Polona Aurea Dawn – Ascension update – The Art of co-creation


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Our Ascension journey requires us to move into experiences that are beyond the rational and thinking brain. We can’t always rationalize and make sense of these powerful inner awakenings, which I call Divine remembrance. The mind was meant to serve us in a way that embodies what we know in our Divinity. Our mind was never meant to analyze the Spirit side of life, for that was always the job of our feeling side of life. The mind and Heart need to flow in perfect balance and symphony, as we simply cannot have one without the other.

A lot of individuals speak about the art of manifesting, but the true Art of manifestation comes through our illuminated Self and Soul alchemy through our Soul awareness. It is always the overall awareness that creates, not just our thoughts. When all of our Soul aspects can be unified and brought into the integral Wholeness/Unity consciousness, we know how to manifest through the Higher Principles of Creation, not only the rational thinking brain. When we master this and we know how to operate through manifestation, we only use the mind aspect to bring it into physical form.

That is the true nature of unification of the mind and Heart as One. To simply use just one and only think without feeling and vice versa, will never come from our true grounded Self. In order to master co-creating, we will need to be the most grounded Being on the planet and master all of our senses and work with our energy consciously, through awareness. This is what means to be an Avatar Being … it is not about the name, new age belief or a label, for it is about the state of awareness when one lives in alignment with their Divine Self and manifests it in the most grounded physical sense. This is what it means to be Self realized.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn