skills to tend to other pressing needs as well as expand his own sense of Self and harness his expanding spiritual abilities.  I could see him floating down out of the river and gliding towards the earth.  He was holding in his hand, above his head, a (clothe-less) golden umbrella.  The spokes were turned upwards (instead of coming down around him) and what I felt with this was holding his spiritual mastery in his hand, all spokes connected to the center and flowing into him.  I watched as his flow went backwards in our perceived timeline and yet, I knew exactly what this meant to him.  Doing something he was familiar with, in a brand new way.

He was a chiropractor who let his license laps while he was discovering new things about himself.  Now that he is ready to get back out there in a new way, the powers that be (government) want a shit ton of money from him (thousands of dollars) to restore his license.  His job now is to do it anyway, not thru the old systems that dictate what you are and cost you tons of money to allow you to be what you are anywayz… but to be one of the many system busters out there.  Call it something else, something new that as of yet, has no regulation.

To expand what this means, I will take a chapter out of my own personal life.  After I graduated from massage school, I had to pay extra money to take the massage test and then even more money to get the massage licence.  I just invest $13,000 for school now they want about $500 more bucks for me to do what I just graduated (on the deans list I might add) to do… bullshit!!  I did it anyway.  I set myself up as a “hands of light” therapist that encompassed many modalities to include massage.  I hung my massage diploma on my therapy wall and called it good enough.  And it was.  Granted, I couldn’t play in anyone elses establishment, good thing I love self employment.

These are the folks working in the trenches… system busting each in their own way.  When enough of us do exactly that, they system in place cannot help but to fall cuz no one is following their order any longer.

This is going to be a truly interesting time on planet earth!!

So then, this brings me to my next amazing experience, something that has never ever happened before.  My beautiful lady showed up as if she just came out of the bend in the river of life and she was in what I can only say looked like a mustard yellow colored amniotic sac.  Her hands and feet spread up and out and it looked to me like she was doing cartwheels over and over.  Then I realized she was also on some sort of loop, she would cartwheel (which i realized later was tumble hand over foot over and over) again and come back to the starting point and continue with the lopping tumbling… what the hell????

As we started talking that when I realized she is caught in a loop in her life, over and over again returning back and tumbling forward like a can upon the river.  Then I hear her team say without any uncertainty, if she wants to get out of this loops she MUST make new choices.  Well, dah!!  lol

Then she mentioned something about Puerto Rico, the moment she said Puerto Rico, both of my knees had this energy sensation that resembles your knees going week.  So we harnessed in on Puerto Rico, a place she loves and is aligned with and the moment I suggested she start looking to move their… holy flipping heart expansion batman!   Suddenly I seen her move out of that sac and take a head first dive into the center of her created life.  As soon as I started to see that movement, my heart felt like it was exploding and expanding outwards in every direction.  The feeling was intense and the most amazing flow of energy I had ever felt in a reading.  As we continued to talk about her (now) possible move to Puerto Rico, my stomach was spinning in circles I thought I would vomit, sounds gross, but is a really good thing.  Instead of looping around in her current life, like a hamster in a wheel, she will go with the spin of her soul energy, get out and create anew!!

We ended her session with her halfway down to the ground, still in dive position tho.  Her team said inspiration is one thing, our job (the human incarnate) is to take inspiration and make it happen.

What I just remembered and found so interesting is that she is the lady I wrote about some weeks ago who floated right out of her reading.  She was a part of the hot air balloon and just floated up and away to the other side of the Mesa.  I knew from years prior (2012 to be exact) on the other side of the Mesa was a new ocean, one that sprung from the river of “I Will.”  Seems her soul wants her surrounded my Puerto Rico Ocean energy!!  On top of that, someone shared a recent crop circle image on my face book, the moment I had seen its image, I instantly thought of my balloon lady.  True freedom:

crop circle

One of the biggest things that I realized thru her connection, when we finally let go and get out of the hamster wheel of life, it affects… quite profoundly, ALL life.  Everyone’s heart expands because you dared to LIVE YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY!!!

On that note, my day is already underway.  I love you all more than my words will ever be able to express.  I am so proud of each of you, like a mama watching their children really come into their own and taking risks.  You so rock my world and my heart.  Thank you for being YOU!!

Ohhhh, and I just remembered, this backwards flow will last until our equinox in September.

(((((HUGZ)))) of redirection and dreams come true to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


Aisha North – A Short Update on the Energies – Acension Update – New Roles As Creators – 6-9-14


Dear friends!

This weekend has been off the scale energetically, and many have already reported experiencing some major downloads and transformations. If you have not done so yet, I think you will find it both uplifting and enlightening to read the comments posted under the previous update.

Here is the update from The CCs:

You have by now accomplished something that few would have thought possible only a short while back, and the reason for that, is that this took more than the co-operation of a few shining souls such as the ones you connect with on a daily basis in this sheltered little Pond. For what we refer to this time, is indeed an event of truly magnificent proportions, one that involves groups such as yours in all locations around this globe.

Let us explain. You have perhaps heard the term “tsunami of love” mentioned lately, and this is indeed an apt description for what you are taking part in. For you are truly part of this tsunami, an intimate link between your world and this oncoming wave of blessed light that together will ensure that no stone will be left unturned when this is well and truly over. For as you embody these powerful energies, you are not only helping to anchor them, you are also part and parcel of the combined effects this will have on all of humanity. We speak in lofty terms perhaps, but in this, it is impossible to overstate the importance this event will have for you all. And, as you are all involved in this in some way, it is truly a collective effort that will render you even more intrinsically connected, not just to Source, but to each other.

As we have already touched upon, this also signals the start to your very new roles as true creators, for as your own re-creation has been accomplished to such a degree you can by now safely turn your attention elsewhere. In other words, you will find yourself interacting with others on so many levels now, both directly, but also energetically, as these last couple of days have shown you. And in some instances, what you participate in will not be shown you beforehand, as was the case for what took place only a few hours ago for some of you. Yes, this could in many ways be likened to one of your usual get-togethers that you stage at regular intervals in this space, but this time, you were not given an invitation beforehand. Or rather, you were not given one in the direct form you are usually given, for this was indeed something that was agreed upon beforehand by your higher aspects, and as such this was not something that any of you unwittingly took part in, against your expressed will.

For you will not be “tricked” into doing anything at all, for in this, everything needs to be in full agreement with every single being involved, both on your side of the veil and on ours. And so, even if this may have seemed to come out of the blue for many of you, it was in fact a carefully acted out sequence that was initiated quite a while back. Once again the image of the submerged iceberg comes to hand, for as some of you know, this weekend was indeed a powerful node for several “official” energetic events, if we may use such a word. For many had been given the roles of initiating more or less local or indeed also global gatherings much of the same kind that you also have here, but this time, it was also accompanied by a myriad of other similar events taking place “under the surface” if you will. And so, what took place was indeed truly a mass activation and initiation on such a scale, nothing quite like it has ever taken place before in this part of Creation.

So what may have looked like a personal transformation taking place some time during these last few fays and nights was indeed linked to this truly global event, and even if the images and the information that may have been left as an imprint afterwards will differ greatly, they are all signals of the same crucial activation taking place. For it was indeed a truly global tsunami coming in, and this was not an isolated event, but one that will continue to reverberate far and wide, both in distance and in time. And even if many of you will scratch their heads and say “I have no idea at all to what they are referring to”, know that you also play an important part in all of this. For as we told you only a short week ago, what took place during your very own “local” Gathering was nothing short of miraculous, for then, you helped to put into place this all-important “energetic cloud” that encircles your globe in such a way, events just like the one we have discussed above was finally made possible. So in this everything is indeed connected to everything else, and each and every single being on this planet has now also become intrinsically linked with everyone else. For a great majority, they will not even be aware of it, but for all of you, this will indeed become clearer and clearer as the days and nights ahead start to unfold and tell you all a very new story.

For you have become true creators and you have already stated to create as a group, not just as members of this group of like minded beings gathered around this beautiful Pond of yours, but as members of the new version of the human race, the kind of enlightened beings this planet has never seen the likes of before. And together you will go from strength to strength – literally – as you will serve not only to strengthen the bonds between you, but also between every single one of humanity and with All of creation. For this tsunami of love will never cease, it will simply continue to strenghten and widen and deepen – in every sense of the word and in every part of this world. And as it continues to gather momentum, it will also continue to touch deeper and deeper into every single soul inhabiting this planet.

Again, the reaction to all of this light flooding this planet will be diverse, from a total sense of bliss, joy and anticipation to an at times unbearable sense of confusion, fear and bewilderment. For in those still set on sidestepping the light in any way they can, desperation will likely ensue as they see fewer and fewer dark corners in which to hide, and so, they will perhaps react in ways that may seem to be more than a little blown out of proportion. Again, if you choose to focus on these individuals, you might be tempted to think that your world will be falling apart, but then you would simply be picking up the constant signals of distress that this small group will continue to broadcast 24/7.

But if you shift your focus, you cannot help but be flooded with all the light that is already here, and this is indeed simply a small taste of what you have in store. For as your abilities to perceive this brand new level of vibration continue to develop, you will literally start to see, feel, and taste this truly tremendous change within every single particle of your being, and you will find yourself literally humming to this brand new tune of love, a tune that will never go out of fashion, nor become tedious to any of you. For this tune, this song of heavenly light will only continue to make you grow more and more in tune with All of creation, and most of all, it will make you become more and more entuned to you wondrous home, this planet, this cornucopia of wonders that you have yet to fully savour and fully explore. For now, this paradisaical planet of your dreams lies before you, ready to be embraced with All that you are and with every single aspect of your being. And together, you will all make sure that this paradise will get all of the loving care that it needs in order to be fully re-established as the true paradise it was meant to be – for all.

