Suzanne Lie – Activating Human Evolution – The Arcturians – 12-29-16


Activating Human Evolution

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

We the Arcturians are happy to communicate with our Ascending Ones within your time of initiation. Yes, you have all been undergoing very important initiations because reality as you know it, will continue it’s ever-accelerating transmutation in the year of 2017.

We say transmutation—shifting into a higher frequency of expression—rather than transformation—third dimensional change. Transmutation creates change, but it also includes a steady expansion into higher and higher frequencies/dimensions of reality.

In the same manner as humanity is transmuting, Gaia is also transmuting. In fact, people and planet will be called on to move into a deeper relationship than ever before. We know that more and more humans are realizing that Gaia, and Her planetary body, are transmuting into a higher frequency of expression in the same manner that humans, and their human earth vessels, are transmuting into a higher frequency of expression.

Those who have opened their hearts and minds to this information are the same ones who have been able to merge their human, energy field with Gaia’s planetary, energy field. With this merging, these humans are taking their first steps towards their ascension into Multidimensional Beings.

We use the word “ascension” because that word means: rise, ascent, mounting, climbing, scaling, surmounting, and moving UP. In this case, we speak of ascension as expanding your innate, frequency of resonance from your third dimensional Earth Vessel self, to include your fourth dimensional Astral Body self, and into your fifth dimensional Lightbody self.

Your vessel of fifth dimensional light will be able to perceive, experience and live within the fifth dimensional aspect of Gaia’s aura. You may also choose to return to your fifth dimensional Starship and/or your fifth dimensional Homeworld.

What you will be pleased to remember about your Lightbody is that it is free of time and physical space. Therefore, you will be able to consciously experience more than one time and/or place within the same instant of the NOW.

We realize that this experience will likely take what you still believe is “time” for your total transcendence and ascension, into your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF. Of course, once you are your Lightbody SELF the perception of “time” will only be a “left over habit.” An example of a left over habit would be if you always drove a stick shift car and suddenly changed to an automatic car, your left foot would constantly reach out for the clutch.

In the same manner, when you have your first experience “catching a glimpse” of the fifth dimension, your mind will think you are imagining it. However, as you feel the unconditional love, total unity with all life and complete safety of the fifth dimension, you will search for that feeling in your daily life.

The good part about “searching for” is that “what you want, or expect, to perceive is what youwill perceive.” One might think that human perception is most about seeing or hearing. However, that is not the case. The greatest influence on human perception is the state of consciousness of that human within the NOW of that perception.

This “state of consciousness” is greatly influence by your thoughts and emotions. As an example, if your thoughts are focused on driving, you will primarily perceive the road, the cars around you, the traffic ahead of you, and the steering wheel, accelerator and breaks of the car.

When you drive a lot, you do not even think about the steering wheel, accelerator, and breaks, as that becomes automatic. Therefore, you can focus on what is occurring outside of the car as well as what is occurring inside of the car.

As you increasingly accustomed to your ascension into Lightbody process, you will remember to perceive the changes “outside” of your earth vessel within the NOW that you are also experiences the changes “inside” of your earth vessel.

Hence, you move beyond specific components of your driving experience and focus more on the collective components of driving. Therefore, you can hear the radio and your friend talking inside the car, while you are still staying attentive to the traffic, the traffic signals, pedestrians, and what is occurring outside the car.

We wish to inform you that more and more of you are remembering to focus, not just on the many changes outside your body, but you are simultaneously focusing on what is occurring inside your body.

Just as a toddler may not be able to talk or carry something while learning to walk, you are learning to perceive both your third/fourth dimensional reality, as well as your fifth dimensional reality. Therefore, you are learning how your inner perspectives of reality affect your daily perceptions of your outer reality.

You are “learning to remind you that you are a “being fifth dimensional” who volunteered to wear a third dimensional body in order to assist with Planetary Ascension. Hence, you are called on to fully remember your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF and the fifth dimensional operating system of that frequency of your Multidimensional SELF.

Simultaneously, you are moving from your 3D reality that was based on separation from all life. Within your “old operating system,” every person, place, situation, and thing appeared to be separate from you. Therefore, you defined your “self” as YOU and every other person, place and thing as “NOT YOU.” Even in a crowd YOU were separate from all the others in the crowd because they were NOT you.

The members of your family were not you; your friends were not you. YOU were the only one who is wearing your earth vessel—unless you are pregnant. However, even when you are pregnant, you perceived the “other person inside you” as not yet born. Hence, he or she was not yet a person, but would eventually be born into being an individual person.

Animals perceive their “herd, flock, school, or pod” as “their self.” Also, some “primitive tribes” perceive themselves as a being deeply connected with the other members of the “tribe.” On the other hand, modern, civilized humanity, often believe that they are better than animals or primitive tribes because they can “stand alone.”

These third dimensional beliefs will need to be discarded and/or expanded in order for you to expand into a being of light. A being of light does not have any boundaries or edges. A being of light can have the wavering form of a small spec or a huge projection of their light that flows from their core into ALL directions simultaneously.

But most of modern humanity does know even know that they have a core. This core is their Kundalini, which waits at the base of their spine like a “Sleeping Serpent.” As your inner, fifth dimensional energy field moves up your spine, your Sacred Marriage of Spirit and Matter slowly, or quickly, raises the resonance of your body, as well as your frequency of consciousness.

It is then, that your experience of reality will steadily expand beyond the limitations of your third dimensional perceptions. Your third dimensional self will primarily attend to your physical body and the physical body of your family or friends.

But as your “Sense of SELF” includes your higher dimensional perceptions, you will expand further and further beyond the limitations of the earth vessel you have been wearing, and will begin to feel an innate connection with ALL life. As you seek out these connections, your consciousness will expand even more.

As your expanded version of SELF moves through your life, you become more and more aware that you are invisibly and constantly preparing to expand your Sense of SELF to include your Fifth Dimensional SELF.

Then, you will remember how to deeply experience the manner in which your aura intermingles with the auras of what you once called “other” people, places, and things. As you allow yourperceptions of reality to flow through and be enhanced by your multidimensional aura, you will perceive that every person, place, situation, and thing also have an aura.

This perception assists you to remember that you are NOT separate from any person, place, situation, or thing! It is within that Unity with ALL Life that you can remember to “look at life through your own aura.”

When you perceive reality through your own aura, you remember to intermingle your fourth dimensional astral self, with your third dimensional physical self, as well as your fifth dimensional lightbody self. With this conscious merging of the multidimensional aspects of your SELF, you will realize that what you CHOOSE to perceive, greatly affects how you think, what you feel, and how you perceive reality.

When your thoughts and feelings are positive and loving, you see the clear sky, the warm breeze, the friendly dog, and a sense of well being within your body. On the other hand, when your thoughts and emotions are negative and fearful, you feel a sense of fear and a lack of safety.

Some people never realize how their outer reality mimics their inner self. On the other hand, some people realized this fact as children, but forget it as they “worked hard” as an adult. We, the Arcturians, are with you in this NOW to remind you that it is to you greatest benefit that you take full responsibility for the life that YOU created.

Please remember that some of your creation process occurred in other lifetimes and realities. With this expanded perspective, you can look back to remember other incarnations in which you took a life in order to prepare yourself for the wonderful gift of transmuting into a fifth dimensional body.

Your third/fourth dimensional body is your present earth vessel through which you can combine all that that you have learned in all your incarnations on Earth. In this manner you can prepare for your “final initiation” into Lightbody.

Just as your third/fourth dimensional earth vessel is the vehicle through which you can experience your third dimensional waking, working self, and your fourth dimensional sleeping self is your creative self, your fifth dimensional Lightbody is the vessel through which you can perceive and interact with light of the fifth dimensional and beyond. In the fifth dimension, light is no longer separate from any person, place, situation, or thing.

The fifth dimensional light calls you to include your fifth dimensional Lightbody in your overall “Sense of Self.” Then, because your fifth dimensional Lightbody is beyond the physical constraints of time or space, your consciousness, perceptions, and thus your experience of reality, expands far beyond the confines of third/fourth dimensional realities based on time and space.

As your fifth dimensional perceptions expand your consciousness beyond the separation, fear and darkness of the third and lower fourth dimensional realities, you will feel a sense of Unconditional Love and Freedom from ALL the boundaries of separation that YOU created within the limitations of your third/fourth dimensional thoughts and emotions.

As you slowly, or quickly, recalibrate your thoughts and emotions to frequency range of the fifth dimension, you will feel a sense of comfort and camaraderie that was unknown in your physical world. At first, you may feel the 3D reality as strongly as ever, but as you allow yourself to FLOW into and MERGE with the fifth dimensional energy fields, you will experience something that was impossible within your third/fourth dimensional consciousness.

For one thing, you will be more able to Unconditionally Love, Unconditionally Forgive, and Unconditionally Accept your third/fourth dimensional self. Sometimes you will perceive your physical self as “having a bad day and really needing help.” You may also perceive your physical self as “having a great day” and really wanting to merge with the higher dimensional versions of SELF that you have deeply missed and are ready to rejoin.

These higher versions of YOU are the “you” that remembers your Multidimensional SELF, that your third dimensional self may have lost contact with somewhere in the tangles of the 3D Matrix. Fortunately, as you remember your true, Multidimensional SELF, your fifth dimensional consciousness becomes fully activated.

It is then that you can remember to send Unconditional Love to Gaia. By this simple act, you are giving GREAT service to Gaia and to all Her inhabitants. In fact, if the only thing you do for planetary ascension is to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into any darkness and/or fear, you are giving a vital service to Earth and all her human, animal, plant, insect, and elemental kingdoms.

You are also greatly assisting your Galactic Family, as well as your entire Multidimensional Family, that is serving to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension. Please remember, dear humans, that if you assist your planet, you also assist all the beings on the planet, as well as all the humans.

Also, by your actions, you are assisting your Galactic SELF who has volunteered to wear an earth vessel on the third/fourth dimensional Gaia to assist Her Planetary SELF to ascend beyond the frequency net of the 3D Matrix. Those who follow the rules of “Power Over Others” are implanted in that Matrix.

These “rules” only resonate to the frequency of the third and lower fourth dimensional inhabitants. In fact, the first and second dimensional beings cannot perceive that Matrix. Therefore, they cannot be influenced by it. Hence, the elementals of Gaia’s planetary body, as well as your personal bodies, are free of the Matrix.

It is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family, remind you to listen to your physical body. Your body appears to be “just third dimensional,” but it is created by the vast collection of first and second dimensional molecules of blood, bones, muscles, and oxygen.

These small molecules of “life” are so small that they easily slip through the 3D Matrix unnoticed. Individually, their information cannot be shared with your earth vessel. However, during your physical incarnations, your inner elemental, molecular beings have been bonding with body.

Your brain may not have “translated their messages,” but your physical body is an expert of this “language.” Furthermore, the language of the elementals is much like Light Language because the elementals all carry a photonic “light” that constantly communicated with the “electronic” ports of your physical Earth Vessel.

Therefore, your body is, indeed, an inter-dimensional vessel that is fully connected to “Light Language.” As you deeply connect with your physical vessel, you simultaneously connect with your own, innate Light Language. No one needs to translate these Light Language messages, as your own physical body will do that for you.

In closing, we remind you again that your third dimensional Earth Vessel is a “well oiled” communication device. If you listen to your fourth/fifth dimensional dreams and meditations, your Earth Vessel will assist you to learn to understand, share, and use these light messages towards the service of Gaia’s Ascension.

Please remember that “Service to Others” is a vital component of human ascension. Every Ascended Master went through great sacrifice and service to others before they purified their essence enough to “flash into Lightbody and ascend.” It is the same within your NOW!

However, you are NEVER ALONE as WE, your Galactic Family is ALWAYS with you.

In closing we wish to share that 2017 will be filled with Higher Light, which will serve to greatly accelerate your process of personal and planetary ascension.

Blessings from the Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Dr. Suzanne Lie & The Arcturians – A Peek Into the 5th Dimension

SUZANNE LIE – We Are Here NOW by The Arcturians – 5-5-16



SUZANNE LIE   –   We Are Here NOW by The Arcturians   –   5-5-16


When Gaia flashes into Her “planetary fifth-dimensional Lightbody,” only those who can also flash into their “fifth-dimensional Lightbody” will be able to resonate to the frequency of Gaia’s fifth dimensional habi


WE ARE HERE NOW  –   By The Arcturians

“Dear Suzille, we are happy to assist you to transfer your morning message into the computer so that you can better share it with others. First, we would like to speak with all the wonderful awakened ones who will read this message and remind you all that, “IT IS THE NOW.”

“There are many important shifts within your frequency of reality that you have long awaited. Therefore, we, your Galactic and Angelic Family, are so very pleased to share through our volunteers to take an earth vessel—that is YOU—within this NOW.

“If any of you have questions about how and/or what you volunteered to channel through your earth vessel, we are pleased to answer you questions. We also ask that you share your questions and answers with the marvelous, multidimensional group that you have formed within your time/space.

“Of course, as many of you have already discovered, you are all within the process of expanding your consciousness beyond third/fourth dimensional time/space and into your fifth dimensional HERE and NOW.

You see dear ones, that once your consciousness expands beyond the limitations of third/fourth dimensional time and space, you become fully connected to myriad versions of your Multidimensional SELF.

This expansion of consciousness is growing more rapidly than you may realize, as much of this expansion is occurring within the silence. Within the silence, each being is able to find their own core, their own expressions of SELF from deep within their own consciousness.

In this manner, each of you will find your own “Divine Spark” which extends into the Core of Gaia,” as well as all the way to your “first conception” within the highest dimensions of your origination into “the possibility of individuality.”

There are many life-forms who do not chose the challenge of “individuality,” as it a path that can be quite lonely. It is also a Reality Path on which one can become lost in the lower worlds and unable to return “Home” for many eons.

We, your higher family, respect your choice to take and “individual” form on the planet Gaia. You have volunteered for this mission because it is a great honor to witness the ascension of a planetary being.

While you are holding a vessel made of the same elements and elementals as the planet, you have the expanded ability and evolutionary experience of holding a form on a transmuting planet. Also, since your form is constructed of the same elementals of: earth, air, fire and water, as the planet, you are indeed “made OF the planet.”

Of course, it is not YOU that is made of the planet, but the earth form that YOU are wearing so that YOU can assist, as well as have the great honor of participating in, the process of planetary transmutation into the fifth dimension and beyond.

We remind you that once your consciousness, and thus the frequency of the earth vessel you are wearing, begins to move in to and out of the fifth dimensional frequency of resonance, you begin to “log-out” of the third dimensional experience of “time.”

Then, you gradually “log-into” the fifth dimension, and beyond, concept of “living in the NOW.” Your 3D “time” is related to where your earth vessel is located on the spinning planet of Earth.

In fact, if all of you were to instantly read this message when you received it, most of you would be reading it at a different time. On the other hand, ALL of you are simultaneously reading it within the NOW of the “COLLECTIVE ONE” that your unity consciousness has created.

You have all created a “pilot test” for the unity consciousness that will be necessary for humanity to consciously create a reality ready for ascension. As you are all aware, there are many forces of darkness that do NOT want planetary ascension because they know that they will not be able to resonate to that frequency of reality.

Therefore, there is a hidden battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. We say “hidden battle” because the true reason for the many wars and expanded violence that is occurring within your NOW, is hidden from the minds of those who are participating in these battles.

We, your Galactic and Celestial Family,” are so sorry that Gaia must experience such violence when She is so close to ascension. But, as we have said, Gaia is such a loving Mother Earth that She wants to take as many of Her human children as possible into Her expanding fifth dimensional habitat zone.

There are several dimensional “habitat zones” within the multidimensional layers of Gaia’s planetary body. When Gaia flashes into Her “planetary fifth-dimensional Lightbody,” only those who can also flash into their “fifth-dimensional Lightbody” will be able to resonate to the frequency of Gaia’s fifth dimensional habitat zone.

This fifth-dimensional habitat zone is often known as New Earth. Just as humanity’s “ascension” will be one of flashing into a fifth dimensional Lightbody form, so will Gaia’s ascension into Her New Earth.

Of course, fifth dimensional Lightbody Earth, as well as your human fifth dimensional Lightbody, already exists within the higher frequencies of reality. The highest frequencies of reality exist within the NOW. Hence, they are not created or destroyed. They are infinite.

It is only when these individual (in Earth’s case human) consciousness want to experience a dense, third dimensional form, that they lower their resonance into the density of the third dimension.

Unfortunately, once a planetary being, or the beings that inhabit that planet, take a third dimensional resonance, it is very difficult to return to their higher dimensional expression.

As you, our volunteers to third-dimensional Earth have discovered, the polarities of good/bad, love/hate, peace/war are very distracting. Much psychological and physical damage can be done while living within the challenges of a polarized realty that appears to be limited to the third dimension.

Also, as you have fortunately remembered, you are multidimensional being who ALSO inhabit many higher dimensional worlds. Therefore, our dear ones, we thank you for your great sacrifice to take a form on the ascending body of Gaia.

In fact, in order to prepare for this NOW, most of you have had myriad incarnations on Gaia. This NOW is HERE and we, the members of your Galactic and Angelic Family, are here to say,

Thank you our beloved volunteers to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

We are with you within every moment of your NOW!

Call on us as we are HERE NOW.

The Arcturians


Suzanne Lie – The ATMA and the ELEMENTALS – 4-7-16



Suzanne Lie   –   The ATMA and the ELEMENTALS   –   4-7-16


The Arcturians 

Dear Ascending Ones,

As you continue your process of returning to your Multidimensional SELF, you will be releasing the components of your self that are no longer needed. Simultaneously, you will be placing more and more of your intention onto the SELF you are becoming. As you continue your metamorphosis the small voice of the inner child will call out, “Take me with you.”

We remind you to remember to welcome your Child Self into your High Heart. Your “child” is your Divine Child who became the one you identified as yourself before you began your process ascension. As you collect your Divine Child into your heart, you release your attachment to the third/fourth dimensional Wheel of Life and Death.

Your Divine Child represents your first eight cells that are stored in your ATMA of the Three Fold Flame of your High Heart. Within these first eight cells is all that you have learned from your many incarnations on physical Earth. These eight cells also hold the pattern of lives in which you returned to SELF, ascended, in your other incarnations.

When you died, you returned to the Wheel of Life and Death in the fourth dimensional aura of planet Earth. On the other hand, when you ascended you returned to your fifth dimensional Lightbody. It is your Lightbody, which carries you across the Great Void between the fourth dimension and fifth dimension and beyond.

During this era of planetary transformation, many ascending ones will be gathering their Divine Child into their High Heart in order to break all connection with the Wheel of Life and Death. Many of you who could return to much higher dimensions are choosing to connect with the fifth-dimensional threshold world to assist with the creation of New Earth.

Please remember that in every version of the fifth dimension and beyond there is NO time. Therefore, you are entering a reality that has always existed and is simultaneously in the process of creation.

In fact, whenever you travel inter-dimensionally, you blend your great multidimensional essence with a reality, which re-sets your essence, as well as the entire reality. This reset creates new options and opportunities that did not exist before your entry.

In this manner, you enter a reality that has existed beyond time, as your presence simultaneously creates change within that world. Do you see dear ascending ones how much power you have within you? You have the ability to alter an entire reality simply by blending your essence with that reality.

In fact, even within your time-bound earth vessel you influence the Collective and Planetary Consciousness with your every out breath. Furthermore, you inhale the Collective and Planetary Consciousness with your every in breath. Did you know that your breath had such power?

Your first breath at birth indicated that you were alive (logged into the 3D Game) and your last breath at death indicates that you are dead (logged out of the 3D Game). In other words, your Spiritual Essence enters your form at birth and leaves your form at death.

However, since you are your spiritual essence, you are not born, nor do you die. It is your form that is born and your form that dies. Remember that in order to enter into a form-based reality, you must first create a body based on the molecular resonance and configuration of that reality.

Then, when your body is fully formed, your Spirit enters that form. When you enter a reality that is beyond form you merely calibrate your consciousness to the frequency of that reality and blend your consciousness with that reality.

New Earth resonates to the threshold between the third/fourth dimensions of form and the higher sub-planes of the fifth dimension in which form is an option and no longer an indication of being alive or dead.

In preparation for your journey across the void between the third/fourth and fifth dimension, your physical form is in the process of transmuting into Lightbody. However, as your form transmutes into a higher frequency of expression, so does your entire reality, because planet Earth is also ascending.

Hence, both people and planet are recalibrating their form to higher and higher frequencies. Since your form/body is comprised of the elements of the reality you are experiencing, when your reality transmutes into frequencies, you must match that frequency shift to remain within that reality.

Therefore, your consciousness is constantly recalibrating to higher and higher frequencies of light, and your body must recalibrate itself, as well. If your state of consciousness becomes too much higher than your body, you will “die,” as your consciousness is too high to be contained in that lower frequency vessel.

Your earth vessel is comprised of the third dimensional expressions of earth, air, fire, water and spirit/fire. The fourth dimensional expressions of these elements of your body are known as Elementals. Earth Elementals are titled Gnomes, Air Elementals are titled Sylphs, Fire Elementals are Salamanders, Water Elementals are Undines. and Etheric Elementals represent the living Spirit within all form.

The fourth dimensional Elementals hold the breath of Gaia within them and share Her essence with you via your in-breath.

With your every in-breath, the Elementals bring in the higher frequency of Gaia’s form into the Body (Earth Elemental), Breath (Air Elemental), Neural Synapses (Fire Elemental), Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid (Water Elemental) and Consciousness (Etheric Elemental) of your earth vessel.

Then you breathe out your higher expression of consciousness to contribute to the transmutation of Gaia, just as She has shared Her transmutation with you.

  • In this manner, your transmuting form (Earth) aligns with the transmuting form of Gaia land.
  • Your transmuting breath (Air) aligns with the transmuting atmosphere of Gaia.
  •    Your transmuting nervous system (Fire) aligns with the transmuting synaptic junctions within Gaia’s “electrical” system.
  •  The transmutation of all your bodily fluids (Water) aligns with Gaia’s transmuting waterways and massive oceans.
  • As your Consciousness transmutes from etheric (fourth dimensional) into Spiritual (fifth dimensional), your personal consciousness aligns with the planetary consciousness, which is transmuting from third/fourth dimensional to fifth dimensional.

The physical representation of Gaia is the third/fourth dimensional Earth and the fifth dimensional representation of Gaia is New Earth.

As you, the ascending ones, entrain your personal consciousness with the planetary consciousness of Gaia, as well as with ALL Her inhabitants, you contribute greatly to the planetary ascension.

Simultaneously, the great mass of Gaia’s ascending body contributes to your personal ascension. You also gain the additional benefit of a peaceful transition into New Earth because you are surrounded and protected by the entire ascending planet.

The challenge with this configuration of ascension, as there are many versions of ascension, is that you could easily doubt that you are ascending because you are not leaving anything. If you ascended beyond the planet, you would pull away from that reality and feel as though you are leaving Earth. Then you would have physical evidence of your ascension.

However, depending on physical evidence is not consistent with ascension. Instead, it is best to release your ego need for proof, and trust your inner knowing that, since you and Gaia are ONE, you are both ascending together. In this manner, THE RETURN involves both people and planet.

We lovingly join you as we all return as

ONE People and Planet

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family




Hardcover Table Top book available on Amazon

All pictures drawn by Suzanne Lie

                                                                   AMAZON LINK


I wanted to share my process of writing this book. I actually got the idea from my publisher. He liked my pictures and suggested that I make a book with the pictures and just a few words for each one. I thought that was a cool idea, but did not know where, or how, to begin. Therefore, the idea sat in my mind, as it slowly moved into my heart. When I began to love the idea, I decided that I would give it a try. But how would I proceed?

Once again, the idea had to rest in my heart and mind until it was the NOW to begin. Then, one day I decided to just ask the pictures what they wanted to tell me. So, I scanned through the pictures, which were all in one file, waiting for one of them to talk to me. I had been drawing these pictures for decades, and looking through them was a walk through memory lane. As I acknowledged each picture, I gained confidence in my self to give this idea a try. I had never thought of my self as an artist, as I can only draw what comes from inside me, and I have only taken a few art classes.

Looking through these pictures was like talking to my self, as they each had a message that had been shared on my websites, newsletters, YouTube and blog. But this time the pictures came first and the words arose from the pictures. As the storyline revealed itself, I stayed in the NOW allowing each picture to tell me what it wanted to say. Therefore, I had no idea what the plot would be, or how the story would proceed. Of course, since they were my pictures, they told my story.

