Adamu via Zingdad Speaks of Timelines – courtesy of Suzanne Maresca @ Golden Age Of Gaia – 8-10-19


by Arn Zingdad Allingham, August 9, 2019

A MUCH anticipated, timely update from Adamu in which he addresses the subject of “timelines”… and then also offers some very interesting news of the dissolution of the Illuminati!


LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Timeline Sections in Bifurcated Earth


LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Timeline Sections in Bifurcated Earth

The bifurcation event has revealed a series of scaffolding that appears similar to the Cosmic Tree of Life, as the branches are directing groups at every level of dimensional experience to their next highest expression in order to continue the building of their single occupied spirit body. Placed within the planetary architecture is a platform that acts as the grounding mechanism and location in time and space, to which the human energy field and lightbody connect into the earth realities. The spectrum of frequency and dimensional plane structure from which the body receives support is from a larger group system of collective energy.

Currently, the structural changes in the morphogenetic field have generated platforms for the lightbody grounding mechanism that are used by many different soul groups in the human tribes and this appears to be included in the delineated sections within the bifurcated layers of the earth realm. The section of the timeline field that remains visible for access for each person is dependent on their fundamental frequency, blueprint and consciousness embodiment levels. They see what their consciousness embodiment level allows them to access. The synchronization of groups into certain frequency areas of the earth timelines has been merged within each section of the earth’s collective consciousness fields. The bifurcation has occurred in the internal structures and the section of access is dependent on one’s lightbody development. What this means is that each soul group has been synchronized into a larger body of group consciousness, that acts as the primary holder of the collective consciousness energy that specific group primarily draws upon for its continued sustenance and spiritual growth. The planetary interface that feedbacks energy into the individual form is more complex now, in how it draws upon and circulates consciousness energy for each person. How mass collective energy is distributed and manifests from smaller systems that connect directly into larger systems of collective energy fields, has changed forever. This is to say where we have grounded and had access to energy fields on earth has fundamentally shifted, and our body and consciousness must adjust to these energetic changes and new grounding locations, that impact our entire internal energy circuitry system.

Here is a basic description of the delineated areas that are currently visible in the earth body and are being administered to by those working with the Guardian Host and Paliadorian rehabilitation and repair projects.

Higher Ascension Earth Timeline

In the highest section, the Ascension Earth Star template encompasses the entire planetary consciousness body of all earth inhabitants that exist at every level, and all delineations and sections in this field are visible and accessible to those who ground directly into this platform or use their orb body on Ascension Earth. Access into the Taran body and Gaian body are fully available to this group. Those groups from the Andromedan Matrix also can move into the diamond heart of the Aqualasha Galaxy from this platform. At this level there are no lower chakras or membranes, only spherical morphogenetic energy centers connected in the physical body. Continuing to expand consciousness and ground into the Ascension Earth body is made available to all earth inhabitants who continue to participate with spiritual ascension development and to increase their fundamental light frequency by practicing the Law of One. Higher Ascension Earth timeline is the overall stabilizer and buffer field that holds the ascension platform hosting for all the other sections of the planetary field.

Median Earth Timeline

The previous 3D earth reality in the lower density, which many of us incarnated into and still hold the morphogenetic memory imprint of, has moved into what is considered a lower section of the Median Earth timeline. Most of the inhabitants of earth are grounding into a section of this platform, which comprises the planets Incension movement into the in-between spaces that circulates a mixture of the previous 3D Ray system as it is transiting into the new Aurora Ray system, for upgrading the base shield chakra wave spectrums that process 4D-5D-6D consciousness streams. This currently creates a Blended Earth reality that is used during the acclimation period and transition over the next 1000 or so years to eventually move out of these blended reality timelines. Lower sections of Median Earth bring the problems of elemental corruption, while higher areas have elemental substance that has never been exposed to AI or the alien NET.

Essentially this shifts dimensionalization and matter manifestation as we have known it, as the quality of energy spectrum shifts, and this change in the law of structure has been defined as the Morphogenesis cycle. As a result of these frequency changes in the relative chakra wave solar spectrum, many non-terrestrials that had operated in the old dimensional system must leave, as many of these life forms do not have ascending body potentials. In other dimensions in time, where we would consider these as human groups that have departed the material realm, have also been moved into the Median Earth timeline. This means potential communication with those who have departed may increase or speaking with passed on loved ones will become easier in these realms. As a result, more people may encounter visitation or communication with those ancestors or loved ones that once lived on the earth in a physical body, but are now existing in another dimension of time in a less dense body.

Hibernation Zones

These are areas used by the NAA to sequester lost souls from Tara and other soul fragments in a section of the earth’s corrupted elemental and matter field, in order to continue to direct AI technology and alien machinery that is used to harvest the life force energy from these soul groups. Consciousness that has gotten trapped in the hibernation zones from repeated reincarnation or other issues of soul fragmentation, cannot evolve or move out from this location and thus will gradually be retrieved and transited by Guardian teams over a longer term. This is still a hostile and high risk area for remote viewing or holographic fieldwork.



No Rest For the Light Filled – by A Gift From Gaia – via Love Has Won

No Rest For the Light Filled – by A Gift From Gaia – via Love Has Won

No Rest For the Light Filled

By A Gift From Gaia

How are you feeling? Wanting yet more alone time?
Perhaps it feels like a plug has been pulled and all is leaving…..and it could feel a little confusing.

I’m seeing a number of posts stating how “it’s” going to get easier…..let’s get one thing incredibly straight, and Aligned….have you looked at the world? I mean all of it? Have you realised yet that we are the changers?

This means we are in a giant timeline of change, change that begins with you and will at some point herald the start of VISIBLE, I mean physically VISIBLE breakdown or breakthrough of the world as we know it.

In order for the harmony to restore in the garden of Eden, all must move back into harmony and we are by no means close to a trickle of change…..that all starts with you and barely anyone has come close to walking on their path of light, so the idea of things getting easier would only be ego choosing to find pockets to indulge and divert you from the internal work that must be done.

And in true planet/asteroid style Venus, Saturn and Pallas deliver the goods….from the Gods.

Whatever stream you are surfing we are going deeper. Most are simply realising the discord within and wondering why things always happen to them, some folk are realising the energetic patterns and wondering how to break the chains, some are taking the keys from keyholders and are busy and yet comfortably identifying programs and zero pointing as they go, some are realising they can’t feel and are learning how to reconnect themselves and then the cosmic surfers are diving through the sands of time and seeking the Divine Truth of All, to find the most deepest lock of all….and let me tell you, it’s quite a journey whichever stream you are taking, we have surfed them all and we know how once the human yearned for it to be EASIER.

All this highlights is the resistance and after the super lunar eclipse creating the cracks in the blind spots resistance is certainly going to present.

Before I continue I have a vision that keeps flashing in front and I just want to mention it, for whatever the purpose, it’s going in here. 
Just before I woke this morning I was in dream, but then it flicked and I was sat on a hospital bed in a cancer treatment ward, with a lady I believe to be called Helen.

Well a nurse came in and my head turned and the name Helen was said, however was I Helen, was she Helen or was someone else in the room called Helen.

A lovely lady, I would say in her 50’s hair light brown, possibly highlights, very very chirpy, she was wearing glasses, and she’s a jeans and slippers kinda girl, the slippers were prominent as she crossed her legs in the dream.

I asked her what was wrong, she pointed to the tubes that were about to be hooked up and said it was leukemia.

I told her I was sending extra goodness, extra light through those tubes, that’s when my attention was turned and the nurse walked in and the name Helen was heard and I woke up.

I don’t normally share these things here, but as I’m writing about this energy the dream keeps flashing like a news flash so I’m putting it right here, it could be symbolic for someone, it could be symbolic for me, but it was definitely an energy jump into a field, because it was all too real and isn’t leaving yet.

Ok back to the energy…….

Let’s begin with Pallas, the daddies girl of the skies, the daughter of Zeus said to have been born from his head, which also means she had no Mother.

She took on her Father’s traits and became the warrior maiden, known for her courage, her strategy in war, she is the feminine super hero, known for her beauty and as strong and as fast as any man. 
She uses her wisdom and diplomacy to steer away from conflict, her heart desires peace but woe betide those who resist the truth she holds because she will stand in her light and fight the fight…..and win…..if there were to be winners and losers…. harmony would be her feelings once peace restores as she dusts herself down and continues her path of fight the good fight.

Feeling the Pallas within yet? 
Is she striking a chord of action?

She will….

Whilst Pallas squares Venus we know that there is discord within the areas we value, relationships and finances have been under the microscope for a while and the quakes are getting more frequent in those learning about Self through the mirror of their partners, however the ultimate relationship is with Self and to truly understand the coordinates you find yourself in today it’s essential to realise the patterning, and to not only look within at the relationship you have with Self, are you seeking out there? But to take a good look at the programming picked up along that masculine line, where are the cracks, where is the lack, where was the absent father, where is the absent father within you….and how has this formed you into the person you are today.

The recent templates of unity, balanced masculine and feminine were tuned in and up, set and restarted by myself and Linda, FOR OUR SPECTRUM (please remember we guide our own bandwidths, in which those in our webs experience the power of being in the light grids we hold, codes have been transmitted into the water and we are asking for Truth to be revealed…..and it is….

Which means that which is not in unison in the physical realities will be presenting for the changers to keep the changes changing.

No rest for the light filled…..

And whilst Venus Squares Pallas, well let’s throw in an opposition to Saturn for good measure, firstly giving us the keys that this is karmic for those still working their way off the wheel, that is is deep, that it is sent from the Father Cronus (and we all know what he did to the kids) that this frequency requests we look at that core programming, our foundations, our beliefs are lit up so we can see the repair work required.

Are you feeling you need that SOULitude?

Well this energy will lead you in to some amazing discoveries the moment you release the resistance to your opening Eye.

Full responsibility for all presentations occuring, seeking the symbols and the patterns to retrace your steps back out of the programming.

When faced with opposition we surf by bringing forward the diplomacy of Pallas, holding the truth and yet, perhaps, now is not the time to have those emotional conversations out there, perhaps now is the time to observe and focus on the practicality of things, this energy will support the physical movement and clearing, it will support firm decisions and plans, it will create hell in the space of indecision and bring instant relief to those willing to take the next courageous step.

We have entered Phase 2, next stop 88 portal and this energy will see many falling away…..again, the moon will be making connections with Mars, Vesta and Juno

Fast pace into 2020, we have much MORE work before we begin to see the reflection of the breakdown/through on our physical world stage but every step you take, every decision made that is a conscious movement, speeds up the Quickening we are all experiencing.

***** is a 501c3 Non Profit Charity, Heartfully Associated with the “World Blessing Church Trust” for the Benefit of Mother Earth

Share Our Messages with Love and Gratitude




Positive Head Podcast – DNA, Ascension, Timelines – with Brandon Beachum & Sandra Walter

Ascension Path with Sandra Walter
Published on May 30, 2019

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Aluna Ash-9D Update – 2-21-19

Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Feb 21, 2019

My messages are for those they resonate with. Timelines I receive are for myself & if it resonance with others- great, if not, great. We project our reality, but there are groups experiencing similar events/experiences around similar times. Thats where tuning into yourself from within is most important. Don’t listen to anyone tell you what is “right” “wrong” or “true” “untrue” – only you know. This is where trusting yourself first, no matter what, beyond duality- judgement of others still in right/wrong true/untrue perception of your experience comes in. From 9D perspective- there is no right or wrong. Cause and effect and it is up to the individual to determine not another soul w their own opinion based off tbeir OWN perception and OWN experience.

Disease is a program, that we have collectively agreed upon at some point. We have the choice on what we create. I have chosen not to feed into the disempowerment system of disease. And im not feeding into the fear 5G programming either. Its a broadcast system and not for what people think from my opinion, harmful to some- maybe, i dont know.. Our energy is shifting, and your energy is your protection. 5G rollout already started with tech.

There are underground cities created long time ago, but the consciousness is coming from within. Shamballa is not just literal- its a frequency, a rainbow bridge- to bridge realms. The lower mind and higher mind.

LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Clearing from Other Timelines – posted 2-14-19


Image result for Lisa Renee

As a natural part of spiritual Ascension, we will connect into other timelines where the true historical record was erased from our conscious mind memories, but our higher consciousness body is surfacing the memory because it needs to be witnessed. Clearly, when the cellular memories in our body are ignited from the changing magnetic fields and stellar activations and we have no context for biological-spiritual Ascension that shifts our consciousness into other Timelines, this can be disorienting. When this does occur many people feel deeply confused and isolated. This is why the knowledge that this is occurring on the planet is not given to the people, to invalidate them and then hijack and control their Awakening process.

