GARY CHRISTOPHER – A Message to all Star Seeds – WE DID IT! – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 12-18-19


Gary Christopher18 hrs

A Message to all Star Seeds – We did it!

My beloved family of Light, we have come to the end of the Star Seed Ascension cycle on Gaia. The past several years have seen many ups and downs as we each worked to bring Heaven to Earth. By working to complete our own ascension, we were simultaneously bringing Heaven to Earth as ONE. Creating the energetic structures within our bodies and on Gaia that as ONE structure created the Diamond SUN Body of the collective consciousness. The entire template of the Great Cosmic Matrix has been replicated on Gaia so that all souls on this planet can begin their ascension into the higher realms – so that all souls on this planet can join the company of Heaven where all rightfully belong.

The Star Seeds represent the physical embodiment of the company of Heaven as well as the framework, matrix or blueprint of Heaven itself. We are it and it is us. And through the collective ascension every soul on Gaia will join the company of Heaven. Through our ascension, Heaven was brought to Earth to support the collective ascension of this star system. Although it appeared that we worked mostly individually – energetically we worked as ONE. We have co-created as separate souls or created as ONE consciousness the entire preparation and implementation of the atomic structure or blueprint needed to support the collective realities of this evolving star system. The past seven years have been compacted with challenging and rewarding moments as each of us has worked to fully embody the frequency of consciousness we are here to be. It has been an honor journeying with all of you. Those I personally know and those I do not. We are ONE Pure Consciousness creating through these vessels.

For many years we have worked collectively to build the entire energetic structure on Gaia. Many Star Seeds have traveled all over the globe working directly with Gaia and all of us have been working on our own selves. It was a massive co-creation of ONE consciousness in many vessels. Now, the entire structure has finally been completed and is currently in the process of being activated. All the crystals planted, grids cleared, sacred sites activated, gateways opened, stargates brought online, etc. has finally come to an end. WE DID IT!! On December 12th as we passed through the final gateway of the Star Seed Ascension, the very last activation took place on Gaia – the twelfth dimensional stargate was activated signalling the completion of the Star Seed Ascension to bring Heaven to Earth. This was the final activation needed to complete and activate the entire structure that is the Diamond SUN Body of the collective consciousness of Gaia and end the cycle. Now that the structure is built, all portals and gateways remain open infinitely so that all souls on Earth can evolve and ascend organically at the right pace through each until an eternal Golden Age of Light is reached and this entire star system fully embodies! Simultaneously, as completing this structure, the collective ascension was physically birthed and a new cycle began.

Congratulations to all the beautiful amazing volunteer souls incarnated here on Gaia!! The structure is complete. Heaven is here on Earth and now the souls of Earth can begin their ascension and evolution into an eternal Golden Age – into Heaven! The structure is being activated from now until the Winter Solstice Gateway when it becomes fully activated and we can collectively move to New Earth. Share the good news! Sound the trumpets! New Earth is here for all! We have built the structure of Heaven on Earth by becoming the fabric of it ourselves, by becoming and weaving the golden thread of the Cosmos that is Pure Consciousness, that is Love! Love is the fabric of creation! By increasing our frequency we increased the amount of Love present on Earth. We brought Love to the planet. Heaven is Love! God is Love! Love is all there is!

I love each and every one of you beautiful souls as a part of myself. I AM honored to be here with you all and look forward to creating the eternal Golden Age of Light on Gaia together as ONE.



A blue planet appears near the moon in Australia seen with the naked eye

Sianna AvalynYesterday at 4:31 PM

On Transcendence

The portal has opened, and 2020 is almost here. If you haven’t already, I invite you to step through the portal, for the winter Solstice is upon us soon. And I ask you from the depths of my Heart and Soul:

Are you FINISHED yet?

Are you ready to be DONE with the Ways of Old?

Are you ready to DROP your stories, your ideologies, and your beliefs of old?

Are you ready to let SHAME and self-condemnation be left in the past?

Are you ready to step into the ILLUMINATING LIGHT that has always been shining on you, and in you?

Are you OVER IT, and never want turn back to lick your wounds again?

Are you finished with diminishing YOUR LIGHT so that others will not feel uncomfortable?

