The Company of Heaven – Breaking Through to the Light – The New Age Is About To Begin – via Dr Kathryn E May

 Company of Heaven


The Company of Heaven: Breaking Through to the Light

Dear Ones, we wanted to send you a brief message today, since our channel, Kathryn was traveling and was not able to work with us yesterday. We want you to know that there is a great flurry of activity around the world concerning the Global Currency Reset, which is going to create a tremendous change for everyone.

It has been a long and difficult road for our representatives on the ground, but the gentle arm-twisting for God, as we jokingly call it, has had a real impact, and one by one nations have fallen into line. Even the old cabal leaders are feeling completely outnumbered for the first time in recent memory. They have not been able to railroad their programs through or bully others into doing their bidding.

You have seen the tremendous shift in power from West to East just in the last few weeks. We want to reassure you that this will not mean the end of prosperity for the Western world. Just the opposite. The Chinese Dragon Family – the great Lightworkers who have guarded their part of the St. Germain trust until this historic moment – are intent on helping to create a humane and prosperous world for everyone, and they have proceeded carefully, with deep thought for all involved.

What a triumph it is to see the pieces fall into place. How we wish you could see what we are watching! The Lightworkers on the ground who have worked for many years in secret and in silence will soon be able to come forward to receive your blessings and thanks, and they will be able to join in the celebration at last. We are endlessly grateful for their dedication and their long service. You will be astonished when you learn what they have managed to accomplish in spite of the cabal control of nearly every institution on the planet.

It has reached a point of no return now. The New Golden Age we proclaimed this year is coming into full flower, and when the curtain opens for the first act, you will not believe your eyes! Such dedication, such resourcefulness and Love has gone into creating this pageant for the enjoyment of all! Every soul has played a part. Some have labored behind the scenes for a lifetime to nurture and shape the outcome you will see bursting forth on the world stage as if by magic, out of nowhere.

Ahhh, how we enjoy the anticipation of your astonishment and awe when you learn the truth of how enormous this Great Plan really is, and how many thousands have played an important role in its success. Yes, of course, we are sounding a bit mysterious and vague, but that is still necessary for a few more days, for the successful roll-out of the first wave of blessings.

We have worked with you every day for months now to help prepare you for this time. Some of you have opened your hearts and your minds to drink in the Love and information we sent you to set you free. Most of you have taken some of it and used it sparingly. A few have rejected it outright under pressure from naysayers, family “skeptics” and the weight of cultural blindness. The trouble with these few is that they try to take all of you with them, but you have held the line. You have refused to be discouraged from following the energy of Love and Light which lifts you ever higher, away from fear and doubt and into a new way of life.

We applaud you for withstanding the pressure and ignoring the fear-mongers who would have you stay at home taking endless medications and feeling old and worn. Arise, Dear Ones! Stretch your legs, shake off the doldrums of waiting for life to get better. Get to work now on what you are building to make the world the Paradise you saw in the back of your mind since early childhood. Gather your team. Be an effective coach and organizer. Help others to envision their own parts in the good work you will be doing together.

You are all discovering your special talents. You all have them, you know. Perhaps you are a “get-it-done” kind of person who loves to arrange things and lay the groundwork for others. Perhaps you are one who loves the hands-on details of completing a job when others become distracted by grand plans. You see, you will all be needed, and no project will be the work of one person, or one person’s vision. You have already begun the new era – the shift from yang to yin, from individual superstars to group consciousness, and you are feeling the power of joint authorship, joint ownership and joined hearts.

You are moving into a phase when all competition for resources and even for fame and wealth will melt away into the distance, never to return. The new entrepreneurs will be team players, and the leaders of your new age will be connected to their hearts, or they will not be permitted to lead. Falseness and pompous threats and promises will be baldly revealed for the ego manipulations they really are, and you will be freed from having to observe the nastiness of attack ads by desperate political hacks. A new era of genuine statesmanship will emerge when money and politics are completely disentangled.

Yes, you have so much to look forward to, the lists would be endless. We hope you are getting a taste of what you can now reasonably hope to achieve when you set out to improve things around you. You will be amazed how doors will open, where impermeable obstacles once blocked your way. Much of this is due to the new vibrations of Love you have all been immersed in. It is working, Beloveds, it is truly working.

We will return to keep you informed, to give you new details when you need them. We will ask Kathryn to continue these messages on a very frequent basis, although they may not be every day as they have been for months now. We have a few other assignments we wish to ask of her, to use her channeling skills to help bring in new programs, to share information with others on the ground to make their work come to fruition faster, and other foundation work to help bring in the new. You will be included in the family of Lightworkers who will be helping with these new beginnings as well.

We wish you a pleasant and restful day and evening, to restore your energies and lift your hearts for the next great adventure together.

We are the Company of Heaven, your Masters and Guides who are here with you every step of the way. We continue to send our endless Love to you, eternally. Namaste, all!

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 10, 2014, 11 pm, New York

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The Company of Heaven – To Love You More – Channeler Dr Kathryn E May – 9-16-14



The Company of Heaven

Yesterday, Creator gave you a wonderful message. It was filled with wisdom and Love. You all read it, didn’t you? And yet today your conversations are still filled with the language of fear – the fear of darkness, conflict and want. We do not wish for our children to be in a state of worry, anxiety and frustration, no matter how difficult your day might be.

We had high hopes that the series of messages we have constructed for you and the radio shows which weave everything together would help you turn the corner into a higher dimensional way of life, completely without fear.

Creator told you, did he not, that you are made for Light, because you were born in Love and Light. We know that what he speaks is true. But it is a difficult transition for you to move from the adrenaline-laced state you are so accustomed to, into a state of peace and Divine resignation.

Now, by resignation we do not mean you turn yourself over. You see how limiting the words are. We mean that there is a a state of being that is so resolute, so serene, that you reach complete acceptance. The first level of acceptance upon which the serenity builds is the deep knowledge of your own power – the absolute confidence that you are competent, strong in body mind and spirit – such that you are completely at peace with your own ability to manage whatever comes your way.

The second element of acceptance is based in knowing, without a doubt, that your life has meaning, and that this life is not the only one you have experienced, and you will not end regardless of when this life is done. In addition to comfort with the knowledge of your incarnations and your eternal life as a soul, it is necessary to see the wheel of life and your part in it as profoundly unique, necessary and an important part of the greater whole. You also are beginning to see how deeply the lessons of this lifetime have affected you, and how these perfect lessons were of your own choosing, for your own growth and expansion.

The third and most crucial element is your Faith. We are not a “sometime thing.” We are present, adoring, and delighted to see you stretching to grasp the difficult challenges life brings. We only want for you to join us fully in a two-way conversation that allows you to perceive our loving presence every moment of the day and night. When you have experienced our presence in your lives in this constant and intimate way, you will have found the ascension key, for you will be operating in a state of 5th dimensional consciousness.

Once you have totally embraced your own uniqueness and absolute competence, you have the necessary foundation to proceed down your spiritual path to deeper understandings. Without the profound acceptance of yourself, you cannot experience the great love of others you are capable of, and you cannot ever be at peace. Let us explain why.

After a lifetime of criticism, competition, derision and having been ignored, disrespected and denied, the belief that you are not worthy, not good enough seeps into your pores and insinuates itself into your nervous system, your feelings and every thought. Few people have not experienced this, even in what pass for “good families.” Humankind has come through a particularly rude and cruel phase in recent years. It requires determination and persistence to root out these toxic references to yourself, which become so embedded in your self-referential thoughts that you assume it is normal, because everyone else feels the same way.

How can we convince you to accept our alternative view, which we know to be an accurate picture of you? We see your brilliance, and we see your mistakes and stumbles. We are happy to work with those of you who are able to hear our encouraging words, and we do not hesitate to point out to you where you may be going off the path of what is in your greatest good, but we never look down upon your wayward actions. We accept that it is a normal part of your learning process, and we send you love to help you balance yourselves. For us, there is never the option to be disapproving, impatient or belittling.

You see, we are not blind to the problems in your lives, or to the difficulties you have ‘keeping your eye on the ball.” We know how distracting the fast pace of your lives can be, and we see your insecurities. Those insecurities are all based in the “not enough” feelings left over from childhood. No adult who has embraced his/her completeness would ever feel bad about themselves for being who they are. It is impossible if you embrace your whole self, “Body and Soul,” as the old song goes. Perhaps you should sing those love songs to yourself, just to get used to the wonderful feeling of being in love with yourself.

