The Pleiadians – Improve your vibrational patterns – About your Awakening, Third Eye improvement

Galactic Federation of LightPublished on Feb 22, 2019

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The Pleiadians, The Game, the Codes, the Master Numbers


Sun Wisdom From The Pleiadians


The star that is your sun is the governor of your solar system and is the seat of intelligence that rules this particular locale you occupy. Intelligence designs itself as light. It is the intelligence of your sun that holds your solar system in its energetic field. The sun reaches into your domain and reads the vibrations as it touches your skin. It is intimately connected with every aspect of your life as you know it. It is a force of intelligence that fuels your very existence and creates the environment in which you can evolve. The sun is very interested in your evolution, for as you evolve, you feed everything that you do back to the sun as it touches you.

In many cultures, the sun is revered as the intelligent force that governs this world, like a god. You would be amazed as who and what dwells in the sun. The sun is an illusion. Highly advanced worlds disguise themselves as suns to protect themselves from invasion and penetration through the force of light. It is not, as your scientists say, simply burning forms of gas.

Science, to a large degree, has ruined your interpretations of life. It has taken all of the fun, vitality, excitement, and mystery out of life. Life has been made mundane and boring, as if it is meaningless. Can you imagine the sun being meaningless? Contemplate this for a moment. Yet today there is a campaign of fear and negativity against the sun. People no longer feel connected to nature because science has said that nature is not safe. The suspicion of the sun, nature, and Earth has contributed to your current crisis: your lack of respect in honoring and cherishing your home.

The sun reads its creations and in turn feeds the creations what they need. When the intensity on your planet speeds up and broadcasts itself as misuse of energy, the sun reads this. The sun is the feeling heart center. It permits and activates life, because it touches and reads all things. It touches all points with varying cycles of light, checking to see what is happening in every nook and cranny. It feels and brings the energy back to itself, and then makes decisions about its own expression. It learns how to correct imbalances within its own creations.

The sun is changing. The sun and its many forces are brewing phenomenal shifts and sending them to every aspect of your being. There will be a tremendous increase in solar flares. The solar energy is creating a new vibration with which disturbing and disruptive energies will not be able to fit. In order to qualify and join the club, energies will have to lay claim to a certain vibration of love. The sun is saying, “Enough. We are going to put you back into alignment. See what you can do this time around”.

The human body is affected by the radiated light. The radiation of this light alters the human body on subatomic levels. Only those with uncluttered consciousness will be able to house this energy. Those with negative thoughts feel it as direct poison; their thoughts will return and potentially cause havoc in their bodies. The solution is to have clear thoughts and uncluttered bodies that are able to take the sun’s energy in completely without fear. Each time you expose yourself to these fantastic doses of energy, you increase your intuition, your psychic potential, and your ability to decode the DNA. All these abilities are magnified thousands of times.

This is the whole means of control in your world: there exists a select group of people who are not aligned with the upliftment of humanity. Some of them understand that there is a mutation going on in humanity at this time, and that the sun is responsible for much of it. In order to counteract this mutation within the human race, they create an image by which you become afraid of the sun. Masses of people are obediently following the suggestions of authority. There has been a conspiracy against the sun, as if the designers of your world were flawed and made a mistake when they put the sun in your solar system. If the plants are smart enough to work with the sun and provide the canopy of energy, prana, and oxygen that keeps you in existence, don’t you think the sun is also good for humans? Do you think the sun is only good for plants, and that it hurts humans?

We say the sun is grand. There are many, many benefits that can come from the sun. It contains the ultimate in shamanic knowledge. Trust that no one made a mistake when they put the sun in your sky.

From E
arth, Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library by Barbara Marciniak

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The Pleiadians – Let Your Stellar Light Shine – Channeler Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Méline Portia Lafont – The Pleiadians – Point In The Spiral Of Fundamental Change – Entering The Golden Stage – 11-3-14

