The Circle - Completion - Your DNA about to Fire and Activate. 
Please study these Fire Images

The Mandala - Creation - The Tree of Life - Your Genetic Encoding.    
Look deeply within the images, then relax and close your eyes. 
See before you the flame of creation.  It enters your body through 
your crown chakra slowly moving downward to fire you DNA. 

Feel it slowly spiraling downward through your head

activating each cell in your brain to a higher frequency of conscious thought.



The flames spirals downward to your heart chakra, the place of your soul connection to your source . . . activating and healing that which blocks your emotions. Relax . . . allowing everything to release as your souls connects.


A golden key is given to you.

Take the key and place it in your heart. Unlock the codings of your DNA.


The flame spirals downward through your solar plexus releasing anger, frustration, tension, and rage. Feel your DNA begin to merge As is above, so is below.


The flame spirals downward through your sacral chakra releasing and balancing your male-female energies.


The flames now spirals into and merges with your root chakra, merging with the 8 primary cells that have been with you since your came into your physical form at the time of conception, which contain all of the DNA coding and knowledge for all of creation.


The flame activates your kundalini energies which send a rush of energy through your spine firing your DNA coding on all levels.


Please allow this merge to filter through your body, mind, and soul, when you are awake and when you are asleep.



Branches Of Life – Veraiconica’s Blog

Featured Image

We are the leaves on the tree of life;
Green,smooth reflecting the sun
We flutter in the breeze
Turning, twising on the branches
And with the seasons
We transform as is the cycle,
For some turning in glorious shades
Gold, bronze, crimson
Curling, drying then withering
Swept up by change to either
End tossed to the ground or be
Projected upward to the sky;
Who knows then where its
Destination will lie?
To seek the comfort and shade
Are we destined to be,
Or shall we go with the wind
Live our lives carefree?
We must continue the cycle
Set by destiny
We must be the leaves on the tree.

Photography Credit


Tree of Life – Embody Your Tree of Light – by Joyful Heart – 2-5-14

Note from Joy (the channeler): Before reading these messages, please take a few moments to breathe your focus into the wavelength of your own heartspace, opening your individual connection to our Collective Unconscious. Within that space, I trust you will find your truths that are vital to your work on this planet. I hope what I share may help you strengthen your connection.

This message may be shared, so long as it contains a reference back to this source and attribution. Portions may also be shared, provided they are kept in context and convey the spirit and intent of the message. Peace, Love and Joy to and through you!

Tree of Life: Embody Your Tree of Light

Blessed human being, please receive of me a remembrance of the template of your form. Recognize within yourself the Sacred Tree of Life, embodied into flesh that lives, moves and loves. There are many of you who have studied your relationship to the Tree of Life. Some are aware, but do not have a particular image. All of you are now asked to embody the truth of the Tree Within You.

Reach your roots down into the Earth, receiving of it the nourishment of grounding, of abundant sustenance, of stalwart stability. Allow your roots to spread wide throughout the soil, entertwining with those whose strength adds to yours to further ground you, to protect the Earth against erosion by the Storms.

Allow this sustenance to rise upward through you, into your heartcore, centering itself within your solid trunk. Allow this heartfire to activate the life within your being, drawing upward the power of the Earth below.

Feel this power spreading upward through you, reaching as branches from your shoulders. These blessed branches stretch outward and upward, the core of your light-trunk standing tall through you to spread branches further higher still. Feel the strength and power of your reach.

Feel the whispering glimmer and rustling of the leaves adorning your branches, as they move gently in the winds of change. Feel the powerful glow of the Sun, sending its lightforce down upon you. Feel as your leaves drink in this shower of sunlight, letting not a drop go wasted. For this lightforce sent toward you is a gift specifically for you, that you must drink in through your leaves.

As your leaves drink deeply with loving gratitude, they glow brightly with the color or colors of your aura. They resonate with the beautiful music of your soul, and transmute the lightforce into powerful lifeforce that spreads down into and through your branches, to your light-trunk, down to your heartcore.

Feel the powerful, life-granting force of light flowing down into your heartcore, melding with the life-granting force of Earth as a Philosopher’s Stone. It empowers your heartcore with the most brilliant gold, which empowers your whole self.

Your branches are strengthened, your roots are strengthened, your light-trunk is strengthened.  You are at peace.  You are whole.  You are embodying the sacred purpose of humanity.

Your twigs bloom blossoms of the color and shape that are sacred to your purpose. Your blooms are fulfilled, and blessed fruits are borne from your sacred being. Allow these fruits to come to fruition, to serve as gifts to what you are here to nourish, including your own roots.

There are three ways that these fruits serve to nourish your roots to further your abundance. One is that they fall directly to them, and meld with the Earth to feed your roots. Another is when they are partially partaken of, and the remainder falls to the earth.

Finally, and most sacred, is when the fruit is eaten of fully by the one who has received of it. In processing this gift, it then returns it to you in a transmuted form, as droppings to the Earth. This is a metaphor that can be seen in many ways. Receive it as would a tree.

Focus your lifeforce within your heartcore. Receive of the Earth. Receive of the Sun. Receive of the gifts of your own fruits. Receive of those who come to partake in the beautiful gifts that you freely offer. Remain centered so that you bear forth only the fruits that you can wisely sustain. Know there are other trees to bear the fruits that you cannot.

You are the Tree of Love. Stand tall, spread forth your branches, and live forth your humble glory.