Planting Seeds of Intention – Tania Marie’s Blog – 8-25-15


Planting Seeds of Intention   –   Tania Marie’s Blog   –   8-25-15

Yesterday, the next piece of the journey showed up and began manifesting.

As I’ve mentioned, we decided to move forward into the reality we want to create even though we don’t know how the rest of the pieces will come together.

I just knew that if we did, they would. And they ARE!

It’s important to take actions in support of your intentions and not just sit back waiting. That said, it’s also important to make those moves in aligned timing with the energy presenting itself, following the rhythm of natural flow.

When you receive the signs and messages, feel the nudge or tug, or feel your intuition subtly or loudly guiding you forth, it’s time to take a step.

So when you ask for something you need to also engage it on your own end.

And when you want something you need to be aware that your mind and ego will run amuck giving you every reason why this, that, or the other thing needs to be in place before you do anything – inevitably holding you back and losing opportunities that keep presenting themselves because they aren’t appearing in the form you’ve attached to as being ideal and yet ARE in fact ideal and for the highest good, but you’re too fixated on controlling it.


Tania Marie – The Stage of Life – Illuminated by Scorpio Full Moon – 5-13-14

buddha moon

Intensities abound indeed…I know you are all feeling it in your own unique way. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard from who are in the midst of some pretty “wow” experiences that feel to be “out of the blue” breakdowns and shake-ups, and yet it’s just the core stuff surfacing with a loud blaring siren and red stop light in order to say, “hey, you haven’t been able to hear me before, but perhaps now you will”.

Time to slow it down, stop altogether even, so that you can go within and learn how to harness these “surprises” into creating catalysts for change and breakthroughs to what you’ve been wanting all along, but were afraid to look at, or unable to, for one reason or another.

What I’m seeing is that the energy constantly playing out is the same “drama”, but the director’s hats just change in terms of how we’ll get to the plot via the different influences of each directing energy. In this case, tomorrow’s Full Moon is being directed by Scorpio.

So when we introduce ourselves to Mr. or Ms. Scorpio, here is what we will be focused on in our new Scorpio-focused role currently.

Deep emotional truth.

Yep, there’s a need to be honest and vulnerable here folks, with integrity that is consistent with your essence and not your temporary costume. Scorpio helps us to remove more layers and reveal fresh skin through deep purging. It will take the form of symbolic or literal deaths in some cases (interesting I discovered a sweet little dead bird today that one of the cats had brought to me – I just finished giving it a proper burial and blessing).

It simply just is time to take accountability for choices, or no choices, that you have or haven’t wanted to make. And the thing is, these “surprise” intensities you’re experiencing is simply because your soul is calling out to be more actively engaged in empowered, consciously aware choices that are guided by your heart.

So if you’ve chosen not to choose before, and pushed things aside, now you’re having the opportunity to choose again, and perhaps with the wisdom of experience that glaringly understands your well being relies on it now.

Your Scorpio director will bring out a volcano of eruptions from within (helping you to understand the depths of you), especially in terms of emotions, but truly he/she just wants you to partner more in the dance and start taking more proactive lead roles, rather than being an extra on the sidelines.

Tendencies around addictive emotions may blare out, unhealthy attachments, insecurities, doubts, fears, and toxic ways of relating may, or will, all be surfacing at this time. You have the potential to experience some big emotional reactions or over-reacting, as well as feel like people are lashing out from out of no where. Buried feelings and undealt with “stuff” is rising from the depths and it’s all just to assist you in processing them so that they can be transmuted into productive creative energy, rather than these energy drainers working from behind the scenes, like an understudy who vies for your role.

Re-evaluate, relinquish, release, recycle, renew….

Time to let go of controlling every aspect of your life in tyrannical and anxiety-producing ways and ease into divine flow guided from your Higher Self/Source. The past is over and done, and so is the old you, if you choose to let it be so that is.

So while intense emotions are being called out of you by your Scorpio director, facing the truths and awareness revealed from the core will provide as valuable tools to put you in the starring role of your life, as authentic and empowered you.

Look out for many powerful endings to exciting new beginnings, of which you may not see from the other side of the fence right now, but I assure you awaits once you take the leap of faith. It will open up new doorways and potentials you didn’t know existed, where you can be happier, freer, and more expansive than you thought you might be, getting what you “thought” you wanted.

I am seeing how people who have done the work are not experiencing these intensities in quite the same way. For them, while they may have some major shifts and shaking going on, it’s creating amazingly beautiful new opportunities and excitement because they are ready to say yes with every fiber of their being. No fight in them. Uh uh.

