Higher Self and Unity Time – – The Golden Heart Dialogues – Ascension Update – 7-5-14



It is the inner knower aspect of our nature that provides us with steady calm during tumultuous times. Times like this— right here now. With the ensuing chaos it is a perfect time to go inside. Many of you are doing this already and yet there is even a higher plane to explore. It is the plane where your Ultimate Self lives. Your inner knower has unrestricted access to the door to Source.

What we are really doing is venturing towards our future selves. This does bring us comfort, as in, why are we here?

When you are unmistakably certain you have ventured to the highest plane of your consciousness, you have entered a domain of stunning awareness. A plane where everything you are is. You stand at the threshold, the access point for our place of origination. We call this home.

Each person has an inner knower and Ultimate Self. It is pure awareness that communicates with our soul. We can say our Ultimate Self animates our soul. There is no greater time than now to be knowingly engaged with this aspect of ourself. I use the term Higher Self (HS). It is the invisible subtle self. HS is the common most searched term for those on this journey. The higher self is not the soul. It is the spiritual essence that animates the soul.They work as one however. In our past series we explored the realm of existence outside of time. This is where our subtle self lives.

What are the skills or methods for accessing HS? These are the basics.

Skills for accessing Higher Self are simple: 1. Free will choice. 2. Determination 3. Resolve 4. Good Intention. 5. Desire to know HS. 6. Receptivity and Acceptance. (This being the most unfamiliar challenge). This is the now what, (?) part. Accepting what is true is actually a foreign concept. It runs against our programming, both birth and cultural.

Since 2012, and after fourteen years of expansion, I integrated with the twelve aspects of my earth-based soul, I integrated with a part of myself that influences my current life. We are on earth to discover and become aware of these fragmented parts of ourselves. And ultimately to love them all. There is no bypassing while exploring this on our journey. A direct approach is best and this demands our wakefulness.

In order to do this it is imperative to be grounded and occupying our body— to not be dissociating, trancing-out or separated from Source or our humanity in any way. Retrieving our soul fragments is the role of the soul/Higher Self. The mission is to come into our wholeness. Ideally we attempt this as a collective embarking on our journey to a new/ earth/nation/rising. The soul’s last mission and wish is Individuation into Wholeness. We have covered this in our conference calls. There are tools for accessing HS in a more precise manner and by bypassing any sort of rhetoric, gimmicks or tertiary dogma.

The time for processing or delving into shallow or surface-level cathartic techniques is past. We are meant to journey through, not camp out too long, on our way. The planetary clock, as a metaphor, is ticking and time as we know it has dissolved. Many of course are not aware that we are already in unity time. We are crossing dozens of choice points simultaneously now.

We are rolling up our sleeves at this level of expansion. No whining serves us now. At this juncture we are to get through it by moving forward. No looking back, now wishy-washy faulty thinking now.

We can do this. Now is the time to huddle together and encourage each other and sometimes even splash a bit of cold water when needed. We are being pushed, pulled, prodded now.

We can do this, we truly can. We have each other, you and me, equals one. One, by one, is how we manage this. Side by side we take each other by the hand.

Christina Fisher, A New World Rising and How to Navigate Through It, 2014




A Homily on Wonderment – The Golden Heart Dialogues



October 18, 2013

The Golden Heart Dialogues

While living our truth we may find ourselves spellbound by wonder. These spellbound moments are about being truly engaged and tapped in. The use of the word wonder does offer a mixture of being in a contextless state. When we wonder we question, as we question, we explore. When we wonder about something we are in an open state of expansion and exploration. In our wondering we may choose a thought that when fabricated, becomes a premise or supposition. This may be a supposition we either embrace and reflect, or deny and reject. As we wonder we contemplate, we conjure, we suppose and we possibly develop a hypothesis that supports our exploration.

During this process we may select a purpose, response or choice that moves us here or there. If we align with our choice and new direction we find ourselves going down a particular path, one that we perhaps did not expect. When we take this path we find ourselves in a new place. We created this new place through our wondering-thought. Through our choice, we acted on our wondering. Wondering has its place in our lives, as it helps us move forward simply by creating something that was not present initially.

Wonderment may lead us into a flowing state of bewilderment, a kind of mystifying yearning. Our yearning is what keeps us going and heads us towards a place we have yet to explore. What if our great inventors, or scientists or artists or teachers or theorists never entered a state of wonder? Wonderment supports our idea of freedom. A freedom that prods us into an undefined state of awe. This mystifying yearning born out of our curiosity to wonder, takes us through the doorway of questioning, I wonder why? I wonder if? I wonder when? I wonder what?

Our world would be in a continual stagnant fog of consistency if we did not wonder. Suppose we could create simply by thinking. This works, yet when we allow our thinking to wander, we enter into a realm of wonderment. This ream of wonderment becomes the impetus for our resolve, undeterred determination and focused intention. And so the formula that sprouts first from wonder, then creation and action mixed with resolve, determination and focused intention. Wonder comes out of that thing they don’t add to our learning curriculums and educational courses, and that is intuition. It is that undeniable force that lives and breathes within us, in an invisible place called wonder.

