OWNING and TRANSMUTING the PRISON THAT LIES WITHIN – by Soul Full Heart Blog – 9-16-18 – by Gabriel Heartman



When one has been denied freedom, whether in the form of prison or being captured, for a very long time, there is something that happens in the mind and heart of said soul. It is like a form of The Stockholm Syndrome where you have identified with the captor/imprisoner in the name of survival. Only, in this case, the bars are no longer in front of you but they continue to exist energetically anyway. They were all that was ever known.

I have been digesting this inside of myself the last couple of days, where I can feel aspects of me that have been used to a particular consciousness, or way of relating to the world both inner and outer. There are goggles that are placed on them that were not put on them against their will, but so that they could ‘deal’ with the very real reality of True Freedom that stands right in front of them. They are not oblivious to this reality. It has been a necessary part of a healing process.

If there is no matrix, or if there was never one to begin with, we are left to address our own ownership of that which we feel like is imprisoning us. We are left to reconcile that we are the captor and the captured both. We are highly efficient and powerful creators that can manifest more than we are able to let in so we can use the power of our projection to devise all sorts of excuses that can buffer us from that reality, that I hold as my personal truth.

As the dawn of the New Era is shining is a powerful Divine light upon us, the shadow of those prison bars is becoming increasingly clear. The truth behind their existence needs to be taken responsibility for or else they will continue to stand right where they are at. I hold that these limitations, these projections, these fears have all been necessary but no longer serviceable. They are held inside by parts of you that have a long and varied history with both persecution and being persecuted. Captor and being captured. Find, feel, and release the chains of these heart and soul beings so that they can be transmuted into the grandeur of love they truly ARE.


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LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Transmutation of Shadow – 4-10-18


Over many months now, we’ve been describing a basic understanding that the grounding mechanism for supporting the human body, the foundation that exists in the human light body and in the planetary light body, is reconfiguring into different functions as the lower two dimensional membranes have dissolved. As we travel through the pinnacle of the shifting timelines and trigger events, many people are breaking through amnesiac barriers to access the dark contents of the subconscious mind, pain body and shadow where the collective fear programming has been stored. Amnesiac barriers are the walls of separation that exist inside the compartments of the lower mind, or in the Three Layers of Ego. These unaddressed places in our mental and emotional body, hold contents of hidden darkness and shadow, and this content of unhealed pain and fear are pushing through the internal barriers, and its contents come into full view of the conscious mind. As this subconscious content surfaces, some people will deny it and push it back down, and some people will be willing to acknowledge the inner shadow and be willing to face the fear and pain in order to transmute and clear it. Some people are unaware this subconscious content comes from inside of themselves, and may project that unconscious shadow upon others around them, or even blame others for the shadow they see inside of themselves.

This can manifest as tremendous torrents of mental and emotional pressure that greatly increases the perceptions of fear and pain, anxiety and suffering that are being experienced in many people’s lives. When we are clouded by the lens of fear and self-delusions, we are easily overwhelmed and can feel mentally paralyzed as a result of the bombardment of fear, running its frequency throughout our nervous system. During the Dark Night of the Soul, many people do not have clarity on the actual causal source of where their fear and pain impulses are coming from. Much of what is being experienced on the earth now is being greatly amplified through the hidden fear, buried trauma and emotional wounds from our past, that are surfacing into our conscious mind.

As the amnesiac barrier dissolves in the subconscious areas of the human being, the leftover subconscious fragments are being filtered through the sacral-sexual areas. Which produces amplified distortion in the lower mental body, amplifying anxiety in the pain body, then compulsions for gaining relief from the sensations of internal pressure, which in turn produces more physical perceptions of pain. The subconscious fragments and the emotional aberrance buildup inside the mental and emotional body, which distorts the human lightbody, and this inner distortion increases outer physical pain. As a result, this has increased perceptions of physical pain in the masses. For those who are working with their subconscious and disciplining the negative ego mind, intending to clear out the pain body, and honoring their physical vehicle, there is less painful pressure. Instead the sensation is replaced with the desire to embody increasing levels of authenticity and cultivate meaningful connections and purpose in the world.

