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 Which particle is? Which particle is not?


Ron Head
Today we want to have a little fun. Your Albert Einstein, now he is our Albert, used to do what he called mind experiments. And we want to do a bit of a mind experiment with you. But that doesn’t seem much like fun yet, does it? So we’ll ask Lucy and Ethel to loan us their chocolate factory. Yes. That’s more like it.
Now this factory is where Creator makes all of the ‘stuff’ out of ‘non-stuff’. And today you get to be Quality Control. We are familiar enough with the current physics to understand now that all of the ‘stuff’, the particles, is made entirely of energy that is vibrating at varying frequencies. And we are standing on the line as these new particles come into being, consisting completely of the thoughts and energies of the Divine Non-Stuff. Got it? Now what we are to do is to separate the particles that have been created less than perfectly. We need to pull aside all of the ones that Creator didn’t make right.

What’s that? You say there are no particles for us to set aside? OK then. Let’s move to another assembly line. Now we are on the line where these new particles are coming together to make stars, nebulas, galaxies, planets and moons. Fun, isn’t it? Remember, we need to dispose of all the defective ones. Everything looks perfect to us. How about you? There must be something for us to do around here.
Let’s move on down the line. Ah, here we are! This is where all the ‘live’ stuff is made. Did you see where the stuff became live stuff? We must have missed that part. Anyway, let’s separate all of the live stuff that isn’t made entirely out of perfect particles. It seems like we have the same problem here. Let’s move on. In fact, let’s skip some steps and see what we can find.
Ah, here’s the line where Creator has all the humans made. It looks like they are still made up of all the perfect particles. But we were assigned to Quality Control, so what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to judge which ones are perfect and which ones are not? Do you want that job? As you look around every day, do you not see people assuming the job of Quality Control agents everywhere you look?
Now, there are a few things to consider at this point. You have begun to choose to understand that your Creator, whatever you call Her/Him, is love. You have gone further and said unconditional love. Unconditional would seem to mean that it is a love that does not judge. So this Creator is not saying, “ I will love each of you as long as… “. Each particle, and every being is nothing more, and nothing less, than made completely of perfect divine stuff. Each is nothing less than another face of the Creator Of All That Is. We know that. We just watched the whole process. Right?
So where does that lead us? Well, for one thing, it means that every person you see today is made entirely of divine stuff and is perfect as you see him or her regardless of how they see themselves and therefor how they act. That does not mean that they act nice. It does not mean that you must like to be around them. It means that they are in the same learning mode that you are and you may choose to learn somewhere else if you like. But that still is not where we wished to go with this.
If all of the above is true, and we know that almost every one of you can agree to this, then what does that make you? Can you begin to accept that you truly are a divine being? Are you made entirely of divine stuff in perfect ways? Did you really do all of the things you have ever done as experiences and steps to learning what you needed to learn? Creator has not judged you. Who has? Do you truly feel that you are a divine being? Why not? Because we tell you that if you do not own this, then you still have some forgiving to do. And Lucy, Ethel, Ricky, if you cannot yet forgive yourselves and everyone else, then “you got some ‘splainin’ to do.” Or some deep reflecting.
Now, before you put on your hair shirts and go further into your guilt trips – in other words, don’t feel guilty about feeling guilty – please understand that the entire object of this experiment was to bring you to see that you are indeed made of, and in fact are, the divine stuff we spoke about. And you cannot be anything else. Because there is nothing else. There really is not. You cannot say, “Creator made All That Is except for that stuff over there.” You cannot say, “Except me.” Are you still learning? Are you still improving? That’s your job. Congratulations. You have spotted ways in which you might be able to improve. Actually, you may find that you were better, in your estimation, the way you were. But you get to decide. And that is alright.
What we have done today is revisit topics that we have spoken of before and looked at them in what we intended to be a new way. We do that often. That is because if you have looked at them before then you are not the same today, and you will very likely gain some new insight. And if you have not, then you will make another step on you journey.
Blessings and a good day to all.
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The Council via Ron Head – All of You are part of Consciousness – 12-15-15

The Council

The Council

We continue.

We were discussing oneness, unity, the idea that all of you are a part of a consciousness. Many of you have a problem with that. You have been taught thoroughly and well over many lifetimes that you are separate and unique. And you have been also taught that you are separate in every other way possible. And those ones over there bode you no good. And those other ones are truly dangerous. And just forget about the ones we haven’t even mentioned.

