The Team via Peggy Black – Field of Coherent Light – 10-16-14

Peggy BlackThe Team: Field of Coherent Light, channeled by Peggy Black, October 16, 2014,

We are here in celebration of your magnificence.

We acknowledge your courage as a conscious being of divine light to embody a physical form in this dense reality with its many challenges.

We observe that being in physical form also has its expressions of wonder and delight, joy and deep love. This is your present focus, as it should be.

However, we continue to remind you that you are here to transform misqualified emotional energy vibrations that create the collective consciousness.

This is an hourly, daily, lifetime responsibility for all multidimensional beings of light. This has been our message as well as the message of your wise ones, sages and ancient teachers. You are here to bring more conscious light to this dense realty and dimension.

When we say conscious light, we refer to a state of mind and heart that offers thoughts, words and feelings of deep appreciation, joy and gratitude.

These vibrations ‘lighten up’ the density of the collective energies, the emotional chaos generated by those who do not realize the impact of their words, thoughts and emotions. Those who push against add energy to the very thing they oppose. They misuse their creative power as a being of light.

You call yourself a light being or a being of light without truly realizing that it is a fact. One aspect of the evolution of humanity is that this will become a recognized reality.

We have often shared with you about this aspect, acknowledging you as a light being, and we will continue to reinforce this awareness.

Every living thing carries and emits a light. The cells of all green, growing and living things, animals as well as humans, emit a light, emit a low-intensity glow that cannot be seen with the physical eyes.

Some who have allowed their multidimensional gifts to be available can see this soft glow of light given off by living organisms. As more and more of you open to these gifts, this truth will become the norm.

The possibility that your cells give off a visible light has been a curiosity for years in your scientific communities. There is now research and equipment that allows this cellular glow to be seen; the scientific community calls this cellular glow biophoton emission.

For those who need some kind of proof that each human is a light being, it is now accepted that this biophoton emission is an aspect of all plant and animal life.

Many of the awakened ones like yourself do not need the scientific proof to this truth. This light is the form of energy that has been called ‘ch’i’ energy or the ‘prana’, subtle bodies of light by your ancient sages. Now modern science is catching up with truth.

This light is a part of your physical cells. This biophoton light is a coherent force and form of communication between all aspects of the body, cells and DNA. It serves as the organism’s main communication network and regulates all life processes.

This coherent light, or the biophoton field, permeates and encloses the solid physical form and governs all the life processes in the organism. It is the broad field of frequency and vibration that transmits signals to any place in the organism to stimulate or even suspend biochemical processes.

All aspects of your physical body are always communicating with light. There will be a time when your medical community will recognize the importance of the biophotons of the body’s cells and DNA. It is the awareness of this cell light which will indicate when a cell is healthy or when it is dis-eased.

You can begin to acknowledge this conscious light that is a part of who you are and begin to strengthen the biophotons of your body and cells. Imagine that the cells of your skin as well as your eyes are ‘light portals’.

Make sure that throughout your day you refresh your eyes and skin by feeding your cells with natural light rather the frequencies of artificial lights or your electronic equipment.

Consciously imagine and allow the light that touches your skin to permeate and refill you with the coherent life-giving and healing recharge. Imagine pulsating light flooding the cells and DNA throughout your body with messages of aliveness and well-being.

When some part of your body is out of balance or dis-eased, flood that aspect with light healing frequencies. Just call it forth. Sense or visualize this illuminating energy regenerating, renewing, restoring what is out of balance.

Imagine taking deep breaths infused with light; envision this light breath filling every cell of your body with more coherent light vibrations. Imagine when you observe the beauty of the rising sun each morning that you can reinforce and feed your own light cells.

Realize that the live foods you ingest also carry light particles. Think of it as eating sunlight. This supports and contributes to building a strong luminous light body.

Make it a practice several times a day to pause and sense, feel or envision light coming into the crown of your head, replenishing, nourishing every cell of your physical body with life-giving and life-sustaining LIGHT.

You are a Light Being. Begin to call forth more radiance. Begin to see yourself as a luminous being. Realize that your attitude also affects the level of light available between the cells and all parts of your body.

Increase your vibrational offering of emotions that truly lighten your heart. What words, thoughts and feelings add to your sense of brightness; what actions enliven you?

Notice and practice feeling the nature of optimism. This type of practice strengthens and anchors more of your biophotons, your inner glow, the very light essence in each cell.

Your energy signature also reflects your level of light frequency. You have all met or encountered someone who truly beamed light energy. These awakened ones are examples of what is possible for every multidimensional being.

You are pure energy, a field of coherent light manifest and housed in a physical body and your true essence is this divine light.

It is this divine light within you that connects and communicates with all others at the level of a global biophoton field, the field of coherent LIGHT.

Envision, imagine and practice sending your light out into the field of consciousness. Each time you actively and with conscious intent send out your light into the collective consciousness you are adding to its strength and the level of awareness of coherent light.

Imagine when you meet another that your biophotons communicate and transmit information. Practice seeing the light within the other. Acknowledge their light, because each time you do this it strengthens and enlivens their very cells.