I believe that this lends to a lot of the surreal qualities that many of us may be sensing now, especially in the external environment with others or sensing as our orientation within time and space shifts. Time and space feels very different in the current times, it can feel very strange during this phase, as time can feel to slow way down, or to speed up really fast in different intervals throughout the day to day activities. Currently there are sweeping changes occurring to the planetary architecture and this greatly impacts the inner circuitry interconnections that function the metabolic rhythms inside the human body. So it impacts the way our body functions in the day to day, and it also impacts the functioning of the collective consciousness we experience as the energetic environment. Think about the group mind, the planetary mind, pretty much everyone on the planet is being impacted by the ascension process, but this impact is based upon their level of sensitivity or connection to whatever they’re actually perceiving that is in their reality. This shift is putting stress upon the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of humanity, in order to help us adapt to the laws of structure that govern the energetic current and ray structure in the next Harmonic Universe (HU).

When we move into a full octave or evolve into another dimension, into the next harmonic universe, the laws governing that structure changes. We were born into the 3D system and those 3D laws are completing in this ending cycle, as well as collapsing the overlays of alien machinery and AI that was used in 3D to manipulate the lower timelines. However, recognizing that within each dimension, within each harmonic universe there are different laws governing the consciousness structure. That means the movement of consciousness energy in the time and space matrix changes, and it functions differently. The world of forces as we’ve known them on the earth are fundamentally changing their patterns of movement and progression as energy comes into form manifestation. This is highly confusing to both humans and nonhumans, whom do not seem to understand that the shifting laws change energy dynamics, and therefore requires we change how we align to energies and adapt to these shifting laws. As we transit into the next harmonic universe it requires that the cellular record, the birth imprint recorded in our light body and consciousness be altered, so that our identity right now is able to synchronize with the higher frequency timeline or ascending spaces that exist without this alien machinery and AI time loop. For those of us participating directly with the ascension of planet earth, we understand the artificial controls that have been a part of the 3D system and we see the battle in the field taking place. The war over consciousness that is escalating over the access to control the earth territories right now.

For some people, this arc of forward evolution that is moving beyond the 3D earth mind control, could be a much longer pathway for them to realize the enslavement system that they are enmeshed with. Only when we can see what consciousness slavery is, then we can choose to release ourselves from the deceptions and delusions that we have been conditioned to believe that have been designed to make us mind control slaves. For others, it’s a much shorter pathway that is moving into a higher timeline and for the ascending groups, this alignment is happening right now. So we must transform our mental body, our consciousness into transmitting or holding more loving, kind and unifying thought forms or suffer the consequences of the unconscious mind, the collective unconsciousness stream in the lower density of earth that pulls us down into the black forces like a lead weight.

The density of the unconscious collective forces carry a magnetic pull of black force interaction that works similar to a sucking vacuum. It sucks down everything in its path aligned to the negative polarity to be dragged into the black void of space. Think about the negative polarity of the black subtle forces, the black void of space, the unconsciousness stream that travels into the black force field and into the black void. It has a magnetic pull to it, so if we allow ourselves to just go unconscious and align with negative polarity, we’re now flowing into the massive force and suction of the planetary unconsciousness stream, which of course is something that we don’t want to do. That’s not our preference during this time, but we should recognize that is what is happening for many people that are stuck in the negative polarity that are on this earth at this time. They are pulled down into the undertow of the unconsciousness stream, via the negative polarity they still have left uncleared in their body, and it is in this section of the field that the NAA are transmitting artificial intelligence forces in the negative polarity towards the human pain body in order to weigh people down into the heavy density of the false timeline.

Because of the magnetic pull of the black forces, because it has a gravitational pull and force field that is extremely dense, the negative alien’s (NAs) are banking on that black force for maintaining the status quo of the unconscious slavery of the earth inhabitants.  Still, many people on the planet may not consciously recognize that they’ve been born into a slavery system on a imprisoned planet, so in the buried areas of the unconscious mind, hidden behind the amnesiac barriers, they know that there’s slavery on planet earth but most people have ego defense mechanisms that actually deny that this is happening. The NAs are also banking on this tendency to deny facing the truth, as the method to maintain the unconsciousness in the masses, keeping the slavery hidden and buried behind the amnesiac barrier, so that human beings do not come into the realization that the war for their consciousness liberation is actually happening now. By transmitting extremely negative based thoughts, as well as generating more of these black subtle forces in the field,  they capitalize on growing fear and chaos, promoting mass distraction to keep people occupied on perceived threats against their personal safety. This is highly magnified in the collective consciousness now, once we look at it as a group consciousness stream and recognize that the group belief systems and thought forms are sourcing from the manipulation of the negative alien and controller influences.