Explore wonder as the new freedom and frontier for our new world rising. The next time you meditate invite the presence of wonder into your space.

A New World Rising and How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher, Copyright 2013

The Golden Heart Dialogues

Be the Calm In the Heart of Uncertainty In a World in Transition – The Golden Heart Dialogues



October 4, 2013

The Golden Hear Dialogues

All the while we fidget and fuss there is within us a stoic calm. In this calm there is no drama, no words to convey the silence either. In this calm there is peace. There is no sound, no fury, only the hint of silence. Where there is silence there is bliss. A bliss not known by those who are busy compacting unnecessary banter into their thought archive. Adding those non-essential facts that don’t have relevance creates a distorted haze. When in fact peace is our natural state.

Our source for serenity is found within. No sound, no movement only the quiet River of Light placidly flowing as a reminder of our internal rhythm of grace found in the heart of peace. It is here in the unspoiled place of pristine tranquility we find comfort and certainty. Soothed and untouched by the outer world we are suspended and cradled in the soothing River of Light.

Joy and peace radiate from the space within our heart. Deep peace is what we find here. Everywhere we go we can spread peace and drench every place with this river of peace. While we do this we naturally foster a joy in our heart that glistens, as it dances upon the still waters of the River of Light.

The Source of Understanding

In the solitude we find ourselves listening to the depth of our ancient self, the one who knows all. Here in the quiet space within we find our truth and hear the silent whispers.

Listening when it may seem impossible, we find our true calling. We become attuned to the emptiness of the shallow self, so we can go deeper.

The source of our understanding and truth lie in the silence.  We are innately attuned to the Cosmic Heart lying asleep within where we find our heart’s purest desires and intent.

It is through our intent we accept our shortcomings and transmute every false idea we create about ourselves. Even when we think we are okay we find another layer to be lifted and returned to where it originated.

It is sound advice to omit the thoughts that rattle loose inside our mind. Release those thoughts brought forward, undo the tether, and let them drift away.

At this time we are living in a world of unparalleled chaos and turbulence, and although this might be the situation there is hope and promise on the horizon. We are living through the most unfathomable shift in consciousness that humanity has known.

At this time many are suffering and many are thriving as well. There are those who have heeded the call of their sovereign self, the one who knows how to stay above it all. Those who are tethered to the earth’s outdated matrix are finding their daily lives excruciating.

As this transition progresses it will be shown that all is well and occurring as it should be. Trusting what is at hand, many will see the true meaning of this remarkable juncture, and find comfort regardless of what is happening in and around them.

Through the chaos it is helpful to regulate and find congruency and continuity by being focused and centered. Developing a disciplined routine will be supportive during this time of potent change.

Choosing nature as a calm environment, you may retreat inside to spend time in prayer, meditation, or silence. Human beings instinctively gravitate towards the natural solutions for their inner and outer comfort. It is valuable to be assisted and entrusted to a facilitator but also know you already have the inner resiliency and personal power needed.

In the sanctuary of enlightenment you rub shoulders and touch the hearts of those like you who are awakening more and more. In this space of love there is no room for fear, or angst, as it holds a nuance of what our new world rising represents. A world where judging is not found, nor contempt or merciless behavior is supported. As this world dies and the new one is born, love is the sound.

Stay still in the sanctuary of enlightenment where you can be who and what you are.

In the Sanctuary of Enlightenment, 133 pages. Author Christina Fisher Copyright 2013  Available as an electronic book,    –  Please contact christina@goldenheartdialogues.com

The Golden Hear Dialogues

Accessing Our Divine Inheritance – The Golden Heart Dialogues


The Golden Heart Dialogues

The truth of who we are is in the journey to the One. Our insights prepare us, inspire us and teach us, about what lies ahead. Self-discovery is the simplest way to activate the doorway of self-knowledge. Tertiary alignment supports one’s journey towards profound levels of understanding. Wisdom is channeled from within. Clarity begets wisdom. Accessing the brilliance of one’s inner wisdom provides sustenance during times of turmoil.

Tertiary alignment, integration of the three selves, clears the way for tapping directly into our true nature. The integration of one’s trinity-self awakens the wisdom within empowering us to rise up. Stretching ourselves beyond the incremental self we tap into the greater part of who we are. There is an oasis within. Limitless resources are found in the bottomless well of our inner being. We satiate ourselves and quench our thirst at the well of our delight.

A calling from within nudges us sends us in an upward spiraling direction. Moving upward we move to a much higher plateau. With an even footing and at a deliberate pace we enter a new world rising. There is a sacred destiny for humanity, alive in every heart and soul. Awakening and living through our trinity-self affords us our divine inheritance. We welcome the calm stillness within and source ourselves again and again.