Each morning as you awaken and look into the mirror, look deeply into your own eyes and send a concentrated blast of Love right into the eyes of the person looking back at you. Notice the interesting color of your eyes. Run your hands over your faithful body, which has brought you to this day, in spite of the rough and tumble life you have led. Send Love and Light through your hands as well. Feel the tingling sensation in all your cells. This is the heart of the cell, which has been activated by the great Ruby Crystal, responding to the energy of Love.

You are also being sent the continuing powerful energies from the Central Sun to gradually activate your crystalline body, which is now responding to the Ruby Crystal, which you could not have felt in the same way just a few months ago. This will make it easier to feel our great Love for you, and to accept that We are right about you, and everyone else was wrong, even you. Yes, it is possible is it not, that we are more objective, more accurate in our assessment of you than you are yourself? After all, your opinions are tainted by the fact that you look at yourself with the eyes of your parents (siblings, teachers, etc).

For instance, your cultures have a terribly distorted view of what beauty is. Heaven help (and we are happy to) the one who has a sibling that is more beautiful, by cultural standards, than you were, or who was judged to be so by the parents, regardless of actual appearances. Parents are notoriously inaccurate in their assessments of their children, are they not? Why would you take their word over ours anyway?

We see you as you are, and we love you immeasurably, because we remember being with you when you chose to come here in this body, and we can assure you, there were very good reasons for it, warts and all, as you would say. We admired your courage then, as we do now.

When the choices are given to choose the body you will come with, most do not willingly choose the astonishingly “beautiful” bodies, unless it is part of the contract to play a specific role which requires it, because they do not want the lessons and responsibilities that come with it. No, most people prefer a moderate road when it comes to appearances, because they prefer to concentrate on the inner development of their being rather than be a center of attention because of their physical beauty.

Then, you arrive here in the body of your choice, and as soon as you are approaching puberty, what do you do? You spend hours every day fussing and arranging, primping and exercising with the specific intention of changing your face and body to be more like the ones you refused before you came here. Your goal then is to be loved and admired for the way you look, not for who you are within yourself. Many of you even forget that there is such a place as “within yourself.”

Enough! Dear Ones, we have tried to cajole you into being friendly with yourself, then we tried to humor you, instruct you and guide you in the ways of self-appreciation. Now we must simply insist. It is not right, not the way of the Higher Dimensions to be cruel or negligent or insulting to your poor overwhelmed Self. No more. We Love you, and we do not want to see any more cruelty in the world, so you must now begin with yourself. Remember – you cannot claim to be a good person if you are mean to yourself. You are a person too!

Now, follow along with us as we form a conga line to celebrate your beautiful self, and the vow we are asking you to join us in pledging.

– No more criticizing yourself. Not even one “That was stupid.” when you lock your keys in the car, or drop the dishes.
– No more looking at your reflection in store windows and thinking, “If only I could lose 10 (or 30) pounds I would look better.” Change your diet as we and Meg have taught you on BlogTalkRadio/ChannelPanel programs on Sananda’s healing shows from August 17 to September 15, 2014, for your health and life, not for your looks.
– No more thinking about “bad hair days.”
– No more doubting your ability to enter a room, smile and make friends with everyone you meet.
– No more comparing yourself to others with an eye for ferreting out your failings and faults.
– No more gloomy feelings about how bleak your future looks because you are not smart enough to be the glorious success you thought you would be by now.

– No more anxiety because you are sure you will not be able to impress the boss, pass the test, jump through the hoop or win the prize.
– No more anxiety because you believe you cannot manage your feelings, because you are too anxious, or confused, or damaged.
– No more comparing your house, your job, your car or your children to others, and feeling inferior when theirs seems nicer.
– You add one here.

Let us now join in grateful praise of you, your uniqueness, and Creator’s wonderful choice in wanting you to be a part of our human team, for this exciting time and place. You see, once you accept – with profound resignation – that you are a beautiful being, talented and capable of fulfilling the journey you have claimed for yourself for this lifetime, you will see how easy life becomes! You are good! You are perfectly designed for this fascinating and very special and unique challenge!

Now you are ready to accept our Love, are you not? For who could be more deserving, more receptive and joyful with our close relationship than you and we, now that we are in agreement that this warmth and acceptance is inevitable, destined to be, unavoidable, absolute, and utterly deserved.

Do not forget us when you lie down to sleep, Dearest Ones. Accept our kisses and our blessings for a peaceful rest. Do not forget us when you awaken. We will be there with your angel partners to beam our smiles of pleasure and welcome to you as you begin your new day. You see, all this was divinely destined – this great Love we have for you, the difficult lifetime you are bringing to fruition, and now, our invitation to dance with you, to sing in the new and glorious life you so richly deserve.

We are your Company of Heaven, in service to our Great One.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Sept 15, 2014, New York

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The Fire Of The Ruby Crystal Lives In All Yor Hearts – The Company Of Heaven via Dr Kathryn E May – 9-11-14



The Company of Heaven: The Fire of the Ruby Crystal Lives in All Your Hearts
The Company of Heaven:

We send you a long note here, with the hope that you will savor it. We will bring you the next message in two days.

We want to send you the blessings from all of us during this quiet time. You feel it, don’t you? There is a sudden lull as everyone integrates and acclimates to the powerful changes you have experienced over the past weeks. It has been a time of unusual transitions, internal recalibrations, and unsettling motion. Many of you feel as if you are rolling on high seas, but you don’t remember getting on the boat, or even asking to take the trip, but in the words of the legendary philosopher, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.”

And so, you have a day or two to catch your breath, reorganize yourselves to accommodate to the higher vibrational systems within and around you, and when you are ready, lift your eyes to the Heavens and join in the joyful music of the Angel Chorus who serenade you during this time of triumph and transition.

You are what you might call the apple of our eyes, the greatest show of all, where the action is. Day by day, you are learning, awakening, letting the veil drop away, and you are beginning to see the world with fresh eyes. We have worked hard in recent months to send you a steady stream of channeled Light guidance to ease your path through the maze of information, misinformation, television propaganda, false “news,” in addition to the familiar curve-balls that life throws you. It has been quite a ride, hasn’t it?

We ask a lot of our Lightworkers, especially our channelers and our boots on the ground in the political arena. They have been working day and night to organize and bring forth the new Golden Age. They have been asked to work tirelessly to clear and activate the Earth energy sources – the crystals, pyramids and grids – to orchestrate the rising energy as it affects our beloved children, to clear the way for new political systems, to encourage the growing group consciousness, and to keep our connection with you constant and present in your minds. We thank them for their unquestioning service.

Since you all became aware of the Ascension path you are now walking together, life has changed for most of you in profound ways. Yes, we know you are sometimes caught up suddenly with a doubt, or a thought of “Oh, is this really real? Is it going to happen?” Then you take a breath and regain your balance and continue on your path of Faith and Love, walking beside us as surely as if we were there on your plane, hand in hand with you every moment. We appreciate how difficult these moments are for you, but they are decreasing, aren’t they? Your adherence to the Light path is becoming more natural to you every day.

We have asked our dear Kathryn and Gabriella to communicate with you every day, providing a Facebook Master Class for you to talk with each other and inventive, along with insightful messages, our and theirs, to spark new realizations and self-revelations. You are using these new teachings well, increasing your awareness daily, feeling the unending Love we are sending you, and knitting them into the moments of your daily life in new ways.

Now we will tell you about a wonderful event which has taken place over the past few days. Many of you are familiar with the establishment of the Prema Swarupa Etheric Retreat which was created about a month ago, during the Visual Centering workshop which took place at Kathryn’s country retreat in High Falls, NY. The group, which came from the far corners of the U.S. to meet during that week, forged a tight bond with one another from the start, but it was solidified completely during their hike to the top of the mountain we call Stone Mountain. It is a great crystalline mass, part of the Schwangunk Ridge behind Kathryn’s house, protected by the Mohonk Preserve.

The Preserve began as part of the land holdings of the Smiley family, who build the magical Mountain House and who have been the Earth-conscious stewards of this land for nearly 150 years. The Hudson Valley is the ancient site of civilizations, going back through the Revolutionary spirit of the new country, to the Native Americans who peacefully lived in these idyllic forested lands, back to Neolithic mound builders, and before them, Atlantean and Lemurian settlements. Since Earth’s earliest days this land has carried within its crystal mountains the memory of days of freedom, abundance and loving communities whose peoples were deeply connected with God.

