Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Oh, To Be Free – 11-19-13

God said:

True freedom is freedom from the past.

Yes, of course, bonds imposed upon you from the present outside of you also exist. Of course, you would rather be free to express yourself and to be where you want to be and when and how and never in the slightest have to hide how you are and your real thoughts. Hiding yourself is the same as being imprisoned.
At the same time, even if you have supreme freedom in the world, so long as you are tied up in the past, you are not free. You have the past looking over your shoulder, telling you what to do and how to be. In the grip of the past, you are not free. You are an obedient soldier who automatically reacts. He salutes. He follows orders. The past is a supervisor who does not brook any disobedience. What once was still is until you free yourself from the past. You do indeed have a past.

This is not the first time you have heard that you do not react to what is happening now but rather are responding to what once was. You may well not consciously know what you are reacting to. You think it is someone or something in your present that you are reacting to. Truly, if you were free, you would react differently. You would see and feel differently. When something adverse is happening, it seems like it is happening before your very eyes, yet you are programmed, and you act from the unseen,  perhaps unremembered past. It is not such a good thing to be on automatic, for you are encumbered.

The past has fostered what seems like an instinct in you, and that is to respond in a habitual manner. You may well not be aware that someone today reminds you of someone in the past who was unkind to you when you were young and defenseless, and now you are on guard.

Beloveds, why would you be on guard unless something from the past made you so? What would you have to defend had you not been deeply affected in the past? Today, something in the past sets you off.

The bulls in bullfights are stirred to fighting because of the color red or because of the twirling of the cape. From something, the bull seems to have no choice but to fight. He cannot see that he could simply walk away and not see anything at all to fight about. Whether you are the timid mouse or wild tiger, it could be said that you were trained to be so and you simply haven’t been able to let go and love first. You may have spent your whole life reacting and have been unable to initiate, so ingrained in the past you are.

You could say that it is good to be on automatic when it comes to courtesy. There is something to be said for that, yet how freeing it would be to naturally respond with courtesy or, it could be said, to welcome whoever and whatever may be before you now. It is truly freeing to smile in the present, not as a defense and not as a habit, but from joy inside right now.

I am not telling you anything new.

Yes, how wonderful it would be if you could react to what is simply before you. How lovely it would be if you could let go of all wounds, the ones you remember and the ones you don’t, and come forth unwounded and unscarred. Without woundedness, you would unwind. Tension would leave. You would be as fresh as a spring day. You would still remember what you remember of your past, and yet you would be free from it. You would be free.

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Pull Up The Shades Of Your Heart – 11-8-13

God said:

Beloveds, today is the day in front of you, so love it. Set yourself up for a great day! Anticipate it. Welcome it. Treat it with respect. Hail it. Make today a shining day, a golden day.

Why not a holy day today? What not a day today when you listen to the beat of My heart? Why not a day today that awes you, has you dancing with joy, right with Me where I AM right with you?

Why not an uncanny day? Why not today a day that you take on as your emboldened golden partner in evolution? There are many steps of evolution. You will experience many.

Every day can be a heyday. A lot depends upon how you greet the day. You do recognize that you are the host to today? Welcome today whatever today may look like. Give today a comfortable seat in your heart. Nourish it.

Just as a day may start overcast and the sun bursts forth, so can you be part of this day’s blossoming into full sunshine.

Today is a precious day no matter what it looks like or seems to presage. Like an umbrella on a windy rainy day, today can turn inside out and reveal its tender underbelly. In any case, be more concerned with how you treat today rather than how today seems to treat you. You don’t know everything, not by a long shot.

Never were you told to welcome only sunny days that seem to fall onto their knees for you.

You are not an old-time cop who directs traffic, starting and stopping it.  In fact, your responsibility to today is to bless it and wave it forward. You harbor today and do not go by its appearance. Today, offer your heart as a haven for everyone you meet.

Meet today with anticipation of My appearing before you today. Look for Me. Listen to My Voice. Encourage today to shine in all its glory. And, if you see today as a dark day, pull up the shades of your heart and welcome it anyway.

Today is a day of your life. A day of your life! It brings you precious cargo. Look for it. Do not look for trouble. Look for sprouts of love to grow. Be you a grower of love. With love burgeoning in your heart, can you be downcast? Love is an inviter. Love nourishes you, your day, everything. You may be disappointed that today isn’t your favorite day. Well, then, let today be water rolling off your back.

Despite the darkness of any one day, the sun is shining just the same. Beloveds, do not close the door on any day. Even in the depths of life lie the heights of life. Be open to today and find the blessings in it. If you can find tragedy, you can also find blessing. You can be sure that no matter how difficult you may see the presentation of today, somewhere within it, sunshine and gold sparkle. This is inevitable.

Even if today seems like the darkest day of your life, it has a gift for you. Today itself is a great gift, and it is a day to strengthen your heart and therefore your awareness, and, therefore, your power. At the very least, you are strength being tempered. Steel is stronger than iron. You are being treated to growth, and grow you will. Consider life as a foundry where you find your mettle. Your mettle is Greatness, beloveds.

You don’t just grow one way. There are many ways to grow. The day is coming when you will rise every day to meet the sun.

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – From Love Create Your Life – 10-24-13

God said:   10-24-13

Consider this: There is no penalty. You are not in danger. There is no danger.

Yes, yes, you imagine penalty and/or danger around every corner. You do not need to wear a knight’s shining armor. You do not need protection. You are safe. You are well taken-care of.

Ah, but you choose to be what you perceive as a realist, and you feel pursued by all that you do not want. You make friends with it.

Will you, as a favor to Me, please start feeling safe and secure and know that I forever hold you safe in My arms of love?

The world is fraught with change, and this worries you. Begin to remind yourself that the world is filled with love as well. Love is inevitable. Love is secure. Love from Me to you is a constant. Love you have, only, you hide so much love from yourself. Perhaps you do not feel worthy, and so you deny yourself security. You deny yourself love. You give yourself suffering in advance. Perhaps you feel that, by suffering in advance, you are lessening your chances of pain. Beloveds, what you are doing is making sure that you receive what you consider your allotted pain. It is like you make a reservation for it, as if you desire a front-row seat, as if you don’t want to miss the performance.

You do not need to draw any kind of suffering to you. If, as you seem to think, pain is inevitable, why, then, draw it to you? Don’t keep count. Don’t run toward it. Don’t have your arms wide open for it.

You find life scary. Therefore, you are scared. Yet fear does not protect you. Why do you act as though it does? Fear may well actually draw to you that which you fear.

Give up on suffering. You have learned suffering. You have been taught it. You were a good learner. You believe pain is inevitable, and so you lie in wait for it, as if lying in wait is somehow a repellant, or, perhaps, that being alert to suffering, suffering will pass you by as a courtesy or as a delaying action. But the thing is, you tend to wait for the other shoe to fall. What you wait in watch for, often occurs, or you call it to you, and it comes.

Perhaps you consider the world a jungle. Think a different thought. What you think matters. It matters a lot. What you think is like a map you follow.

Better to take initiative and chart your course. Draw your own course. Call it a map of your life.

Draw pictures of what you welcome to your side. Write descriptions. Immerse your thoughts in what you desire. Believe in desires at least as much as you believe in bad news.

Change your ideas. Have different ideas. Offer yourself treats every day. Look at the sun. Watch the clouds roll by. Immerse yourself in the life you want. Create it. From the silence of your love, create your life.

To some degree and much to your protest, you do. Life is not all cards that are dealt you. Even when you have been dealt a rough hand, it is up to you how you are to deal with it. Even when you have real trouble, you have choices to make. You can choose to elevate your life and the lives around you, or you can feel sorry for yourself and take the line of least resistance. Or you can stand tall and be strong in the glory in which I made you.