Ok, time for another breather before we commence with the next flow of intensity. Of course every flow has its own uniqueness and openness to receive and integrate and this depends entirely on the individual course you take. Let us speak with the Pleiadians today, as it has been a while since their energies have spoken through me for the collective. In personal communications, we did keep in touch through mergings and conversations. Whenever there are integrations I am allowed to receive, the Pleiadians are with me to orchestrate this for the body.
My blessings and Love upon you all,
Méline Portia
(Received on October 31, 2014)
The Pleiadians:
Blessings and Greetings to you all, our dearest ones
We have been working on the process of integration for all of you and more specifically concerning the integrations of your Higher Galactic awareness and consciousness that is birthed within you all. It is a time of examining the Galactic consciousness within oneself as you start the engines of that confined Galactic consciousness within you.
Understand, our dearest ones, that all is within you and that it is you that will awaken your own Divine potential and abilities. We cannot stress this enough as it is clearly not yet fully understood by all of you. Nevertheless, you are coming to that great knowing and some are starting to excel gradually in this. That’s the reason why you need to gain the awareness of your own personal contribution during the path of Ascension. It is of the utmost importance that you gain your own personal consciousness as a High Christed Light into this body in order to bring this forth into your personal life. And then you bring forth the change you so desire: you, yourself and no one else!
These are indeed great times of change for all of Humanity surpassing even the previous changes and shifts humanity has come to experience. It is as it were a great cycle of profound release of the old for the collective and the Global planes. There comes a point in time where all of Humanity reaches this threshold that stands as a guarantee for the total Global rejuvenation. One that stands first and foremost for the entire Global shift that awakens Humanity to their full potential. That time has now come and is currently unfolding.
It is a center of a Source that you have come to reach, and this Source is in alignment with the Great Source of All That Is. You have reached that point in the spiral of evolution and infinity. This center is a consciousness and vibration that shifts all first within the Self and then without. It now enters your planes of existence to bring along the greater understanding of your own needs and desires for change and for your creations. Change comes forth from growth and insights that are being gained during your evolution as to where you arise from the planes of the old and enter into the new that is about to be created by yourselves.
It is a point in time where all the timelines are merging into one at a pace that is acceptable for all and in the best interest for this Planetary evolution. You come to see and feel that at times these timelines are already merging at cross points and as this spiral of timelines is getting smaller and thinner the timelines become one timeline of infinity. It is a gesture and blessing from your own Higher levels and from the expressions of your God and Christed Selves that have come to be experienced in this lifetime. This is a very important and crucial timeframe for all of Humanity, whether to fall in the make up of your own fears or to rise above the familiar of this Earthly material density and stretch the legs of the newborn you. Are you going to allow the new birthed you to step out or will you keep it within?
Every part of your being is now being tested and cleansed in profound ways to make the choice of whether to stay in your old form or whether to rise above the mundane. The choice is up to you in which form you will come to BE and the vibrations shall come along as who you are and choose to vibrate at this time. What you put your focus on, is now crucially important. You bring the new Earth through you as you birth it through yourself! Come to see it within you and you shall realise it is already here in the Now, for you are here in the Now and from within it shall rise to the surface of your being, emanating that world in your outer reality.
You help the world to change and it is your responsibility as a free will of all. What you carry, you are and you will emanate this at all times.
This point in the spiral is one of fundamental change, a chamber of accelerations and shifts that provide all the information and the codes to change this world and your human perceptions into a Golden stage. This Golden stage is one of Christed vibrations and it invites you to think, to act and to BE according to its vibrational frequency. You can only play along and enjoy the joy on this Golden stage if you fit in its vibration, like a perfect match. Therefore BE and bring in your own Christed consciousness within your heart for you all have a Christed consciousness level and expression that awaits to be fully integrated and embodied again.
Crucial times, crucial decisions, crucial choices await you all that will demand instant conscious answers in measurements of Christed consciousness. How to do that you ask? There is no how, dearest ones, there is only the knowing and the inner feeling that will lead you along this adventure and allow you to be able and stay balanced through this all when pressure is heating up.
We wish for you to be still, to keep yourself centered and balanced through every event on Earth as well as within, distractions are very palpable lately on your plane of existence. Learn to keep releasing the old patterns in order to learn and fly with the winds of change. There are too many influxes entering on your planes for you to hold on to just one. Taste the newly arrived Cosmic and Galactic energies of our planes and allow yourselves to enjoy this inner change and bodily shift. You are the Master beings on this Earth and you have come to make this all truly unfold within your own realities.
We are with you in loving support. Allow us to be with you and we will do so with peace and harmony.
The Pleiadians
You want to be able and channel as well and enjoy to bring forth your inner wisdom as a being of Light?  I offer a channeling course that assists you in the process of connecting with your Higher Self through deep Self work based on a foundation of self experience gained in my channeling process of years.
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Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered

The Pleiadians via Méline Lafont – Equinox Portal – Conscious Contact – 3-18-14


via Meline Lafont  –  3-18-14

Greetings, we are the Pleiadians and we come forth in Grace and with Unconditional Love for every being upon this plane and beyond. We come with a deeper understanding and a knowing about your Planetary Ascension and the stages it is lingering in. As a deeper consciousness is being achieved by many of the collective upon your planes of reality, there are many new opportunities and possibilities being created and even manifested into your own collective – and your personal reality.

What we wish to speak about in this Now moment on your Earthly planes, is the Equinox energies/ portal and its effect on each individual existence and reality. Be brave our fellow Lightworkers, Brothers and Sisters, for this new wave and amount of Solar energy will hit the nail on the head concerning many things and Earthly realities that have been playing out for several years now.

Drastic changes are upon your plane as the collective and many of your Lightworkers have been yearning, creating and decreeing many of those changes. There will be shedding, quakes in the form of energy waves and literally huge amounts of releasing density and releasing old patterns/ forms / creations. That what once was old and inconvenient shall not BE anymore and fade away like dust in the wind.

The Equinox is here to assist many of you on your path to become Multi- Dimensional in your own frequency and vibration of the highest possible energy of YOU. This shall bring forth some granting such as first personal contact in your own reality first before the collective will be involved in those interactions. Why is it important to start those first contacts initially on a real, physical level (your own level)?! Because when you become aware and ready for those levels of interaction in your own way and vibration, the collective is being infused with acceptance and love, with an understanding of our existence and our presence on your Earthly planes.

As each and everyone of you are a part of the Oneness and of your Earthly Collective, you prepare the way for others to be in connection with our being on a deeper level and with a deeper understanding/acceptance. It is all about the acceptance of our existence that we like to work on and that is more than just knowing we are here in the now, it is also a seeing and a feeling of our Presence around you as well as within you.

Gatekeepers and Ground Crew are the first to be in connection with our energies as you are ready for this. The first wavers of this Ascension Process are already in alignment with our Being and our Presences as they have been preparing for all of this a long time now. Their time is Now to assist in First Contact and this goes through their own embodiments and Presences, through their realities. You will know when you are a first waver and you will be approached by our energies in all sorts of forms and ways.

Do not look for us in the physical appearance, beloved ones, for we might simply be adjusting to your energies in the most refined and the highest way possible to become tangible for you to “see”. Remember that “seeing” is not solely through the physical eye and your visual senses, but we speak here of seeing us with the inner eye of truth. All sorts of forms and manifestations are possible, but we will always choose the way that serves your Highest best and this preferably in the most natural way of our being that is possible.

We will take it step by step, as always, for your balance and ability to cope with all of this is our first concern and our main priority. First wavers, be ready for this and soak in the energies of this beautiful Equinox portal. As to the collective and the Lightworkers who are stepping up to their own natural Self, to their I AM Presence and to the Christ Consciousness: a lot of Love and codes are going to be infused in all of those ones in order to prepare for this phase that is already coming for the first wavers.

Nobody and nothing will be left behind or will be left to be forgotten, for all is part of the Oneness that is called BEING. You will always BE and there is NO way that you cannot BE, for Being is existence and existence is INFINITE.