But my story is also OUR story of finding our own inner light, using it to heal our inner darkness, so that we can travel the path of enlightenment, fulfillment, and love. My process of drawing pictures was a means of relaxation and meditation. Long ago, I made a deal with my self that once I started a picture I could NOT stop because it was not “good enough.”

Therefore, these pictures became my teachers. I was forced to see how much I judged myself and how I wanted to tear the page off the writing pad because it was not “good enough.” Fortunately, I kept my word with myself and worked through the doubt, in my self, to allow the picture to tell me its story. Thus, as the pictures talked to me for this book, they talked about everything I had learned from drawing them.

I share this experience with you the reader, to encourage you to continue, come what may, with your life and allow your inner light to shine it’s path before you. May you, too, become ONE with your SELF so that you can become two with your greatest love.

Suzanne Lie

I wrote my latest book, The Journal, because the Arcturians told me to put together, in chronological order, all the messages I had received since the early 1990’s, and string them together with a storyline. This storyline was channeled by the merging of me, the human, and me the Arcturian. I invite you all to share this journey with me. I hope that the Journey assists you as much as it did me.

Purchase HERE

Kindle and Paperback available NOW

Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 4-3-16

Marilyn Raffaele   –   The Arcturian Group   –   4-3-16
Dear ones, once again we come in love with messages of support for we know you often grow weary within a world that seems to see things so differently from you.
The chaos you observe daily is reflective of the breaking apart of old manifestations as the energy that supported them dissolves. As these manifestations crumble and disappear many struggle to hold them in place through whatever ways they believe are necessary–often violence. These dear ones can only fail, for nothing can manifest without the energy to form it. New and higher forms will replace them if allowed.


This is where nostalgia often enters in. A weary soul begins to yearn for some imagined past time, believing it to have been better and much easier. This can be a slippery slope for those seeking to spiritually evolve for it has the potential to hold one in bondage to concepts. However, for the enlightened, nostalgia can serve as a path into a deeper understanding of self vs SELF. A sense of nostalgia when recognized as such can illuminate deeply held concepts and beliefs still needing to be seen and cleared.
Nostalgia is simply the material sense of that yearning for peace that all souls unconsciously know is their birthright. Because now is such a powerful time filled with new energies pouring to earth, clearings of old belief systems, and change, it is understandable that many have become world weary, even choosing to leave, especially those who do not understand what is actually going on. No one can recreate and live in the past although many have tried.
Every generation reflects the consciousness of that particular time–the clothes, transportation, morality, laws etc. but all these things evolve as consciousness evolves. There was a time when the only mode of transportation was a horse, when women were not allowed to vote, and when humans were used as slaves but the world in general has evolved and will continue to evolve as individuals awaken, each adding more light to universal consciousness.
Living in the past or the future is life lived on the level of the three dimensional mind that sees everything as either good or bad. It can never true living for that can only take place in the now moment. If you are one who enjoys books and films about other times or fantasy, that is fine but enjoy them without nostalgia or yearning, seeing them as the entertainment they are.
You are only required to live out from your highest sense of right in each moment and that is different for every individual. Do not expect an un-evolved person to be loving and happily getting along with everyone for he has not yet attained that state of consciousness. This awareness allows you to move beyond the personal guilt and resentment that comes up regarding roads not taken, angry words said to others, or unloving actions taken in some past time.
You were expressing your highest attained state of consciousness at that time. If you were to say or do those same things now, you would not be living out from your highest attained state of consciousness because you have evolved. Allow experiences of the past (the good ones as well as the not so good ones) to take their place as finished and move on, knowing they have only the power you give them.
Try not to fear or panic as you observe chaos in the outer scene. Limit your involvement with television news and much of its programming. Media in general has become simply a propaganda tool for promoting violence and the idea of humans as ignorant and stupid, all of which is serving to keep fear and obsolete concepts alive and well.
It is often only though what appears as chaos that change can happen. Much of what you are observing at this time represents the effect energy changes are having on the un-enlightened. Confused and angry, they lash out in whatever ways they can for they do not understand nor do they care to understand the deeper issues of energy and change taking place on earth at this time.
Try not to despair when you see scenes of chaos in the news or hear the words of politicians so desperate for power and your vote that they say whatever they think you want to hear instead of having any original or new ideas of their own. Not all, but most see the world through concepts of the past and are thus unable to move into anything higher than what is already known.
This is the reason a totally unqualified candidate appeals to so many–he represents change albeit backward change, but change. The political arena does not want change for change may lesson their personal power. Most are incapable of seeing solutions other than through what is already known and it is the consciousness of the public that allows these old energies to remain in place. As the world becomes more enlightened, these self serving so called “leaders” will disappear. The energy will determine who is elected.
Living each day according to your highest sense of right automatically guides you into whatever higher levels of consciousness you are ready for and in turn adds light to the world consensus consciousness. This is how mankind evolves. Try not to get too involved in the nonsense of an unaware world. Stand back and allow them to shout and play their games while you go about being, living, speaking, and knowing your and their oneness with Source.
When you engage in anything, you are automatically giving energy to it, no matter how righteous you believe your position to be. You have entered into a new time, a time in which you must move beyond your old state of consciousness or be left behind. Opinions can be offered when appropriate, but do not give them a power for good or bad.
How is it possible to love those I really don’t like? Trying to love others humanly can be very difficult because the human consciousness will always interpret some as loveable and others as not so loveable. As awakened individuals you are ready to understand that only God is love and only God can love. Humanly you have no love to give. Abundance, joy, peace, creativity etc. are God qualities and to seek them outside of one’s self or claim them as yours personally is duality and separation. Sometimes you will succeed and sometimes not.
As you learn to get out of the way and let God love though you, you will find yourself loving and expressing the qualities of Divinity without thought. How to do this? Through your inner work and the realization of yourself and every living thing as Divine, this awareness gradually becomes your state of consciousness. As you begin living life from this higher state of consciousness, you will find yourself expressing love automatically and without thought or struggle. It is who you have become and many of you are already experiencing this.
Trust that all is proceeding as it should, knowing that you are spiritual beings who came to earth with a plan you yourselves created, and are being guided throughout your earth stay, even if it does not seem that way. The things that seem to be so difficult represent illusion, the misinterpretations you created throughout many un-awakened lifetimes much of which you may still hold in cellular memory.
This is why you are here. You recognized that the powerful energies of these times on earth were perfect to help you remember and discover who you really were while allowing you to finally end the cycles of un-awakened lifetimes and clear remaining obsolete energies from cellular memory.
You all have come a long way through many lifetimes of struggle but that is ending, you have awakened. Much that previously seemed so real and powerful, no longer holds power over you and long held fears are dissolving into the nothingness that they always were.
Never deny appearances, good or bad, but simply acknowledge them for what they are–mind interpretations of a Divine reality. It is fine to rejoice in the birth of a child, but know that this is just as much an illusion as the weak and dying. Appearances of both good and bad are illusory, only God and the qualities of that Divine consciousness are real, lasting, and held in place by law.
Rest more, relax more, trust more. Most of you are clearing old cellular memory at this time which can leave you feeling flu like symptoms. Taking drugs or trying to “fix it” in some way will interfere with your clearing process–just go with it, knowing that you cannot take old energies with you and rejoicing that they are being cleared.
There are those who continue to take classes and study long past the point where these tools are needed. There is a point at which the continuous seeking and searching must end as it can only serve to hold you as a perpetual student and thus one who will never become the master. It indicates a consciousness of separation. To live a consciousness outgrown, is very human.
Some of you have been serious spiritual students throughout your life, and are comfortable with studying and seeking as it is familiar and is what you have always done but once you fine what you were seeking, you must begin to live it. Some may be guided to become teachers at this point.
Do not misunderstand, we are not saying you must never take a class or read spiritually inspired books, we are saying that once you awaken to who and what you are, the tools must become the “added” things, no longer holding the importance they once did because you are now ready to be taught from the Self within.
Practice what you know in every experience that comes your way– physically, mentally, emotionally. Hold to the truth in all appearances and situations and gradually truth will become your attained state of consciousness.
Live each now moment remembering I AM.
We are the Arcturian Group 4/3/16

Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – The Golden Portal – 10-26-15


Suzanne Lie   –   The Arcturians – The Golden Portal   –   10-26-15


Blessings, we are the Arcturians.

We would like to take you through a corridor together. So all of you imagine your entire group in a huge circle and imagine that this circle goes all around your country, your area on Gaia’s body. And take a moment to allow that imagination to come into your mind and expand the circle beyond your country so that all of the corridors and all of the areas that are interfacing with your country will get the same blessing and will get the same amount of Light.

Now, I’m going to ask that each of you take your own specific area, your specific neighborhood or city and put a circle around your area or any specific area that you would like to send special blessings too. Are there any areas that are having a difficult time such as strife or political disorder? Be sure that all of you in your collective consciousness put a circle around that specific area.

We are going to see the big circle all the way around as the major portal. So, all of you standing within that major portal – feel how this major portal all around this country goes first down, down, down to the core of Gaia so that it can be grounded in the center of Gaia because, just like we make our human changes from the core of ourselves, Gaia makes Her changes from Her core.

See yourselves moving down, down, down through the rocks, through the magma, through the caves, through the canyons – down through all the different areas of Gaia’s inner Self. And then you come upon her Core. When you come to Gaia’s core, the Lemurians rush to meet you, all the Ascended Masters come to meet you and the Galactics who have taken residence in Gaia’s core for this NOW come to meet you. You are also greeted by many of the alternate and parallel expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

Just experience this great celebration of We are Here for Gaia, as you feel the Joy that we are Here for Gaia. Now feel this wonderful energy field and imagine yourselves gathered as a huge circle, which is much like an immense wheel. Each of you is a spoke of that wheel. You are joined on the outside just like a wheel is joined on the outside.

Also, each spoke of the wheel is joined in the center by a hub. Thus, all of you see this hub of the wheel. And, this hub of the wheel is right there within Gaia’s central, core crystal. That crystal works as a hub for Gaia all of the time. The living crystal is more than appreciative to feel this wonderful energy field of all these people gathered around.

To tighten your unity – look right to the circle – and feel how the energy moves around to your right and comes all the way around your circle and then comes back into yourself and you feel that collective consciousness.

Look to the left and feel how the energy goes all the way around to your left and feel it comes back to you again with that sense of great Unity Consciousness.

Each of you are a spoke that is connected to the hub, and each spoke goes right into the core of the wheel, right into the core of the central crystal of Gaia. So all of you imagine that you are in a circle around Gaia’s central Crystal, which is so huge that you can barely see the top of it. You have an energetic field that goes from within you into the core of the crystal and back into your form.

You have an energetic field that goes counter-clockwise all the way around your circle and an energetic field that goes clockwise all the way around your circle. See how you have created an “Ascension Machine.” This Ascension Machine is taking all of the beautiful energy that all of you have gathered together to create this portal for Gaia.

You are grounded into the very core of the planet. Now we, the Arcturians, ask that you feel how the energy from that core comes up from the bottom of your feet and into your root chakra at the base of your spine. That connection is your grounding. And, from the base of your spine, ground your energy into the Core of Gaia.

As a group you are going to raise your energy field up from the core of the planet and into your country. Feel how this energy field remains in the Core while you simultaneously duplicate your energy field. Duplicate it like you would duplicate on your computer – right click it and duplicate it. You are not taking it away. You are duplicating it, and you can duplicate this millions of times. It will never degrade because it is based on the Unconditional Love that you all have for your planet and for your home.

You feel the energy coming back, back, back up and, as it breaks through the crust of the Earth, you feel this energy field come in to your physical body. Can you feel how this energy within you has now been greatly amplified because you have invited Gaia to join you in this process? And you have connected yourselves to each other in deep Unity Consciousness within the Core, as well as connected yourself to the Central Crystal which is the Core of Gaia’s Life Force.

Now we ask that you maintain that connection while you also move your energy field higher, higher, and higher up through the atmosphere of Earth beyond the third dimension through the fourth dimension and into your higher expressions of Self in the fifth dimension.

Each of you take a moment to use your imagination, as you perceive your Higher Self move towards you and congratulate you – thank you, thank you so much our dear representative to Earth. Thank you so much for fulfilling your duty that you chose to take before this incarnation. You chose to assist with planetary Ascension. We are very grateful to you for this great assistance that you all giving.

Each of you individually connect with your higher expression of Self and feel how a higher energy field moves into your awareness. You will most likely feel this moving up and down your spine because that is the location of your innate kundalini force. That is where your latent, innate Light Body is waiting to burst forth so that you can release your cumbersome third dimensional, fourth dimensional bodies and burst into your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

However, because you are loyal and dedicated to your service to Gaia and to your specific country and your specific areas within that country, you maintain a physical vessel. You make this sacrifice because you see yourself as a very important grounding point. You are a point in which there is an open portal.

Again, remind yourself that you are in these higher frequencies. Take a moment and look at the Lightbody that you are wearing. You are now blazing Golden, moving, shifting, and alternating Light. You have become that because you have connected with your higher expression.

So feel how your higher expression standing directly in front of you steps towards you as you step toward your higher dimensional Self. Each of you take a long, slow, deep breath as you allow your physical expression to fall into, surrender into, merge with, your fifth dimensional frequency of Self. Can you feel how you glow like a million stars? Can you feel that immense power that you each individually have within yourself.

Now take a breath and remember to go all the way down in your consciousness, remain connected with your Higher Self, keeping consistent – do not forget that. Stay there within in your Multidimensional Self so that you can be many, many Beings within the same Now. Hold on to your Multidimensional Self.

You are connected to your fifth dimensional expression who is the portal to all of your higher dimensional expressions. Maintaining that connection allows your consciousness to also move down through the atmospheres of Gaia, down through the fourth dimension, down, down into the very core of Gaia again.

Find yourself in that energy field that you have all created and connect with the “spoke” that is YOU. Now your highest expression of Self is plugged into and connected with the expression of your Self who is within the Core of Gaia. From that frequency pathway, we ask you to go back up the frequency pathway that you have created for yourself to your higher dimensional Self.

This time we are going to have the group meet together in that fifth dimension… NOW, focus on your Multidimensional Self as it merges with all the Multidimensional Selves within the core of your fifth dimensional circle. Within this reality that YOU have created, there is only here, there is only now. You are All One. You are All One, but you also feel your spark of individuality.

Sometimes you use that spark and sometimes you completely surrender into the Collective. Those times are within the NOW. So when we say times, we say that so that you can understand what we are saying. But now we will say it in a fifth dimensional picture in that you all flow into the Collective. Then every now and again you flow into the Collective and feel a knowingness that you are to move into that which is your more individuated expression calling you back to work with Gaia.

To work with Gaia it is best to be connected with that component of yourselves that those who are still living in polarity are able to perceive us in the higher worlds. From your place in the higher dimensions, form your group. Look to your right and look at all of the higher Selves of your group. Hello, hello – congratulations. Oh, aren’t all of you lovely. What a beautiful higher Self you have.

All of you can talk amongst yourselves and maybe laugh and shake hands and say, “Isn’t this great and aren’t you a beautiful Being. I’m so happy to get to see you at this frequency of your expanded Self. “ Then you look to the right to feel that energy go around and bonding you and bonding you. Now as you look to the left to see the same.

Feel that connection of your Lightbody as it goes around to the right, around to the left – counter clockwise and clockwise. Now remember that we have had you connect with your individuated expression in the core of Gaia. Thus, each of you in this fifth dimensional circle is sending your energy field, your Multidimensional energy field, down into the personalization of the Earth vessel that is in the core of Gaia.

And as you all connect with each other – connect, connect, connect, connect – it is almost like turning the dial on a safe. When you get the right number on the dial it clicks, then you go to the left and it clicks. This energy field moves to the right and clicks into unity. It moves to the left and clicks into unity. Then it opens and you have created a massive portal from the Core of Gaia all the way up into the fifth dimension, which is the innate Portal to all frequencies of reality.

We ask that all of you take a moment of silence to perceive this Portal. And, you can see that it is much like a long tube with an opening at the top in the higher frequencies and an opening at the bottom of the Core of Gaia. And that tube of course is of golden, Multidimensional Light.

As you stand around this portal, you realize how this Multidimensional Light moves

  • into your pineal gland
  • which travels to your pituitary gland
  • and through your endocrine system moves throughout your entire physical body
  • and rests in the base of your spine where the sleeping serpent of your kundalini force – yawns and wiggles and says,
  • “Perhaps I will soon be called to transmute us back into our Lightbody SELF.”

Now, slowly and gradually take that picture and place it in your High Heart which is between your physical heart and your physical throat. Your High Heart is right on your thymus gland. Your thymus gland is your healing gland.

Thus, as you place this image right there on your High Heart, your thymus gland, you allow yourself to enjoy health so that you can maintain this process so that you can assist your physical body as it moves through it’s major transmutation back into the LIGHT.

The Arcturians – The Golden Portal. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. October 23, 2015.

Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – Connecting With Your Higher Self – 10-21-15


Suzanne Lie  –   The Arcturians   –   Connecting With Your Higher Self   –   10-21-15


Dear Arcturians,

I had an experience the night before last that I wanted to ask you about. I did not have a chance to talk with you yesterday, and I was kind of waiting to see if I had a similar experience last night. If I did, I did not remember.

The dream and/or experience that I had was that I was definitely in another dimension. It felt very different, yet much the same as deep meditations. Everything around was a deep blue. I experienced it from being within the process and simultaneously looking at myself from outside the experience.

I was formless except for I had a kind of face and there was a circle of gold light around me. I was trying to assist someone, or maybe a group, but it did not seem to be going too well. The main thing I remembered was how it “felt” when the telepathic exchange of information moved through my Third Eye.

Please assist me to understand my dream/experience of being an emissary of some kind, and having a form without form.

Dear Suzille,

You were serving as a prototype for how a clay vessel will adapt to the higher Light while holding a physical form. Do you remember when you volunteered to be a prototype? You see we have no “time.” Therefore, to us everything is occurring right now, whereas to you it seems to be years ago in your past.

You do feel, do you not, how your body is quickening in some fashion. You can also experience how Gaia’s body is also quickening. If you think your life is different now, please remember that you are just at the “tip of the iceberg.” Much, much more will emerge within your life.

However, all of you, our dear Volunteers, must take “time” for your physical vessel to adapt to each phase of the energetic upload of higher and higher frequencies of Light. You are the first ones to enter the portals of Multidimensional Light.

The Light within these portals begins at a third dimensional resonance, then transmutes into the next octave as soon as your consciousness can maintain that frequency. Therefore, when you first enter the portals, your reality does not feel that different. But, it transmutes into the next octave as soon as you can tolerate it.

All the volunteer “prototypes” are having, just had, or soon will have completed a major initiation in which you needed to recognize and release that which has formerly barred you from entering the portal.

Take a moment now to look at the initiation that you have just completed. You may not have called it an “initiation.” In fact, you likely called it a “problem” or an extremely difficult “challenge.” Therefore, we ask you – and all who read this message – to look back deeply into your initiation.

How did YOU create it?

I created my initiation by being impatient and settling for less than what I really wanted. I guess I created this initiation by looking away rather than paying close attention to a change I knew I needed to make. I did not know how to create this change, so I just ignored it, because I did not know how to make it.

Yes, you looked at the source of your initiation as being outside of you rather than inside of you. You thought in third dimensional terms.

Yes, I thought in third dimensional terms. At the same time, I did not pay enough attention to the 3D because I wanted to be in my higher worlds. I forgot that my higher worlds are always IN me. So I forgot to let them flow through me. In other words, I did not DO what I have been teaching.

Yes, that is how YOU created it. You saw change coming, but you pushed it away rather than fully and honestly embracing it. However, we want you to know that the problem that arose from this situation would still have occurred, but facing a problem is much more effective than ignoring it.

This brings us to the dream that you had “not last night, but the night before”. Do you remember when you played jump-rope and said, “Not last night, but the night before 24 robbers came knocking at my door? I went out, so they could come in. This is what they said to me… You forgot that part of your childhood, didn’t you?

Yes, I forgot what the robbers said to me. I think I was too busy running out the door – after I let the robbers in. How many lifetimes did I do that?

Many lifetimes, many, many lifetimes. Therefore, you needed to face this situation face-forward this time, because this is your last incarnation on 3D Earth.

You will – and are – having many “lives” on fifth dimensional Earth because you dearly love Gaia and want to assist Her with her transition. Also, you want to experience the ending of the long, long story of many, many lives.

We will now address your dream. You were serving as a mediator between the higher dimensions and the lower dimensions. You were in your sixth dimensional form, so your “body” was a wavering circle of Light. You were communicating telepathically, and you remembered that “feeling.”

Just as you “feel” your lips move when the “message” travels through them in spoken language, you could “feel” the message going through your Third Eye when the telepathic message went through it. Take a moment to remember that feeling …

This time, when I feel the message moving through my Third Eye, I also feel how it originates within my Lightbody – Kundalini. I also feel the density of my clay form. It feels so very tired. I feel as if I could sleep forever.

Yes, your Earth vessel is very tired, would you like to come on the Ship and enter the Rejuvenation Chamber?

Oh, yes, yes, yes!

You can do so as soon as we complete this conversation. We wish to tell you more about your dream/memory. In your dream you were practising being an Inter-dimensional Messenger. What that means is that we are asking our Volunteers to continue their work after their personal transition by speaking with those third dimensional Ones that are trying to make the shift, but are having great difficulty believing it is possible.

The scene was dark to remind you that you will be communicating with them while they are in a dream state. Hence, your communications are all telepathic. These Ones are still unable to believe that Ascension is normal.

Therefore, they keep a closed mind to their many options. Only when they are in their higher states of fourth dimensional “dream consciousness” are we able to communicate with them. Do you remember that this meeting was actually occurring while you were on the Ship?

You have chosen to forget much of your life there, as it would make your Earth assignment too lonely. You asked for this arrangement, as well as for the relationship with your complement in your daily life. We tell you this in order to remind others that all of our Volunteers wrote their own “script” for this important, final 3D incarnation.

The third/fourth dimensional “Wheel of Life and Death” is being moved to another 3D/4D planet. Gaia is closing her third and fourth dimensional habitat rings. She can wait no longer to burst into Her fifth dimensional Lightbody Planet. It is for this reason that there are so many changes on Gaia’s planetary body.

Those who wish to remain within the “Wheel” will simple move with it. Since their attention was ONLY on third/fourth dimensional reality, they will never know the difference. During your “dream meeting” you were talking with persons who have the ability to fully awaken, but are still unable to make that shift

Therefore, you awoke feeling as if you were trying to convince someone of something, but it was very difficult. You have decided that these types of conversations are too difficult for your aging Earth vessel and have decided that you will no longer try to assist those who resist assistance. We must say that we agree with your decision.

Earth is a free will planet and only those who wish to make the vital transmutational changes in their thoughts, emotions, actions, and most important, states of consciousness, will be able to leave the Wheel and resonate to the frequency of New Earth. We, too, have had to accept the fact that some will NOT choose to ascend.

We say to those who choose to remain in the third/fourth dimension, that life will not be as difficult on the Wheel after the transition. The dark Ones that invaded Earth will NOT be allowed to join that reality and laggards who did not ascend with other planets will NOT be allowed on that Third/Fourth dimensional Wheel.

Hence, that third/fourth reality will not be as challenging as life on Gaia’s physical world has been. Also, Ascension will not be as difficult. The Forces of the ONE have allowed this decree because the Multidimensional Galactic Councils wants to assist those who became so lost in the great density of third dimensional Earth and need more “time” to expand their consciousness into the NOW.

We send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to ALL those still trapped in the “power over others” model and are ever present to assist them to find their Power Within. However, Mother Earth can wait no longer for Her transition.

Hence, Gaia is moving forward with Her plans to transition into Her fifth dimensional Light Planet SELF. We rejoice with all of the many humans who will experience the NOW of that event and remind you again:


Through the immense challenge of our brave Volunteers, that frequency is dawning into your reality as bright as the noonday Sun. We wish you all to know that we, the members of your higher dimensional Selves, will be with you as you flow though the ongoing process of consistently recalibrating you consciousness and Earth vessel so that you can stay in alignment with Mother Gaia.

Mother Gaia has waited too long for Her humans and must now complete Her process of transmutation. Therefore, there is a “call to duty” for all of our Volunteers to Earth. We call all of you NOW to make your choice.

Are you ready to assist Gaia? If so, we remind you to remember your SELF in higher frequencies. They will assist you in opening your portal of Multidimensional Light and stand at the entrance to make sure your portal is firmly attached to Mother Gaia.