There was – no, there is – a reason for this. And you know very well that it is a mechanism to keep you all apart and under control. You cannot be made to treat someone that you care about as an enemy. And profit requires enemies. The security of the top layer requires enemies among the lower layers. This is the concept that your world functions upon. It is not true, but it is believed, and belief creates. Belief creates B.S., belief systems.

What we want to replace that with is not exactly a belief so much as it is what you each know full well in your heart, in your gut, is truth. You know that your neighbor, that man, that woman, is exactly like you in his heart, her heart. You know they bleed red. You know their blood can save your life. Why? Because it is the same as your blood. You know they want the same things that you want. The problem there lies in lies. The Belief System that there is not enough to go around is that lie. And it is easy to prove it to you if what you need is held from you or from him. Then all that needs to be done is for that to be shown to you. See? They are starving over there! Never mind that there is enough in dumpsters to feed the world. But that is another story.

The concept that you are a part of a unity is very easy to see if you can look around and suspend doubt for a moment. You understand it in ants, bees, flocks of birds, and schools of fish. It only takes a small change in viewpoint to see that there are many unities to which mankind belongs. There are city consciousnesses. There are those of sororities, fraternities, colleges, states, countries, races, religions, and many more. In fact, the very existence of these is used against you. Is it so difficult then to see the oneness of humanity itself?

No, it is not. As a matter of fact, the Great Awakening that is spoken of so much is largely an awakening to that fact.

Now, if that is a problem for you, then you are really going to enjoy it when you are faced with understanding the oneness of ALL life. But that little lesson is still just a small distance away on your path. You can make it somewhat easier if you begin to tune in to the oneness of the various lifeforms on your own planet. It will be less of a jump to include that from other places in the universe.

All of this is understood by many on your world. This has, however been kept well out of the mainstream, as you term it. You are constantly being bombarded with the mantras of divide and control. And why constantly, do you imagine? We are happy to say that the reason is that you are indeed waking up to the game that is being played upon you. In fact you have reached what is termed a critical mass. You are about to witness how amazingly fast a world-wide change in consciousness can manifest.

This is happening now. Get your popcorn. Grab a beer and your favorite seat. And watch the show. Of course you may choose to do your part. Good for you.

We will speak again soon. Peace to you this day.


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BREAK FREE – The Council via Ron Head – Comentary by Rosalie Parker – 12-5-15


Many of us have already turned off cable TV service in order to replace negativity with positive activities and not to be under mind control.   The council addresses why this is a really good idea.  Here, they point out that we have already won the battle for Freedom.  Now, it is a matter of refining our energies and our beliefs, and changing our habits.  This is the message we hear from Gaia Portal and many other channels.  Maybe you have received the same from your Higher Self.

Since the “news” is all lies and control, replace it with positive, happy activities.  Movies, chosen with this in mind, may be a good replacement, especially as a stepping stone for breaking away from the TV habit.  Many old classics, independents, and foreign films may help to change habitual thought patterns to more beneficial ideas.

Here is the Council’s message regarding the mind control TV and faux news situation.   The orange highlights are my own.



Break Free – The Council

via Ron Head

Today we will speak of your efforts to break free from the old paradigm that you seem to be surrounded by on all sides. And we say ‘seem to be’ because that is what is being made most evident to you while the evidence of anything else is not apparent at all.

There is a manufactured phenomenon in your societies, many of them, called news. First, please realize that it is a manufactured phenomenon. This means that someone has dreamed it up. This means that someone is very likely benefitting from it, and that, dear friends, is probably not you.

It was noticed at some point that bad news got everyone’s attention. Of course it did. Long ago such knowledge saved your lives many times. But the studious application of this understanding of humanity has been cultivated and applied for quite a long time now in order to achieve and maintain control of large populations. It has been refined into a very effective science and all the more so since the advent of what you term mass media. A large portion of the populace has now begun to understand this. But even so, the extent to which these media have been used, and the methods involved, are barely understood. And it is very likely that if one were to try to explain these things it would be some time before anyone would choose to listen and believe them.

Even though so many do understand the likelihood of this, the greatest percentage of those who have access to these media still choose to immerse themselves in them daily. For many, it takes up a huge part of their waking time. For many, it is their greatest source of information. Please understand that this fact is known and taken full advantage of.

Now, why do we, who usually deal in much more positive subjects, choose to address this? We do so because you are in the throes of what might be called a final battle. You are being pulled this way and that every time the situation seems to require it. Even the knowing of this can be used to produce frustration and dejection. You are seldom ever given a tidbit of good and happy news.

