The structure of the matrix is melting down and is being overwritten with a new programme by beings that do not have your best interest at hand.  They are setting it up to entrap your souls and your feelings with technological devices to entrap your minds further into the matrix. The whole planet is going through an energetic transformation and they know of it.  The result is many people can awaken and become self-empowered and unified to their true self and away from the shackles. 

Many souls have come as warriors and are being sophisticatedly awakened. They have come in this time with the potentiality to keep up with this transition, but before they are coming online their DNA is being corrupted with vaccines and neuro nets being distracted by media.  Furthermore grids are being set up that greatly distort the harmonic resonance of the earth which is so vital with the link that you have to the cosmos.  So what is happening is great sophisticated lurers are being used to pull these souls into artificial entrapment.  Meanwhile their DNA is being distressed and distorted with vaccine shots. 

Systematically there are agents working from the Pleiadian and other Nordic inner earth beings of the Universe that have come to recalibrate the earth as it is going through its changes. There is going to be fluctuations where situations don’t make sense in your mind and it is your duty to be awakened and understand what I am speaking of.  Images and situations will be like dream stages in your life and your mind and you have to be centred enough to know whether it is relevant or not relevant of the reality you want to keep. 

Many of you will be attacked in your health, financial affairs and your very basic survival needs.  It is so ever vital to find strength in yourself to recognise this and be amongst the knowers because the world is being manipulated where there is a collective doubt of reality and where violence is plaguing reality.  You must learn survival skills and learn how to do without all your endless toys and consumption.  You must learn to budget your money and your time and you must pull away from the collective consciousness which is going to cause mass hysteria with the up and coming events. 

You must learn to stand on your own two feet and be a survivalist, great changes are about to happen.  Stay away from microwave towers and learn to connect to the earth and look within your self to the higher matrix of the inner dimensional reality.  This is a time of great deception, red herrings and false information.  Stay away from enticements of confusion, don’t get into analogues with people you are not making headway with and stick to what is relevant.  Then you will not be trapped in the matrix by reactionary emotions. 


DAVID ICKE – Who Built The Matrix? –


Published on May 9, 2018

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SUZANNE LIE – Releasing The Matrix – Introduction by the Arcturians 8-9-17


Suzanne Lie   –   Below is the beginning of my next book:

Welcome to my Blog!

I just moved into a new house. That is a “new house” to me, as the house is actually quite old. I inherited this house, from my Grandmother who had lived there her entire life. The house is very big with many rooms, as well as a cellar and an attic. The cellar had far too many spiders, but as soon as I was settled in, I decided to explore the attic.

I climbed the small stairway, which was behind the mysterious locked door, for which I finally had the key. It was an old fashioned key, an old fashioned keyhole, and an old fashioned door. Of course, my Grandmother cherished the house exactly as it had always been.


Therefore, outside of important repairs and appropriate painting, the house remained the way it had always been. I spent many summers at Grandma’s house, and searched vigilantly to find the key that I now held in my hand. The fact that Grandma never let me go into the attic only made me more and more anxious to enter it.

I am sorry that my Grandmother’s death is the reason why I could find the key and will, eventually, open the attic door. In fact, I have lived here every summer of my life. My parents were not too interested in raising their only child, me, so it was boarding school during the school year and Grandma’s house in the summer.

My mother had a nanny who sort of watched me when I wasn’t at Boarding School or Grandma’s house. The nanny was too expensive, so they dropped me off to live with my Grandmother fulltime when I was only 8 years old.

They did not even wait for Grandma to open the door when they rushed off to wherever they went. I was never so relieved when Grandma’s smiling face welcomed me into her, which was now our, home. I lived there happily with Grandma until I went away to collage.

Thank Heavens for Grandma, or my Mother would have put me in a Boarding School all year round. But I should not speak ill of my parents as they died in a horrid car accident when I was only 13. Because I had such a history of living with my Grandmother, the state allowed me to continue living with her.

It was the happiest moment of my life when I knocked on Grandma’s door with all my cherished possessions in boxes beside me. My parents barely said good-by to me and rushed off to where ever they went the second that Grandmas opened her door. But, somehow, I knew that this was the last time they would drop me off at my Grandma’s house, and that I would not see them again.

I was never so relieved when Grandma’s smiling face welcomed me into her, which was nowour, home. I lived there happily with Grandma until I went away to collage. I never saw my parents again.