As with any Full Moon, we always have dual roles of polarity to work with, which means there is a second director running the show by the name of Taurus. And the gifts Taurus brings in partner with Scorpio are in helping us to balance self value with perceived value from others or projected onto things outside of ourselves. So we’re asked to focus on our spiritual vs. materialistic values, work with both the subconscious and conscious, moving in and out of “mine” and “yours” differentiating, and how to transform things into new forms…so breaking down and deconstructing old ones so we can rebuild from the core up and out.

We can’t neglect either energy, but we will be asked to both delve into the meaningful complexities of abstract things, while also finding peace and joy in the simplistic, tangible stuff. In reality, as we look at things deeper, we realize their fundamental simplicity and that by breaking things down, we can get to the really core things of value that are lasting.

So if you feel that things have been building, well, in fact they have. And if your volcano hasn’t erupted either in joyous celebration or intense challenge, you may find that this could come about, but your perspective and conscious choice will make the difference.

Making authentic, emotional declarations from your heart is important. And as you speak this truth you’ll soon come to see what that means for you and how life will evolve in support of it. We’ve been collecting things long enough. It’s time to share and be ready to responsibly accept your role you’ve been dreaming of having.

Our wonderful Scorpio director is bringing to “light” some new ways to express ourselves so that we may “illuminate” the stage of life we have so beautifully chosen to experience and share. Remember however, it isn’t a dress rehearsal, as this IS the show, so be mindful as to how you want to exercise your choices so that the performance given is consistent with the core of who you are soulfully, AND is in alignment with the values and spiritual beliefs that you have chosen as your experience in this life.

Things are in process of shifting and so the best you can do is to give your best in each moment. And even though things may not make sense yet and are still unfolding, from the old being repatterned as they are processing through you, just by being will to show up on the stage of life with all of you, you will find yourself gifted in support from the Universe with a standing ovation for your courage and vulnerability to show up and “be” you.

As Astrologer Patricia Liles shares, “Practice letting your head bow to your heart and open to the lessons of loving what is.”


Tomorrow, 5/14, is also Wesak – a Holy day with inner significance – which in the East marks a celebration of Gautama Buddha’s birth, attainment of Buddhahood, and His departure from the outer physical body. It is a day of reunion, pilgrimage, and joyful expectancy, which is celebrated as a festival that focuses on good virtues of kindness and generosity to all living things. Sutras are chanted in unison by monks and there are candle light processions, as well as decorative celebrations of Buddhist monasteries with flowers, Buddhist flags, and lanterns.

If you’d like to join in the sacred honoring that reflects your own inner Buddha nature and consciousness journey, while actively supporting the intensities and shifts experienced, you may find Deva Premal and Miten’s FREE brand new 21-Day Meditation Journey to be of benefit. It’s a wonderful way to help create change on a DNA and soul level by intentfully chanting sacred and potent Mantras. This begins on tomorrow’s Full Moon in Scorpio of the 14th of May.

You can sign up for free here to join me and thousands of others across the globe in collective synergy:

21-Day Meditation Journey

Love, blessings, and graceful flow to you.


Tania Marie – Becoming the YOU-nicorn – 1-24-14


I was talking about Unicorns on a beach walk Thursday with my friend and since then Unicorns have been on my mind – their significance as our higher potentials and boundless possibilities.

Yesterday I had been led to a perfect expression from Penney Peirce in her book, “Frequency – The Power of Personal Vibration” and having her book in the foreground of my thoughts, I remembered her reflection about Unicorns as the mirror of purified vibration when you love and make space for your Higher Self to Be.

I loved the essence of what she stated, directly mirroring the concepts that had been stirring from Unicorn revealing herself to me the other day. And so her thoughts evoked this message from my own heart, which expound upon some of the para-phrased expressions she shared and end with the sonnet she quoted that so eloquently conveys these thoughts.

There is nobody else that is going to do the things you need to do or make the changes for you, except you. Likewise, we can’t make others change. So instead of waiting for something/someone to help, improve, or shift the experience, remember that it is YOU who needs to do it. YOU need to love yourself enough to commit responsibly to integrative action.

If you are experiencing challenges and triggers all around you, find it in yourself to be grateful for these Collective Consciousness gifts that are messaging and nudging you, out of love, to take notice of. Everything may seem like some grand devised plan to sabotage and punish you, yet I assure you it is NOT. If we feel this, it is our own beliefs that is making this so.