Are you ready to LET the training wheels GO?

Are you done with playing small, PRETENDING you don’t know, what you know? 

Are you finished with being AFRAID and cowering alone in a corner?

Are you ready to EMBRACE yourself and have a Divine and INTIMATE relationship with your Soul? And with other Souls too?

Are you willing to stand powerfully, radiantly, and TRANSCENDENTLY alive, in your Raw Authentic Truth?

Are you ready to DANCE in the moonlight with God/Goddess as your partner?

Are you ready to transcend everything that you have known yourself to be, and TRULY FORGIVE yourself for everything that you have judged in yourself or another, so you can PLAY in the sunshine with your Soul?

Are you ready to finally, fully, and completely ACCEPT that you are already perfect, whole and complete, and absolutely STUNNING, just as you are?

Are you READY to LAUGH, a big belly laugh, until tears trickle down your cheeks, because you have finally SEEN yourself in all your BRILLIANT Glory? 



LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Timelines for Transcendence – 10-31-18



As a result of the rebirth of the triadic identity of Solar Consciousness forming into a rehabilitated and functioning Solar Logos for our Universal Time Matrix, grid conflicts have ensued as attempts are made to regain control over timelines, while placing an increasing iron grip over access to ascension related information. The newly rehabilitated Solar Logos triadic identity has met with completion and connected into the Earth body through a variety of Stargates and interdimensional portal systems. This provides the means to heal Soul fracturing and perform mass Soul retrievals for the Earth and humanity. This event provides amazing support and spiritual strength to all on the Christos Mission, as well as trinity wave energetic support for the planetary grid network. This event is perceived as a direct survival threat to the NAA.


There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world. This has shifted the way the original human race blueprint relays its intelligent information into the collective consciousness fields of earth. When the collective fields shift in this way, it means there has been a frequency shift in the collective agreement that impacts the overall consciousness evolution on the planet, therefore, the Timelines Shift.

As current Timelines Shift, this also shifts the coordinate location and energetic contents of the past and future timelines existing on the earth plane, all at the same time. There are powerful infusions of plasmic light and new time codes that are filtering onto the earth.  As the Sun transmits new cosmic intelligence, the transmission of the Solar principle greatly influences the earth body, and therefore influences the behavior in the collective consciousness of humanity. Currently, the pressures are high to synthesize the pairs of opposite that exist in the world of forces, to evolve beyond the lower density black substance that has been buried in the collective consciousness fields of the earth. A lot of that black substance has been manifested into timelines from embedded alien architecture, which imitate the Mother’s creation principle, and is what the dark entities tend to hijack. The building up of pressure in between these opposing forces and groups is reaching its peak, which is bifurcating or splitting apart timelines.

The new timelines are to transcend the previous histories of alien hybridization and the destructive victimizer programming that has been installed in the lower collective consciousness. These new timelines are similar to an airplane runway that is designed to help bridge the current reality of the earth (that is the result of the accumulated energies of the past destructive histories with NAA), to connect with the higher reality potentials of the divine human on the future earth. We are on the runway that leads to our higher reality potentials in the future timeline now. Not everyone is on the same timeline. Try to remember this fact to help bring greater comfort, when experiencing intense, sudden and spontaneous life altering changes that are more likely to occur during this time.

As Timelines Shift, it changes previous Trigger Events recorded throughout history, and thus, has a chain reaction that changes future memories in the ancestral and genetic code of the planetary tribal identities. The planetary architecture is transmitting the ancient history of humanities true origins from the Ancient Builder Races, as the original instruction set is transmitted from the awakening Albion body. Our species memory goes much further back before the seedings of the planetary tribal identities. This informs the collective consciousness field and other nonhuman species, that humanity did not come from the Annunaki or other off planet races, or those races that were involved in genetically modifying and cloning the human genome in the past. The Albion and Cathar body hold the Holy Father and Holy Mother Principles in the earth. As these bodies gradually unify, they are releasing more original coding into the collective consciousness fields, which contain the true identity of the Ancient Builder Races or the Guardian Host. This event directly changes many of the histories and timelines that are recorded upon the earth.