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Risings To God – 10 September 2013

God said:

Only when you freeze up can you feel that life is too much for you. You get locked in place when you feel that you are not equal to the task, whatever the task may be. You are frozen in place, in space. You are caught in a still shot, and cannot move. Resistance has made you immobile.

Life stretches you, there is no doubt of that. Just as you might grit your teeth and be tight-mouthed, you have become immobile. You don’t know which way to go, and you can’t seem to move. This is also called rigid, beloveds.

Of course you know by now that, in life, you have to bend. Frozen, you cannot bend. It would seem that you have put a protective covering over yourself. You would choose another scenario for yourself where you are buffered rather than exposed. You know that you need to rebound from whatever it is you are dealing with. Initially, you simply are not quite able to deal with it, and so you stop, frozen in place. Frozen must be some kind of respite for you at this time.

You do not know how you can deal with great loss, and so you freeze, as a deer caught in headlights might. Or, perhaps as a chameleon, you do not want to be seen. Whatever the situation of your heart may be, you are stunned. You can’t believe it. You won’t believe it.

It has been said, and you have heard, that nothing is given to you that is too much for you. Hard to believe, yet you will not fall apart. After your pause, your cessation of activity, alone in a silent chamber of your heart, you will come out of shock. You will let go of your protest and your resistance and come to some of kind of settling down. If a loved one has left you, if you have been sentenced to life in prison for a crime you did not commit, if you are faced with bankruptcy, if you are homeless, if you have been fired, if you have been shot, if you are kidnapped, whatever you are assailed with, as much as you can’t make it through, you can, you do, you have.

Here’s how it is. Life goes on, and you go on. No matter how great your heartbreak, no matter how great your innocence, no matter how great your guilt, you survive. Vestiges may linger, yet you come to some kind of settlement, perhaps even peace.

All your life you have probably learned to fight things, to push through, or perhaps you have learned to back off, look the other way, to retreat.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. What goes on around you is not the making of you. You are the making of you. Built in to you is great courage, beloveds. Even lost in a forest or a jungle, you can find your way out. Even when knocked down on the pavement, you can get up. You can get up and walk on. You must walk on.

Being alive on Earth means you move on. Even paralyzed, you move on. Your heart beats. Even in a coma, you are alive, and you have a soul. Your soul is never unconscious. You may be unaware, yet your soul keeps being soul, and your soul stays strong regardless of any or all of what life in the world seems to hand you. You do get up and you do walk on to the sunset, and you do pass the boundaries of the world, and you do keep going, and you prevail. This is what human beings do. They rise.

No matter what occurs, you rise. You are rising now. You are rising to Me now.]

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Your Very Self – 1 September 2013

God said:

What you want of Me is what you want of yourself. What did I just say? What did I mean? I mean for you to be self-sufficient. All answers are within you. If the Kingdom of God is within, it is within. The worshipper and the worshipped are the same. That which you seek is within you. You are your own answers to your prayers. You are the solver and the solution. Find Me within you then. There is a tendency to think power lies outside you.

Greater than the individual you are the glory and power that shines in the hearts of all. Yes, I say all. Not just a chosen few.

Let’s look at it this way. All are chosen. I chose, and you chose. We could call it a team effort, yet it was no effort at all.

What do you think it means when I say We are One, and there is no We, there is only I and the Oneness of I AM? Who is talking, and Who is listening? Who is speaking, and Who is hearing? Who is writing, and Who is written? If I exist within one human being, I exist within all. The many is a fractured picture of One. Optical illusion, shall We say? Here is that word We again. Well, it is better than the words you and I as though separation were real.

Can there be Oneness and multitudes? I suppose there can be that concept, and you do have that concept. The all that you see is a pictograph of Oneness. A clear photo isn’t taken. It has so many pixels when only Oneness is. Another name for Oneness is Wholeness, only, in Truth, there are no separate parts to make whole. Wholeness is the same as Oneness. One and One and One and One add up to One.

