Lisa Shaw – The Circle of Spirits – Come to the Table and Sit – OM Times


In Opening to Channel, a popular 1990s book by Sonaya Roman and Duane Packer, Oren and DaBen, the spirit guides dictating the text, made this very enthusiastic claim, “We rejoice when you make contact.” This is a pretty powerful statement that signals something we don’t often consider: the contact is not so much about us as it is about the guides themselves.

Early on the quest to strengthen our intuitive abilities, we attend classes, participate in guided meditations, dowse ourselves with light hoping to be the one to receive messages and retrieve information because we want desperately to be psychic. Then, when we have our first accurate distance viewing or message gathering experience, we rejoice because we have “done it.” But truly it is not about us as individuals. It is about etheric partnership.

Many “activate your psychic center” classes are conducted in a circle, the most obviously a metaphor for eternity. The circle also encloses the space and seals the energy within it, creating a community. In the visualizations that occur there, we create a sacred community, vibrationally heightened. In its center sits “the great mystery” to which all participants are present. It is there where we make contact with our guides, who may greet us as wafting colors, sparks of light, or actual images in the way we can best identify and accept them.

Sometimes when we achieve this conscious connection, we feel compelled to ask for things: healing for ourselves or others, guidance on a particular issue. Let’s be honest; most of us take the ride to spirit on the trauma train…. Life’s difficulties take us to the saturation point, compelling us to seek support on higher planes. Beginning psychic development classes are often populated by people, usually women, who, desperate for love and change in their lives, come to Spirit as both a last and lasting resort. I’ve been there, done that, still do that…. and it’s been over 26 years since I boarded.