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SEPTEMBER 11, 2016Greetings dear ones on this day that commemorates an event so many still remember and mourn. Know that nothing happens for naught and that those whose physical bodies perished, chose pre-birth to be a part of some event that would help to awaken others. No one ever dies, although their coming home so…

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The Arcturian Group – Chaos is a Cleansing Process, Exposing The Unseen – 7-25-16

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Nervous about what’s in the news today? Nah…don’t be, we have it from our Arcturian friends and this article shares with you why. In fact, I’m greatful for all of the chaos we are experiencing across the globe, as from chaos always comes resolution at a higher order!

So…please read on, know these chaotic moments are to be your last, and…



By Marilyn Raffaele, 07/24/2016

Dear friends, as we observe the struggles and confusion many of you are experiencing at this time we wish you to know that every thing happening is a necessary part of mans ongoing ascension process–these things are serving to wake people up. It is impossible to fully understand or figure out solutions with the human mind for much of what is going on is simply not what it seems. Instead utilize these times to rest more fully in trust, allowing intuition to be your guide.

On the surface everything seems to be bubbling with chaos. Think of this chaos as a cleansing process exposing buried and long hidden dirt and which in time will reveal that which has always been there but has been unseen–a clean and harmonious reality reflecting truth and oneness. The world in general is experiencing whatever intense and deep cleansings are necessary in order that new and higher levels of awareness may be experienced.

Many find themselves increasingly in a state of sadness and depression regarding today’s outer conditions , but do not for a second believe that the chaos you see has any sort of law to support it or make it permanent. Chaos is the outer manifestation of the energy of duality and separation which will increasingly dissipate as more Light enters world consciousness.

That element that supports the chaos and confusion is making a last impressive stand to stay in power because it can sense (not always consciously) that the world they support is changing and along with it, their perceived personal power. People are rapidly waking up and realizing their own power regardless of how hard certain elements of society may try to keep them under a thumb of fear and powerlessness. As more and more of the world awakens, the outer picture cannot help but reflect that.

Every individual who lives out from a consciousness of truth no matter how simple their everyday life, is helping to create a new and higher dimensional world consciousness. Try not to be discouraged when you observe at the same time, those working very hard to hold on to and continue that which is old and finished. There is a Divine Law that forever holds truth in place, and no laws to support illusion.

Creation is finished, perfect, and whole, but because humans are in reality expressions of Source energy, they form the world through the creative energy of consciousness. The majority of individuals are as of yet unaware of the innate power they hold within, instead choosing to see themselves as human beings who must await, petition, and blame some imagined God “up there” to save them. You did not know that you were the Gods meant to do the saving–but, you know it now.

Be patient with the process, and don’t expect it to manifest in its fullness immediately, for the energy of many deeply entrenched beliefs take time to surface, be recognized for what they are, and released. Evolution does not happen in a minute, but is well on its way at this time.

It is important to make a practice of observing and acknowledging the Light of everything in your lives, feeling gratitude no matter how seemingly small or insignificant something may seem–the song of a bird, a beautiful flower or tree, a friend’s smile, a baby’s laugh–everyday things usually taken for granted. Begin to express gratitude even for the things you would rather not have in your life remembering that every experience holds a lesson if you are open to receiving it. Gratitude acknowledges; “I have because I am”.

We wish to speak of Oneness, for the understanding and acceptance of Oneness as truth is the key that opens the door to ascension. There is only One Divine Consciousness expressing itself in infinite form and variety. Can there ever be a person or living thing apart from ONE? What would it be made of?

Every problem human beings have ever had throughout the ages has reflected a sense of separation manifesting as disagreement, hatred, and discords on all levels between people, countries, businesses, families, friends, and animals. Permanent peace can never and will never manifest from the energy of duality and separation because real peace is not in alignment with the energy of duality and separation.

Oneness may still represent a spiritual leap for some of you, but you are ready. Anyone reading these messages is ready. You made the decision to incarnate and experience the powerful energies of evolution that are taking place right now. You chose to clear, awaken, and then help others awaken and because of this choice you are now experiencing the very things that can lead you into your deepest awakenings.

Many belief systems continue to perpetuate beliefs of duality and separation through rigid dogmas and teachings that reflect earlier and less evolved times. Examine your personal concepts of God. Do you believe God to be a man hanging on a cross, sitting quietly under a Bodhi tree, or maybe even a woman? Do you still see him as a man with a long beard sitting high in the clouds, enforcing human values of good and evil, punishment and reward?

Concepts of God act to block understanding and the experiences of Reality for that part of your consciousness is already filled with concepts. God can never be understood with the human mind no matter how many classes, meditations, or books an individual has accumulated. The human mind is limited to what is already known, what is already floating about in consensus consciousness.

True spiritual understanding as well as inventions, ideas, solutions, art, music, etc. can only be fresh and new when they flow from the infinite well within. When there is receptivity heretofore unknown solutions, ideas, and truths seem to bubble up into conscious awareness when least expected. This is how it works.

Those who shout to the world that they know all about God and what God is, speak from their own personal and limited concepts. Those who have experienced God, do not brag about it but hold these sacred experiences safe and protected in the heart.

God/Source/Universe just is…period. That is all the human mind can or needs to know. What IT is, must be experienced, and because it is the very essence of every individual’s being, this will happen at their point of readiness (which may be several lifetimes down the road). Let go of trying to know and understand and infinite God with a finite intellect, it cannot be done. Trust that there is a “Something” and only One of IT whatever IT is.

Accepting oneness is the first step toward living unconditional love, for how can there be animosity and hatred when there is no “other”? The world in general as of yet does not know this and is still creating from energies of duality and separation.

Never deny the discords you see, but learn to look through them, knowing that in spite of how horrific an appearance may be, there is no law to support it, that no one ever really dies, and that you are witnessing an illusory expression of dense and false energy.
This does not mean you stand back and just watch a situation where you could offer help, it means you silently acknowledge truth while doing it.

Oneness eliminates “us versus them” from consciousness. Do not try to humanly love the perpetrators of heinous actions, or the irritating neighbor but love them spiritually by recognizing the terrorist, the road rage person, the animal abuser, the suicide bomber to be spiritual beings who are as of yet very unaware of who and what they are. Instead of judgement, send them Light and a recognition of their true selfhood. This does not mean they should be allowed to continue with their nefarious activities.

Perpetrators of horrendous acts see the world through skewed beliefs based in duality and separation and until they are consciously ready to open to more, they will continue to act out. War and violent solutions only align the energy with its counterpart–the same energy. The world still has need of prisons and law enforcement but fear and desire for power has caused many these services to deteriorate and function at a lower resonating energy.

Light energy is bringing many into a sense of personal power but everyone is interpreting the experience according to their level of understanding. Some are beginning to have more confidence and less fear, while others have become bullies. This is the energy behind the plethora of conflicts between law enforcement and the public. New energies are bringing to the surface deeply buried fear, anger, and resentment for all parties resulting in “us versus them” reactive actions.

It is all about the old order rising to be recognized for what it is. These events are revealing that old energy is no longer in alignment with the majority of an awakening society. Because many old and previously accepted ways of doing things are often deeply ingrained in society, it may take the shock of certain events to bring about change.

As more Light flows to the group consciousness of those doing this type of work,
whether of law enforcement or military, it begins to filter into individual consciousness and from there comes an inner nudge to work differently from what has been done in the past and where respect for and from the public as well as for and from the police is the norm. All work is Light work if done from a consciousness of love and respect.

Many facets of the world as you know it today will seem not to change, but as world consciousness steadily evolves, the outer forms must evolve as well–employment, entertainment, medical, food, etc. will be of new and more enlightened levels of awareness. You are witnessing its beginnings now as people become aware of and are demanding cleaner food, natural medicines, and in general, change.

These powerful energies of change are being felt by businesses, service industries, governing bodies, corporations etc., prompting them to start thinking about and making changes without the heavy resistance that would have taken place a few years ago.

Many in the world are already performing their work from the higher levels we speak of. They came into this lifetime having already attained a state of consciousness that was supportive of unconditional love and thus their intention has always been to serve from the highest level. Some of these dear ones have even sacrificed their own lives for the purpose of awakening others to the need for change within certain systems.

Your work and your mission, is to bring Light to wherever your daily activities take you. This is why you chose to be here at this energy intense time. You brought an already evolved state of consciousness into a world ready to evolve. There are many, especially children who have no karma to resolve, but have simply chosen to come and add their Light to world consciousness.

You who are awake are the head of an energetic arrow so to speak, and because of this may often find yourselves catching the heat. In many ways you are “bucking the system” and making it uncomfortable for those who like the system just the way it is..

Do not despair or believe that the situation is hopeless for evolution is inevitable. Reality is–period. It may be taking what seems to be a long time, but the underlying and never changing reality is that in spite of any appearances to the contrary, this remains a spiritual universe peopled by expressions of God.

We are the Arcturian Group


The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele – ONENESS – 10-4-15 107

ONENESS OF ALL: The Arcturian Group Message for
OCTOBER 4, 2015 by Marilyn Raffaele

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Dear ones, in this time of change and new beginnings, we urge you to let go of any remaining expectations, for expectation only serves to hold you in concepts–mind pictures representing something you have read or listened to with regard to ascension. You are creating a new world, not forming it out of what is already known.

Learn to rest in the “now” at all times, knowing that this is a spiritual universe and all are spiritual beings while allowing each day to unfold without resistance. This practice will lead you into an ever deepening consciousness of love and gratitude as you begin to see everything as being part of a Divine plan no matter how difficult or “unholy” it may appear to three dimensional thinking. As we have previously stated; This does not mean being a “doormat” or allowing oneself to stay in an unsafe environment.

Lifetimes past and present held struggle and very little support for those seeking truth but those times have drawn to a close for most of you. You have done the work, often being punished for it and it is now time to rest, live, and be that which you have attained. One cannot stay in grade school after they are ready for high school or college just because a friend or someone close may still need grade school, or even because some “expert” says they must.

The time has come for all serious students of truth to move into their power as awakened spiritual beings, while at the same time moving courageously through whatever remnants of the “old ” may still operate in or affect them. As an individual evolves into new and higher ways of resolving karmic issues and remaining lessons, he no longer needs the intense problems, accidents, and difficulties previously required for awakening. Most of you are there now. On earth there will always be difficulties of some sort whether yours or another’s but now you have new, higher, and guided tools with which to resolve them.

You are powerful beings of Light, but this truth must be acknowledged and lived until it becomes a state of consciousness and not just nice words in a book. If an individual is ready to take this step but refuses to leave what is old, comfortable, and familiar he will probably get “wake up calls” in the form of difficult experiences serving to force him deeper and into what he is spiritually ready for. Victimhood can no longer be a part of the consciousness of serious students of truth.

Most are not aware of how much change is actually taking place. Note world movements for peace, animal rights, freedom of information, and other issues that 20 years ago would not of been considered important by the vast majority. Notice also how people are starting to take a long hard look at commonly accepted beliefs as well as examining more closely the motives and intent of world “leaders”.

You are reclaiming your innate power through listening to, resonating with, and living out from inner guidance instead of blindly aligning with the often limiting concepts of some expert, government, church, or person. You are learning to stand in the power of Self which does not mean that you can never be taught truth from an evolved minister, expert, teacher, or friend. However, the bottom line must always be yours, based in an inner knowing of what is right and appropriate for you.

We wish to speak of the new energies. Most of you were aware of the full moon and eclipse bringing high light frequencies. Do not believe that “nothing happened” based on appearances for new Light energies did come and are available but the integration of them only takes place as an individual is capable of receiving them. Very few are able to fully integrate high frequencies all at once because the physical, emotional and mental bodies must be prepared to accept and resonate with them.

Never doubt that your Higher Self will see to it that you receive everything you are ready for as you are ready without effort on your part other than to live out from your highest sense of truth. Always remember that you are being guided, and assisted at all times. No one, not even the very un-awakened are ever left to struggle through a life on earth alone.

Your job as evolving students of truth is to rest in the awareness that this is a spiritual universe, governed by Love, and peopled with spiritual beings. Do not spend time worrying about whether or not you are ascending or “doing it right”. Living out from your highest sense of right in each moment is all that is required.

So much third dimensional thinking regarding spirituality is limiting–how experiences must look or feel in order to be valid. These are concepts based in and handed down from someone’s belief system. Experiences others may of had were valid for them, but may not necessarily be right for you.

DNA will activate as you are ready, chakras will be clear and open as you are ready, and 5th dimensional experiences will happen as you are ready. All the courses taken, practices engaged in, and efforts put forth to attain these things can help, but the fullness of the experience cannot take place until the soul is prepared.

Hold the intention to evolve while practicing what you already know and more will be given. Ascension does not simply drop into ones lap without preparation. Each step taken along the way of lifetimes adds to and finally brings forth a fully aware state of consciousness that results in your creations manifesting outwardly on increasingly higher levels.