Why is this important to realize? Because this is Our One Self I speak of. I speak to Whom? Why, to Myself, of course. My Self is none other than that which you refer to as your Self. This Self is not a selfish self nor is it propelled by ego. Ego does not flourish in Oneness. Naturally Oneness leaves the imagined ego behind. Ego cannot preside in Oneness. Ego is done in in Oneness. Ego stays out. It has no choice. Just as a hippopotamus cannot fit through a door, nor can ego enter the portal of Oneness. Ego wears a big hat and cannot walk in, sneak in, or even exist in Oneness. If ego tried to sneak in, ego would be neutralized. So say I.

When you hear Me, when you read between the lines, you and I are consistently the One that ever was. And, yet, despite your disavowal of life on Earth, you love it. You can grumble and shout, and yet you like it so much that you dwell in it, not only physically, but in every other way. You certainly think about world life a lot. You are immersed in it, as if world life is all there is.

The Earth is your dance floor. Let’s face it, you love the multiplicity of life. Where else is there so much to wonder at and be amazed at? Nevertheless, life on Earth is not the extent of your existence, My existence.

I am going to tell you that, despite all your complaints and shenanigans, there is more to life than what “Now you see and now you don’t.” There is a Presence, and that Presence is within you. The Presence is the Vastness of Oneness Itself. You are never without the God within the so-called you Who art your very Self, and, therefore, Mine.

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Muse – 1 August 2013

God said:

What are you to do when a creative idea comes to you, and you want to seize the moment and run with it? The muse doesn’t always come when you call it. The muse may well come when you are not looking for it, when you may be cooking dinner, when you may be having people over for dinner in twenty minutes, when you are supposed to keep an appointment. The muse may well come when you can’t sit down with it. Before you can get to sit down with your muse, the muse has left. The song you were going to write down is gone, the poem, the great novel, all gone.

There are opportunities when you can stop what you’re doing. When you are doing your bank balance, who says that you have to finish it and so put the earthly first?

When you are driving the car, perhaps you can pull over. Perhaps you can always carry a notebook with you or a sketch book.

Perhaps when you are cooking supper for your family, perhaps, you can stop cooking, turn the preparation over to a daughter, or pull out something from the freezer instead.

What comes first in your life? That is the question. You cannot always come first. At the same time, you don’t always have to come last of all, now, do you?

If you do not find time for the creative pursuits you would like, then make room in your life for creativity.

Perhaps you are caught up with daily life like a horse that automatically goes to the barn. Perhaps you aren’t motivated enough. Maybe creativity isn’t truly so high on your list any more. Perhaps it’s just a hobby and not a vocation. Perhaps you simply are not passionate enough. Or perhaps there is a temporary lull, and your passion will come back full-force. Even so, make time for yourself.

Perhaps time for yourself is to jog. Or just read. Or play the piano. Whatever time for yourself may include, make room for it. No one else is going to arrange it for you. You cannot blame anyone else for preventing you from what you truly want. You are the one who has to respect your yearnings. Then others will.

You are the major influence in your own life. You are your own driver. You are your own start button. You are your own light switch. You are your own ignition.

Perhaps there is within you an issue for you to resolve. It is your life, after all.

Be good to others, and be good to yourself. Love yourself as you do love your neighbor. Be as good to yourself as you are to your neighbor. You don’t have to always sit up in front in your life, nor do you always have to sit in the rear.

Now let Me say something that may seem to be opposite. You are your own decider, and you need no defense. When it is your happiness to serve your family, for instance, and that is your true inner need, when this is your true desire, then follow your true desire. When you are content, be content. It may truly be your mission to stay at home. It may truly be your mission to not be ambitious.

One thing you can know. It is not your mission to be resentful. It is not your mission to foist responsibility onto others. It is not your mission to regret. Nor is it anyone else’s mission to tell you what to make of your life. Not even all the books that experts write to tell you what you are to do with your life are infallible. Their advice may be excellent. It may not be excellent for you right at this moment.

