Solar Eclipse – Taurus Astrology – May 2013

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Look in your chart and see what house the solar eclipse falls into. The nature of that house will give you another layer of information on how this solar eclipse will manifest in your life. The solar eclipse on May 9th 2013 @ 8:28pm EDT is at 19 degrees 31′ of Taurus. This is the degree of the heliocentric node of Mars. Mars is considered an aggressive planets, traditionally the planet of war in mundane astrology. Yet the action of Mars is needed at the appropriate times, to stand up and draw the line for personal and national boundaries, metaphorically speaking when does someone violate your personal values? What is not OK with you? When do you need to say, ” don’t treat me that way, it isn’t right or appropriate” ? This is one of the gifts of this solar eclipse. The strength to demand what is right and just, to call to the carpet when another person or someone acting for a company, country or other organization is doing wrong is powerful now. The key is Venus in Gemini, all can be solved through communication. It is time for individuals to seek deep truth and values within that allow for peace and justice. A world where inherently a person does no harm, has compassion for others, seeks peace within not contingent upon outer circumstances. Core values come to the surface that illuminate gratitude for each individual personal world. Even gratitude for what one does not want and seeing everything as a gift to learn from. This eclipse will allow for choice, choosing to be a victim of circumstances or frustrated at what one does not have, or feeling free to take action towards including more of what is loved and desired in your personal world.