Wisdom With Wes – Transcend Limitation – 12-29-14

Snapshot_20140731_2I’ll go along with the theme of today’s Oversoul Teachings message and encourage us to transcend our self-created yet illusory limits.

We don’t have to keep ourselves from doing the spiritually inspired things we’ve come to earth to do anymore, but transcending our limits will require some serious effort.

Breaking out of our shell and trying new things can be hard, but we’ll find that it was all worth it when we accomplish things we never expected to.

It seems like you have to work hard to achieve anything notable in this world, and we might have to push ourselves a little if we want to transcend or even expand our limits.

We might have to face challenges and experiences we’d rather hide from, but we’ll know in the end that they enabled us to step into a more refined, authentic version of ourselves. This ‘version’ of ourselves is very spiritually aware, and yet, it’s rooted to the earth in a true display of balance and mastery.

We can embody the archetype of the progressive spiritual seeker, but it might require the willingness to continuously challenge ourselves. We’ll meet a lot of difficulty at first, but in the end, we’ll have accomplished more than we ‘failed’ at.

Will you confront your limitations today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac

2014, http://cultureofawareness.com