Freedom is yours, beloveds. Use it. / link to original article

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Why You Are Alive On Earth

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God said:

What is the worth of anything without love, beloveds? What is the worth of life without love? That which is of the utmost meaning is love. Consider love the salt of life. Love itself IS life, beloveds. When anyone forswears love, he has forsworn life.

The love We speak of here is not accolades of love to or from you. It is the love from your heart that We speak of. We are speaking of the heart of you. The heart of something means the meaning of something. That you are alive means you have been chosen to give love. I chose you. Of all the possibilities, I chose you and you and you. The point is that you are you. Regardless of whatever else may lurk in your heart, your heart is meant for love and love alone. The meaning of you is love.

You may ask: “What am I alive for on Earth?”

My answer is: “You are alive here on Earth to express love for everyone and everything.” You need not look for a more esoteric meaning, a meaning that may seem loftier to you, that you were chosen to do great things, that you, of all the people in the world were chosen to do a great deed on Earth, to play an earthshaking role etc. etc.

The point is that you were each chosen for Greatness on Earth, and your Greatness is love. How your love expresses is individual, and yet you are here on Earth in the human form you are encased in to express love. That’s it. That may not seem fancy enough for your tastes, and, yet, that is it.

How do you personally express love? Express love as love. Even a thank you expresses love. A smile expresses love. And it may well be that the greatest love you can express is acceptance of everyone and everything, acceptance of the world and everyone in it. To express love and companionship for the next person you see is expressing the Greatness of Love.

Be like Me, will you? Despite the surface differences you may latch onto, I express love and acceptance, and that’s what I do. That is My purpose. Does My purpose need to be loftier than that? A map has been drawn, and it’s a Map of Love. It showers from Heaven upon everyone and everything, even in the arena you call past, present, and future.

Align with love, My beloveds. Align with Me. Be done with anything that is less than love. What do you need anything less than love for? For misery? For your misery and/or another’s? What do you want pain for, for you or anyone? What is the gain of that? Perhaps a senseless sense of power. True power is love. Bitterness is not power. Vanquishing another is not power. If you want to be in control in a big way, let go of everything but love in your heart, love from your heart, love to an fro, loving embracing all hearts on Earth.

Can you not love Me? And I do exist within everyone. I exist within everyone you meet. What you may see as the lowliest of the low is also My love. He may not know that. But now you know that.

If you want to be important, be a Way-Shower of Love. And, if importance matters not to you, also be a Way-Shower of Love. Beloveds, love is the only game in town.

This is your fate, beloveds. Your fate is to love. There is nothing more than love. Everything else is less. What do you have when you have a million dollars and you keep it to yourself? What do you have when you have a million-dollar heart and keep it all to yourself? What do you have when you have nothing and are without love? You are the same love as I, and now be it. / link to original article

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Closer To God’s Heart

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God said:

Coming to My heart is not meant to be an escape. Life is not to be escaped from. Coming to My heart is more of a realization that I am with you, and that you are Mine. You are Mine as you experience life. Life is not to be fled from any more than it is to be faced — as though life were an assault. Avail yourself of life. Do not assail it. Do not protect yourself from it. Do not be on guard. Do not close your heart.

Contrary to common lore, hearts do not break. They do not break in two.

Perhaps We could say that life is about healing the illusion that there is heartbreak. Perhaps life is about the putting together of human hearts. Perhaps life is about the healing of misunderstandings about the heart, what it is made for, and how it is to be allowed to conduct itself.

No more sob sister about your heart. Put your heart together by giving it room to grow in, to swell, to overtake the world, to endear your heart to yourself. Hearts are for cementing of love, not the withdrawal of it. Love anyway. Love as if love is the only thing to be. Love is the only thing to be, and, then, it follows naturally that, from Being, love ensues. Never mind about broken hearts. Your heart does not need a splint.

Nothing has to be made right. Life is to be allowed. You are not to assault life even when you may feel that life has assaulted you. Be a pillow that receives life. It is perfectly fine to allow life to be what it is. Even as you surmise boulders of life surrounding you, have a clear heart, and the boulders will roll away and open a gateway modeled on your heart. Let your heart love. Your heart is
made for love.