Well, we are here to tell you that the truth is that you are actually surrounded with an almost overwhelming amount of good and happy news. Beside the fact that most of the events of most people’s lives are far from negative, the actuality is very positive. Consider the weddings, the parties, the births, the celebrations, and more, that make up a great deal of the landscape of your lives. That is what is actually around you, not the events that are placed into your faces through technology each day. The good things happen to billions of you each day. And they are not a very large part of what is called news.

And we want you to understand something that is very much not being seen. The reason that there is so much of this negativity being waved in front of you lately is that there is a losing of control. There is a desperation. You, and we mean the collective you that you truly are, are waking out of your trance. You have decided that it is time. You have determined that this is enough, and in fact is too much. And seen from that perspective, so much ‘bad news’ is really good news. It would mean that you were winning, except we will tell you that you have already won.

And so we come to the end of this little message. There is one point that we would make before we end it. There is an off switch on your devices. Better yet, they can be unplugged. Some of what is done is not dependent upon their being switched on. So unplug yourselves. Go do something enjoyable. Keep raising your frequencies. You will feel better, and you will be doing your world a service, even though very few of those around you will understand that.

Be in joy. Be at peace. Love those around you. Love those who are not around you. Go for it!


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Oneness – The Council – via Ron Head – 10-28-15

councilThe Council  via Ron Head

We have spoken before on the topic of oneness, we wish to revisit it today. Will you understand it when we are done? Will you ever completely understand it? Let us tell you now, before we begin, that your learning, as well as our own, will never be over. Things never cease to change and evolve. But we are curious beings, are we not? And so let us see if perhaps we can give you a new thing or two to consider.

You often hear it said that all is one, that everything is part of the One. And a great many of you have begun naming that the All That Is. And that is a good thing. That is a very good thing. But a great many of you also do not spend very much time contemplating what that my mean. How does that change your understanding of yourselves? How does it change your relationships with the others around you? How does it change your understanding of those things that you see around you? Does it move the dividing line between what is you and not you? Better yet, does it remove it?

A thing to consider might be this. That if all is one, then there can be no dividing line between you and anything or anyone else. If all is Self, then there is no other. I am that. Have you heard that before?

Now let us assume that this is not news to you. And for most of you, it is not. What we would like very much to happen from this point forward is that you begin to look at things as an extension of yourselves, that you begin to actually feel and sense that you are far more than you ever felt before. We know that this is beginning to happen for many of you as you move into this awakening time. And that will continue. It is such a new feeling for many that, having felt it, you feel confused and do not understand what happened for that moment or that few minutes. If it was minutes, then it is clearer for you, and you do know that it felt good.

Many have felt a oneness with a consciousness that seemed foreign to themselves. Allow that to happen more. Just allow. Walking upright felt foreign to you at one time even though you saw others doing it. Just remember, all is one. That is me.

When you truly know what that feels like, you will treat it far differently. If you truly know that it is you, you very likely will take better care of it, will you not? Much of the problems in your world could not exist at all if the incorrect ideas of separation were not a part of human consciousness.

And so, there is a great change in the world approaching as more and more people begin to remember the oneness. We say remember because each of you has at one time or another been a part of a culture that knew and practiced these things.

And we will repeat another of our favorite themes here. Since all is one, you cannot change your consciousness in any way without changing the All That Is. You cannot feel a oneness with your surroundings, with your neighbor, without benefitting everything and everyone.

Very often you also hear, love yourself first. Well, consider that you could very well leave the word first out of it, because there is no one else to begin with. So, as you feel about yourself, you will find that you feel about everything else, as well. If you do not love yourself, you do not and cannot love another. You can act as if you do, and that is a good start. But eventually you must learn that love of self must happen. There is only one of us here. There is only one.

And by the way, does that not put an entire other slant into the understanding of no time and no space? It is all you, so it is all here and it is all now. Again, the problem always comes back to the idea of separation, here and there, now and then, you and me.

If we have given you enough to think about for a few minutes, then we will end this and return later. There is always another thought to consider or another piece to add to the puzzle. Good day.