We are the Pleiadians

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline : and blog Méline:

The Pleiadians Channel: Robert Mesure – 2-03-14

Beloveds, Do not push yourself along the path ascension, understand that, when you push you will not progress. Because in truth what you are pushing against is the current of light, and the higher dimensional waveforms. It is important to let your physical, emotional, mental and ethereal bodies shift in a manner that which suits you best, at the time of transition. and when we say time, we mean the level of attainment you are resonating at. All is happening in the now. It is not in the near or distant future, where you are aspiring to be. It is in your heart center, it is in the fulfilling, powerful rays of source which you are aspiring to be harmonically synchronized with. Dear ones, source is the heart center. Ascension is the journey to the heart, and the heart only exists in the now moment. The now, the heart, the spirit, the unity of the all is compressed into a single fractal of reflective multiplicity. We say to you now, to let go of all distortions, attachments and aspirations of future liberation. It is in the now that you will reach the heart center, it is in the now that you resonate with the source of the encompassing creator. There is nothing other than the now, and it is in the now that we will be in communication with you.


Dear ones, we all reside in the heart center, all of us. Even those who do not seem like they are. This is why, it is important not to push and aspire in such a manner where you are not centered in the now, when you push you become dissonant and discord is resulted. Do not allow the ego body to push you towards something, as above so below, as within so without. When you pushing towards something, the thing you are being compelled towards is being pushed further away, to the ego, it may seem like you are moving, but when you are moving you are not centered, and when you are not centered you are not in the heart center of the eternal now. The ascension is about staying in the heart center and radiating in the light and intelligence of source.


When you go into meditation and you do your visualizations and spiritual alchemy, you are in encased in the encapsulating radiance of the heart, the heart is forever flowing in motion, but eternal in stasis. Anchor yourself in the heart, stay in the heart and you will be the heart, The organism of creation, the unity and abundance of harmony. It is here you are in the presence of your higher selves, the angels and us the Pleiadians. We are all the same, we are one system, much like your physical body, you have many cells creating a singular organism, some at higher states then others, with different functions, but all stemming from the one heart. The multiverse is a grid, a grid of consciousness, and we each act as an integral fundamental, inducing the grids productivity. Once you begin to tap into the Omni-dimensional, multi-spectral grid you start to understand, that we are all apart of the same magnificent being of light, and we all, as one make it function and produce creation as a singular organism. We are each a cell, a microbe forming the DNA of God, and as each cell becomes more aware of its connection and true nature, every other cell corresponds. Just like your body, it reacts to pain, pleasure, and substance, yet it is under the complete control of Mind.


Your physical body, in essence, is a reflection of the paramount creator and by understanding it, you can grasp the cosmic form of creation and function. Although, beloveds, your physical body is the abstraction induced by egoic repulsion. It is your spirit that it is connected to the divine cosmic tapestry, of the dimensional interface. As you center in your heart, spirit flows through your material body from your chakras. Each chakra has a heart, as each chakra is birthed from the heart of source, and adjacent to the heart center. Love brings you closer and closer to us, and increases the awareness of your soul self, which uplifts the entirety of the macrocosm.


Living in love, is also living in truth. When you are radiating in love what you see around you, if you do no agree with it will come to surface, the more you fight it, the more you are pushing against the current of love. Much needs to be dissolved and much needs to be brought to surface to move into refraction where it can benefit those around you, who are blind in the life they are seemly, caught in. At times it my feel like you are being to direct, you can never be to direct, love is direct and only through direct assertion can the heart speak freely and truthfully.


Until next time beloveds. The Pleiadians

Meline Lafont – The Pleiadians – New Resonance Fields of Interaction, Teleportation – 1-23-14


Channeled by Méline Lafont

January 20, 2014

The Pleiadians

We greet you our beloved ones, we are the Pleiadians. It is our wish to communicate with you on a deeper level about telepathic communication and teleportation, because these are gifts that are about to be integrated and even executed in your world reality from the inner planes.

These gifts and abilities are brought forth from the re-balance and the equilibrium state of being which you have increasingly amplified thanks to the integration of your Christ Consciousness and presently also thanks to the ongoing process of the I AM Presence descending. This all is the result of your Christ consciousness moving into a deeper level of understanding and of the execution of this all in your reality.

The I AM Presence re-blending is a necessary part of your deeper integration of Self that will assist in your teleportation gifts as the heart and the One have to be in balance, where the balance comes forth from your integration and re-blending process of your I AM.

This is, beloved ones, because you are becoming and expanding more of You, the You in truth and balance which is expanding and growing at a rather fast pace in your Earthly linear times. As you have come to notice, the linear time that you have known for so long is fading as we speak. Many of you find yourselves quite often in different Dimensions at the same now moment of your time which can bring much confusion for some. Prepare for this to become even more frequent on a conscious level as you will find yourselves growing into the expansion of your True I AM Presence which is at the frequency vibration of an infinite Now moment that does not stand on its own in one time frame or time-line but simultaneously in many other spaces of times and Dimensions.

Because you are becoming more conscious of this all and are able to cope with this all in a better way than before, this all brings you the opportunities and possibilities to start conscious travels all around the world and even in deep space. Encounters on such levels with other beings on the planet as well as in other Dimensions, such as ours, become your reality now as we start to vibrate all along on one vibration where this all is possible.

We call it the infinite now moment where all and everything reside in one consciousness state and level of understanding and where this interaction is possible in your reality. Be the calm and stillness you can BE in your conscious state for it can become weird and unreal in your minds to be able and grasp this all. We advise you to not go along with the consciousness of putting efforts to grasp all and everything what your mind translates as weird or unreal, for everything IS real in the heart.

More times and possibilities will be presented to you and by you to interact consciously with us, you have been in a long preparation for our interactions in a conscious way, that is now in the offing for you to reach. Please do understand that time is a weird and unreal concept in your reality that always has put limitations and boundaries upon your planet and your reality, and now that you have become the consciousness and awareness that time does have set your boundaries to become your reality, it dissolves, it fades away and the unlimited comes forth, the abundance and freedom of your being in awareness and consciousness.

The transportations of yourself, which translates itself in the term ‘teleportation’, has become a frequency level for you to tap into and to become. The only thing that is required to do is to reach for it in consciousness, through the purity of your heart. When you become a pure consciousness in embodiment you can take your embodiment with you at any time and place, but that one lingers than in a perfect pure conscious state of being IN embodiment.

We address you in this now about this subject as it will become very important upon this plane as a new existence will rage up and bring this all forth. Teleportation is the new consciousness awareness upon you all, you who are in the heart and can execute total detachment from all that is mind related and of the “old” which is the consciousness rate of this duality. We do not speak of detachment being not compassionate about others or about separation, what we do speak of is the unity consciousness where one becomes and IS the All within and where the need for duality dramas and such reflections is being dissolved and no longer needed to be experienced as you will know that all is within anyway, no matter what reflection is upon you, the answer and source is found within.