Love everything. Love the bad” as well as the “good”. Love your faults and love those who do not love you. Love the thoughts that pop into your head that may cause you to react with fear, anger, resentment, jealousy etc. for there is nothing but GOD and as you learn to love everything, you stop giving appearances power causing them to lose their “punch”.

An evolved state of consciousness automatically dissolves old learned behaviors and beliefs such as being “less than” or “unworthy”. Learn to laugh at honest mistakes and you will soon discover that the sky doesn’t fall down, your Guides don’t leave you, nor do you stop spiritually growing when you make a wrong choice. This is what lifetimes spent in the third dimension have been about–stepping and falling, stepping and falling..

You chose to be here and you learned. Most of you are now finding or will soon find yourselves assisting others to also grow and learn who and what they are. Rejoice in every opportunity whether it is just throwing out a seed of truth or actually teaching another but never seek out students, force, proselytize, or work to “save” someone for there is only ONE and that ONE doesn’t need “saving”.

As you radiate more Light, you will attract some who seek to have your Light instead of finding their own. These dear ones are not usually interested nor prepared for the deeper truths.

Those ready for what you may have to give them will find you. Trust your intuition and
allow yourselves to be guided as to the readiness of any who seek you out. Keep your work with others on the level of compassion and not sympathy for sympathy will align with the other’s lower resonating energy.

Compassion is a more detached way of viewing another’s issues and allows you to offer the words necessary for the person to hear at their level of awareness while you continue to hold your Light.

In unconditional love and awareness we are;

the Arcturian Group 10/4/15

Marilyn Raffaele ~ The Arcturian Group

Marilyn Raffaele ~ The Arcturian Group
We come in love to assist all in their evolutionary journey of remembering.
The world appears to be filled with intense images of both good and evil at this time–duality expressed at its best and highest. This is because ever increasing energies of Light are greatly effecting the stability of anything and everything formed of old beliefs and concepts. Rejoice dear ones, for it is you doing the heavy lifting that is changing world consciousness–the outer is always a reflection of the inner.
Slowly but surely, a consciousness of Oneness is emerging. More and more people are being intuitively guided to assist man, animals, plants, and the environment of Gaia herself in whatever ways seem to be needed. An understanding of many within One, is gradually being born which starts on the unconscious level and then moves into conscious awareness.
Higher dimensional energies are serving to open the hearts of all who are ready, shifting them more deeply into the realization that every person, no matter the color of their skin or language they speak, as well as all life forms, are in and of the One substance and seek the same things according to their level of understanding. These things are peace, harmony, abundance, joy– all facets of unconditional love, the Divine essence of all that exists, ever present and always calling.
Often it is only an experience of some seeming disaster that brings this awareness to those still holding tightly to a sense of separation, choosing to live in white towers of self-righteousness and power, and who see themselves as separate and better than everyone around them. When change comes for these people, rejoice not in their seeming “fall from grace” but in the realization that they too are learning and evolving, but doing it the “hard way”.
Today’s message is about love, a topic spoken of and discussed on all levels throughout the world.
A deep and truer understanding of the Divine nature of Love is vital to spiritual evolution. Love is the activity of oneness and is the basis for everything that exists. It is the glue that holds together all things and is interpreted and experienced according to the state of consciousness of the individual.
Example: Love, the connecting energy between all things within the One Omnipresent Consciousness, when interpreted through un-evolved states of consciousness will manifest outwardly as war, rape, abuse, and all the experiences of duality and separation. The One has never changed nor could it ever be less that what it is. It is the state of the individual consciousness as well as consensus consciousness that interprets and manifests how you see and experience the world.
A higher sense of love is beginning to awaken within the hearts of mankind. Love, the connecting energy between all living things is beginning to be experienced and acknowledged profoundly more than in belief systems of the past.
Most of you have lifetimes in which love was generally only thought of as something between a mother and child, or perhaps between friends or lovers and often with strings attached. Love was more of a barter and almost never unconditional. Often there was little or no love in marriages which were simply contracts assuring convenience and safety for two countries, or families. For those of poorer means, it often represented another pair of hands to do the work.
Women were more often than not, considered bargaining chips or simply chattels, a means to an end. Love even in the human sense rarely entered into the picture. When romantic love did happen, it was frequently discouraged or even forbidden if the union did not fulfill the concepts and beliefs of those in power, be it simple families or royalty.
There has been very little understanding of the real nature of Love except for the occasional mystic. Concepts based in duality and separation have ruled the consciousness of mankind lifetime after lifetime, conditioning and interpreting love as well as everything else, in very limited ways.
Love is beginning to be recognized as much more than simple emotional attachment. Over time those of a higher state of consciousness tried to reveal unconditional love through their words and actions, but for the most part people were unable to embrace that level of consciousness. Your inner work is birthing a new world consciousness and mankind is rapidly attaining an ability to learn about and live Love as the universal and unconditional truth of being that it really is.
You have evolved and are now ready to accept and integrate the deeper truth of unconditional love as being all there is. This must become an attained state of consciousness if you are to move into the higher dimensional energies emerging and available at this time which means awareness and practice on your part. You do not have to have fully attained this state of consciousness in order to move forward, but must have the honest intention to do so. The higher dimensions are dimensions of Love, and cannot be entered still holding fast to a consciousness of separation with all its accompanying judgement and criticism.
The necessity for unconditional love occasionally acts as a block for the spiritually ready individual unable to embrace the idea of having to love everyone. When this happens it means there is a misunderstanding of what unconditional Love really is. It is possible to have unconditional love even for those living at very dense levels of awareness once it is understood that unconditional love is not an acceptance of their actions nor a lowering into their level of consciousness.
It is not attraction to or acceptance of everyone and everything regardless of how much havoc they may be causing and neither is it an emotional desire to be with the person or place or thing although that can be a part of it. Unconditional Love is recognition–the recognition of ever present Divinity within all things even when the object does not care a whit about it.
Unconditional love means every person or situation you become aware of must be seen with new eyes, which in turn trains the mind to interpret in new and higher ways. Begin to visualize a diamond in the heart of every person you become aware of as you go about your day. Make this diamond a symbol representing the person’s innate Divinity even if you do not like or respect what they represent. The news, the world, the things you hear about or see on TV are all opportunities to practice blessing the world through recognition.
There must come at some point, a realization of oneness in world consciousness if it is to evolve beyond duality and separation and you are Light workers making it happen.
Try and let go of judgement and criticism of appearances for fear, worry, and concern serves to give them a power they do not have and cements whatever illusory energy they do have. This can be difficult for those of you used to actively fighting the negative issues of the world in your quest for change.
You are being asked now to take the next step which is a letting go of resistance, and a moving into unconditional love. Your mind will accept this after awhile although at first it will rebel, for it has been trained in other ways.
This never means you cannot sign a petition, or take some action you are being guided to take. It does mean that your first action now becomes one of unconditional love which may or may not lead you to a next action.
Attaining this state of consciousness and the next step of your journey and you are ready.
We are the Arcturian Group 5/24/15

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele – 5-10-15



The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele

Greetings Dear Ones,

We observe that all is proceeding according to schedule, and most of you are beginning to recognize and experience the new and powerful energies of transformation.

Everyone’s experience may well be different, so try not to compare yours with what you may read or hear regarding the spiritual experiences of another. Every person is unique by virtue of having lived different experiences through many lifetimes, finally arriving at their present state of consciousness.

You are clearing the residue of hundreds of lifetimes lived in ignorance and no one person is exactly the same as another.

Most of you are now beginning to see and experience the world from a higher dimensional viewpoint which is manifesting as new ways, forms, and ideas of those things you are already familiar with. The reality (Divine Idea) of everything in the outer world always remains present and infinite in Divine Consciousness. Spiritual evolution allows you to interpret and manifest these Divine ideas on new and higher levels.

An example could be how the three dimensional world views death. Death means complete obliteration to those believing there is nothing beyond one lifetime, except the slight chance of a heaven or hell based on how “good” a person was. Thus, death to them is something to be feared and avoided at all costs.

Those of a more illumined consciousness, who realize there could never be real death, are somewhat free of this intense fear and anxiety. There is always some sadness with parting, but none of the terror and resistance born of ignorance.

Death is recognized to be a transition, not an ending – a part of everyone’s evolutionary journey on Earth, often welcomed by those tired and ready to go home. The Divine Idea here is Omnipresence. You, as expressions of the Divine, always will be…place is of no importance.

Soon you will begin to see changes within governments and law, for the consciousness of mankind is rapidly awakening and ready to reclaim personal powers ignorantly surrendered over lifetimes. More and more people are beginning to realize that they are not powerless and this change of the inner will in turn manifest as changes in the outer.

The continuous clearing of old energy is not meant to go on forever, and many of you are now moving into a time of creating. Because you are beginning to accept that you are indeed powerful spiritual Beings, your thoughts and words are manifesting more quickly.

As you now move into a more evolved state of consciousness, most of the old programming from lifetimes of ignorance that served to block your ability to consciously manifest has dissolved, or is in the process of dissolving.

For thousands of years mankind has for the most part been unaware of his true nature and thus a world consciousness of individual powerlessness became the consensus belief. Those in positions of dominance have always worked to convince the majority they had no power of their own and so must look to others (them) for their good.

The result has been a world of people ignorant of who they really were, believing, obeying, and following the demands of the rich and powerful without question. This will end when a majority awakens, serving to lift and open world consciousness to new and higher levels of awareness.

Arise Dear Ones, and remember who you are. It is time to claim your Divine sonship, being ever mindful of how you speak and think, for you are Creators.

Note how some individuals who are experts in certain areas of medicine or science through intense study, research, and belief, often discover these very issues manifesting in their own families or themselves. Every billboard, ad, or announcement regarding some campaign to fight a disease or condition serves to materialize it more firmly in the belief system of all who read it and thus manifest more of it.

When an individual is enmeshed in the human belief system of duality and separation, their lives reflect some good and some bad. Painful life lessons are often a part of a soul’s pre-birth contract in order to resolve some karmic issue or learn some needed lesson, but three dimensional experiences can also be impersonal, simply reflecting a state of consciousness that accepts two powers.

Man was not meant to slip so deeply into three dimensional density, but you are completing the hard work necessary in order to move beyond it and are doing a fine job. A job that required lifetimes of often painful experiences necessary for building courage and strength. Remember this fact whenever you are tempted to believe yourself to be a failure in any way, for in reality there can be no failure – only learning experiences.

It is difficult to move beyond popular thought until Truth becomes an attained state of consciousness at which point much of the three dimensional belief system begins to simply lose its relevance and power over you. You see and hear the same things as everyone else, but you no longer react in the same way.

Those of you reading these messages are quickly moving into a consciousness able to discern Truth where the world sees discord and are beginning to instinctively recognize what is hype and promotion for the financial benefit of a few. You are learning to see the world with new eyes and live out from a higher awareness of what is going on around you. Because of this, you are helping to shift the world consciousness to new levels.

Look back a few years to your lives at an earlier time, Dear Ones, and you will quickly realize how far you have come in very a short time. Just a few years ago, you might have jumped on the band wagon of many popular three dimensional beliefs – those same beliefs you clearly see differently today.

You are awakening, and remembering who you are – coming to realize that you no longer need to seek, beg, or plead from some “pie in the sky” God for the good you have sought in vain for lifetime after lifetime.

Rejoice, for you have finally found IT where IT has always been – within – patiently and lovingly awaiting your recognition.

We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group. Channelled by Marilyn Raffaele. May 10, 2015.

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Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – World of Love -2-16-15

ArcturiansMarilyn Raffaele

The Arcturian Group  –  World of Love


Greetings once again from the Arcturian Group. We wish to speak of transformation, a seemingly simple topic, but one that is important to the understanding of truth.

Transformation flows through and as an individual when he awakens out of the dream. It manifests as the ability to “see with new eyes and hear with new ears” while in the midst of duality and separation.

Transformation allows one to recognize whatever false concepts and beliefs he may still hold and replace them with truth. It brings the ability to say; “I was wrong.”
Those unable to allow transformation, delay their ascension into a consciousness of higher dimensional energy.

Fear of change acts to support the continuation of third dimensional concepts and beliefs. Many who resist change are in positions as world “leaders” who acquaint any sort of transformation with loss–loss of their personal power and wealth. Because of their leadership positions, they often attract followers who blindly accept whatever these so called “leaders” believe, giving away personal power in the process.

You are now at the point in your spiritual journey dear ones, where you must acknowledge and reclaim your innate power. Many of you have done this already, having attained this state of consciousness in other lifetimes, entering into this lifetime with this state of consciousness already in place.
Never fear to say; “Enough is enough, I no longer choose to live, act, be, or think in old outdated concepts of separation”. Some of you may have already discovered that there willable those who are offended by this.

Friends may drop away, but be not afraid if this happens dear ones, for energy seeks its own and will soon draw to you those of your resonance.
We speak of transformation now because you are very close to seeing transformation take place.

