The Long Conversation – Julien Wells, John Allen, Thomas Hughes, Chris Hales

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The Long Conversation – Chris Hales, Julien Wells, Thomas Hughes and Guests – One People Radio

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Today Julien Wells was on for the first 45 minutes for a run-down on the energies appearing on the horizon between now and Christmas. Apparently the action will be thick and fast

The Long Conversation – Julien Wells, Chris Hales, Guests – 5D Media – 2/3 Oct 2013

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Amazing Stories!

Listen to how Pleiadians version of Co-creation.

Talking about Pleadians, Silver Legion, Planets, Lifestyles, Learning Experiences.

The Long Conversation – Julien Wells, Anoka Shiva – 11/12 Sept 2013

The Long Conversation   –   Julien Wells, Anoka Shiva   –   11/12 Sept 2013   –   Click To Listen



First hour – Julien Wells discussing walk-ins, the bankers, the media, the energy of money,
Second Hour – Anoka Shiva from New Zealand joined us. Anoka is a former head of the Political Studies department of a Canadian University and has a lifetime of experience and observations of the realities of creating and sustaining Alternative/New Communities