This is the setting for the most recent activation of the crystalline grid formation which will become the energy source for all of Planet Earth. The story began in June, 2013, when one of the members of the Prema Swarupa Council of 12 – the group which formed during the workshop and has continued as a living entity between and amongst its members – took part in a historic activation of the Ruby Crystal under the island of Bimini in the Caribbean. You see how intricately your lives intertwine?

Marlene, who has worked with us and who has taken responsibility for a great deal of Earth-awakening work, had been asked to work with Ashtar, Thoth, and the Lord of the Crystals to go with a group to Bimini, and during their trip they worked with the Masters to activate the great Ruby Crystal, the crystal of love, passion and freedom. Their work was successful, and the crystal stands ready to fulfill her destiny as a primary force for Love and Alignment for all the beings of Earth.

Last spring, Marlene joined Kathryn, Gabriella and Michael. who hosted one of her workshops in Montreal and told the story of Bimini and the Ruby Crystal. She and Michael also traveled to High Falls to become members of the Prema Swarupa group. Afterward, as each of the members returned to their homes, they remained aware and ready to act in alignment with the group consciousness of which they had become an integral part. One member, Meg, traveled to Vero Beach in Florida last weekend, as an impulse, and called her group to offer herself as the grounding person who would “put her toe in the water” and for all of them to look into their hearts and see if there was some assignment for all of them.

Of course, there was. Marlene responded immediately with a channeled message from Mother Terra, which we quote here:

Message from Mother Terra : For Meg and the Council of Twelve of Prema Swarupa

It is in Love and Joy that I come to you today pertaining to our sister Meg’s voyage to the beautiful land of flowers and sun named Florida. This region played a very important role during the Atlantis Era. Let me describe the significance of this precious time.

Florida was then situated where the Atlantic and the now Caribbean oceans meet. The configuration of this region, its lush vegetation and exotic fauna was sought by world travellers of this epoch who chose to sojourn on their way to remote islands now called the Bahamas. The island known as Bimini was a sanctuary where one could bathe in the rejuvenating waters which contained the essences of healing and forever youth. The fauna and flora were abundant and greeted all who came from faraway lands such as Egypt. Since Atlantean times much has been transformed to meet the “needs” of the evolutionary segments of humanity.

Meg, you so gracefully share your unconditional support at this time as your Prema Swarupa Group Consciousness spokesperson. We, representatives from all kingdoms come together with you as we welcome and support the energetic and vibrational clearing you will be doing as a group. I, with help from the galactics are facilitating an ongoing steady motion thus creating an underwater to surface elevation process taking place which will allow a large portion of what was then the Atlantean Light Kingdom to rise above the waters and take its seat in the time/space continuum of what is termed New Terra.

We are grateful to you and Prema Swarupa One Consciousness for your love and dedication in making your world a loving and high vibrational consciousness. My heart embraces you all as I hold you ever so lovingly in my arms.

I Am Terra in love and dedication to the Great Plan.”

Transcribed by Marlène Yelle, September 6, 2014, Saint-Sauveur, Quebec
Marlene also wrote in her own words of the many interwoven threads which led to this week’s accomplishments:

“In the beginning of June this year, Kathryn and Gabriella came to Montreal on their Healing for Ascension Tour that was so graciously coordinated by Michael. My first meeting with our Sisters changed somewhat the course of my journey… I had shared my experience of traveling to Bimini Island and the activation of Thoth’s Ruby Crystal of Fire under the crystalline waters. At that specific time, our conversation created an important link to what was to unfold today as a Group Consciousness.

Precisely two months later we all connected with each other at Kathryn and Gabriella’s New York retreat. Together we created our Council of Twelve and Our Etheric Retreat of Prema Swarupa, cleared, activated and opened all channels linked to all Earth’s kingdoms and above.”

The Company of Heaven:
Following Meg’s offer, it was decided that the Group would meet directly by conference call, and that each member would be attuned to what contribution they would be asked to make, and would participate accordingly. The emotional experience was later recorded by Eleanora in her Facebook entry on Healing for Ascension Tour Group. It captures the intensity of emotion that was felt by all the members, and the work she participated in later in the day.


“I decided to share my documentation of yesterdays meditation which ended up being a very big event for me. I love you all and look forward to what is coming and what will be.

September 8, 2014

What an emotion filled day this turned out to be. It started with the blessing of the Thoth’s ruby crystal under the island of Bimini. A meditation brought on by a spontaneous trip by Meg to Vero Beach, FL. Spontaneous it may have seemed but it was part of the greater plan, no doubt. The Council of Twelve and the group consciousness of Prema Swarupa with the Company of Heaven gathered together for this meditation.

Led by Marlene we made our way to the great pillar of light to transport us to the Temple of Thoth in his etheric retreat below Bimini. Thoth, channeled by Marlene invited us to gather around the crystal and connect to our heartminds. Feel the love from Source emanating from the crystal and into our hearts. He invited us to move closer and open up ourselves completely.

I didn’t see our bodies, I saw our auras. Each a vibrant color like the rainbow. As the crystal gave of itself, we absorbed the radiating love, which ignited bright rays in all of us. This wave of energy grew and grew. And then you just knew, you knew that this was about something deeper than just activating a Ruby Crystal, a crystal that was activated before.

Each one of us that intentionally joined together for this activation became the guardians, the initiates of something wonderful, something so monumental that it wouldn’t sink in until later. Later, when you sat down to go back to the normal, except it’s not normal. You feel out of sorts, you feel full.

We ended the meditation knowing that we were knighted to do a work never done before, yet very capable of carrying it to completion. Everyone shared their visions. Sananda gave us parting words. And this monumental event was “sealed with a kiss,” beautiful codes that bind it in eternity.

It wouldn’t be until later that the impact of this meditation would hit me full on. Christine, James, and Dimo continued the work of clearing the old energetic patterns along with Meg and her young crystal grid worker on Vero Beach. I was reading posts from our group page to my daughters and keeping an eye on the on-going work through the group chat and a huge wave of emotion just bubbled up inside me.

Tears poured out of me, tears of relief, tears of completion – a knowing that this life, this 3-D matrix and the way it was experienced will never be experienced that way again. All I could express to my girls is that it was such a relief knowing that we don’t have to feel pain, suffering, no more anger, ONLY LOVE. I couldn’t explain at that moment where my tears were coming from but they were not from any feeling or experience I felt in this lifetime, in this incarnation. It was deeper than that.

I felt so grateful for all the work that was done this day, especially over the Atlantis area. It gave me such a deep-felt joy it is very hard to express in words. I felt a cleansing, a release. And then James expressed “Atlantis is now reconnected to the Great Central Sun…it allows for the transmutation of all of all other timelines…emanating energy from Gaia herself into the portal…Done!…We can link this work to the transmutation timeline that destroyed Terra’s twin flame Maldek… so visualize the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter which was Maldek… we can use Terra as an anchor point for Great Central Sun energies now coming through to will transmute the Wars, the Galactic Wars… let us bring in the Mighty Elohim of Peace… An energy boost from Dimo, establishment of Grid Harmony from Christine, and the powerful peace of the Mighty Elohim from James sealed the healing of the Atlantis incident. All wounds and suffering healed and the release was felt across the cosmos.

It was after this meditation, at the mention of Maldek, that the wave of emotion hit me again. I felt as if my heart had been mended, as if my soul that was torn was one again and an immense amount of gratitude overwhelmed me. I felt a wholeness, a oneness, a completion of my soul.

The house felt so limited and confined I had to go outside to sit, reflect, to make sense of the feelings.

I asked my Higher Self to help me understand. Terra and Maldek are reunited. Maldek is alive, is back, is with his love, his twin. They are one again. Together they will give birth to Atlantis. I can only express how I feel. It’s so real to me. Yes, I question myself, if I’m really understanding it to be so, am I making this up…but as I write I know it is so. And it is so beautiful, emotional, and so gratifying. I had to document this day.

This day will mark the day when Mother Terra was united with her Love, her Twin. This day would mark the day when the Golden Age was put in full affect, full activation. This day is the point of no return …full fledged onward and forward for all.

Day 2, September 9, 2014, and I’m still reeling from the afterglow and very emotional….”