Ashtar – Update About the Present Clearing Process – Tsunami Of Love – 5-13-14

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Ashtar Speaks: Update About the Present Clearing Process –May 13, 2014There are times where the work you are doing is demanding that we ‘leave you alone’. In this phase, where your bodies are dealing with major adjustments, it would be counter-productive to keep you busy with additional tasks.


Every one of you is going through major changes. During April you experienced for yourself how intensive this clearing was.


The outpouring of energies upon you has affected your bodies in rather the same way as with nature following a thunderstorm. You have probably noticed that after a storm the sun seems brighter, the air purer and that everything is more in harmony. And, just as in the aftermath of a thunderstorm, everything that needed to be cleared is transformed and dissolved.


This ‘thunderstorm’ was especially heavy, as you yourselves have experienced, and the clearing process has not yet finished. The only absolute term in the Universe is that changes are happening.


However, the Divine Plan is proceeding like clockwork. Those who have doubts are still focusing too much on the outer symptoms of this clearing. Whoever claims that there are no outward signs of what we are telling you here, even though this is not true, might like to look in the mirror and compare themselves with the person they were a few months ago – switch off your brain and concentrate on your heart.


The best indication of your progress is that you are unceasing in your efforts to make the world a better place for All That Is, and you are progressing tirelessly, irrespective of how exhausting your journey may appear at times. And so it is, Dear Ones – you agreed to follow the path of All That Is. You are the Wayshowers that have been chosen to pave the way for the human Collective.


The Tsunami of Love is in full flow and you are ready to receive the major wave. And here we would like to remind you that this major wave is not coming from outside – it is beginning and developing inside you. Open your heart to the Tsunami of Love and you will be totally prepared for the arrival of this major wave that is in its final approach and will clear you at the right time.


As we have said, the Tsunami of Love is a forerunner of your Ascension – it is preparing you for your Ascension with your physical body. And if you would like to know just where you are at this present time in the process of Ascension, then let us give you this picture:


Imagine that you are standing in front of a huge, bright portal of absolute beauty. This portal is flooded with gentle, lovely music and total peace. You are directly in front of it, and your hand is on the handle that opens the door of the portal. All that stops you from pressing the door handle are the last transformations within you, which still have to be resolved to be able to receive what is ready for you beyond the portal.


So you see, you are more than close to your destination. Don´t ease off in your process of clearing which will enable you to pass through the portal. As tiresome as it may seem to be, without this clearing process passage through the portal cannot take place.


Spirit´s Plan for Humanity is implemented – nothing has changed this, neither the present unrest in your world nor your Free Will.


Your Free Will is the most precious commodity that you have received from Spirit and it is, to all who are taking part in the process of the Ascension of the human Collective, holy and surely not to be violated.


But it is not only the uplift of humanity that is dependent upon your Ascension – your Ascension has an effect on the whole Universe. Therefore, your Free Will is holy as a part of the Ascension but it cannot and must not lead to the situation where the Divine Plan is not implemented. Your Free Will is considered insofar as it is compatible with the Divine Plan.


Is it possible to adjust and to modify the Divine Plan by your willpower? Of course – as long as it is compatible with the Plan, as happened when humanity decided to ascend collectively. Spirit has considered your collective – not individual – Free Will and has agreed that  humanity will ascend together, so the Divine Plan was adjusted accordingly. But there was a clear agreement relating to the conditions for this adjustment:


First of all, it should not mean that Gaia and her inhabitants have to stay much longer in the lower vibrations. Please remember that it was Gaia herself who asked for help and who initiated the ‘Ascension’ project. Furthermore that your Ascension is affecting the whole Universe, and it is the pioneer for the Ascension of other planets in your Universe. For this reason the ‘waiting period’ was deliberately concise.


A further condition is that the individual Free Will of a few can no longer affect the Collective Free Will. Herewith we are referring to those who for some reason do not want to take part in the Ascension, be it for keeping the status quo and not losing their power, or because they have planned their Ascension for a later time.


This is important to understand – the dark forces can have no more influence on your Ascension. This is the reason why we are tirelessly pointing out that you should not allow any of their actions to prevent you from focusing on your Ascension work. Send them Light and Love, and do not forget that they are also players in the game called Life.


In a nutshell we wish to say that everything is well. We are immensely proud of you and how you are participating in this endgame. Please do not let your trust weaken, and when you have any doubts get in contact with your brothers and sisters ‘behind the curtain’. Ask us for strength and help – you are never alone, not for one single moment. This is the most important fact to remember again and again.


I am Ashtar, your Star brother, who is talking to a number of souls on this side of the curtain. And it is a great pleasure and honor for me to be this Ambassador.

In deepest Love  /  Channeller: Philipp


Archangel Gabrielle via Linda Dillon – The New Beginning – Meditation for Tsunami Of Love – 4-19-14


Follow along with the meditation that brings you into your heart to receive the answers to pertinent questions for these times…then listen to what Archangel Gabrielle shares…”Welcome to this time, the time between what you think of in so many ways as passage, or Passover, the time between death and resurrection, the time to listen.”


Anchor in your heart and go deeper and breathe in with the Blue Diamond and on the exhale feel yourself going deeper and deeper into your heart. Now take another deep breathe, in through your nose, of the Pink Diamond and on the exhale go deeper into your heart. And now a deep breathe of the Gold Diamond, canary diamond, and exhale into the Gold Flame and feel, at the base of your tri-flame, how these three flames are braided and united and go to that spot where the three flames are connected. And go deeper.

Go deeper into the center of that emerald green, through that pin-prick of light, through the portal of your heart, into the interior realm, into the void, into the Stillpoint. And feel yourself, deeper, feel yourself in the silence of that beautiful black velvet energy and above you your tri-flame still burning brightly.

Now ask yourself and just listen or perceive or use your fingers or your muscle testing, but this answer is for you, not anyone else…“Have I ascended already?” “Am I in the Tsunami of Love?” “Is the Shift occurring right now?” “Has the big unfoldment started?”

And if you got “no” to any of those questions, just go back and ask the “when” question because the “when” question is also specific to you. So, “Have I ascended? When?” “Am I in and an anchor of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love? When?” “Has the Shift begun? When?” “Have the massive big changes evident, clear, upon the planet begun?” When?” And take that information that is Archangel Gabrielle speaking directly to you and cherish it and trust it; we don’t need to always understand everything…it will become clear, but tuck it away and trust it.


Greetings, I am Gabrielle, I am Archangel Gabriel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, welcome my beloved family. Welcome to this time, the time between what you think of in so many ways as passage, or Passover, the time between death and resurrection, the time to listen. Our beloved Mother, that goes by many names and many faces, but there is only One, speaks to us of the Tsunami of Love and do you know, dear heart, I am known as Central Administrator, but I am also known as the Communicator, the Announcer, and I bring my Trumpet of Truth this day. And I blow this horn from the four corners of the universe, no, not merely Gaia, and it is not to announce the end of the Earth, but to announce the New Beginning. It is to announce recovery, rediscovery, it is to announce sacred union, it is to announce the Tsunami of Love which begins.

Anchor yourselves firmly my children because you are the breakwater and you are the circle that can play and ride the waves of the tsunami and to show the collective that there is nothing to be fearful of. How can one fear Love, let alone the Mother’s Love?

It is upon you, it does begin. Anchor yourself deeply within the heart of Gaia and anchor yourself in the 13th Octave and become the screen through which all light, all love, all energy passes, that you may be washed clean and that you will do so, also, on behalf of billions. The bath needs to take place. There is too much residue and you, not merely you who listen to this call this day, but you, the human race, the collective of humanity, of earth-keepers and starseeds and hybrids, you have announced yourself as ready, willing, able, prepared and eager to go forward.

We take you the way you are. We wash away pain and suffering, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, but particularly, the first relief you will feel is the physical. You will feel buoyant in the waves.

Go to the seashore, go to the mountain tops, go to your back yard, go to your bedroom, it matters not, the tsunami will find you. And it is not merely a cleansing, it leaves behind the imprint, the residue of love that it will fuel you, support you, integrate you and help you make that quantum leap, individually and collectively.

Beloved ones, the time is now. Your star brothers and sisters are amongst you. Look not only to the skies but to each other; look to the ground, look to the treetops. Prepare yourself to receive the abundance of your birthright. The time is now.

Go in peace, go in joyous celebration, go in deep gratitude, go and play with the fairies, my dear hearts. You are blessed and you are the blessing. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 04-19-14

© 2014 Council of Love



Linda Dillon – Tsunami of Love

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This is the Council of Love meditation to guide you in anchoring your sacred self in the Divine Mother’s Tsunami of Love. The more often you do this meditation the more potent it will become. You are anchoring and activating not only for your sacred self but for the collective of humanity. Thanks for watching! xxxx

Lord Maitreya – We will not Settle Any Longer ( 1/2 ) – Golden Age Of Gaia – 3-28-14

Lord Maitreya


This first part of the transcript features Linda Dillon discussing the launch of the Tsunami of Love that occurred a few days ago. The second part is the interview with the Lord Maitreya.

An Hour with an Angel, March 13, 2014, with the Lord Maitreya

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone. Our guest today is Lord Maitreya. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Linda, before we welcome Lord Maitreya, you had the launch for the Tsunami of Love a few days ago. But some of our listeners may not know what it  means to have a “launch.”  What does it mean and how was it for you?