I must say that my self-esteem was pretty damaged by my parent’s behavior, but Grandma had always made up for that. However, now, as a young woman, I was alone. Unfortunately, Grandma left this world just before I finished college, but she left her home and everything she had to me.

There was a bit of money in the package, so I toured Europe for the summer after my graduation. I think it was too much to go to Grandma’s house and not find her waiting for me with a warm hug and cookies. But, eventually, I had to go home to what was no longer Grandma’s home, but my house.

I never saw my parents again, as they moved far away and never invited me to visit. I must say that my self-esteem was pretty damaged by my parent’s behavior, but Grandma had always made up for that. However, now, as a young woman, I was alone.

However, having Grandma’s house made me feel that I had the home that I had always loved to visit. Now it was my home, and I was standing in front of the door, key in the lock, but hesitating to turn it.

I knew that I would NOT smell the fresh baked cookies, or enjoy the wonderful smell that always filled her home. At least she had died suddenly, and in her beloved home. I am still guilty that I did not leave Europe to come to her funeral.

However, I had a very vivid dream the very night after she died in which she came to me and said, “I have asked in my will, which I have attached a copy to this letter, to be cremated. Please do not leave your vacation to come to my cremation. I will come to you. Please allow me that final joy of showing you the lovely Lightbody that I now wear.”

“Sure enough, the very next evening she came to me in a body of Golden Light. The only thing she said was, “Beloved Granddaughter, I have left everything I had to you, and most important, I have left you the key to the attic. I love you infinitely, so I wanted to tell you that I now know that life is eternal and death is an illusion.

“Please remember always that you are my Beloved Granddaughter whom will love conditionally beyond all space and time.”

I was very confused by the “beyond all space and time” comment, as that was not the way my Grandmother spoke. Nonetheless, the statement made me cry uncontrollably, but not just for sorrow. Instead, I cried for the great love that I had always felt from Grandma, and for the love I would always have for her.

When I first returned from Europe, I went to Grandma’s resting place with a huge bouquet of her favorite flowers. However, as I got closer and closer to her “resting place,” I knew that I would not be able to face her grave, so I turned the other way, away from the cemetery and away from what remained of my grandmother.

After a few months living in Grandma’s house, I was finally ready to go to her final resting place. I was very tempted to turn away again, but then I remembered the vision of her in a golden body, which gave me great comfort. Also, I wanted to thank her for all the money that she had left me.

I still wonder how an elder woman who never seemed to have a job could have so much money. My parents had been very tight with the money they gave me, and said it was because my Boarding School was so expensive. But, later, I learned that my Grandmother had paid for all my education.

I tried many times to ask Grandma how she could afford to give me all that money, but she always said, “Don’t worry about it dear. It is all taken care of.” I never found out what she meant by, “It is al taken care of,” but she left me enough that would not have to work for quite a while.

Fortunately, I was smart enough to get a good money manager, who put me on a budget, or I might have blown through my money like my parents always did. I am now enrolled in graduate school, which will start in a few months. Therefore, I am focusing my attention on taking care of the house, the large yard, and exploring the “locked attic” that Grandma would not let me enter.

In fact, she even refused to talk about the attic, which gave a great sense of mystery and me want to enter it even more. However, the other day I was rummaging around in some boxes in the pantry and found a key that said, “Attic” on it.

You would think that I would instantly run up and go into the attic, but now that I could enter it, I was afraid. Grandma was not a timid woman, so when she never allowed me to enter the attic, my childhood-self made up all kinds of stories of what mysterious things were happening in the attic.

As an adult I knew these stories could not be true, but the fear that my stories created, still remained deep inside of me. So, again, I found many reasons why I was “too busy” to explore the attic and put the key in a “safe place,” which I unconsciously made myself forget.

As soon as I realized that I was letting my fear get the best of me, I began my search to “find the key.” Of course, I searched the house for months and could not find it. Then, finally, one day, I was in a hurry to go on a date and could not find the necklace that I wanted to wear.

In my hurry and aggravation, I turned the jewelry box upside down to dump everything on my dresser. And then there, to my surprise, was the key tapped to the bottom of my jewelry box. I instantly recognized the key and ran towards the door to the attic. But when I got to the door, I paused.