Gabriella describes her experience:

“I saw the Ruby crystal on fire. I saw a small circle with the twelve of us receiving the Ruby fire in our hearts. Behind and above, were rows and rows of people, like an auditorium, and we could see that each one was receiving the shining spark of the ruby’s fire. We were all connected, and I saw billions of people on the planet receiving the Ruby fire in their hearts. It was a ruby fire in the heart chakra of all the people who had not yet awakened. I knew then that all the unawakened ones are going to awaken, and that the changes we are looking for will unfold at a faster pace. It was so intense, I couldn’t speak.”

and Christine wrote of her deep feelings of transformation and gratitude:

“Dear Prema Swarupa, (Divine Expression of God’s Love)

Eleanora, thank you for writing our events in the way that you do – so full of love and accuracy and poetry. I too see and know that the time of suffering and darkness is over for all. Now is just the clearing away of beliefs, patterns and thoughts, and when we do turn out attention to clearing, it all may dissolve so easily.

I also have had many moments of wondering if what I am seeing and feeling is real and if it should even be shared. Gabriella & Kathryn’s article so clearly stated that shyness is fear-based and therefore darkness. So I let it go… just like that. Besides, in my heart, I know.

I am experiencing an enormous healing right now. It is happening in every way, including physical. Pain has given way to transformation. Exhaustion has given way to softness. On Sunday, I reached out by phone to Kathryn and Gabriella. They helped me to see the war still happening within me, which was a distortion, a fearing of darkness held in place by some distorted thoughts and behaviors. That war within is being fully healed right now.

When Meg and Kathryn were speaking on Sunday, their words penetrated me as a transmission of energy. I felt One with them. I experienced their communication as I have experienced the dolphins. Waves and rings of emanations of high quality came off of them and flowed through me/us, allowing instant transformation. The deva of the dolphins is pleased I saw this likeness and encouraged me to share it with you all. The dolphins are so delighted as we comprehend joy and oneness more and more. Right now, I am mostly just not getting in the way of the healing that was ignited. I am allowing it to happen easily.

Our trip together and our work together to greet Thoh, receive the Ruby Flame, bring in the codes, all of it – was shared by the multiverse. All loving eyes are on us and all loving hearts are with us as we enter into this phase of fruition.

Thank you to Meg and the Rainbow Lemurian child for opening the Rainbow beacon (together in Vero Beach). What I saw was that this beautiful child IS the living codes. She made the portal with us as an extension of what she is. Very beautiful. The portal opening acts as a beacon both drawing the energies from the cosmos and then it also delivers them in even intensity across SHAN (I too know our Earth by this ancient name). At the time the Rainbow beacon became activated, the Gatekeepers across the multiverse released pristine energies as their realms’ contribution to the Rainbow stream. As Earth takes her place to become the Heart of the multiverse, she now pulses with the High Light from every place and dimension.

Thanks to James, Dimo, Eleanora & us all for establishing the new configuration of the energies from this beacon, so they may flow freely across Earth’s Grid. The codes that Marlene brought in, which were received and put into place by all Kingdoms, were activated to full capacity as this next phase occurred. The Holy Spirit, Mother God, presided over this with such love and authority that I sometimes had to remind myself to keep working and not just melt in awe.

At the retreat, Kathryn helped me get to the moment when I witnessed the destruction of Maldek – that is now healed, and it will be pure glory to witness the full restoration.

Our Family across the now very thin Veil wants me to explain one of the most exciting things that happened throughout all of this. We began to expand and work as an even greater Group Consciousness. Firstly, during the Ruby Flame portion of the journey, everyone was more easily contributing their offerings and emanation than ever before. Each one did their own contribution with more ease and brightness. This resulted in such a Light of Oneness! Then, The Love Bunch (the Facebook admin team at Healing for Ascension Tour Group), our Facebook followers who were invited to join our meditation at the last minute, the Florida family and Prema Swarupa merged and all worked splendidly and smoothly as One. The new Light of Group Consciousness is spreading! This causes much celebration and, yes, dancing on the ships in the heavens!

I am so happy and grateful to be One with you.


The Company of Heaven:

Meanwhile, Tuesday, the day following the Ruby crystal meeting, as the others were doing the follow-up work you see described above, we gave Kathryn the idea to climb the Stone Mountain again, and to contact us when she and Gabriella reached the top. Once there, we gave them the images of the connections they were to make to continue the work of carrying the Ruby Crystal energy and connect it with the Stone Mountain. They were still feeling the energy of the great crystal which had filled every cell with her bright, pulsing energy of Love. They had been shown the image of a small red heart beating in every cell of their bodies, and they carried that indelible sensation with them as they sat on the crystal ledges high above the valley this afternoon.

Joining the energy of the Ruby Crystal with the Stone Mountain brought a kaleidoscope of images for Kathryn. We ask her now to describe in her own words what she saw and felt.


“I saw such a panorama of the world’s ancient and present energies it is difficult to put it all into words, but I will try. First, I felt the merging of the feelings of Love I carried from the Ruby Crystal in my own cells with the rock where I sat. I felt my deep connection and love for the mountain whose protective energy has nurtured me for 30 years, then I saw a kind of bright explosion of energy as the two powerful forces combined. Images came through my mind in rapid succession: the Revolutionary War, fought by the brave settlers who came to this valley below me in search of freedom; the Native Americans whose soul energy remains, absorbed into the rocks and soil around me, and the passion for freedom they all shared.

I knew then that the loving fire of the Ruby Crystal was the fire which inspires the passion for justice and freedom, and that the etheric retreat of Prema Swarupa was to be a shining sanctuary in which peace, freedom and justice would be nourished for all the world’s inhabitants.

I saw Ireland’s green hills and thought of the ancient history there, the profound connection of the present-day Emerald Isle with the elemental kingdom, the deep spirituality of the people, and their struggle for freedom from the stranglehold of the British Empire and the Catholic Church. I saw a bird’s eye view of the planet, with energy lines curving across the U.K. through France (whose struggles against the English were symbolized by Joan of Arc) nodded to the West Coast of Africa, then crossed back across the Atlantic Ocean to Bimini, just 60 miles off the coast of Florida. I saw the route of the slave trade and the occupation of the islands by the Spanish and British, combining the oppression of Catholicism and British rule, and all came together in a picture of hundreds of years of struggle for freedom and justice in the face of overwhelming military might.

Tears flowed with the realizations, each in turn, and the pictures of human beings, brave explorers and revolutionaries who sometimes became oppressors themselves, under the sway of ideas of political and religious superiority, and the indigenous people who were displaced, enslaved or killed, robbed of their history, their families and their livelihoods to become fodder for the machine which was “colonization.” At the same time, I felt the fire in my own soul, stronger than ever, to meld the energy of my own heart with the Love of our Great Creator, to help raise us up, to transcend the pain of the past.

I knew that a powerful connection had been made. The crystals are united; their power grows with each new activation. I saw that now it is we who are being activated, joined in our common purpose to rise above all darkness, to turn toward the brilliant Light which has been given to guide us.

We are in motion; we are carrying the message of Love to end all war, to rebuild ourselves and our beloved planet. We are clearing away all the dark energies that have kept us down and replacing them with Fire. It is the passion we feel for one another, the love we are capable of feeling for people we have never met, and for all the unnamed animals and trees that share life on our beautiful Terra. Dear friends, we are ascending. Life will never again be what it was.”

The Company of Heaven

We have given you a small window into the feelings and actions of a small group of Lightworkers who have joined to create a group consciousness which is growing to encompass all of you. You only need to open your hearts, feel the Light we send to you as your brothers and sisters, your guides and mentors, and accept our Love. We applaud your impulses toward generosity and goodness, your resilience and courage.
We are with you, your constant companions, as you move ever higher on your path. We love you beyond words. We are the Company of Heaven.

Transcribed and compiled by Kathryn E. May, Sept 10, 1 pm, New York
Permission is given to copy and share these message, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, Translations must be approved by the author and the scribe.
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Archives of written channelings

Archangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom – Host Steve Beckow – Channeler Linda Dillon – 6-13-14

An Hour with an Angel Special on the Angelic Kingdom, June 7, 2014

Graham Dewyea: Hello and welcome to a special edition of An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon to discuss the Angelic Kingdoms, Steve Beckow is interviewing. So with that, here’s Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings I am Michael, welcome, I will try and get everything right. (1)

Steve Beckow: Yes, indeed.  You’ve got your monitors there.