These recent transmissions have set up new future time vectors that impact locations and coordinates recorded throughout time, and thus, it shifts the individual and group consciousness timelines. Some of the group consciousness timelines undergoing radical shifts are connected to the planetary tribal affiliations, refugee races, and the Fallen Melchizedek infiltrations in the Hibiru and Essene tribe hosting history. The Fallen Melchizedeks were being run by Luciferian Imposter Spirits through the Victimizer Archetypes, used to control others through the False King of Tyranny belief systems. Some of these tribes or races have to make amends with the earth people, as a result of their participation, which resulted in the genocide and Blood Sacrifice of earth groups, and subjecting them to the servitude of Fallen Angelics.

We are being transported through Timelines, as the opportunity is given to us to transcend our limitations by seeing our unhealed issues that keep us tethered to the lower energies in the 3D timelines. As we are being pushed rapidly through old timelines, it can feel that we are being pummeled with the dark energies of past obstacles, but it is important to recognize why this is happening, and to not give up. Many of these dark obstacles are held in place by Fallen Angelics. We have to face them and see their painful emotional theme, in order to ask of our heart what we may have bargained away, in an effort to not see the larger truth. If we can get to that deeper theme of truth, we will see the causation and dissolve the energy, which then ceases to be an obstacle.

Now we can reach higher points of transcendence, elevating us to rise above these dark obstacles that previously manifested as blockages in our highest expression and purpose. In order to access the resources available to help transcend old timelines in limiting situations, we must be willing to put forth the effort and time to heal ourselves, see the core of the truth in the matter, and forgive the past patterns in order to release them. As we reaffirm our spiritual connection and dedication to practicing unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness, we are able to transcend many of the obstacles and Miasma that accumulated between lifetimes, directing healing and transcendent energy to other identities, while healing aspects that may be trapped in other timelines.

(Source: ES News – Timelines Shift, Solar Logos)


Nikki Colombo @ In5D – Transcend Into Unity Consciousness – 8-3-17

Unity Consciousness


by Nikki Colombo,Editor – Contact Online Magazine
Guest writer,

Are you still in polarity consciousness? Here’s how you can tell and what to do about it!

Lets go back in time. When we look back to our history it is filled with influential personalities that ignited our world. Take Lucifer for example, portrayed as the ARCHitect in The Matrix Movies, in Ancient Texts it states that he wanted to experiment with free will.

Let’s go back further, what about Set From Egypt (also known as Lucifer) and further still Enlil and Enki.  Are you still trying to workout who’s good and bad between those Anunnaki brothers?

What about the Reptilian god Anu ? Is he a bad ass?

Without theses guys we wouldn’t be here. These are the perceived forces of dark. The black void, the place of antimatter, the place where everything comes from before manifesting into this world.

What about your mother’s dark watery womb? Is that bad?

How about the cosmos?  That’s dark.  Is that bad too? It depends on your perspective, right or wrong? Hmm, what a dilemma.

Let’s go onto the divine feminine.

What about Inanna? Enlil’s and Enki’s sister who saved us? You know royalty interbreeds keeping the genetic code intact, right? Cleopatra’s mother and father were brother and sister and she turned out a genius/genie.  Is she good or bad?

How about Artemisia played by Eva Green in the film 30? Rise of an Empire with her spiny reptilian armor down her back!

Life imitates art and art imitates life!

ArtemiSIA was Greek born. SIA = see aka a seer. She “sees”, get it?

A Major General of all the military forces for The King of Babylon, (once called Persia, now Iraq) the Greeks fierce enemy!

She slaughtered and conquered all the Greek kings presenting them to the powerful King Xerxes 1st (by the way, royalty know the secret knowledge of reincarnation, genetics and breeding. That’s why you have King Henry the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc…  This keeps all their royal wealth intact. YES, they ARE the same people reincarnated!)

Back to Artemisia…

Traitor you say? Hmm, are you sitting in judgement right now?

Artemisia was only a little girl when she was forced onto the navel Greek ships as a sex slave for the Greek slave rowers. When she hit puberty at around 12 years old, she was dumped into the Greek streets and later rescued by a Babylonian spy soldier who trained her in occult warfare turning her into one of the most ferocious successful conquerors of ALL time. Quite a feat for a woman.