Then release all time and live in the NOW. You will gather your information and instructions within the appropriate NOW in which your frequency of consciousness resonates to the frequency of our message.

In closing we remind you that it may take you “time”
To remember how to LIVE within the NOW!

Blessings to you ALL
We await you on fifth-dimensional New Earth

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What is going on inside of you
Is released with your EVERY Outbreath

Dear Readers,
What experiences are you having?
Please feel free to share your experiences in the comment section of this Blog.

It is the NOW to MAKE ASCENSION NORMAL, so lets talk about changes to our consciousness, our bodies and our lives.

We ARE the Creators of our reality!

The Arcturians – Connecting With Your Higher Self. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. October 18, 2015.

Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – Inter-dimensional Communication Portals – 10-19-15


Suzanne Lie:   –   The Arcturians   –   Inter-dimensional Communication Portals   –   10-19-15


Greetings, we are the Arcturians. We are here within this Nowness to commune with you about expanding your consciousness so that you can perceive and move into alternate, parallel and higher dimensional realities.

Your consciousness is shifting in-between that which you have once perceived as yesterday or tomorrow. In fact, you are beginning to release the confines of time that were bound to your third dimensional, or even fourth dimensional, thinking.

Your fourth dimensional thinking moves faster than third dimensional thinking. However, as you move into your fifth dimensional thinking and states of consciousness, you are beginning to release your concept of time.

Without time, that which has been in-between who you want to be, what you want to do, or where you want to go is not there. That third dimensional “in-between” was actually an illusion of the third and fourth dimensional matrix.

As you continue your acceleration of consciousness, you will find that as your consciousness peaks into your higher states of consciousness, such as your alpha, theta waves or gamma brainwaves, you perceive something that seems to blink in and out of your reality. First it appears to be over there. Then you realize that it is to your right, or even within you.

Increasingly, you are perceiving something that is going on around you, over you, under you or even through you. But your third dimensional brain has no way in which it can interpret this situation. Furthermore, when you stay in higher states of consciousness too long, your third dimensional brain and ego becomes concerned and pulls you out of your reverie.

Then in a flash, the 3D brakes go on and your attention is directed back into the third dimensional matrix, back into the fourth dimensional matrix, back into time. The third and fourth dimensional matrixes are much like webs to which you automatically attach your third dimensional thoughts and emotions to create third dimensional thought forms.

These third dimensional thought forms travel out into your world to gather other thought forms that are similar and bring them back to you. Therefore, if you have a third dimensional thought of, “I would like to have a wonderful conversation with some people that I care for” that energy field will come back to you and soon you receive an email or a Facebook or a phone call from somebody who is important to you.

If your thought form is fear based it will still go out. For example, if you were to say, “I am lonely. I have no friends. No one ever connects with me” what you will see in return is that no one will connect with you.

As you are moving into your higher states of consciousness, you will be able to actually perceive these thought forms. You will not perceive them in the same manner as you perceive a book or a newspaper with your third dimensional perception. Instead, you will likely think you are “imagining” them. Yes, you are imagining them because imagination is fifth dimensional thought.

Many of you are still using your third dimensional cause and effect thinking, but you are slowly realizing that when you put out positive loving thoughts, something positive and loving will come back to you.

You are also realizing that if you are in the midst of a situation that you don’t know how to deal with. Instead of pondering and worrying, just say, “Dear Higher Self, there is something that I need to understand. Could you please assist me.” Then you wait for a thought form from your Higher Self to return to you.

Because you called your Higher Self, you have made a different kind of thought form. You have made an inter-dimensional thought form. When you call into the higher dimensions and say, “Please assist me with this situation,” you have used your free will to open up an inter-dimensional portal.

This inter-dimensional portal connects you with one, or several, of your higher dimensional expressions of SELF with whom you can consciously receive Multidimensional information. Your higher expressions of SELF could be Angels, Ascended Masters, Elohim and/or higher dimensional Galactic Beings.

We want you to know that we, your higher expressions of SELF, are all waiting for your call. We are all waiting because Gaia is a free will planet. Therefore we must wait until you call us.

We see that many of you are calling us. But sometimes you are calling us with a low frequency message, such as, “I hate it here. I want out of here. When are you going to come down and help me?”

These thought forms are a very low frequency because they are filled with fear and anger. The fact is that we are already here, but you can only perceive us via your higher states of consciousness. We are right here. We are in your room, we are in your house, we are walking next to you as you go to the grocery store.

But you cannot perceive us because we resonate to a higher frequency. We resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. In order for you to be able to perceive us, you need to expand your consciousness out of your beta waves, even beyond your alpha dream waves and into your theta and your gamma meditation waves in which you can release time.

With your alpha waves, time goes faster because you are doing something that you enjoy and something that feels good to you. But, it is only with theta and gamma wave consciousness that you are able to begin to release your addiction to 3D time.

When you move into a gamma wave reality, there are no longer thoughts or words lined up sequentially, such as one, two, three, four. Reality in these higher dimensional realities is much like flowing and floating through an ocean.

However, if you are flowing through this higher dimensional ocean and desire a sequence of events or thoughts, you will “fall out” of that reality. You fall out because your attachment to the time that creates the concept of sequence demands lowers your consciousness out of the perceptual range of that world.

Sequence is based on the timing of first, second, third, etc. When everything occurs within the Now there is no first, second etc. There is only a swirling, joining, flowing, becoming, entering, and/or leaving.

Feel your consciousness as you allow your mind to flow from one concept to allow a unique concept to flow into the next concept, which expands into the next concept. As an example, feel the thought form of “I wish to experience an intimate relationship with my higher Self.” As soon as you make that statement, you create an inter-dimensional thought form. That inter-dimensional thought form flows up into the higher dimensions in search of your Higher Self.

Now, what goes out comes back. Hence, when your Higher Self receives this information it may say, “Oh, we have a com-link with a member of our lower-dimensional Self who is able to respond to and perhaps even communicate with us. We, the members of your Higher Self, transmit a message to your higher consciousness to say ‘Hello.’”

Of course, we do not say hello in the English language. We say hello within our Light language. We say hello by tickling your Third Eye, whispering into your expanded hearing, touching you softly on the heart, putting our arm around you and/or making you feel safe and loved.

Hence, when we say “Hello, we are here and would love to communicate with you,” you do not hear that in English, or any human language. However, you may perceive something that you do not know how to understand. This “something, someone, some feeling, some thought, some energy” feels as if it has just flown past you, is encircling you and/or is over you sending you Unconditional Love.

If you can be still, if you can be very quiet in your brain and can listen with you heart, your Third Eye may be able to perceive that there is an energy field that is coming in to your awareness. You do not know what that energy field is saying to you at first, but you can feel that it is there.

If you were to become frightened, your energy field would fill with fear. Then, your higher dimensional Self would instantly leave that energy field because we no longer participate in the energy field of fear.

However, if you can remember to quickly transmute your energy field back into the higher dimensions by sending it Unconditional Love and Violet Fire, we can link our personal and collective energy patterns with yours to facilitate our inter-dimensional communication portal.

Through this portal, we are able to send you our Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light to assist you to expand your consciousness to consciously receive our higher dimensional communications.

You see, we are Beings just like you. In fact, we are the version of you that resonates to a higher resonance of vibration. When you have a conscious connection with your higher resonance, you simultaneously connect with us, your own Higher Self.

Via your own higher states of consciousness you can open your Third Eye, connect with your High Heart, and ground your inter-dimensional Essence deep into the core of Gaia. When you ground this energy field into the core of Gaia it is much like plugging it into a universal language translator.

This “universal language translator” will lovingly place entire messages into your consciousness and amplify them so that it is easier for you to consciously experience our communication.

When you have gone through the process of accepting, knowing, serving, and grounding our messages, you are instructing your third dimensional brain to connect its operating system with your Multidimensional mind.

Then, you may even be able to perceive your Higher Self through your Portal of Light. However, you will not perceive your Higher Self in the same manner that you might see your physical Self in a mirror.

In fact, you will not perceive your Higher Self at all until you are able to “believe you have a Higher Self,” as you will not perceive what you do not believe.

If you can believe in your own Self, you can say, “I would love to speak with you.” Your answer will not come via words, but via inter-dimensional energy thought forms. Therefore, be aware of the higher frequency energy patterns that enter your Pineal gland.

Share these messages with your Third Eye so that you can better understand them and store them in your High Heart for safe keeping and further understanding. Also, do not forget to ground these “Messages from SELF” in the core of Gaia. Then, share your messages with others who are ready. Don’t worry about who is ready.

Just trust your Self and you will “know” who is ready to receive what information. Be sure to leave a seed of this message planted in the core of Gaia. Then all the seeds of all the answers to all the questions can merge into Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love to dream, expect, create, own, and protect Gaia’s new, and highest octave of Her planetary body.

Every thought of Unconditional Love for Gaia and every blessing you send Mother Earth will return to you three-fold. Therefore, dear Ascending Ones, honor your Self so that you can be able to more totally honor others and the planet on which you live.

Blessings to you all, and please remember to keep your inter-dimensional portal open.

The Arcturians and YOUR Higher SELF

Source:The Arcturians – Inter-dimensional Communication Portals. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. October 17, 2015.

Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – What Reality is the Real Reality? – 9-26-15

reality1Suzanne Lie

The Arcturians want me to hear what they say to me, translate it and send it to you. They are showing us how we are to share all that we have learned. This is how the messages are sent out into our expanding reality. First we receive, and then we share. In this manner, we fulfill the assignment that we chose before we took this Earth vessel.

As we complete what we volunteered to do before we took this form, we will remember how to transmute our consciousness so that we can be fully conscious of our higher frequencies while still wearing our Earth vessel. In this manner, all of our “3D issues” that once caused us third dimensional difficulties transmute into their higher dimensional expression. Yes, even our issues are “Multidimensional.”

Once we recognize that it is the NOW to release any “old issues,” we can send them Unconditional Love and blaze them with the Violet Fire. We also realize that these “issues” are myriad thought forms, memories, smells and pictures that have been stored in our unconscious mind. When we move into our readiness to “release” our issues, they start popping up in our daily life.

It is then that we become conscious of that which has held up back from being our purest expression of Self. The “issues are actually memories of our Self. Some of these memories are from this reality and some of them are from other realities.

Either way, they are all being revealed NOW because we have volunteered to move our consciousness perception of SELF into our fifth dimensional consciousness. The process of moving into our fifth dimensional consciousness is much like jumping on a trampoline. At first, we can’t jump very high.

But as we build a momentum, we go up a little bit higher, down lower, up higher, and then down lower. In this way, we go into higher and higher states of consciousness to have these wonderful experiences. But then, when we come back down to our baseline consciousness, it is lower because we have expanded our perceptual range.

By moving UP into our fourth/fifth dimensional Self, we are remembering and perceiving our third and fourth dimensional Selves from a higher perspective. From this higher and more detached perspective, we are viewing all our physical incarnations as parallel, alternate, and simultaneous realities in this – or in other timelines.

From our higher perspective, we can also observe all the energy fields that we have left on Earth that are still floating around Gaia’s third and fourth dimensional habitat areas. From this higher perspective we can also observe how our thoughts and emotions have a lot of power.

We are all pretty clear that our consciousness is expanding because we are perceiving reality in a different fashion than we ever have in any incarnation, no matter how many lives we’ve taken in a 3D Earth vessel. Therefore, we know that something unique is happening in this NOW.

Those of us that are the first ones to realize that this life is very unique and special are the Ones who volunteered to be the Awakeners. We volunteered to awaken as many other people as we could. We chose to serve much like the Prince in Sleeping Beauty in that we send our “kiss” of Unconditional Love to others.

Because we have experienced the “kiss of Love: from our own Higher SELF, our physical Self is able to move beyond the concept of third/fourth dimension and into frequency where there is NO gap between “here and there,” and NO gap between Heaven and Earth, you and me, or person and planet.

Where there is no gap “in-between” there is no separation. Since we know there is no separation, we know that there is no life or death. There is only creation. Realizing our own great power of “creation” is where our greatest responsibility comes in.

What if we all KNEW that we really did create every part of our life?
How would our lives change?
Would we Unconditionally Love our creations, or would we judge them?

To make sure that we do not judge ourselves, we must remember to give ourselves Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. That is we say to our Self:
“I Unconditionally Love my Self, and I bask in the glory of the Violet Fire.”

With this continual message to ourselves, we will be able to remember that every memory offers us the opportunity to transmute our life, our reality, and all our creations. Every moment we have a chance to transmute all the fearful, angry, lost, and/or sad thought forms that we have ever put out in all of our incarnations.

These incarnations could be in our third and/or fourth dimension. But, before we can fully remember our Self, we must remember how WE, as our Multidimensional Self, volunteered to take an Earth vessel to assist Mother Gaia.

With this realization, our consciousness increasingly expands into the fifth dimension where there is NO separation and NO judgment. In the fifth dimension there isn’t even any judgment about whether this was a good life or this was a bad life. From our higher perspective, we are aware that all our 3D lives are holograms that we created, we played, we lost, or we won.

It is the NOW for us to Love ourselves for playing this hologram, realize all that we have earned and say, “Okay, we’re going Home now. That was an interesting hologram.”

However, this is the most important part of our journey home.

As we log out of the hologram we realize that “THIS is the part of our life is REAL.”

Link to the recording of this years Equinox meeting:

The Arcturians – What Reality is the Real Reality? Channelled by Suzanne Lie. September 25, 2015.

Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – Inhale – Welcome Home – 9-13-15


Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – Returning to New Earth – 8-29-15

Suzanne Lie  –   The Arcturians   –   Returning to New Earth   –   8-29-15


Our Dearest Ascending Ones,

We are happy that you have been able to maintain the consciousness of Unconditional Love since you opened your Doorway to New Earth. It is the continuous FEEL of Unconditional Love that assures our Ascending Ones that they are “in the process of creating New Earth.”

We know that you all will experience some moments of fear-based third dimensional thinking, but we want you to realize that those moments are not a “failure” in any way. Instead, they are moments when you have temporarily returned to “habit.”

Habit is the primary survival mechanism that you have created in order to survive the extremely challenging time of the close of the Kali Yuga (the final 2,000 years of the third dimensional reality). These habits were not bad; they were necessary. Therefore, do not judge yourself.

Instead, congratulate yourself. Being conscious of old habits is a huge achievement because habits hide in your unconscious and deep subconscious mind. Habits are the “primary survival mechanisms” on which all of your programs of behavior were written. Hence, they are the ones and zeros of your third dimensional thinking.

However, as you release your third dimensional thinking, you automatically release the baseline programing that has been the foundation of that thinking. Because you have released your old programing, you do not need to delve deeply into your past to heal it.

Now, you can simply love it free with the power of your unconditional self-love, which is the higher-frequency format of your Multidimensional thinking. Multidimensional thinking is truly the only way in which you can fully understand your ascension process of creating New Earth.

Yes, Beloved Ones, because you have volunteered to assist Gaia with Her transmutation back to SELF, you have joined in a wonderful experiment that all the Multiverse is observing with encouragement and Unconditional Love.

Before the advent of “time” many Souls decided to join together to create the adventure of being a planet. Some of you wanted to experience being the actual body of Gaia, who was destined to enter into the lower frequencies of polarity and separation.

Therefore, you became members of the Mineral Kingdom to partner with the fourth dimensional Elementals, the Gnomes. Some of you wanted to be members of the Plant Kingdom, who would work in unity with the Sylph Elementals of the air and the Undine Elementals of the water to beautify the body of Gaia. Others wished to be rays of sunlight and joined with the Salamander Elementals.

Some of you volunteered to join the Plant or the Animal Kingdom, and some joined the Human Kingdom. For eons, the third and fourth dimensional Beings lived in co-operation, harmony and great peace. The Blue Planet, Earth, was one of the most beautiful jewels in this Local Universe.

Many developing civilizations visited Gaia to experience Her beauty and peace. However, since these civilizations were still “adolescent” in development, they were often selfish and took from Gaia without replacing what they had taken. They experimented with Gaia’s Kingdoms, especially the Animal Kingdom, to attempt to create workers for their selfish needs.

Wars were fought and dear Gaia was left on the edge of annihilation more times than She would wish to count. Again and again, Gaia had to call on her fourth dimensional Elemental Kingdom and Her sponsors in the higher dimensions to pull Her from the grasp of destruction.

However, being the brave Planetary Being that She is, she repeatedly rebuilt Her body. Fortunately, Gaia also had the assistance of Her higher dimensional supporters. Hence, again and again she returned to Her true beauty and splendor. Now, She is complete with Her experience of being a polarized being of form.

Gaia has learned all the lessons that Her third and fourth dimensional expressions of SELF desired to experience, and She is ascending into her fifth dimensional expression of New Earth. We wish to tell you that, ALL of you “waited in line” and “signed petitions” to have the great honor of incarnating on Earth at this “time.”

Just as Gaia had no idea how challenging a polarized body could be, many of you who lowered your great Multidimensional Essence into your current clay vessel, were greatly surprised by how difficult it is to live within the illusion of separation from the ONE.

Fortunately, many of you who are incarnated on Gaia during her transition are members of Gaia’s first manifestation and have returned to assist Her with Her transmutation into New Earth. Hence, you have met your many challenges with bravery and great dedication to your Mother Earth.

Many of you heard Gaia’s call for assistance during the Fall of Atlantis. When you entered a form on Her planet at the time, you volunteered to join the Circle of Death and Rebirth until Gaia’s final victory of Ascension.

Those of you who made that great sacrifice to lower your Multidimensional consciousness into a third dimensional form are NOW incarnated or living within Gaia’s aura to assist with Her great Planetary Ascension.

Dear Ones, you were Her Priests and Priestesses, Her warriors and Her creators. You suffered many lives of war, poverty and subjugation. Fortunately, you also lived some glorious lives of wisdom, power and love. However, just like Gaia, you are now feeling complete with the experience of polarity and have incarnated one last time to assist your beloved planet Earth to slip into Her fifth dimensional expression.

We, the Galactics, many of whom have also held an embodiment on Gaia, assist you from the higher dimensions. We are your supporters, your advisors and we are YOU. Yes, many of us have sent an imprint of our consciousness into a third dimensional form to be in the “front lines” of Planetary Ascension.

We are joyous that many of our grounded expressions are awake and communing with us on a regular basis. In fact, more and more of you are communing with us on a continual basis. You see, NOW we are ONE with our grounded expressions – our Ascending Ones.

If any of you feel that you are not connected to your Galactic and Celestial Source, do not be discouraged. Each of you has a “flash point” of returning to your SELF, which was decided before your birth.

You may not have come to that flash point yet, or you have not acknowledged it. This lack of acknowledgement of your SELF is likely because you are still in the grips of habit. You are not alone. We are with you. In fact, we are YOU!

We are here now to assist you in releasing the habit of separation so that you can more easily return to your forgotten habit of being fifth dimensional and living in unity with all life. Listen to the silent voice that caresses your High Heart and perceive the visions of New Earth that flicker into your Opened Third Eye.

Polarity is closing and Unity is returning. Time is ending. Hence the separation from your SELF that was created by the Illusion of Time created is ending. You do not need to “do” anything for “doing” is a third dimensional concept, whereas “being” is a Multidimensional concept. Hence, all you need “do” is to BE your SELF.

As you continually and consciously return to your true, Multidimensional SELF, you will increasingly hear your constant communication with your SELF and perceive the higher frequencies of reality that were closed to your third dimensional perception.

It is true that you are creating New Earth, but since time is an illusion, it is also true that you are returning to New Earth. However, while you continue the habit of time-bound thinking, you are bound to third dimensional perceptions.

On the other hand, as you continually download and integrate your Multidimensional SELF into your daily life, you will gradually, or swiftly, return to multidimensional thinking. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Actually, it is correct to say that the practice of being your SELF will allow you to return to the YOU that has always been perfect.

Therefore, we ask that you close your eyes and take a deep inhale and long, slow exhale to calibrate your perceptions to your innate, Multidimensional SELF.
Continue your deep breathing until you feel your consciousness expand into the higher frequencies.
With your physical eyes closed, open your Third Eye to perceive the higher frequencies of reality that are intermingling with your physical reality.
You will be able to discern between “fifth-dimension-and-beyond” and “fourth-dimension-and-below” by feeling it in your High Heart.
Please do this process now…

Please practice this exercise as often as you can. Just take a few moments throughout your busy day to:

Close your eyes,
Breathe deeply to see through your Third Eye
Use your High Heart to discern
Third Dimensional-Earth from New-Earth.
Initially, you may need to close your physical eyes to shut out the third dimensional stimuli to see through your Third Eye. The higher frequencies of reality are not bound by the stark edges and bright colors of the physical world.

Fifth dimensional colors are an octave up from third/fourth dimensional colors. Therefore, they are filled with more Light and often have a silver over-glow. There are no “edges” and sharp boundaries in the fifth dimension and beyond. Objects, persons and places seem to waver, much like a reflection on a still pond.

Once you are fully “within that pond” the wavering motion will decrease and become “normal.” Therefore, if you see wavering, unique colors of unknown form, you most likely perceive New Earth.

If you were a blind person for all of your life and suddenly had a surgery that totally restored your vision, you would see the world around you, but you would have no neural connections in your brain to identify that which you could see.

In the same manner, you have spent myriad lives on Gaia in which you only returned to the fourth dimension when you died, were asleep, or in deep meditations. Therefore, you have forgotten your neural connections to your Multidimensional Mind.

When you restore your fifth dimensional consciousness, you will restore your connection to your Multidimensional Mind. It is through practice and patience that you will restore these connections enough to be able to identify that which you are perceiving.

Be patient with yourselves, Beloveds, for you are returning to New Earth, and we, the Galactics and the Celestials, are here to assist you in your remembering. We say “remembering” rather than “learning,” for you are as much a Galactic and a Celestial as those who are assisting you.

It is just that you will need practice to remember what you have always known, but have forgotten. Therefore, as you practice the above exercise, relax into the experience and allow yourself the illusion of time to accustom to your Multidimensional SELF.

You are just awakening from a very long dream, which you thought was reality. As you practice discerning between “old 3D Earth” and “new Multidimensional Earth,” remember to ALWAYS follow the feeling of Unconditional Love.

That feeling of Unconditional Love is your High Heart saying, “This is the feel of New Earth. Place your attention on that feeling, for:

Where your attention is, there you are also!


Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – Accepting Higher Light, Part 2 – Using the Higher Light – 8-17-15

LogoP&PThe Arcturians

Welcome. We, the Arctuhrians, are here for section two of Accepting the Higher Light. As you accept the Higher Light it goes into your consciousness, your aura, your body and your cells to discover any remaining darkness, so that it can be healed.

This “darkness” is “blockages” within you that are afraid to change, afraid to transmute. Once you are aware of these blockages that have not yet been released, you can participate in your own clearing. Once you remember how to clear yourself, you can assist others with their clearing. The Higher Light arrives from the dimensions beyond time. Hence, it moves into your present, past, and alternate realities.

Once you remember how to allow the Light to enter your Earth vessel in this manner, you can assist others to do the same. You will also remember how you can assist Gaia by grounding this Multidimensional Light into the core of Her Being. In this way, you will merge your personal form with Gaia’s planetary form.

Then, your personal, and Gaia’s planetary Elementals of Earth, Air, Fire and Water will share the higher frequency Light with all life. Because this higher frequency Light is continually finding and clearing blockages, you can more easily transmute your Self and your reality. With the blockages discovered and released, your daily consciousness expands into higher brainwaves.

With these higher brainwaves, states of consciousness, your perceptions of reality begin to include higher frequencies of reality. As you adapt to the transmutations of your vessel, you learn/remember how to find that which is wounded, distorted or out of sync. With this expanded perception you will be able to identify, Unconditionally Love and transmute your reality with the Violet Fire.

Whatever you have transmuted within your physical or planetary body is then set free into Gaia’s reality to assist in raising Gaia’s resonate frequency. Gradually, there is more and more higher frequency Light and less and less third dimensional light.

Do you understand now how important you, our human representatives, are? We remind you to be sure to release whatever you have transmuted. In this manner, that which has been transmuted is free to contribute their experience of transmutation with all life.

Remember in the fifth dimensional reality that you are assisting to create, every person, place, situation, and thing will come into its own awareness of where and to what they wish to resonate. Eventually, all these expanded resonances of SELF will join in Unity Consciousness with all life within the fifth dimensional resonance of Gaia.

You see, Dear Ones, you are moving from the resonance of the third/fourth dimension into the fourth/fifth dimensional resonance in order to merge with the NOW of the fifth dimension – and beyond – resonance of life. As soon as you become aware that you completed that shift into that next dimensional zone of Gaia, you will naturally flow into Unity with all life within that dimensional zone.