AAM: And then some.  You know very often what you would think of as the organization, of the angelic and archangelic kingdoms, of the various roles, responsibilities, what you would think of as powers is not truly of great concern to the human race.  This often is the case simply because they have forgotten from whence they came.

And they have also forgotten, in their busy-ness to deal with the human reality, the scope of what lies above and below, not only in terms of the angelics and the archangelic kingdoms but also in terms of the greater universe, multiverse.  Now we do not say this in a critical way, for you do have a lot on your plate.  And it is more important, first of all that you understand the realm in which you live but it is also important to understand the broader picture.

So first you have gone to grade school, then middle school, then high school and now you understand you are in graduate school.  That is what Ascension is about.  It is ascending from any school into the truth and fullness of who you are.

SB:  It’s sort of like not even knowing the kids down the block though.

AAM: Yes.  It is disconcerting and it is disconcerting to you now because it has reached a point where you have progressed or advanced enough that you have raised your frequency that you want to know who your neighbors are.

SB:  Right. Yes.

AAM: Now before you were simply concerned about who was in your house and who was in your classroom.  But the broadening of your being, the expansion of your being, the rising of your frequency creates a situation of curiosity.

SB:  Yes, I’ll turn this over to you and please tell us about the angelic and archangelic kingdoms.  We know so little about them.  We don’t know how they’re organized, we don’t know what form you appear in, what form is native to you.  We don’t know if you live on a dimension or not or how it is that you are able to communicate with us at such a low dimensional level.  And there is just so much we don’t know.

AAM: There is so much you don’t know.  (Laughter between Steve & Michael)

Where to begin?  First of all there have been esoteric studies and channelings of the various levels.  Let us group, first of all, angels and archangelics together.  Now, let us go back.  We know that we have covered this territory before but if we are going to have this conversation let us cover the waterfront, shall we?

SB:  Please.

AAM: Birthed from the heart of one, birthed from the heart and form, the light, of the Mother as what you can think of as sparks, pinpricks, filaments of light.

SB:  Is this the Atman? (2)

AAM: Yes, some of us would think of this as the fire element as well.  Now, at each step, just like how you have taken many steps to become human, at each step there has been, can we say, differentiation.  And so – this is one thing we want to make very clear as we begin – this is not a hierarchy.

Human beings have a tendency to think in terms of hierarchical structures, institutions, layers of power.  While we have differentiations of power it is not that one is considered higher or lower, stronger or weaker than another.  Because in each form there has been a choice of what to transmute or become.

So the angelics and the archangelics want to be very particular, the seraphim were the first form of the angelics.  Now does that mean that every being started as a seraphim?  No.  What it means is that some of those sparks of light in the expression of what they wish to become, which were beings, formed basically of pure light, of love, stayed as close as possible to home, as it were.  That was their choice.

Now you still have billions upon billions of sparks of light and this is something that we have never really talked about before, in the Mother’s infinite creation there are still billions of those sparks of light being birthed to this day.

SB:  And these were the seraphims or all of the angels?

AAM: No, all the angelics, if you take it as a very large group.

SB:  Okay.

AAM: Then as you know, the second form was the cherubim and these were beings who have a great deal more connection to human beings and to the guarding of the light, of the love, of the Mother/Father/One than is assumed.  Cherubim don’t tend to act in an interpersonal way very often, but they do with the human beings, because we are going to make our reference point with the human beings.

But they are known to guard the light within you, and that, sweet angels, is very important.  They also guard places that are requiring, shall we say, special protection.  Now protection simply means an extra shield of light and love.  They are guardians often of the temples, of the churches, of the sacred places.  The cherubim have been very involved in the protection, the anchoring, and the bringing to Earth of the Cities of Light.  And that has never been discussed before.

They have a tendency to be on call for the Mother, and when she needs, be very clear with this word divine intercession, the cherubim flock to her side to do this work.  So there are many of you, my beloved friends, who often pray for divine intercession, not intervention. It is slightly different.

And when there is interceding taking place, the cherubim’s energy and light is literally being propelled into either you, your field, the situation, in front of a temple, a sacred vortex, a holy place, and there are many on your planet, so they act as a prevention team. So they intercede before, shall we say, intervention is needed.  You tend to think of them as these sweet little Valentine angels that look like chubby children and that is not the case at all.  (Laughter)

SB:  And what do they look like?

AAM: They are massive, often confused with the archangelic realm.  So if you were to, in a human way, see a cherubim, you would think of them as 20-25-30 feet high, wings that would expand outward.  Now, can they shrink into those cute little babies? Yes.  We have – and you know this, my beloved friend, because you have seen me on the street – you know we have the ability to assume any form we want.

But as you have put it, what is our native form?  Well, the native form of the cherubim is exceptionally big.  Think of it. They do not simply watch over Gaia, the sacred places, they are also charged with the omniverse, the galaxies, the intergalactic realm.

So they bring energy when it is needed.  And inside that energy, of course, is wisdom.  Loving wisdom.  That is why the cherubim have been so romanticized because what they instill into any situation, place, person, galaxy, is knowledge and wisdom and inside of that is the most massive infusion of gentle love.  It is beautiful.

And so they are often thought of as very soft and cuddly, and from our perspective they are.   They’re very social, both in terms of their desire for unity, they tend to travel together and that is also why you never have a vision of a cherubim, just one.  They do their work as a unified force.

SB:   They’re typically, and all angels for that matter, are typically represented in Adam Kadmon form.  (3) Are they really in Adam Kadmon form?

AAM: More or less.

SB:  Really?  So is that is the form that is preferred throughout the universe?

AAM: Yes. Now take this understanding. The expression of form is the Kadmon.  Do we have other expressions?  You see, your definition, what is your native form?  We appear to you in this form. Do we appear to everyone in this form?  Do we appear to one another in this form?  Might I say, usually.

But I can as easily, as can any of us, appear as an orb, as streamer of color, a flash of light, a sound, a scent, as anything that can be perceived.  Your eyes are not the only sense you have.  So very often, what you have thought of as the Adam Kadmon form is used as a template on many planets but it is not exclusive or necessarily preferred.

When we go to a planet, for example, that does not use that form, we do not appear in that way.  So we adjust for whatever universe or dimension we exhibit in.  When we are simply, can I say home, which is beyond dimension, our true form is simply light.

SB:  Now you say beyond dimension.  So all angels are beyond dimension, is that correct?

AAM: Yes, now do we inhabit and exhibit and experience dimensionally in order to be with you and with many throughout the universe?  Yes, we do.

SB:  So, often we’ve been told “You’re from the 7th dimension,” “You’re from the 9th” or “from the 11th.” We’re talking about angels but that is where they prefer to hang out at the moment.

AAM: That is where they are alighting.

SB:  Right.  So, where are they from?  (Laughter)  I don’t even know how to talk about it.

AAM: Okay, think of it in this way. Think of your planet or even think of your galaxy.  Then outside of your galaxy you have what you believe to be deep space.

Now we also know that deep space contains many other galaxies so keep going and keep going and keep going.  Now, when you have gone through all of that think of it as being contained in a bubble, go outside the bubble, that’s where we are.

SB:  Aah. So, transcendental space.

AAM: Yes.   But, also at times the space – now we are going to really confuse you – the space in-between the spaces.

We occupy often the space between the spaces.  We come from Source.

SB:  Right. Wow!

AAM: Yes, it is bigger than you think.

SB:  Yes. Wow.  So you are transcendental?

AAM: Yes.

SB:  All angels?

AAM: Yes.  Now, do not forget all of us are fueled. We fuel each other. We are fueled by Source. We are fueled by the universe that feeds us. We fuel you and you also fuel us.   When you say and express that you love me and when I express and tell you, my sacred brother, that I love you, we are sharing our being and our hearts but we are also fueling each other.

This love exchange acts as nuclear rocket fuel.  (Laughter) And it propels each of us forward.  So, you can have an angelic who is working, say within the earthly atmosphere, for example, guardian angels and we will go back to the glossary in a moment, but, think of guardian angel who basically stays by you throughout the duration of your lifetime, well forever, but during the physical incarnation.

They most certainly accompany you and guide, guard, help, love, act as memory joggers.  So that love that you share and that they share and that they are sharing simultaneously with other guardian angels who are in the earth’s atmosphere, as it were, they are fueling each other.

