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Wes Annac   –   Freedom from Duality   –   The Teachers Speak


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

This is a part of The Teachers Speak, a series of articles on the Culture of Awareness.


According to various spiritual teachers, the material world begins with duality. Higher stages of spiritual growth reveal to us that everything is one; we’re all on this journey together and to focus only on our differences is to impede societal and spiritual evolution.

At a certain point, we realize we all share this experience we call life and we can create amazing things if we create them together.

When we become aware of our unbreakable connection with all living things, tension fades and discomfort toward others is replaced with empathy, understanding and the willingness to work together to improve the world.

It’s a natural result of the evolution of the soul, and it brings with it peace of mind and good will toward everyone.

Sri Ramakrishna tells us that when we attain ‘perfect knowledge’, we see one consciousness everywhere we look.

“As long as a man associates himself with upadhis (the physical body and related associations) so long he sees the manifold…; but on attaining Perfect Knowledge, he sees only one Consciousness everywhere.

“The same Perfect Knowledge, again, makes him realize that the one Consciousness has become the universe and its living beings and the twenty-four cosmic principles.” (1)

According to Paul Ferrini, judgment and separation form the foundation of the world of illusion.

“Time and space exists only at the level of two, of comparison, judgment, separation. My body, your body. My idea, your idea. My house, your house. This is where the body begins. Without male, there would be no female. Without parent, there would be no child. Without black, there would be no white.

“All things exist in relationship to their opposites and are indeed defined by them.

“The mind that engages in comparison, engages in separation. Knowledge, in this sense, is based on separation. That is why it is impossible to ‘know’ God. As soon as you ‘know’ God, you lose the experience of unity.” (2)

Unity with God can only be felt, not known, and trying to know the Source will separate you from it because you’ll forget in that moment that you’re already one with it.

There’s nothing to know, and in fact, there’s a lot we need to unlearn. To this end, meditation might be the best form of ‘study’. It doesn’t require the pursuit of knowledge or facts; it requires us to feel what’s been here all along.

It requires us to slow down the overactive mind so we can tap back into our connection with the Source, and our effort is rewarded with blissful vibes and valuable insight.

Bodhidharma tells us that the ‘shore’ of duality only exists when forget our true nature and delude ourselves.

“When you’re deluded, this shore exists. When you wake up, it doesn’t exist. Mortals stay on this shore. Those who discover the greatest of all vehicles stay on neither this shore nor the other shore. They’re able to leave both shores. Those who see the other shore as different from this shore don’t understand zen.” (3)

‘Kabir’ tells us that the perception of a ‘second’ or separate aspect of reality leads us astray because there is only one eternal being.

“Behold but One in all things; it is the second that leads you astray.” (4)

According to John Ruusbroec, we strengthen the barrier between us and our creator when we try to intellectually examine life.

“At the very moment when we try to examine and observe what it is that we are experiencing, we slip back into the activity of reasoning, at which we become aware of distinction between ourselves and God.” (5)

The Upanishads tell us that our false sense of separation from the Source creates fear.

“So long as there is the least idea of separation from him, there is fear.” (6)

To be one with God is to be free of fear, because we know we can do anything with the Most High by our side.

The hesitation with which we previously approached life will be replaced with love for our existence and determination to help others, and any fear we have toward others will vanish when we see God in everyone.

With this perspective, we can replace fear with openheartedness and judgment with compassion.

Dattatreya tells us that duality brings grief.

“Those who see duality are always submerged in an ocean of grief.” (7)

According to Lao-Tzu, non-duality eradicates fear and limitation.

“Once grasp the great Form without form, And you roam where you will With no evil to fear, Calm, peaceful, at ease.” (8)

The moment we try to define ‘goodness’ is the moment we invite in ‘wickedness’, Lao Tzu tells us, because they’re both a part of duality.

“Since the world points up beauty as such, There is ugliness too. If goodness is taken as goodness, Wickedness enters as well.” (9)

Da Free John encourages us to free ourselves from fear by embodying God.

“Abide as That which does not, when scrutinized, show any duality in the form of these various objects or the least trace of cause and effect, That in which, when the mind is absorbed in It, there is no fear of duality at all.” (10)

We can enter into this transcendental state with meditation, and the best way to feel it is to embody it. The best part is that we already embody it, and all we need to do is invite it to appear. In a way, we don’t have to do anything at all.