As you begin, and continue, your process of “return to SELF,” the higher Light precedes you to direct your ever-expanding consciousness/perception. As you continue your journey, everything that you need to know flows to the surface of your consciousness.

What was once a boundary between your inner Self and the outer world becomes a magnet that attaches you to the frequency of Light that is dominant within your consciousness, your thoughts, your emotions, and your intentions.

As you preview all that you have created with your higher resonance, your first intention is to unite with other people, life-forms, places and situations that are calling to you for assistance. Via your own inner Higher Light, you are connected to myriad persons, places, and dimensions.

Therefore, you are well informed. Thus, when you send your inner Higher Light into the lower frequencies of reality, you share all of your experiences of transmuting reality via Unconditional Love and the Violet Fire. In this manner, you set into motion a situation in which you become the teacher of what you have learned/remembered.

We say “learned/remembered” because you have learned to remember your own higher dimensional expressions of SELF. You have also remembered how to bring the Higher Light into your consciousness and run it through your physical form.

You also have remembered to share this Light with all third dimensional life. Hence, as you breathe out into your transmuting world, your Multidimensional breath is shared and can enter other third dimensional expressions of reality to assist them to transmute as well.

The more you allow this Higher Light to enter into your body, the deeper and deeper it can travel. The deeper the Light can move into your form, the more old karmic pathways of parallel and alternate incarnations on Earth can be transmuted. In this manner, you are shifting myriad versions of your third dimensional Self within the NOW.

In this way the injuries that you have taken on throughout your myriad embodiments in a third dimensional vessel can be healed from within. Fortunately the antidote to the lies you have been told, the mistakes that you have made, and the hardships you have endured, is that you KNOW that you can refuse to participate in any version of reality by letting GO of that which you have determined to be a completed experience.

As you begin to take control of your own reality in this manner, you realize that you have the ability to transmute and release any experiences that YOU deem as complete. You also remember that the antidote to any fear and/or pain that re-emerges is to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to your Self.

This gift of Unconditional Love for yourself allows you to peacefully move through the overall experience of flowing through the time zone in which you are presently incarnated. The Unconditional Love and Violet Fire, which has become a constant component of your consciousness, will guide you to align yourself with the higher frequency energy fields that are increasingly flowing through your present reality.

You are NOW moving through, traveling around, touching, caressing, floating above the lower frequencies of light/reality, which has been all that you have known until this NOW. Therefore, you are being called upon to adapt to a novel experience of 3D reality.

As you move through your increasingly, expanding reality you will learn to discern between the different frequencies of Light. With your new Multidimensional discernment, you will be able to slowly – or quickly – adapt your consciousness to choose the higher dimensional perceptions.

Bit-by-bit and moment-to-moment, your perceptions will align with the frequency of reality to which your higher consciousness has adapted. You are similar to deep-sea divers who must slowly return to the surface so that their body can adapt to their return to the surface in which the “light meets the water.”

NOW, just as you might go into the water and feel the flow of colder water and flow of warmer water, you will learn to recognize the denser flow of lower dimensional realities and the lighter flow of higher dimensional realities.

As you move through this ever-changing version of dear Gaia’s planet, you will hone your ability to recognize and fall into the higher dimensional flows of ascending Earth. You are able to do so because YOU are adapting to your expanded perceptions.

The more you adapt to your higher frequency choices of perception, the more your consciousness will align with that which you are now adapting to. As your consciousness aligns with the higher frequency waves of Light/reality, your higher frequency perceptions come online in your daily life.

Gradually, the worries and woes of the third dimensional resonance, which you are now moving beyond, become distant memories of a life you once lived. You are increasingly adapting to the “feel” of a higher resonance of reality. Hence, you can more easily discern the difference between third, fourth and fifth dimensional energy fields.

As you enhance this discernment, you will increasingly choose to flow INTO that which is filled with Unconditional Love. You will also remember to transmute the denser versions of reality that you are releasing. You will also discover that you can no longer tolerate the energy fields, which resonate to frequency of confusion, separation, or fear.

Even though the higher frequency energy fields might be disconcerting at first, you will swiftly learn that if you remain in that resonance you will soon adapt. As you choose to remain in the energy field of Unconditional Love, your consciousness will increasingly expand to the resonance in which you will begin to remember.

Gradually, you will lovingly remember the reality of your Higher SELF in which the fifth dimensional state of consciousness is normal. As you float in to and out of these higher dimensional energy fields, your consciousness will gradually adapt to the higher dimensions of reality.

With this adaptation, you will progressively release your link to the lower dimensions of reality. Eventually, you will be able to stay longer and longer in the fifth dimensional energy field. As you adapt to the fifth dimensional energy field, you will begin to clearly perceive the myriad of third dimensional illusions.

With the release of these illusions, you will know that you are the creator of your personal reality and that you chose to enter into the resonance of third dimensional illusion. You will realize that it is the NOW for you to take full responsibility for the life that YOU have created with your every thought and your every emotion.

When you take that responsibility for your choices, it so expands your consciousness that you begin to think in a planetary manner. As you move into Planetary Consciousness, you increasingly realize that with your every inhale, you breathe in your fifth dimensional consciousness; and with every exhale you share your fifth dimensional consciousness with Gaia.

This form of inter-dimensional breathing so expands your perceptions that you can clearly recognize when you are being called up to transmute Gaia with your gift of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

As you answer this call, your perceptions expand even further to perceive how your ongoing transmutation expands into:

the atmosphere,

the ground,

the water,

and into all of the Elementals.

You can also perceive the Elementals joyfully transporting your gift to persons, animals, plants, locations and/or situations.

Even though you once feel you were alone, you are NOW intermingling and intertwining with ALL life. You are increasingly releasing old 3D human beliefs of good – bad, better – worse and yours – mine and moving into the 5D planetary belief of:

“We humans are members of this beautiful Being known as Gaia.”

Now that we have explained how you are the creator of your reality, we want you to remind you that YOUR Multidimensional SELF flows all the way from Source, down through the Oversoul, and into the myriad versions of your sixth, fifth, fourth and third dimensional expressions to align the energy field of your SELF with the version the YOU who has fully awakened.

Through this “string of pearls” you are able to expand your perceptions up into higher and higher frequencies of your Self, while you simultaneously plant that string of pearls into the core of Gaia. In this manner, YOU become the very nature of your planetary SELF – Gaia.

As you expand your consciousness from being a person into being a planet, you realize that you are not just creating or changing, you are returning. You KNOW that you are returning because you can remember who YOU really are.

You can remember that you have had myriad incarnations on Gaia, and you are now ready to gather them all into the NOW and return ALL your expressions to the fifth dimension and beyond. We wish to remind all of you that we the Arcturians are with you throughout this entire process.

You may not recognize us because we are formless energy fields that encircle, move through, and resonate to myriad frequencies of reality. Therefore, you will recognize us in the same manner as you recognize your own Multidimensional SELF in your own Multidimensional realities and worlds.

In other words, as you know more of your Self, you will know more of us. And as you know more of us, you will know more of your Self. Remember that we – all of us – live as ONE within the NOW.

We see that in your NOW, many of you are getting ready to release and let go of all your third dimensional belief systems. These third dimensional belief systems are remedial like your first grade “learning to read” books. These 3D belief systems are based on polarity, gender, separation, sequence, time, competition, and death.

Just as all of the third dimensional experiences of your reality are being recalibrated, every dimension of your great, Multidimensional life force is being downloaded into your third dimensional clay vessel.

With this major download of your Multidimensional SELF, the members of you who were once primitive, individualized and disillusioned, efficiently merge with the members of YOU who are infinitely collective, united and enlightened.

You all chose to enter into this great adventure of planetary Ascension because you knew that this huge challenge would be very beneficial for the expansion of your entire SELF. When you ask:

“When will these event occur?”

We say, “NOW! NOW is real and time is a third dimensional illusion.”

Please remember that a question about “when” is bound by third dimensional “time.” We ask NOW that you release that third dimensional construct and move into fifth dimensional Truth.

YOU are already ascended.

You are already a fifth dimensional Being.

However, your third dimensional thinking told you that you are one individual who must work very hard to be good enough to ascend.

In fact, Ascension is a third dimensional construct in which YOU are separated from the YOU in the higher dimensions of reality.

As you let go of time and third dimensional thoughts of limitation, you will flow into the Now of the fifth dimensional YOU in which you know that:

YOU are the creator of your life

and YOU are All as ONE collective Being

WHO is creating Gaia’s Ascension.

Please remember that each and every one of YOU is equally important.

Blessings BE. WE are the Arcturians


Gaia’s Ascension 1 – Inner Time


Gaia’s Ascension 2


Gaia’s Ascension 3

The Arcturians – Accepting Higher Light #2. Using the Higher Light. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. August 16, 2015.

The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie – The Interpreters and Coming Home – 7-28-15

The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie   –   The Interpreters and Coming Home   –   7-28-15

Source:The Arcturians: The Interpreters and Coming Home. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. July 25, 2015.

Dear Arcturians, in one of your last messages you stated that we, your Volunteers who took an Earth vessel for this NOW, are to be the “Interpreters.” Can you talk some more about that please?

Arcturian Response: “Yes, we are happy to explain. First, we ask that you go back to our messages beginning at the 1-2-15, and read through them or re-inform yourself of that information starting with Brainwaves and Consciousness .

We have been preparing all of you to recognize and read thought forms and energy fields. Gaia is creating/allowing Her transition into the fifth dimensional frequency in which there is NO time. In fact, your planet is moving through a major energy field towards the end of this September 2015.

The escalation and heightening of electromagnetic energy from the Sun and other cosmic energies will expand during August to reach their peak around September 23-24, 2015. We tell you to alleviate any “fear of the unknown.” The energy field of fear causes resistance, and makes you “push back” against the energy field.

On the other hand, the energy field of Love, especially Unconditional Love, allows a flowing into and embracing of the energy field. Furthermore, if you expand your consciousness into your higher brainwaves of fifth-dimensional gamma waves, you will be able to consciously experience these energy fields and allow the embedded messages into your consciousness.

Remember that a thought-form has myriad versions of the same information. Therefore, each “individual” can perceive the information from his/her own personal viewpoint. It is also very powerful if you have created a “group” of like-minded volunteers. In that manner, you can combine all your individual experiences into a collective experience.

Of course, since this energy field is largely fifth dimensional, you will need to be in your fifth-dimensional, Gamma Wave Consciousness to gain the clearest message. Also, you must release ALL fear of the unknown.

When your consciousness is fifth dimensional, you will be in alignment with these fifth dimensional energy fields. Then you will be more able to “read” the inter-dimensional thought-forms and energy packages embedded in this cosmic flow of higher Light.

For as long as you can maintain a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, you will be able to perceive these higher frequency energy patterns and acknowledge that they contain a form of Light Language.

From your higher states of consciousness, not only can you perceive these energy packages, but you will do so before they leave the fifth dimension and drop into the “time” of your third and fourth dimensional reality.

Therefore, you will be able to contribute Unconditional Love, Multidimensional Light and Violet Fire, which will greatly assist Gaia to integrate these higher frequencies into her planetary form.

We need you, our Galactic Volunteers, to work with the consciousness of Gaia. Yes, Gaia does have a consciousness, and She IS a sentient Being. Via your fifth-dimensional consciousness you will be able to commune with Gaia’s Elementals of Ether, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Just as your body encompasses all your own Elementals, Gaia’s body encompasses Her Elementals. The Elemental Kingdom are members of the Devic Kingdom and serve as holders of form. These Elementals flow from human to planet and planet to human – as well as all life-forms.

Since these Elementals resonate to frequencies beyond the third dimension, they can assist third dimension form to adapt to the higher Light by surrendering into the oncoming energy fields with no third dimensional resistance.

As long as you can maintain a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, you will be able to “receive” the Light language embedded in the higher dimensional energy wave and allow it to guide you through your personal and planetary transmutation.

Your greatest challenge will be to keep your third dimensional awareness “online” and connected to your fifth dimensional experiences. As long as your personal portal between your third, through the fourth and into the fifth dimensional states of consciousness remain open, you will be able to remember the fifth dimensional communications.

Fortunately, the higher energy wave will likely activate your 97% DNA. Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues, who were also doing junk DNA research, believed that the patterns of Light in the vacuum caused by the DNA were actually magnetized wormholes. Somehow the DNA transformed the Light into wormholes, which were still present after the DNA was removed.

These wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen Bridges theorized to exist in the vicinity of black holes (left by burnt-out stars) – tunnels through which Light information can be transmitted outside space and time from different areas in the Universe.

Poponin, Garjajev, and other Russian scientists think that our junk DNA attracts bits of Light information and passes them on to our consciousness. This inter-dimensional passage of information is titled “hyper-communication.”

These scientists surmised that energy from outside of space and time flows through these wormholes, and that the wormholes were activated by the existence of the DNA. If it was the DNA that actually opened these wormholes, is it possible that our very DNA is capable of receiving the subatomic Light particles that make up the matrix of the “super hologram”?

There may be a “chicken or egg” situation where the subatomic Light Matrix can activate DNA wormholes, whereas at the same time, it is the activated wormholes that can perceive and accept the holographic picture of the subatomic Light particles.

Russian researchers have also joined with linguists and geneticists to explore junk DNA. They found that junk DNA follows the rules of our human language. According to them, our junk DNA serves as data storage and communication.

In exploring the vibrational behavior of DNA, Garjajev and his colleagues have found that living chromosomes function just like holographic computers. These researchers modulated certain high-frequency patterns onto a laser ray to influence the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since our junk DNA and language share the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of human language to influence the DNA.

Garjajev believes that junk DNA in living tissue will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves – if the higher frequencies are used to project the message. Garjajev’s research explains why affirmations, hypnosis, and the like can have a strong effect on humans and their bodies. They have further stated that the higher the individual’s consciousness, the less need there is for any type of laser device.

The holographic and junk DNA research reveals that humans are basically receivers floating through a sea of frequencies of Light interference patterns. We choose to perceive, and hence create, our reality from the myriad possible realities that the super hologram projects from beyond time and space for us to receive through our personal portals (the wormholes).

Once we receive this Light information, we process it through our holographic brain so that we can project our picture of reality into the physical world to be contributed to the collective and planetary consciousness. In this manner, we are all ONE Being receiving ONE message through many different portals.

For more information

We tell you NOW, that you will NOT perceive the fifth dimension in the same manner as you perceive the third, or even the fourth dimensions. The closest example we can give you for fifth dimensional perceptions are they feel like they are “just your imagination.” Hence, to move into this next octave of your reality, you will need to finally realize that your imagination is indeed REAL.

The truth is that the third dimension is merely a holographic projection. Hence, your 3D reality is NOT real. You have believed that reality begins in the physical world, AND, there may be a possibility that your dreams can guide you – sometimes.

In reality, your fourth dimension dream life is the portal that connects your true, fifth dimensional SELF with the holographic projection sent from the fifth dimension, through the fourth and onto the 3D Matrix of the third dimension. Have you ever had a dream that you thought was “real” until you woke up?

You are NOW in the process of waking up to your true SELF. This true YOU is actually your Lightbody SELF who lies latent in the base of your spine. This energy field has been called “The Sleeping Serpent.” Why serpent?

“Are you saying that we are all just illusions?” you may ask. “NO,“ we respond, “YOU, your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, is NOT an illusion. However, your great Multidimensional Light has been cast onto the 3D Matrix from your fifth dimensional expression.”

To make sure that you can make contact with your own Light source, it is stored within the physical vessel that is attached to the 3D physical matrix of Earth. We tell you this because we do not want you to have fear about the flashing of your reality into the fifth dimension.

You have no need to be afraid because the fifth dimension is where the real YOU, the puppeteer, is guiding the physical you, the wooden puppet, through the story that YOU have created. What connects the puppeteer to the puppet is your fourth-dimensional, astral Self.

Your fourth dimensional reality is the dream, fantasy and aspirational world through which the two-way information between 3D and 5D can flow. As you master your ability to regulate your own states of consciousness, you will be able to follow the flow of your:

Beta Wave, third dimensional consciousness into your
Alpha Wave, fourth dimensional consciousness into your
Gamma Wave, fifth dimensional consciousness – and back again.

In other words, you will be able to ride the “river of life.” You know that when you ride a river, that the water at the top of the mountain is not separate from the water at the bottom of the mountain. Some of the molecules of water have evaporated, some water has been taken from the river or cast onto dry shores, but the water at the bottom of the mountain is ONE with the water at the top.

In the same manner, the higher frequency Light from the higher dimensions is not separate from the Light in your physical plane. This Light may be diluted or hard to recognize, but if you use your fifth dimensional perceptions, you will be able to recognize the different frequencies that are within the Light that constantly bathes your planet.

Just as you must choose a certain channel or frequency on your physical communication devices, you will remember how to choose your fifth dimensional channel within your own Multidimensional brain.

Your physical brain appears to be just your physical reality. However, your higher dimensional expressions of Self do not just resonate around you. They resonate within you first, as all creation begins within the core.

Therefore, if you calibrate your attention to the higher frequency pattern within your Third Eye and your High Heart, you will find the seeds of Multidimensionality that have always been within you.

In the same way that you choose channel 3 on your TV for one show, channel 4 for a another show and channel 5 for yet another show, you will choose what you wish to perceive by regulating your state of consciousness.

Channel 4 allows you to see the “awake” show or the “sleeping” show. On the other hand, your channel 5 allows you to perceive everything on channels 3 and 4 simultaneously within the same NOW. How can your 3D brain perceive three different channels all at once?

It cannot! Your 3D TV/brain would see different perceptions interfering with each other. Your 4D TV/brain would perceive pictures with wavering shadows that make it difficult to see clearly. On the other hand, your 5D TV brain would be able to perceive myriad pictures all intertwined and working as ONE co-operative system.

When you have more and more fifth dimensional communication you will likely find that these 5D communications are often accompanied by the feeling of your Kundalini force moving up and down within your spinal cord.

This feeling is very euphoric and gives you a strong, “YES, you are having a fifth dimensional experience.” This feeling is similar to an invitation to communicate, such as a phone ringing or a doorbell chiming.

However, these messages are kinesthetic rather than auditory or visual. Your body is very helpful in giving you a strong kinesthetic “Yes” via Kundalini activation, or a loving emotion and/or a pleasant thought. On the other hand, your body will say “No” with a hollow feeling inside you that is accented with depression and/or anxiety.

When you remember how to maintain a fifth dimensional consciousness for more and more of your “time,” you will also remember how to read thought-forms and energy fields with the innate, resonating patterns of your physical form.

The kinesthetic feelings we have spoken of above are common to everyone. There are also personal triggers, responses, emotions and kinesthetic reaction that were learned during your present incarnation.

You will find it helpful to recognize and document these reactions to life, as your body CANNOT lie. Just as your beloved dog or cat or bird cannot lie because they are incapable of deception in that human manner, your body will tell you the truth.

However, your body can only tell you the truth if you want the truth, and if you are willing to receive it. Your third dimensional society has taught you to lie to yourself and to lie to others so that you NOT get in TROUBLE.

We have experienced through our volunteers that the constant comings and goings between the differing 3D, 4D and 5D timelines can cause great confusion for one’s sequential 3D memory. For many of you, the return of your attention to the third dimension does not always occur within the natural sequence of that “time.”

In other words, you may have a “brief meditation” about a fifth dimensional message and find than an hour has passed when you return your focus back to your 3D endeavor. In fact, many of your inter-dimensional journeys are often not even noted by your physical perceptions. Therefore, you have the experience of lost “time” or “lost sequence of events.”

Obviously, when time is lost, the time-bound sequence of events would become very confusing. Lost time is when you think it has been just a few minutes to look up at the clock and see that an hour has passed.

On the other hand, lost sequence is when you find yourself in a different place and/or endeavor, but you cannot remember the “in-between” of where you thought you were and how you got where you are NOW.

In other words, you inter-dimensionally traveled beyond the 3D and came back into your Earth vessel after your 3D Self had moved your physical location. Once you re-connect with your 3D consciousness, ego Self, you cannot remember where you were or how your body is now in a different location.

This dynamic is even more common with “lost time.” You look at the clock and see it is a certain time. Then you become involved in an endeavor that activates your fifth dimensional consciousness, which is beyond time. Then you actually leave time. No third dimensional person will see this occur because 3D perception does not believe that that situation is true. Thus, if you cannot believe it, you cannot perceive it.

However, if you are aware, you will observe that something suddenly changed and you missed the transition between what it was before and what it became when you returned. Of course, since you did not know that you left, you did not know that you returned. That is, you do not know that with your third dimensional consciousness.

We are telling you this information because you are entering an area of space in which there are many higher frequency energy waves. Therefore, it is the NOW to fully activate your Multidimensional consciousness. If you do not do so NOW, you will begin to doubt your Self and doubt your perceptions.

Self-doubt is very dangerous in the changing world you are experiencing because it can initiate fear. Once you experience fear, your consciousness will lower. Then you will become completely confused, as you do not remember how or why your consciousness dropped out of feeling good and in to feeling afraid.

You will likely feel as though you just crash landed on the third dimension, but you may not be able to remember where you landed from, where you where going and/or what you did. In your past, meaning earlier years of your planetary transition, you were all confused and laughed it off.

It was mostly conjecture then, so that was fine. You were learning to fly and had some crash landings. However, it is the NOW of what you were then just pondering, or maybe, even planning for. Therefore, you could lose your focus without too many consequences.

However, NOW, the consequences can become extreme. Therefore, you must maintlain a steady line of communication with your own higher expressions. As long as your human consciousness feels somewhat informed, you can stay above fear.

However, once you lose touch with your Higher SELF, you will become frightened and not remember why. Avoiding fear and living in the highest state of consciousness that you can is one of the most important things for you to remember within this NOW.

Therefore, dear scouts into your “brave new world” KNOW your SELF. What you do NOT know about your Self is an opened door for fear to enter. When in doubt, when EVER you feel ANY fear remember to say,

“I Send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire!”

We, your Arcturian and Galactic Family, are here to help you. However, Gaia is a planet based on free will, so you must ASK for our help. However, we can ask you for help. We are sending many messages to our Volunteers on Earth. We are looking for more “interpreters” through whom we can speak.

Please apply for the position within your own High Heart.
Your Galactic Family is with you.
You can see us with your fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Most of all, please remember that.

YOU are coming HOME

Suzanne Lie – The Truth Shall Set You Free – Arcturian Message – 7-4-15

Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie   –   The Arcturians

Many of our higher consciousness ones are experiencing an extreme range of “agony and ecstasy” because you are traveling through Gaia’s, as well as your own, fourth dimensional aura. The last three ninths of any project is the most challenging.

The end of any project is the most challenging because you have been working on it so long that you are getting “sick and tired” of doing it. When you fall into that state of consciousness, you have an opportunity to edit your behavior at a causal level.

With any written project, the formatting of the project, which is very important, as the final task in your process of fine-tuning. However, by that NOW, you have been seeing the same “mistake” so many times that you do not see it as a mistake.

Instead, you see it as what you want it to be because you do NOT want to have to look at that project again. We are, of course, talking about the project of personal and planetary ascension. We are telling you that NOW you are going into virgin territory that you have never visited.

You may have visited lives in which you personally ascended, but Gaia has not yet ascended. Therefore, the process of Gaia’s ascension is unique to all of you. Some of our volunteers have had the experience of planetary ascension, such as on the Pleiades’ or on Venus.

If you are among those ONES, please go into meditation to remember your experience in that incarnation. This remembrance will greatly assist you in controling your own confusions and frustrations. Then, once you are calm and centered, you can better assist others to be calm and centered.

It is for this reason that we are inviting you all to take one more conscious journey through the fourth dimensional Astral Plane. While in the fourth dimensional perspective of your current incarnation, you can also perceive all the other incarnations that you have experienced on the body of Gaia.

As you move into higher and higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension, you will gain more objectivity. The more detached you are from the rules of your 3D life the more you can perceive your own behavior. The reason for this detachment is that, the higher your state of consciousness, the less you judge that which you perceive.

The third dimension is so filled with fear that many of you fall into judgment as a way of distancing yourself from those who are of the “power over others” persuasion. However, judgment lowers your own state of consciousness, which lowers your ability to release that behavior from your self.

As most of you have discovered, the higher your state of consciousness, the more you can perceive areas of your own behavior that you wish to amend. It is important to remember that if you judge yourself for your behavior, your consciousness will drop into a frequency in which you cannot unconditionally love, forgive and accept your self.