We are becoming more and more you in the unity consciousness of your human awareness and HUEmanity is at the stage of conscious interactions with our Galactic signatures and being, this on a most deep level of your OWN being in the heart, but may as well be experienced in an outer form in your reality as a reflection of your own You. We mirror you as we ARE you in a future time-line as you may call it, and now that those time-lines and Dimensions are actively re-blending as one, something you can feel and experience very vividly now, we will no longer represent you in the future but become one with you in your own reality of NOW which enables you to experience this more on a conscious and vivid way simultaneously.

Wonderful prospects and experiences to look forward to, wouldn’t you agree? We are most happy to be here along with you at this time as we are here to assist you and to bring you these messages of hope and Love, for you are indeed Loved very much.

We are your Star Family, the Pleiadians.

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

The Pleiadians via Ishante – Interdimensional Travel through the Blue Pearl

Gary Lite·188 videos

Over the past week I have been camping out in nature and meditating in an attempt to experience what the Pleiadians have been teaching me about the blue pearl. I can honestly say that it is as magnificent as it is mysterious. Words can’t describe the peace and bliss that is felt as it begins to expand in your 3rd eye area. Yet to hold it steady in order to pierce through it was quite a challenge for me. Thankfully I have made some progress, and hope to one day raise my vibration enough to be able to fully merge and journey through it.
In closing, whilst I am grateful for everything the Pleiadians share with me / us, it is my strong belief that our ascension as a species is an inside job, and not something that is going to happen to us or for us. As the saying goes “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” and whilst channelled messages are helpful, always trust and rely on your own internal guidance and intuitive intelligence ~ Ishante

The Pleiadians

Greetings to those of you who have joined us once again in this your now moment.
Let us continue:

The blue pearl exists in the centre of your crown, and is closely connected to your pineal gland. As you start to meditate, you will first begin to move through various layers of self in order to activate yourself into awareness of its existence within you. This is the first step; acknowledgement of its existence, for you can’t think a thought (create a thought form) without the possibility of that thought then being realised, of becoming actualized. This is for the simple reason that ALL is you, there is no out there, all of creation is within you, inside you. That is how truly exceptional you really are.
We have digressed…

As you move through the various layers of self you will begin to experience a shifting of colours within your 3rd eye area, first red, then white followed by darkness as you move more deeply into your meditative state. This can be challenging for some, but we wish to reiterate that there is nothing to fear in this state. It may last for some time, and that’s okay, just relax and breathe into it. The darkness will eventually give way and take form into a black dot that will seem to pulse as it moves forward into your vision. This is a really good sign, and we suggest you just let go and allow it to take form.

Shortly afterwards a small indigo spark of light will appear inside the black dot, followed by blue. Some of you may just see blue. Initially it is about the size of a small pea and the blue colour will intensify, becoming almost electric as it expands forward and grows within your vision. As it pulses, you will notice that it looks very similar to the Helix Nebula in the constellation of Aquarius. The edges are indistinct and hazy, just like the cometary knots of the Nebula.

Allow it to expand and pulse until it eventually becomes crisper and more defined in focus. Once it does, try then to consciously hold it in your vision. You can do this just with intent. If it begins to pulse again, that’s okay, just focus on your breath until it becomes clearly defined, and try again.

What you will see before you is a round to egg shaped electric blue opening or portal. It is a doorway, an entry point to other dimensions, alternate realities and timelines. As you become more familiar with it you will begin to feel and sense that this is who you truly are and have been all along. It is a blissful joyous state, your natural state. Surrender to the joy and just allow yourself to merge fully with it.
The journey from this point on is entirely up to you.

In years to come it will not be uncommon for you to be sitting at a gathering with friends or family and have to excuse yourself from the table to answer “a call” to travel and meet with someone. People will think nothing of it, as it will become a way of life. Eventually as your bodies become more crystalline in nature you will be able to take them with you, and the method in which you travel will also change as you become more familiar and comfortable with your 12 chakra energy systems. This is what is in store for you as you continue to raise your frequency, and clear miasmic distortions from your energy fields.

We speak to you now in linear terms, yet please know that all is happening in this one moment, and we are already enjoying heartfelt and open contact with a vast majority of you who are learning the ropes, so to speak, of interdimensional travel and teleportation.

Once you have seen and experienced the blue pearl, share you wisdom and mastery with others if you feel guided. Create meditations to support people so that they too can learn of its existence. We are all here as guides and students for each other.

In loving service to you all at this wondrous time of you ascension ~ The Pleiadian Collective

Let Your Stellar Light Shine – The Pleiadians

thequantumawakening·7 videos

A timeless channeled message from The Pleiadians by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, set against a backdrop of beautiful nature photos by Julie Coningham. A feast for the soul, and the eyes!
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Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters And The Pleiadians – Ascension Is Being Pioneered By Each Of You – 2 August 2013


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

With so much brimming Love from the entirety of our collective, we are the Ascended Masters speaking with the dear Pleiadians once again.

Specifically, we’re speaking with the melded-together energies of the soul who’s come to be known as SanJAsKa, who represents the Pleiadian Councils speaking with you all in this moment.

We wish to express your constant evolution and the fact that you’re growing toward the higher dimensions in every moment. This has been addressed in our previous joint communication with the Hathors, and we bring it up to help you understand that you’re not growing away from the higher dimensions as some of you tend to feel you are.

For those of you experiencing doubt or a perceived drifting-away from your growing higher dimensional perception, we wish to calm your tension by letting you know that everything you experience currently is a necessary and ordained part of your process.

If you feel yourselves to be drifting away from your higher-dimensional perceptions, we ask you to feel and sit with the resulting drive that nudges you toward seeking or doing more.

Emerging from your Comfort Zone

You’re ready to embrace the higher dimensions and all that comes with a higher-dimensional experience; it’s simply that some of you have remained fearful underneath your surface of emerging out into the vast, infinite and blissful landscapes you can now attune to and enjoy.