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THE COUNCIL via Ron Head – PREDICTIONS – 10-21-15

PREDICTIONS   –   Ron Head   –   The Council
October 21 2015


We will speak today of predictions. We know they are a favorite of all of you. We also know that they are being used to raise the hopes of all of humanity at his time. We know that into this category also fall “dire warnings.” And these are being used for quite the opposite effect. Some of the more fantastic predictions that appear positive are, in reality, being used because those who begin them imagine that they will lead to great disappointment. So let’s discuss all of this.

First let us define what a real prediction can be. From your perspective, a real prediction can only be an extension into the future of the possible effects of current causes. For instance, if one sees a person studying diligently, it would be reasonable to predict that at some point that person might meet with success. If one sees a person participating in activity that society has deemed undesirable it would be reasonable to assume that society might choose to chastise him or her.

What we are choosing to discuss today is the same phenomena extended into the realm of the effects of causes that would be so large, so widespread, and so removed from immediate manifestation that the effect itself would seem disconnected and therefore unperceivable in the present. Also it would include causes so widespread that one could barely see one’s own part in them. It would also include the amazingly great amount of causes that an individual being has amassed over a great many lifetimes, what you call karma. Usually you only think of that as a negative thing. You would be amazed to see the huge amount of positive karma so many of you have accrued.

And now think of the even more fantastic amount of positive causes that have been placed into the piggybank of humankind by all of you. And all of it just waiting to be released by some magical key.

Well, that is exactly the situation that your world is in right now. And the question in your minds is, “What is the key? What is the key?” The answer will be very surprising to you. Or it will not, if you have understood what we have been saying for the last few years.

You are the key.

Now, we began by saying that a prediction depended upon its causes not changing. And the cause of you manifesting the world you so ardently desire is your own rise into a higher vibrational consciousness. Do you imagine yourselves, after all this time, and after all the pain and effort you have put in, changing the trajectory of your lives? Of course you do not. And so, what is your prediction for the future?

There are currently gloom and doom prophets among you. Is that what you think humanity has built? If someone wants that, they can have it. If they choose to believe it, they will have it in some form.

There are also, thankfully, millions upon millions of you who imagine a far better world than any of you has any memory of experiencing. Huge numbers of you endeavor to live up to this hope daily. Is that what you think humanity has built? If you choose to believe it, you will have it in some form.

Do you see how that works? You are all co-creators of the realities that you do and will see.

Not so long ago that would have seemed to be a ridiculous statement to make. But today, it will raise no eyebrows in most places. Do you see how very far you have come?

And so, back to the topic of predictions. Let’s make some. We predict that the predictions that you make, honestly, earnestly, and for the very best for all people, deep in your hearts, will now begin to manifest in earnest. Your world’s downward spiral has been halted. And the upward spiral is now definitely in progress. Crank up your engines of belief. Make it so.

Love. Expect. Forgive. Do all of the things that you have learned to do that will lead to change. Be for what you desire. The time of being against has passed. In your hearts, predict the future. That is where it will be created.

We predict your success.

Ronald Head

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What Happened? – The Council via Ronald Head – 9-30-15

councilThe Council

It is now a bit of time since the super moon and the equinox that was said to be many things. Congratulations. You’ve made it. Somehow it seems as if the world did not come to an end. And somehow, even though you do not seem to be able to put your finger on it, you feel that something is different. Well, you are correct, it is. And if you allow us, we will put our finger on it for you.

What has happened is that you have entered yet another area of higher frequency and it is affecting you and helping you to raise your own vibration and become even more of the highest possible being that you can become. This has actually been going on for some time. This universe operates in cycles and waves, as you know. And you have simply moved onto a higher plateau, if you will.

Now, if we may, let us suggest that you explore once again, or continue to explore, who you are. What do you love? What gives you joy? We ask you to do this because you will increasingly find now that these will be the things that you seem to be gifted in. Some people are already stunned at finding skills they did not even realize they had. You have lived many lives there, you know. And you have honed a great many skills, developed many talents. Think of it as a tool box that you now may draw from. And we advise you that perhaps the best way to go about this is to look for ways that you can be helpful where you are and then see how you feel about that. When you get that “Gee, it would be neat if I could…” feeling, try that. You just may surprise yourself. Now, you may experience this as a giant step forward in something that you already do. That, of course, is just fine. You may find your life taking an about face. If that feels good to you, flow with it. But do not let yourself be dragged into things which do not please you. Your feelings are a guidance system that you brought to where you are for a reason. They are intended to help you. Use them.