But they are also able to directly draw on that Source fuel and on the archangelic fuel, on the seraphim fuel.  The love is so abundant that they can be fully competent at full power, as it were, even being within the earth’s atmosphere for a hundred years. It is nothing.

SB:  Is it not boring to walk around the company of human beings as they think all their mundane thoughts, etc. day after day?

AAM: Yes!  (Much laughter)  But think about it.  You know, and we will speak of this a little, guardian angels are truly the troops of heaven.  They are amongst the most loving, most committed, most angelic because they are pure love and their power of the number of variables that they are working with to help you with your plan in any given moment would boggle a quantum physicist’s mind.

So in fact they are not simply sitting there observing your most mundane actions and thoughts.  They are in constant action.  Not only nudging you, not only protecting you, not only keeping you out of harm’s way but very gently, like the gentlest spring air pushing, guiding, nudging you towards where you need to be.

You have had this very lengthy and detailed plan before you have arrived, in keeping with your bigger divine plan of yourself.  So they are exceptionally busy. So do not under-estimate, my beloved friends, the role of the guardian angel.  They are the ones, out of all of us, who have the deepest love and soul commitment to your divinity, to your divine spark, that they will stick with you to bring that knowing and love forward, no matter what.

SB:  So in my case it would be Windthrow. (4)

AAM: Yes, it would be Windthrow.  It would be Phoenix and White Cloud as well. (5)

SB:  Are they angels too?

AAM: Yes they are.  Do not let their names deceive you.

SB:  Uh hum, humm, wow.  Now, you can be in many, many, many places at once right?

AAM: Well, I’m a very busy archangel, we all are.

SB:  How many places at once can you be in?

AAM: How many places can you imagine?

SB:  Wow!  Does it get confusing?  How do you keep it all straight?

AAM: That is not an issue.  Now I do not, let me put it in human terms, because we truly want you to understand, do I put myself in a million places at once?  Well, I’ve been known to.  But, do I spread myself thin in human terms?  No.  Because do not forget we are being fueled by the infinite Source, the eternal Source.  And so are you.  This is part of the reason we are having this conversation.  In explaining how we are and how we work and how we operate, I am also explaining to you how you work, how you are fueled, how you operate.  Now, I do not generally position myself in a million places at once.  That is extraordinary circumstance.  But can I be in many places, hundreds of places?  Yes.   Consistently.

SB:  No dimination of concentration or forgetting who you’re talking to… (Laugher)  I can’t chew gum and think at the same time.

AAM: There are many times when I bring, for example, when we are talking to the collective, where we bring the fullness of my energy through.  And that is what we are doing in this conversation.  So yes, you do do many things at once.  I do not mean to correct you dear brother, but you can walking on the street downtown and writing an article in your head.

SB:  Well, yes that’s true.

AAM: You can be watching a movie and completely be enthralled with Kathleen.

SB:  That’s true too!  (Both laughing)  That’s usual.

AAM: You can be visiting your brother and be fully absorbed in the reval or the landings.  So think of it, you position yourself in many places.  You just don’t tend to think that your full energy can be, but part of your Ascension and part of your interdimensionality, which is delightful, is understanding more and more how you are and how you can be in many places at once with no distraction.  So it is not that you are distracted, “Oh, I am talking to somebody but I’m really thinking about my phone bill is overdue”.  That is not what we are talking about.  We are talking about being fully present in many places at once.

SB:  Well, that experience awaits us.

AAM: You have had a taste of it.

SB:  When was that, lord?

AAM: Every single day!  When you are walking and you are thinking of the coffee you are going to have; or you are thinking about whether this stranger on the street is me or not; or whether you are going to get the article posted in time; whether you are going to make your meeting or not. These are not just random thoughts.  So pay attention.  Have fun with it. About where you are sending your energy. For example, I can be speaking fully and completely to you.  I do not give you the fullness of my energy because it would blow all of your channels but I step it down enough so that you know it is me, you feel the energy and you are feeling it increasingly higher, higher, bigger, bigger.  But if the Mother beckons to me, I am there.  But it does not mean that I leave you.

SB:  Hard to imagine.

AAM: We are stretching your imagination of what is possible these days.  You have asked about the power.  Wait! I wish to say something about the seraphim.  Because often we have also spoken about the angels of pink and how they are the defenders of the throne of God.  So understand the defenders of the throne of God, the pinks and the seraphim are one and the same.

SB:  Those who stand in the face of God?

AAM: Yes.  Well they always face the throne, dear heart.

SB:  But that’s how they’re known to earthlings, those who stand in the face of God?
AAM: They are known in different ways in different realities, but yes on earth you are correct.  So, let us go back.  How much can we do?  Well, we have told you about the work of your guardian angels and we are continually shocked, puzzled, dumbfounded (now I use human terms), about why human beings do not fully embrace, work with, their guardian angels.  It is a gift specific to each of you.  It is not enslavement on the part of the guardian angel.  It is their choice because they are part of you.  No, they are not your higher self.  They are not your universal self.  They are not your stranger but they are definitely part of your matrix.  And when you leave your form, who do you think accompanies you?  Who do you hang out with and explore the universe and reacquaint yourself with, old friends and new? Your guardian angels, they have committed to the Mother to watch over you and to help you with the fulfillment of your mission and purpose.  And so often they are overlooked.  People have this hierarchical point of view that they have the connection to the ascended masters, to us, to the archangels, to the seraphim, to the throne.  No, that is like saying that you prefer your connection to us.  Do we work directly with you?  Yes, we do, as archangels, and we work on, can we say, tissues of a very large magnitude.  We, in many ways, work with the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan with, well for your terms, with the humans.  But as you well know we also work with the star beings, with the galactics, with the intergalactics, with different life-kinds of forms, with the kingdoms, with the elementals.  Why, there is no one that we won’t interact and talk to.

Why?  Because we are committed.  Where we assumed form was in the archangelic form to be the emissaries of the Mother.  So each of us, although you tend to think, and you are correctly thinking by the way, that each of us has particular areas of responsibility. We are the emissaries of the Mother.

SB:  You also, I think you seem to suggest in one discussion I had with you, that you have jurisdictions in the sense that one archangel might be know on Halion, Andromeda and CeeCeeCee and then another one might be known on Earth and the Halion archangel might not be known on Earth.

AAM: That is correct.

SB:  So, can you talk a little bit about, I don’t know if I can call this jurisdiction, but can you talk a little bit about that?
AAM: Now, you can talk about jurisdiction in so far as a mission.  So, for example, I am not restricted to my work with Gaia and humans.  My mission is related to the anchoring of peace and of truth because these are interchangeable, so closely connected you cannot have one without the other.  For a very long time my primary focus, which you will be glad to hear, is humans; now that does not mean that I have not been seen on Arcturus or Venus or Halion, that I am not a regular visitor to Sirius.  But the primary focus of what we are working on right now is the human Ascension.  And you say, “But that is so recent” and what I say to you, my beloved friend is that we have been working, and this give you an idea of our patience, we have been working on human Ascension and recovery for millions of years.

SB:  Wow!  And you’re using humans to refer only to Earth, right?  I thought Sirians were humans?

AAM: I am talking right now about the human collective on Gaia.

SB:  Okay.

AAM: Oh, we have been working with humans for billions of years.

SB:  Yes.

AAM: And there are many humanoids, well you will see as you encounter your star brothers and sisters, your family, that the humanoid form is the largest percentage of forms throughout the multiverse.

SB:  Again, Adam Cadmon template?

AAM: Yes.

SB:  Why is that preferred, lord?

AAM: It was a design that could incorporate a magnitude of light that would resemble and allow beings, who were in that form, to shift back to their angelic form very easily.

SB:  And who designed it?

AAM: The Mother.  She is the ultimate architect, you know.

SB:  Yes, and just for our listeners the Mother and the Father are not different.

AAM: They are one.

SB:  Yes, they are one.

AAM: You differentiate for purposes of clarity and understanding.  But you do not differentiate in terms of when you think of as Source, and that is why I have used this term today, to say that we are fueled by Source.

Now, in our jurisdiction – and does this mean that I cannot help Raphael with healing or that Gabrielle cannot help me with communication? She is very fussy on communication you know.  It is part of her organization skills.  So, do we help each other?  Yes.

What power do we have in your terms to override, manipulate, manifest, change what is taking place?  Because this has really been a question of all lightworkers,  “Why don’t you do something?”