In order to spiritually heal, we have to understand what is happening to us and awaken to see the truth of what is behind the consciousness slavery of planet earth. Many people, especially Starseeds, have undergone repeated Consciousness Wiping attacks during sleep state or on interdimensional planes, in the attempt to scramble memories or remove them completely. Therefore it may be confusing for some that are experiencing the return of sections of consciousness memory or data streams from other timelines, when they are being told by others enmeshed in 3D that they are delusional. There are real dangers of psychotic break and mental fracture, in a person that is undergoing spiritual integration and awakening to perceive timelines without the proper context and tools.

We may sense other stations of identity and remember them as intense emotional experiences, such as connections with those we loved, trauma or death passages, group project scenarios or many other types of multidimensional reality sensations. As an example, more people that have been used in Secret Space Programs to operate higher technology will begin to remember what is happening to them in other timelines, despite having been aggressively mind wiped and chemically treated. When we process these experiences as memories that we are having from other timelines or lifetimes, as that memory content surfaces in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers it connects to the Trauma based energy blockages recorded there. That energy in the body has a memory record and specific signature that relays all kinds of information.

Thus, our body will start to remember that which was previously hidden in order to surface these memories for emotional processing and rebalancing, in order to clear out the trauma memories and pain blockages from these assorted timelines. If we comprehend this fact, then we can take control over our consciousness energies and choose to work with them, not allowing ourselves to be manipulated by our blind spots because we have no context. Many Starseeds are engaged in some form of clearing reversal patterns and Negative Forms from within parallel timelines, extracting out the artificial machinery or Alien Implants in order to prepare for the approaching consciousness freedom that is happening in their soul groups. Yet, working in the flow of the myriad of these forces can be very intense and difficult, while in a materially based world designed for imprisonment that does not support multidimensional awareness, spiritual awakening and planetary mission assignments. For that reason, many Starseeds feel in order to survive on Earth they must live a double life, and this can be isolating.

Alien Machinery and mind control implants designate reptilian ownership over the human race. The NAA slavery insignia that exists in the AI version of 3D reality timelines is collapsing, making it harder to maintain the prison planet architecture. These implants are extremely heavy in the astral plane and the NAA controlled timelines, where some humans are used in worker colonies. Removing and clearing these artifacts and implants can be imperative to moving beyond the 3D control matrix and the NAA. This will require some spiritual maturity in the comprehension of the real nature of reality and being willing to take Self-Ownership and develop the Self-Responsibility that is required to live as God-Sovereign-Free.

Memory Manipulation

Manipulation is another way recognizing that the NAs try to activate or use memories we have of past personal traumas to keep us in this fight/flight reaction so they can harvest our negative emotional energy. They may also try to imbed false memories in our hard drive. Those are implants and Holographic Inserts so that we have a traumatic response to things that really shouldn’t be triggering us at all. They also play on collective trauma that is in the planetary field memory. They try to trigger a mass reaction by activating a memory packet of Lemurian Holocaust or Atlantian Cataclysm and recently we can see the 911 Timelines and them trying to manipulate that fear and pain. Many times when we don’t remember this event such as the Lemurian Holocaust or Atlantian Cataclysm this can manipulate us because we’re not having conscious memory of those events so we don’t identify the source of the fear we’re feeling.

The cellular memory of an exploding planet can be elicited at the end of the Ascension Cycle without the masses knowing where their anxiety of cataclysm is really coming from. In the ego personality this game is being played in the nervous system broadcasting fear by promoting Service to Self and keeping that Survival Brain running the show in our lives. Until we’re able to clear the fear out which often means we need to address and clear out Trauma or abuse we are susceptible to these triggers from these memory packets in the timeline trigger events.

Service to Self Consciousness

Abbreviation – STS

At certain stages of newly developing consciousness, in order to promote the forward growth of the individual soul-spirit throughout many dimensionalized identities, the Service to Self and/or negative polarization is necessary and a natural part of the mechanics of creation when seeding a new race consciousness that is developing the species genetic record. (see Root Races)

At the development stage of the first three layers of the mind, the Three Layers of Ego, a third dimensional human being is purely Service to Self. The 3rd Chakra or Solar Plexus is the Conscious Mind matrix to which the spiritual being may learn how to manifest via the projection of lower thought substance in order to navigate in the material realms. This results in developing consciousness to learn how to individualize through the Ego/Personality to manifest individual experiences and experience a spectrum of emotional-sensory states. Many lower vibrations or Spectrum of Frequency that may include mental thoughts of anger or fear, may be helpful states in spiritual progression and consciousness development throughout the many life stream experiences.