Black subtle forces exist in the negative polarity and they connect to the material earth elements and are related to the forces of gravity. Understanding black subtle forces, it’s the principle of unconsciousness or falling asleep in the material world and it has a heavy weight. It’s very dense and has suction force. As a result these black subtle forces tend to pull people down into density, which produces inactivity, darkness, dullness, absence of light, we could also call it dark ignorance. When a person holds too much negative polarity of this black colored subtle force in their light body, they will show effects of this dark ignorance – delusions, extreme negative ego, insensitivity, closed heart, it’s an unconsciousness combined with a lack of sensory feeling and little to no empathy for others. Most of the time a person that has a lot of black colored force in their light body, has deeply buried psychology or emotional trauma blockages and this tends to make them distracted and unaware of what their problems really are. They are usually distracted in the world thinking their problems are stemming from something in the 3D world, when its actually their own psychological and emotional blockages that are manifesting the recurring problems in their life.

This kind of person many times allows negative forces, dark forces and even other people to completely manipulate or control them and this is what makes the Victim-Victimizer (V/V) program, the V/V archetypes and role playing so popular on planet earth. These negative polarity archetypes are the primary way the NAs manipulate the collective unconsciousness through repeating historical trigger events that capitalize on the victimizer role. Because when we’re in a victim role, generally we’re refusing to take responsibility for our life or we’re blaming somebody else for what’s happening to us and that’s a part of the controller setup in keeping people disempowered on this planet. If we refuse to take responsibility for our life or we refuse to make changes in our world to adapt, then this escalates more generation of this black substance and of course this generates even more miasmatic blockages in the body. When the black substance is not balanced in a human body or you don’t know how to transmute it within, this is what creates an internal state of incoherence, magnified chaos or apathy. This truly is the state of hell and of the lost soul.

When we think for a moment what’s happening in the world today, how many people do you know that are in this dense black state either around you or that you have observed in the environment? Can you discern when a human being, a human body is holding more black force than light force in their body and recognize when someone is weighted in a high percentage with more black force in their body, that the density this creates is a risk for hijacking their body. It’s recognizing that black force creates a risk in mind control, possession and attachments, it produces consciousness slavery. Without holding judgement on any human being, but learning how to see this, and recognize this state of negative polarity is very important for our discernment, especially when you’re interacting with others in the 3D world and in the controller system. Being aware of what kind of energy is near you and what you are interacting with, is key for discernment and accurate assessment of the environment. A person that has a high percentage of black subtle force in their body is 100% at risk for demonic possession, alien mind control as well as losing control over their bodily impulses and of course losing access to their own mind and thoughts.

The negative ego construct, militarized weaponry and the alien machinery is used on the earth especially now to manipulate humans into mass-producing more of these black subtle forces. This ferments into black miasma. It’s a dead energy. This is about leaving the masses in that state of unconsciousness, because if you’re unconscious and you’re not self-aware, you can be easily controlled by dominating forces. Alien technology and mind control methods are designed to generate and circulate as much of this negative polarity black force and density in the human body as possible. Physical activities that direct more energy throughout the body are helpful in neutralizing some of that black force accumulation. Black force in its principle is a stagnant principal and is buildup of stagnant energies, so physical activity with single minded focus can actually dissolve it.

With all of this happening now, our efforts should be towards deflecting and neutralizing this black force and especially neutralizing the psychological mind control operations targeting us with blasts of this negativity by committing to connect with our inner spirit,  learning how to ground into our own core self, and learning how to be inner directed, learning how to connect within. When we’ve developed a strong inner directed grounding mechanism, it is so much easier to stay centered and keep our heart open. Even while we are sailing through these choppy seas that are generated from the convergence of many forces coming together at once, along with a lot of energetic interference and collision patterns.