So enjoy life and accept the vibes you feel in any given moment as a part of you and a part of this infinite creation. Instead of judging others, remember that you have a lot in common and wish them the same love and joy you’d wish for yourself and your loved ones.

Be at peace with the world and with God, and know that you aren’t foolish for embracing peace and non-duality. You’re evolving and slowly awakening to the oneness of every living thing, and right now, nothing could be more crucial.

Lisa Gawlas – Amazing Skill Sets being Revealed – New Teachers here to Help Us – 3-30-15

By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, March 29, 2015

When I woke up late yesterday, I wasn’t going to write a blog.  I really like to have 3-4 hours to do my sharings, when I only have an hour, I feel like I am rushing and cannot get out everything desired.

Yet, there was no way spirit was letting me slide yesterday and they hung the new skills and meditation importance in my face until I finally hit the keyboard to release it.  Truthfully, they also snuck in the release of the new package I will put together today… kinda as their way of making sure I get it done.  After I published my blog I thought… how the hell do I even do a package of the unknown???

Meaning, how do I try to teach what I don’t even know yet.  Well, spirit made sure everyone on my agenda yesterday was about to make this a crystal clear vision for all of us.  But I also must note as well, just about everyone on yesterdays dance card had been rescheduled so many times, some since February and yet, their grand alignment for yesterday, beyond perfect.  The timing of the energy release of information, not to mention my ability to understand the new information.  

Maybe I am just sitting in complete awe of the perfection and synchronicity of the entire day yesterday.  So with that said, let’s get to the amazing stuff presented from yesterdays connections.  However, I am going to start with my third reading first, because her message is so incredibly important for the majority of us to really understand and apply.

I started to see her energy while I was doing my dishes.  I could see her tangled up in chains, beautiful chains of deep gold (high spiritual energy) and black (the deep unknown) and I kept thinking I must be seeing something incorrectly, because I felt restricted instead of flowing forward.

When I connected to her, it became very clear what and why I was seeing her the way I was.  Her face and body was facing forward, what we would consider present moving into future, yet her arms and legs were all strung back behind her, these huge gold and black chains attacked to her extremities holding her back.

The message was clear from her team, “all that got you to here was perfect and used efficiently, but now it is time to let all that go so the new can emerge thru you.”  I couldn’t tell what she was doing, but she was doing it actively, the chains and her arms and legs bouncing up and down behind her, yet no forward motion at the front.  So I hadda ask… whatcha doin woman???  The first words out of her mouth were “clearing.”

Then she was talking about healing sessions too.  Instantly I could see the powerhouse of energies that have been coming in this year, how it is affecting our bodies (hitting us from the sinuses all the way down to the bowels) as the intense expansion of cellular light digs into our biology and if we are clearing it, it must keep coming back in to restart the process.

And of course, for lifetimes now, when our bodies have been in what we would call adverse conditions (not appearing to work to perfection) we instantly start looking into our vast past to heal something.  Which equally takes us out of the present moment, the new earth and places back into old wounds, old timelines and once again, the new energies must start their expansion all over again.  One foot forward, two feet backwards.

Her team made it perfectly clear to her (and again, this applies to the majority of us too) that we have cleared enough of our crap away to allow for the full expansion of the new.  We do not have to go back into every nook and cranny we ever experienced to be present and interactive on the new earth in the new highly charged energy fields.   Our focus needs to turn to what to do with this energy now… not clear it, but use it in a new way.

The thing that really sux for the biology is that it all feels the same way… old issues create crap in the body (again, sinus blow ups, bowel releases, breathing issues and on and on) and so are the new expanded energies too.  The biology has only one way to deal within outgoing or incoming energies and it all feels the same.  Know the difference.  If any part of you feels aligned with the new earth, the new body system, then please focus on expansion, everything will adjust with time and use.

Now, let me share my second reading here, keeping in line with that spiritual finger wagging and an experience of that wagging that engulfed my whole body as we readdressed my precious man in the field.

Before we even started his reading, we started talking about the weather, he is on the west coast and they are having some serious warm weather there, jokingly (or so I thought) I asked him to scoop up about 10 degrees from his heat index and toss into our nightime weather, its cold here at night!!  I realized, it was less a joke and truly one of the skills he came in with.  As we started his reading, this became the initial focal point of his new (dorment) skill set, manipulating the weather.