The Universe has no judgments. The Universe operates by Free Will and Cause and Effect, but not in terms of bad or good, right or wrong. It is all an evolutionary experience and like Nature, we will go through our seasons of change, as well as deaths and rebirths, both literally and symbolically. Yet, consciousness is eternal and all-encompassing.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with having ideals and to intend toward your highest. This is a natural flow of your highest visions vibrating through you. During the course of your life you will have many experiences to provide the depth you’ve chosen to learn for the soul purposes set out before entering this particular expression of you.

There are many other probable realities of you, and will continue to be, but for now you have chosen to focus on this version and with it there are daily experiences, tasks, and reminders you will grow through.

But no matter what you focus on at any particular moment or on any particular day, your real work is to demonstrate, expand, and be love in the highest way relative to your given focus.

Every second you are recreating yourself. As you read this, you have already journeyed through a new cycle of vibrational experience. We each help each other – the Collective – by holding and keeping our vibration at the highest frequency possible, always, and by realizing the connectedness of why this is so important not just for yourself, but for All.

We are all each a thread of the web of life and of consciousness itself. Yes, YOU are an integral and significant part of Everything, regardless of knowing or believing that. But when you do actually realize this and start living from that realization, you will actively and responsibly feel a greater inspiration and passion towards everything you think, feel, and do.

It all DOES matter. YOU matter. And as you are me, there is never anything we are doing in isolation.

We are all helping each other with every choice that we make. To say your choices don’t matter and that you are just one person whose voice and actions are meaningless, is a huge misunderstanding. Every one of you is a light in this world and the more you shine that light, the more reflections of it you will see in domino-effect within your circles of relationships AND across the globe, and this will return to you in greater experiences of actualized abundance.

Gone are the days of talking about what you DON’T want and perpetuating these old, stuck stories. NOW are the days of holding only the vibration of what you envision for yourself and maintaining that wholeness of vibration. You will find that when your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and actions are all aligned and operating at high frequency, this will be the change you desire.

When you come to love and have gratitude for every piece of your experience and make room for the possibilities you choose to seed, a new reality within you will blossom forth that reflects this vibration and takes you into the the wild beyond.

We are each growing in exponentially amazing ways and are always recreating in ways we never could have imagined, as well as will continue to expand beyond the fears and blocks we DID once imagine – all of this manifesting into the stuff dreams are made of and yes YOU are that dream, dreaming itself alive.

The realization that we are of the One Universal Heart is becoming a more widely felt experience, and the new and true reality. You are waking to the you that always was, in what ever way relative to each. And experiences will directly reflect that relative choice.

And, like the magickal and mystical Unicorn in Rilke’s sonnet below, your ideal, Higher, unified, pure, expansive, true….Self – in the realization of All That Is and You Are – just may come to be through the open-hearted love you embody and by your allowing space for its expansive wholeness to emerge.

O, this was the animal that never was.

They did not know, but loved him anyway:

his smooth neck, graceful movements,

and the quiet light in his eyes.

True, he never was. But since they loved him,

a pure creature came to be. They made space for him.

And in this space, so clear and free and unbounded,

he easily lifted up his head and barely needed

what we call existence.

They nourished him, not with grain,

but always with the possibility of Being.

And this endowed the creature with such power

that a horn grew out of its forehead. One horn.

He went to a virgin, glistening white – and there,

inside a silver mirror and inside her, he was.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke, Sonnets to Orpheus 2/4

translated from the German by Rod McDaniel

Tania Marie – Reaching the Magickal Turning Point May Not Feel So Magickal


From Tania Marie Artist Blog

One of the stunning images from “Ashes and Snow” by Gregory Colbert

Today, after reflecting on the energy and themes of experiences circulating with people I know directly or indirectly, I had the inspiration to want to share some supportive words for anyone going through that turning point – the pivotal and transitional period in their life where things may not feel so good in the moment while the beautiful and perfect process unfolds.

Like anything, the words shared can trigger a shift, sometimes fully promote change if we are at that ready-stage, or are a stepping stone to further integrative healing to process, as we DO want to hit all the levels to the core of things, right? Not just understand mentally and regurgitate it verbally.  😉

I had the intent of what I wanted to say and yet was guided, instead, to go to my home library of books to see if anything wanted to channel through as a message. I do this now and then for myself and in general. I love to see what is perfectly reflected.