Why was I so afraid of going into that attic? It had been many months that I had very happily lived in this house. There was no reason for my feelings, I told myself again and again. For two days I tried to convince myself to unlock the door and walk the stairway up to the attack.

Then, I had another dream of Grandma in her Golden Body. All she said was, “Do not be afraid my love.” She might have meant something other than the key, but as soon as I awoke I put on some jeans and a t-shirt, untapped the key from the bottom of my jewelry box, and headed for the door to the attic.

Hi Everyone,
Stay tuned for information about our “Eclipse Unity Consciousness”

Posted by Suzanne Lie




Danielle Lynn @ In5D – How To Break Free From The Matrix And Go Beyond Time – 8-6-17

Break Free


by Danielle LynnGuest writer, In5D.com

We have been told time is only an illusion, and yet it seems to dominate so much of our day to day lives.

Maybe we have even experienced brief glimpses of ‘timelessness’ in our meditations, in times of creative excellence, or in deep moments of love.


However, it can be so easy to get sucked back into the ‘daily grind of life’ that it leaves us wondering, how can we truly be free of time?

How do we move from experiencing ‘timelessness’ as more than just a theory?

In this article, we will explore a few questions and perspectives designed to show you how moving beyond time is not a destination, but rather a ‘point of focus’ or a state of awareness, so you can ‘make the shift’ any moment you choose.

1) What is time? Does time actually exist?

When you think of time, what do you imagine?

For many of us, we might picture a clock face, or a calendar when we think of time.

We measure time as ‘the linear passing of moments.’ Time seems to be a way for us to coordinate with others and agree upon certain unified experiences together.

However, for as much as we seem to experience time, all we ever really experience is our perceptions of ‘the passing of time.’

For example, the past and the future never actually exist in the present moment. All that ever exists is the present moment.

The past has already happened, and therefore you can THINK about the past, but you cannot experience the past, aside from focusing on a memory in your head, which is happening in the present moment.

The future has not happened yet, and therefore you can THINK about what may happen in the future, but you are not actually experiencing the future.

The present is what is happening here and now. It requires no thought to exist, because it IS existing. You are living it as it happens.

You can have thought in the present moment, but the thoughts are designed to be momentary tools. As human beings, our true mastery is realized when we are focused and engaged with the present moment, not ‘stuck in our heads.’

2) Presence is awareness of the here and now.

When you are fully engaged in the moment, and not in your head thinking about bills, and work, and troubles, and how you’re going to do this or that, you’re said to be present.

While it is very simple to be present, it doesn’t always feel easy. Especially when we’ve developed a habit for being lost in our thoughts.

Why do we get lost in our thoughts? Because on some level, we believe our thoughts can help us control our reality and give us what we want.

We obsess over the past in hopes we won’t make the same mistake again. We think if we think about solutions enough, we’ll be prepared for the future ‘when the time comes.’

We believe that if we think long and hard, we’ll be able to protect ourselves and the ones we love.

However, the irony is that when we are lost in thought, we disengage from our responsiveness to the present moment of life.

When we are worried about what has happened or what might happen, we are not focused on what IS happening.

And from the perspective of our fullest selves, what IS happening is always the most interesting thing, since what IS happening is where we have the power to respond.

3) What about healing the past or predicting the future?

Since all time is a concept and a collection of memories and energetic frequencies that you resonate, it is possible to ‘adjust your experience’ of time.

All traumas, joys, and everything else in between are ‘stored’ as a frequency that you carry (or resonate) in the present moment.

When you want to shift an experience you had in the past, or even ‘create’ a future, it is a matter of being present, going within, and shifting the frequency you are resonating NOW to match the frequency you are choosing.

For example, you can shift your past by connecting with new ways to see your past. We’re sometimes so invested in our stories of what happened, we sometimes forget that we can choose to see our experiences many different ways.

Some people will call these practices timeline regression therapy, or even past life regression therapy.

4) What about clocks and setting appointments? Without everyone keeping time, how will anything get done?

As we shift into our 5D awareness, synchronicity replaces ‘using our minds to coordinate specific points in time.”

This may be slightly challenging to understand at first, but consider the following:

There is an ‘inner-net’ of awareness and consciousness that is open to all of us here and now.

In fact, we are all connected here and now in the fullest levels. However, in our 3D experience, it was necessary to temporarily dull ourselves to this awareness, so we could have our separate experiences.