What about Lilith and ISIS? Are they bad because of conducting magic occult rituals?

What about THAT name ISIS derived from Genesis? The GENES OF ISIS and where the word sister also comes from i.e. sister… sisSTAR!

How about the word Occult? Does that bring up visions of something satanic?

What if you found out that the word occult actually means “to see in the dark” and refers the the oculi nerve connecting to the 3rd eye? is that bad too? Considering it is part of the awakening and ascension process? Are owls bad because they see in the dark like the revered Egyptian cats?

Can you see how you are ping ponging from left to right ,right now, jumping from good to bad in judgement?

Before you judge , know the whole story.

Pull back your consciousness into where it resides in the fourth dimension (some of us a little higher) while your body and mind balances itself in 3D. It would be wise step back into your core and ground yourself to balance into the middle accepting everything as it is.

Creator Source doesn’t judge!

Metaphysically speaking, there is no good or bad there just IS. Once you accept that, your on your way into Unity Consciousness.  Think peace, breath and balance, balance, balance! After all, we’ve been given this opportunity for this ascension cycle to do just that, ascend into unity consciousness.  How exhilarating and what an honor to be here in this NOW! No wonder so many ships and ET’s “watching” us!

Lets Play!

NOW, point your finger at something.  Let’s use Donald Trump or Putin on the TV or a picture for example. Literally do this. Your hand looks like a gun right? Can you see it?

Now, here’s the kicker. Are you ready? Look at the 3 fingers pointing back at you!

BOOM! Surprised? Aha moment, yes?

God Source is a wonderful creator, huh? Dont cha just love irony?

I love you ALL

As always with love, gratitude, In Lak’ech and Namaste.

Details for the SUPERCONSCIOUS Live Presentations with the brilliant Jamie Close coming to Melbourne, Australia in 2018. click here>

Nikki ColomboAbout the authorNikki Colombo experienced a full blown spontaneous Kundalini Rising event in 2007 that catapulted a “Starseed Awakening” opening her third eye to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light known as the Melchizedek Guardians. Her spiritual mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education and awareness and by consulting the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, and human consciousness. She is an Empath, Intuitive, Spiritual Guide and Healer, NDE- Near Death Experiencer, a Walk In, Researcher, Writer, Psychic, Astrologist, Numerologist, Contactee, ET Experiencer, Chakra Clearer, Starseed and Tarot Reader. You can personal message me for Private Consultations, Guest Workshops, Retreats and Events. I perform all intuitive guidance under the most Inspirational, Spiritual and Sacred Insight to ensure the highest value it is delivered to my clients serving you with the full extent of my knowledge, wisdom, skills and talents.



Almine – Resurrection, Transcendence, Transfiguration –

Resurrection, transcendence, transfiguration, and the key to understanding God’s Will. ( Almine in Toronto.
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Almine is a renowned and inspiring teacher whose essential message applies to truth-seekers of all kinds. A unique Trailblazer and Mystic-Visionary, Almine is recognized as a spiritual master, powerful healer, gifted orator, prolific author, unique artist, and talented singer. Many individuals, across the globe, have been drawn to her comprehensible delivery of advanced sacred teachings, as she has traveled the world offering transformative messages empowering individuals and enlivening hope. In her presence, people have experienced profound healings through grace, deep abiding compassion, and awakened into states outside of duality.
Riddle of the Heart

In each of her workshops, Almine reveals the newest and most cutting-edge pertinent information, holding that as we change within, all of life changes as a result. According to Toltec teachings, this principle is known as “the riddle of the heart”, which holds the idea that we each stand as pivot points for life and impact the whole through our conscious intentions, aware decisions, and responsible ways of living. As such, the scope of Almine’s work is deep and far-reaching.