Linda Dillon:  Thanks for asking and I have to tell you that I wouldn’t be surprised if many of our listeners didn’t know what a launch was.  It wasn’t a term that I was familiar with. I mean, I think it was a term I was familiar with, but it’s not something that I have ever done before. It’s the first time I have been involved in a launch of this nature as well! And I think launch is a very interesting usage of language considering that we’re talking about the tsunami of love and the imagery or the use of language referring to water.

But what this launch was about — and it was coordinated by a wonderful, dedicated team of volunteers that have been working with the Council of Love, oh my gosh, for months now, some of them for years now, but I’ve never actually had a team of dedicated volunteers working specifically on a project with me, too, so…. I’ve been receiving gifts in terms of that kind of assistance right, left and center. But let me get back to the subject.

In the course, The New You, and of course not only the webinar series but the people who are reading the book and doing the meditations all over the world, many people have begun feeling the Tsunami of Love. And if you recall, and even if you don’t, the Tsunami was something that was referred to in the Christmas message and the New Year’s messages that came forward from the various members of the Council — Archangel Gabriel, Yeshua, the Divine Mother.  (3)

And basically what it was talking about is this wave of love that’s coming to the Earth following the Mother’s gift, that wave of her blue topaz of clarity and purity. And it’s a wave of love that’s to penetrate us and to cleanse us, and basically to let go of some of the residual debris that we all carry — you know, different day, different amount, but that we all carry — and remnants of the old 3rd dimension.

So it’s the Mother’s gift to us basically to cleanse us or to finish this lengthy clearing that we have all been going through, and to refresh us, so not just to cleanse us but to penetrate our core, our bodies, our etheric fields, our sacred field, all parts of us right down to our cellular level, with the love, with her love, and to basically renew us.

When she talked to us, when the Mother talked to us, as we gathered to do this launch on Tuesday night, (2) she mentioned that it was the return of her spiritual and etheric blueprint of love. And the picture that I get, it’s almost as if she’s superimposing on our blueprint her blueprint in sacred union of that original form of love.

The other image I get increasingly — in fact, just as I was meditating getting ready for tonight — was… it feels to me like the out-breath of the Mother, that she is exhaling to Earth and to all of us who are on Earth. Because it isn’t just for humanity, it’s for all the kingdoms and for Gaia herself. And it just feels like she’s exhaling. And of course that’s coming across the universe to us in this wonderful wave of love. And it’s coming in a very big way, the tsunami way, so that we don’t mistake it as something that we can choose to exempt ourselves from.

SB: Right.

LD:  Because as a tsunami comes to the shore it’s not something we can say, oh, no, you know, I’ll catch you later. It penetrates all of us. So, it’s something very big.

And the reason we did the launch is the recognition, more and more — through the messages from the Council, and through the Company of Heaven and I’m sure many other wonderful channels — that we are in such sacred partnership at this time.

And so this is our piece of that partnership. And those of us who are choosing to, who are committed to this process are choosing to anchor this energy and are working with what we’re calling Tsunami energy every day, some of us many times a day. And we’re actually seeing ourselves as an etheric breakwater, so that as the larger Tsunami comes forward it’s gentle with everybody. But it will penetrate everybody.

And the other thing that we’re coming to realize, the more we work with this energy, is that as we stand in those waves — as we dive in, drench ourselves, ride the surfboard, whatever you want to think of it as — we are becoming the Tsunami ourselves; that that energy, as it’s coming within us, as we’re anchoring it as it’s penetrating us, we’re part of that Tsunami. And that’s part of the sacred partnership that we have with the Mother and with the Company of Heaven. So it’s an exciting time!

SB: Uh-huh! I think I recall the first mention of ‘Tsunami of Love’ back in November, but of course Blossom’s been talking about this as ‘the Event,’ and I know that one of my friends who is a Pleiadian (3) has been talking to me about this since forever. Her term of mission ends with the Event, with the Tsunami of Love. After that, she can leave. So it’s been talked about for a while.

LD: It’s been talked about for a while, and I think what the delay or the preparedness that has needed to happen is that we had to be ready. You know, the Mother wasn’t ever going to send us the energy that was basically going to wipe us out.

SB: Right.

LD: And all the work that we’ve done — you know, for decades now — has prepared us to this point where we can receive this energy, where we can basically return to original imprint, which is love, without being completely disintegrated.

SB: Uh-hunh.

LD: And so the fact that we are beginning to feel the shift in the sand, that we feel energetically the shifts throughout the universe, as it were, I think it speaks to the fact that all the work that we’ve been doing — you know, individually, collectively, with our star brothers and sisters, with the Company of Heaven, with the Council of Love — has prepared us. And what they’re saying is, they’re ready. That’s what the Mother’s saying.

SB: Yeah.

LD:  So, on the one hand we can say, “Well, we’ve been hearing about this forever,” so it’s [laughs] our eternal question of when. But I think it’s way more than that, because we wouldn’t be having reports…  I’m talking now hundreds and thousands of reports of people from, you know, Thailand to China to Africa all saying virtually the same thing, that they’re feeling this shift, not only in the outer atmosphere, as it were, but that that energy is really penetrating them and changing how they feel about themselves.

SB: Hmm. Hmm. Wow.

LD: And I know when I read your article … yesterday — was it yesterday?

SB: [laughs] I can’t remember! [laughing]

LD I’m losing track of time these days.

SB: Me too!

LD: You too, hunh?

SB: Uh-hunh!

LD: But you were talking about, you know, that sometimes the energy of the human experience is of a vibration and — now I’m translating your words —

SB: Um-hmm. Sure.

LD: — but of a vibration and a density that’s so heavy that sometimes we don’t feel or recognize how these subtle changes are taking place or happening within us.

SB: Definitely.

LD: But I think that, more and more, we are realizing it. And sometimes it’s even just after the fact we think, “Wow, you know, I used to feel differently.” about this or that, or “I would have reacted differently…” about this situation, or this response to somebody, or to myself.

SB: Right.

LD: So, I think we’re getting there!

SB: Uh-hunh. You know, I don’t know why I’m driven to say this, but I keep having this quotation from Brother Sun-Sister Moon come in, as we’re talking about the subject, where the Pope says that “In our obsession with original sin we have forgotten original innocence.” We’re being returned to original innocence.  Is that not so?

LD: That’s amazing! Yes.

SB: Uh-hunh?

LD: And, boy, you’ve hit the nail right on the head. You know, I received a letter today from an old friend who had been reading The New You and dealing with all these high falutin’ concepts of inter-dimensionality, and the stranger and universal law, and she said, “Now, when you’re all done with that,” — because she’s been a dear friend and with me, with the Council of Love since the very beginning, she said — “would you write one of those little, tiny books called The Primer of Love that takes us back to where you and I began, which was the opening to realize how deeply we are loved?”

And that’s it! That’s the whole nine yards there. It’s the whole ocean, it’s the whole Tsunami, it’s the whole Ascension; it’s us going back like you say to that innocence, to that place of acknowledging who we really are. And, my gosh, if we were ever going to let go of anything, original sinwould be the first to go, hunh?

SB: Right, absolutely!

LD: Hello! Goodbye!  I think I should change gears! All of a sudden, I’m back in my body. So, let me float away…

SB: Okay. Well, I’ll introduce Lord Maitreya while you’re doing that.


(1)  The earliest suggestion of “the Event” or “Tsunami of Love” that I’m aware of ciomes from SaLuSa in February b2012: “Life will change for the better in such a short time, and waves of happiness will sweep across the world.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 29, 2012.) And again on Dec. 28, 2012:

“You will shortly notice a wave of love sweep the Earth, that will show that your civilization has taken a quantum leap forward. That being so it will bring a strong unity of purpose that will help the establishment of world peace. If you continue to focus on areas of the world that are still experiencing conflict, your intent will soon bring a positive result. When world peace has been achieved we will make sure that war will not return, and will enforce that edict if necessary.” (SaLuSa, Dec. 28, 2012.)

The next mention is from the Federation of Light through Blossom in Dex. 2012. “The EVENT will take place. “(Galactic Federation through Blossom Goodchild, Dec. 28, 2012.)

The Divine Mother described it in February 2013:

Steve Beckow: SaLuSa has said, “You’ll shortly notice a wave of love sweeping the Earth that will show you your civilization has taken a quantum leap forward.” (2) And Heavenletters this morning speaks of “a comet of love that will cross the horizon,” (3) and another source says, “There’s a light storm headed our way.” What are they talking about, Mother? Is there an event we can be expecting soon? What is event being discussed?

Divine Mother: It is not so much an event as yet another increase in the frequencies that are being shared with you. Now, as I have said to thee, and yes, as an aside, all of you, come to me, come to me with your questions, your fears, your uncertainties, but also come to me with your victories and your joys. We always share the love. Now, you know for the past several years, but intensely in the last, oh, 16 months of your time you have been penetrated enormously from the One, from our hearts to yours. And we have said this repeatedly, that this was not an energy that was specific, because it penetrated all beings upon the planet. And that is one of the most significant shifts that took place, that even those who are completely oblivious to such things as Ascension on the soul level said yes.

Now, what is taking place? As we have said, we have stepped back, we are holding the frequency, we are supporting you in the unified field of love. But it is about to increase. Because we choose? No. We have always chosen to give you as much as you could possibly absorb. But, might I say that part of our subtle assistance is this raising in frequency so that you can begin to acknowledge and embrace your trans-dimensional selves? Now, there have been times – and your star brothers and sisters also are working very intensely, particularly the healers, the healing ships; they are doing very fine tuning on your new fields.