I am going to emphasize again that spirits use of the word “manipulation” is not the same as we think of it, it is fully a participation between the elements and the human, just redirecting its energies elsewhere.  I could literally see the energy matrix from ground to sky as his new guide was explaining how it all works… taking 10 or 15 degrees from the heat index surrounding him and moving that temperature elsewhere, to places that need less cold and more warmth.

His reaction and the reaction of his guide/teacher, both took me by tremendous surprise.  He said something like “I hope I get to do more than that.”  His guide plopped his energy directly in my body, tensed up my cells and said something like “do not undervalue anything you are being shown, you have no idea where you are going to be in the future and how important this will be to the community you are within.”  I do not think I ever had a guide embody me to make a point, not like that anywayz.

His guide went on to show some amazing things, especially with the weather.  When you have two people in two different locations (using my desire for a warmer night and taking some of his daytime heat) the air itself opens up to make space for that.  I could see it vividly and might I add, excitedly.  My man was also assured this is just the beginning of a larger spectrum of using the magnetic field of earth.

I want to add in here, the three people I did read for that have their new skills being shown, all had brand new team members (guides/teachers) to help them with their evolution.  Much to my surprise, everyone gave their name.  Rarely does your team give me their names, hell, rarely does your team show themselves on the field unless you directly ask for that.  Yesterday, I suppose it is important for you (all of us) to realize there has been a change in the guard and you have very specialized teachers showing themselves to you.

Equally, the name(s) they are sharing has a very unique and purposeful vibration to them.  My mans new teacher guide was very specific in spelling and energy context with his name.  Said all at once his name is Sansaphon, however, as he broke it down for us, he reminded me of the way medical terminology is used, A’s and O’s connect one thing to another to fuse to systems into one.

So he showed me his name and the spelling Sans – a – Phron, the name Sans was made of white, thick letters the phron was a beautiful mix of metallic colored energy.  It wasn’t until I got off the phone with his, went potty (that holy toilet) that I realized the Sans had everything to do with the old sanskrit language… people.

There is so much more I can share around this, but I have two other amazing people/understandings to share today too, so we will have to get back to this another time.

My first lady on the field really made me realize how important their little message in yesterdays sharing was.  She was actually the lady I talked about before, where in her reading I had seen chunks of meteorites falling from the sky and embedding in the earth for her use, several weeks later, we had that meteorite literally come into earth I think in Scotland or Germany.

Her reading unfolded in three parts, present energy system that was like the most amazing pin wheel, spiral metallic energy intermingling from the ground itself and her energy coming out from her feet, expanding outwards and then equally upwards to align her with the higher frequency called April.

Then my vision went to the (still circular, revolving clockwise) platform of April and there she was, looking like someone from the opening of the show Green Acres.  She had a shovel made of pure white light in her right hand and a pitchfork in her left hand.

These are her new tools that she will be using.  Keeping in mind, to keep our mind in the game, our tools will often look familiar to us, but used in brand new ways.  They showed us an image of this huge boulder and her taking her pitchfork, placing it just under this boulder and being able to effortlessly use the pitchfork to move it from its place on the earth.

With all that, came the energy of the meteorites behind her present moment and all this energy that was streaming upwards from their impact within the ground, and somehow the energy from the meteorites will assist her in moving large heavy objects.  We also got an instant connection of the ancient rock formations and buildings that still boggle our archaeologists and scientists (and many of us) in how they were moved and erected (think, Stonehenge.)

She equally received a ton of new teachers, some to help her with her pitchfork and shovel, some to help her with that energy pin wheel of metallic energy I seen initially and then one (or maybe it was more than one, I don’t remember) that came directly from that meteorite to help her remember how to use that energy.

As they her team was explaining many things to her, they kept saying what they are showing her is like “telekinesis” only different.  This is not moving things with your mind, but a full on participation of the energies.  I kept thinking about some of the information that hangs in the forefront of my mind from the audiobook “channeling erik” as he explained to his mother how he can move objects in her home.  He must bring is soul energy down to a denser vibration than the object then push it to make it move.  Similar thing here…

Can I just tell you, I am freakin popping with engaged excitement!!  What we are finally and fully capable of… holy shit, PLUS we are getting concise instruction on how to get it all moving.  Have I thanked you lately for the immense privilege of being you’re connecting point to this wonder.