Now that we have chosen to embody 5th dimensional conscious awareness, we are now shifting into a new state of reality, which includes interactions such as telepathy, instant awareness and understanding, and operating within heart-resonant synchronicity.

A comparison for this would be like, if you had an ‘inner notification system’ that updated you with possible events, plans, and coordinated experiences available to you moment to moment that you could choose from.

You would simply know where to go, who to connect with moment to moment. And others would be aware of you and your choices as well.

Please understand, heart aligned synchronicity is not something we have to ‘do’ or ‘make happen.’ It’s more of who we truly are when we shift from operating in the ‘separation of the mind’ into the connected space of the awakened heart.

If you are here and reading this, you are already deep in your process of integration and remembering. There’s nothing specific you need to ‘do’ to speed it up, or get started.

You are already connected. Your remembering of this connection is unfolding moment to moment in a way that allows for us all to experience a unified remembering.

It may be quite shocking if we all suddenly ‘remembered’ without a nice gradual progression.

So know that you in your infinite wisdom have placed yourself right where you need to be here and now so that everything unfolds in perfection for you.

However, what you can do is begin to shift from ‘needing to know all the answers now’ to getting to know who you truly are, by rooting within yourself and communing with your heart.

Your heart is the center of your knowing and being. Many of us see the heart as ‘emotional and wishy washy’, however the awakened heart is a center of universal wisdom and knowing, and contains within itself the connection to your intelligent mind, as well as the ‘intuitive calls’ of your gut.

You may consider it the merging point where balance of all awarenesses are considered so an aligned present moment step can be made and placed into action.

5) What if I don’t want to participate? I like using clocks! Will people read my mind? This all sounds complicated.”

Never fear, there is no ‘invisible hand’ that will force you to be anything that is not true to you. It is ultimately impossible for us to be what we are not. We can pretend for a while, but not forever.

If you like using clocks, you will have clocks for as long as it is joyful to you. They will not leave you before you are ready to leave them.

People will not ‘read your mind’, at least not in the way we might have seen in movies. We are all becoming aware of our extrasensory nature and remembering our true state of being that exists in the present moment. Everyone is ultimately connected with everyone else, so if it seems like ascension is happening slowly, it is more of a loving process of allowing us to all sync up.

You might experience feelings of time accelerating and slowing down. This is all part of the syncing.

And if it seems complicated, then I suggest that rather than trying to pick it apart with your mind, go within yourself and ask your aligned heart what feels easy, fun, flowing, exciting and engaging right NOW.

Ultimately, this life isn’t about wallowing over what we feel upset or powerless over. This life is an experience we created for the joy of experiencing it.

The shackles are off, the chains tossed in the wind. We are now remembering our sovereignty and our choice to play with things like time, without needing to be ‘trapped’ by time any longer.

Be willing to embrace any feelings of fear or restriction you might still carry with love and non judgement. This is your transmutation process that is connecting you with the wholeness that you already are.

Allow yourself to be present here and now.

And remember, no matter what, you are always right where you need to be.

About the author: Danielle Lynn is an ascension guide who teaches soul alchemy and joyful living through making “Love Choices” and taking inspired action. For more resources on opening your heart and experiencing deeper self love, visit her website here at daniellelynn.com




Michelle Walling, David Manning – It’s Going To Be OK – Dissolving The Matrix – Cosmic Awakening Show



Michelle Walling – How To Exit The Matrix – in5d.com

The Matrix Movie screenshot 1920x1080 (8)


by Michelle Walling, CHLC 


The matrix can be defined as the holographic experience of a third dimensional reality we have chosen into in order to learn lessons or to have experiences. Signing up for this experience was a high risk choice with a high reward of moving to a higher spiritual placement in the cosmos. In preparation for exiting from the program, we reincarnated time and time again, however we accumulated karma that sometimes did not get balanced due to the forgetfulness of our goals. In order to exit the matrix, we must become aware of our goals as a spirit having this physical experience, heal the energies tied to the karma, and serve humanity and the planet in order to reach our goal of ascension.


The purpose of awakening is to remember the goal of ascension out of this third dimensional reality into a higher consciousness: “Ascension is a shift in consciousness, a raising of all lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to full awareness and presence in the NOW. Ascension is the raising of consciousness to a new level of existence, a shift from 3rd dimensional reality to that of the 5th dimension and beyond”.