The death culture is used to promote destructive lifestyles in order to permanently damage the heart, damage the soul and brain into some kind of form of fragmentation or dissociation. Dissociative behaviors eliminate all traces of true human empathy and remove the accountability towards the ethical implication that is behind the operations of the current world social, political, military, and corporate structures.  This wall of separation is the negative polarity that exists inside us, and can exist in terms of our light body, until we choose to bring light to the darkness that we find inside ourselves.

It takes personal will and commitment to understand how fear and deception works in the hidden shadows of darkness, in order to find the strength to fully transform it into light and truth. All of us have the internal power to transform the darkness into light. Being courageous enough to face our deepest and darkest fears, facing the inner shadow and being willing to put forth the effort to overcome it, is the path we all must take to secure our consciousness freedom during the Ascension Cycle.

(Source: Grounding Mechanism, Overcoming Fear Class Transcript)



TIARA KUMARA – Help to Transmute Hatred in the Mass Consciousness – 12-11-17 – Golden Age Of Gaia


The Oneness Transmissions

Our Unified Focus:  Transmuting Hatred in the Mass Consciousness


Humanity has Toppled over a Tipping Point

Our primary objective in this transmission is upon the transmutation of emotional hatred that is tenaciously imprinted within the emotional body of mass humanity.

This extremely polarized emotion is at an all-time high and getting even stronger, as if contained within a cancerous bubble that is now exploding with full force.

The growing divide between ‘sides’ has created a deeper chasm in our societies, bringing the ever-buckling duality grid of human consciousness toppling over a tipping point.

This precarious situation is the result of a massive purifying effect triggered by the potent incoming streams of cosmic light, and the continual rise in planetary frequency.

This evolutionary force is naturally catalyzing a grand purge of the divisive human mainframe.

Simultaneously, the strengthening crystalline grid is now so influential that its radiating light of ‘fusion and synthesis’ is empowering conscious unity to new levels of unprecedented magnitude.

This light of unity is inspiring the awakened ones to rise up and take part in a highly magnetic global Goodwill Movement, one that is silently getting stronger while far from the attention of mainstream media.

This brings to the fore the unwavering demand for highest transparency, accountability and integrity in our leaders, in our culture and in every aspect of our lives. Without these virtues in place, the inflated and highly hostile bubble of polarized emotion surely will burst and rain down its fiery havoc.

The hidden shadows are being lit up and all untruths exposed, triggering common people everywhere to rise up and demand change. The difference this time is… they are no longer taking ‘no for an answer. The playing field is being leveled for true equality to be realized.

Our collective shift into unified awareness, and perhaps our very survival as a species, now depends upon our willingness to embrace and transform the pervasive shadow of ‘the fear of other’, and its growing tentacles of divisive hatred.

This world crisis is an epidemic that is knocking on all of our doors, bringing us face to face with our judgments of those we have perceived as separate from ourselves.

As one Group Avatar, we are called to help neutralize rising destructive energy.

We are serving as transmission channels for the cohesive power of transfiguring Divine Love.


The December 17 Transmission

* During the Season of Love *

This December, we are riding on the waves of the season when the vibrations of love and generosity are at their all time highest.

Our transmission priorities include…

* To continue seeding the new consciousness grid with the templates of love and oneness, and through our own codes of accomplishment.

* To powerfully radiate the light of Divine Love to help stabilize the mass consciousness field and the building energy of emotional hatred.

* To initiate greater activation in humanity’s collective DNA by invoking and transmitting the trinity flame of Divine Love, Wisdom and Will, as God manifest within the heart of each and every soul.

Our transmission will be sent to and through the Crystalline Grid to reach the higher mental body of all humanity, etherically and telepathically.

(( Go to Transmission ))

Let’s rise together in Divine Love this holy season to radiate the codes of an evolved humanity.

MATT KAHN – Transforming the Darkness – True Divine Nature .com

Image result for Matt Kahn



Published on Oct 25, 2017

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Frequencies of Reality – Transmuting Darkness into Light – The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie – 10-9-17


The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

Please help me to understand the higher reason why there appears to be so much hardship, disaster and fear?

Dear Suzille,

Sometimes something very “bad” must happen before something very “good” can occur. It is much like a “tug-of-war” where two groups pull on a rope until one of the groups is pulled into the mud pile. There are also magic tricks where the audience is guided to look at one hand, while the other hand does something totally different.