In other words, you cannot do for another what you cannot do for your self. If there is any part of your self that you judge, you will also judge that behavior in others. A fifth dimensional state of consciousness is based on unconditional love.


  • When you fall out of unconditional love, you will fall out of your fifth dimensional state of consciousness.
  • When you fall out of fifth dimensional consciousness, you lose your higher perspective of reality.
  • When you lose your higher perspective of reality, you begin to feel trapped in the third-dimensional illusions of limitation and fear.

It is difficult to maintain a fifth dimensional consciousness because your physical reality is riddled with fears and illusions. In fact, these illusions and fears are the most difficult component of your daily life.

How do you maintain a fifth dimensional consciousness so that you can look through the illusions to perceive the TRUTH? Yes, you are correct. You can only look through the illusions when your fourth dimensional aura is clear enough that you can look through your own aura.

Of course, your fifth dimensional self, who is the YOU that resonates to a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, can look into your fourth dimensional aura to easily perceive the wounding within your own aura.

Then, your fifth-dimensional SELF, the you that always resonates to 5D consciousness, can easily send unconditional love to your third-dimensional self, the you that resonates to 3D consciousness.

The challenge is, can your 3D self recognize this higher 5D being as a higher expression of your own Multidimensional SELF? The third dimension has taught you to be “humble,” but too often third dimensional humility is actually a third dimensional way to judge your self.

You have learned about judgment from all the persons who have judged you or others. It is for this reason that releasing judgment from your consciousness is such an important part of your personal and planetary ascension.

Of course, since you cannot give away what you do not have, you can only release your judgment of others when you have released your judgment of your self. However, the physical world has trained you to believe that self-judgment is a form of humility.

This is an incorrect belief. Self-judgment comes from inner fear, whereas humility comes from inner love. The fear that creates self-judgment expands to create fear of judgment from others in your outer life. On the other hand, the humility that comes from inner, unconditional love creates the ability to unconditionally love, forgive and accept all life.

We know that loving, forgiving and accepting all that is occurring during the chaos that is preceding Gaia’s great change is a lot to ask of you. However, if you remember that Gaia is a “cause and effect” planet, you will understand why we are saying this to you.

To ascend from Gaia’s third dimensional expression, all the Ascended Masters had to master their fearful reactions of judgment and replace those reactions with unconditional love so that they could “Forgive them, for the know NOT what they do.”

Whereas judgment stops forward movement, unconditional forgiveness encourages forward movement. Think in terms of your self. How do you feel when someone judges you? Do you want to listen to and accept what they have told you?

It is the same if you judge yourself. Do you listen to and accept your own self-judgment? If so, how dies that effect you?

As you move beyond the lower astral plane of the fourth-dimensional Portal/Corridor that YOU are creating, you are remembering that energy out is energy back. Therefore, you are recalling that what you put out into your world, you are simultaneously pulling into your self.

As you complete the healing and transmutation of your Adrenal Glands,

we remind you that these are your reactionary glands. As you increasingly gain mastery over your reactions to third dimensional stimuli, you will progressively live in the NOW of your fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Within this higher state of consciousness, you can easily choose to NOT react. When your consciousness is calibrated to the fifth dimension, you perceive reality as energy packages which carries a potential reality. Furthermore, from your higher consciousness you can easily perceive the frequency within that energy package.

If the energy package is filled with fear, you will UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE it and blaze it with the VIOLET FIRE. In the NOW of this action you transform that energy package before it has “time” to become implanted into the body of Gaia to become a reality.

From your fifth dimensional perspective you can also read the emotional content of these energy packages. Therefore, when you transmute the emotional content from fear to unconditional love, you will than ground that transmuted energy package into Gaia. Do you see how you are giving a great service to your ever-ascending reality?

NOW that you have visited the Lower Astral Mystery School,

you have been able to unconditionally love and transmute your own lost ones. Hence you will be increasingly able to unconditionally love and transmute the thought forms and energy packages that will become ever more perceivable to your expanding perceptions.

Remember to love and efficiently ground all energy packages filled with love, as they will be of great assistance to Gaia. In order for you to best assist Gaia with Her process of ascension, you have cleared, and will continue to clear, your own lower astral fears, reactions and judgments.

We know that your assignment is no small task for your human expression. However, what is impossible for your third dimensional self is easy and natural for your Multidimensional SELF. When your physical self is fully connected to your fifth dimensional consciousness, you will be fully connected to your Multidimensional SELF.

Then, you are NO LONGER alone because you are ALWAYS surrounded by the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF who is constantly within the NOW. From this NOW, you are sending Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into your physical self and your third dimensional reality.

Because you have freed your most wounded expressions of self, and because they are continually being educated about that TRUTH in the Astral Mystery School, you are starting to feel like a different person.

The heavy weight of third dimensional responsibility, floating fear and depression are lifting from your consciousness. Because your wounded self is being continually healed within the Temple, you can better relax into your expanded versions of SELF.

We remind you to listen with your High Heart and see through your Third Eye to best receive your messages from the higher dimensions. These messages were always there, but the static in your lower astral field distorted them beyond your recognition.

We know that many of you have done this inner work many times. However, as your consciousness expands into higher and higher frequencies, you must send your grounding cord deeper and deeper into the areas of your physical self that you once judged, feared or ignored.

You can only go as high up into your SELF as you are willing to go down into your unconscious. Also, you can only go as high UP into Gaia’s atmosphere as you are willing to go DOWN into Gaia’s Core.

If you do not go into Gaia’s Core to be fully grounded, there can be distortions in your aura, which will distort your higher messages from SELF. One of your greatest challenges will be to recognize a distortion, expand your frequency, and then perceive that multidimensional message again from a higher state of consciousness.

The Time of Waiting

The time of waiting was almost over. I knew that. I could feel it in my Soul. What else lay hidden within me that was stopping a fully conscious experience of my Multidimensional SELF? I turned around inside my mind and opened up my heart.

I calmed my physical body and allowed my consciousness to rise above the cares of my mundane life: above survival, above achievement, above success, and into the knowing…
Old familiar memories tickled my awakening mind and stroked my heart like the touch of an Angel. Friends and comrades that I had known, long before my first embodiment rushed forward to greet me.

My Divine Complement slipped neatly into my form. I was united again. She-he-I were complete. My memories raised another octave as I embraced more and more portions of my SELF. “I am Home,” I heard a voice whisper.

But wait; there are no voices in this realm of telepathy, empathy and all-knowing. The thought made my heart thump, and I felt my body sitting heavily in my chair and my hands tightening into a fist.
I felt my feet pushing against the carpet beneath me as if to push it away. My eyes flew open to see the physical room, as I heard the traffic sounds outside my window.

“No!” I cried. “I don’t want to be here. I want to be there.”

Just as the doorway to my heart began to close and the tears began to form in the corners of my eyes, a glimmer of light entered the room. Like the wisp of a butterfly’s wing the glimmer fluttered into my heart and stopped the door from closing.

The glimmer floated up to my mind like a feather caught in an updraft. The tears of fear became tears of joy. My clutching hands relaxed and opened—palms up. My feet eased against the carpet, and I felt the comfort of its grounding support.

I calmed myself to remember the world that I believed I had just left. I felt that world, that reality, inside my heart and inside my mind.

I brought it all the way to the tips of my now relaxed hands, down into my toes, through the carpet and into the earth beneath it. The wings of the butterfly changed into the wings of an eagle and wrapped around my body like a cloud of light.

“Home is a state of consciousness,” my friends from within reminded me. “You have journeyed down into the womb of Mother Earth to create a new life, not just for you, not just for the planet, but also for the Light.

“Awaken now and find all of us who have also taken earthen forms. We are also arousing our memories and hearing the call. Like Sleeping Beauty, awakened by the kiss of love,
we are all bringing forth our promise. Now we can know, now we can trust our SELF.”

Within that moment, I surrendered to the promise I had volunteered to keep. Finally, I could remember what I had promised to do long, long before I was born.

Now I just had to BE it.


Dear members of our away team in the United States of America. On this day, July 4, 1776, you adopted The Declaration of Independence because you refused to participate in the lies and illusions of others.

Therefore, our dear emissaries in the United States, as well as our emissaries from ALL over Gaia’s EARTH, to perceive this historical energy package of FREEDOM that becomes activated every year on this date and reinforce it by saying,

“We will NOT participate in a fear-based reality. We are no longer willing to be lied to and frightened. We are multidimensional beings who have entered into a third-dimensional body to assist Gaia.

“We repeat that we will NOT tolerate lies and distortions of reality any longer. Therefore, we say to you all – Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire into OUR ascending planet.

“We send you, the unknown faces of darkness and fear, Unconditional Love. Now that we stand in our Individual Light, we can stand in the Unity of our Collective Light and speak to you as ONE being to say,

“We love you unconditionally and blaze you with the Violet Fire. As we do so we declare from our High Heart that we will NOT participate in a reality of illusion and fear!

“We took Earth vessels within this NOW to rescue Gaia from the clutches of greed and deceit. We say, blessings to you, those who are afraid of the truth, afraid of Ascension, and afraid to lose your power over others. We say to you, we love you unconditionally, and we bless you with the Violet Fire.

“We have been frightened by your fear, but now we transmute that fear into Love, and we react only with Unconditional Love. We ask all of humanity to join us in this endeavor of sending Love into the thought forms that are filled with fear.

“We send you ALL Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.”

Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – Code Breakers

Code Breakers #1

 Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians


My dear friends I have not directly communicated with you since the closure of our wonderful adventures.

Mostly because my energy field was sifting so fast that I was overwhelmed. The energy in the classes pushed my frequency into higher states than ever before, and I had to find a way to integrate it.

Fortunately, I have Love and lots of creativity in my life. Therefore my emotions are pretty centered, which is a very good thing because my mind, my perceptions and my thoughts have been off the map. It is as if someone has turned the Light on in there and my cognitive, perceptive, conceptual and communication abilities have been vivid and speeding into higher and higher frequencies.

It is as if I am needing to find my pace and get ready to batten down the hatches, but not because something bad will happen, but because something higher-dimensional is coming and life will change a lot.

I know it could be the Galactics landing, but that does not feel totally correct. It is more that our realities are beginning to change and more realities are whisking around our consciousness. It’s like we’re at a huge buffet and there are so many things to choose from that we don’t know what to pick. So we might take a little bite of each dish and try to eat it all, but they don’t all blend well in our stomachs.

There are so many different realities that are moving through our awareness just for a second, a little word, a little sound in our voice, a brief glimmer on the side of our consciousness. All of these are happening within the Now of the One.

And all of these I believe – I think – are possible realities. And these possible realities are flirting with our mind because we are coming into the states of consciousness where we can Interdimensionally travel.

Actually, these realities are flirting with our mind so that we will pay attention and listen to our own inner voices. My inner voice has always talked more than my outer voice. So the inner voice is what I mostly follow. I’m not talking about the inner voice in my human Self that says, “Oh you should and why didn’t you?” But I’m talking about the voice that I know is my higher Self.

I can’t speak for others but my inner voice has been giving me orders. Actually it’s more like a choice than an order, but it has a sense of urgency in that order. I’ve always had a Spirit Being inside of me or my imagination, or both. I’ve always had this inner voice that was always talking to me.

When I was young it was usually talking in terms of my past lives, which I have come to realize are actually parallel realities. And I would get elaborate pictures and stories which I have written in most of my books.

Of course I grew up in the 1950’s under the guidance of Dr. Spock who was going to whip all of America into shape. Of course what it created instead were the Hippies. I was a Hippie and I adored it. But I was a Hippie that was married and owned a house and had two children. But our house was a hub and we had many wonderful parties.

I loved the way that we thought then. For the woman that I was as a Hippie was greatly changed from the lady that I was raised to be. The sixties and the seventies were incredibly wonderful and quite dangerous. But all of the Hippies were pulled together to create a safe place and to have a lot of fun.

But, back to the Now. Now, I am beginning to perceive higher and higher frequencies that are frequencies of reality that resonate to the higher fourth and into the fifth-dimension. Then they shift back down into the fourth-dimension, but all of this happens so fast that it’s difficult to consciously perceive them. Therefore, I consciously perceive them moving through my thoughts, flickering past my eyes and touching my body in a way that they’re touching my Aura instead of my physical body.

I also have this weird feeling that something has shifted, will shift, is shifting but I’m not quite sure what that is. Before I can even begin to understand what that thought or perception is, something shifts back. We are all in this process of great transmutation and everything is so fast that we can’t really perceive it with our third-dimensional brain.

Usually our higher perception enters our consciousness but our 3D brain can’t quite believe that it was real and that is why it’s so important that we work on expanding into higher states of consciousness. We have all had many lives in which we reveal our true Self where we were punished and/or killed. So therefore we have this fourth-dimensional guardian that says – be careful, be careful. Remember back when this happened, remember back when that happened.

We have to break through that. We have to break through that unknown fear that stops us as we begin to move into this new virgin territory. It’s virgin to us but it is alive and been in existence first, for reality begins in the higher frequencies and then steps down to the lower frequencies.

But we’ve been on this lower frequency for so many incarnations that we feel like we’re going to someplace new instead of consciously recognizing that we are actually returning to the place from which we have originated.

Fortunately, there are many changes that are occurring in our fourth-dimensional consciousness, in our aura, in that interface between our third-dimensional life and our fifth-dimensional life. And these changes are working unconsciously with our brain to slowly adapt us to the higher frequencies of perception.

When we are on the third-dimension we are literally trained to deny the perceptions of our higher Self. If we saw our higher Self or spoke to our higher Self we would be seen to be crazy, or we would be psychotic, or there would be something wrong with us.

That is old programming that protects us because of our other lives in which we came out as our Self and the consequences were very dire. And these consequences left a scar within our consciousness and we need to move inside that scar and say, “it’s all right now”. But we don’t’ really know that it’s all right because there is a threat of war here and a threat of war there.

However the Cabal is beginning to diminish. It has lost, and they are being taken out to another reality, likely the lower fourth-dimension, where energy out instantly becomes energy back.

For they were resonating to such a low frequency that they would put out an energy field and by the time it came back to them they did not realize that that was a consequence of their behavior. So they did not learn. It is not as if they are being punished because punishment is not a component of a fifth-dimensional reality.

But Earth was meant to be a free will planet. Earth was meant to be a planet of cause and effect so that we could learn to Ascend by learning that as we put our energy out, it comes back. Also, when we expand our consciousness, our energy comes back to us faster and faster, so then we learn quicker and quicker. And those of us who have awakened to our higher Selves, when we put out a thought it manifests almost instantly.

If we put out a thought and place our emotions into that thought, then we create a thoughtform and that thoughtform comes into manifestation very quickly. That is why we have to be very careful about the thoughts that we couple with emotions.

If we have a fearful thought, we need to Unconditionally Love and blaze it with the Violet Fire. Then replace that negative thought with a positive thought and connect that positive thought with Unconditional Love and with Violet Fire. In that manner, that positive thought will create a thoughtform of loving and safe transmutation.

What occurs as we continue this process is that we begin to consciously perceive the 3D matrix that is around us. The reason that we are beginning to perceive the 3D matrix is because we are beginning to see through it. We are beginning to see through the matrix to perceive glimpses of realities that are not constricted to the 3D matrix.

The 3D matrix is like an ornate energy filter. When we incarnate on Gaia’s third-dimensional matrix we are limited to perceptions of the third-dimension. When we go to sleep or when we meditate we expand our consciousness beyond the 3D matrix. Then we begin to remember our other realities in different time zones on Earth and/or higher dimensional expressions of Self on the ship and on the higher dimensional worlds.

Unfortunately when we open our eyes and go back to business as usual, our 3D brain takes over and shuts out these higher perceptions. It shuts out these perceptions because the 3D brain tells us that we are in a physical body and the physical world is real. Anything that is not a part of the physical world is not real.

If we believe that, if we believe that ONLY the physical world is real and anything outside of the physical world is not real, we have been effectively indoctrinated to remain in the tight package of the 3D Matrix.

Many of us are beginning to log out of this matrix. When we were young we took that pill and we believed what we were told. We did what they told us to do because we wanted to be good people. But then there was our inner voice. Now, for a very long time we had to keep that inner voice secret because if we told anyone then it was too weird, it was too crazy, something was wrong with us and we would be judged.

So we did what society expected of us. Then we got so busy with our job and our work and our families that we turned our inner voice off. When we turned it off we began to feel so lonely. We did not know what we were lonely for. We did not know what we turned off, but we knew that something was missing. But, what was it? Oh Well, time to go back to work. Time to take care of the kids – time to, time to, time to…

Eventually, we learned that if we listened to this inner voice, things would begin to change in our lives. The inner voice kept telling us, and our body kept feeling, that something special is happening. Something that we really desire is coming into our reality.

But, if we don’t listen to our inner voice, and we only listen to the outer voice, then that something in not perceivable. It is not perceivable because the outer voice says, “This is real. What you hear inside of yourself is not real. What you hear outside, what you hear on the television, what you hear from other people, that is real.”

We had to take the risk of listening, not to what frightened us, but listening to what felt good. We realized that what frightened us was outside of us, but what made us feel loved and loving, was inside of us. Now, there were also emotions inside of us, fear based emotions that muddied the soup so to speak.

These emotions made us wonder even more, “Could this be real? Could this thing that I feel inside of me possibly be real? Oh I hope it is. I hope it is real. I want it to be real more than anything. But, maybe I’m crazy. “ After all we were trained that listening to our inner voice was not real. So we had to go against our training, we had to realize that we needed to listen to our inner voice. Yes, first and foremost we had to listen to the inner voice because it was our own Multidimensional SELF.

Those of us that have awakened, those of us who have dared to listen to our inner voice and follow the instructions that we feel within are the “Code Breakers.”

We are breaking the code of brainwashing about who we should be and what we should do. We are breaking the code of the third dimensional indoctrination.

As we break this code, as we find our courage so we can live the courage.

Within that courage, we begin to remember who we truly are and why we took this body.

Suzille / Arcturians

By Suzanne Lie.



The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie – Now of the One – Message hidden Inside the Light – 2-27-15

Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

Is there a message for me today?

Yes, dear Earth Emissary,

There is a message for you every day, every hour and every minute. There is, in fact, a steady flow of Light Language energy packages that infinitely flow from our dimension, our Mothership and our collective hearts into the hearts of our very brave volunteers.

Your family and friends aboard the Ship hold you all in great esteem. Among them is your own higher expression of SELF who has sacrificed a component of sacred essence to live within your Earth vessel.

We come to you all today to assist you in remembering how to read your Light Language packages. We know that you feel these messages are within your heart, but your Earth vessel Self may not realize that that brief feeling of Love and inner peace is because you have just received another Light Language package, which we will now refer to as Packages from Home.

On the Ship we send a thoughtform to each other when we perceive that our human representative is ready for and/or needs another Light Language package. More and more of you are beginning to remember and acknowledge your higher dimensional SELF on the Ship and/or serving in higher dimensions. Many of you are also becoming aware of the YOU who is serving on Fifth Dimensional “New Earth.”

Actually “New Earth” is much older than the 3D Earth that your Earth vessel inhabits. As you are beginning to remember, creation flows from the higher dimensions and down into the lower ones. Therefore, just as you all have sent down a component of your personal Multidimensional essence into your personal Earth vessel, Gaia has sent a component of Her planetary Multidimensional essence into her planetary vessel.

It is important within this NOW that you all remember that Gaia is a living, planetary Being. This remembrance completes the circle of incarnation. When many of you all first took an incarnation on Gaia as what you now call the “indigenous people” you knew that Gaia was a living Being. You also knew that you were in deep unity with all the members of your tribe.

It is the forgetting of unity consciousness with your “people” and your “planet” that sent humanity off track from their original goal. Therefore, it is the remembrance of Unity with ALL Life that will release you from the matrix of the 3D wheel of life and death. However, when we say “you” we mean your personal AND your planetary expressions of SELF.

We will now remind you of YOUR planetary expression of your SELF. Your planetary expression is the Earth vessel, which is the envelope for your Multidimensional consciousness. This Earth vessel is made of the elements of the planet. Hence it is deeply entwined with the planet. Thinking that your human form was more important than your planetary form is where your path to Ascension took a wrong turn.

You thought that taking a human form would allow you to assist humanity, as humans are the primary reason why Gaia has not completed her Ascension. All your Multidimensional expressions have realized that fact. Therefore, you sent your essence, not just into the elementals of a human Being, but into the elements of Gaia’s planetary Being.

Therefore, you are not just ON the planet. You are also OF the planet. Your humanoid Earth vessel is of the same earth, air, fire and water as your planetary Earth vessel. Can you take a moment to allow yourself to FEEL how it feels to actually BE a component of the planet? Just as you imagine that the ground, the rocks, the water, the land, the plants, the animals are members of the planet, so are YOU.

Allow the concept of being an actual member of the planet to replace your old image of being on the planet. You were ON the planet, but not OF the planet. Therefore, you could destroy the planet without destroying yourself. At least, that is what humanity thought before there were so many of you incarnated at the same “time.”

There are many humans who act as if they are children who broke their toy and want their parents to buy them a new one. A child does not consider that it was their responsibility to take good care of that toy and treasure it, or he/she would not have broken it.

Where did humanity forget that Gaia was an alive planetary Being? It was when the force of power-over-others separated them from the land and from their tribe. They no longer needed to live as a tribe, but sought to become individuals. Yes, the seeking of individuality was one of the goals you set when you decided to join the evolution of Earth. However, because you sought individuality, you shunned Unity.

If Gaia had not chosen to display the extremes of polarity, if Gaia had not chosen to be a free will planet, the issues that you face today would not have occurred. However, Gaia is an exceptionally brave and daring Being and wanted to be a vastly diverse planet, which She is.

Since there are few planets that have the degree of diversity of Earth in your sector of time/space, She was not aware of the challenges that Her choice would reveal. Gaia did not know that Her beings would turn on each other. The plant and animal kingdom do feed off of other beings and/or plants, but they do so for survival.

On the other hand, humans learned to “feed off” off others so that they could gain control of them. Part of the problem was that many renegade beings from other planets, solar systems and even galaxies wanted to experience this greatly diverse reality. Some of them had evolved into higher states of consciousness, so they knew that all life was ONE.

However, some of Earth’s early visitors were still in the state of power-over-others when they came to visit Earth. Just as many of the evolved early humanoids and higher Beings who came to Earth stayed on Earth, some of the un-evolved power-over-others visitors  also stayed.

For many millennia these two groups remained distant and did not interact. Therefore, there were no wars, but since they remained so separate a suspicion began to grow between them. Uncountable generations later, the fighting began.

Some civilizations were literally “whipped off the face of the Earth.” Some, such as Lemuria moved into the core of the Earth. Unfortunately, divergent groups who had not chosen to intermingle with each other made different decisions. Then, because they were so separate, they did not learn about each other.

Since the unknown is the greatest source of fear, much fear began to fill the peoples, auras, water and earth of Gaia’s planet. Gaia, who is a kind and loving Mother, tried to find a manner in which Her people could band together in Unity consciousness. She wanted them to come into Unity because She offered them beautiful oceans with plentiful food, rain that watered their crops and fire that kept them warm.

But the peoples did not band together for joy and appreciation of their wonderful life. Each individual group was able to do this, but the groups still remained separate. The extreme separation of the tribes created fear, judgment, anger, war, sorrow and pain in the emotions and thoughts of the people.

These thoughts and emotions went into the elements of the human’s body, breath, lungs, neurological synapses and bodily fluids. They then breathed out these distorted elements into the elements of Gaia’s planet. The earth of Gaia’s land was polluted and over-farmed. Blood from human wars and massacre of animals bled into the soil to mix with the tears of loss and sorrow.

The air of Gaia’s atmosphere became filled with fear-based emotions and the water was tainted with the poison of fear and anger. The only way that Gaia could release these toxins was to have what human’s called a “storm.” The winds of the storm cleared the air, the water cleaned the plants, animals and humans, and the fire released that which had reached it’s completion. Also, huge bodies of Earth moved as a component of Gaia’s natural landscape changes.

These natural responses of Gaia to cleanse Her planet were thought of as “great punishments” set upon the peoples. They even offered virgins as a sacrifice to appease the angry planet. But Gaia was not an angry planet. She was just trying to clean up the mess her humans had made.

Did the humans say, “Thank you, Gaia, for cleaning up our mess”? No – they quivered in fear of the planet and thought of it as a “thing” of which they were not a part. With every era there were some humans who understood that Gaia was a living Being. They loved Her, but often gave sacrifices to Her. Gaia did not want a sacrifice, but a bit of gratitude would be nice.