Ascension is experienced when the four lower bodies are in perfect balance therefore in perfect union with your Higher Self / Soul. This occurs when all so called negative thoughts and emotions such as fear, hatred and anger are transmuted and changed to that of love, kindness and compassion. Ascension is not a place but a state of Being.

Ascension is personal and planetary ascension. The Earth and all her inhabitants are in the process of transforming density into light, transforming our lower four bodies into a unified love / light field known as Lightbody. Planet Earth is in the process of being transformed into a new Garden of Eden where love, unity and peace are the new norm.

“Ascension is not the process of dropping your physical vehicle and leaving this physical realm in search for a better reality, but the process of getting in here being fully in~bodied and alive, joyfully living and sharing this joy with others in turn assisting them to remembering who they truly are.”~ by Emanuehl

The process of ascension involves awareness, intention, meditation, loving yourself, transmuting karma, healing, raising your vibration, transmuting fear, and serving others. These topics are covered in the free E-Book, How to Ascend.

Preparation for ascension takes work and dedication. Once awakened to the reality of the extreme polarity which was designed to help us awaken, the next step is to dedication to the task of completing the healing necessary to create the space inside of your heart where you can expand the light. The expansion of light causes the raising of vibration which causes the shift into another reality or consciousness.

The main preparation involved for ascension is personalized to each individual, however there are some similar stages that are being shared in social media outlets such as Facebook Groups. Here people can share personal experiences such as ascension symptoms and articles, and access support groups among soul family members that agreed to find each other through the great cosmic mind we call the internet.


Ascension is not just a personal experience. It is also a human consciousness experience and a planetary experience. The triad of self, human consciousness, and the planet creates a triangle. Triangles are geometric patterns that create stargates when activated.

On the microcosm level, each prepared human will have two triangles which form a double helix that will spin to form the personal stargate for each individual’s consciousness to be able to travel through. This dual- triangle geometric energy pattern is centered on the body within the heart space and is connected out of the crown chakra to a person’s oversoul. Thus the human body is termed the merkabah vehicle for ascension. When Earth activates her merkabah, the resulting stargate will bring in the energy that will recalibrate earth’s entire field and will in turn affect the bodies of those on the planet that have prepared for this grand occasion.


The ability to activate our merkabah exists in our DNA. Our planet is now in alignment with the photon belt which is an energy field of higher vibrational energy that changes the experience of planets that are immersed into it. As Earth is immersed, she raises her vibration due to her humans grounding the photons through using their bodies and grounding rods. As this higher vibrational energy is grounded in to the planet, all humans on the planet begin to have access to this transformational energy which slowly changes our cells from carbon based to crystalline based.

DNA is the code which patterns the hologram of physical experience. DNA exists in the nucleus of all cells of the body except red blood cells. When the vibrational level reaches a certain level, the crystalline cells fill with light and cause a change in the overall makeup of the human body. This new body is based on the Adam Kadmon lightbody template, which is the original template for the human body before the planet fell into a lower density existence. Some people also call this a regenerated or rejuvenated body, and some call it the rainbow light body.

The codes within the dormant DNA strands have to be activated in order to make the change from carbon based to crystalline based. There are two ways to receive these code activations. The first is to receive light from the photon band which is in alignment with our Great Central sun, Alcyone, in the Pleiades. Alcyone is now in alignment with our sun and the earth. By consciously allowing the energies from our sun via Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) of plasma to enter through our crown chakra we can consciously anchor it into our heart chakra. This has to be a slow process otherwise our bodies would explode apart.

The second way is to receive this code activation from someone who has consciously received the codes and anchored them into their heart. This can be done by either being in that person’s vicinity where their vibration affects the water in the body. The water takes on the vibration which includes the codes. The vibration of the codes reverberates through water and enters the nucleus of the cells. The sound of a person’s voice can also echo into the body’s water which brings the codes into the cells. Some people who consciously do light work will anchor the vibrational codes into their bodies and use their bodies as an antenna or transmitter, and consciously send out the codes in a wave of love to their neighborhood, city, state, country, and planet.

The Adam Kadmon template already exists in the DNA but has been lying dormant in what has been termed “junk DNA” by scientists. Currently humans have two strands of DNA active which give us the hologram of a dense body. When the other ten-plus strands are filled with light, the activation will create a body hologram.