Some find it easier to remain in their comfort zones at times, but we ask you now to embrace the higher dimensions and your own growing perceptions, for as we and others have reiterated, they’re certainly not going anywhere.

If we could only communicate just how close you are with the higher dimensions and just how much your perception of the realms of infinite, blissful consciousness are growing in every moment, than you’d understand our request for you to feel at ease with yourselves in the face of a seeming departure from your growing perceptions.

You’re growing toward the higher dimensions, rather than away from them. It’s simply that many of you are experiencing facets of your Earthly growing and leaning that are necessary to be experienced before your ultimate ascension into the higher dimensions.

You exist in a very unique situation indeed, and we encourage enjoying your Earthly experience and understanding that what happens in your Lives that you perceive to be of a bad or unsettling nature, is all meant to be learned from.

Growth is the ultimate purpose of your Earthly existence, as the growing and learning taking place in your minds and hearts has steered your individual and collective evolution for millennia. Your spiritual growth and the metaphysical perceptions you’re able to unlock can be comparable to the physical growth and learning you experience on the Earth.

On Earth, you learn how to deal with your physical situation. What you learn as you go about your experience teaches you how to be of the world and survive, despite the nature to which your world has been controlled.

You learn to exist on the Earth as you grow from the various catalytic lessons you experience, and in a similar manner, the inner-lessons you learn and the spiritual growth you achieve go hand in hand.

Unlimited Perceptions

When you learn about or gain insight into deeper aspects of yourselves, which can come about by learning difficult but ultimately necessary and helpful lessons, you subsequently reach another phase in your already deepening metaphysical perception.

You’re able to feel and unlock entire astral and ascended landscapes within if you wish, and your perceptions grow to be unlimited.

When you experience a difficult lesson in your personal Lives, recognize it as just that; a lesson. Recognize what about your experience is meant to be learned from, and be thankful to those purer aspects of your overall Self that they’re helping you in your evolution with such lessons.

We know, even from our vantage point, that it’s not easy.

We can feel your pain and the sorrow that tends to accompany the most difficult or testing of lesson-learning. Many of us have felt your pain ourselves, having existed on your Earth and worked to uplift your collective while feeling many of the pains and experiencing many of the difficulties you have.

Many of us have been there and have experienced what you have, and as such, we can offer you the Love and support of souls with Earthly experience.

There are plenty of souls in the higher dimensions who haven’t had a taste of the Earth or the extreme and intense energies passed around your collective consciousness, but seek nonetheless to offer themselves to your ascension and have worked with much of themselves from their various positions to help achieve it.

We’ll turn this temple over now to dear SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine, as they expand upon what we’ve given and offer the same brimming Love we offer in every moment.

SanJAsKa & the Pleiadians Speak

With Loving regards to the dear Ascended Masters, I am SanJAsKa, representing the Pleiadian Council of Nine and indeed imparting the Love mentioned.

We, being fifth-dimensional, have gained great glimpses into the mechanics making up this Love energy, as we’ve learned fifth-dimensional lessons regarding balancing out our previous experiences.

In doing so, just as the dear Ascended Masters mentioned, we deepened our own metaphysical perceptions and grew into greater understandings of the energy at work behind the Creation and sustaining if your realities.

The Creation and sustaining of your realities is a process that’s widely known about and understood in the higher dimensions, and we, like you, have much to learn still in the way of energy work; as we exist on ultimately distorted planes of consciousness in comparison to the pure realms of Source.

The realms of Source are beckoning from within to be picked up on by each of you now, and we’ll forever be with you to help you understand the validity of your higher-dimensional connections. We’ll also be on your world in the time ahead to help you understand the technologies we’ll have to offer as well as our presence around your planet for longer than could be expressed, and we look toward the moment when we can be with you and offer our Love directly.

We’re just as excited as you dear souls are for our presence to be disclosed on your planet, as we’re ready for this wondrous and long mission that’s been the ascension of the Earth to come to the glorious conclusion it’s always been meant to come to.

The Earth’s ascension is being pioneered and propelled by each of you, and what you learn in this moment, you’ll take and use to help uplift the collective.

The rest of your populace will experience the ascension-related personal lessons you’re each experiencing as you grasp the pure states of consciousness you’re growing toward, and we hope for you to be able to offer your insight and the experiences you’ve gained for those souls when the time comes and your collective is informed of your ascension.

Accepting the Reality

Your entire collective is indeed to be informed and given the opportunity to ascend, and this is why we say that you can help those around you with their personal ascension-related lessons and with the struggle or difficulty they may experience.

One of the biggest areas of struggle or difficulty for many Earthly souls will be accepting that everything they’ll learn about is actually real. We anticipate that it could be quite difficult indeed for the programming to be broken on your world and for your general collective to believe in things they’ve been programmed to ridicule or brand “science fiction”.

There’s so much reality to the majority of your science fiction television shows, and the television shows and movies the cabals have put out displays very real technology, usually in negatively oriented manners.

You’ll come to learn of the reality of advanced technology that can feed your populace and see every person Living a comfortable lifestyle, and for this to come about it will also be necessary for the world’s wealth to be amassed and distributed accordingly to every person.

This isn’t to say that the people who’ve honestly worked hard to earn their abundance will have it taken from them, as indeed they won’t. We, nor you, have any desire to take abundance from well-meaning souls who’ve rightfully earned it.

However, souls who’ve gathered their immense wealth by keeping individuals and entire countries in incredibly poor states of health and consciousness, as well as souls who’ve used outright lies and theft to gain their abundance, will be treated the same as everyone else and will enjoy enough abundance to experience a comfortable Life, just as every person on your Earth will be able to.

A Worldwide Ruling Body of the People

As hopefully goes without saying, no soul will have their abundance physically or forcibly removed from them.

Souls who’ve gained their abundance by keeping others down or lying or cheating have manifested negative karmic energy for themselves, and the aspects of their higher selves in charge of balancing out such karma in their physical Lives will see to it that they experience what they’ve sewn for themselves.

Every soul on your dear Earth will be able to enjoy and benefit from widespread abundance and prosperity, and with your actions, a worldwide ruling body of the people will be established that will be truly fair and just for all.