Some of the themes covered in Almine’s wide expanse of teachings include learning how to interpret symbols in one’s dreams and environment, cultivating an enhanced awareness and mastery during the dream-time, developing a stable and balanced inner family, and living a life of excellence beyond polarity, among many other rich topics. Almine’s work delves into the spiritual realms of cutting-edge shamanism, mysticism, alchemy, and the non-dual—where no one else has gone. Her work is inclusive and contemporary, transcending form and historical traditions to reach the realm of timeless Essence. Interview ( 2014-10o-02
Something that distinguishes Almine from other illuminated masters is her emphasis that there truly is “no arrival point.” Life is a constant dance of evolving awareness in “Changeless Change.” Thus, the different stages in the process of awakening, such as God-Consciousness or Ascended Mastery must even be advanced, according to Almine. She, herself, has progressed through these stages in what was previously known as peak spiritual evolution and realized that for life to progress as a whole, she would have to move forward rather than remain locked in such expanded states of awareness. Almine lectures about the temptations and traps of addiction to certain states or “spiritual highs” that can box individuals and limit their exploration of true self-mastery. She emphasizes, instead, an inspiring road “to no end” and the path of humility by releasing any claim to fixed knowledge and through careful and honest self-examination.

Throughout history, it has been shown that many of the well-known mystics and sages have withdrawn from society and chosen to live hermetically. This can be understood when one fathoms that words become inadequate to describe experience in the realms of the unfathomable. Almine, however, perceives it is the dawning of a new age, in which people can select to live a life of mastery while continuing to engage with the world, remaining operant in day-to-day activities, and simultaneously flourishing and excelling in one’s life.
A Fierce Warrior of Truth

Almine’s kindness, humility, and cutting-edge spiritual teachings are unparalleled. Her teachings emphasize living a life of quality, depth, and heart. Almine is more than that, too, however—she is a fierce warrior of truth and remarkable in her devotion to clarity in an uncompromising way. She is not concerned about “fitting in” or being popular, if that means pretending to be small or compromising one’s excellence. She challenges us to release the very notions of what we project or even assume to be “holy”, such as the association of white robes with purity, reminding us that one’s true authentic expression is what is most sacred and important, as it is aligned with Infinite Intent.

The revelations in Almine’s material have brought forth answers to questions that have puzzled philosophers and scientists for ages, shedding light on human existence, our divine origins, and the evolution of life as we know it. Pouring countless devoted hours into her work, Almine is passionate in her upliftment of existence. Wormhole formation, Arcturians.