Much is to be revealed and you must be prepared both within and without for you will be the ones called upon to assist those in fear, unable to let go of their old and comfortable ways of understanding the world.

Mankind is no longer being allowed lazily float from one day to the next believing that the government, church , parent, friend, or society in general will take care of everything for them. You are the consciousness and thus substance of the outer world and things are quickly changing.
It is time to claim your identity as Divine Beings who chose to learn and assist others within third dimensional energy. Allow the process. For some, allowing the process may simply mean becoming be-ers instead of do-ers–allowing themselves to be still and at rest, going within often while old energies surface and clear. Others may find themselves being guided to stand up and be counted in some way.
Transformation is a surrender, the ability to open oneself to change. Surrender is not the giving up of self to some unknown “pie in the sky God” concept. Spiritual surrender is the natural result of having clear understanding of what one is surrendering to–Truth.

It begins with a strong inner drive to begin a quest for truth which can take many many paths, but which eventually leads to discovering IT within. This process cannot be avoided for it is who you are.
There are many who “suspect” the deeper truths but refuse to embrace them, choosing instead to believe that others more “holy” or intelligent, know more than they do. No dear ones, all have the Divine Voice within, it is simply a matter of acknowledging, listening, and trusting. The time is now.
Valentine’s Day!

Yes, we are aware of your customs and we join with you for is it not a day that celebrates love? Love is all there is, for ONE can never be divided. It is only the belief that One can be divided (separation) that has resulted in the outward manifestations of war, discord, suffering, lack, limitation etc.
Valentine’s Day celebrates the romantic/partnership facet of Divine Love. There are teachings that preach the “ungodliness” of romantic love and that in order to be “holy” you must forgo romantic connections.

Nonsense, this is a part of the same teachings saying that you must suffer in order to be “holy”. These are man created beliefs with no spiritual law to support them.
However, romantic love must be understood on deeper levels if it is to “work”, and this is the missing element of so many human relationships.

Attraction between two people does not always mean you are meant to marry or establish an intimate relationship with them. Attraction often occurs as the result of past life connections and frequently happens with someone you intuitively know would not be a good partner for you.
When two people with an intense past life history meet (male/male, female/female,or male/female) there can be either instant attraction or instant repulsion. Many gay couples have been together in other lifetimes as heterosexuals. Connections do not end with death, for you are consciousness, not just physical bodies.
Marriage or committed relationships often happen as the result of pre-birth choices by both parties for the purpose of resolving some unfinished past life issues which may or may not have began as romantic partnerships.

Often those energies needing to be cleared have their origin in ancient roles lived as mother/child, father/child, friend/friend, servant/master etc. Present life relationships can provide an easy path in which to bring closure.

This is often the case in those relationships where one or both wonder; “Why did I marry this person?”
Always look deeper dear ones, there really are no accidents at this point. Look into what you are learning or meant to learn from every situation.

Karmic closure can take place even if only one person desires it. If he/she is able to recognize the other as an un-awakened Divine being and also chooses to no longer live within an energy of judgement and hatred (which simply serves to feed the karmic situation) then they have reached that place of unconditional love and there is karmic resolution.

An individual can now leave the situation if they choose, knowing that it is finished.
Sometimes two people are intensely attracted to each other on all levels, but for some reason this never unfolds into a relationship.

This happens with some who choose in their pre-birth planning not to be with each other in this lifetime. They understand that intense past life connections and love would not allow them to seek and spiritually grow into their own awareness and power if they were together–they would be content to simply be together.
Romantic love must be rooted and grounded in real love or it is simply animal attraction which sadly many consider to be real love. This concept of love is promoted heavily in all areas of media-film, books, TV shows, magazines, advertising, etc. and particularly on Valentine’s Day.
The wise know that sexual attraction alone is not love but is a facet of it, one of the “added” things. Sexual attraction by itself is based in the human need to propagate the species which can be accomplished without love.

Intimacy based only in sexual attraction never carries the intense and deep energetic connection and fulfillment that is possible when both are of a consciousness that sees beyond appearances to the deeper realities shining through the other’s eyes.
Love relationships are never dependent upon how the other looks or dresses and it is fruitless and very human to attempt to mold someone into your concept of the perfect partner.

Healthy relationships have similar energy resonance and those in them have close world views but do not necessarily think and believe exactly as each other because all are here to learn and grow according to their individual need.
Two well matched individuals be it friends or partners, have attained similar states of consciousness. Observe those living out from un-awakened states of consciousness who enjoy relationships of fights, cheating, anger, angst, and make-ups– they are both on the same energetic wave length so to speak–it is their state of consciousness, their concept of how relationships work.
There may be a time when you are tempted to enter in to the lower awareness level of another because of attraction and desire for this person. Although certainly allowed by free will, it can never result in the happy outcome desired but instead usually ends in heartbreak after a quick, short, intense time together. One simply cannot go backward to outgrown states of consciousness no matter how appealing doing this may seem.
Misconceptions abound regarding love and partnering. Governments, religions, families, and friends continually spew that love is only valid if it meets their often very narrow concepts.

The partner must be of a certain color, gender, education, financial status, or other acceptable trait. Love is the experience of One self manifesting as the many. Love never has been and never will be dependent on mankind’s concepts.
There comes a point at which an individual no longer “needs a relationship” in order to feel complete, happy, and whole because they have attained a consciousness of spiritual wholeness and completeness. They have discovered their twin flame to be within, and being in relationship now becomes a personal choice.
Happy relationships only happen when each understands and accepts their own true worth and power because then there is no longer the need for outside validation. Unawareness of one’s true identity causes the un-awakened to seek their completeness from outside of themselves.

“If I am married to this good looking, rich, smart person, then I must be loveable and valuable”.

Many still carry old cellular memory from times when being in a partnership may of been the only way to avoid death or starvation and this is often reflected in those who jump from one partnership to another never allowing themselves to be alone. Recognize and allow these old cellular memories to clear if you suspect them in yourselves.
As you grow stronger within, you will look back at past failed attempts at romance and laugh, saying; “Thank you dear God for saving me from this relationship.” even though at the time you may of been heartbroken and hurting.

The human mind is programmed to world concepts of romance and sex and responds thusly until you teach it differently.
If having a life partner represents completeness for you, you will draw this to yourself without thought and struggle because it will be the natural manifestation of your state of consciousness, your realization of spiritual completeness.

Being alone may represent completeness for some.
True, deep, and lasting relationships do include romance, great sex, and all that the rigid, structured, Puritan state of consciousness deemed unholy, but these are now recognized as being the added things.
We the Arcturian Group send love, joy, fun, and awareness to you all for Valentine’s Day.

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raphael – – 1-4-15

Matt Muckleroy
January 4, 2014 by Marilyn Raphael




JANUARY 4, 2015

Dear ones, We send  wishes for a Happy New Year and add that a year of the new it will be, for you have already cleared much of the energy that held you in bondage to an old state of consciousness and this will allow the new to unfold.
Never believe that your efforts to learn and express love are  wasted or insignificant, for every spark of light and awareness serves to decrease the density of a general world consciousness based in duality and separation.  Each day the Light of the world is becoming brighter and lighter because of the unfolding awareness of so many.  All are in and of the One and therefore the Light you acknowledge within yourself,  you also acknowledge for the world.
Love is the key to everything dear ones–love of self and love of everything in your life.  Love every aspect of your lives–the nice as well as the not so nice, for every experience  can act to bring you into deeper spiritual awareness if you allow yourself to dig and discover the beliefs behind the experience.
It is impossible to truly love anything until you allow self to love self.  A consciousness   selective with regard to love, one that  excludes self, reflects the third dimensional beliefs of duality and separation.  A consciousness that excludes self can never express love in its highest sense because it does not yet contain it.
Concepts and beliefs about love in an un-awakened society are usually based on sexual attraction, power, and the need to feel loved, all of which are relentlessly promoted through the media, “experts”, family, friends etc.   Only LOVE, which is the recognition, realization, and action of a state of consciousness reflecting the ONE SELF will shift world consciousness into its next level of evolution.
Many say; “Oh but you don’t know the awful things I have done.  I could never love myself because I am not worthy of love.”   Others may say; “I was always told and treated as a child that I was unworthy or unlovable, and I just can’t let that go.”  YES YOU CAN!  It is time to stop continually feeding  the issues, beliefs, concepts, memories and whatever still  holds you in bondage. These things have only the power you feed them and you who read these messages are evolved enough at this point to acknowledge this, allowing any “victim mentality” of the past to cease and dissolve into the nothingness that it is.
This is what clearing old energy is all about, the more intensely you may experience something the more it is spiritually begging to be looked at and cleared.  Clearings are graduations, and not negative experiences.  Lovingly allow them by getting to the root of your belief system, no matter how physically, emotionally, or mentally painful the process may be.  Once something is cleared spiritually it is gone, you have uprooted it and not just cut off a branch that will re-sprout at some later date.
The more an individual focuses on human problems the more these issues become firmly embedded within consciousness.  Be alert to your thoughts as you go about your day. There comes a time in everyone’s spiritual journey when it is necessary to surrender everything that no longer serves his evolution.  Much of what you considered to be who and what you are, is now changing.   The new you is moving into a new state of consciousness but it cannot happen while grasping tightly to the old.  This is what is meant in the bible story of not putting new wine into old wineskins.
You are not your past actions whether of lifetimes long ago or this one, even if that lifetime was filled with seeming errors.  Learn to love the mistakes you have made along the way and give gratitude for them because this is how you learn and grow.  It is only the third dimensional consciousness that affixes blame and shame.  These messages are being read by those ready to take the next steps–YOU. Those not ready, do not resonate with these words.
Bless and love everything in your life, always remembering that every soul makes pre-birth choices regarding the necessary evolutionary experiences he needs and is evolved enough handle .  An example is that many who experience harsh and abusive childhoods have specifically chosen that particular situation in order to activate and once and for all resolve issues of low self esteem and self loathing or to resolve some karmic relationship that has been in place for many lifetimes.
Many have not been able to clear the more deeply buried issues until now  when the higher dimensional energies are flowing intensely, giving them the strength and guidance to do the work.  Some issues needing to be cleared will not come to conscious awareness until the individual  is ready and this is determined by their Higher Self.  Clearings of more intense and deeply held energies often clear in layers, so if you have done the work to clear and resolve something and find that lo and behold it is back, just know that you are now ready to clear the next layer and will know when it is finished.
Many who struggle with some physical, emotional, or mental difficulty are only now evolved enough to  move through and resolve issues behind it, usually from lifetimes ago. Love and honor the courage of those who struggle dear ones, for many that seem handicapped in some way are old and wise souls who chose their situation in order to quickly evolve learn something.  Often it is an evolved soul who chooses to be born  handicapped or stillborn in order to assist in the evolution of the parents.
Love does not mean you must have emotional feelings for everyone.  Feelings and emotions are often tied to human concepts of love.  Love is the recognition, acceptance, and honoring of self, others, and everything as spiritual, for there is nothing but God.  Period.   It is only three dimensional beliefs of separation  that cause everything in the world to seem separate.
Look in the mirror each day and say to yourself “I LOVE YOU”.  Warts and all, I love you.  Love the warts, for they are you and you are not separate from the ONE.  Mankind is on the brink of  entering into a time of awakening, leaving behind that spiritually immature  consciousness filled with false ideas and untruths. The world has been asking and praying for this, and yet remains reluctant to embrace it, afraid of leaving behind what is familiar no matter how unpleasant.
This, now, is the time for trust, trusting that the dance is finished, following a certain ritual, book, or Guru is finished.   This, now, is the time to accept that You are IT.  That which you have been desiring, searching for, praying for, you already are, but it is up to each individual as to whether or not they accept this.   Free will allows everyone to play in the dream for as long as they wish, but the door is open now for those who choose to enter in.
Let the new year of 2015 be one of celebration in the midst of whatever occurs.  Celebrate each day, giving gratitude for all things.  Celebrate your awakening, and celebrate who you are by no longer giving  power to the illusions of the third dimensional belief system.  Starve these  pictures of their power through your recognition of Divine  Light within each and every individual regardless of what they are reflecting outwardly.  Everyone is  learning, but the lessons of others need not become yours.
2015 is going to be a year of awakening and change for many.   Those holding tightly to old concepts and beliefs will find themselves removed from them one way or another and it is much easier to make the choice yourself rather than  have the Universe do it for you.
LOVE yourselves, dear ones.  LOVE is our message today and always.   LOVE is the key to all things.  LOVE is the answer you seek and is all there is.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                            1/4/15