For aeon upon aeon the same story was repeated again and again. “Will humanity ever evolve enough to remember that they too are a part of my body?” wondered Gaia. Then, finally, certain humans began to awaken to their own higher expressions of SELF. Once they began to merge with their own higher frequencies of their SELF, they began to perceive Earth in a very different manner.

Some, and there was not many for a very long time, began to remember what they knew before they were born into the small, dense form of a third dimensional human. This memory reminded them that they were much more than the small vessel that they were wearing. Then some of them realized that if they had a “Soul” then all life must have a Soul.

Of course the concept of “all life” having a soul, a spirit, a higher emanation was not a popular idea and those who had it were often killed and/or tortured. Aeon after aeon, the brave, awake humans returned and many of them died trying to tell other humans what they had learned.

Then a Golden Age began in Gaia’s time/space. The world was still very hostile, but more evolved and higher dimensional Ones could take a human form with the intention of assisting Gaia. The NOW had finally arrived in which Gaia could get assistance from the very humans who had created such havoc on Her planet.

There were still many humans lost to old ways of fear, domination, war, desperation etc. etc. However, there was a new frequency of Light that was entering Gaia’s body and the bodies of all her plants, animals, and even humans. Many human feared the Light or wanted to use it for their own selfish intentions. Other humans tried to hide the Light from the awareness of others.

But, there were some humans who began to remember who they were in the higher frequencies of their consciousness. At first this memory wafted through their hearts like a warm ray of Light or a bright smile of a Loved One. The feeling was unique and frightened many of them who turned away from it with fear and suspicion.

Others, the same Ones who had taken bodies again and again over many eras, recognized this Light. At first, they could not “put their finger” on what it reminded them of, but it felt so good that they accepted the Light. The more they accepted the Light, the better they felt, and the better they felt, the more Light they could accept.

Gradually, just as they had allowed themselves to be a part of the planet, they also became a part of the Light. OH!! It felt so wonderful to be a part of the Light that they unified with the Light more and more. Then an interesting thing began to occur. Those who had accepted and unified with the Light began to accept and unify with each other.

People from all over Earth, from different areas, religions, cultures, genders, ages, and interests began to communicate with each other. They began to accept each other for exactly who they were. After all, the Light had Unconditionally Accepted them. And, since they had become the Light and the Light had become them, they could accept themselves.

Even more wonderful, they began to openly accept others. At first they only accepted those who had also accepted the Light. Then, gradually, the Light transmuted them in such a manner that they could not see how people were different. They could only perceive how people were the same.

When they looked through their own Light into the face of another, the Light seemed to unite them in some strange manner. Even though they did not know how the Light had caused this deep acceptance and resulting unity, it felt so glorious, so very safe and so very much like what they all called “Home.”

Then, more and more people began to think about a place called Home. Where was this place? Was it far, far away on another world? “NO,” said the inner Light as they asked that question. “I AM your Home. I AM You and I AM Gaia.” You were always home, but you did not have the Light to believe it.

“I AM all of you within the ONE of the NOW” whispered the Light into the hearts and minds of the humans. The whisper was very soft and could only be heard when the human focused on their own inner Light. But when they did, when they focused on their own inner Light, they remembered.

They remembered the “thought” of Unity with all life. They remembered the “emotion” of Love for all life. Then, one by one, then two by two, then four by four, eight by eight … a memory began to sweep through the bodies of the humans and into and through the body of Gaia. That memory reminded them that:

“I AM Home within the NOW ~ and so is every ONE.”

Being Fifth Dimensional



The Arcturians: The NOW of the ONE – The Message Hidden Inside the LIGHT. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. February 25, 2015.

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The Arcturians – Suzanne Lie – Creating Perception – 2-18-15

CreatingPerceptionYour thoughts and emotions are becoming more and more balanced and in alignment with each other. In this manner you are creating clear thoughtforms regarding the reality you wish to live. Please remember that if your thoughts and emotions flow in different directions you will find it difficult to effectively begin and/or complete your desired outcome.

One of the primary outcomes that you are all wishing to create, whether you are aware of it or not, is the slow but steady transmutation of your Earth vessel. Your Earth vessel is the envelope that encases your third dimensional consciousness.

When your consciousness begins to maintain a steady connection to the higher frequencies, your body begins to shift in an attempt to stay in alignment with the resonance of your thoughts and emotions. If your thoughts and emotions are not in alignment with each other, your body becomes confused and is unable to create a steady frequency rate. Hence, you will likely feel nervous, depressed and/or disoriented.

Your creative process is based on your thoughts and emotions remaining in a steady state of entrainment. If your thoughts are, “I am ready to return to my innate higher resonance” but you have fear-based emotions, which are basically fear of the unknown, your Earth vessel is confused by the two opposite messages.

Unfortunately, your third dimensional Earth vessel is very accustomed to your thoughts and feelings being out of alignment and is far too familiar with fear-based emotions. Hence, your body remains firmly fixed in the resonance of the third dimension.

However, because of your conscious or unconscious desire to return to your higher vibrations, you will likely feel a great sense of limitation or loneliness for something or someone. These types of thoughts and emotions lower your consciousness. It is then that the process of transmutation of your Earth vessel comes to a halt.

When you begin to have memories in which you feel a unique and deeply comforting feeling that you are returning, your transmutation process is re-activated. These memories may not include what you were returning to, but they give you a great deal of hope and reassurance.

Without this hope and reassurance, your consciousness dashes to the depths, and you feel “cast adrift on a hostile planet.” However, Gaia is not hostile. What is hostile are the humans who wish to halt Gaia’s transmutation. They want to halt Gaia’s transmutation because deep inside they know that they could not transmute with her. These people are usually filled with fear, anger and negative thinking.

Do you see now how these “enemies” are actually tormented people who cannot allow themselves the gift of transmutation? If you can realize that fact, your fear and anger will be released. With your own fear and anger released, your emotions come into entrainment with your emotional desire to return to the higher realities that flicker just beyond your physical perceptions.

Fortunately, these higher dimensional perceptions expand your consciousness so that you can continue your personal process of transmutation. While in this process you become increasingly aware of how your thoughts affect your emotions and your emotions affect your thoughts.

Wonderful! Now you are remembering that your thoughts and emotions have been infinitely connected. You are also remembering that your long sojourn through the third dimension is cycling back to return to the awareness of your true Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, you are remembering that you chose to enter third dimensional Earth to assist with planetary Ascension.

Do you also remember that YOU have ascended several times? Do you remember that that is why you were chosen to take an Earth vessel during this NOW of Gaia’s shift? The memory of your past Ascensions will greatly assist you to align your thoughts and emotions to create the thoughtform of personal and planetary Ascension.

Once your thoughts and emotions are in alignment with the joy and privilege of assisting with planetary Ascension, your Lightbody begins to awaken from deep within your Earth vessel. Your Lightbody is nestled in the core of your Kundalini, which is within the core of your spinal cord.

Before you connect with this latent energy field within your core, we ask you to connect your own core with the core of Gaia. Because you are wearing a humanoid form, your core is long and runs up and down your spine. Conversely, Gaia’s core is within the center of her circular, planetary form.

We suggest that you allow your Self to remember the many times your consciousness has visited the core of Gaia. When you entrain your thoughts with your emotions AND entrain your personal core with Gaia’s planetary core, your human vessel comes into alignment with Gaia’s planetary vessel.

When you are in alignment and entrainment with the planet, you feel very safe and comforted. Furthermore, when you align your thoughts with the emotions of safety and comfort, you become a happy, loving “package” of transmutation.

Since Gaia is transmuting, and you are entrained with Her planetary transmutation, your personal transmutation is greatly accelerated. You can best maintain your alignment with Gaia by entraining your consciousness with Unconditional Love and unselfish thoughts of serving Gaia and all Her inhabitants.

This alignment with Unconditional Love and service to all life is important because that state of consciousness best allows Gaia to assist you, just as you assist Her. “How can the planet assist me?” you may ask. The answer is once you love and serve all life, you realize that every component of Gaia’s planet is alive and sentient.

Your transmutation begins with your own body’s elements of earth, air, fire and water. These four 3D elements are in constant resonance with their fifth dimensional Elementals of Gnomes (earth), Sylphs (air), Salamanders (fire) and Undines (water).

With each inhale you breathe in Gaia’s fifth dimensional Elementals and allow them to intermingle with your own inner Elementals. With each exhale, you breathe out these intermingled Elementals. Hence, with every in breath and out breath you merge more and more deeply with the planet on a basic elemental level.

This process begins when you merge your thoughts and emotions to create the thoughtform of Ascension. Then you can more easily merge your physical body with your Ascension body. Your Ascension body is your Lightbody, which is awaiting re-birth in the core of your Kundalini, which is in the core of your spine.

Once consciously aligned with your own core, you can merge your transmuting core with Gaia’s transmuting core. While in your core you can merge your third dimensional elements of earth, air, fire and water with your fifth dimensional Elementals to escalate the transmutation of your personal form. In this manner you can best assist Gaia by merging your personal Elementals with Gaia’s planetary Elementals.

Can you see how human and planet are becoming ONE? Do you also understand how you must first become ONE with your personal potential before you can become ONE with Gaia’s planetary potential? This process of merging with all life around you can only occur once you have merged with all life inside you.

It is within the core of your Self that you can deeply experience being within the core of the planet. Remember the higher frequencies/dimensions are not above you; they are within you. In the same manner, the lower frequencies/dimensions are not below you, but around you. Do you see now how YOU are a Portal?

When you travel inter-dimensionally, you do not go out or up, you go in and through. Turn around inside yourself and see the Light resonating from your inner core. The mere act of using your fifth dimensional imagination to look inside your Self expands your consciousness enough for you to perceive your own inner Light.

You do not have this inner Light because you are “good.” You have this inner Light because you are “alive.” The polarities of good and bad mean nothing in the fifth dimension, as they do not exist at that frequency.

In the fifth dimension and beyond there are NO polarities. We realize that freedom from all polarities is a novel concept for your third dimensional brain. However, even the term “polarity” does not exist in the fifth dimensional and beyond.

When you travel inter-dimensionally, your first “landing pad” will be a fifth-dimensional expression of your own Multidimensional SELF. (“a” because you have myriad fifth-dimensional expressions of SELF) However, your fifth dimensional SELF is not separate from the fifth dimensional SELF of others.

In fact, there is no fifth dimensional concept of “others.” Everyone is an expression of the same Oneness. Thus, everyone is in constant connection with everyone, just as all your fingers are in constant communication with your hand. Also, your hand is in total unity with your body, which is merging with your Lightbody. Actually, your Lightbody hand appears more as a flash of light, than a palm with fingers.

Your Lightbodies are totally adaptable to every situation. Therefore, if you are on the ship ready to greet a guest, you may choose to wear any form that will make the guest feel comfortable. Wearing a form in the fifth dimension is similar to wearing a uniform. Your uniform merges with you so that you appear to be wearing a body that is wearing a uniform.

You usually choose to wear a form when you present your SELF to third dimensional humans, including your own third dimensional Self. In this manner, you can share your Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light without frightening their, or your, third dimensional expression.

Just as your body is transmuting into a “Lightbody,” Gaia’s planet is transmuting into a “Lightplanet.” This Lightplanet will no longer need to confine Her great essence within a dense, third-dimensional shell. In fact, the animals, plants and aspects of nature that have become extinct to the third dimension have actually been the leaders of re-location from density into Light.

When you begin your conscious visits to fifth dimensional Earth you will be happy to see that many of the flora, fauna and humans you believed have died or become extinct have only “died” to the resonance of the third dimension. They lived the timeline that they chose and have NOW re-located to a version of reality that does not exist in “time.”

“Time” and “space” merged to become the 3D Matrix of Earth. When you leave time and the sequential space that time created, you leave the 3D Matrix and return to the fifth dimensional resonance and beyond. We say “resonance” because the fifth dimension is not static in the same manner as the third dimension.

If you look out into your yard and see a big tree, it will remain exactly where it is no matter what your state of consciousness, intention or belief. If you were to see that tree from a fourth dimension frequency it would still be bound by many of the 3D rules such as the roots go down into the earth and the branches go up into the sky.

Conversely, in the fifth dimension, you may not see a tree, but when you think, “I wish there was a big shade tree next to me” with your next blink you would see the tree. If you wanted the tree to be taller, your thoughts would change the size of the tree. One thing you could NOT do in the fifth dimension would be to “chop down the tree.”

All life is always respected in the fifth dimension. Hence, if you did not want to be by that tree, you could transport to another location, or shift your reality to no longer have a tree. If there was no tree, and you decide you do want one, you would just think about how wonderful it would be to have a beautiful tree beside you.

You would then connect your thoughts of, “I would like a tree beside me,” with the image of the tree. Then you would feel the emotions of the comfort of the tree, enjoy the feeling of the tree’s shade and the beauty of the tree. You may also choose to enjoy merging with the life force of the tree and its many inhabitants.

In other words, you would merge your consciousness with experience of being beside a tree. You would then allow your perceptions to follow the dictates of your imagination so that you perceive what your imagination is creating, while you simultaneously create what you wish to perceive.

Again, your inner, higher dimensional SELF would project out your inner thoughtform and fill it with Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light to give your thoughtform fifth dimensional life. All fifth dimensional life exists within the NOW of the ONE. Hence, all life is accepted and appreciated as a living, sentient Being that shares the same frequency of consciousness as your own.

In this same manner you can unite with your Divine Complement, ascended friends from physical Earth, your Mission and your Guides who are actually higher dimensional expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF. All of these experiences exist infinitely within the ONE to display infinite versions of “All That Is.”

The All That IS contains every possible reality that IS. YOU set the appearance and members of your reality with your own thoughtforms. YOU are the creator of your perceptions AND your perceptions are the creator of your environment.

In other words, “Perception IS Creation.” You perceive what you want to create and create what you want to perceive.

Your desire creates the perceptions that represent that which you wish to perceive. You may ask, “Are perception and creation separate or merged terms?” The answer depends on your state of consciousness, which dictates your frequency of reality, which determines how you perceive your world.

All realities travel in a circular path of creation/perception and perception/creation. In the fifth dimension and beyond there is NO separation between “perception” and/or “creation.”

In fact, in the higher dimensional worlds there is NO communication of separate worlds spread out in a sequential order. ALL is within the NOW of the ONE. All that you could desire, perceive, create or communicate is within that NOW with which you are ONE!

Blessings dear Ascending Ones,

We are ONE with you NOW

The Arcturians – Creating Perception. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. February 16, 2015.

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Gamma Wave Lightbody – The Arcturians, Galactic Federation via Suzanne Lie – Returning to Thoughts, Emotions – Resonating to Fifth Dimensional NOW of the ONE – 1-30-15

GammaConsciousnessArcturians   –   Suzanne Lie

We come to you this day to remind you that WE are ONE.

“We” encompass all our volunteers who logged in to the third/fourth holographic game of “Third Dimensional Earth.” You may have some movies on your television in which the “Greek Gods” are seeing the mere humans below them. They have the power to influence these mortals with their mere thought.

As you know, the above scenario is correct, but it is NOT correct that you are “mere humans.” YOU are actually the “Gods” that are over-lighting your way through the confusing maze of transmutational Earth. Yes, Lady Gaia is transmuting more every day. However, please remember that transformation and transmutation are very different terms.

Transformation means that something is added or taken away to create change. However, the frequency of that which is transformed remains the same. On the other hand, transmutation does NOT involve taking away or adding to, but transmutation does raise the frequency of the person, place, situation or thing.

Many of those who are logged into the 3D Game are trapped because they want to add, take away, or alter something or someone. However, that manner of thinking actually traps them in the Game because their third-dimensional thinking can only create a third dimensional solution.

Your return to Lightbody begins with returning to the thoughts and emotions that resonate to the fifth dimensional NOW of the ONE. Once you choose to release thoughts that are time based and emotions about what someone “else” did or did not do to or for you, you find that YOU are the creator of your life.

For example, when you are focused on the NOW of YOUR decision to think, do, feel and/or respond, you are within the NOW of that choice. Then when you are tired, overworked and/or just not able to attend to your choices of perception and reactions, you realize that fact and give yourself Unconditional Love.

Ascension is not about being perfect, but about being loving and forgiving. Perfect, is a third dimension term, which is the opposing concept to being flawed. Both perfect and flawed are based on judgment as well as on polarized opposites.

How will it be to live in a reality in which there are no extremes such as perfect or flawed? How will it feel to live in a world in which there is no judgment or a concept of these concepts?

At first, you may not notice that the NOW of the ONE surrounds you, as even though your consciousness may be greatly expanded, the force of your 3D habit is difficult to break. Even now many of you are actually resonating beyond the 3D matrix, but are only aware of that fact while engaged in meditation or some spiritual and/or creative endeavor. Why does that occur?

How could you be within a higher state of consciousness and not be aware of it? Simple – you are not tuning into your SELF. You are looking “outside” of you and into the matrix. You are doing that because you forgot that the portal “out” of matrix is “inside” of YOU. You, which is your Lightbody, is in the core of your body inside your Kundalini, inside of your spinal cord.

Since your Kundalini is usually latent within your core, you do not realize your own force of transmutation. Hence, you are looking UP into the “heavens” and OUT into another person, place or thing. You have been trained by the 3D Game to believe that YOU are “not good enough.” You have been told that you must improve and/or heal yourself.

We say to our dear Away Team, you do NOT need to improve or heal yourself. You need to remember your Multidimensional SELF. Just as a huge tree has leaves that die and fall from the tree, just as a rose bush has some buds that do not bloom, there are parts of your life that do not reach their potential.

It is not bad or embarrassing that you do not “reach your 3D potential,” as that potential was likely given to you by another person or by society. It is for this reason that so many of you totally change your life when you awaken to your higher consciousness.

Once your sense of Self expands from the Earth vessel you are wearing to the YOU who resides within that vessel, all the 3D indoctrinations of “good enough” begin to diminish. When you are the life force within the body you are wearing, your consciousness expands far beyond your physical limitation and into the NOW of the ONE.

That voice that you have always heard with your heart is YOU. That higher Being that you have dreamed about is YOU. That goal that was unachievable in your physical version of Self now resonates to the heart and mind of your higher dimensional SELF.

Once you come to that realization, you are no longer concerned about what “they” think. Instead you are concerned about what YOU think, do, have or believe. You begin to perceive others as Lights of consciousness within in the 3D matrix of their human form.

Furthermore, your human form is not better than the form of an animal or plant. Once you realize that YOU are not your body, that YOU are merely wearing your body so that you could login to the 3D Game, other people in the Game are also seen as consciousness wearing a form.

Do you remember when you only knew about your 3D form and had no idea abut the consciousness who was wearing it? Your old perspective was almost like the old belief that the Earth was the center of the Universe and the Sun rotated around it. Now you look back and think, “How could they ever believe that the Sun rotated around the Earth?”

You will not need to answer that question, as there is no reason to complicate your life by trying to educate or change those who are not ready to know. However, more and more DO want to know. Your SELF will recognize their true SELF because of your joint expanded perceptions. Because of your shared awareness, you will KNOW that they are “wearing” their Earth vessel. Then you can share with each other about how you first expanded your perceptions into your fourth dimensional astral body.

You can also share how you began to perceive your Self as your fifth dimensional Lightbody Self. These conscious perceptions of your fifth dimensional Lightbody are initially experienced via your gamma wave consciousness. Your greatest challenge will be to remember that experience in your daily life. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you immediately document this experience.

Also, if you begin these meditations with a companion who can ask you questions about your experience, it will assist you to speak about what is occurring. In order to speak about your experience so that you can bring it into your 3D conscious brain to formulate the words.

In this manner, you will begin to learn – remember – how to allow the gamma wave consciousness to interface with your physical form in a manner in which you can document, remember and share your adventures in the higher frequencies of the ONE. Each time you have a gamma wave experience, you will become more and more comfortable with the concepts that YOU are your Lightbody, and your physical form is your outer shell.

Hence, you have progressed from believing that YOU are your physical form:

  • Into believing that YOU are the fourth dimensional consciousness that enlivens that form
  • Into knowing that YOU are the Multidimensional consciousness that enlivens that form
  • Into knowing that YOU are the fifth dimensional, and beyond, Lightbody that waits activation within the core of your spine
  • Into experiencing the FEEL of being your Lightbody

When you have your experience of “being Lightbody” you will need to make sure that your physical Earth vessel is in a safe place. It is also helpful if you have a person to assist you in grounding your Lightbody by asking you questions about your experience and documenting them. You can also record your experience.

Remember, with your first adventures in Lightbody, your challenge will be to stay within that experience. Doubt or fear will pull your consciousness down into the lower brainwaves. On the other hand, Unconditional Love and compassion for all life will assist you to remain in a gamma state of consciousness.

Again, we highly suggest that you ask someone to be your grounding force. This person can also ask you questions about your experience so that you have a reminder of how it felt and what you experienced while traveling in the higher realities.

Yes, just as theta wave consciousness allows you to travel into the realms of the higher fourth dimension and delta wave consciousness places your perception of Self “outside” of your physical form, gamma wave consciousness activates your Lightbody, also known as your Merkaba. Your Merkaba is your “chariot of the Gods.”

Within your NOW, “Gods” are not far away in “Heaven” or some “other” realm. You are ALL what has been titled “Gods” within your own gamma wave consciousness. Now this information has been higher suppressed by the forces of power-over-others.

If the “minions” of humanity where to know their true power within, the forces of power-of-others would be “put out of business.” In fact, this “power-over-others group”, also known as the Cabal, the Illuminati and many other names that we will not disclose at this NOW, have lost the final battle to gain complete power over Gaia.

As you are likely aware, they have had a very long run through all of the years of the Kali Yuga, which is the final cycle of the “darkest night before the dawn.” That dawn has NOW awakened. Many still slumber in the illusions of polarity and domination of an outside force.

Therefore, our Dear Ones who volunteered to enter your current incarnation to assist in awakening humanity and healing Gaia, we ask you to please: “Come out, come out wherever you are!” You no longer need to play “hide and seek” with your own higher SELF. It is the NOW to BE your SELF in your daily lives.

There will be days in which you may feel as though you are flying through life and other days in which you will feel as though you are trudging through mud. Obviously, you will be able to maintain higher states of consciousness when you are flying and will likely fall into beta wave consciousness when you are trudging.

The up-down roller coaster of life in the third dimension is slowly coming to the end of its ride. You were joyful when the ride carried you UP and frightened when the ride sent you DOWN. But, the roller coaster ride is being retired, as is the entire 3D amusement park.

This “park” was invaded by darkness way back in the later days of Atlantis, and that darkness has grown by creating myriad wars in which both sides were backed by the same dark Ones for the sole purpose of filling their own pockets. As this behavior escalated over the last 2000 years, Gaia began to take the greatest “hit” to Her health and welfare.

When the planet became so deeply wounded by the people who occupied her, in fact by a relatively small group of those people, your Galactic Family was given permission by the higher forces to assist the planet and the humans who would accept our Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light.

Because humanity is choosing to accept your Light and Love, we did not “break the Law of Gaia’s free will plane.” At first, only a few humans could hear that we were calling them. Therefore, many of us decided to implant the essence of our higher expression of SELF into the human form of those who accepted the assignment of assisting Gaia.

It was extremely challenging for our volunteers, who begin this process after the close of WWII. These first volunteers had to remain secret about their true Self. Many of those who did not keep the secret were harmed or killed. However, over 3D time, those who survived were able to assist others to awaken and commune with their own higher expressions of SELF.

You are NOW beginning to open and enter your own Arcturian Corridors of Ascension. These Corridors are entered and explored via your own gamma wave consciousness. Please remember that it is the force of Unconditional Love and compassion for all life that allows you to regain and retain your gamma consciousness.

We offer now a recording of our channels experience gamma wave consciousness. Please remember that perception IS creation. Therefore, as you each travel into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will experience what your own consciousness can best recognize and attend to.

Therefore, each of you may have very different experiences because each of you will choose different perceptions. In this manner, you will create myriad different versions of fifth dimensional New Earth. We remind you again that:


When you begin your conscious travel into and through the higher dimensions, each of you will gather your own “puzzle piece” of life in the fifth dimension and beyond. When you return to your physical reality, you will contribute your “puzzle pieces” that you have collected on your inter-dimensional journey to the planetary puzzle of “Ascending Gaia.”

Most important, ALWAYS remember that YOU are already ascended in the higher-dimensional expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF. You did not take a body to advance your own spiritual growth. The days of “individual” spiritual leaders and saints ceased with the closing of the Piscean Age.