There is a sunshine brighter than we know, illuminating our lives along a beam of brilliant light. Rising to the joy in the dawn’s early light we move beyond through the veil of instantaneous light. Limitless we are, moving past fear into enlightenment, we build a new reality tapping into unrestricted resources. We divine the light from within and dream the dream of our new world rising.

In our new world rising profit is not necessary nor measured by over zealous marketers, for all is abundant and unlimited. We create through new eyes, without greed and erroneous thinking or domination, we excel towards the ultimate society of our highest thoughts. Our new world is abundant and revered. In our new world rising light follows light permeating all.

A New World Rising, How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher Copyright 2013

The Golden Heart Dialogues

The Golden Heart Dialogues – The Frequency of the Twelve Dimensions of Love – September 13, 2013

The Living Light Tribe


The Golden Heart Dialogues

Love Is A Frequency

These texts are about True Love. It is time to be aware of our destiny of Utmost Love. True Love reigns above all. The earth is now going through her movement. This is a predictable and practical shift that is occurring. It is a shift to love.

For millenniums earth’s inhabitants have pursued a shallow expression of love. The inhabitants of earth have never actually been enlivened with, and aware of, True Love until now. The quality of love emerging on this New World Rising is the frequency of true love. Imagine that the earth vibrates to a sound frequency. Imagine that the tone, or sound is that of Love. Imagine that Love is a sound, a harmonic sound and that love is a frequency.

The earth has a sound current. It is measured in Hz. The current Hz is in the range of the seven. The New Earth is now about to embody a new vibration and a new harmonic tone. She is now about to be rotating and vibrating to a new harmonic of The Group of Twelve Dimensional Octaves, (not 12Hz). As this new dimensional hertz sound becomes Earth’s new sound she will orbit in the frequency of Love as the New World Rising. The new earth of love is going to rise up and become a luminous earth. This sound of The Twelve is found on the lighted luminous earth where there is only love. Our Earth is now having a time of it. She is about to have another shift. It is so she can move up. It is so she and her children, you and I, can move up.

It is so there can be a new becoming, that of the One Sound. The one sound is the sound that is already here. It is adjusting now underground, it is becoming a new sound within the core. My next book is to tell of this new Orbit of Love in an outline and detail the event of our coming home. It is a story of us returning to the Original Intent.

Our earth is having a rough time of it. She is in charge of this massive shift into her New Orbit. Imagine you are a part of her group and you have been charged to ground and help her safe sojourn. Imagine you are the ones, in unison, who are caring for her safe sojourn into her full luminosity. The earth has always had a plan. She has had a plan from the start. It is a plan for her to come into her luminescence. She has now begun her sojourn and it is in full swing. We are, and you are providing a ground for this.

Love has until now been conceptual. Humans have previously demonstrated love through their practices by living in their hearts in a top-layer mode. They have been able to conceive of love, show love, and be love, at a causal level, a very basic and fundamental level. What if we are actually encoded to fully embody True Actual love? Actual love is the love above the causal or mental plane it is a lofty love. It is the true love. It is the love of the One Sound, the one heart. This love is the love that is found in the higher octaves.

From the beginning love has been tampered with over many times and across many timelines. It has not been the proper time for Earth and her inhabitants to come into the fullness of love. The time for this fullness is now. Until earth’s inhabitants know, accept, and embody true love, it will not become possible for earth to be in her light body. This event horizon is of the utmost and it is now.

With this week’s theme of Proximity: Who we are, where are and why we are, it is a code we all know. We are informed through this tone to who we truly are. Saying We Are the Cosmos is true. Better said, to fully grasp is it is important to know who we are, why we are and where we are. Proximity is both the inner and the outer.

So as ethereal as this posting may be interpreted it is related to what is happening just now. Last month another blogger posted a call to all those who are “working in the light” to offer others the ability to know who they are. I immediately launched the Higher Self-Inner Knower teleconference series, Higher Self 2.2 call. Since our first call we established a special bond between a small and special group. We have grounded a vehicle of light for providing a conduit for just this. This vehicle is a Group Light Body. I created a special collage that I have posted above. We have come together as a living light tribe, a new tree of life for a new world rising.

I honor and celebrate those who were drawn and who are experiencing an expansion and new relationship with Higher Self, their Inner Knower. This is not a time for any of us to bow out, but yield and bow in. This is what our group has done. I recognize our small group by first name. Alphabetically listed. Adam, Angela, Anne, Laurie, Pedro, Richard, Sandra,  Susan. Eight is the Golden number here. I  mention those who were in the first month’s group too. Irene, Rae, Shelley, Michael, Una, Joss and those from our September group. Each has contributed to this beautiful Living Light Tribe and Tree of Life in our new world rising. Each brought an intention and frequency into our group and I painted this into our living light template above.

I will post some of their sharing on the next blog. We will meet again this Sunday and Monday as always at two times, PST and EST both at 7:30 PM. Please see the announcement in my archives Higher Self 2.2 for the details and call in number and code.

A New World Rising and How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher Copyright, 2013


The Golden Heart Dialogues