The Arcturian Group – 11-9-14

Matt Muckleroy

The Arcturian Group by Marilyn Raffaele
November 9, 2014




We of the Arcturian Group welcome all to this message presented with love for the purpose of a greater knowledge and understanding of truth.  We observe many beginning to question their personal belief systems which  indicates clearing within the mental body.  All  bodies are in the process of clearing. You are not just a physical body, that which is seen with human eyes, but are also etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies which constitute your energy field.  The Light emanating from earth is increasing daily, you are creating change even if it does not seem that way at this moment.
At this time you are clearing all bodies of obsolete and outgrown energies accumulated through lifetimes lived in density and ignorance and are replacing them  with frequencies of Light and truth.  Beliefs and concepts based in duality and separation are never real for they have no spiritual law to support them, and therefore must be let go and cleared in order to move into the higher dimensional energies–this is ascension.
An intention to evolve is all that is required.  You do not need to know the specifics of what is clearing  for your higher self is directing what is needed as you are ready.  Issues long thought to be resolved, may suddenly reappear as clearings are often done in layers, taking place as you are spiritually ready.   When you experience emotional or physical distress for no apparent reason, or when you seriously begin to question life long beliefs, remember what you know about clearing.
We wish to speak of spiritual completeness.  On earth, mankind takes for granted that all things will come to some sort of completion, meaning that all parts eventually come together either for good or for bad.  Completeness in the spiritual sense means the attainment of that state of consciousness which recognizes self (SELF) to be complete and whole.  The process is a journey that continues well into the higher dimensions.  Beings of Light are simply those who know who they are, they are awake and reflect this in their energy fields.
All are formed  of Divine Consciousness and therefore carry within the qualities of  Divine Consciousness–wholeness, completeness etc.  The degree of completeness  manifesting outwardly is in direct proportion to an individual’s realization (not intellectual knowledge)  of this truth and will reflect what constitutes completeness for the individual. There is no one completeness for everyone.  Society, churches, leaders, governments, experts, and family/friends all have varying concepts of how things must be in order to be correct.  This is false as wholeness and completeness for one may not be wholeness and completeness for another.  When individuals strive to intuit what is right for them and not what may be being pushed on them, they will discover a truer sense of freedom.
Completeness and wholeness is the birthright of every soul, but must become the state of consciousness in order to be experienced.  This is the evolutionary  journey.  To pretend  wholeness and completeness  without having attained a consciousness of it is to stick ones head in the sand.  Never deny the human difficulties, but at the same time learn to not give them power they do not have.  Often those who come to know truth  intellectually, make the mistake of believing that it is spiritual to stand in the presence of some discord and doing nothing while shouting to self or others; ” It is all  illusion.”
The purpose of earth experiences is to awaken by learning  through practice and study to rise above  appearances.  As you come to know ever more deeply that  outer appearances (the good ones as well as the bad) are images  formed from a world consciousness of duality and separation,  you begin also to understand that there is no law other than belief holding them there.  It is at this point that the “absolutist” may lose his way, trying to live a state of consciousness not yet attained.  In the human scene the starving baby is real and needs assistance even though in reality starvation has no law to support it  (wholeness and completeness  is the law), but to simply do nothing while shouting that all is illusion, is very human.
Evolving into a consciousness of completeness is the evolutionary journey and is not without “bloody footsteps” along the way. Those who seem to be experiencing the spiritual fruits of completeness in their daily living have probably done the work in other lifetimes, for all must make this journey, although not all choose to do it on earth. There are many who have never incarnated on  earth, choosing instead to evolve on other planets.  Evolving on earth through the experiences of the third dimension brings forth very strong and evolved graduates and thus earth has been the choice for many.
Mind  interprets individual consciousness and then manifests it outwardly in forms that resonate with the individual.   On earth, these forms will be natural and ordinary but will represent what constitutes completeness for the individual.  An example might be that the perfect job or partner may appear, but would not appear for someone who is retired or already happily in a partnership.
Do not confuse the expressions of spiritual wholeness and completeness with the human sense  of “good”–concepts of what an un-awakened society deems desirable and attained through  manipulation and struggle. When gifts of spirit appear, “All ribbons are beautifully tied” and nothing is required to make it so.
All students of truth experience times in which they do not feel very spiritual or complete. Do not get discouraged by this, for feeling spiritual is not an indicator of your attained state of consciousness.  Often those in some frenzy of religious fervor are not having a spiritual experience but a very third dimensional and ego driven one.  Evolution is about seeing beyond common third dimensional feelings and thoughts, refusing to give them power, and living out from the highest sense of what you know, being in the world, but not of it.  As you  become aware that world struggles have no real power or law to support them, you will find yourselves personally experiencing less and less of them.  Energy draws like energy.
This message  is about being aware of the temptation to live out from absolute truth before attaining  that state of consciousness.  In their enthusiasm for spiritual growth, some students want to immediately integrate and live what they only intellectually understand.   Enthusiasm is appropriate, yet these dear ones quickly discover that the truth they may of read in a book doesn’t work for them  which leaves them feeling that they have been duped or are failures not yet ready for spiritual study.  Discouraged, some return to what they previously believed but have outgrown.  Others may choose to hold stubbornly to a truth believing that by doing so some outer appearance will change, not realizing that their resistance to that “something” is actually empowering it, holding it in place.
No one can manifest or live higher than his attained state of consciousness.  This is the secret key of forgiveness for self as well as others for all are doing the best they know at a particular time.  Even the murderer believes he is making the world better in some way.
Evolution is work dear ones,  until at a certain  point there is more truth in your consciousness than not, at which time life becomes much easier because truth begins to manifest outwardly in whatever forms are needed–ideas, things, persons, etc.
When faced  with appearances of discord and in-harmony, center yourselves in the realization that Source could never form Itself as “this” because Divine consciousness does not embody discord–there can be no discord in One.  That which I am witnessing is the manifestation of beliefs in separation and duality and therefore  ILLUSION.  Illusion is how I am perceiving something, not in the something itself.
THEN take what ever human footsteps may be necessary.  Mother Teresa of India  recognized that every individual was a God being, but did not proceed to stand and shout; “This is all illusion.”  She fed the starving, bound their wounds, and dealt with whatever immediate needs presented themselves while holding within a realization of truth.
This is how you evolve into the wholeness and completeness of your true self while  living on earth having human experiences.  Resist nothing.  This does not mean you must like and accept everything or that you cannot work to change something, but before taking action look with eyes of spiritual understanding.  When you do this, the spiritual fruitage may appear as a solution to the problem
Send Light often to those countries and people you are guided to and know that it is the Light exposing the dark, bringing to the surface long hidden dense energies.
Living up to your highest sense of truth is all that is required and more is given as you do so.  All are complete and whole, but lifetimes lived in third dimensional energy caused most to forget this.   As creator beings, you then began to ignorantly create a world of duality and separation.
Evolution is simply the journey of re-remembering  who and what you are.
We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele – Humanity Is Awakening – 10-13-14

      forever_can_be_small OCTOBER 13, 2014

We of the Arcturian Group come to wish you peace, joy, and kindness to each other in these times of strife and confusion.  We know that many are suffering, but we  see great  awakenings through the experiences.  There are many who have always lived fully within the third dimensional belief system who now surprisingly find themselves questioning their core  beliefs in ways that are allowing them to awaken. They are reaping the benefit of the increasing Light flowing on earth even though they are not aware of why change seems to be happening within.
As Light flows from the increasing number of evolving energy fields, it adds  Light to universal world consciousness, exposing and dissolving areas of shadow in the process.  This is how the world is awakening–each small awareness of truth/Light helps to dissolve the illusion and  adds to the whole for there is only ONE.  Very soon, there will be enough Light in world consciousness to shift it. This is what “the shift” means–a transfer of energy domination.
We wish to speak of truth which manifests as does everything, through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels–truth as an Absolute as well as truth the ordinary.  When we speak of truth in theses messages we are referring to the Absolute–Divine Truth.
In Truth, there is nothing but omnipresent Divine Consciousness  which in the human scene  is   interpreted by mind and seen as material. The third dimension views life through a filter of separation as well a belief that everything is either good or bad (duality).  More often than not, one’s individual belief system has been simply accepted without thought from the world consensus consciousness.
It is a very important to remember that thoughts you may have are not really yours until you accept  them as your own.  The thoughts and beliefs of world consciousness are floating around always available to be claimed as truth or not.  Allowing uninvited thoughts to simply flow through without giving them any importance is a reclaiming of your power and movement into truth.  Resistance to unwanted ideas or thoughts simply gives them a power they do not  have.
In the human scene, truth is determined by whether or not you honestly state what you know or feel to be correct.  It also represents consensus opinion  on  particular topics as dictated by the “experts” or those in power.   Living out from third dimensional thinking causes some individuals as well as businesses and governments to feel no obligation toward honesty or truth if and when it does not suit their personal needs or agenda–reflecting the belief in separation.
As mankind evolves ever more deeply into the realization of all within the One, it will begin to understand that the words and actions of ordinary daily life are important because what one says or does to another, he does to himself.   Fear, whether recognized or not, is the root cause of dishonesty and lying–fear of lack, limitation, rejection, failure, punishment etc. and can only be eliminated through Truth.
Fear stems from  third dimensional experiences and teachings from past lives as well as  this one.  Many of these experiences were horrendous, causing long lasting impressions within cellular memory and energy fields.  These old cellular and emotional energies are what you are now in the process of clearing.  Some of the more intense energy clearings, can leave you feeling exhausted and depressed.  Know that there is  nothing wrong, you are evolving, so do not claim these feelings as having any power over you which will simply pull them back into your energy field.
Children speak the truth until they are taught not to through fear or punishment. Many adults believe that being right makes them important (more loveable) and so say or do whatever it takes to be seen as always right–a reflection of the belief in separation from Love/Self.  Frequently individuals are simply ms-informed and speak from ignorance but as with all actions, the intention behind the words give them their energy.  Untruths spoken innocently carry the energy intended by the sender which is to be truthful.  We do not refer to malicious gossip.
Gossip and criticism are facets of duality and separation which  reflect self loathing and create the need for a person to see himself as better than others in order to feel any acceptance or self love. These activities not only humanly (never in reality) hurt the person gossiped about, but also come home to rest in the energy field of the sender for again…there is only One.
With evolution comes the inability to speak untruth for personal gain. The spiritual student becomes increasingly aware of that gentle tap on the shoulder whenever he is tempted  and begins to understand that his spiritual leash has become very short.
Divine Truth is an Absolute–that which IS, always has been, and ever will be–held infinitely in place by Divine Law.  The Absolute can never  be known or understood fully with the limited human mind which  is why over eons of time, man has repeatedly  created Gods in his own likeness reflecting whatever qualities believed to be important at that time.
The goal of all souls, on all planets and dimensions as well as on earth, is and always has been, to evolve into the fullness of the realization ONE, thus becoming the One. The soul has always been perfect,  but through its journeys of experience,  has not remembered this and so has struggled lifetime after lifetime in the process of awakening.  It is the spiritual journey and  purpose of life to eventually realize one’s Divinity and live out from that state of Consciousness.   Divine Truth is first grasped and interpreted intellectually  until over time it moves to deeper levels and becomes one’s reality–his state of consciousness.   Each soul’s journey takes infinite forms and paths and experiences, which is what you have all been doing.
Books, classes, and teachers can only assist up to the attained level of consciousness of the author or teacher. This is not to say there may not be the perfect book, class, or teacher for you at a given time, but always use your intuition when deciding if something is right for you. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it would be right for you.  You may actually be beyond a particular teaching or teacher. There will always come that time in which you will begin to be taught from within for this is where Truth resides.
Information, answers, explanations, and ideas that result in “aha” moments for you are the fruits of your own inner work and will often manifest when you least expect, when you are doing something as mundane as washing dishes but are at the same time quiet and receptive.  Issues of life begin to be seen from new levels of understanding and a truth you may of read  and pondered but never fully understood may suddenly become simple and clear.
Divine Truth is all that IS, and is infinite.  There is an old Eastern saying that says that if you can encompass IT (the Absolute)  within your mind, (which many think they do) then that is not it.  Absolute Truth is every spiritual idea embodied within Divine Consciousness, ever present but  interpreted by the mind in the human scene according to individual and world consciousness.
To try and live the Absolute, before attaining that state of consciousness is a mistake many serious spiritual students make.  To throw away your medications before you have attained the consciousness of your completeness and wholeness as a Divine Being, is a very human action.  However, when  something no longer resonates with you, never be afraid to let it go. Holding on to some facet of your life just because it is what you are used to, is a block to your awakening.  You are required  to live out from your highest attained state of consciousness, living the truth you know while moving ever deeper through practice and study.
The act of transition or death, does not bring a sudden realization of Truth as many believe.  You are your state of consciousness and therefore take it with you.  All are taught and guided lovingly on the other side just as here.
Evolution  is the process of an ever increasing awareness of who you really are, dear ones. Evolution is a process that does not suddenly culminate overnight unless you have done  the work getting you to that state of consciousness in previous lifetimes.  Try not to become discouraged and feel you are making no progress if life seems mundane and ordinary.
Do not compare yourself to others, do the best you can remembering always that you are being guided and are never alone.  If you succumb to the weight of some human burden, resist the temptation for blame or guilt but simply pick yourself up and continue.  You will soon discover that the sky did not fall down when  you make a mistake nor do you have to go back to the beginning of your journey.  Failure is a concept within  third dimensional thinking.  There is  no such thing as failure in reality, only learning experiences.
You are loved dear ones, very loved and  honored greatly for your efforts and work.  All is proceeding according to plan.
We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group – Oneness of All – via Marilyn Raffaele – 8-17-14

unicorn with wide wings

AUGUST 17,2014

Dear Ones, again we greet you at this time of accelerating Light energy on earth. Much higher dimensional energy is flowing and being received by all who are receptive. Many still refuse to acknowledge and accept the gifts of spirit being offered at this time but that is the blessing of free will for no one need do anything if they choose not to. All who are open and receptive are now experiencing the increasingly intense light energies physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is a powerful time to be on earth and many who wished to be here, stepped aside for those who could carry and add more light to the evolution of mankind.