Your collective will run your world based on the principles of unity, harmony, cooperation and Love. Justice will be brought about as your collective learns to garner forgiveness for those who’ve held your world back for so very long.

The cabals have taken so many measures to keep the collective unaware and feeding certain limited states of consciousness, and your mainstream media has been used to aid in this agenda and to enforce and reinforce a certain view of your society that’s then accepted by those who are subjected to the programming.

Your society has been programmed to function a certain way, and the biggest aspect of breaking the programming that’s been prevalent is teaching your society the importance of unity and really getting them to understand the basic fact that you’re all One.

There are no differences between you as races and countries, and there’s no difference between you and we souls in the higher dimensions. We are bred from the same Loving energy that Creates and sustains the experiences of every aspect of Creation, and we seek to help you understand your oneness with each other as a sentient collective.

As has been said, your oneness extends far beyond your oneness with each other as humans. It’ll be so very important for humanity know that you’re One with every aspect of the sentient consciousness around you, and it’ll be important for you to learn how reality is programmed and how it functions in the lower dimensions.

Understanding Oneness

Humanity has been programmed to believe that animals and plants are less smart than them, and this can only be seen as true in the physical sense.

Earthly humans, who are of a mostly third and fourth-dimensional consciousness, have learned to Create advanced societies because of their physical perception, whereas animals and other aspects of consciousness incarnate on your Earth maintain very strong and active links to the spiritual, and understand their oneness with the consciousness all around them.

Animals on your world are understanding increasingly that they’re constructed of the same energy, and your planet will continue to witness more phenomena regarding animals who’d previously feud or eat each other coming together to protect each other in certain instances and scenarios.

Humans, animals and plants will come together in the immediate time ahead, as humans will learn that they’re truly not the dominating species. This is so because domination is not meant to be the standard mode of Living and existing, even on a lower-dimensional planet.

Indeed, what you’ve experienced and fed into as a collective has been necessary for your understanding of the lower dimensions you’ve incarnated under, but on the ascended Earth, every human, animal and facet of consciousness will get along harmoniously and will understand that your world is meant to be run not by remaining divided and conquered, but by recognizing your unity and using it to your advantage.

As we turn this temple over to the dear Ascended Masters and make our final impressions whilst we exist at the forefront of this communication, we express that your perception of your oneness with yourselves and the reality around you will continue to grow as much as your perception of the higher realms is beginning to.

You have so very much to learn, and for the most part, you’re tackling the bulk of difficult lesson-learning you set out for yourselves to perform before you embrace the higher dimensions once again.

The Ascended Masters Speak

We express the purest of appreciation to dear SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Councils for the energies and information they’ve provided.

The aspect of the Pleiadians’ discussion regarding your growing perception of your oneness with every soul around you will be addressed specifically in the long-awaited disclosure announcements, and in regards to those and to the overall manifestations on your Earth that have been waited for, we can say that when they do come about, they’ll have been well earned and long achieved.

Events progress significantly in favor of your collective understanding of everything that’s been hidden from you, and the activities of the cabals in spying on their citizens will continue to be exposed while their ability to use such intricate and advanced spying methods will indeed be turned on them, so to speak.

The advanced ability on the part of the Company of Heaven to always know what your Earthly cabals are doing or what their plans are, sees our utilization of the technology within the American NSA unneeded.

Nonetheless, the “Earth Allies” as they’ve been termed on the ground can use such technology for very positive purposes, as it’s subsequently exposed and seen as the injustice it is and has always been.

Some would think the perceived freewill of the cabals or the cabal heads to be in violation because of this, or would think the Company of Heaven or our Earth Allies hypocrites for choosing to use a method that’s been used against the people, to further expose the cabals.

This wouldn’t come about if it weren’t a perfect fit for the exposure related karma of the cabals, as they’ve Created a vast infrastructure bent on spying on benevolent citizens of the Earth and it’s only fit for their own house of cards to not only come falling down on them, but to be used to further expose what they’ve been doing.

The shorthand of what we wish to communicate is that all is well; a solid plan is in place to further expose the cabals in every single way, and the progress being made on the part of you Lightworkers and on the part of the Earth Allies who are performing diligent and constant duties for your planetary ascension and for the exposure of the souls who’ve worked actively against humanity’s evolution, is seeing such evolution able to come about.

Embracing Expansion

There’s so very much you can be doing, dearest souls, and in every moment you possess enormous potential to help shift the collective energies toward enlightenment.

The missions of each of you are expanding exponentially, and we recommend and encourage embracing the expansion taking place, because it’s leading you to perform much more for the ascension of the Earth’s than you’d perhaps initially envisioned yourselves performing.

As each of you individually clarify your intent and purpose to help awaken the collective, so is an energy spread that sees more and more souls able to do the same. The result is a domino effect of unprecedented proportions, and exposure of the cabals is coming about as a result of the widespread collective awakening taking place.

Those who are leading this revolution of rising consciousness amongst the entirety of your Earth have been activated ahead of time, and are pioneering feeling and bringing through many of the pure energies that’ll be brought through by the collective in the time ahead.

Much of the energy that’ll be brought through will be used for healing purposes, and specifically, Gaia’s sky, water, air and ground are to be cleansed enormously of the widespread manifested pollution. There’s been much pollution indeed, and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we hope to give you a glimpse of the future you’ll all be working toward.

Everything is Getting Better

Envision yourselves and all those around you funneling the purest, most colorful and wondrous to behold higher-dimensional energies through a handheld device that then takes such energies and uses them to cleanse your skies and water.

Envision being able to swim in the crispest, clearest and purest water and breathing in the purest and freshest air alike. This is the future you’re heading into, and the advanced energy work being performed already by so many of you will see to it that you’re able to manifest this future with relative ease.

Whilst you’ll continue to experience lessons and challenges that may test you to your cores, we wish to communicate that everything is getting better for you.

The realms of full consciousness are leading you onward toward understanding that harmony and personal bliss are meant to be felt in every moment, and many of you are garnering immense satisfaction with your experiences as you come to find this truth for yourselves.

Along with this truth and your growing perception of your own unalienable freedoms, you’ll find yourselves infinite in the energies you can bring through and in the truly psychedelic and metaphysical experiences they’ll offer you.