Archangel Zadkiel – Transcendence – Channeller Fran Zepeda – 6-18-14

Tsolian Civilization – Transcendence – Infrared Spectrum – Through Méline Lafont

My Precious friends, this is an introduction to a new Civilization with their homeworld situated in the Delta Quadrant of the Omniverse. The Omniverse is devided in 4 distinct Quadrants going by the name of Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma.  This Civilization is Highly evolved and is of a non Humanoid form but were once a Humanoid form until they reached their Ascension through Transcendence.  Their home base is a green dwarf planet in the Galaxy of Emutanion and they appear as white greenish tall beings in non humanoid form.
This civilization has been introduced to me by Archangel Michael as he is my protector, it is through Him that everything and every existence has to pass in order to communicate with me. I was assured these are benevolent beings.  This message and the ability to communicate with this civilization is for me a tangible indication of mass consciousness expansion into a more Universal consciousness. It is through this Universal Consciousness that communications like these are made possible.
~ Message through Méline on February 6th, 2014 ~
Greetings we are the Tsolian Civilization of the Delta Quadrant in this Omniverse. We bring you a message of peace, truth and Light as we share Love and compassion with you all. It is our command to speak with you in a nature of serenity and peace for we wish you no harm, but only Love and peace.
We are the keepers of truth and peace in our civilization and in our Universe, as we function as Galactic Presences of the Galactic High Council. We are a civilization of the Galactic Order in the Delta Quadrant and we communicate with you all now through ways of telepathic transmissions.
Our reason for our communication with you all is to reach an understanding and connection with the Human Civilization, for we are of a non humanoid form. Our Universe and our Galaxy have been reaching out for a communication with your Universe in the Alpha Quadrant for a long time and now that your consciousness has been rising to Christ consciousness and even leveling up to Galactic and Quantum consciousness, our wish for communication can finally be granted.
We are here to bring you support and validation of more consciousness existence in the entire Omniverse, that reaches far beyond the shores of your own Alpha Quadrant and Universe. We are a vibration and form of high White Green light as we are servants of God, just like you are, but in a less dense form. Our wish is to keep balance and peace at all times in all Universes and this is why we are allowed and granted to step into your Universe to assist in this dematerialization and Ascension.
We come from a long distance of Light years away and so we come in Divine timing as Global Ascension is right around the corner for the Global population, and for many of you it is here already, in the hearts. We bring along our ‘consciousness merging’ and our assistance through our new connections with you all. We bring forth at this time the consciousness rising of all your planetary Humanity and its whole existence.
As we are the keepers of peace and serenity, truth and balance, coming from a high intelligence and system of Light, we bring you the magic of your ascension phase. Namely : Transcendence! Transcendence is our policy and specialty as we are pure consciousness in the embodiment of a non humanoid form, which is pure consciousness in a light body.
This phase has been activated by you and for you all and we wish for you to accomplish this in the Now. The more your consciousness is merging into one collective species, the more your Universe in the Alpha quadrant is merging into one group of collectives and one consciousness. So too do the 4 quadrants of the Cosmos start to merge into Oneness again, back to the point where we and all existence started from in the first place.
We are here to serve you with the infrared spectrum to be able and become the “seer” of all other civilizations. We canalize the activation of this infrared spectrum to have more tangible meetings with some Galactics and this for those who are ready and balanced enough to keep the connection manifested into their own reality.
This may require a lot of re-structuring of the brain system, DNA upgrades and re-structures, which in itself are all movements of switches and changes on a cellular base and content. This will physically not hurt you or anything to that effect, but it will require a lot of change and adaptation from your body to adjust. This in order to keep up with the frequencies of the remodulations and shifts so that the DNA strands and the infrared spectrum may function properly again to bring you the visual contact with other civilizations.
Some may address and activate those spectrums by themselves through telepathic agreements and activations as the telepathic transmissions are the actual activations of these infrared spectrums. The more you are in tune with yourSelf by heart, the more your telepathic skills will arise and will activate. Telepathic communications do bring a rush of energies into your bodily system, which in itself will bring forth more kundalini awakening in the body and in the chakras.
From that moment on the DNA strands start to function as a remodulation program that starts to activate and mingle with the energies that come forth and so some strands and spectrums are being activated. Telepathic communication is all about the inner trust and confidence that you are speaking to God and all existence because it is a pure reflection of you.
You therefore always ‘channel’ you, but in different aspects, creations and expressions and through various perspectives. We of the Galactic Order,use such telepathic communication as well, as we communicate with the entire Universe, in our nation and even far beyond. We always come forth where negotiations are needed to be performed, bringing peace and balance in situations.. Well now we come forth for you to assist Gaia and your collective civilization in their transcending process as this requires a lot of balance and peace within as well as without.
This communication with you all has now become possible for you all to tap into, due to the growth in understanding, in awareness and in consciousness. Some of you may not yet be aware of this possibility quite yet, or tap into our consciousness, but we say that all has its Divine timing and the Divine timing of your planet Gaia and your Human collective is in the Now, ready to shift into gears of transcendence.
We feel much gratitude for your awareness to be able to communicate with us in the Now, and we thank you for allowing us at this time of great transcendence and shifting. The time is Now!
The Tsolians
Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Sandra Walter – Ascension Guide – Equinox September 2013 – Gatekeepers, Wayshowers, Transcendence

Ascension Guide Sandra·47 videos

Incredible experiences as we lean into the energy of the Equinox. It is PROFOUND. Alchemy is upon us – this is a message for the Gatekeepers, Wayshowers and Guardians of the New Light. I urge everyone in the role of Gatekeeper or Guardian of the New Light to listen with outer and inner senses.

This video is light-encoded for anyone whose higher levels are accepting acceleration at this time.

Equinox advice: set up sacred space inside and outside, so you have a space with direct intention to receive, similar to the 121212. If you have a safe (quiet, peaceful, uninterrupted) outdoor space, that would be beneficial to receiving as much of this energy as possible. The energy is coming in NOW. Keep your days open, quiet – be the peace/unity/crystalline grid and you will receive this new level.

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