Think of these new energies as a springboard. Take a couple of bounces and then fly. Where are you guided by your feelings to go? Ask us to show you, if you do not see. But then be prepared to step forward into the situations that arise. Too often you have second guessed what has been provided. Go with the flow means go with the flow. It does not mean figure out where you are going. It means that you are ready to allow your own higher knowing, that sees around corners and over hills where you do not, to guide you. And the guidance, until you can hear it, will come in feelings and synchronicities. You will notice those increasing. That is the communication between us becoming clearer. There will be a breakthrough. Be patient with yourself.

Now, having spoken of cycles and waves, let us say that these have not only not come to an end, but will continue to increase in both intensity and frequency of occurrence. We have always moderated these for you personally so that you are not overwhelmed. We shall continue to do so. But understand that your higher self has an agenda also. So at times you find a wee bit of stress here and there. How might you deal with it? As always, we advise that you throw open your arms and accept what you have invited with gratitude. You will always find that this will keep any discomfort to a minimum.

It is time to think about living in your new world. You are building it. As we said at the beginning, congratulations.

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THE COUNCIL – EXPECTATION – Channeler Ron Head – 9-23-15



Ron Head
September 23 2015

We wish to discuss today the expectation of, and the reality of, this expected ‘portal’ of ascension that many of you are placing your hopes upon. We think it is a topic that should be understood now so that you do not continue to set yourselves up for such disappointments as you seem to repeatedly do.

In the latter part of your year of 2012, you did this same sort of thing. You built up your expectations and emotional investment to a point that would have been very hard to satisfy, even were most of them to be fulfilled.

Now, it is a good thing to be excited by possibilities. Your emotion is indeed a driving force that cannot be overestimated. It is a high vibration to be in. But placing it on things that are little more than wishful thinking, based upon things that are not in alignment with universal law, will always lead to your disappointment and a sudden lowering of your vibration. Do you see? That which thrives on your low vibrational states could hardly wish for more.

We are not ever saying that none of the things that you hope and intend to occur will eventually occur. We are saying that their manifestation will always depend upon the vibrational signature of the individual or the collective consciousness involved.

If you are considering the manifestations that occur for an individual, then the primary thing that must be considered is that individual’s frequency. And more and more individuals have, are, and will be continue to be experiencing great leaps in their consciousness states and abilities as the energies around your planet rise higher and higher. Many are having what you term kundalini experiences, amazing changes in their dream states, visitations to and from other dimensions, etc.

Of course when you add all that up you get a rise in the collective consciousness, do you not? And that is what drives what you see in the world around you. Every seemingly small step that one of you takes contributes to the advance of all of you. This is absolutely of major importance for you to begin to understand and live by. “What can I do today that will be my contribution?” That is far different from “what will happen on that day that will lift me” Do you see? The one puts you squarely in your own power. The other places the power outside of you. And we submit that this is a condition that you may not wish to continue to allow.

If each of you were living with the understanding of what a marvelous, magical, and powerful being you truly are, would this not be a far different world than it is? Is that not the very description of the New Earth you so desire? So take the power to change things and manifest things, build the world that you want back into your own hands, your own hearts. Do not allow that to be usurped by promises of miraculous things to occur on certain dates. That is not to say that thresholds will never be crossed. It is not to say that marvelous things will not happen. But it does mean that you are the ones that will manifest it, and your own individual life can be changed by you far more easily than you can imagine when you are in that kind of thinking.

You are further along than you think, you know. You have made amazing progress over the last few decades. It is amazing when you consider what an infinitely short amount of time a few decades really is. Even one lifetime, when you understand that you are an eternal being, is like a split second. And here you are on the threshold of an amazing leap in your evolution.

So we urge you to bring your focus back to its most powerful place, here, and its most powerful time, now. You are here. It is now. And this is where the work can be done. “I will make my contribution here and now. I will do what I must do to raise my vibration now.” For some of you that will be a great deal different from what it is for others, and that is alright. Each must take the next step that is before them. It is no use trying to take a next step that is best for another. You have a unique life. You were designed that way. So when you say, “What is my path?” The answer is right at your feet. Do you see? When you say, “What should I do next?” The answer is always before you. This is not a disappointing thing. This is your power place.

Now that we have said all of that, we do wish you to know that this is indeed a very powerful time for your world. Great strides may now be made by each and all of you. And in fact, this is happening for many as we speak. Celebration and gratitude for this fact will not be misplaced. Joy is never misplaced.

Continue moving forward now, secure in the knowing that you are embraced in unconditional love and appreciation for all that you do.

Good day.

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