We thank you for remembering. It is this remembering that is vital so that you can remain clear of the jaws of your 3D ego. Love your ego unconditionally, and place your Multidimensional SELF in the driver’s seat of your Mission to Earth.

We now post Suzille’s fifth dimensional journey. Please remember that each of you will perceive that which is in alignment with your own “reason for incarnation.” Then you can add that “individual puzzle piece” to the ONE puzzle of Planetary Ascension.

We send you ALL Unconditional Love and Unconditional Gratitude.

The Arcturians, Pleiadians and other members of the Galactic Federation of Light

The Arcturians and the Galactic Federation: Gamma Wave Lightbody. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. January 29, 2015.

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The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie – Consciousness and Brainwaves, part 3 – Thoughtforms as Portals – 1-9-15

Brainwaves2Suzanne Lie 

Thoughtforms are the combination of your thoughts and emotions. It is this combination, packaged as a thoughtform that begins the creation of your own reality. The frequency of the thoughts is determined by your state of consciousness, which is determined by your brainwaves, which are largely determined by the frequency of your emotions.

Your emotions interface with your body at all times and influence the frequency wave of your thoughts. In the same manner, you thoughts influence the frequency of your emotions. Your thoughts can be filled with the resonance of Unconditional Love or all the way down the spectrum to the emotions of fear.

Unconditional Love feels like an emotion, as you experience it throughout your body. However, since it is a fifth dimensional emotion, we will call it a resonance. In order for a thoughtform to fully develop, the frequency of the thoughts and emotions must be in synch.

Therefore, if you felt Unconditional Love and somehow had a fearful thought (which is unlikely to occur while experiencing Unconditional Love) the frequencies of your thoughts and emotions would be too out of synch to create a thoughtform.

On the other hand, if you felt the emotion of fear and had a fearful thought you would begin the process of creating a feedback-loop of fearful emotion creating a fearful third-dimensional thoughtform and vice versa.

You could also experience emotions of happiness, human love and/or excitement, which would hang in your aura influencing your thoughts. Then, when you had a happy, loving and/or excited thought you could create a happy third-dimensional thoughtform.

At the higher dimensional aspect of the spectrum is Unconditional Love, which is more of a resonance, as stated above. This high frequency resonance calls in your Multidimensional mind to complete the thoughtform. In this case the thoughtform serves as a portal into the higher dimensions of reality.

All thoughtforms can only be perceived by your higher perceptions such as clairaudience (hearing messages from a higher dimensional source), clairvoyance (seeing Light configurations of a higher frequency) and clairsentience (feeling the thoughtform with your body and aura).

Whereas third dimensional thoughtforms assist you to be the creator of your daily life, Multidimensional thoughtforms serve as portals through which you can receive messages from your Multidimensional mind, your Third Eye and your High Heart.

These thoughtforms are primarily perceived by your Delta and Gamma Wave consciousness. On the other hand, third dimensional thoughtforms are usually perceived while you are in alpha or theta wave consciousness.

Third dimensional thoughts are “unconsciously” entered everyday. When your thoughts and emotions are in alignment, you will be drawn in a manner that will direct you towards a waiting thoughtform. Once you place your attention in that direction, as you will not be aware that a certain energy pattern, thoughtform, is influencing your daily choices.

A thoughtform is what you unconsciously, or consciously if you are fully awakened, choose as an ‘operating system’ for that NOW of your time. When you are aware of the energy patterns that surround you, you are aware of the thoughtforms that are influencing you.

If you are unaware of the energy fields – thoughtforms – that you walk through and are influenced by, you will likely feel out of control in your life. On the other hand, when you consciously choose to enter a thoughtform/energy field, you feel in control of your daily life. In order to make these choices, you will need to be consciously aware of the energy fields – thoughtforms – in your daily life.

In order to consciously enter a thoughtform you must first perceive the thoughtform. In order to perceive the thoughtform, your consciousness – which is the combination of your thoughts and emotions – need to be calibrated to the frequency of that thoughtform.

You will likely only recognize an energy field/thoughtform, in the same manner as you recognize how the different areas of a lake or ocean may feel the waves of warm, cold, murky or clear. The expression of “it feels like someone is walking on my grave” is an example of meeting a low frequency, fearful thoughtform.

On the other hand, you may suddenly feel filled with Light, happy and invigorated when you encounter a higher frequency, loving thoughtform. These thoughtforms give you an opportunity to calibrate your 3D brain, which rules your physical body, with your Multidimensional mind, which rules your Light Body.

Your 3D brain gives you information about your outer world, whereas your Multidimensional mind gives you information about your inner world. You see your higher dimensional realities are not UP above you. They are IN within you. Your Source is within you, thus so are your higher dimensional realities.

To merge your outer 3D brain with your inner Multidimensional mind, you will likely need to feel a sense of personal control over your outer reality. To maintain personal control/mastery over your outer reality, you will likely need to keep your inner world consciously open to the higher dimensions.

When you can feel the safety of being the ‘boss’ of your outer world, you can expand your consciousness beyond the surveillance mode of beta wave consciousness and into the imagination mode of the alpha wave. To maintain this safety, it is helpful to merge your beta/surveillance consciousness with your alpha/imagination consciousness.

We are aware how challenging and fearful the physical world can be within your NOW. Therefore, if you can keep the portal to your inner world open, you can have a constant connection with your own higher expressions of Self who can comfort and guide you.

If your physical world becomes too far out of your control, and especially if you are in denial of any given situation, the chaos of the outer physical will invade your inner, dream world, as well as your daily life. Then you will get “bad dreams” that are actually warnings form your inner world that your outer world is swirling too deep into chaos.

You cannot avoid chaos in your world, especially within your NOW, because chaos precedes change, and change is much needed in your physical reality. Furthermore, most of your “ideas” of how to create this change can only come into your awareness via your higher states of alpha and theta wave consciousness.

Also, higher states of consciousness greatly expand your creativity, which can present you with unique solutions to old situations. By allowing your creativity to create a sense of safety in your daily life, you move into the higher states of consciousness. These higher states of consciousness will create happier, more loving and Multidimensional thoughtforms.

These thoughtforms are your personal portals to the higher worlds that YOU are creating with you own thoughts and emotions. It is the joy and the responsibility of all the Awakened/Ascending Ones to create – and most important – maintain your personal portals so that you can eventually unite with other personal portals.

While you are in the learning process of keeping your consciousness above beta, and into alpha and theta wave consciousness, it is best to focus on your own personal portals. We say portals because you all have more than one portal. There are often portals, or you may call them thoughtforms, that flow into many different versions of reality.

Thus you all have to “brush up” on your Multidimensional consciousness so that you can experience more than one thing/reality at a time. At first, you can expand into multitasking in your third dimensional world. Then you can allow your fourth dimensional, alpha wave consciousness to weave through your third dimensional world.

Once you have come to some degree of master of that ability, you can begin to pull your fifth dimensional theta wave consciousness into your waking, physical reality. It is at this point that you will begin your “assignment” of being “Portal Openers” into the higher realities.

However, theta wave consciousness is usually only accessible while in meditation or during a creative act in which you feel protected enough to loosen the anchor of beta wave, surveillance consciousness. The physical world is NOT overly safe in your present NOW.

Furthermore, since chaos always precedes change, you must learn to clearly differentiate the chaotic 3D and 4D thoughtforms from the flowing 3D, 4D and 5D thoughtforms. Fortunately every thoughtform has a mental and emotional resonance.

Before you begin in earnest with your service of portal opening, you need to remember how to discern the feel of the resonance of every thoughtform that flows into your consciousness. Some thoughtforms are beta wave reminders of certain responsibilities to which you must attend.

You need to recognize the business feeling of these beta wave thoughtforms and respond by opening that portal to attend to the physical task that is calling you within that NOW. On the other hand, if a beta wave thoughtform resonates to fear, it is best to choose to send it Unconditional Love and excuse it from your consciousness.

If there is a “please attend to this 3D responsibility” component of this thoughtform, the Unconditional Love will detach it from the habitual fear that surrounds the third dimension to reveal the action to which you are called to attend. You can then say “thanks,” to that mundane, yet necessary task, and send the “warning thoughtform” off into the fifth dimension to be transmuted.

It is important that you transmute your 3D thoughtforms once you have attended to them. You will do this act in the same manner that you recycle the wrappers of a present, the envelope of a bill, and other third dimensional containers of necessities for physical life. Once you have paid the 3D bill, eaten the 3D food, or filled your 3D trashcan, you dispense with the waste material in a transmutational manner that does not litter Gaia’s planet.

In fact, more and more, bills are sent via email, you take our own re-usable bags to the grocery story and you can find outside containers where you can place unwanted clothing and other material possessions. These things are signs of the fifth dimension slowly creeping into your physical reality. In the same manner as you will save an article you enjoyed to share it with a friend, you can save your important thoughtform/portals to share with others.

As you expand your beta wave consciousness into alpha wave and theta wave consciousness, you are replacing and/or transmuting your 3D thoughtforms/portals into Multidimensional thoughtforms/portals. When you share your experience with others you prove to yourself that you ready to BE your true Multidimensional SELF.

First you share your personal portals with those that you love and trust. Then you may share your experiences anonymously with others. Then, finally, when you KNOW the deep protection that these portals offer, you will openly share your experiences with a wider group of people. When you share, it is important that you keep your consciousness above the often fear-based beta waves and within the inspirational alpha wave and Multidimensional theta waves.

Your path to Ascension begins with the mastery of your thoughts and emotions. Being angry that you have not ascended yet places you in victim mode and lowers your consciousness to the physical alternatives of your beta wave consciousness. There is the same result if you are frightened or impatient about your process, as each of these emotions activate your beta, surveillance consciousness.

Gaia is indeed ascending, but a percentage of humanity will likely remain on the deteriorating 3D Matrix. Ascension is not a gift you receive. Ascension is a gift that you give to your Self by joining into the Unity Consciousness with other humans who desperately need your help.

It is partly through assisting others that you become masters of your energy field. This mastery is not even vaguely possible while living within the confines of beta wave consciousness, and alpha consciousness will only extend your awareness into the fourth dimension.

Therefore, you need to expand your consciousness into your fifth dimensional theta wave consciousness and share the gift of expansion with others. You may ask why you need to share your gift of ascended awareness. The answer is that individuality is a concept that only resonates to the third and lower fourth dimensions.

No other species on Earth has individual consciousness in the manner that humanity has created. Gaia’s other creatures work as ONE flock of birds, ONE school of fish, ONE pod of cetaceans, ONE forest of trees and/or ONE bank of clouds.

Humanity is the drag on planetary Ascension because just one person who is still pulling along his or her individual life cannot gain the power of Ascension. Each ‘individual’ needs to expand their consciousness into alpha, theta, delta and even gamma wave consciousness.

Delta wave consciousness is involved with empathy as well as interaction and connection to your Multidimensional perceptions. These brainwaves are involved with your ability to integrate and let go. Going into Delta Consciousness is like driving a car and shifting into first gear. We can’t go very fast in first gear (Delta) we but have maximum control of the car.

Delta brainwaves are conducive to miracle healing, Divine knowledge, inner being and personal growth, rebirth, trauma recovery, Oneness with the Universe, Samadhi, and near-death experiences. Delta brainwaves provide profound intuition, empathic attunement, and instinctual insight.

As each of you merge your states of consciousness with others, you share your higher state of resonance by the power of entrainment. This merging will greatly assist your collective consciousness to experience your delta and gamma wave consciousness. In order to resonate to the full power of unity consciousness it must expand from personal unity, to collective unity, to planetary unity.

Can you imagine planetary unity encircling Gaia’s Earth, with members of that planetary consciousness holding, maintaining and sharing their Multidimensional thoughtform/portals that they opened with their higher states of consciousness? Now, use your great power of imagination to perceive how these myriad portals intertwine with each other and with Gaia’s Multidimensional matrix.

Then you, our Ascending Ones, can enter Gaia’s Multidimensional thoughtform/portal to begin to populate each grid of Gaia’s newly opened Multidimensional, planetary matrix. In this manner, we can enliven each frequency of the planetary matrix with high frequency thoughtforms created by the thoughts and emotions of Gaia’s ascending humanity.

Gamma waves allow you the greatest ability to perceive and enter Multidimensional thoughtforms/portals. But first, you must resonate to gamma wave consciousness. We will return to discuss gamma wave consciousness.


We are your Galactic Family
We are YOU

Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 3 – Thoughtforms as Portals, by the Arcturians. Channelled by Suzanne Lie.

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Suzanne Lie – An Interdimensional Journey — The Arcturians – 12-6-14


Arcturian Morning Message

We always have a message for you as we live within the NOW. Therefore, our essence, which flows through all of our grounded ones, is a constant open channel for the multidimensional light and unconditional loves that infinitely flows through the NOW of the ONE.

As you touch in with us each morning, you can align you consciousness with this flow to receive whatever information your Soul needs within this NOW. Therefore, please close your eyes and open your heart to align your consciousness with the Flow.

As you do so, feel the instant connection in your heart as you release all third dimensional thoughts while you also maintain a connection with your physical vessel. Feel how this flow lifts your spirit up above and beyond your body and into the higher dimensional worlds.

Feel your connection to your earth vessel and use it as an anchor for your consciousness as well as a portal through which you can share your experience with Gaia. Gaia is so very happy to feel the emanations that you are pulling through your personal portal and sending into her heart.

Remember that your every thought and every emotion goes into the heart of Gaia. Fortunately, the higher frequency thoughts and emotions serve as a “virus protector” against the myriad fearful and angry thoughts that linger in Gaia’s aura/atmosphere.

With your self fully grounded and in service to your planet, you can now let go of any restraints that hold you back from your higher experience of inter-dimensional travel. Just relax into the wonderful sensations that you are having in your body. Feel how you are light as a feather and as diffuse as a cloud.

Now feel the solid core of your consciousness that is the core of your essence. You will take this core with you to any and every dimension and reality that you choose to visit. Where would you like to go today?

We instantly hear your that your response is Venus. Yes, you have had many incarnations on Gaia’s sister Venus, which is why you so love Gaia. When Gaia is fifth dimensional, she will be called by her true name, Gaia, rather than by her designation, which is Earth.

That designation will no longer be appropriate because she will not be of that density. Would you like to go through the portal of Venus to visit fifth dimensional Gaia? Yes, we hear your joy at that offer and are happy to share it with you. Begin your journey by realigning with your earth form sitting in the chair.

Feel how its frequency is rising as you surrender to our essence and the information that we are sending into your heart. As you may remember, inter-dimensional travel is within the NOW. Hence, no time elapses between the now of your intention and the NOW of the fulfillment of that intention.

You see the familiar shores of Venus, which have always been within your consciousness. You walk/float over to the pink waters to feel their effervescent nature on the thought form of your body. You lean over to run your hand through the water to see the myriad sparkles that arise as you do so.

You can also hear the slight sound, which is similar to laugher, as you wade through the sparkling waters. As you leave the waters, you find that you are flying, flowing above the land to an area that you have not yet consciously visited.

Since you are in the fifth dimension you do not need to travel across space, but you choose to do so to better see the beautiful landscape of fifth dimensional Venus. Below and around you, as your perceptions are multidimensional, are many fifth dimensional thought forms in various stages of manifestation.

On Venus these are called “floating thought forms.” Since your have left your intention open, you are on the frequency of floating thoughts, which there are many ideas that have not yet been fulfilled. You could enter any of these thought forms with your consciousness, which would allow to visit that possible reality.

Oh here is a thought form that resonates to your heart, and we see you wish to enter it. All you need do to enter the thought form is to open your heart and call it with your mind. Yes, there you are again in the place that often lingers on the edge of your perceptions.

You are among the welcome party who is welcoming new members to Gaia’s fifth dimensional reality. Since your consciousness if beyond time, you can travel to a reality, which has not yet occurred in your third dimensional life.

You have come to this threshold of “New Earth” quite often. Hence, you have learned that Gaia’s sister Venus protects this portal. In this manner, only those who can calibrate their heart and mind to the frequency of Venus can enter this frequency of Earth.

Gaia has learned her lesson that in order to hold Her true resonance, she will need to be more discriminating about the frequency of Her inhabitants. As you cross the threshold of New Earth, you perceive a ledge of light that floats above the darkness.

This darkness is the frequencies that Gaia is leaving and the ledge of light is the frequency to which she is returning. We say, “returning” because all life steams from light and only experiencing darkness in a third dimensional, polarized reality.

Free the separation of polarity, Gaia can float above that which has harmed her body and harmed your eco system. As you look up in frequency, you can vaguely perceive another Gaia that has always been.

All life flows from Source and remains in all of its higher expressions as it “dips its toes” in the lower frequencies of reality. The “New Earth” that you have experienced is “Threshold New Earth.”

You can clearly see now how many members of 3D Earth have bi-located to this frequency of Earth to welcome newcomers to this higher frequency. Can you feel the celebration now as old friends meet on this frequency, while those where were strangers in the lower frequencies instantly recognize each other?

Feel your self-hugging your many friends that you have made during myriad incarnations on physical Earth. Relax into this moment of joy and store it in your heart. Feel how this joy heals all loneliness and longing. Remember how you often come to this threshold to assist others who are new to this glorious experience.

Your day on 3D Earth is calling you and it is the NOW to focus your attention there. But, before you leave, remember that there is no time here. Thus, you will only “leave” in your third dimensional consciousness, while YOU remain here within the NOW of the ONE.

Please keep your imagination open, so that you can experience this reality as you go about your 3D day. Then you can remember that ALL third dimensional issues are “just an illusion.”

Blessings we are ALWAYS with you,

The Arcturians

Dear Readers, I got this message yesterday morning, 11-6-14, and wanted to share it with you today.


Steve Beckow – The Arcturians on Unconditional Love and Forgiveness – 9-17-14

ArcturiansI once asked the Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie, to explain to me how so many enlightened teachers could misbehave through sex or money and their answer, which went into many more matters than just that, is very informative.

Steve Beckow:   I wonder why so many teachers have become enlightened, at least to seventh-chakra level, what we call Brahmajnana, and yet have behaved so poorly, especially in the area of sexuality.  But with money as well.

I thought to myself that our vasanas, archaic negative energy patterns derived from earlier traumatic incidents, survive until Fifth-Dimensional reality and Sahaja Samadhi. Even if that explanation is correct, which I hope you will comment on, it still doesn’t help.  How can we avoid perpetrating or misbehaving if enlightenment itself does not remove those vasanas?

Arcturians:   As long as you are wearing a physical form there will be certain neuropathways that will become activated.  And certain lower emotions, sensations and desires that will move into your consciousness. That is the great challenge.

SB:  But the question becomes what to do about that?  Could you advise me on that please?

A:   The challenge is really one of unconditional love.  And in order to give unconditional love to the beings and the planet that you have come to serve, you have to give unconditional love to yourself.  And in order to give unconditional love to yourself, you will have to do, feel, think or be something that it is difficult to love unconditionally.  Are you with us?

SB:   No, the last sentence, I could not follow.

A:   Unconditional love means that you love a being’s darkness as much as you love their Light.  You love their confusion as much as you love their illumination.  And in order to give unconditional love away, you must have it within your consciousness.  You must hold it for yourself.  However, unconditional love does not even adhere to the frequency of an Earth vessel, does it?

Therefore, the Earth vessel needs to be allowed to do what it does.  And what the Earth vessel does is it expresses its polarity.  And as the frequency emanation within that Earth vessel expands, the frequency of the Earth vessel into a resonance that is immensely uncomfortable but only on the edge of transmutation, for it is not yet your time to leave.

Therefore you will come to the point of transmutation into Light Body and you will stop because it is not your time. You have not yet fulfilled which you came to do.  You understand that, do you not?

Therefore you have put your physical body into quite a spin.  For within the physical world, what goes up comes down.  Does it not?  And so when you go down, you are going to go down into your own darkness, are you not?  And when you go into your darkness, you have the wonderful opportunity to unconditionally love yourself.

And when you unconditionally love yourself, then you can unconditionally love everyone.

SB:   Can you help me understand why, given what you just said, these enlightened masters go off into behavior that is not accepted publicly?

A:  They do not remember to love themselves unconditionally.  And the unconditional love is the healing force of the multiverse.

When you love yourself unconditionally, the molecules of unconditional love, which is the highest frequency of Light, move into the psychic scar tissue of your lower Fourth-Dimensional areas that are holding the scar of being stretched beyond that which it can contain.  And that scar becomes presented into the Third-Dimensional world as a behavior, as a thought, as an action, and as you know from one who has experienced the glory of the kundalini, the energy is very sexual, is it not?

And so therefore one, who has felt the full flow of kundalini, so that the alpha and omega can blur into the oneness, fall down and are not able to use this beautiful opportunity to practice unconditional love for the unconditional love will move into the scar tissue of the aura, into the scar tissue of the etheric body, into the scar tissue of the chakras, into the scar tissue of the habitual habits of behavior.  And it will replace those Third-Dimensional wounds with as high a frequency of Light as that body can tolerate.

For unconditional love is the bonding force.  It can take away the scar and close the wound and this must happen many times for the physical body is very dense and of a very, very low frequency.

Therefore there has to be an ongoing repetitive process of moving up and falling down, and unconditionally loving, and healing the part that was wounded.  And so that with each repetition of the unconditional loving of the healing the body gradually adapts to higher and higher frequencies of Light.

In the same manner, you are also downloading the higher frequencies of light.  And the higher frequencies of light as you know are activating the DNA that was shut off from the Annanuki and that was shut off after Atlantis, for we realized that that much power would be very dangerous in the frequency to which your Gaia had fallen.

And so that ability had to be lost and now it is being regained by us that have taken the form and because we are able to detach from the form, because we are able to feel the bliss on the other end of the spectrum, we have the power to go through this immensely painful process of wounding, healing, wounding, healing, wounding, healing, adapting, adapting, falling, forgiving, falling, forgiving, falling, forgiving.

In fact the wounding is not the greatest challenge for our grounded ones.  The greatest challenge is the forgiving. The forgiving of the behavior.

But you see in forgiving of the behavior of the body that you are wearing – does that not teach the one who is wearing that body to release any remnants of arrogance that might have adhered to the higher state of consciousness?

SB:   This process of forgiving, wounding, forgiving, and wounding – I’ve been through that in enlightenment intensives.  In fact going to enlightenment intensives is a voluntary acceptance of that process.  I know what you are speaking about there.  I have said in the past that it is bliss that heals the scars rather than love.  Am I incorrect in that?

A:  Unconditional love and bliss are absolutely the same.  Unconditional love is the mental condition of the matrices that arise from the frequencies of unconditional love.  Bliss and euphoria is the sensation of the clairsentience that fills the matrix to create.  They are the same. There is no difference.

It is only within Third-Dimensional thinking that thoughts and emotions are separate. Thoughts and emotions are not separate.  Thoughts and emotions are the same. Thoughts and emotions are creativity in motion.  The thought is the matrix; the emotion is that which fills the matrix.  But they are one.

With the thought of believing that you and all of our brave ones who have entered a form at this time believing and knowing with every shred of your consciousness that you are Arcturian, you have just released the greatest trap of the Third Dimension – and that is the trap of forgetfulness.

It is the forgetfulness that traps those that have achieved great states of consciousness for they forget that they are not their body. They forget that they are wearing their body and then they begin to think that they are their body.  And then they start listening to the primal urges of their body – the guilt, the fear, the anger and of course the most primitive and the most basic is the urge for procreation, sexuality.

The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie – Calibrating To The Ascension Frequency – 8-12-14




Calibrating To
The Ascension Frequency

Highlights from Last Month’s Webinar Part 1

Reaction vs. Response

Calibrating to “ascension frequency” primarily means to calibrate our consciousness to the higher frequencies of light that constantly surround us and enter our bodies with every breath. These higher frequencies of light resonate to the frequency of ascension, which is the fifth dimension and beyond. As we calibrate our consciousness to the higher dimensional light we begin to become consciously aware of our thoughts and emotions.

This calibration is not an easy task. It’s not very difficult to be conscious when we are having a really good time, when we are meditation, laughing with a friend or having something loving and joyful happening. Then we want to be conscious. Happiness automatically draws us to be conscious of our interactions with life.

On the other hand, when we’re hit with a challenge that ignites a fearful emotional trigger, especially something in our unconscious, then we react to rather than unite with our environment. Worse yet, we engage in the negative of the third dimension rather than live in the glory of the fifth-dimensional ascension frequency.

When we’re in the third-dimensional frequencies we focus on action and reaction. If we are going to expand our consciousness into the ascension frequency, which will automatically change our reality, we must put out a specific intention to be conscious of the thoughts and emotions that fill our body and our aura.