Love is simple, not complex. Love is not ownership. Love is simply a blessing that depends upon nothing but itself.

Love is not to be on guard. Love is not a warrior. Love is not to be seen as a victor nor is love to be seen as a defector. Let your heart not miss a beat. Hearts neither triumph nor lose out. Self-pity is not love. Tears have nothing to do with love. Drama has nothing to do with love. Love alone has to do with love.

Make sure you do not put a moat around your heart. Despite what you think, safety is not an issue when it comes to love. Platitudes do not belong with love. Attitudes do not belong with love. Remorse does not belong with love. Be glad that you have loved. Do not mourn that you have loved. It may be so that you loved an idea in your mind and not the reality. Be glad then that you loved an idea.

Love is not mistaken. The world says it is. I tell you to be fruitful and multiply, and the fruit I mean is love, love as it is, love as it is given, love as it is returned or not returned. The thing is that you love. Do not forswear love. Swear to love more. Swear to be a human being who loves and does not get hung up on love.

I, God, love. You, human being, love. Dance for joy that your heart loves. Let that be enough. If someone does not want your love, so be it. Everyone is free to love in return or not love in return. Love is meant to go where it goes. Love is to be replenished through Me. I give you full love, whether you love Me or not. I await your love, for I know that you are meant to love and to love Me. I know My dharma, and I know your dharma is the same. Love is never at fault. Attachment is. link to original article

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Together

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gods20handGod said:

This thing about separating people into two must come to an end. If you think of people as them and you, one group superior and another inferior, this is separating yourself from others and others from you. You are pushing people apart from your heart.

Yes, I understand that the words you and them and such expressions are a manner of speech and built into language and may be awkward to get around. Yet there are times when you can do this, and it is easy and it works. You only have to think of it. There is no they. All are One. All are One with Me, why not One with you?

Do not put yourself and your ideas up on a pedestal. Be careful about putting yourself up as an authority, that you know better than others, or there is only one way to think, and it is yours.

As you give advice to someone and you continue to say: “This is how you do it,” you are tending to put yourself up as an authority. You are saying: “I know how this is to be done. You don’t. I am a great authority, and you’re not.”

Better to use the word we than you. This identifies yourself and another as One. You are not coming on as though you are the wise one and the other is the one who needs to be advised.

Say we, and you will see that you are culturing brotherhood. You are standing on the same ground. You may or may not know better than another. Now I am giving you a technique for finding yourself on the same side as another and not superior nor in charge. Two human hearts join in an understanding. It is a good idea for you to observe this.

You notice I am saying you, and I am saying I, and, yes, I am teaching you, and, yes, I am assuming that I come from a vaster field of understanding, and I know that you are likely to hear what I say and welcome what I coach you on. Now I will say We. We can assume that you, here as One, grant Me your audience. We can assume that you come before My eyes with an open heart and ears ready to hear. We can assume that you come here to gain, and that gain you will.

Yes, when you think of it, when you can, transform separating terms into Oneness of Heart.

And, yes, even as I advise you, I sit you on My lap, so to speak. Even as I advise you, the radiance of Our love surrounds Us. Oneness is uppermost in My Being. Yes, I come to Myself to learn in the form of you.

In dealing with so-called others, say we and so you embrace. We is a form of handshake. Let’s shake hands that We and everyone are here together for the purpose of growing to Oneness.

This course is a course in Unity that I am giving right now. This is a course in tone. This is a course in love, beloveds. It is more loving to embrace than take positions across from each other. The Truth is that We are not across from each other, so, in speaking from mutuality, We are closer to the Truth of Our One Being.

And this is something that We can all do and do right away. The use of the words you and I separate. The use of the word we brings Oneness to the fore. We are speaking of the difference between pulling hearts together or pushing hearts away from each other. Let Us all join in the Kingdom of One. Let Us unite. Let Us embrace. Together is better than apart.

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