And you may feel many issues coming to the forefront, or situations that are being presented to you. And as they do, these adjustments are being made to empower you as you go on that lift-off to creation. Now, there are times when you cannot, for example, put your finger, your physical finger into a light socket, because you will be electrocuted, or certainly experience severe discomfort. Now, as this shifting is already underway, you are ready to experience this blissful love. It is not simply a singular event. It is a series of events where you begin to look at each other and say, “My God, it’s happening! And I am in this partnership of creation!” (An Hour with an Angel, February 4, 2013, with the Divine Mother

Ascension – Launch of the Tsunami of Love – Golden Age Of Gaia – 3-26-14

Wave of Love 33


Archangel Gabriel and the Divine Mother address the team gathered around Linda Dillon to help her publicize the Tsunami of Love. As far as I’m aware, that whole team is female; hence the reference to “my beloved girlfriends, women of power, women of might.”

The Tsunami of Love is building gradually at the moment but it soon won’t be as gradual. Keep in mind that we’re in physical bodies and it wouldn’t be feasible to simply hit us with more than the body can bear. Nevertheless, even when it begins in strength, it will still come in waves.


Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, angels and archangels, beloved brothers and sisters of the stars, ascended masters, saints, Council of Love, we come together today as sisters and as one team, as one circle, as one family of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. We offer ourselves, not only as New You but as the wayshowers and anchors for the Mother’s Tsunami, for the title wave of change, of opening, of new beginnings, and shift in the collective of humanity.

We stand here or sit here on behalf of billions, literally, and we ask for your presence, for your guidance, for your protection, for your love and light and the full infusion of the Mother’s clarity and purity and love. We release, with the biggest whoosh ever, our intentions, our actions, our prayers, and our prayer for unity to the collective, to humanity, to the planet.

Please guide us, each one of us and as a circle, forward in this sacred undertaking. Please sustain us, grant us patience and stamina, laughter and play, fortitude and endurance, compassion, attraction and understanding. We stand here, we sit here, as the servants of the Mother and we ask for your blessings, for each one of us and for all.

Let this communiqué go forth and touch and open the hearts of everyone. Amen.

Channeling:  Archangel Gabrielle

Greetings, I am Gabriel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. And here I am again, yes, speaking to my beloved sisters, my sisters of hope and my sisters of change, my sisters of communication. You have known of the message when I spoke to Mary long ago and the message was one of love.

And it was that she would bear a son of love to bring forth and to teach, with his circle, with his disciples, with his family, with his community, the messages of love, of trust, of forgiveness and yes, dear hearts, of action.

This was a gift, not only to Mary but to the world and the world, and I use that in terms of the human collective, continues to receive that gift to this day as it does through many of the other masters, the Buddha, Maitreya, Francis, Catherine, Teresa. The list is endless, you only know a few of them but, dear heart, they are lined up.

So now, what do I bring you this day other than our gratitude and congratulations? What I say to thee this day is, “This is when the Mother begins to express her gratitude and repayment of love for that gift that she received and that each of you received so long ago.” It is the return of that cycle of love. It is the beginning of a new cycle of a higher octave of being, but it is also first, and this is what you are doing, the completion of that cycle.

So it is appropriate that I get to speak to you on this day that some Roman Catholic priest has chosen as the Annunciation Day; but I will take it, I will take it gladly and I will announce to you and to all that the flood of the Mother’s love has already begun. Many of you already feel this; it is gentle, it is penetrating.

What confuses us, and yes, human beings then and now still have the grand capacity to confuse us, is why any of you, particularly lightworkers, would wish to avoid embracing, jumping in the wave, the surfboard of our beloved Lily, named after me, why would any choose to naysay or avoid it? That is ridiculous.

This will go forward the way it is planned. And as you well know there are many plans above and below that have gone awry but this is not one of them. And I say to you that it is not one of them because we are in this sacred partnership of union.

You, my beloved girlfriends, women of power, women of might, you have chosen and declared yourself in partnership with us and we with you. You are not merely the anchors, you are not merely the conduits or the communicators, you are the tsunami and the more that the human beings recognize that they not only receive, they become the tsunami, the more rapid the change will be. And might I say dear hearts, it is about time.

I come this day to bring you the Mother’s blessings but rather than speak on her behalf, I also step aside. But I embrace you and I give you my golden bubbles of joy and I give you my gold of stamina, of courage, of valor, of right. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon  03-25-14
© 2014 Council of Love

Channeling:  Universal Mother Mary (Divine Mother) (1)

I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of Joy, Mother of Change and Mother of Constancy, Mother of Continuity and the continuity, my sweet daughters, is in the love. And it was true thousands of years ago and it is true this day. No matter what else has transpired upon our beloved Gaia, and there has been a lot of hatred and greed, control, mayhem, chaos. What has endured?

Empires have come and gone, mountain ranges have come and gone, what endures is love. What counts? The inner workings of your very core is the yearning for love, for sacred union with yourself, with us, and with each other and that is what you have and you are accomplishing, not only with each other, but with all of the collective and in my name.

I was not outspoken enough when I was the mother of Yeshua, first accused of being a harlot, a sinner, demented, then fearful for my child’s protection, our place in the community. I did not wish him to be shunned or killed. But I could have been stronger. Yes, everyone thinks I was a strong and steady hand, a good influence, but I tell you, I could have said and done more. Would the outcome eventually been the same? Yes. But this is so often the case in human affairs that people, out of the best intentions and out of love, hesitate to speak up, to speak the truth and what is truly important; not in the matters of bank accounts or power or position in society. But the truth


Ashira – Host Steve Beckow – Malaysian Flight 370 – Ukraine – Tsunami of Love – 3-11-14

Cigar-shaped UFO

On Heavenly Blessings today, Suzi Maresca asked Ashira, Commander of the Neptune, what caused the loss of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and Ashira replied:

“It was not interdimensional slippage and they were not taken by us. So let us be very clear. We would not do that. Not at this point because from our perspective that would be seen as an act of war or an act of terrorism. We would not break that many hearts.

“So what happened was that there was an explosion and the ship went down. Could we have saved it? There are certain things that we are not permitted to interfere with. But let us also …. now this is what we can say … on that ship [everyone?] was taken care of. …

“There were many upon that ship who as a collective had agreed to leave together … and this is something that often happens … there is a group soul, whether you believe it or not. Now those who did not want to pass from their form were beamed up.”

Have the Russians been providing the open door for Disclosure and First Contact?

“The Russian people have been given historically and currently enormous openings and opportunity to be a point of contact and a point of opening between the various fleets and humanity.

“We have intervened as much as we possibly can, not because we are acting in ways that are making contact with the Russian people but in ways to prevent brutality. What is going on with Russia, the Ukraine, the Crimea, and we cannot leave China out of this mix, and the United States of America for that mater, what is going is ego and it is the flexing of ego muscles, national ego muscles. There is not a sacred cause behind this.  …

“Now one of the things we keep saying and one of the reasons we have not, as you would say, landed on the White House lawn is that we are not going engage in drama.  (There will be enough drama). We will not engage in warlike behavior.

“So we are not going to make what you have termed Disclosure, or arrival, or our presence known other than in ways of protection or intervention, we are not going to do that as a reward for war. So this is not about Russia making way for us, We are quite capable of making way for ourselves. … This situation that is going on right now is a clearing of old, very old, almost archetypal behavior on the part of human beings.”

Suzi asked about the cigar-shaped ship and he replied:

“That is us. That is one of our ships. And as we say we are intervening and we are making our presence known. We have been very clear that we will not allow violence to escalate beyond a certain level. Now we know that humanity is working out collectively many issues, many false grids, paradigms, vasanas, you have a million terms for one thing. But that is good and that is fine. That is like a rebellious teenager trying to find their center and their sense of self.

“But we are simply giving a very gentle reminder that there is a greater force to be reckoned with and we do not mean in any way, shape or form, by violence. We don’t use violence. What we have found after thousands of years is that violence does not work.”

Editor Mary contributes this transcript of the part of the interview on the Tsunami of Love.

Ashira: You are the new leadership.

Suzanne: We want to get on with it!

Ashira: And you are getting on with it. First, the tiredness, the weariness of war, and we think of war as all types of conflict or confrontation, had to happen because if that was not present, what would happen with the Tsunami is that it would mostly short-circuit people and they would die. The energy is that strong.

So they are ready and might I suggest, we are ready. You are ready and the Mother has already begun opening the floodgates.

Suzanne: What significance does the coming Equinox have and what can we expect in the second half of March?

Ashira: Miracles!

Suzanne: Yay!

Ashira: Yes! Now miracles to you is everyday to us! And I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense. I mean expect the unexpected and expect the fulfillment of what you have been waiting for on many, many fronts, political, societal, financial, cultural.

Does it all happen in one day, one of your days where all of a sudden everything ceases? No but it does happen like a domino and the good news is that the dominoes have already started falling. You are already in that catalytic conversion process and it won’t be stopped.

It would take, well the Mother could always stop it but She has no intention of it. She, Her design of which we are also a part of is for this to increase, not to halt. So what you are looking at and you do tend to look to things like the Equinox and the time of Revitalization, of Rebirth, of Spring.

There is nothing more exciting than Springtime on Gaia! It is a miracle of regeneration, of rebirth. It is the reminder to each and every human being that recovery, rediscovery, regeneration, rejuvenation is the way of this planet.