So I went to the shelves and asked to be led to the book that had some inspiring and supportive words for people on this topic and theme of finding peace within the chaos of clearing from old to new.

I then pulled out “Frequency – The Power of Personal Vibration” by Penney Peirce and just opened it to a page. What I found there was the same message I held intent to share, and in perfect expression. Gotta love synchronicity! ;)

I felt to share what Penney has to say on this topic, for the people I know that are going through this, and for anyone else currently experiencing similar, as I fully resonate with her words here. Couldn’t have said it better, so I’ll let her words speak for themselves.

They can help shift how you are perceiving your current experience and from there, the curiosity and commitment to explore the real you can lead you to the next steps of creating anew.

The page was talking about reaching a “magical turning point” (she spells it magical rather than magickal, but given Wednesday’s post I think you know which meaning it is meant to express).

Sending harmonious energy to your hearts.

Here is the excerpt from “Frequency”:

You’ve Reached a Magical Turning Point

You’ve been clearing your unhealthy feeling habits and learning to raise the frequency of your personal vibration. As you reach the crescendo of this clearing phase of the transformation process, life can become intense and chaotic and sometimes look hopeless. The old isn’t working; you may feel self-sacrificing, unimaginative, and unable to move forward. You’ve shifted the emphasis just enough from fear to love that your old reality has destabilized and the new reality of your soul is starting to break through. At this point, your life may malfunction and you may have to let go of goals, possessions, people, or parts of your lifestyle. You may lose whole aspects of your identity, your motivation and direction, and your comfortable habits. It’s important not to backtrack into more fight-or-flight reactions. What’s really happening is that your soul is saying, “You are not this old, limited self anymore. It’s time to discover who you really are and what you can do.” This is the point where the phoenix lights itself on fire and mysteriously turns to gold. It’s where you come face to face with the choice of who you really want to be.

How do you find your new identity? Should you be like your favorite hero or heroine? Don’t worry – you won’t need to copy anyone because your new identity will be uniquely yours, and it will fit you perfectly. But you won’t find it outside yourself. The answer is encoded in your home frequency, and if you live in your home frequency, your new identity will uncurl like a new leaf. While your outer world has been cracking and crumbling, internally you’ve been rebuilding and renewing yourself. Your invisible inner infrastructure is almost complete. The magical turning point in the transformation process happens when you stop paying attention to your old world, with all its hectic busyness and clutter, and shift your full attention to how your soul might recreate everything. The challenge here is that from your point of view within the hectic busyness, it looks like if you stop or let go, you’ll lose everything, fall into a void, and possibly fail and die. This of course, is the ego’s crazy, desperate view, not the soul’s. When it seems like you’re facing emptiness, you’re really about to find yourself again in a new and better way.

It’s Time to Relax and Let Go

Life compassionately gives you a connecting link, a phase between the old and the new. Like a ship going through the Panama Canal, you, too, will move through the “locks” of consciousness, gradually changing from a lower level to a higher one. To experience this period, all you have to do is relax. You don’t have to know everything about what your future will be or how your transformation is going to work. You can exhale, be less concerned with externals, and stop pushing. You don’t owe other people a description of your likes and dislikes, successes and failures, or plans for the future. You can be like your dog or cat: perfectly real, perfectly happy, and perfectly undefined. You’re a mysterious force peering out from two beautiful liquid eyes and radiating out from a happily vibrating body. You can be yourself without maintaining an ego. You’re not going to go Poof! and disappear if you let go.

Certainly, you’ll face moments when, as endings loom, your ego will precipitate various kinds of clever ploys to keep itself in control. The idea of pausing and “letting the fields lie fallow” for a short time begets cries of: “But I can’t stop! If I don’t do X, I’ll be alone,” or “I have bills to pay and people depend on me,” or “I’ll go off the deep end and drown.” Your ego will convince you to go back to an old job you’ve outgrown just to be secure or to become the flailing, out-of-control victim as your new identity. Your ego will always paint letting go as a black-and-white situation in which both options are about suffering: “Either I sacrifice myself by doing something that’s no longer right for me or sacrifice everything I have by falling into the void.”

Letting go is simply about a return to Being.

When done right, it’s about centering.

Letting go is not about sacrifice, nor does it breed lazy inactivity; it’s simply a return to Being. It is a shift from an assertive focus on action and results in a softer, intuitive state where you will “be with,” notice, and appreciate what’s in the moment with you. It’s about moving from noise into silence. When done right, letting go is about centering, and it always leads to your home frequency.

From Tania Marie Artist Blog