Many people have become so involved in running their own life that they do not attend to the greater responsibility of running their country. Therefore, a person was elected who is too involved in his own life. While the people are too busy “making money,” or just surviving, dear Planet Earth was, and still is, being deeply damaged.

The people, the humans who were meant to be the “protectors of the planet,” have been side-tracked by the damage and destruction that has occurred in their own lives. There are, of course, many people who are, and have always been, concerned about Gaia.  Unfortunately, this group is the minority.

Hopefully, the immense crisis to Gaia’s well-being will be addressed before too long. Of course, when the Galactics land, they will be able to instantly repair what the third dimensional humans have destroyed.

However, by that NOW, Gaia, who is a living being, will have suffered even more assaults from the humans and leaders who care more about their own accumulations of things, money, and the manipulations of others, than they care about the planet that has offered them a home for many incarnations.

The United States, which was supposed be the flash point of ascension, is falling backwards into the control of those who are unable to regain control of their own country.

Unfortunately, as well as fortunately, “The Darkest Night is just before Dawn.” But, only when the “darkest night” is revealed, can it be transmuted into the light. Therefore, there is a purging of “Power Over Others” actions that need to be transmuted into “Power Within” actions.

A “power over others” action comes from those humans who do NOT have sufficient “power within themselves.” When one feels a sense of “power within themselves,” they have NO need to dominate or control.

Instead, these people have the “power within” to take good care of themselves, their friends and family, and also their planet, and they feel how good it is to have come into this place of “Self Mastery.”

In fact, once one has come into a “power within” consciousness and the confidence of “Self Mastery,” their consciousness expands into “fifth dimensional consciousness.” We will now review the different frequencies of consciousness.

Third dimensional consciousness is based on surviving in a third dimensional reality in which “power OVER others” is a constant challenge. In this frequency of reality, the evolving ones are in the process of remembering and gaining their own “power WITHIN themselves.

They evolve beyond their person needs and look out into their reality to see how they can assist.

As more and more third dimensionals are able to make this distinction, they can transmute their consciousness, as well as their energy field, into higher and higher octaves of light. Also, when darkness is revealed, one can more easily transmute it into higher frequencies of Light.

This act of transmutation is easily achieved with the Mantra of:




                                    THE VIOLET FIRE

                                                            TRANSMUTING ALL SHADOW INTO


Light that is created via the transmutation of darkness is exceptionally strong.  Just as EVERY Ascended Master had to discover, explore, and transmute their own darkness and fear before they could totally transmute it into light and move into their ascension, every human alive on planet Earth must also identify and transmute their own darkness.

This is usually in the form of fear for the “good people living their daily lives,” whereas the “Power Over Others” dark leaders have found “too much power” during this transitional phase of Gaia.

Why have the dark ones found so much power in this transitional phase? The answer to this question is very complex, so we will go through it in detail. During the transitional phase of a country, in this case, of a planet, all darkness must be revealed so that it can be transmuted.

How can one transmute that which they do not know exists? Therefore, the darkest night must be revealed before it can be transmuted. It is during this “darkest night” that humanity realizes that it is the NOW to turn on “their inner lights.”

As humanity moves into higher and higher states of consciousness, they will be more and more able to connect with their own Higher Self. The connection with one’s Higher Self is the first step of personal ascension.

Then, as more and more of humanity connects with their Higher Self, society as a whole will begin to remember that they took this incarnation, not to be smart, rich, famous, talented or good-looking.

They took this incarnation to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

More and more, the awakening and awakened ones, are realizing that intelligence, money, fame, talent and/or an attractive appearance is “a component of their current incarnation” which is meant, on a higher dimensional level, to assist them to assist others with planetary ascension.

Unfortunately, some of our volunteers to take an earth vessel to assist with planetary ascension have gotten lost and have used their talents for selfish gain. Fortunately, many, many other volunteers to Earth have remembered their promise to assist with Planetary Ascension.

Of course, the first question for all of them is, “What exactly does Planetary Ascension mean?” And their second question is, “How can I help to ascend an entire planet?” We will attempt to answer these questions. However, we ask that each of you find your own answers to these questions.

