Rebalancing – The 12th Road – 2-22-14


With one foot firmly placed in the new, we are now in a place of rebalancing where we are being presented with opportunities to strengthen our core selves. There are complex energies out there right now, where we can be floating around in exuberant joy one moment and thrown into chaos the next, where we are continually being tested by Mercury Retrograde induced mix-ups and delays and prompted to remain strong in our inner Light as we come up against the increasingly uncomfortable darkness that still lingers on. But we have cosmic support in all that we do and all comes to manifest exactly as we need it if only we let go of control and allow ourselves to be guided to receive. I have experienced this in my recent 1500km move from southern Victoria to northern NSW and while relocating during Mercury Retrograde is no smooth ride (I still have internet delays), all has unfolded with an ease that has exceeded my expectations. But with so much action happening between the cosmic heavyweights of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, the astrological climate is set to remain intense. The first 6 months of 2014 were always going to be about restructuring the balance in our lives but the tension that comes through wanting to move forward and feeling restricted can easily send us off kilter. But even if we only we take one small step at a time, with each step we can ask ourselves, does this strengthen my inner balance? This will be even more so during March-May as Mars turns retrograde for a long 3 month period and the clash of the Pluto/Uranus Square builds in mid-April. We are certainly in the energy of new world, where everything that no longer resonates is slowly falling away or falling apart. But in this quest for greater happiness, we are all being guided within. We are the source of our own happiness. It does not come from anywhere else but is always there within ourselves. I feel like I’ve reached a plateau in my own path, a kind of resting place between the old and the new. While I catch my breath and give myself time to rebalance, I am being mindful to slow down and breathe, to be grateful for all that has appeared along the way and to be strong in my faith and belief that my inner Light will continue to guide me towards wherever my path in the new world will take me.


Culminations – The 12th Road


The 12th Road Blog

The Full Moon is upon us again and with it comes the culmination of energy that’s been building since the recent Solar Eclipse and really, in my mind, since the Lunar Eclipse in mid-October. It was always going to be intense travel through these 2 months with so much being shaken up and it’s panning out to be an unsettling mix of sensing we’re on the edge of something huge while being brought back to the minute detail of being in the right here and now. It’s like being asked to tune into the nature of infinity while honing in on the intricacies of nature herself. Each version of reality has its own place in our existence but we find ourselves searching for the balance between the two. For me personally, the past few months have given me a preview of where this Ascension journey is likely to take me. I arrived at a place energetically and yet physically, I’m still here at the top of the mountain, standing at the point of no return while feeling hindered from making the leap forward. I’ve been trying to shift my focus away from the day to day aspects of a life that’s fast disappearing to try and find the higher perspective of what’s happening and by doing so, I created a life map of how I see things fitting together. What I saw was, for me at least, the energy has been coming in bursts of about 6 month phases, so it’s no surprise finding myself on the cusp of another wave of evolution as this month unfolds. This last 6 months has felt like a ‘cross-over’ period where the new has been edging its way in with the support of the old. But now, there’s something different happening where the new is strengthening to the point where the old has to fall away and for that to happen, there must be even deeper purging and release. It seems as if the new is so strong now that to actually be ready to make the leap into it, the old ways must give way. This process may be excruciatingly slow or not, depending largely on where our mindset is. But despite all that’s happening, there is a point of resolution available now that’s encouraging us to stay focussed on living within the new ideology, to keep practicing it until it works, until we’ve unblocked all connections to our innate wisdom. A newsletter from Lemurian Awakening arrived this morning summing these times up beautifully:

Be the master of your reality. This is a lesson you need to learn before you can step further onto this exciting dimensional journey of yours …. Practice is the secret tool of the masters. ~ Adama via Kata

The 12th Road Blog