However, what has happened on planet earth during this last dark cycle is not merely a Service to Self negative polarization of free will and chosen states of consciousness of the soul. Through Negative Aliens invasion of the planet earth through the genetic alteration of human and planetary DNA, installation of Alien Machinery to install frequency fences and NET, the NAA to implant humanity with Mind Control Alien Implants is a bio-warfare strategy to control the planet, humanity and the soul through directing Holographic Inserts which alter, modify and damage DNA. The negative agenda is to keep earth humans spiritually oppressed, unable to evolve beyond Service to Self, in so the masses can be easily controlled. 

What has occurred to humanity is not a simple result of choices made to Service to Self. The NAA objective is an intended annihilation of the human species original DNA template, an obliteration from existence by erasing the historical records not only from the planet, but from this Universe.

(Source: ES Newsletter – Historical Timeline Trigger Events)

LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Planetary Gridworker


What an intense week it has been leading up to the lunar eclipse event.  I’m hoping that sharing more about what defines a gridworker is supportive to help connect in with the many layers of emotional and spiritual processing that is occurring now, as the field is shifting and many of us are reclaiming our lost pieces of identity and undergoing deeper self realization. As we find that deep connection with our spiritual core, we stabilize our lightbody in that we can more gracefully endure some major shaking and quaking in the planetary grid network. This appears to be due to the accumulation of many ongoing gridworker projects coming to a head over the last week, leading up to the Lunar Eclipse on the 20th-21st, and a recent showdown for eviction that occured in a centralized hub for the Caduceus network that is located in the center of the United States.This week felt extremely important in the alignment of future timelines, meeting into a crossroads that presented as either anchoring in more deeply the descending AI phantom timelines, or rising into a better alternative or option beyond the mind control. This week was a shift in realities, changing of reality bubbles, and this may have been felt as deeply transformative, even life changing. This event is incredibly impactful in the change of the bodily functions, shifting metabolism, shifting bio-rhythms, the intense pressure that is exerted when a physical thing has to transform and shift into another format, another option, another direction. Sometimes, we need a major spiritual catalyst that provides intense heat and pressure, in order to provoke major changes that impact our lives and transform our consciousness forever. 

The planetary grid network is a living consciousness matrix that is encoded with the blueprint or original instruction set for the divine plan of humanities spiritual evolution. Much of our mission as Starseeds is to extract the alien machinery and fallen entities which obstruct, siphon or damage the energies in the planetary grid system. Deeply hidden in the organic matrix of our planet is the mirror image of the cosmic projection of our Galaxy of Stars, which is the multidimensional hologram of the Cosmos. When we are describing planetary grid work, we are describing the consciousness body (holographic geography) which is representing the map of the Galaxy on earth. When we consciously understand this interplay, we can help support consciousness evolution by dedicating ourselves as conduits to express the divine plan for planet earth. We currently refer to this level of participation or conduit, as a Planetary Gridworker. Over the ages the spiritual science of gridworking has also been referred to as the “Templar”. Templar defines a person who comprehends planetary architecture, and the math behind the geometries of earth consciousness that is built in the geomantic structures. Templars can sense how the spiritual-energy current moves in the earth and how to create or work with the geomantic structures to help increase or direct that energy for the greater good of the whole planet.

Planet Grid Shifts

Currently, the planetary body is undergoing a space-time reorganization that ripples out many strange anomalies that influence the quantic field. As a result, there are new patterns of electromagnetic disturbances, interruption or distortions in the collective field. The quantum field, also referred to as inner space-time, is rippling these effects into the unmanifest layers of the core manifestation template, otherwise known as the blueprint matrices that make up the layers of morphogenetic fields in the earth. Gridworkers may feel the Blueprint structure in the planetary field transforming completely with the shifting timelines, and this feels like something very different, extraordinary and even bizarre is occurring in the earth fields. It feels like it is a new design that is encompassing our consciousness with the necessity to learn a foreign language, and yet it feels distantly familiar and vastly powerful. The Blueprint alterations impact the dark matter template, and this appears to have direct consequences to altering and changing the Earth Elements, and the elemental structure of the earth body.[1]