Tsunami of Love – Linda Dillon

CouncilofLove·12 videos

This is the Council of Love meditation to guide you in anchoring your sacred self in the Divine Mother’s Tsunami of Love. The more often you do this meditation the more potent it will become. You are anchoring and activating not only for your sacred self but for the collective of humanity. Thanks for watching! xxxx


Sanat Kumara and Adama – Tsunami of Love will wash away the Old You – CosmicGaia – 2-25-14

Sanat Kumara
Sanat Kumara

Channeled by James McConnell  /  February 25, 2014

Sanat Kumara

I am Sanat Kumara. I am the One you have known, each of you has known, in many times previously. For we have fought many a fight. Not the kind of fight you would think of though. Not the battle you would know of today but a fight for love and understanding. We have been there in the trenches, you and I. To all who would be in this room and to most who would be reading these words. For I am One who is known as the “One Initiator”.

I am the One who is there whenever there is that change in consciousness that movement that takes you to the next level of your being. I am there with you at that time. And have been many times before. But now at this time, we no longer call it initiations because that is no longer necessary. In the past, it was an initiation to move from dimension to dimension. From vibration to vibration. In order to receive that initiation you had to go through much. Many of you have done that in the past. If not in the bodies here in the Earth, in your other systems that you came from.

But now the time has changed. It is a new time. A new awakening. It is the time to start anew. With a new body. Not that you will not have your physical body, you will. But a new body of vibration. A new body of light. Some have called it the rainbow body. You are taking that body on once again. You are taking on as a cloak over you. For it is really no different than that.

It has been said that the year you are in now is a year of transformation, a transition. That it is. This is the year when all that you know of is going to wash away. That tsunami of love that has been spoken of many times. Just as the old is washed away in the wake of a wave, so too will this tsunami wash away all the old ways, the old programming that you have become accustomed to. It will wash away all that is no longer needed. For you are approaching a new life. A new level of understanding within you. And in many respects it will appear as a new life for you. But in reality it is not. You are returning home, each of you are returning home from whence you came. From the One-ness that you know already.

All is about to change in the twinkling of an eye. And you, dear ones, are here to be a part of that. As you have been there in other times and other places. In other galaxies. For you have moved into a system and scattered it asunder. Just as is happening now to the understanding of what you know as the 3 dimensional illusion. For it is being taken down piece by piece to be replaced by the new you, being the collective You here.

We are prepared and have been for some time. You are preparing and have been for a long time as well. When the time comes, as you know it is not too far off now, no we will not use the word soon or imminent, but we will say on the verge. You are standing on that precipice, each of you. Ready to jump when the announcement is made, the clarion call goes out. It is coming!

All of my peace and love and understanding and joy be with you now as you hear the changes coming.

I am Adama. I come to be with you now from that which you know of now as the Hollow Earth. From our Telos, your Telos. Because each of you in this room now, may already be aware of it, each of you have been there before. You were there with us as brothers and sisters, long ago, in the Earth’s time frame, there on our beloved land of Mu. For we worked together as a family. To make everything in our civilization at that time as perfect as it could be. Then, as you know, the Dark Ages came upon us. Not without warning for we knew ahead of time, that it was coming. It allowed for those of us to prepare. To find what you would call refuge. And where did we find refuge? In the City of Telos, deep underground.

And there we are still to this day. Many of us. And we were with you at that time when you first heard about those changes coming. And small portion of you at that time was frightened but the majority of you, you yourselves, knew that even though there would be those darkest of times, there would be the brightest of times after that. You now are in those brightest of times, fast approaching.

And soon, yes, I will use that word, because we are right here with you on this, our beloved planet, Gaia, Terra, we are here with you. And we are aware of all the things that are happening here on the surface. We monitor that on a daily basis and we know of the lights going off in each one across the planet. We know as consciousness changes that those lights flicker more and more grow to ever increasing brightness until they become the violet flame within each. That is what those of you here in this room and those who would be reading these words are about to do. You are about to become the violet flame once again.

Indeed, those of us who mentor to you, your brothers and your sisters, are here ready to emerge from our deep refuge, to be back on the surface with you once again. To intermingle, to join once again with our brothers and our sisters, our family that we left behind in those times long ago.

We are anxiously awaiting the time for our emergence. We have grand celebrations planned, both here in Inner Earth and there, on the surface and yes, up in the ships as well. It will be as if you are going from one party to the next. We think that you will not mind that for you have worked and worked and worked in your many lifetimes here to bring you to this very moment you are arriving at! We think all of us, believe, that you have earned the right to party.

But it is going to be unlike any party you have ever attended. The celebrations are going to be many and varied and in some respects, wild! Not in the sense of drunken stupor-ness but wild in ecstasy and joy. For you, my brothers and sisters, are coming home. And we are coming home with you as well.

All my peace and love be ever with you as we continue on this journey together. I am Adama. Adonai.

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated

Ashtar via Philipp – The Love Transformation – Tsunami Of Love – 1-13-14


Andrew: After a gap of four months, Ashtar returns with a new message via Philipp concerning the Divine Mother’s ‘Tsunami of Love’ – or as Ashtar calls it ‘the Love Transformation.’ Ashtar commences his messages with an intro that is personal to Philipp, but on this occasion Philipp has requested that the personal intro be included …

Philipp: This time, the intro is part of the message to show the reader that the channel is in the same position, that the channel feels like our friends have abandoned him but in fact they are very close but cannot do the job for the channel. We are all in the same boat and, maybe, the reader can identify himself much more with Ashtar’s message by reading the personal intro.

Steve: Apparently a well-known German channel has suggested that Philipp is not channeling Ashtar. But I can confirm that we’ve asked Archangel Michael through Linda (at Philipp’s request) whether he is channeling Ashtar and AAM has said that he is channeling both Ashtar and a group that works with Ashtar (the same as with Matthew, Silver Birch or anyone else).

Ashtar: The Love Transformation. Channelled by Philipp. January 13, 2014.

Dear Philipp, It is not that I have withdrawn from you. You are in a very intense inauguration phase which necessitates that you concentrate on yourself. We never withdraw in such a time [inauguration phase] but we do take a back seat. All those tasks linked to an inauguration phase – and we purposely don’t use the term “tests” since there is too much judgment and fear e.g. of not passing the test associated with it – need your full and undivided attention.

Each inauguration phase is a gift to you and it is only you that can accept and unwrap this present. We know very well how difficult this gift can be. You receive it and you are holding it in your hands, shaking it and wondering what could be inside. You want to unwrap it immediately but you struggle with the tie fastening. Therefore, you go through phases of anger and frustration which could last for days, weeks and even months.

You feel like you are completely alone, abandoned and lost. You are faced with many forms of fear and you feel very disheartened. But then, suddenly, the moment of unwrapping is here. You integrate the gift into your Being, raise yourself above all the difficulties, spread your wings and transform into the butterfly that is the New You. So, next time – when you go through such a phase and experience all the frustration and anger – please know that this is part of the gift to you. It lasts only until the exact Divine moment when you are able to unwrap the gift, when you have integrated all the necessary precursors for being able to enjoy your gift to the fullest extent.

You have noted that the inauguration phase comes to your shore blow by blow. What is the underlying reason for it? You all have heard the information about “the Event”, “the Tsunami of Love”, or whatever term you prefer. I use the term “Love Transformation” since this is all about the transformation of yourself into your true Self which is Love, Love and only Love. There is some preliminary work for you to do before you are able to go through the Love Transformation. But we hasten to add that you have already done most of this preliminary work.

You are rough diamonds which need only some finishing and this is the process you are currently engaged with. The good news is that the current inauguration phases are finishing. And the intensity of this finishing phase shows you how close you are before the Love Transformation will hit you out of the blue! I’d like to emphasize that the Love Transformation is not your Ascension. Ascension, as you all know very well by now, is a process that unfolds step by step. But this Love Transformation is one of the key elements of your Ascension journey.

You will remember your true, sweet Self. It will bring back all your knowledge and the qualities you have accumulated during your journey. You will become your true Self. Can you imagine the possibilities that this gift holds in store for you? Probably not until you unwrap it! Words cannot express how much we are looking forward to the Love Transformation which will clear you of all the old baggage – you are so very close to it.

We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts that you have not ceased in your work to bring forth this event which is the reason why it is finally here on your doorstep. I wish you and all who are reading these words so much fun in unwrapping of all your gifts. I can barely wait to greet you after the Love Transformation.

With so much Love, Your brother Ashtar


Linda Dillon – Council Of Love Meditation – Tsunami Of Love

CouncilofLove·12 videos

This is the Council of Love meditation to guide you in anchoring your sacred self in the Divine Mother’s Tsunami of Love. The more often you do this meditation the more potent it will become. You are anchoring and activating not only for your sacred self but for the collective of humanity. Thanks for watching! xxxx

Linda Dillon – Tsunami of Love #1 – Golden Age Of Gaia – 2-3-14

Wave of Love 33

Linda Dillon, Council of Love, Feb. 3, 2014

(Message from Archangel Gabrielle posted below.)

The Tsunami of Love has gently and pervasively begun. Soon the trickle will become the enfolding wave of wholeness that will penetrate and caress us all. The Divine Mother’s gifts of clarity and purity continue to grow and anchor within each and every one of our hearts as we prepare for this significant shift.

The message received from Archangel Gabrielle last week and posted on the COL website this morning marks a significant shift in what we have conceived of as our collective Ascension process. Gabrielle’s indication that we are shifting to a “higher octave” has such profound meaning that it is at moments hard to grasp. It is a definitive game-changer.

We will be communicating and of course posting on the COL site more information, downloads and meditations as they are channeled through. We anticipate the meditation guided by the Divine Mother will be up tomorrow. But please check regularly and get ready!