Now, lets cover my last man on the field… holy flipping heavens.  His information was so complicated, so detailed, so freakin exciting.  Let me tell ya too, there was so much more to his reading, understandings and emerging abilities than I am going to share.  Time and words… both suck sometimes (a lot of times any more lol!!!)

The first thing I had seen with him, I have yet to understand, but it sure was beautiful.  Coming up and out of his hips was this intermingling of pastel colors that reminded me of the texture of taffy.

It surrounded him upwards like a globe of energy, but I couldn’t see thru it.  So all I seen was his legs and this pastel colored taffy thingie.  Can I just tell you how compliant the field was yesterday… I pray to god it stays like this, cuz it sure is not usual.  I asked for clarity and get it instantly.  YAY!!  I wanted to see his upper body so zoom, into the globe of energy to see his upper body.

The first focal point was at his heart stream.  He had this stream of energy coming out of his heart that held what I will say looked like violet dew droplets all along the energy stream.  This stream connected to the inside of his multicolored, pastel taffy globe (they didn’t give us a name or even larger purpose of this thing yet, so bear with my terminology and description lol.)

The next thing we see is down at his sacral chakra, the biggest gel like egg I had ever seen in a body.  This egg thingie was orange but a translucent orange and thru its gel like substance was what looked like a network of veins that were made up of all different variations of the color orange.  I started to realize that this egg also was connected to his sacral plexus, his “community” center.

So the energy coming in from his sense of Self, as it relates to the community of Light he will (soon) be a part of (we even got a timeline, before this year closes out) relates directly to the next thing we seen… and let me tell you, Lisa was starting to get a weeeee bit jealous here.

In between his heart center and his solar plexus was this double infinity symbol overlapping each other.  One colored yellow, one colored orange, both working together, moving, squeezing, expanding… it was stunning really.

From what I am understanding (and desperately trying to remember, like I said, his reading, his entire matrix was sooooo complicated) this dual energy generator was taking the energy from his egg, sacral center and moving upwards and changing and enhancing it thru this double infinity symbol and then up thru his heart.  But there was a twist about to be revealed…

He too has three new purposeful guides/teachers.  The one that is going to help him really understand the workings of that orange egg is named Hajamu, who has stated that he is NOT an incarnated Being, but has incarnated in the past.  The one on the outside, that will assist him in understanding the full use of the taffy globe thing, he was freakin cool looking… part dragon, part butterfly.

He had the most amazingly large butterfly wings (easily 5-6 feet from top to bottom) and the body of a dragon.  He is an incarnated Being and he gave his name as Onjamu.  At first I thought I was confused, it was so similar to egg guy… but they insisted I was correct, of course, they all spelled their names for me too.

Hajamu will help him understand the energy within and Onjamu will help him understand how the “outcome” happens.  In between these two, an old friend… Jesus.  Very particularly Jesus (as opposed to the soul energy I know and love as Sananda.)  Jesus was very clear that he wanted the connection to the man that once lived that we call Jesus.  Hey!!!!!!  I had wanted that freakin connection for 15 years and he kept saying no, it didn’t matter.

Now this man gets to really experience and understand how Jesus worked in physical life… I was grumbling a wee bit there.  But yet, Jesus gave us an image that stays with me still this morning.  He took my man by the hand, in body form (both of them) and walked out of his heart stream as if it lead to the time and place of Jesus’ incarnation… and Jesus said he will show him how he could do what he was able to do, and then I had to smile as he was referencing that familiar quote “and what I can do, you can do and more.”

Altho I can say i am envious, I am also so freakin grateful cuz my man signed up for 3 hours of reading, which we are now breaking up into sections of homework, inadvertently (by both of us) kicking off the first of this (exciting to me) new package I have yet to put together.  I get to peep it all out, experience and understand it all because of the trust from my man placed unto me… of course for readings, but we both are getting more than we bargained for.  Thank god too, he was patient in waiting for a month and a half for his sessions to start.


On that note… I just want to say thank you so freakin much for the faith, trust and enduring patience you place within me.  You enliven my heart and soul in ways nothing else on this earth can and I am grateful!!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ((((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of incredible wonder and magic made Real!!

Lisa Gawlas     www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html


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