Gridworker Mission

As a Planetary Gridworker there are a variety of possible tasks and jobs that may be presented during phases of the Starseed mission that are relative to the current planetary crisis or issues that are directly impacting the earth body and collective consciousness, at any given time. Many of us work with past, present and future timelines simultaneously, to effect positive changes in the future evolutionary direction of humanity on the earth, and beyond. We each have a personal mission directive based on our special talents and skills, and those skill sets fit into the position we have that connects our service work with the larger group in the Starseed and Indigo mission. Most Planetary Gridworkers that are active now on the earth have come from the future time cycle from other Star systems, universes, planets and even from the future earth, in order to help the lowest density fields of the earth and humanity undergo Ascension and/or liberation from the NAA. As a result of the Starseed mission, many Star people are more aggressively targeted with psychotronic mind control, psychic attacks or dark interference from human or non human sources, in order to prevent that person from awakening and realizing their specific mission. Our service mission with the earth is generally co-created in pre-birth agreements that are written into our Lightbody via the core manifestation body template or 12 Tree Grid. To activate the Starseed potential, many of us will be led to the Law of One12D Ray platinum white or rainbow fieldAlien Implant removal as well as studying the 12 Tree Grid, in order to stimulate our spiritual awakening and consciousness memory to activate our higher potentials or skill sets. The written instruction set included in our Lightbody contains the information that defines our Consciousness history, Blueprint, star origins, spiritual purpose and role with the earth to serve the divine source plan for activating the higher evolution potentials for all of humanity. As an example, a Planetary Gridworker mission may include such tasks as:

  • Providing conduit while in a body for higher frequency transmission or for the direction of running energetic currents, working to align the multidimensional connection and correction of the many planetary grid networks. The physical body acts as an acupuncture point for the earth to run higher frequencies and DNA star coding for a variety of positive applications.
  • Traveling to assigned locations or remote viewing to observe consciousness records or energetic signatures that manifest impacts in the earth’s holographic Lightbody, to view false or real Timelines inserted into the field that reveal the historical record of the planet, track the source of major trigger events in the timelines, such as tragedies, war, holocaust, genocide, Blood SacrificeAlien Implants, abduction, breeding-hybridization programs, to recollect accurate historical records, reorganize the time fields, measure energetic impacts, and track the causality of events that manifested destructive or harmful events in time.
  • Survey energetic current and spiral forces, recode EMF ray spectrum, observe how energetic current is running in horizontal Ley Lines and vertical Axiatonal Lines that impact the black and white hole spin and their systems of energy. Many of us are recoding the planetary grid network from running bi-wave code to elevate into tri-wave code or to run Trinity Wave frequency sets that feedback into the source fields.
  • Reconnect Geomantic Structures, holographic geography or build light networks to help open portal systems, activate power vortices or hubs in megalithic or ancient builder race structures hidden throughout the earth, reconnect to celestial bodies and stars in collaboration with the Guardian Host. Clear black magic grids and alien technological abuse of these systems.
  • Inspect, recon work or take inventory of extremely damaged planetary grid networks, damaged areas of the earth field, dormant or inactive portal systems, Alien MachineryHolographic Inserts, and artificial intelligence technology networks used by NAA or human military organizations working with the NAA. Examples: Crucifixion ImplantsAnubian Black HeartMetatronic ReversalBlack Magic GridsThothian GridGEGAlien Machinery.
  • Identify, locate, remove and repair false records implanted in the timelines, clear out destructive events that have manifested DNA damage, as well as biological and neurological damage to the earth and humanity.
  • Provide transit services for many human and non human entities that must be moved out from that time space continuum, or sent back to the Mother. Many people have been stuck in Consciousness Traps or are confused souls that do not know how to leave or evolve beyond where they have been trapped in time.
  • Provide reading of rights, eviction notice and transit services for Imposter SpiritsNegative Aliens and other entities.

You may not feel you are a planetary gridworker, but are experiencing some of the major effects that have occured in the field over the last week. We all act as acupuncture points for the ascending earth, as she rises in frequency, when she shifts timelines, when she sheds alien machinery and evicts entities, so do we. Take good care of your physical body, and know you are not alone in this process. 

Much Love, 


( Source: Ascension Glossary – Gridworker)