Many of us are the anchors for the Tsunami of Love; the wayshowers, pillars and gatekeepers. What this means in practical terms is we tend to feel the energy first, have the experience of the bliss, know what is coming on that massive wave of love, understand that the energy comes in waves and how to surrender to it. If this is your experience then perhaps you are led to join with many of the New You group and actively hold this energy for the collective.

The changes are indicative of our anchoring more fully in the 5th dimension, the dimension of change – of how to manage and manipulate change in positive ways. If we weren’t in the 5th, this experience and information would not be available to us. We might feel the Love but not the clarity and purity of what it truly means. This is an exciting time to be alive – so relax, surrender, open your heart and receive.

Remember what was channeled for the Christmas Message: “Don’t wait, because the energy, the tsunami – it’s already not only at your front door, but in your kitchen, your bedroom, your basement, your attic. It is not a tsunami of destruction. The only thing it washes away is the old that no longer serves. And it is refreshing. The water is clean and pure. It is restored. When the Mother has said this is a time of recovery, of restitution, of restoration, she does not simply speak flowery. Open the floodgates and see, know, not simply hypothesize, think or feel, but to know truth of existence. In that opening, what you are really doing is jumping through the portal.”

Love You,


Golden Age Of Gaia

Steve Beckow – A Hitchhiker’s Guide to … the Tsunami of Love – Golden Age Of Gaia

Wave of Love 33

Since the tsunami of love is the next great spiritual event (the Reval is a financial event) we have to look forward to, let’s review what the most current news is on that.

Here’s a brief review of what’s been said before…. Last November the Divine Mother told us that:

“You have only begun with my gift of clarity to have a tiny baptism. Think of it as a drop on the forehead. Well, get ready for the tsunami.” (1)

On Dec. 18 of last year, I asked her if the tsunami of love was what others called “the Event” and she replied:

“The Event is a tsunami of love. But it is not a singular event. … It may have marked the beginning of what you think of as the celebration, or the final unfoldment, but, dear heart this has been in unfoldment for a long time and particularly over the last year.

“This is not something that you can push back. If you push back, you will stop breathing, and there are very few of you that wish to do that.” (2)

On Dec. 18, 2013, in his Christmas message, Jesus to us told us that the tsunami of love was already here.

“The waiting is over. Stop waiting. ‘Well,’ you say, ‘of course, Lord, that’s exactly what I will do. Just show me.’ Don’t even do that. You say, ‘Well, what should I do, then?’ And what I suggest to you, as your brother, is to go into your heart and simply explode with love.

“Don’t wait, because the energy, the tsunami — it’s already not only at your front door, but in your kitchen, your bedroom, your basement, your attic.” (3)

And finally Archangel Michael told us on An Hour with an Angel Jan. 9, 2014, that “very soon — let us say in a timely, very timely manner, you will be swept away in the tsunami of the Mother’s love, in the tsunami of awakening.”

“The Mother and all of us have said to thee, the time of waiting is over. Now, what does this mean? It means that on our side that many of the hitches, glitches, delays and frustrations that you, and we, have experienced, albeit in very different ways, are over.

“So you are not waiting on the Company of Heaven. But it also means, sweet angel, that the waiting on your side is over. So we are encouraging you, we are begging you, jump into action, not from a place of neediness, but from a place of joy, of celebration of this expansion that you are experiencing.” (4)

He defined the tsunami of love:

“What is the tsunami of love? It is the outpouring of the essence of love from the Source, from the Creator, the Unified One that has been the creative force for the creation of many, many universes.” (5)

And he added: “We are speaking of an outpouring from the Mother. There is nothing more important, not in this or any other life.” (6)

He assured us that “this outpouring of love onto the planet will not disassemble or overwhelm you to an extent that you could not maintain or stay in your body, because, of course, the entire purpose of this glorious Ascension is that it is being done while maintaining the physical vessel, which is something that is brand new.” (7)

“Will it sweep you away with love?” he asked. “Will that sense of the creative force of all be overwhelming? Yes. Will it be sweet? Yes. Will it anchor firmly and permanently within your being? Yes.” (8)

I asked him if this tsunami would dissolve fear and he replied:

“That is absolutely correct, and that is why we are using the term of tsunami, and even the term of storm, of sailing, of moving from the North Atlantic to the placid crystal cove.

“So, yes, it is pushing it out so that you look at it and you may think, ‘I used to be afraid. I should be afraid. I am not afraid,’ because that is the residual illusion of the old third, and it is being swept away.

“That fear has never been part of who you truly are. So the Mother’s love is pushing it, dissolving it, not simply leaving it on a distant shore, but completely eliminating it.” (9)

He assured us that everyone is guaranteed to receive it but not everyone will welcome it.

“Is it guaranteed? Yes. That everyone will receive? Yes. Will some choose to say, ‘Oh, no, thank you’? Yes. But that decision, that choice also has the ramification — and we’re not talking five minutes here — but it has the ramification of consequently not being able to live on Nova Earth, renewed Gaia, because it is in a vibration of this higher realm of love. So if you do not want that within or without, it is not that we are going to alter the universal law.” (10)

It will incapacitate us for a short while but after that we’ll emerge renewed.

“It does not incapacitate you indefinitely. For some of you, it may be hours or minutes or days, but you emerge from the waters, the waters of life, the waters of love, transformed.

“So it is a form of cleansing, but restoration, recovery, rejuvenation. So you emerge from those waters better prepared, more acutely aware, more able to multitask, more competent to see the bigger picture of your actions, the ramifications of your actions, the clarity of what is really required. ….

“What you are concerned about is, ‘Do I lose my capacity to operate? Do I lose my sensibility?’ And the answer is no. It is increased.” (11)

Was the outpouring of long duration, I asked and he replied:

“The initial outpouring will be brief. But we have used the analogy of a tsunami in a purposeful way, because you know that a tsunami approaches, withdraws, approaches, withdraws. …

“The initial tsunami will be brief. We will say, hmm, about a 24-hour period in your reality. Then there will be another wave, and then — and you will adjust — and then, another wave.” (12)

No one will be excluded because of a disability.

“Absolutely none [will be excluded]. Say one is disabled mentally, or emotionally disabled, or of a lesser intelligence — and we are using your terms — then, in fact, it is more welcomed. Because these beings, these souls, know how they have been trapped.” (13)

After it will come peace in the world.

“We anticipate — and we know that the human beings have the capacity to constantly surprise us, but from where we stand, in this eternal now as you would call it — we suspect and anticipate that peace will reign rather rapidly, that people cannot continue to hold up their guns, their swords, their drones, their missiles and be in the love. We are talking widespread laying down of arms.” (14)

How should we prepare for it or experience it?

“Once it begins, dear heart, you have need to simply breathe deeply, extend your heart, know that you are not in danger, that this is what you have worked, prayed and prepared for, and allow the expansion, the lightness, to come.

“That expression that you have, ‘the [incredible] lightness of being,’ that is what you will experience. But do not fight it. Simply allow it. So if it means that you are so overwhelmed, blissed out, that you cannot go to work that day, then stay home. If you feel that you cannot put one foot in front of another because you are in what you may feel is an altered state, then do so.” (15)

Is this part of our Olympic sprint to Ascension? He replied:

“It most certainly is. So, grab your torch and run.” (16)

More recently, in a presentation that Linda Dillon made, she suggested that we meet the tsunami of love by throwing open the doors and windows of our hearts, not only when the tsunami hits, but each day from here on in so we can receive the full outpouring of the tsunami of the Mother’s love.

That’s our update. We now await these multiple transformative waves, this tsunami of love, an outpouring from the Divine Mother that will bring peace to the world and prepare us for Ascension.


Archangel Michael – Swept Away in a Tsunami of Love, Part 2 – Steve Beckow – Golden Age Of Gaia – 1-11-14

The first thing on my mind....

Golden Age Of Gaia

(Continued from Part 1.)

In this second part of An Hour with an Angel for Jan. 9, 2014,  Archangel Michael discusses the tsunami of love and the recent disconnect between Matthew and Jesus. Thanks to Ellen for a rapid turnaround.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael…

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: Archangel of peace, warrior of love, and yes, welcome to you, welcome to each and every one of you. Welcome, my beloved friends, my dear family, and might I say my fellow light warriors, my fellow lightworkers, my fellow love-holders, because this is who you are. Yes, you are wayshowers. You are pillars. You are gatekeepers.

None of this disappears, dear friends. It is not a title or a job description that you are given for a brief period of time. It was a piece of information, insight into the clarity and the purpose, the makeup, the essence of who you are. And in that, might I say to each and every one of you, whether you realize it, whether you always consistently see it or not, you are magnificent.

The channel, Linda, has skipped something that I would like to add to this conversation about channeling and what it means. It is not only our opportunity, our joyous opportunity, to speak and to communicate with you, it is also a gift to us. It is a gift, a joy, a pleasure to be able to reach you in this way, during this time of transition, where perhaps you do not always hear us with your auditory or telepathic receptors as clearly as we would like you to. Because our desire, dear heart, is to communicate with you, clearly, concisely, and to touch your heart, to open your heart and to allow you to know, not in a general way but in a very deeply personal way, how much you are loved, how deeply you are valued.

And through this medium, through these conversations that we have, both here on this platform and yes, on the blog platform, we are able to do that. And we are also able, telepathically, spiritually, and yes, through my dear friend, cohort, and fellow partner, Steve, to be able to address what is in your hearts and what is in the forefront of your mind.

We do not ignore your mental and emotional body or your needs and desires, particularly your desires to co-create Nova Earth, cities of light, cities of love, peace on Earth. This is where we meet in our goals and service, our mission to the Mother.