You’ll come to find the purest of energies upon embracing your personal freedom as a being of spirit, and we leave with our Love for now as we encourage you to continue embracing yourselves, in every manner possible.

Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters And The Pleiadians – Addressing Disbelief – 11 July 2013

ascended Masters / link to original article

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

We speak to you all with the exuberant, melded-together energies of the Pleiadian High Council and our collective of Masters. Our collective of Masters is speaking at the forefront of this communication in this moment, but the impressions coming through are ours as well as those of our dear Pleiadian counterparts.

We wish to address the disbelief in some that Galactic beings can exist alongside with us Masters or with Angelic beings. Humanity has so very much to learn about us souls existing in the various higher dimensions you’re growing back toward as a collective.

There’s so very much for you to learn about the myriad ascended beings, collectives and civilizations who exist in these brimming higher dimensions, and we and so many others will delightfully be on your world in the immediate time ahead to help you see the diversity of the beings assisting in your evolution.

Humanity is going to learn so very much, that that the limitations set in place by the majority of souls on your world are going to be, for more or less, diminished.

An Open-Minded Understanding

The science-fiction mindsets that have rendered so many ideas or topics so unbelievable on your world will be replaced with an open-minded understanding that nearly everything important for you to know has been hidden from you and given a fictitious mindset.

Humanity has been programmed to go against ideas that will aid you in your evolution, and this has been assisted by the media as it’s established on your world today. Ideas of the benevolent Galactic beings assisting in the ascension of your planet have been dwindled-down into ideas of scary fictitious alien invaders, or considered as “fringe” ideas.

It’s unfortunate indeed, as these beings are so very close with your world and have so very much to teach the collective of humanity in the way of advanced technology and understanding the mechanics of your Galaxy and Universe.

There are numerous ascended civilizations right in your cosmic backyard; stationed right outside of your Earth and anxiously awaiting your understanding of them and your belief in the reality of their presence.

These beings have so very much Love and compassion, wisdom and empathy to share with humanity, but their presence has been denied and ridiculed. We do not say this in a disconcerting or negative way, but this is simply the state of affairs on your world regarding your Galactic brethren.

We speak of such things in part to help each of you shine your perceptive Light onto them, as we seek to help you understand the reality of the presence of your Galactic brethren, as well as their interest in your planet for so very long and their desire to help you evolve into purer states of consciousness.

The Pleiadian High Council wish now to step to the forefront of this communication, and we will gratefully step aside to allow them to come forth and present themselves.

The Pleiadians Speak

With immense appreciation to the dear Ascended Masters, we are the Pleiadian High Council. We have been present during this communication, adding our own energies and bits of insight into what the dear Ascended Masters have given.

We do indeed possess an enormous Love for your planet and for each of you absorbing this communication, and the fact that you’ve been able to break through the aforementioned instilled barriers and find a belief in the reality of our presence, is astounding indeed.

The Earthly experience has kept many souls feeding into the barriers mentioned by the dear Ascended Maters, as you’ve grown up in conditioned societies and, in many cases, have had your ideas of reality fed to your collective through your mainstream media.

When an awakened soul looks around your reality, they can see the many things that seem nearly designed to hold them back and keep them feeding spiritually-drained states of consciousness.

We, the dear Ascended Masters and a plethora of other beings and collectives have focused so very much of ourselves on the evolution of humanity and on getting you to understand your evolution from behind the scenes, and we’ve utilized scribes and channels nearly endlessly to help inform you of your ascension into purer states of consciousness.

Even plenty of awakening souls who perhaps believe in or could become open to the reality of our presence around your planet, still are not opened-up to the idea that we would choose to communicate with humanity.

Attempts to Introduce Peace

Some souls entrenched in mainstream ideologies and viewpoints on your world would assume us only to attempt to make official contacts with developed governments if we are truly real, not knowing that we’ve met with your governments and attempted to help bring-about world peace and prosperity on your world for all, numerous times.

Numerous times they’ve declined, and so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to assist you in your evolution by connecting with as many awakened Earthly souls who can find an open and steady connection to our energies and impressions, as possible.

The manner in which we communicate with humanity is necessary for your advancement and growth as a species.

We will indeed be on your world when the veils of suppression and secrecy surrounding our existence have been seen-through by all of humanity, but for the time being, we seek to assist you in your growth by helping you expand your channels, in the form of offering you our energies and impressions.

We do indeed see our communication with humanity as important to our overall mission, and the largest facet of the giving of our energies to you for you to absorb, is just that; an energy exchange. We seek to help you reach purer states of consciousness and to that extent, the energies we give, which our impressions and communications are embedded unto, give you an energetic “helping hand” of sorts.

In an energetic sense, the impressions we’re giving-off as our scribe receives such impressions through the heart and makes a mental interpretation of them, are brimming with massive amounts of pure Source energy for you to absorb, that’ll help you seek and find the higher dimensions in yourselves exponentially.

You’re Actively Channeling Us

Those who read our communications and those of various other ascended beings and collectives are actively channeling our energies through themselves when doing so, which is why we’ve long said that you can find a connection with us and act upon that connection if you truly wish to.

Souls who read our communications are left with our lingering energies, which hang around within them and help to purify their chakras.

Energy stays where it’s fed into and as such, our energies and impressions remain within each of you who absorb our communications. Quite honestly, you could never have to absorb a communication from us again, through this scribe or any others, after reading our messages only once.

By the end of your reading of that communication and your absorbing of our energies for that particular frame of time, our impressions will be able to stick with you in ways that’ll see you able to actively pick-up on them and channel us yourselves if you wish to, without ever having to read another channeled communication.

Of course, we don’t discourage absorbing channeled communications, but we and so many others wholeheartedly encourage discernment with everything one is given.

Discernment will see you well on your way to finding what works for you in the avenue of channeled messages, spiritual writings or anything else, and will see you able to let whatever doesn’t resonate with you in your heart space, simply be.

You’re the Citizens of the Free and Sovereign Earth

Discernment is a wonderful thing indeed, and we speak of discernment in part to encourage breaking away from mainstream mindsets concerning so many areas of your society; to be discerning of them.