We are aware of the anger and frustration many feel with regard to current world wide situations. Be patient dear ones, for every awareness with regard to some world issue indicates Light shining into some shadowy corridor of the third dimension. Many of the issues now coming to light all over the world are not new issues as they may seem, but have
been hidden, denied and thus perpetuated generation after generation by an un-evolved society as well as by those who realize that their self-serving interests would be affected by change.

Exposure brings about change, for as mankind becomes aware of what has been going on behind the scenes, it begins to realize the necessity for change. When enough people demand it, new laws will begin to be passed that reflect a public awareness based in reliable and true information while giving no credence to the protestations of those who find security in what is old and finished.

Practice seeing painful world events with new and spiritually aware eyes…as wake up calls for universal change. Recognize these things to be the illusory manifestations of a dense and un-awakened three dimensional consciousness.

There is an element that wants to start wars and continually feed the energy of fear to the world for their own self serving reasons. Be aware and do not allow yourselves to enter in to their games, for fear is the energy that feeds the dark on all levels.

Fear is the root of all problems within the third dimension. All worry, anger, frustration,disease, etc. etc. has at its root the energy of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of things not working in the way one has been led to believe they must, fear of lack and limitation, fear of pain, fear of death, fear of certain life experiences etc. Fear is the belief in separation and is the bottom line of every human issue…serving to create and maintain all third dimensional problems and difficulties.

When you find your self concerned about something be it large or small, ask yourself; “What exactly am I afraid of? What am I believing that is making me feel this way?” Be very honest with yourselves, not allowing the ego to immediately voice some concept the world has given you regarding your particular fear. When done sincerely, this practice will zero in on whatever concepts and beliefs you may still be holding, allowing you to acknowledge and then clear them.

Individuals usually need not be consciously aware of the source of their deeper buried fears. (eg; life long fears of heights, water, animals etc.) If this information is necessary in order to clear it, it will be given–in dreams, through a spiritual teacher/channel, or in whatever form may be needed. Do not actively seek to revisit these experiences simply for curiosity sake for this can add energy to that which you are trying to clear.

The job of the spiritual student is to state his intention verbally or silently to clear all old and finished energies from his energy field. With this intention will come whatever help and awareness may be needed. Remember always that you are powerful beings of light and your words, thoughts, and intentions serve to create.

The deeper fears are usually rooted in past life experiences, but until an individual spiritually awakens, new ones continue to blossom as a result of the teachings and influence of a universal impersonal world consciousness containing all human beliefs. Always remember that any fear issues you may discover are never personal, are never really yours, Fear is imposed upon the un-awakened consciousness from the consensus beliefs of separation and duality. These beliefs are always available in human consciousness to be accepted or not–the choice is yours. Evolution is the dissolving of these false energies, replacing them with truth which then manifests outwardly in higher and truer forms.

The real YOU consists only of Divine Consciousness and contains all that is embodied within Divine Consciousness. Your realization of your Oneness with Divine Consciousness automatically constitutes your oneness with every Divine Idea as well as with the spiritual reality of every living thing. However, this realization must become your state of consciousness and cannot be just intellectual knowledge. This is the journey.

When you realize that something is not true , why hold on to it? Ask yourselves that. Too many still view spirituality as nice ideas limited to an hour on Sunday but impractical for everyday living. It is time for all those serious about spiritual evolution and ascension to walk the walk and to cease just talking the talk. Those who confine their spirituality to some Sunday morning service, are going to find that they make very little real spiritual progress and remain enmeshed in outdated concepts and beliefs.

If you seek to come into the actual realization that you are all the things you have been seeking, then you must realize that the “saints” and “holy ones” of the past as well as the present, are no different from you. It is only that they know who they are, they remember. That is the only difference. Now it is time for you to remember– living out from and being all that you truly are. No more victimization, no more feeling sorry for your plight in life, no more whining. It is time dear ones, it is time.

We are the Arcturian Group 8/17/14

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The Arcturian Group – I AM That I AM – Channeller Marilyn Raffaele – 6-22-14

ATT0002877 JUNE 22, 2014

I AM THAT I AM.  Say these words aloud and say them silently.  Hold them sacredly and secretly in your heart and ponder their meaning.  I AM THAT I AM, (The answer given Moses when he asked God’s name) is a  mystical statement of profound truth available to each and every soul for all are in and of the only ONE.  Humanhood is not I AM,  for ego is but an  illusory sense of who and what you are…a personhood created from a consciousness of separation.   These sacred words resulted in torture and death for anyone voicing them in past times of ignorance, powerlessness, and suppression.
I AM THAT I AM has been declared by enlightened masters throughout time but has been overlooked by the un-evolved masses  unable to comprehend the depth or meaning of them.  It was and still is commonly accepted that this statement  applies only to a male God person made in man’s image and likeness looking down from the sky.


Dear ones, you are ready to embrace the deeper truths, taking them into your consciousness and making them yours.  As you sit quietly in meditation or walk alone in a quiet forest, ponder the meaning of “I AM THAT I AM“.   Ask yourselves; “What do these words really mean? Could they apply to me?  Who is this I?  Are they true?”  Note that the words do not say I will be after I meditate for a few more years, or  I could be if I would just work harder–they state “I AM“.    You are ready for this step dear ones, the step in which you begin to actually embrace the deeper truth about yourselves and stop dilly dallying about on the surface of metaphysics.
Arcturian Group wishes to address the upsurge of violence you have been witness to lately and remind you that this is the surfacing of very dense and heavy energies  held for centuries in certain areas of the world.  What may appear to be backward steps for mankind is  actually the activity of ever increasing Light on the long held shadows needing to be cleared.  Energies of the past must  be seen as such–the past, old, finished.  They must  give way to the  new  for the only life and power theyreally have comes from the universal belief in them.  This is how evolution works.
Try not to focus on  violence or the people involved in it,  but instead realize that everyone is a spiritual being acting out from their present state of consciousness–many of which are still fully enmeshed in duality and separation.  Hold to truth regardless of  appearances, not denying them or dismissing them as simply illusions, but remembering  how appearances are formed.  The material world represents a mind interpretation according to individual and global states of consciousness–world belief system. In the human scene you see the perfect creations and qualities of Divine Consciousness through a stained glass window–the colors and formations, your state of consciousness.
A consciousness  fully aware of its oneness with the fullness of Source will appear outwardly as whatever is needed (not always what you think you need) because Divine consciousness-(your consciousness when awakened)- is complete, harmonious, and whole in every way.  When you forget and allow yourselves to resonate  with appearances of duality and separation, you add energy and fuel to them, the only substance they have.
This is a difficult time for all–many are suffering and everyone is feeling the intensity of the new energies while at the same time clearing that which is old and heavy.  Do what you are guided to do by way of helping others in the human scene, but first and foremost hold to the truth–this is the way change will come for the outer scene simply manifests the inner.  You are creators but have not realized it.
Those who would prefer that you remain in the darkness and ignorance of the past,  are using every opportunity to spark fear and chaos at this time but much of that which worked before, is no longer working.  Try not to buy into ploys meant to feed world fear,  and be aware of what is going on.  Stay in the stillness of your center when  presented with the negativity and violence constantly being broadcast from the media and do not engage.  Be aware, but  not continually immersed  in the negative stories for that simply brings your energy field down to that level.
It is not easy to break free of the hypnotism of the third dimension.  There are many observing your struggles with great admiration for your strength and determination.  You are powerful beings of Light and are doing a fine job within an energy that does not yet fully support that.   You have experienced lifetime after lifetime in third dimensional energy and are programmed by these experiences  to look for solutions and answers with the mind.
You are  learning to  shift yourselves away from that impersonal universal human mind  filled with every belief of duality and separation and into a realization  that outer pictures whether good or bad,  have nothing real to sustain or maintain them–only belief. This is what is meant by the bible term “seeing through a glass darkly”…the manifestations of Divine Consciousness are always complete and perfect and embody all Its qualities (completeness, wholeness, abundance, joy etc. etc.) but when these ideas flow through the filter of duality and separation, they become something different.
The material world is a mind translation of  perfect Divine Ideas.  Imagine a bread pan… the dough is your state of consciousness and the bread pan is your mind.  The loaf is formed from the dough you put in it.
There is only ONE MIND…another profound truth that many will at first resist.   Take this truth into your hearts and ponder it.  You are more than ready to receive and embrace the deeper truths, to shift out of metaphysics and into mysticism.
In the human scene, the One mind- your mind, becomes conditioned by whatever  false beliefs you accept. Every  belief ever believed is floating  in human consciousness and is never yours personally until accepted.  Because of past life experiences, each person  has a propensity for particular beliefs over others.  (Some may be more prone to health beliefs, others more prone to relationship beliefs etc. )
It is important not to claim old energies back  during your clearing process. For example you may be clearing cellular memory from the emotional body and re-experiencing  some of these emotions.  Instead of declaring; “I am so depressed, I am so sad, I am so angry etc. etc.” which will fasten them back to you, recognize that these are simply old energies clearing and let them go.  The world would have you believe that there is a pharmaceutical solution to any and every discord (much to the financial benefit of these companies).  Seeking to “fix”  clearing symptoms can give them new life and power and slow the process but this is not to say you cannot consult a doctor if you are guided to.
Obsolete third dimensional energies of the past cannot be carried with you  into the new and higher resonance no matter how well they may have served in the past.  The choice as always, is yours.
As you begin to live out from the One Mind which contains within it no false concepts or beliefs, the outer scene will begin to reflect that, your consciousness will be  manifesting clearer interpretations of Divine Ideas.  Do not make the mistake of spending your time looking for results, saying: “Oh I have practiced and failed.  It doesn’t work.”   Change does not happen over night, and simply having the knowledge of truth does is not the same as the consciousness of it.  Eons of time and millions of experiences were necessary to develop each state of consciousness into readiness to awaken. First comes receptivity, then the intellectual knowledge, then the practice, and finally a new  state of consciousness is born, one which then manifests in the outer as the higher and better forms.
Take the profound mystical truths we have given you today into you hearts dear ones, for you are ready.  Examine them, ask your higher selves and Guides to help you understand and move into the consciousness of them, and practice.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                     6/22/14

The Arcturian Group – Marilyn Raffaele – 4-27-14

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Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele




APRIL 27,20

Marilyn Raffaele

We are the Arcturian group and we are here to assist those of earth in their ascension into the higher frequencies of love and light…frequencies that many do not yet even know exist.   Many still live lives enmeshed in unawareness, hypnotized by the pictures presented within third dimensional vibration because a “veil of forgetfulness” is in place  on earth.  Mankind is struggling to remember who they are while in the density of  believing they are separate and apart from each other as well as their God…or if even there is such a thing as God.
Fear not dear ones, for you are always loved and protected even when it may seem that you are not, even a child must be allowed to fall and skin his knee at times. Your  Divinity is your protection as you can never be separate from who and what you are regardless of how many millions of years it may take.    No person, experience, or belief can ever separate you from what you are.  This realization is your protection and support in all things and will deflate every balloon of nothingness you may face.
Always remember that the  physically and emotionally painful experiences you encounter  are life lessons set up by you with the help of your spiritual Guides and teachers before entering into this particular incarnation.  As an individual evolves the  harsher life experiences begin to  lessen for he is now manifesting from a higher state of consciousness and can learn in easier ways.
Always know that the intense, painful clearings many of you are experiencing right now are  positive things, graduations–signs that the soul is now evolved enough to recognize and clear energies long kept  deeply buried.  Now  is about letting go of the past and  learning to love and honor all facets of self in the journey to knowing SELF.
There are those that read metaphysical books, go to classes, and spend a great deal of time talking about metaphysics and mystical truth but then continue to live their lives as they always have.  Truth must be lived.  It must be practiced with every experience of daily living no matter how mundane, until it becomes your state of consciousness at which time living it becomes automatic and will be who you are.  Truth is not just an interesting theory to be discussed, compared and then dismissed, the time for discussion is over.
Truth cannot be discussed in general groups because every individual is living out from their attained state of consciousness and groups  will always have those without “ears to hear”, who simply want to argue.  Truth is never to be argued or imposed on another.  This does not mean that you should not  share with those on your level of awareness,  but in general the spiritual  journey is a silent, secret, and very sacred one–a living, moving, and having one’s being in Oneness.
Change comes in the outer world as  mankind’s’ inner world evolves.  An example of this can be seen in changes now taking place with regard to animal cruelty and other issues heretofore considered unimportant.   What you observe is what the consciousness of mankind globally and  individually  creates.  There are no victims.  War, cruelty, dishonesty, power struggles etc. etc. are the manifestations of separation/duality consciousness.  Us versus them…all so unnecessary in light of the fact that all is ONE and that ONE does not embody ideas of  discord.   The war  lesson is one that many are painfully learning right now.
Mankind is ready to create a new world by  pulling back from and releasing all that is old and finished, fearlessly embracing  new and higher concepts of oneness.
We wish to speak of  the healing energy of love.   Love  is the activity/interconnectedness energy  of the One manifesting ITSELF as the many.  As this truth becomes your attained state of consciousness,  it automatically aligns you with the higher frequencies…displacing  the dense and heavy false vibrations of duality and separation which have no law to hold them in place.   Since complete and harmonious Divine Consciousness is the true essence of every individual,  the more aligned with truth you become, the more the outer will begin to reflect it…physically, emotionally, and mentally.