SB:  Yes!  Why don’t you teach the dark a lesson and get the reval here?  (Steve laughs)

AAM: Because we know in working with you that you can do it with us.  Now, are there things that you will never know of that we do override, places where we do intercede and intervene?  Every single moment, of every single hour, of every single day, as you measure it and as we measure it.

But because you are not cognizant of the overrides, nor do you need to be, because you don’t see them as yet, you will soon, you think that we are doing nothing.  We have prevented nuclear devastation.  We have prevented global disintegration.  We have prevented wars and mayhem.  We have prevented tidal waves. We have prevented or softened earthquakes.

We have prevented or shifted human interest and beliefs, not overriding free choice but exposing billions, all at once, to accept a new idea.  And you are seeing that.  You are seeing it in the acceptance of humanity of your star brothers and sisters, of the angelic realm, of star technology that is in the homes of every person pretty much.  And so, you think that we are not doing things, you think that your star brothers and sisters are not doing things, but in fact we are.

Gabrielle has been the chief administrator in the governments of every super power for the last couple of years.

SB:  Do they know that?  Are they aware of her presence?

AAM: Oh, no.  But she is shifting. Why do you think, let us use, for example, not only the United States government, not only the rift between the Senate and the Congress, the split in Congress, but the increasing split, shall we say between the areas of government, the Administration, the Judiciary, what we would call the Military, the actual functioning of government.

Why has it ground to a stop and why in fact has government, the business of government, been so rocky?  Well, I will tell you why…because Gabrielle and I are very involved.  She is involved in the reorganization and restructuring of how that spread of money works.  That is why so many light workers are turning their attention to government, one way or another.

The old, which does not serve, cannot proceed.  So it is limping along while this greater, shall we say undercover, but manifesting in different ways, reorganization is taking place.  It is true in China.  It is true in the Middle East.  It is true in Russia. It is true in the EEC.

So there is much taking place.  It looks like stalemate because it is.  Now everyone is saying it’s because this party or that party will not give in.  And that is true.  Because what you are seeing is none of the old ways of what people think of as politics and the operation of government, the expression of politics, works.  So it has literally ground to a halt.  So that it can emerge like the phoenix, dear heart.

Why do you think that you have named your guardian angel “Phoenix”?  It is to remind you that you also emerge, as does your mission, like the phoenix from the ashes of what feels like destruction.

So there are things that we are doing that you are not fully aware of.   And then there are things that you are aware of, that we are allowing you to see, such as the magnificent gifts of the Mother, such as containment, such as inviting you, begging you, to be in this partnership with us.  And we are yearning to be in this partnership.

SB:  Right. It’s easy to see how I can be in this partnership, Lord, given that I and the others on InLight Radio do a radio show but it may not be as easy for other people who don’t do radio shows and things like that to know how they can be in partnership.

AAM: I will make it very simple.  Choose your favorite archangel.  I hope you choose me.  (Both laughing) It is a good thing that we are allowed to tease and play with each other.

I would not be chastised for such a statement because we see it as a joke and that is one of the things we want you to do with us and more as well.  Play with us.  Joke with us.  Treat us as your allies, as your best friends.  Every day, simply say to me, Michael, from your heart, always from your heart,  “Michael, what would you wish me to do today?”

SB:  Oh, I love that direction!

AAM: It is that simple.

SB:  OK.

AAM: And it will be one word or a vision or a picture or an inclination, “I have never been to the zoo and I have to go to the zoo today; the people need me.” “The animals need me.” ” I need to be in nature today.” ” I need to go swimming today.”  “I need to pray today.” “I need to be quiet today.  That is what Michael is asking me.”  And do it!

SB:  I think Kathleen gets that a lot [hears instructions].

AAM: Yes, she does.

Kathleen: Thank you…thank you for talking to us.

AAM: And when you do it, it is reinforced so that the messages become clearer and clearer and clearer.  It is the same with your guardian angels.  “What do you want me to do today? What should I do next?  Yes, or no?”  And proceed bravely.  We will not let you misstep!  That is a guarantee.

SB:  Wow!  Well I want to be considerate to Linda in so far as we’ve gone over our hour but again I leave that up to you.

AAM: Well, I will release you but we will continue this conversation because many want to know.  And many on this side want you to know.

SB:  Oh yes.  I have no doubt about that, Lord.

AAM: Go with my love.

SB & Kathleen:  Thank you!

AAM: Now what do I want you to do today?  (Laughter of Steve & Kathleen).  It is a fifty-fifty, write and play.

SB:  Ok, but I’m the writer. Kathleen is not necessarily the writer….

AAM: Oh, she is.  (Laughter of Steve and Kathleen)

Kathleen:  I have some writing to do.

AAM: And the writing is play.  Go with my love, dear hearts.

SB:  Thank you very much.

AAM: Farewell.

SB & Kathleen: Farewell.


Wes Annac – The Company Of Heaven – Earth’s Acension Is Just The Beginning – 7 September 2013


Channeled through Wes Annac-

Speaking for the Company of Heaven:

My sixth-dimensional oversoul

Jeshua and the Ascended Masters

Saan and the Arcturian Councils

With brimming Love and rejoice over your continual evolution into full consciousness, I am the sixth-dimensional oversoul of the scribe channeling this message on your Earth. My lineage extends to SanJAsKa the Pleiadian on down to our dear scribe on Earth, and while being an individualized consciousness I exist in the collective of RA.

We in the RA collective speak for ourselves as a united body and for the Creator with every communication we give and every bit of energy we impart unto your Earth and unto every lower-dimensional planet and civilization we’ve been helping to ascend.

We currently exist in the fifth dimension as we help humanity find the Light and correct the (since-distorted) teachings we were a part of giving your world.

We should say that these teachings were originally pure when given but have since been misinterpreted and purposefully distorted by the Illuminati, as they’ve believed themselves to be spiritual “elites” capable of glimpsing realms of consciousness they feel the rest of humanity undeserving to experience.

Beyond speaking for our collective and for Source, we speak for the Company of Heaven overall who’s connected with each one of you and the connection with whom can be sought and found within.

You can Connect with us

Your connection to the spiritual realms is much realer and goes much deeper than humanity has yet known or fathomed, and if making the effort and employing faith and understanding of the reality of what you’re doing if you allow it to be real, you can connect with the higher dimensions and with every facet of the Company of Heaven.

This was displayed in the previous Hathor communication through this scribe, and we seek to begin coming through much more directly and fruitfully than we have in the past. (1)

In regards to this, more scribes will begin picking up on the energies given out by the Company of Heaven, and while some may feel the idea or act of channeling to be in its fading stages of interest on your Earth, we say that you can move into an entirely different future in regards to it.

We’ve been communicating with humanity for centuries of your time, and channeling our energies and impressions certainly didn’t start in the time period you’re practicing it in.

Rather, people have opened up to the spiritual realms and us within them for centuries on your Earth and have actively channeled communications, many of which were destroyed or otherwise suppressed. Channeling goes very far back on your planet, and the suppression of this truth is an aspect of the overall spiritual suppression taking place in your society.

We’ll continue to speak through humanity as willing conduits for our energies and discussions continue to pick up, as our aim is and has always been to offer you the pure Light and understanding we’re blessed with experiencing in every moment.

It’s been discussed before that our communications and the impressions we give arrive on the back of the overall energy we’re sending you, which is why one’s heart must be opened before one can purely channel the higher dimensions.

Speaking for the Collective

Overall, you’re transmitting and connecting with varying shades and frequencies of energy (when channeling) as you shift from various different beings in our collective who come to the forefront of our communications routinely to offer their specific energies and impressions.

As many of you make active efforts to channel various different collectives, you find yourselves increasingly skilled at bringing through different energy at different frequencies.

As we’ve just mentioned, it’s indeed true that in regards to communicating collectively, different individuals are stepping up to the forefront of the communication(s) to offer what they have for humanity. Even when an individual speaks in the higher dimensions, that individual always speaks for a collective of entities and this collective consciousness transmits their energies and impressions through a conduit in the collective.

The conduit changes routinely depending on the specific entity or energy the scribe channeling us wishes to pick up on. Generally, you’re given the energies and communications of every facet of our collective, and we ask you to realize your infinite ability to connect with a very wide range of ascended entities.