First, we will address the question of:

“What does Planetary Ascension mean?”

In the simplest terms, planetary ascension means that your third dimensional “Physical Earth Vessel” and your fourth dimensional “Astral Earth Vessel” will transmute into a higher frequency of resonance.

To explain what we are saying, we will use the example of a balloon filled with hydrogen and a balloon filed with oxygen. When a balloon is filled with hydrogen, it easily and naturally rises up higher and higher.

On the other hand, a balloon filled with oxygen will fall to the ground. Both balloons may look the same, but they behave in a very different manner. This discrepancy is very common for humanity.

Some humans seek to rise into higher and higher frequencies of reality, even though it may mean that they would have to leave the physical Earth. On the other hand, other humans are not at all interested in rising into a higher frequency.

Some feel this way because they enjoy the domination over others that they can have on third dimensional Earth. On the other hand, some feel that they can’t rise into the higher dimensions because they can barely make it on the third dimension.

Unfortunately, this second group has not been told, or did not learn or remember, that they are Multidimensional Beings who already resonate to higher frequencies of reality. Therefore, they are not aware that they can communicate with these higher expressions of their physical self to gain the much needed Unconditional Love and Divine Guidance.

We, the Arcturians, are here within this NOW to remind you that EVERYONE has a Higher Self! Even those humans who have fallen into the darkest realms of Power Over Others have a Higher Self.

But, usually, something happened in their early years that made them believe that “they” must focus on the “power over them” if they are to survive and thrive in their early years.

Then, because their parents do NOT teach them how to find and live by their own “Power Within,” the children grew up with the belief that the ONLY power is that which you command OVER others.

Unfortunately, this type of training often continues generation after generation, as “Power Over” parents teach their children to be “Power Over” adults. However, there is something that is occurring within the NOW that was not available before.

What is occurring within your NOW is that the “you,” that is your higher dimensional SELF is beginning to communicate with “you,” who is your physical self. At first these communications are during a dream or a deep meditation.

However, if “you,” the receiver of this inter-dimensional communication, listens closely to this inner message, and even document that message in some manner, you will begin to establish an intimate relationship with your own fifth dimensional and beyond SELF.

Once you have established this relationship, your life will begin to change forever. Initially, your life will change because you will get information from the fifth dimensional HERE and NOW.

Since this fifth dimensional information is NOT bound by your third dimensional time and space, you, the receiver of these fifth dimensional messages, as well as the fifth dimensional energy field through which you have received the messages, begin to change.

At first this change can be quite subtle, but over your “time,” especially if you document these messages in some way, you will gain a deeper, and increasingly intimate, relationship with a “being” that only you can perceive.

Only you can perceive this being or beings because they are communicating with you via “your” open Multidimensional Portal. A Multidimensional Portal is much like a tunnel that originates in the fifth dimension and beyond to connect with the life-forms on the Astral Plane of the fourth dimension and the Physical Plane of the third dimension.

When one first begins to receive these messages, they may wonder why they are “talking to their self” so much. Also, they often wonder how “they” could receive this type of message that talks about Higher Worlds, Expanded Consciousness, and Personal and Planetary Ascension.

Many people receive these message for a long amount of your “time” before they begin to take these messages seriously. In fact, at first the human one may think they are “just imagining” the message, or perhaps they are a bit “crazy?”

The truth is that they ARE “imagining” these messages because “imagination” is fifth dimensional communication. And, indeed, what they are experiencing is communication with a being who resonates to a fifth dimensional, Lightbody form. In fact, this fifth dimensional being is very often the fifth dimensional expression of their own Multidimensional SELF.

What we wish to underline is that EVERYONE is multidimensional, and EVERYONE can, and usually is, communicating with their own higher dimensional expression of SELF. However, often these communications occur while they are sleeping or meditating.

The reason for this is because when one is sleeping and or meditating, or even involved in a very satisfying and creative act, their consciousness expands into the fourth, fifth, and even beyond, states of consciousness. This “higher state of consciousness” activates your “higher dimensional perceptions.”

It is via your higher states of consciousness, that you regain your higher dimensional perceptions. Please remember that your higher dimensional perceptions are not like your third dimensional perceptions, but they are somewhat like your fourth dimensional dreams.

