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Make people think about their thinking and feel about their feeling, but even more important to think about their feeling and feel about their thinking.

REX SIKES – You cannot separate your Experience from your Thinking – 7-20-18 – via Daily Inspiration and Gratitude

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“This is the bottom line. You cannot separate your experience in life, the results you get, from the thoughts you think. You ARE the result of your thinking. Negative thoughts create a negative outlook. How you look, feel, and behave is determined by your thinking. Get it?

A negative outlook determines how you do and don’t feel, what you will and won’t do, how far you will or won’t go and whether you are or aren’t successful and happy in your life. It can’t be otherwise. It determines who you are, what you do and what you can get!

Positive thoughts create a positive outlook. Your life is significantly  happier, more successful, healthier and better in all aspects. Your energy flows where your attention goes. When you focus on the good, the positive, what you can do, you can be, do and have more!

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are  Right

When you combine an optimistic, positive outlook with an unstoppable, positive attitude you can make your dreams come true. Is that all you need? Nope, but pretty much that is everything. 95-99% of all you accomplish depends on your mindset and outlook!

Still, you need right action and a positive, uplifting support network. You take right action based on your mindset. You surround yourself with optimistic, positive friends, coaches and mentors who can help you, and whom you to can help support. Success is a two-way street.

When you mind and heart are aligned, when you are feeling positive and inspired, you move forward to make you dreams come true. You feel capable and confident. You are willing to learn and do whatever is necessary to create your dreams and add value to others, too.

No One Succeeds Alone – We Are All In It Together – Support All

Cheer on others as they succeed. Be happy for them and allow them to be happy for you. End negativity, envy and resentment. Shift away from negative thoughts whenever you discover yourself thinking in less than glorious ways. Think and speak only positively!

Practice positivity. Practice gratitude. Invest in yourself. Take programs and courses online and in live events. Get mentors and positive role models. Surround yourself with positive, supportive movers and shakers. Read everyday inspiring material. Uplift yourself each moment. Learn to excel and go the extra mile for yourself an others. Find the good in everyone and all circumstances. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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