This is the work, this is the journey.  Truth begins simply as mental knowledge but must be  practiced and lived until it  becomes your state of consciousness at which time it then begins to appear outwardly as what is needed…health, ideas, companionship, home etc.
Meditation is the best healing and beauty treatment you can give yourselves because in meditation  you are resting in the  higher resonating and harmonious frequencies of Oneness.

Most of mankind is ready to stop seeking outwardly in the realization that  the substance of everything lies within.  Understand that these words are  not simply a nice quote from some mystical poet.  Learn to  never  again seek your good in the outer for all that you will ever need is forever and permanently already embodied within the Consciousness that you are.  When you understand this but then continue to seek your good from the world, you create a spiritual gap between your sense of self and your real self.
Once an individual attains the  realization of Oneness,  the outer experiences of will begin to reflect joy , health, happiness, and fulfillment which  the world will see as healing.  Outer change can only manifest after the state of consciousness is attained because the substance of all things is consciousnessnot someone else’s consciousness–yours.  A healer working on a high level of awareness may  temporarily lift a person’s energy, but unless the individual himself keeps it there, his issues will return, re-created by his own state of consciousness.
You say what does this mean, how can everything I need be within…car, house, job?   Divine consciousness (which is what you are), embodies every spiritual idea.  These spiritual ideas in turn  manifest outwardly  in the forms you can understand and appreciate.  A car is the material sense of Omnipresence.  A home is the material sense of consciousness–I live and move and have my being always in Consciousness.   The person who loves the solitary life, will not suddenly manifest a partner because that would not represent completeness for him.  Music, art, medicine, science,  ideas and inventions of every form and variety can and will flow from the infinite Source within if the door is opened.  Divine Consciousness–your consciousness, is Self sustained and Self maintained and is ever complete and manifesting Itself.   How you see these manifestations is determined by your awake or unawake state of consciousness.
Begin to claim your birthright, recognize  and manifest it.  Your good is not going to fall down from the heavens the minute you go to church, say the right prayer words,  or do a good deed. It can only manifest the higher and better forms as you realize you already are it.
This is the lesson and the time is now.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                                  4/27/14

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele – 3-2-14


Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

Greetings to all. We observe Light on Gaia increasing each day, and bringing with it a new world wide awareness of issues and problems that the majority were heretofore unable or unwilling to see. Appearances would say that the world is getting worse, but what you are witnessing is the Light now shining into the dark places and bringing to the forefront all that needs to be addressed in new and higher ways.

Many governments are starting to understand that the old self serving ways of doing business are no longer working. Many “leaders” choosing to resist any change, and will eventually find themselves in one way or another removed. All, from world leaders to so called “common folk” who insist upon holding tight to energies that are finished will begin to experience difficulties because the new energies do not nor cannot support anything held in place only through belief and concepts. Go within dear ones, and honestly examine what concepts and beliefs you may still be rigidly holding on to.

We wish to speak of compassion–a topic often confused with sympathy or the ignorant enabling of another. Compassion is a facet of love and is the ability to see another’s pain and suffering without entering in to it. This often means (especially with families and friends) offering assistance of some sort when intuitively guided. However, in compassion one NEVER ENTERS INTO THE ENERGY FIELD OF THE OTHER, that is sympathy.

When an individual spiritually evolves, his energy field begins to radiate ever more light and others are drawn to this energy. Each and every soul is seeking to experience the completeness of their true nature but are only able interpret this inner yearning within the bounds of their attained state of consciousness. Thus you have spiritually immature souls forever seeking that which is within, in the without. They seek completeness through wearing the “right” clothes, being beautiful or strong, or in having material possessions and money. Many confuse the love they seek with sex, and allow themselves to be used by others. Because society in general is based in duality and separation, it continues to promote solutions for happiness in hundreds of forms, none of which will satisfy the longings of the Soul for conscious reconnection to Source.

A soul’s immaturity has nothing to do with chronological age. There are many very evolved souls living in young bodies right now and many who have been on earth for a long time who remain spiritually immature. Spiritually immature individuals are often repelled by anyone holding great Light because this energy is a threat their firmly held but false belief system. They are usually not even consciously aware of why they may not like a certain individual. This is the root of much fear in the world for there remain many who continue to resist anything that may “rock” their comfortable boat bubble.

In the early phases of every soul’s search for completeness comes a reaching out to friends, strangers, Gurus etc.–anyone who seems to have the answers. They do not yet realize that that which they so desperately seek lies within. They feel the higher resonance of another’s energy field and gravitate towards it. It usually starts very simply, through questions like; “How did you get through this? Why are you always so calm? What do you think about this or that?” This can be a co-worker, friend, or family member. Most of you, being loving persons, are more than happy to help the person who suddenly unburdens but this is where you must be very aware and alert dear ones, not allowing yourselves to drop into their energy which then becomes sympathy.

It is commonly accepted that identifying with another’s pain is a loving action– “Oh you poor person. I understand/feel your pain. How could he/she do that to you?” etc etc. When you do this, you become a part of their energy field and make yourself available to be “drained” of energy. How many times have you experienced feeling totally “wiped out” after being with certain people? This can only happen when you open yourselves to those seeking more energy, These dear ones are unaware of what they are doing, but in their unhappiness and desire to be whole they draw on other’s energy. We do not like the term, but this is where the term “energy suckers” comes from.

In order to serve and help those seeking help, a Light worked must work in the energy of compassion. Practically, this means you can lovingly listen to or observe the problems presented, even offering some suggestions, but never fully entering into the energy of what is being presented. You recognize the appearance to be illusory, with no law to support it and based in the third dimensional consciousness. These deeper realizations NEVER prevent one from taking whatever human footsteps may be necessary–the practical everyday tasks so often called for–whatever is needed or you are guided to do. However, in doing these things, do not allow yourselves to be enablers–stay centered, always remembering that every individual has a Higher Self, Guides, and a contract/plan that they themselves chose before entering into this earth experience.

As we have said before, love never means being another’s door mat, nor does it mean you are tied forever to those you may not resonate with simply because they are a relative or childhood friend. It is ok to move on when someone wants you to do their work for them. Love and compassionate action means remembering the truth about every single individual in your consciousness–those drawn to you and those you read or hear about.

Always allow others the freedom to learn from their own mistakes while giving them the support they may need. There are times when this may mean simply leaving someone alone. It is ego to believe one has the right or duty to “save” another. Everyone is a spiritual being having human experiences in order to grow and evolve.

This Light not only attracts family, friends, and co-workers but also attracts some on the other side who have not yet moved into the light of their journey. There are those who do not even realize that they have transitioned to the other side (drug overdose, accident, coma, etc.) and are confused.

These dear ones often find themselves drawn to the Light of an evolved energy field. If you experience them (often in a half awake/half asleep state) do not be afraid, but tell these dear ones, that they need move into the Light where they will find help and guidance. You can ask for Light beings, Angels or relatives of the person to come and guide them to where they need to be. Occasionally one will not want to leave, and you can just say to them; “Go”.

Compassion is love in action, sympathy is the three dimensional concept of it.

This is Light work. This is how you plant seeds of truth and help others to evolve. We only say that as your own energy field attracts others seeking what you have, be aware of the temptation to enter into their state of consciousness, for you can never lift another up if you are on the same level as the problem. Humanly yes, but not spiritually.

This is compassion, this is love, this is the work.

We are the Arcturian Group 3/2/14


The Arcturian Group – Love and Gratitude – Channel: Laura Tyco – 11-24-13


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The Arcturian Group 11/24/13

By: Laura Multidimensional Ocean

NOVEMBER 24, 2013

Dear ones, once again it is that time on earth where the many are preparing to celebrate gratitude. It is therefore time that you understand gratitude in a more enlightened way, for gratitude is simply the other side of love–they work together. Gratitude is the flow of love returning to you and thus creating a circle of energy that flows out from and then flows back to you. It is spiritual living.

Everyday commerce is actually the flow of love and gratitude interpreted by mind in a material way. The service someone performs, or the product he sells is a 3d dimensional sense of love and your payment or barter is the gratitude. It is a circular and complete flow (out as love, back as gratitude) and the failure to express gratitude blocks this.

Businesses can only be truly successful when functioning in this flow of love and gratitude, especially as the vibrational level of Gaia rises. Businesses that function only for their own self interests will no longer survive because the necessary energy flow will not be there to sustain them. You are all familiar with business that you love to pay (gratitude) because they are so pleasant, honest, and have done a fine job (love). You are all familiar with the other sort as well.

Gratitude is not simply about giving thanks for something that has been received, but is a state of consciousness that reflects unconditional love–that regardless of any appearances to the contrary, all is spiritual and of Divine origin. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell reflects a Divine idea as interpreted by the state of consciousness of individual as well as universal mind.

Those who are unable to receive on any level, have accepted the false belief that they are not worthy or that this view represents a state of humility. Being unwilling or unable to accept love in all or any of its forms, blocks the flow and leaves an individual unable to experience the full circle of love and gratitude. False beliefs about love can act to block this flow and happens to those individuals riddled with concepts of what love must look like in order to be love–concepts thrown at you daily from media in all its forms. Those living in this universal illusion try unsuccessfully time after time to create love according to these false ideas and fail, because concepts have no underlying reality to them and arise from false information.

Believing oneself to be unworthy of love or gratitude is a facet of the duality and separation belief system–the belief that one is born a sinful being undeserving of gifts and blessings until clawing his way painfully to salvation. These ideas are obsolete dear ones, do not fall into this trap for you are well beyond this now. Those unable to experience self-love or express it through love and gratitude frequently manifest their inner pain as violence, lashing out at the world in frustration. Through ignorance of spiritual truth, they feel “unworthy” of love (energy of duality and separation) and do not understand why or what to do about it. They do not yet realize that ALL are worthy because ALL ARE…

True self love only comes with the realization that the self is really SELF–in and of the Divine, and that no circumstance or appearance can ever change this regardless of what one may of been taught or told, and regardless of any popular beliefs.

As an individual unfolds into truth and learns who he really is , self-love begins. Self becomes very easy to love once it no longer carries a heavy burden of judgement and criticism toward self and the world. He begins to recognize that the Divine Light of the masters is the same Divine Light he carries for there is only one–manifested in and through individual consciousness but always the One. He understands that mistakes he has made along the way were simply facets of his learning process and are now tools with which he can assist others. He begins to understand that nothing has the power to make him unworthy for there is only ONE power and that is the Divine. It was all a dream… It now becomes easy to give and receive because he knows that there is no limit to the flow that never was his personally ( this is the erroneous belief that results in poverty) but is in and of an Infinite Source. There is Infinity to release and an infinite capacity to receive from Self…the One.

An important facet of love and gratitude lies in allowing others to give. If you know you need nothing, but someone wants to express by giving to you, allow them to do this for the lesson of love and gratitude is something that all must learn. It begins with baby steps– simply giving away something or saying thank-you for blessings received, then when the student is ready it moves into a deeper understanding of the underlying energy .

Love and gratitude are the same energy and flow from Divine Consciousness which is infinitely complete and whole. Love is the activity of Oneness, interpreted by the state of consciousness of the individual–examine and ponder this statement for it is the basis of evolving out of the old and untrue. Gratitude is simply an openness to, and reflection back of the energy of love whatever its form.

Energy will bounce back to the sender if not received. This can work to keep you from negative outside influences for when you keep your energy field filled with the high resonating vibrations of truth and light, negative energy will simply bounce back to the sender finding nothing to attach to at its lower level of vibration. This information explains how many superstitious practices (hexing, evil eye etc. etc.) actually work…the receiver through his superstitious belief in the power of these things opens himself and invites the negative energy sent in.

Gratitude–study, ponder, and meditate into its deeper meanings and then celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving at a new level.