When we are conscious, we can catch our self when we re-act rather than respond. A reaction is usually unconscious and often based on fear. On the other hand, a response is based on conscious awareness of our inner and outer worlds. When we are conscious in this fashion, we can observe how our state of consciousness determines the reality we are living.

Reaction is something that is a third-dimension action, and it puts us into a more unconscious state. Responding is a fifth-dimensional action as it reminds us that we have a choice about the world that we create with our own thoughts and emotions.

What we want to do is to respond to the resonance of the situation rather than react to it. We master our ability to respond rather than react by taking a breath to feel our emotions in our body while we listen to our thoughts.

We are used to, especially in the West, leading with our brains, leading with our minds. We forget to engage the emotions of our body. It is important that we engage the body because our bodies resonate to our world. Our body also influences our fourth-dimensional aura, which is our passageway into the fifth dimension.

When we consciously feel the resonance of our bodies and move into a fearful third-dimensional situation, it feels like hitting a brick wall. We know we do not want to hit a brick wall, so with this important information, we can choose to “refuse to participate in that reality.” However if our third-dimensional reality feels good to our body/aura, we can choose to engage in that version of reality.

I am an avid gardener, and my yard is better this year than ever. We’ve lived in this house for seven years and part of it is the time of things maturing and part of it is the energy field. I was meditating in my yard the other day, and when I looked around in my higher state of consciousness, everything looked and felt different. The trees had a different resonance and the grass had a glow.

Suddenly I realized this is just like New Earth. This was the ascension frequency in action. Then the moment that I labeled it with my 3D mind that vision went away. However, I had that moment of perceiving that higher frequency. I think these types of shift are what will be happening more and more often for more and more people.

What that tells us is that the ascension frequency is all around us. We just need to tap into it and let it expand. We “tap into it” with our multidimensional consciousness, and we will drop out of it when our consciousness lowers. We can only perceive a reality that is the same frequency as our state of consciousness.


Today we are talking about the elementals. And part of the reason that I wanted to talk about the elementals is that in writing my Pleiadian Perspective books and coming to the end of the whole series, the hero and heroine begin their process of transmuting into Lightbody by tuning into the elementals.

The third dimensional elements of earth, air, fire and water have fifth dimensional elementals of earth/Gnomes, air/Sylphs, fire/Salamander and water/Undines. We can see the earth, the air, a fire, and we see water. When we merge our consciousness with our fourth-dimensional aura we can vaguely perceive the Elementals. However, Elementals are primarily fifth dimensional. Hence we can only perceive them via our fifth-dimensional Lightbody.

The elementals are like our physical body, which is composed of the same earth, air, fire and water as Earth. In this manner, we are ONE with our planet Earth as we are composed of the same elements. Earth is our physical body, Air is the oxygen inside our bodies, Fire is our neurons firing and we are born with 77% of our body as liquid (water). That amount of water diminishes as we age, except when a woman is pregnant.

It is through our Elementals that we can deeply bond with Gaia because Her elementals are everywhere in our environment. Earth’s Elementals are fifth dimensional, so they are not bound by time and space. In the same manner, the elementals in our bodies are NOT bound by time and space. The most immediate way that we interact with these elementals is through our breath.

When we breathe in the higher fifth-dimensional elementals we’re going to think of things that we’ve never thought of before. We are able to balance our emotions more than we’ve ever done before. We are able to find energy and health in our bodies that we’ve never had before, and our Kundalini becomes more activated than ever.

Arcturian Message

Greetings we are the Arcturians. We wish you to know that we have been with you throughout the entire webinar. When you first commune with your higher expressions of SELF you may experience that your higher self is above, beyond and far, far away.

Once you allow yourself to breathe in your personal and planetary Elementals, you begin to have an awareness of the Universe that is truly inside of YOU. Outside of you is the holographic projection of the 3D Matrix, but inside of you is the “real world.” As you realize that fact, you become more conscious of how you are intermingling with your higher expressions of SELF.

In terms of these energy fields that are flowing within your Now, there has been a lot of expectation and the resulting disappointment, which began with 11:11, 12:12 and all the different “times” that humanity thought they were going to instantly flash into the fifth-dimension.

An instant flash of that sort would have created great devastation because the majority of the energy fields were nowhere near being balanced. There needs to be a majority of light in order to have a peaceful transition.

During the fall of Atlantis, Gaia also had a great fall. She was never meant to go all the way down to the third dimension. She was not meant to go into this darkness, but the disaster of Atlantis was so intense that she almost lost her position on the Axis. Hence, Earth fell into the low frequency of the third dimension.

Part of the reason that happened was that she had accepted different laggards in her great heart. These “power over others” beings had gone through ascension timelines on other planets and didn’t pass. Fortunately for them, Gaia accepted them into her school of learning about cause and effect.

What is occurring within your Now is that those who are choosing to go through the great initiation of assisting Gaia with Planetary Ascension are being blocked by those dark ones who have resisted ascension on many other worlds, as well as this one.

To counteract these dark ones, many of our Celestial and Galactic Families have chosen to wear an earth vessel in order to assist you to remember how to unconditionally love these dark ones, for that is the only way you can deal with them. Fortunately, the energies that are occurring within this NOW are of a very high frequency.

With this very high frequency, if your body is prepared enough, you can accept that frequency into your form. To retain this higher frequency you will need to make some lifestyle changes. You will not be able to maintain your higher frequency of form while living a frenetic lifestyle.

Many of our volunteers in human vessels have been able to tune into the ascension frequency and travel it with their consciousness to communicate with their Multidimensional SELF in the higher dimensions of reality. To maintain this connection they know that they need to find a way to release the stress in their life. Many of them are moving into the country, changing their career choices, working from home.

These choices, as well as many other different types of solutions, are being made because they know that in order to maintain this state of consciousness they need to be protective of the environment in which they place themselves.

In closing, we invite all of our dear friends and family to review your life and make choices that create peace and calm. It will be helpful if you can ask yourself on a regular basis, “What can be more important than planetary ascension?”

We look forward to speaking with all of you again on

Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 11:00 Pacific time

For the Second Webinar on

Calibrating to the Ascension Frequency Part 2

We the Arcturians, look forward to visiting you as your Lightbody again, as that is the YOU that we perceive.

The Arcturians


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The Arcturian Group Message via Marilyn Raffaele – 5-11-14

arcturian2 3

There are few channelings that have come as close to what I believe is the simplest explanation for reality than this one by Marilyn Raffaele.  I will not try to summarize what the Arcturians have said through Marilyn because it has been stated so simply and accurately.  Of all the literary and intellectually erudite works that have been produced, the most skilled have been those who say it in simple and understandable language. I leave it to your own reading and conclusions to decide for yourself.

The Arcturian Group Message via Marilyn Raffaele: May 11, 2014

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The Arcturian Group Message channelled by Marilyn Raffaele: May 11, 2014.

Greetings Dear Ones,
We come once again to guide you in whatever ways we can, but you must always remember that enlightenment is your mission, your journey, and your choice. There are still some who choose to do nothing while awaiting a savior in the form of a man, book, tool, event, or Galactic. This reflects an old belief system – separation from Source and the need for something outside of oneself to be “saved”.
Your savior is within you, Dear Ones – always has been and always will be – it is what you already are. Your Savior has been resting quietly within, awaiting recognition lifetime after lifetime through the good and not so good experiences of life lived in duality and separation.
There comes a point in everyone’s spiritual journey when they are finally evolved enough to recognize and embrace the truth about themselves. Issues of life that seemed important then begin to fade into the nothingness that they are and the individual no longer feels the need to look outside of Himself. He begins to seek within to his own Divine essence for guidance and discovers that he is that which he has been seeking – the long hidden secret, Dear Ones.
Arcturian Group wishes to speak of Love as the essence of spiritual growth. Love is the realization of and the activities that flow from an attained awareness of ONE in which everything and everyone exists. In the third dimensional belief system of duality and separation, Love (Oneness) is always interpreted in a personal way depending upon the individual state of consciousness – the energetic connections of Oneness between people thus are sometimes good and sometimes bad. Love is the Universal Oneness of all within an Omnipresent Divine Consciousness ever expressing Itself in infinite form and variety.
As the realization of Oneness awakens within an individual, it begins to appear in the outer as peace, joy, understanding, and co-operation, those qualities that make life enjoyable – the activities of many within the ONE. As you observe a world of strife and war, know that what you are seeing is the manifestation of impersonal universal duality/separation consciousness which has no Divine law to hold any of it in place.
Illusion is how the world has been seen and interpreted. The Earth (Gaia) is not an illusion as many have thought, but is a living Soul. Anything you can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell is a material interpretation of its spiritual reality. You may say; “Is war a spiritual reality?” War is the outer manifestation of the consciousness of separation which will change as more and more awaken into the realization of Oneness.
The spiritual Light of an awakening world is bringing to the surface and illuminating much that heretofore has been kept in the shadows. It may seem as though personally and globally things are worse, but everything that is old and finished is being exposed by your Light, Dear Ones, in order that it may be cleared and released.
You are changing world consciousness simply by living, moving, and having your being in the truth of who you really are. As individual and global Consciousness of Oneness (Love) grows, it automatically transforms the appearances of discord into co-operation and peace, whether it be in family relationships or in the world.
It is important to understand that your Oneness with Divine Consciousness constitutes your Oneness with completeness – your good. This may manifest outwardly as closure to those things you no longer resonate with – people, lifestyles, or activities. Anything that no longer resonates with your energy may cease to be a part of your life because it does not represent completeness for you. This is why we urge you not to try and hold on to anything that is finished, no matter how well it may have served you in the past. All are moving into new places of energy and enlightenment which in turn will manifest outwardly in new forms. Be prepared for change, for evolution will always manifest as change.
As you see and interact with all other life forms, you interact with yourself for there is only One, One, One, and therefore that which you do to another, say to another, give to another, you do for yourself, see? This is the origin of Karma and is how it works until an individual is able to move into a more evolved state of consciousness where he no longer needs the difficult and painful lessons of karma but instead is able to be taught from within.
This message of Oneness has been given by Masters throughout time, but has always been lost through the misinterpretation of unenlightened followers who would teach others their limited and less evolved concepts of the original message. This has been reflected in the many “holy wars” throughout history and even now.
Whenever pure teachings are organized, the deeper truths are always lost through the actions of those who join and begin to present their own concepts of the original teachings. The belief that one needs someone, some organization , or some tool in order to spiritually grow is false and obsolete and will keep you locked into separation. Your church is within you, Dear Ones.
Oneness (Love) is the law, the reality, and the truth, but this realization may cause confusion for those comfortable within their established belief system. Truth can be accepted and lived or not, but truth itself changes not. There are many spiritually ready living in resistance – having to move forward the hard way by getting “wake up calls”. Others are suddenly “getting it”, having prepared themselves in other lifetimes. There are also those who fully awakened in other lifetimes and are now choosing to be on Earth in order to assist an awakening world.
It is a time of great change for all. Everyone, whether aware of it or not, is feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally the intense energy pouring onto Earth and bringing with it the release of all that is finished, personally and globally. The new and higher energies of Light are causing many to rethink their beliefs, and some with no understanding of what is taking place are tempted to panic.
You can help those tempted to fear and panic to open to the bigger picture – NOT that you become “missionaries” but that you simply throw out seeds of truth to those receptive. Never force the deeper truths on to another, thinking you are helping them for they may not yet be ready and your actions can easily become exercises of personal ego – the mistake many have made in the past and still make.
As you observe the efforts of those who would keep the world in lack, chaos and war, know that there is no law to support or sustain these appearances and that all are in and of the One even though unaware of it. How often do you pray for your enemies, Dear Ones, or do you pray only for “victims”?
There is only ONE and this realization is Love and the secret of life you have sought for so long, lifetime after lifetime, symbolized as the search for the Holy Grail. You are now ready to grasp and live this Divine secret, and in so doing will see the change you desire.
Be the Light, be the Way, be the Truth – a reality that not only refers to one man 2000 years ago.
This is how the world will awaken.
We are the Arcturian Group

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The Arcturians – Time Gates – 2014 – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – 1-11-14



The Time Gates occupy a space which holds unto all that it serves. As the Time Gates are unlocked, what once served you will be released into a flow that moves away from you. Everything that you have held unto emotionally, physically and mentally is now given a decree to be released. We herald from the Star System Arcturus. We hold keys to Time Gates. These Time Gates herald conditions of healing for all of humanity.

The walls in your heart, the walls in your life, in your automobile, in your home, in your thinking – have all served you. They have lovingly served and limited you. They have kept you looking at the same scenarios over and over again, never refreshing what you thought in the past, always bringing it to the future, to the now, chewing and re-chewing what you created as truth.

It is time to heal. It is time to release the pain in your heart. It is time to let go. It is time to forgive. It is time to love, deeper, fuller, more beautifully than you ever have thought. The Time Gates have held your thinking in a formatted structure that has served people up until now. As long as you had the security of the four walls and the ceiling to rely upon, you were not afraid. As the constructs of invisible walls and ceilings are released from you emotionally and mentally, you are then free to fly home into your original source thought.

Imagine a world where you own nothing and yet you have everything. There is never envy or jealousy toward one another for each individual has the same intrinsic ability to craft. Imagine a world where you as a society decided upon the weather patterns, how crops, trees, flowers would grow and what elements would be inherent within them. . This can be your future if you choose wisely. This is a scene taken from Arcturus

Imagine a world where you could see your past/present/future in one sitting. See all the expressions of yourself, Enabling you to choose wisely or foolishly with full knowledge and a full heart. Seeking knowledge, seeking wisdom, seeking truth from place after place, star after star, experience after experience. Creating love in places that never knew love. Joy in places that never felt it.

Your bodies were formed from the stars and they yearn to go home and be free. Allow us to lift you back into the stars while your feet are still on the ground. Allow us to stretch your humanness beyond its boundaries, angers and sadness. Allow us to retrieve for you the knowledge that you seek, the answers that you need. See us as a cosmic search engine of sorts.

We are not grander than you are, but we are your potential. Strive to become more and in that striving, you will expand your consciousness. See us as those that come to help heal. You have forgotten the declaration, “We the People.” You the people of earth must stand up for your future. Stop bending to the needs and the wants of a world that influences you at every turn. Receive your power. Do not let others decide your future.

The reason that so many star systems will come to earth is that there are many cracks within your world. Not the fissures or fault lines of the earth but cracks within your relationships, your marriages, and your hearts. Your earth declares its vulnerability. Earth is not healed within herself she is falling apart as are you. You are not together in your hearts. You are not together in peace as a world or as a family.

If you stood together as a planet, this would not happen. A microcosm of that macrocosm that was needed initiate standing together was officiated in your 911 emergency situation. The world stood together for a moment, for a day, for 24 hours. Everything stopped and life became holy, life became sacred. We do not want to see you come to that point as a planet, not just two buildings – but as a planet.

Unite in your effort, continually with each other. Take that extra step toward a neighbor, toward a friend that has betrayed you, towards a family member that disagrees with you. Take that extra step. Just start with the hearts of those that read this, begin to encircle earth one heart at a time.

We are the Arcturians. Call upon us to assist you in healing. You are blessed. Live that!

~ via Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, – January 2014

Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – Choosing Conscious Creation Part 2 – 12-17-13

Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension, Book One and Two available as ebooks at:
(Today I woke up with this message inside saying, “Transmuting Emotion.” Since I try to follow up all higher-dimensional inner messages I grabbed my iPad and translated this message from the Arcturians.)
Dear Ones, since you perceive and communicate with the higher dimensions of reality through the language of emotion it is important that you gain some mastery over your emotional body. We say “emotional body” because emotions are perceive with your entire physical form. Often you may not be able to put them into words, but it is immediately evident if your emotions are based on love or fear.
Placing Your Attention
Just as the placement of your attention denotes the communications that you choose to have in your physical world, the attention on your ongoing emotions denotes the communications that you are choosing to have your higher realities. Emotions are the best indication for your state of consciousness, and you can only communicate with the higher worlds while in a fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness.
Since consciousness and perception are interconnected, if your consciousness is calibrated to the physical world, you will communicate and interact only with the physical world. Then, when you sleep, meditate or dream you have the ability to communicate with the fourth dimensional Astral World. There are many sub-planes within the 4D astral world. The fourth dimensional sub-plane with which you can communicate is again determined by the frequency of your emotion/consciousness.
Unconditional love is the highest frequency of emotion, yet it is much more than an emotion. Unconditional love is the highest frequency of light. However, all emotion is light because everything is light. In the third dimension the light is buried deep in the illusion of matter, and in the fourth dimension light radiates slightly beyond the illusion of matter.
Consciousness and Emotion
In the fifth dimension and beyond there is NO illusion of matter and ALL these higher realities are expressed via light images that correspond to the frequency of light on that dimension. The frequency of light/reality that you perceive is determined by your state of consciousness, and your state of consciousness is largely determined by your emotions.
The emotion of fear lowers your state of consciousness, whereas the emotion of love expands your consciousness. In this manner, your emotional body greatly determines your state of consciousness. Furthermore, your consciousness and perceptions are intertwined, as you can only perceive the reality to which your consciousness is calibrated.
Hence, if you have loving emotions you perceive the higher frequencies of your physical reality, but when your emotions are fearful you perceive the underbelly of the physical world. The reality you perceive is the reality with which you communicate. Then, once you communicate with that reality you become involved and “live” that reality.
Do you understand now how the emotions that you hold direct your attention, your communications and the actual reality that you experience as your life? Fortunately, when you love what you do, you become increasing creative, which expands your consciousness into the alpha wave consciousness of the higher fourth dimension.
Conversely, when you dislike what you do, but keep doing it because you are afraid to change, you consciousness lowers into beta wave consciousness, and you only perceive your physical life. Thus, it is important that you fill your life with whatever feels creative to you, as creativity expands your consciousness and gives you a loving feeling.
What You DO
Therefore, what you DO in your life has a huge influence on your emotions and, thus, on your state of consciousness. More and more our awakening ones are deciding to take control of their life by making whatever life alterations are necessary to ensure a degree of creativity in their job. They have also been supplementing their life by doing that which they perceive as creative in their time away from work.
These choices greatly transmute baseline emotions from the fear-based emotions of “I must — even though I hate doing it,” into “I am so happy because I love what I am doing.” If you love what you are doing, your consciousness expands into the higher fourth dimension, and you can more easily tap into your innate creativity and higher states of consciousness.
Creating a life based on creativity and love expands your consciousness into the fifth dimension in which you can more easily communicate with your higher expressions of SELF. This communication will assist you to transmute your fearful emotions into loving emotions. The fifth dimension is the baseline of your Multidimensional SELF, as your 3Dphysical and 4D astral bodies are logged into the 3D Game.
When you are communing with your SELF, you are connecting with your higher expression of SELF who chose to login to the 3D Video Game. As this relationship with your higher expression SELF grows, you will begin to realize that you are not your physical form. Instead you will realize that you are wearing your earth vessel. It is then that you will begin to realize that YOU are not your body.
The manner that you can best commune with the multidimensional inner YOU who is wearing your body is via the language of emotion. This inner-you resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, which is not based on the separation of your physical world. Therefore, these higher worlds do not have separate words put into separate sentences that are said by separate persons.
5D and Beyond
The fifth dimension and beyond is based on unity with all life, and is free of time and space. Therefore, when you commune with the higher worlds, you do not hear separate words. Instead of hearing a separate person say “hello,” you feel the emotional message of love, joy and camaraderie.
When your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension, you can receive the feeling of unconditional love and will hopefully direct your attention toward the source of that feeling. However, because you are accustomed to only communicating via 3D language, at first you may experience this feeling, but not perceive it as a greeting.
In that case, you may ignore this feeling because you are involved in your busy day, or believe that you cannot stop what you are doing and surrender into this feeling. Fortunately, once you habitually respond to these higher dimensional greetings, you begin to realize that there is a message embedded within that feeling.
Initially, you can only receive this message while your consciousness is calibrated to your higher dimensional theta wave consciousness. However, as you continue to choose to respond to this multidimensional greeting and calibrate your attention toward that feeling, you will want to remain tuned into that “channel” in order to receive more of these inner messages.
Relationship With Your SELF
Once you develop a relationship with your Higher SELF, you move into the stage in which you learn/remember how to translate these light packages delivered via unconditional love. This translation can only occur when you are attuned to your higher states of consciousness.
If your consciousness is calibrated to the fear-based emotions of fear, anger, sorrow, guilt, etc. your consciousness will be too low to receive and/or resonate to these higher dimensional messages. Because third dimensional life can be very challenging, it is easy to walk around in a state of fear-based emotions and not even notice it.
However, if you create the habit of taking a second to check in with your emotional state, you may be surprised how often the “habit of fear” predominates over the “habit of love.” Once you remember to recognize when you have fallen into a fear-based emotion, you can transmute your fear-based emotions by send yourself unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance.
Of course, your emotions respond to your thoughts, so fear-based thinking creates fear-based emotions. This habit of fearful thinking traps you in a third dimensional state of consciousness, which traps you in the third dimension. Making the appropriate changes in your life will not occur while your emotions are spiraling deeper and deeper into fear, anger, victimization and sorrow.
Fifth Dimensional NOW
Fortunately, the loved-based messages from your higher expressions of SELF are constantly being sent to you via the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, as soon as you can remember to:
·  Recognize your fear,
·  Transmute it into love
·  And remain entrained with your Higher SELF,
your consciousness expands beyond the third-dimensional illusions of time and into the NOW of the higher worlds.
Once your consciousness is calibrated to the NOW, your attention is focused on the loving feeling from your higher expressions of SELF, rather than the fearful communications of the physical reality. At first, you may only be seeking the inner comfort of unconditional love. However, as you continue to look inside for the love you need, and DO find it, you will want to fully understand these important messages.
Since you realize that these messages are instructions from your SELF to our self, you will want translate this message in a manner that best suits your mission for this incarnation. Thus, some of you will translate these messages via words, some via pictures, music, movement, gardening or myriad other fashions.
You may think that you are “just getting more creative,” which is true, but you are also translating your inner higher dimensional messages from SELF. If you remain consistent with this experience, you will begin to develop a deep intimacy with your higher SELF.
It is this intimacy with your SELF that will lead you back home to fifth-dimensional Earth. However, you must keep your “channel Home” open by transmuting your fear to love. You can transmute these emotions by calling in the Violet Fire by saying,
Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire
         Transmuting ALL shadow
                   Into Light, Light, Light.
The difficult challenge is to remember to release the unconscious habit of living in drudgery and fear-based emotion so that you can consciously and constantly be aware of your emotions.
You are usually aware of your appearance, but your emotions, and the thoughts that have created your appearance are often hidden in the realms of your unconscious mind. Hence, you may complain, “Why don’t I see the higher words?,” while you are totally unaware of the fear-based emotions that are lowering your consciousness. With this lower state of consciousness, the constant loving call from your SELF is just below the threshold of your perceptions.
If you are focused on the drudgery of the physical world, you will not be calibrated to receive the love and light of the higher worlds. This calibration is done at the level of your daily emotions. YOU are the creator of your reality and the frequency of your reality is based on the emotions that YOU allow to remain in your consciousness.
If you spilled coffee on your new, white couch, wouldn’t you instantly run to clean it up?  However, when you “spill” fear, worry, doubt, anger or sorrow on your new white Lightbody, how long do you allow these fear-based emotions to remain in your consciousness?
Do you leave your dirty dishes lying around the house, or do you clear them and wash them in the kitchen? How often to you leave your fear-based emotions lying around your aura, and how often do you transmute them by taking them into the Violet Fire?

Allow yourself to use these simple explanations for clearing fear. Fear is not just your enemy. Fear is your choice. Listen briefly to fear’s message, in case it is a necessary warning. If it is a warning, say thank you, and take care of the issue. If it is not a necessary warning, bask it in the Violet Fire to transmute it into love.

By refusing to live a reality based on fear,

You choose to create a reality based on love.

The Arcturians – Be Prepared for the Full Blessings

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Choose wisely, only to make use of those means that assist you in your Self-Revelation. This is so necessary, because very soon a time will come where you need to stand in your Own Very Truth, to receive fully the Blessings of the Magnificent Divine Gift that will be Given to all. But you can only receive it fully when you are prepared! Have you not passionately longed for this?

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The Arcturians – The Web of Creation – 10-6-13

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Message From Arcturians — The Web of Creation
Suzanne Lie October 6, 2013
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The Arcturians – Transmutation of Form – August 27, 2013

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