We wish to help you understand the distortions that have taken place in your reality; not so that your emotions or moods can be brought down when thinking of them, but so you can recognize them for what they are and work to arise, physically and spiritually, and proclaim your sovereignty from the false reality that’s been created in an effort to continually distract and pacify humanity.

You’re the citizens of the free and sovereign Earth, and this will become more than apparent when the bulk of work to repair your Earth begins to be performed by humanity.

We and so many others will be with you to lend helping-hands and to share our sentient technologies in an effort to help you perform much of what needs done, relatively easily. We will, for the most part, watch from the sidelines as you repair your dear Earth, as you’ve always been meant to do.

Some souls on your Earth, when thinking of the possibility of our existence around your world, may take to a mindset of assuming we’d attempt to steer your evolution ourselves or invade your collective freewill measures with an overwhelming presence, but truly, we do not seek to do such things.

We’ve worked for so very long under the freewill perimeters we’ve been allotted, as humanity is meant to experience everything you Create for yourselves and, in this very moment, actively recognize and purge the influence of darkness from your world.

This will come about in the form of realizing what you perceive to be darkness for what it is; just a varying shade of the Light energy.

You’re all Lighted

Everything is comprised of the ultimate energy of Love, and this includes those who’ve hurt others on your world in a massive effort to feed the distorted states of consciousness they’ve been taught to believe are heaven.

We speak of those souls who’ve been referred to as the cabals; the Illuminati; there are various labels for these individuals. They’ve sought to feed the realms of fourth density-negative by manifesting widespread sacrifice and hardship, and have assumed themselves all-powerful and of a purer consciousness than the general populace of your Earth.

They’re learning in very hard ways at present, that they’re no different from the rest of the souls on your world. You’re all Lighted beings at your core; even those who seem to have extinguished their Light in favor of working for a fallen angel who’s returned to the side of the Light.

Luciferianism will be understood by your collective in the time ahead, as that belief system has ignited the cabals into doing the bulk of what they’ve done. We’ll forever encourage forgiveness of the cabals and of the cabal-heads when learning of everything they’ve done, as vengeful mindsets will only feed the lower states of consciousness we know you’re all so very ready to grow away from and transmute.

We’ll turn this temple over to the dear Ascended Masters now, for the conclusion of this communication. We offer you each our Love in every moment, and we’ll be with you far after the issuing of this communication, as expressed above.

Our Love is of a pure fifth-dimensional nature, and it’s here for you to actively pick-up on and express in any and every moment.

The Ascended Masters Conclude

We express the purest of gratitude to the dear Pleiadians, for their energies and the information they’ve given for this message.

We trust that you can feel the pure energies beginning to descend down unto you now, and as you feel these energies, know that they’re being sent with an understanding of the difficulties that have blocked many awakening souls from finding blissful states of consciousness.

We’re here for you as well, to offer solace and guidance in every moment. As we make our final impressions for this joint communication, we as well as the dear Pleiadians express that your perception of us and of the realms of full consciousness are only to grow more than they already have, from here on out.

Feel the Love we’re offering you, now and in every moment, because we send it with clear intent and purpose. We send it with the intention of opening your minds, your hearts and all of your chakras; even those you have no idea you possess.

You have at your use, so many links to the higher dimensions and to us. Recognize your ability to pick-up on our impressions and communicate with and exist in the higher dimensions, for you’re making your triumphant return to these realms after lifetimes spent in perceived Earthly solitude.

Thank you so very much to the Ascended Masters, and to the Pleiadian High Council. You have the sincere appreciation of the Earthly Ground Crew. / link to original article

The Pleiadians – Your Physical Body is the Messenger for Your Ascension – 17 June 2013



The channel has halted much writing as she received her upgrades for her own personal ascension in body.  In this time, her original connection to us, her teacher,  crossed over the veil.  This is because her work here was done, and she had shared enough of our lightworking tools, with enough people to carry planet Earth through it’s process of ascension.  Now, many have said, your planet has already ascended to 5th dimensional reality.  Yet, there are still internal aspects letting go, and wavering at times into other realities.  This is all part of the natural flow and process.


Your physical body is changing on a cellular level.  As a result, many are experiencing levels of illness they have never endured before.  This illness does not have to be terminal to work.  It merely is forcing you to pay attention.  Yes, dear souls, pay attention to the meridians the illness lays in your body.  Pay attention to when the illness started and what your emotional and environmental state were all moving through.  All of this is information of what your Higher Self is trying to tell you to release.  It is more intense for you now, because your new cellular upgrade cannot withstand any of your old paradigms.  We are talking about the parts of yourself that you thought just couldn’t change, and you had surrendered to just live with it.  Is it anxieties or fears that you never seem to shake no matter how much healing?  Is it judgments about the self, even self-hatred that so many on planet Earth harbor?

In our world, we do not even understand the emotion of self-hatred.  It is so foreign that when we began to see this surface in your hybrid consciousnesses, we felt extreme grief and sadness for you.  It is this very emotion we see, that has caused us to be so committed to helping here.  It is unheard of that a piece of God/Goddess/Source, experience this type of berating and loathing of ones own being.  Yet, this was part of the original plan, the original separation, to forget you are a piece of All that Is, Spirit, and God/Goddess.

So now, your physical body is alerting you to the pieces that are left that have remained fearful and self-loathing despite all you know and have addressed.  It is the mass consciousness you, as the wayshowers, are funneling through your spirit and psyche.

We do want to inform you that it will not last longer than one year.  Many of you can move through these physical symptoms showing up as dis-ease, or illness in a matter of months.  All it takes it total surrender, honesty, and movement on a level that you never thought you could.  If it means doing something that seems so rigid, such as eliminating all grain, then so be it.  Yes, the time now is actually to do radical things that seemed like too much before.  It is this level of intensity that will shift your beautiful hearts.  You are so beautiful to us, we want you to see this yourself finally. We want you to see it so clearly, and sometimes the only way to get it is to change your vibration with your food.  Remove all foods that weigh your body down.  You do not have to be like the majority. You are not the majority.  You are the purist hearts and souls, and the most passionate about accessing the light.  This is not an ego boost, or a better than statement.  This is the truth.  Someone has to do it.  There are always people who get it first.  It is part of the divine plan.  With love. So-la-re-en-lo.

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