Having a perfected DNA template means that the body will remain youthful and will not degenerate or deteriorate. The upgraded human consciousness will be able to heal the body and repair anything that is out of alignment. If a person had a missing limb before regeneration, they would be able to regrow that limb just like a lizard can regrow its tail. This new way of living in the physical will give us a body that is somewhere in between the light body and the dense body that we occupy now. It will take responsibility and awareness to keep it glowing with light.

The Adam Kadmon begins as a Light Body that is created from divine imprint through the angelic field. This Light body is then integrated with a matter-molecule of part Light and part matter, which we refer to as the M-stra molecule. All humans on this planet contain a seed of the M-stra that in the future will once again become fully realized. The Adam Kadmon then, is not a single Light Being or Race, but a sacred geometry transmitted from the angelic heavens to the matter-world.”

The Light Body of the Adam Kadmon is our pattern for a return home to the greater Light Body of Universal Being. This greater Light Body he refers to as the Asheroth, although he stresses that this is just one of its many names. The Adam Kadmon is the ‘photograph’ of the Asheroth which is encoded hologramically in the Zohar body. The Zohar is the light body that permits the physical system to move into greater dimensions and universes of experience.

We as human beings, contain a hologram of the Adam Kadmon within the cellular interface to our Light bodies. This is the memory of our true Divine form, that will re-activate through the awakening of the M-stra molecule as we assume our roles of Priests and Priestesses of Light within the Universes of God.” ~ Thoth

The Adam Kadmon body allows for the full connection to our true Source which is not possible with the current density body. Currently those who are on the spiritual path are connecting only with that small part of Source that exists within the body. This spark we carry is what causes the heart to beat and the lungs to breathe. Expansion of this connection through the Adam Kadmon body will allow the completed experience of bringing more of this essence of heaven to earth.


Planet Earth also has a merkabah and is going to regenerate her body with the help of humanity. The space ship that we are on called Earth allows human consciousness to exist on her and also allows incarnation into physical bodies. Part of the Zohar experience will be the remembrance of skills and abilities that the human body had before the earth fell in density. Humanity will once again gain the ability to create from the formless or background energy and will thus be able to reverse the damage done to the planet over the many years of abuse. The codes we are receiving cover a wide range of spiritual abilities that will create peace, unity, cooperation, integrity, truthfulness and cultivating a sense of beauty both inside and out. Other abilities will include achieving telepathy, stronger intuition, and physic gifts.

Humanity is destined to become the true stewards of the New Earth through a higher conscious awareness that she is also a living, sentient being. Humans will once again realize that her wellness depends upon humanities wellness. Humans will treat her body as they do their own and will treat others just as they are a part of themselves.


Humanity has been on a long road of third and fourth dimensional existence, and is now astrologically aligned to receive the energies needed for Mother Earth to move into a new place in the Universe which exists in a higher vibration. By triggering our own awakening and ascension vibration, we will assist the planet in triggering hers as well. When she “goes within” herself, she will exit through the eye of a black hole which will relocate her consciousness into a new reality. A black hole is the “void” or the “space between” where creation occurs.

Planet Earth has been stuck in this reality just as long as humanity has. She will be successful in her ascension due to the number of lightworkers and starseeds on the planet who have held the light needed to fuel her birthing. The process is steady and calculated and is guided by extradimensional beings who have taken over the stewardship of the planet until humanity can once again be responsible caretakers. An individual’s process of integrating light into the human body is facilitated by each person’s guides and angels.

Not all humans will be able to fly through the black hole with the planet. Those that have not realized that they are a spark of the Great Spirit having a human experience in tandem with Planet Earth will leave their bodies to have the same type of recurring extreme polarity play on another planet that is preparing for ascension. Eventually, all roads lead to Rome and all of the souls that signed up for the ascension will arrive in Rome just in time for the Cosmic party and ambassadorship induction ceremonies.

About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach. She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for http://www.in5d.com. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Michelle Walling’s cosmic writing website is CosmicStarseeds.com. Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked on the website.




Adventures into Reality – Veronica Keen – Galactic Historian, Andrew Bartzis

Part 03

Part 02

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Galactic Historian·16 videos

Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis and Veronica Keen first round on deep subjects about our past, present and future.