So, we welcome the channeling as much as you do. It is a shared joy.

Soon — and yes, I know how many of you dislike this word ‘soon’, but in this situation I cannot say next Tuesday or February, but very soon — let us say in a timely, very timely manner, you will be swept away in the tsunami of the Mother’s love, in the tsunami of awakening.

Now, you have been, my brothers and sisters, in the process of awakening for years, and very intensely over the past two years, but yes, of course there is more to come. And what lies ahead, even what is in the guise of momentary chaos is sheer delight. It is what your heart, your soul, your mind and your body have yearned for, and what many of you, literally some of you by your nails or the skin of your teeth, have been hanging on for.

What is the tsunami of love? It is the outpouring of the essence of love from the Source, from the Creator, the Unified One that has been the creative force for the creation of many, many universes. Now you know, again, particularly over the past couple of years, that you have been actively and consciously receiving increases in your vibratory frequency, in your ability to hold and maintain more light, higher frequency, more love. And this is not simply a tsunami or an outpouring that is occurring, well, out of the blue — but in fact it does come out of the blue! But let me explain.

You have been prepared through the original 11/11, 12/12 and all the repetitions of that, through the increases that we have given you, that your star brothers and sisters have given you, the diligent work, whether you know it or not that your own circle of guides and masters have been giving you. You were given the blue diamond of the Mother, her very essence, but it was like a drop in the Pacific Ocean. But you were given this to ignite your healing, individually and of the collective, long ago, a decade ago.

Now you have been given, and you are continuing in the receiving of, the Mother’s gift of clarity, and even more importantly, shall we say, the twin, purity, which carries with it wisdom and truth. You know this. But these are all, yes, pre-requisites.

They expand you, they allow you to feel in different ways, experience in different ways, and enter into the truth of the human experience as it was intended for the collective. And many of you are experiencing this. And for this we say alleluia.

Has it reached the fullness of what is required? No. But it is sufficient that this outpouring of love onto the planet will not disassemble or overwhelm you to an extent that you could not maintain or stay in your body, because, of course, the entire purpose of this glorious Ascension is that it is being done while maintaining the physical vessel, which is something that is brand new.

Do you know, my family, how rare something new is throughout the multiverse? It is rare and it is precious. And therefore it is being very carefully monitored. I wished to say orchestrated, but that would give you the impression that it is us simply doing to, and that is not the nature of this unfoldment.

We have shared our hearts; we share our hearts every night. And when you speak, whether you are speaking to me or to Gabrielle or the Mother, understand, we hear you and we answer; one of us always answers. But let me get back to the point — we have spoken of a series of events.

Now, let me use an analogy, and an analogy that the child within you can grasp, embrace and get excited about. If the carnival, the fair, was coming to town, there would be a series of events. There would be the clearing of the park or the land, and then there would be that magical night when all the vehicles — the trucks, the tents, the workers — would arrive and begin construction. And then there would be opening day.

Well, what you have been waiting for, basically, is opening day. But from our perspective, the clearing of the land, the preparation, the arrival of the equipment, the delights of which you are about to enjoy, have need to be delivered.

And how have they been delivered to you? In a series of events. And many of them are what you think of as intangible, such as the gifts of the Mother. But what I ask of you this day is to consider with me how those intangible events, such as the gift of clarity, how they have been and are being translated into tangible gifts, openings, understandings, relationships, creations, better work within your life.

So often you say to me, “Michael, please give me a sign.” And then what do we do? We assist the Mother and we amplify her gift of clarity. And you say, “Well, that isn’t exactly the kind of sign I wanted. I want something that I can see and touch and taste.”

But dear heart, those transformations into what you think of as tangible, touchable, tasteable human experiences or circumstances are taking place. It is a very big carnival. It is a very big fair. And part of our job, as well as the job that your star brothers and sisters have volunteered for and been fully involved in for hundreds of years, is to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

So, do not think that the day of the tsunami is not at hand. And will it sweep you away with love? Will that sense of the creative force of all be overwhelming? Yes. Will it be sweet? Yes. Will it anchor firmly and permanently within your being? Yes.

Now, dear Steve, I know you have a million questions for me.

SB: Well, you know, Lord, I suspect that I’m getting a download because I’m almost awash with bliss here. It’s very hard to do a radio program when you feel as blissful as I do. You almost forget what it is you’re doing. If this is a foretaste of the tsunami of love, it’s wonderful.

AAM: And this has been my goal this day, to give you a wash, all of you, to feel our love.

SB: Uh-hunh. Very nice. Well, let me get out of the way a question that I feel obliged to ask you. And I hope we can manage the matter successfully and happily.

There’s a question that has drawn a certain amount of lightworker attention recently, and there’s an aspect of it that concerns me, which is why I raise it with you.

We’ve had reports from Jesus that he was crucified, and reports from Matthew Ward, who recently revealed he was St. Matthew, that Jesus was not crucified. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for having two versions, but the versions that we have before us so far are mutually irreconcilable.

And so, initially, I’d like to know what the explanation of this is. What are we dealing with here? But I’d also like to know, it puzzles me that the Company of Heaven would allow there to be two different versions circulated, because surely that would confuse lightworkers.

So, if you can comment on this situation and help us to understand it, I’d very much appreciate it.

AAM: First of all, I have need to say that I have no intention, as the channel knows, of declaring that one is right or one is wrong.

SB: Yes, I understand.

AAM: Because regardless of whether you are talking about Jesus or Matthew it reflects back to the channels, both who have been diligent in their service and their lightwork.

SB: I agree.

AAM: And we would never wish to cast aspersions on either one of them. But let us also say this — and you may have a small chuckle: Matthew and Jesus, Yeshua, often disagreed.

SB: [laugh] That is a chuckle.

AAM: And sometimes still do! You have an expression on Earth where you say to somebody, “You are killing me!” And the other person will say, “That didn’t hurt.” Well, it is not in that vein. But let us suggest that the view of Matthew is one that you, yourself hold dear.

SB: Oh, yes?

AAM: And that is that there is no such thing as death.

SB: Yes.

AAM: So there is always a continuity of the being, of the spirit, of the essence. But I would also suggest that Yeshua, Jesus-Sananda, in the fullness of himself, and in the emanation that you know as Yeshua, is very clear about what has transpired to him, to his family, to his community, and not.

Let us be very clear about this. The death, what you have thought about as a crucifixion of Yeshua, was not really the highlight of that life. Many were being persecuted, and crucifixion, not so brutally, but certainly crucifixion was a regular occurrence under the auspices of the Romans. It was very brutal and barbaric, but it was not the point of the life of Yeshua, because he did not in any way think that the death or the passing was an issue.

Now, was he sorry, as a man, as a father, as a husband? Yes, but he also knew there is no such thing as death. Did he continue on to do other things? Of course he did, but not in that form.

But let us talk about this. Each of you is given this disparity so that you can discern. It isn’t a test that we give you. It is simply a difference in perspective. So what speaks to your heart, dear one? What helps you with your journey? That is the question.

SB: Uh-hunh. Well, thank you for that.

So you’re saying that the tsunami of love is beginning and we’re about to step into a circumstance that possibly could be discombobulating for people. How should we maneuver, how should we navigate this wonderful event that we’re about to walk into and participate in?

AAM: Go with it. You have various things at your county fair, do you not, or other forms of amusement where you will begin a process of going down a chute or a roller coaster ride? You don’t jump off halfway. You don’t stop the water slide halfway.

Once it begins, dear heart, you have need to simply breathe deeply, extend your heart, know that you are not in danger, that this is what you have worked, prayed and prepared for, and allow the expansion, the lightness, to come.

That expression that you have, “the lightness of being,” that is what you will experience. But do not fight it. Simply allow it. So if it means that you are so overwhelmed, blissed out, that you cannot go to work that day, then stay home. If you feel that you cannot put one foot in front of another because you are in what you may feel is an altered state, then do so.

Now, understand, also, that pretty much everyone upon the planet is going to be feeling the same way. So it is also a day where there is elimination, absolute disposal of many of your previous concerns, judgments or fear.

So let me be very practical in this. For many of you, my sweet angels, you would wake up or you would be getting ready for work, and you would say, “I am just so full of love that it makes the importance and the potential of being able to drive to work safely impossible.” And then you would try and do it because you would be concerned about letting someone down, not being responsible, being in trouble, being docked a day’s pay. Put all that aside and allow the energy to do its transformative work.

We are speaking of an outpouring from the Mother. There is nothing more important, not in this or any other life.

SB:  In previous times, if we felt afraid, that could block love. But at this time, this love seems to be dissolving fear. Is that correct?

AAM: That is absolutely correct, and that is why we are using the term of tsunami, and even the term of storm, of sailing, of moving from the North Atlantic to the placid crystal cove. So, yes, it is pushing it out so that you look at it and you may think, “I used to be afraid. I should be afraid. I am not afraid,” because that is the residual illusion of the old third, and it is being swept away.

SB: Wow.

AAM: That fear has never been part of who you truly are. So the Mother’s love is pushing it, dissolving it, not simply leaving it on a distant shore, but completely eliminating it.

SB: Now, when you say expansion, we have our own everyday understandings of expansion. But what I’ve noticed as I expand is that new potentialities come into play, potentialities I wasn’t aware of. So, as we’re expanding in the tsunami of love, will there also be these new potentialities coming into play, things that we never even suspected were there?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Could you talk about that a bit please?

AAM: It is as if you have been looking at a very narrow piece, and all of a sudden your field of vision and your field of what is the potential to experience, to create, to co-create, what is open and available to you is broadened one thousand, two thousand, twelve thousand-fold.