We see you having much change shortly in your world. All is proceeding according to plan with many awakening to new ways of seeing and doing and believing. Old energies are quickly dissolving into to the Light of more global awareness. Keep your light high and bright dear ones. We send you much love and gratitude on your celebration day.

We are the Arcturian Group 11/24/13

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Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 11-10-13



Much change is now taking place and more is coming on ever broadening levels. We see that the manifestations of your awakening consciousness are beginning to surface and manifest outwardly.  Do not expect change to fit into a concept that you may hold  regarding how these changes must look, for that is very human and there are many who still preach and believe that ascension can only appear in a certain way.

We wish to speak of creativity.  The belief that mind and brain are the same thing, and that the brain is the only  creative source  is where many have gotten off track. This is only natural, as it is what you have been taught–to look at the mind/brain as creative source–and indeed it is, but not in the way mankind has been led to believe.

Mind is an awareness tool, and what  it is aware of depends upon one’s state of consciousness.  The brain is the machine that keeps everything running–the material sense of omniscience and a storehouse of knowledge.  What it works from and stores as information are the contents of universal world consciousness (3d concepts and beliefs).  As the brain becomes more educated in truth through your deepening evolution, it will begin to use that information instead the old.  The brain is a busy fellow who notices when something is not running according to its programming and will relay that to you through pain or stress.  Dreams often seem very bizarre simply because the brain is not programmed to understand some of your night time experiences and simply makes something up  based on the information it has.

Many believe that the brain is creative, and struggle to create with it, but anything created on that level will always flow from what is already known–the matrix of world  consciousness. A person can change the form somewhat, but it will remain in and of what is already known and therefore never new.   True creativity  flows forth from a deeper level–an infinite creative source within you, and thus its creations are always new and fresh having never before manifested.  Creativity is never limited to  education, status, income, job, etc. , for all are in and Source and all thus have access. You can never be without your creativity, for it is you, and new ideas of every form and variety will  begin to flow forth as you open to and allow it.

Pause often to stop and go within,  silently acknowledging your oneness with all that is.  This opens the door and allows whatever  ideas you are in need of, to flow forth.  Art, music, or literature brought forth only from the brain, is  limited to whatever is already known and is easily recognized in uninspiring music or books.  Many sincere hard working artists are unaware of this principle. Believing that they create from their brain, they don’t understand why they are only  drawing forth what is already known  with  occasional glimpses at true creativity.

Drugs became popular with many artists  simply because through drugs they found that they could transcend the brain and access deeper levels of creativity.  They did not understand that creativity is everyone’s  birthright and can flow though an artist  infinitely in ever new forms once accessed.  Art forms created from deeper levels of creativity  automatically act to draw forth a corresponding energetic response which is why there are those termed “masters” whose art you may not even like or understand, but are drawn to.

Creativity is not limited to the arts, but is true of every new and heretofore unknown idea that comes into manifestation .  Scientific breakthroughs come forth not from the brain, but through a well trained and scientifically educated brain, and often seeded by scientific minds on the other side working to help mankind evolve.

The individual mind translates information from  infinite  source (omniscience) into recognizable form–whatever is needed for that individual.  A musician does not receive  ideas regarding scientific breakthroughs because his brain has not been prepared  to understand  this information.  The painter will probably not  receive  ideas for new literary works or a fabulous new recipe, but the writer and the chef will–although throughout time there have always been those evolved souls able to receive on more than one level.  Famous scientists/artists  like Leonardo DeVinci represent very evolved states of consciousness, those  who never fully closed the doors to their inner awareness.

Everyone has creativity within them  because it is who and what you really are–creators. Learn to get out of your own way, away from forcing the brain to create.  Artists, sit in front of your blank canvas and just begin…no thinking, allowing the work to  unfold.   The more these truth is realized, the more it will manifest outwardly  as the creativity you are seeking.  Mind translates your state of consciousness into whatever forms  are personal, necessary, and understandable  for you.  Never compare for that which represents completeness for you may not be considered completeness for another.

Qualities  valued in third dimensional thinking often involve only the outer appearances of a person, place, or object.  You witness this daily in the world’s obsessive hero worship–the imitation of movie stars, the rich, the famous, or anyone considered “important”.  Hero worship is based in the false belief that you are less than them–less worthy, less loveable, of less value.  Never, ever believe  yourselves to be “less than” dear ones, but understand that only you can change the issues of your life experience if they seem to be “less than”.  It is only because you  believed yourself to be unworthy or  “less than”,  that allowed your mind to perfectly translate that belief  into your experience.  All have had  lifetimes of wealth and lifetimes in poverty,  lives of fame and “importance”, as well as lives as servants because all experiences are needed in order to spiritually evolve.

Everything is energy, it is the substance of all that is.  The higher frequencies  of Divine truth are seen and experienced as Light.  Over eons of time false beliefs of duality  and separation caused this energy personally and globally, to vibrate more slowly, becoming heavier and dense. There are  certain places (battlefields, bars, etc) where you can easily feel these denser energies.   Some still choose to resonate  with the denser energies, but increasingly many do not.  Never be afraid to acknowledge and let go of something no matter how familiar, once  you realize that you no longer resonate with it for this simply means you are moving to a new level.

Even if you find yourself mired in issues you cannot easily escape from, begin the process of realizing who you are and knowing that  appearances of good or evil have no law to support them or hold them permanently in place.   This awareness  will begin to break the illusion–the substance of appearances– and  serves to move you to new levels.

We are the Arcturian Group.

The Arcturian Group – Create Your Own Evolution – Listen to Intuition – 10-28-13

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The Arcturian Group October-28-2013
Marilyn Raffaele

The Arcturian Group – You are the Divine I AM – Illusion increasingly dissolves with each soul who hears and heeds their inner voice – Oracles and Healers – Marilyn Raffaele

              Greetings dear people of the great planet Gaia, we rejoice with you as we observe the Light  flowing forth from and to you at this time.  Earth is moving quickly toward a new universal energy which increases with every person who opens their heart and mind to new and higher ways of seeing.  We observe people the  world over questioning and asking themselves if what they are being told by those in charge is actually true.  This questioning  indicates  personal and universal receptivity  to truth which in turn  brings focus and change to the myriad  forms of  powerlessness so many still experience. This is how change happens.
             The new receptivity of individual consciousness is bringing an awareness that man is  much more than just a servant for those holding world power.  Illusion  increasingly dissolves with each soul who hears and heeds their inner voice  and begins to awaken to the truth of who they really are.  Most of the world does not yet understand the spiritual nature of the energetic changes taking place.  They desire change because  living as they have always known and accepted,  no longer resonates with them and  many  are finding their voice–experiencing a new courage and strength with which to communicate and live in  new ways.
                 You are rapidly reaching the point at which more people are questioning the status quo than not, which is  a sure sign of consciousness change.  Do not expect  change to manifest fully in one moment, but know that evolution on this grand scale must be a gradual process.  You have lived many lifetimes in and of the third dimensional energy that always reflects the  pairs of opposites–experiences that are deeply ingrained physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is what is now clearing, releasing, and bringing the changes  taking place within you.  This will  enable you  to hold higher frequencies not present on earth before.  Be patient dear ones, and know that when you gave your permission to ascend, your Higher Self began the process.  You don’t have to make it happen, it IS happening for it is the Reality of you.
              It is time for every serious spiritual seeker to stop looking outside of themselves for Light to come to them in some form or another and begin to realize;  “I am the Light”.  This  step  must be taken if you are to move out of the old third dimensional way of understanding the world.  “I am the way, the truth, and the light.”–words not spoken simply by and for the master Jesus, but words spoken by him in order to explain to those listening that “I”  is not a personal “I”, but “I” is the Divine–the one and only “I” — your true identity. Since the Divine is all there is, it must  also your real Self–how else could you exist?
“I” is the  name of the Divine and the words “I AM” do not refer to one human being, but to the true essence of every being.  “I” is a sacred word.  Throughout time and even now,  there are those who through  gross ignorance and ego, have misinterpreted this truth to mean that they in their humanhood were God.  In this false sense of self they always proceed to  set up  rules and teachings  for others with dire consequences if not obeyed.   Their spiritually ignorant followers more often than not do experience dire consequences of some sort, for in their choice to  follow these false prophets they willingly give away their power.
            Many have sought in the past and still seek  to find enlightenment through certain practices, churches, teachers, symbols, etc. all of which definitely help  lead one  to a certain  point of enlightenment.  However, there comes a point when the spiritual student must  let go of these tools, and step into their own power and  identity or they will forever be students of truth, never  realizing or experiencing  truth.
          For those of you evolved enough to be understanding these messages, it is time for you to stop being students of one path or another and acknowledge that YOU ARE THE PATH, THE TOOL, THE MESSAGE.   The tools are helpful up to a certain point,  but become blocks when depended upon past the time when they were needed.  The child must become an adult at some point regardless of how comfortable it is to simply be told what to believe or what to do.
            We are NOT are saying that you must give up your spiritual group or  books and classes that may still speak to you,  or any of your spiritual activities.  We are saying that there comes a time when a student must begin to see the tools for what they are, tools–  tools that have helped you get to where you are,  to the  understanding that you ALREADY ARE complete, and whole, and abundant, and perfect, etc. Understand that there is nothing that can ever make you more  than you ALREADY ARE be it a person, book, relationship, path, drug, job,etc.  Many of you are discovering that most books no longer speak to you in the way they used to.  Honor that.  This means that you are now able to receive your teaching from within.  If you enjoy going to  church each week, fine, but let go of the belief that if you miss or even stop going you will be less–church is within you–do you understand?
           Crystals carry their own wonderful energy, but this energy can manifest no higher than the individual working with it which is true of oils, colors, vibrations etc etc.  These tools in the hands of a very evolved individuals can bring about change for good  but in the hands of someone with evil intent, they can bring about the opposite representing the duality and separation that constitutes  third dimensional energy.   It is the  state of consciousness that determines how they are used, so let go of the power you have given to so many tools.  When an individual buys a crystal guaranteed to bring abundance or healing or whatever, yet continues to live out from  a consciousness of lack and limitation, that crystal’s innate energy is limited to that individuals ability to channel the energy of it.   This is the shift out of metaphysics and into mysticism.
             Mysticism is the realization that you already embody your true essence; Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience. In the past these Divine  qualities have been  interpreted by the world at large through a lens of third dimensional thinking–always appearing as a separation from what is needed–thus the need for tools be they gurus, books, classes, ceremonies, etc.  These things serve to lift an individual into a higher energy and are helpful for the beginner but–YOU ARE IN THE HIGHER ENERGY NOW.
          You reclaim your power the minute you realize I already am.  This is  the step most of you are ready for and is the difference between metaphysics and mysticism.  Metaphysics works to change a bad picture into a good one.  Mysticism sees nothing needing to be fixed for it knows that good appearances and bad appearances are both the manifestations of the belief in duality and separation–two ends of the same stick.
We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group – Unconditional Love – Channeler Marilyn Raffaele – August 31, 2013

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AUGUST 31, 2013

Greetings dear ones.  Again we come to bring  hope and the light of guidance for all is proceeding according to plan.  Try not to simply turn away when you hear this, for we know you hear words of change coming from many channels and yet nothing appears to change.  It is important to  let go of any concepts you may still hold with regard to how world change must manifest for in holding specific ideas of change you look out through the lens of third dimensional concepts and see third dimensional appearances.  It is time to  move into trust and the practice of truth.

We see change  in the hearts of many who previously lived lives of anger and resentment as the higher resonating energies pour to earth at this time allowing more and more people to open to the experience of compassion  regardless of any previously held prejudices.  Every unfolding awareness adds another spark of unconditional love to universal world consciousness and helps to  bring about the changes you all seek.

Unconditional love does not mean you must seek an emotional connection to everyone, but means that in spite of any appearances to the contrary, you  recognize everyone is the manifestation of the Divine even if they themselves do not know or care.  This is unconditional love and the practice of it does not prevent you from saying what may need to be said to someone  behaving in ways  needing to be addressed.   When words are spoken with an awareness of the other’s Divine nature they  flow on an energy of Light whereas  those same words spoken  in the energy of duality and separation, carry a low resonance.

Life on earth is  about learning to move through and then beyond the false concepts and beliefs that constitute the third dimension.  This is evolution.   Mankind is creative by virtue of being in and of the Divine but because most have been unaware of who they really are, your world universally and personally has shown forth the perfectly created manifestations of duality and separation.  This will only change as mankind changes  and begins to create his world in and through truth.

It is time to become aware of and examine any lingering concepts you may still  hold with regard to what passes for “life as usual”.  Concepts are simply untrue beliefs passed down and accepted through time as truth.  Listen  closely and be guided by those intuitive nudges that  pop up when you are quietly thinking or in conversation with another.  Every issue of normal daily life is spiritual activity overlaid with third dimensional concepts. This is why there is no need to separate your spiritual life from your every day life as so many do–it is all spiritual.  The work is to see the underlying reality of all things.

