Karen Bishop – The Endless Cleanse – 11-23-13



To so many of us, this Ascension journey feels like an overly long trek which is taking forever to get somewhere meaningful, or at least, to a place which looks more like Shangrila than Gotham City. It seems like with each step we take, we get knocked back one step. Once in a while, we take one step forward and actually get to enjoy the progress for a while before we take a deep breath and go forward again. And so meaningful progress has been slow.

I’ve always consoled myself by saying that we’ve come from Higher Dimensional realms where we’ve already “ascended”, so to speak, in the sense that we originated from a higher density existence before being called for duty here on Earth. That’s why we feel that we are wading in thick goo, fighting with all our might to move a millimetre at a time. Everything seems to be in slow motion in terms of progress. We are trying to get back to that state of Higher Consciousness where we were before, and it’s been programmed in us that we need to do it in this lifetime. So we know where “there” is but it feels like we need to cross a wide divide that’s filled with this sticky goo, thereby making actual progress painfully slow.

However, if we look at it in Human terms, what we are doing is nothing short of miraculous. And remember, it’s never been done before i.e. Planetary AND Humanitary Ascension, all without the death process. What could have taken numerous lifetimes to accomplish, we are now doing it in just ONE. So if we keep that perspective in mind, we are making enormous progress, with lots and lots of help from the Cosmos and the Divine.

Think of it as climbing up a very long and convoluted spiral staircase…lots of steps making a very gradual ascent.

Phew…what a long introduction to this post from Karen Bishop. But then again, her message is pretty long, too πŸ™‚Β  I just wanted to summarise the theme of what she has been saying over the past years ~ that it’s a stop-start-reverse-restart sort of process, but we are actually gaining ground…we really are!

Here for Karen’s post…in three parts.