We honor you dear ones for who you are, and the work and service you continue to offer to this hologame. You are truly anchoring these truths into the collective matrix, as well as offering this energy transmission to everyone you encounter. May you be blessed for your endeavors. We are available to support and assist upon your request. the ‘team’

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The Team via Peggy Black – New Seeds of Reality – Releasing Your Past – 1-14-14

Peggy Black

The Team: New Seeds of Reality, as channeled by Peggy Black, January 14, 2013  – | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

We are here again acknowledging your courage and your dedicated work transforming what is before you in your personal life as well as the global reality. We celebrate with you as you move into a powerful new cycle. This cycle is supported and influenced by the celestial beings offering waves of energy to transform the many challenges that are present as well as vibrations to allow you to let go of all limitations.

Each time a new cycle is offered there is an opportunity to make a conscious shift in old patterns, limited beliefs and restrictions. We are inviting you to truly step into this awareness for yourself especially, for when you make a shift or change in your personal way of relating to this reality you bring about a shift or change in the collective consciousness.

Actually, each morning upon returning to your reality from your slumber is the beginning of a new cycle. It is the beginning of the opportunity to shift or transform what does not serve you. It is a fresh slate so to speak.

You can always drag the limitations of the past into this new day. It is a learned habit that does not support your magnificence. Begin to notice your first thought upon awakening. Is it one of celebration and gratitude, of having another period of time to engage in this life and reality, or is it one that calls forth all the worries, concerns and issues that were left behind as you closed your eyes for renewal.

Begin to observe these patterns, not from a place of self-criticism or judgment but simply as an observer. Then from this place of gentle observation, begin to shift your first thoughts that you call forth into your fresh day. Over time you will begin to change old limited patterns and habits of thought.

Another powerful cycle occurs at the close of your active day when you are within moments of falling asleep for renewal. Watch what thoughts you bring to that moment. Are they thoughts of gratitude and acknowledgment of a day well lived, or are your last thoughts before sleep ones of concern, worry and self-criticism? Remember, no judgment here, be kind with yourself; just observe your habit of thoughts that you take into the place of rest and renewal.

Begin to find new ways to end the cycle of your day. Begin to invite gentle, pleasant thoughts and feelings of appreciation. Intend that while you sleep you are being restored to your highest and best form. These intentions and emotional vibrations will nurture your rest. As you know, each emotion triggers different chemicals and hormones, so your physical body responds to the thoughts, emotions and suggested intentions that are offered.

Each day of light and night of darkness is a certain cycle and period of time, influenced by your thoughts and emotions as well as by the current events and celestial happenings. How you move into each of these short cycles depends on your intention and your focus.

You have cycles that you label weeks, months, years and seasons. Each one carries the opportunity for a fresh creation, depending on your clear attention and awareness.

The beginning of a new year is celebrated for the potent possibilities, the excited anticipation of the opportunity for great and wonderful changes. The powerful cycle that you are observing on your planet is just one of those wonderful opportunities.

It is the opportunity to actively be a part of bringing dynamic changes into manifestation. It is an opportunity to consciously release what no longer serves you. The past limitations do not need to be brought into this new energy cycle.

However it is yours to transform what you offer to this new field of possibilities. It is truly time to release all illusions of limitation. Know that you are being supported by the celestial realms and beings of love and light, to do this work and service for yourself and humanity.

Begin to claim your true power as a divine multidimensional being of light, here to uplift and transform all misqualified energies. Begin to use all new cycles of time as the springboard for planting new seeds of reality. Realize that your intentions and your focused energy is manifesting much quicker and with greater speed.

Your planet at this time is undergoing a tremendous awakening. Much is being revealed about all the misqualified energies and misuses of the power to create. It is most valuable for you to recognize and own your part in bringing this awakening into this dimension and timeframe.

Remember energy follows thought. What you give your attention and focus to will manifest. The emotional vibrations you generate will empower what you visualize for the good or what you judge and worry about. You are powerful. Own this truth!

Sculpt this new cycle with your clear, conscious loving intentions and emotional vibrations for a reality that is life sustaining for all. Be ever diligent with your thoughts, words and actions. You are here to uplift this reality.

You are here to serve the collective good. This is not a new task for you. You, as a Being of Light, have come forth into physical form many, many, many times offering your light consciousness into that timeframe.

We observe the chaos, the conflicts and the distress that is being out-pictured by humanity. When great changes take place there is always chaos as those who do not want change hold on to the dysfunction and limitations. Now is the time to take action, to carefully use your divine power to create and seed each new cycle offered with vibrations and intentions of transformation.

Bring your energy of focused emotions and thoughts into alignment of the highest good for all. Remember, when your point of attraction is on what is not working, you are misusing your power. We invite you instead to bring your core energy to a concentrated vision and intention of what you desire to call forth, for yourself and for this planet.

This is your birthright and your responsibility as a divine conscious being embodied in a physical form. The energy of the quantum field is neutral; you impress this field of vibrations with the energy from your heart’s awareness for the well-being of your loved ones and with compassion, understanding and forgiveness for all those who are journeying with you in this timeframe.

We acknowledge you for your wisdom, your tenacity and your willingness to truly make a difference. We join you upon request to support and assist the evolution of consciousness and the ascension for all into the realms of Love Light and Truth…. The ‘team’.

©2014 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available