An example of this could be that you are seeking a new home.  You look and look for the perfect home and cannot seem to find it.  If you can realize that you are never separate from your perfect home (Divine Consciousness) the physical interpretation of this realization  will manifest in the outer.  This is how you reinterpret everything in the physical world through new eyes.  Practice seeing through any and all appearances to the spiritual  reality that constitutes  what you are seeing.

If disease actually existed in Divine Consciousness, it could never ever  be healed because it would exist eternally as a reality.  Do you understand?  All that is real is held in place by Divine law and cannot be altered in any way.  It is only mankind’s’ false interpretations  that  see good and evil.   Intelligence, abundance, harmony, peace, joy, love (oneness), completeness, wholeness,  etc, etc.  are infinitely embodied within Divine omnipresent Consciousness and must be recognized and accepted as your real Self.  Nothing exists outside of  Divine Consciousness and all appearances to the contrary are simply false interpretations.  These truths constitute your journey from metaphysics to mysticism.

Concepts reflect the thinking of the timeline in which they occur and reflect  whatever the state of consciousness was at that time in that location.  Some concepts dissolve as society evolves, but others just as erroneous come to take their place if states of consciousness remain the same. Evolution is the process of moving beyond concepts and into the Truth about God and man.

There was a time of when it was believed that the burning of healers and  lightworkers as witches was an appropriate way to deal with “evil”.  The dense consciousness and its accompanying belief system of those times did not permit anyone but God to have spiritual gifts.  God was a man in the sky with rules and regulations to be followed under fear of punishment and evil was a red man with horns called Satan or devil. This is a glaring example of how the consciousness of duality and separation ignorantly manifests in the world.

Society has evolved beyond  burning people for having spiritual gifts, but  still holds  many concepts just as obsolete and still permits unduly harsh punishments for those who may have chosen to  disregard some aspect of currently accepted dogma.

When an individual chooses to live governed  by some dogma and its accompanying rigid rules of right and wrong, he chooses to  live in bondage.  Regardless of whether the dogma comes from a religion, government, or a person of authority, it still simply represents  someone’s interpretation of truth–their concepts and beliefs. This is why you are urged to go within, to practice meditation and get your information directly, YOU DO NOT NEED A GO BETWEEN. Reality is free, loving, joyous, birthless, deathless, changeless and is infinitely held in place  by Divine law and IS WHO YOU ARE.

You are ready dear ones to take the deeper steps of reinterpreting  everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell  into its spiritual reality which means living each day doing what is given you to do, but seeing through any bad or good appearances to the reality.  It is a removing of the labels from everything.

The world  is not an illusion, but false concepts of the world are the illusion.

This is the work dear ones,  this is how you shift your world into a new state of consciousness, and it is indeed work, especially at first and no one can do it for you.  This is why you chose to be on earth at this powerful time.  There are many who hear and read truth, even pretending to be serious truth students  but are unwilling to release their comfortable old beliefs.  Many feel that mystical truths are too impractical to take seriously, and so choose instead to stay in the status quo of what they  already know.

At this time you are clearing  physical cellular memory as well as your  emotional and mental bodies–everything that cannot be carried with you into higher dimensional energy.  Physical, emotional, and mental clearings frequently manifest in ways that may be uncomfortable on many levels so learn not to panic but to pay attention to these experiences  which are sign posts indicating what you may still hold that needs forgiveness,  acceptance, and unconditional love–for self as well as others.

Send light to your physical cells telling them to release any old and finished energy they still hold from this life time and past lifetimes.  Inform  your mental body that you now choose to  let go of all false beliefs.   Consciously choose  that your emotional body release any toxic negative emotional energy and be replaced with unconditional love.

This is the work dear ones, and you are ready and fully able to do it, should you choose.

We are the Arcturian Group

Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 14 July 2013

We are here to give messages of love and light.  All of you reading  these messages are Beings of Light–some more aware of it  than others,  but all trying to understand spiritual  truth while living lives under a veil of forgetfulness that comes with an incarnation on earth.
All is proceeding according to plan so try not to accept appearances that say  nothing is happening.  Any concepts still held as what the change must look like will simply result in doubt and confusion. Some changes will appear as expected, but at others will not. Much is taking place on levels you cannot see with your human eyes especially if you are expecting to  see it through popular media.  Chaos is a sign of great energy release and change.  Allow the process to unfold while staying in the highest light and truth you know and sending Light to the world. This is all about moving beyond duality and into the realization that all is One and it begins within the heart–unfolding within individuals who have been on a spiritual path for many years as well as within those who have never before given any  thought to  living  differently.
Learn to  see beyond  third dimensional appearances to the spiritual reality existing behind the scene in the realization that good appearances are just as much illusory as bad appearances. Human eyes  see only the mind’s interpretation of a spiritual idea and thusly any mind  filled with concepts of duality (this is good but that is bad), will always manifest  experiences of good and experiences of bad. The work of evolution is to move beyond  beliefs of good and evil and into the realization that there is only One Divine Consciousness and IT contains no opposite.
You are ready to accept that you are creators but  you must decide whether to create from a level of truth  or to continue creating from within the duality and separation of the third dimension.  As you learn to see through material appearances to the reality behind them, life on earth will begin to lose its sting–events and appearances that would have once caused distress are now seen in a new light and with it new understanding–spiritual growth is taking place.
A good example of a universally accepted appearance  is death, which causes so much painful suffering for those left behind. It must be understood that death is an illusion. Every soul chooses to be on earth for  any number of reasons.  Sometimes it is to complete unfinished business with another.  At other  times it is to experience something the individual knows he must experience before any further progress can be made but no person ever actually dies– he simply goes back home leaving behind the human concept of body.
Life must be forever because it is in and of an Infinite Source and Divine Substance. Evolution is a gradual movement into the consciousness of this truth through experience on earth as well as in other places.  Many are  choosing to leave at this time.  Honor them in the realization  that all have  been given the choice of leaving or staying in this powerful time and some are realizing on a soul level that they cannot get their evolution to where it needs to be fast enough and so are choosing to leave and then come back into the new energy at a later time.
Once the world is  able to understand that  their loved ones are not dead, but instead have chosen to  go home, they will be able to  celebrate a loved one’s new journey in spite of their seeming loss.  This is an example of seeing through an appearance to the reality.  You may say; “What about murders, and war?”  These experiences are usually karmic and are  part of a soul lesson necessary in order  to shift an individual beyond a particular state of consciousness–often one the person has held for many lifetimes.  There are many still holding  ancient  warrior energy that needs to be re-experienced in order to be released and activated in a higher dimensional sense.
Earth is a difficult place to evolve because  it continues to resonate with an energy of duality and separation which is what you are now changing. You are the brave souls who have chosen to evolve on and assist earth in this powerfully energetic time. Signs of change can be seen in  the changes  so many of you are experiencing in your bodies, your emotions, your work, your relationships, and your belief systems– all signs that the old energy is dissolving and no longer resonates with you.
There are many from other star systems and higher dimensions  observing as you bring in more and more light in spite of  appearances.  You are  examples of living in Light while still in physical bodies and are doing a fine job of it.
The higher frequency energies now pouring on to earth are also being felt by those who have no awareness of what is taking place often resulting a general sense of non-specific fear and confusion within them.  As a result, these unaware ones may act out in ways that may cause difficulties for  family and friends around them.  Offer guidance if  these dear ones are receptive or simply send Light when they are not.   Always know that every soul has a Higher Self and guides and you are under  no obligation to save the world other than through your own journey of enlightenment which in turn will manifest in the outer, lifting  all who are receptive and bringing in more Light.
This is how you save the world.

We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group – 8 July 2013 – by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

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Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 19 May 2013

Reblogged From:  Lucas2012InfosArcturian Group welcomes all readers to another message of light and love.  We are here to assist  all those choosing to ascend into the higher dimensional energy now becoming ever more apparent  with each passing day.

Those choosing to ascend must experience the clearing of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy fields which is the release of any old dense  energies still being carried  from the past (or present).  This can be an uncomfortable process.  You may find yourselves experiencing days when you cry, are depressed, or angry for no reason. You may be  crying and laughing at the same time while being able to rationally observe the experience much as if you were standing outside of yourself watching.  Many (not all) will re-experience some intense emotional  energies as they release.  Allow them go, not claiming them back in as your personal problem for when you say to yourself;  “I am so depressed” or “I need medication, better go get some pills”  you  hinder the releasing process.

Releases from  physical cellular memory will often flow through  the body’s weakest area resulting in  issues involving a particular area over and over again. Energy release is also done in dreams.  An individual may have dreams of some violent activity such as being a fighting warrior and wonder why.  These dreams are probably the release of stored cellular memory from actual experiences.  Energy may also release in  the exact spot of an old injury where cellular memory  still holds the traumatic event.  People living with excessive fears–water, heights, certain animals, etc.  still carry in their cellular memory some traumatic past experience involving these things.

We have discussed clearing in previous messages, but wish to remind you that all who have chosen to move spiritually forward must clear.  You cannot take the old and dense energies of the third dimension with you into the new and higher.  You are also in the process of opening blocked meridians upon which energy flows as well as clearing  the seven chakras  and bringing in new ones.  Much is going on within you now dear ones, so remember this as you experience these clearings.  Try  to avoid  rushing to  some third dimensional medical  diagnosis with these experiences but do not hesitate to see a doctor if you are being guided to.  Know that many of today’s physical issues for evolving souls is the clearing and release of old energy.

We would like to talk to you about living in the higher frequencies which is  an energy of openness and respect.  Respect for each other’s choices in all areas–no judgement or criticism which is always involves  personal concepts.   Higher dimensional living flows harmoniously on an energy of love because it is lived out from a  realization of Oneness. That which human beings have come to accept as normal  (duality and separation) has programmed them to believe that it is the  reality.   We say to you that it is an aberration–the energy of love and oneness is the reality.  Humans forget the peace and calm lived in on their home planets or in experiences between lives because when a soul chooses to incarnate he willingly accepts the veil of forgetfulness that comes with it.  This  results in  lifetimes on earth lived with  no remembrance of who one really is.

Belief in the permanent reality of duality and separation is now beginning to dissolve as the immense amount of Light flowing to earth from many sources and from your own Divinity shines light on the shadows.  We  remind you of this because as you begin to experience more manifestations of what is real,  the fruits of duality and separation will lessen–the inner is the outer.  You will begin to observe more peace, calm, abundance, respect, joy, health and a sharing of all things because these are  the reality, held in place by Divine law.

Mankind has been programmed to believe in lack, limitation , separation, and evil which has resulted in lifetimes  involving selfish and cruel behavior on the part of any (even you dear ones, in un-awakened lifetimes) who would dominate others in the belief that they would have nothing unless they forcibly took it.  The experience of duality was and still is for some,  an important tool of evolution, but its time is finished for the awakening ones.

That which is old and the false is rapidly dissolving into the nothingness that it really is  and spiritual awareness is beginning to  manifest outwardly as new and higher forms of living which is why you are seeing so much chaos at this time.  Appearances would say the world is falling apart, things are getting worse, and mankind is going backward.  The truth is that higher frequency  Light energy is beginning to shine on the shadows within  governments, churches, businesses, and corporations bringing to light those things that have been heretofore hidden from you.

It is now time to reclaim your innate power dear ones, and make  everyday decisions from a place of awareness.  The bringing of an enlightened consciousness to the daily choices  you make as  human beings will  bring about the change. There needs to be a conscious coming together of the spiritual and the material in your understanding for in truth there is no separation.  The  world you see is simply the material sense of the spiritual reality.

Decisions made from a deeper intuitive place instead of from 3D propaganda  will vote self-serving and un-evolved people out of office.  Not supporting corporations that would feed  you chemicals and junk will bring change.  Refusing to blindly support belief systems and churches that would keep mankind in bondage to  personal and  egotistical doctrine and concepts  will also bring change.

Now is the time for all to accept and  integrate both the masculine (active/be-er, do-er energy) and the feminine (receptive, creative energy) aspects of self.  This  will result in a more balanced, whole, and powerful state of consciousness that  allows the  individual  to function and make choices that serve the higher good instead of being controlled from outside influences.

Evolved beings have learned to live from their center outward, and not from outward to center.  You are the power dear ones,  and it is past time to recognize and begin acting out from this awareness.  Be very aware that we are not talking of power in the sense of power over someone or something  for the use of  power in selfish or self serving ways has been the downfall of many and is in and of the old energy.  We speak of the power that comes from the realization that you are the manifestation of Source and nothing or no person can separate you from that–all that you need is already within.  It is the power of truth that sees nothing needing healing or correction.

Always honestly examine  intention dear ones, for what ever you say and do is carried on the energy of intention.  Be scrupulously honest and true to yourselves asking;  “What am I believing that is making me feel or act this way?”. The energy of truth and light  will always be your guide  in  whatever choices, actions, or words  are necessary if you seek, trust, and allow it.

We are the Arcturian Group

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