So “dream” your way back to your Multidimensional SELF, and we, the Arcturians and your Galactic Family, will meet you at the threshold of your expanded reality.

Blessings to you all. We look forward to meeting you in the fifth dimension

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 1:49 PM 3 comments: 

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You Are Not Alone ~ Arcturian Update





ALEXANDRA MEADOR – Paradigm Shift Conference – Time to Choose – The Endgame is Here – 8-8-17

Alexandra Meador



Galactic Connection 

Published on Aug 8, 2017

We present the talk given by Alexandra Meadors at the July 18, 2017 Paradigm Shift Online Conference organized by Lana and David Love.

The ball gets rolling when Alexandra is asked about the conference theme, “paradigm shift.” This topic is perfect for Alexandra. This is her first major public statement since her extraordinary, prolonged, brutal and wildly successful mission in Ireland and Scotland. She now shares new inspirations and revelations, deriving from that extraordinary trip, unexpected in so many ways. Here she proceeds to fill out her understanding of the massive world-changes underway.

Alexandra declares us well into the ‘endgame’. This should not come as a great surprise to many who have been following Alexandra or have felt the energies. But critical work remains. Alexandra spells out the issues facing us in this quickening chapter, the paths to resolution, and our cheerful prospects.

Alexandra’s decisive theme is the need for us to create and decide our timeline, to choose our future by choosing our present, by unifying consciousness, by shaping ourselves with our highest and most complete and loving awareness. We see awakening and opening from the highest levels to the lowest. Alexandra urges us to heal by understanding our cosmic past in a brutal game that was sure to land some scars. She urges us to send our appeal and our spirits reach straight to Prime Creator, Source of All, God, All-That-Is… (and however you gender Him/Her/It ). The game is finishing.

The paradigm has already shifted, the timelines are well along. But still we all have work to do. That is where choice comes in. What holds us back from fully choosing the rising wave of Light? Alexandra spends a third of the talk with a brilliant, detailed repertory of our deep operating programs of consciousness. Some of these are ancient and served us well as ‘defense mechanisms’. Clearing of these programs remains paramount.

It is time, Alexandra says, to dispense with hard-earned and hard-learned capabilities, skills and attitudes, as well as self-destructive behaviors. We learned hard lessons and survival skills, none too pretty. But we turned the tide; ‘we’ on every level imaginable, up to the One. And down in the dark. So forgiveness too is uppermost. Forgiveness starts with self-forgiveness, which comes more easily when we understand how we got here. Alexandra speaks briefly about the anomaly, the shattering of the mirror, which got things off to a bad start in this universe.

Alexandra finally spells out numerous old programs that we need to clear: Thinking we need to ask permission to be free, that we may not ask for help, driving ourselves too hard, being over self-controlling, expecting hostility, feeling guilty, playing the cornered cat, forgetting we have the right and reason to call upon Prime Creator. She covers an amazing range in the last 20 minutes.

This does not mean to give up our defenses or common sense. It means to strategize for the endgame. In a wearingly long time, we are at last riding a last wave home. A wave that will take us to shore, a soft beach landing or a rocky finish, is the obvious choice ahead of us. Let’s steady the boat. Alexandra finishes with the greatest message, you, s/he, we all, are Loved beyond measure.

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Gridwork Update ~ Transmutation and The Crystalline Grid ~ October 20, 2016 — roseramblesdotorg

By Katie IndiCrow, 10/20/2016 In this installment, Katie IndiCrow focuses on the crystalline grid, sharing her experience of transmutation and the ‘anchoring’ event which occurred on October 18, 2016. See original youtube link for access to Love is the Answer and an important post-recording afterthought //www.youtube.com/embed/QIUFlIiMrvE?wmode=opaque&enablejsapi=1″,”url”:”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIUFlIiMrvE",”width”:854,”height”:480,”providerName”:”YouTube”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https://i.ytimg.com/vi/QIUFlIiMrvE/hqdefault.jpg",”resolvedBy”:”youtube”}” data-block-type=”32″> Katie IndiCrow is an energy teacher, healer, and […]

via Gridwork Update ~ Transmutation and The Crystalline Grid ~ October 20, 2016 — roseramblesdotorg