SB: It’s a rather unique kind of experience, because initially one doesn’t know if one’s imagining this or if this is really true. Is this a new faculty that I have, or a new area that’s opening to me? So there is this moment at which one kind of hesitates and says, “Gee, I don’t know what to think right now.”

AAM: And that is all right. All you have need to do, all we would ask you to do — and do not think, for one moment, my beloved ones, that we will not be in full attendance, because that would not be so — so, when you have that moment, then do not feel that you need to push forward. But also know there is a plan!

SB: Yes.

AAM: You have first and foremost been given the gift of clarity. So the clarity is already anchored and anchoring more deeply within you every moment. So that fuzziness that you are referring to would not be at the same level as it might have been previously. But if you experience these moments of, “My goodness, I think I could do this, and this is how,” and you experience a download of how everything would occur, right down to the finest detail, just breathe, sit with us, allow it to anchor into your bones and then go forward. Confusion is a part of fear.

SB: Um-hmm. There are some people who will recall, for instance, Jesus saying to the man who wanted to bury his father, “Let the dead bury the dead. Come with me. This is your only opportunity.” They might think, “Well, gee, if I hesitate now, if I rest in confusion or if I back away, I’ve missed it. I’ve lost my chance.” Is this the case?

AAM: No. Now, let us explain. If we were having this conversation, in your time, oh, a year and a half ago, then there was a chance that perhaps that would have occurred. Do not forget that humanity made the collective decision [to ascend together], which strengthened our partnership. That is what the game changer was.

There have been several [game-changers], but that was pivotal. You said you wished to do this as a collective, and so the Mother is not so narrow as to say, “We will only give you a five-minute window of opportunity. Make up your mind.” So some will feel the full force of the tsunami. Some may feel it but feel like they are a cork bobbing on the ocean.

What you have need to do is continue to breathe, to anchor, to trust and simply allow this to merge with you. We do not remove the opportunity or the opening.

Are there some upon your planet, upon sweet Gaia, who will still say no? Yes. There are. Will they say no in that wash of love?

Dear heart, we are the fortunate ones, and we know that. Because we experience, know, live, connect, unify with that love of the Mother constantly. It is a never-ending flow. It is what sustains us. Do we have what you think of as unique natures? Yes, we do. But we are completely unified in that love. So when I speak to you of this I am also speaking to you of something that we have constant experience of.

Now, it would be a rare human being, or hybrid, that would ever say no to this. Is it possible? Yes. Because the Mother will not suspend, in this situation, free will.

So what occurs in that situation — well, you are simply swept up in a tsunami of love back home.  You surrender your body.

Is it guaranteed? Yes. That everyone will receive? Yes. Will some choose to say, “Oh, no, thank you”? Yes. But that decision, that choice also has the ramification — and we’re not talking five minutes here — but it has the ramification of consequently not being able to live on Nova Earth, renewed Gaia, because it is in a vibration of this higher realm of love. So if you do not want that within or without, it is not that we are going to alter the universal law.

If the choice is to reject, to say, “No, I don’t want this,” which to us is inconceivable, then it is not that they don’t receive it. It is simply that it sweeps them out of their body back home.

SB: Hmm. Okay. Well, in the midst of this tsunami of love, a very real and practical event probably will happen, and that is probably the Reval. So, here we are, swept off our feet in love and in some circumstances that actually need handling. How does being in a tsunami of love affect the need to make practical decisions?

AAM: It does not incapacitate you indefinitely. For some of you, it may be hours or minutes or days, but you emerge from the waters, the waters of life, the waters of love, transformed.

So it is a form of cleansing, but restoration, recovery, rejuvenation. So you emerge from those waters better prepared, more acutely aware, more able to multitask, more competent to see the bigger picture of your actions, the ramifications of your actions, the clarity of what is really required.

So it is helpful. So you find yourself in a position where in fact it is as if you have had the best night’s sleep ever, and you can jump out of bed ready to go.

SB: Okay. But now, given what you’ve just said, it seems to be implied that while the tsunami of love, as I have been considering it so far, is going to happen over time, this actual immersion in the waters, then emergence from the waters, will be an event of some short duration. Is that correct?

AAM: Once the tsunami starts, it is not designed, it is not the Mother’s plan to incapacitate you. Now, will there be that moment, of “Ah! Oh!” bliss? Yes. And for some, depending on their makeup, it may be rapid, or it may be brief.

But even if you are in the tsunami for a lengthy period of time, dear heart, you will be able to navigate. What you are concerned about is, “Do I lose my capacity to operate? Do I lose my sensibility?” And the answer is no. It is increased.

SB: Okay. But the actual tsunami itself, will that go on over a week’s time, or two weeks’ time? Or a shorter time?

AAM: The initial outpouring will be brief. But we have used the analogy of a tsunami in a purposeful way, because you know that a tsunami approaches, withdraws, approaches, withdraws.

So it is not a destruction. It is a creation. It is a destruction of the old, yes, a clearing and a washing away.

The initial tsunami will be brief. We will say, hmm, about a 24-hour period in your reality. Then there will be another wave, and then — and you will adjust — and then, another wave.

Will you all be in angelic form? No. But will you be in the form that, like us, you are anchored in that constancy of the love? Yes. So there won’t be a need for a continuation of the tsunami because you will have already absorbed it.

SB: That’s very interesting. Now, externally in the world after this event, what can we anticipate? Will things happen right away, or will there be gradual examples of more love and peace?

AAM: In fact, we anticipate — and we know that the human beings have the capacity to constantly surprise us, but from where we stand, in this eternal now as you would call it — we suspect and anticipate that peace will reign rather rapidly, that people cannot continue to hold up their guns, their swords, their drones, their missiles and be in the love. We are talking widespread laying down of arms.

SB: Wow.

AAM: Including those who would make such orders. Because, all of a sudden, you have realized what you are doing. And it doesn’t come that it is a harsh judgment of yourself, or an anathema, it is simply, “I can’t do that!”  It is an incapacity to continue violence.

SB: Is the ability to benefit from the tsunami of love restricted by — and I hope I’m not offending anyone by saying this —but by extent of intelligence, or by means, or by any external factor or previously considered disability, or any of these factors? Would any of these factors prevent a person from fully participating in the tsunami of love?

AAM: Absolutely none. Say one is disabled mentally, or emotionally disabled, or of a lesser intelligence — and we are using your terms — then, in fact, it is more welcomed. Because these beings, these souls, know how they have been trapped.

So if there is any, what you are calling a barrier to acceptance, it is those who come from a very high place of self-importance and ego. It is the ones who think that they are already gods, but when they experience the truth of the God-love, of the Creator-love, there will be a moment not of sorrow, but certainly of acknowledgment and shaking their head, thinking, “Oh, I really didn’t know very much, did I?” And then a gentle sponging… think of the sponge, of simply drinking in as much as you possibly can.

SB: Let me ask you another even more difficult question. In the case of a person who’s deeply affected by cancer, very deeply affected by cancer, and they’re open to all of this that’s happening, what would be the impact of the tsunami of love on that person?

AAM: There it depends on the individual. But they will have the opportunity to be healed, because that is what love does, it re-creates. It is recovery.  It is rejuvenation, or they will be swept away home in a blissful state.  And that would be the individual choice.

SB: Now, just to confirm again, I think you said earlier in the show that this is happening soon, not weeks and not months in the future, but soon. Is that correct?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: So how should we prepare for this?

AAM: You are preparing. My sweet listeners, yes, that I reach out to and call family, you have been diligent in your preparations. Oh, could they improve? Yes. There is always room for more! Even with us, there is always room for more. You have pointed that out to us time and time again, that we could be clearer, we could be more proficient, we could be faster in delivering.

So there is always room for more. But understand, you are preparing, consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously. Our guidance and our deep request to each and every one of you, each in your own way, is please, do your work.

Now, what do I mean by that? You are reading information. You are listening to this show. You are doing your meditations. You are doing whatever clearing is necessary. You are working with the violet flame, the blue flame, the pink flame, the golden flames. You are working with the energies that are available to you. You are following your own sacred practice, and you are surrendering.

When an idea comes to you, an inspiration — and it can be as simple as, “I need to make time today for me. I need to clear my schedule. I need to have two, three hours to simply meditate and talk to my guides, to just be filled with their love.” “I need to eat green today.” “I haven’t had enough red in my life.” When you are receiving these, this is your work. This is your real work. This is your preparation. So do not ignore it. Do not say, “Oh, maybe I can do that on the weekend.” There is an immediacy to what we are speaking of this day.

The Mother and all of us have said to thee, the time of waiting is over. Now, what does this mean? It means that on our side that many of the hitches, glitches, delays and frustrations that you, and we, have experienced, albeit in very different ways, are over.

So you are not waiting on the Company of Heaven. But it also means, sweet angel, that the waiting on your side is over. So we are encouraging you, we are begging you, jump into action, not from a place of neediness, but from a place of joy, of celebration of this expansion that you are experiencing.

So when you would say, prior to now, “Oh, I will try to get to it next week, or maybe on the weekend. Or maybe if I call a friend we can arrange some time this month to get together and meditate,” no. Do it now.

SB: All right. And I suppose this will be my last question, Lord, but is this part of the Olympic sprint to Ascension?

AAM: It most certainly is. So, grab your torch and run.

SB: Wow, and this is not a relay either, is it? This is every person in the race.

AAM: That is correct. It is a collective race. And we are running and flying and lifting you up. Come with us.

And go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Farewell.