The theme of realizing just how many of us in the higher dimensions there are to communicate with and just how diverse your range of connection can be may begin to pick up in the messages being given to humanity, because you’re coming to rediscover your abilities in every sense imaginable.

Expansion of one’s personal paradigm of belief heralds increasing understandings of things that those with closed-off minds and hearts may feel to be pure fiction, and the reality of heaven can be understood by every person on your world.

Every soul on your Earth is meant to open up to the reality of the heavenly states of consciousness you can grow into and the existence of billions of higher-dimensional souls actively fixated upon humanity’s evolution and doing everything we can in every moment to aid you in such evolution.

As we turn this temple over to the soul known as Jeshua and the collective of Masters He’ll represent, we express with Love that your perception of your ability has only begun to expand to the proportions it’s meant to.

Jeshua and the Ascended Masters Speak

We thank the oversoul of our dear scribe as we too express that your expansion in perception will herald unprecedented effects within you and in your outward reality.

Your individual and collective perception is expanding, and along with this you’re being greeted with increasing exposure of every darkly-inclined energy that’s remained underneath your individual and collective perception.

We should point out that exposure of the cabals will bring with it exposure of any latent darkness held within humanity, and that you’ll be tasked with working to forgive the cabals and transmute the lower-oriented suppressed energy that’ll rise.

Humanity will understand in the time ahead, the importance of energy-transmutation and working together to bring the vibration of your Earth and your collective consciousness into one that reflects the higher dimensions you’re growing back toward.

We seek to help you become aware of the spiritual realms in any way possible. Specifically, we seek to help you broaden your horizon of understanding as we help make you aware of the fact that yes indeed, you can pick up on our impressions with grace and ease as mentioned by our scribe’s sixth-dimensional oversoul.

You can indeed connect with more beings than you could imagine who’ll deliver their perspectives on your ascension and the events leading you toward the realms of full consciousness, and you can receive intricate and flowing discussions regarding your ascension and every aspect of it.

This is because of the focus on your ascension on the part of the Company of Heaven, and each individual and collective comprising the spiritual realms seeks to help any and every lower-dimensional planet and civilization to ascend in preparation for the full-on evolution of your Universe.

A Discussion of the Universal Ascension

The evolution of the Universe will be aided immensely by the Earth’s ascension, and in return, will aid in the evolution of other structures of existence far beyond even the grasp of what’ll be your united and ascended Universal consciousness.

Indeed, as an aspect of the Universal ascension every planet and civilization will come together and interweave with each other in ways that see you working with us to help every other facet of Creation ascend.

You’ll establish, along with us, a collective Universal consciousness and from there, we’ll help the Universe ascend and help in the next expansions and ascensions that’ll take place.

The ripple effect the Earth’s ascension is causing couldn’t be expressed enough, as it’s to help bring about the Universal ascension which will then bring about continual greater ascensions in realms and Creational structures far beyond the consciousness of the Universal collective you’ll establish.

We understand that we’re dipping into territory well beyond the grasp or belief of plenty of Earthly souls, but we seek nevertheless to express that your Earth’s ascension is just the beginning, and in many ways, even the Universal ascension is just the beginning.

Dearest souls, broaden your understanding of the spiritual realms and just what is and isn’t possible on your world, because your broadened perception will be needed for you to help awaken the rest of your collective in the direct manners we can feel so many of you wish to.

Step into the greater roles you can feel being fashioned, and know that there’s nothing wrong with embracing new paradigms of the missions you’ve found yourselves on the Earth to perform.

Dear scribe, we rejoice and love the fact that you’ve continued to fully devote yourself to bringing our energies and impressions through, and we’ll continue to assist you with the various other aspects of serving humanity you and so many other Lightworkers have set out for yourselves to perform.

You’ll find yourselves uninhibited in your ability to bring through higher-dimensional impressions and energies as you grasp the reality of what you’re doing, and for now, we continue to encourage the personal expansions taking place in every avenue they’re occurring.

Confrontation of Rigid Belief Structures

Oh, how the pure energies and blissful perceptions humanity can access will confront the rigid belief structures of your general public.

Even feeling the initial wave of cleansing energy that’ll be a part of one of the many energetic events you’ll be initiated into as a collective, will help those who’ve remained closed-off in their heart space to embrace a paradigm of Love beyond what they’ve thought possible.

We’re going to turn this temple over to the Arcturians with Love and joy, as we express humanity’s infinite potential to build your brimming Galactic future. Begin to act upon this potential in every moment you feel the inspiration, because those of you who do so at this time are pioneering the building of your new Earth.

The Arcturians Speak

I am Saan, speaking for the Arcturian Councils of the Galactic Federation and for the Company of Heaven overall. We’re overjoyed to embrace such an enthusiastic temple, and we express with joy that each of you is learning to embrace your heightened roles in the ways best suited for you.

Our counterpart in the Ascended Master collective mentioned embracing your personal expansion and the heightened roles many of you are choosing for yourselves.

We should express that for the most part, with your active and enthusiastic effort to bring your higher-dimensional energies through and expand upon your personal roles, you’ll be guided in a flow-like manner to the expanded aspects of such roles.

You’ll come to understand the importance of helping your collective become aware, and in a direct and understandable manner, be able to spread what you’ve come to learn regarding the higher dimensions and humanity’s ongoing evolution.

Your collective is evolving into the realms of the fifth dimension, and there’ll be many fourth-dimensional realms for you to traverse before you reach them.

The exposure of every bit of latently-held darkness mentioned above will come about in the fourth dimension, because this is largely what the fourth-dimensional experience heralds; exposure of latently-held dark or dense energy.

In the fifth dimension you’ll learn the Masterful art of balance, and from there you’ll be able to spread your energetic influence to other realms and realities far beyond even the understanding of the awakening Lightworker public.

Your Veils are Dissolving

We wish to address the dissolving nature of the veils and barriers between you and the higher dimensions, because you’re now able to perceive of realms of consciousness that would’ve been much more difficult to perceive of a hundred years ago in your concept of time.

In the same vein, despite the dissolving nature of the barriers between your realm and ours, there’s still much cleansing and healing work to be done before humanity as a whole can resonate with the fifth dimension, which is why you’ll undergo the aforementioned exposure and cleansing.

It’ll be important for your collective to work together to build your society based on the ideals of all, and upon doing so you’ll be able to greet fifth-dimensional states of consciousness that’ll leave you in awe.

Your collective may wonder why you ever chose to fight with one another in the first place, and understanding the suppression of your history that’s taken place will help many grasp ideals related to our existence.

Heaven is a real and tangible place that can be felt and experienced in every moment, and getting a glimpse of heaven will help humanity understand the need to establish widespread unity and harmony amongst each other despite everything about another you perceive to be different.

Our existence will be made known on your world as the dam of lies and suppression fed by your cabals begins to burst open for all to see and feel, and we ask you to brace yourselves for startling truths and revelations as we and others have in the past.

This is because you’ll come to learn much that’s of a paradigm-expanding nature, and an initial aspect of the disclosures you’ll absorb will be explanations of the work we’ve done in deprogramming nuclear weapons and keeping the playing field fair on your world.


As we make our final impressions for this communication representing the entirety of the Company of Heaven, we thank you awakening souls and Lightworkers on the ground for your diligent continuance in bringing about heaven on Earth.

Remember the importance of encouraging yourselves and treating yourselves and all those around you with the Divinity and respect you each deserve, because you’re each the Creator wearing different illusory disguises and coming to rediscover yourselves for who you truly are.

You’re coming to understand the reality and the energy of Love, and the illusory ideas of Love that have been fed in your society are now being replaced with an increasing understanding that Love is the very energy driving your reality.

Continue in your missions to help inform as many as possible of this reality, and continue to hold and anchor the Light for these efforts are crucial to your collective entrance into the higher dimensions.

Thank you to Saan and the Arcturian Councils; to Jeshua and the Ascended Masters; to my sixth-dimensional oversoul; and to the Company of Heaven overall who you’ve represented.

(1)- Excerpt from the referenced message (link below):

“Every one of you can open up and channel brimming communications from the higher dimensions, and upon allowing yourselves to believe that this contact can indeed be real, you’ll find excited contact from us or from whoever you wish to open up to.

As examples of the diversity one can pick up on when becoming open to a higher-dimensional connection, we’d like to go against the usual flow of our messages to allow two different collectives to come in and offer short condolences (…).”

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