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Despite the recognition that Carl Jung has received throughout the last century or so, the importance of his work still cannot be stressed enough. The real beauty of Jung’s work was his ability to conceptualize a variety of esoteric, even shamanistic concepts through scientific, empirical observation. 

While some might still beg to differ, Jung’s concepts such as the Collective Human Unconscious, human cognitive archetypes, and perhaps his most complex and mysterious observation, Synchronicity, are all quite scientifically validated today.

Considered to be an a-causal connection of two or more psycho-social phenomena, modern interpretations of this could be seen as the person who checks their phone for a call, only to receive the call immediately upon checking, a Deja-vu including but not limited to information from dreams occurring in waking life, or a seemingly random string of events leading the subject to a specific goal that could not have been achieved had their original plans gone accordingly—and of course any number of other events.

In order to understand these events, it is imperative to understand the postulates of precognitive ability, telepathy, and other forms of extra-sensory perception, as scientists have realistically been trying to make the Mainstream Media aware of ESP’s existence since the early 20th century with minimal success.


Despite the recognition that Carl Jung has received throughout the last century or so, the importance of his work still cannot be stressed enough. The real beauty of Jung’s work was his ability to conceptualize a variety of esoteric, even shamanistic concepts through scientific, empirical observation. 

While some might still beg to differ, Jung’s concepts such as the Collective Human Unconscious, human cognitive archetypes, and perhaps his most complex and mysterious observation, Synchronicity, are all quite scientifically validated today.

Considered to be an a-causal connection of two or more psycho-social phenomena, modern interpretations of this could be seen as the person who checks their phone for a call, only to receive the call immediately upon checking, a Deja-vu including but not limited to information from dreams occurring in waking life, or a seemingly random string of events leading the subject to a specific goal that could not have been achieved had their original plans gone accordingly—and of course any number of other events.

In order to understand these events, it is imperative to understand the postulates of precognitive ability, telepathy, and other forms of extra-sensory perception, as scientists have realistically been trying to make the Mainstream Media aware of ESP’s existence since the early 20th century with minimal success.



Love Has Won – Full Moon in Pisces – September 2017 – Freaky Synchronicity – 9-6-17


Courtesy of    Love Has Won

Love Has Won


Love Has Won

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By astrologyking

The full moon on Wednesday September 6, 2017 is at 13° Pisces. The astrology of full moon September 2017 suggests confusion, deception and weakness will have an impact on your hopes and dreams and on your love life.

The September 2017 full moon is extra strong due to a pair freaky synchronicities. Full moon September 2017 and the June 2017 Neptune retrograde station are on the same degree. Both charts also have Moon conjunct Neptune on the same degree. The other synchronicity involves Mercury stationing direct at the September 6 full moon on the same degree as the August 21 solar eclipse.

Full Moon Meaning

A full moon is Sun opposite Moon  which highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life. These can include your ego versus emotions, your work versus home, or what you need versus what you want. Inner tension and external pressures can lead to conflict and crises that drain your energy.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. Use you increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

The full moon influence lasts for two weeks and relates to the previous new moon. Your August 21 solar eclipse goals can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is the first harvest time of this new eclipse cycle. It is time to make emotional adjustments in response to your  goals. The solar eclipse brought bold, confident changes leading to long-term success.

Full Moon September 2017 Astrology

The September 6 full moon at 13°53′ Pisces is strongly influenced by Neptune retrograde at 12°49′ Pisces. The main themes of full moon September 2017 are spirituality, idealism, dreams, illusion, deception, weakness, confusion and vagueness. How will Neptune influence affect your mood and close relationships?

Moon conjunct Neptune increases your emotional sensitivity. Sensing the thoughts and feelings of others can make you feel very uneasy or physically sick. You may pick up the wrong signals so be cautious, you will be more vulnerable to deception and scandal. Dreams may turn into fantasies with a life of their own. Suspicion could spiral into paranoia, guilt or self-destructive habits such as drug addiction and eating disorders.

Full Moon September 2017 is like a double-edged sword. Conscious self-awareness will help you filter out the background noise so you can use your sensitivity for good. While some psychic impressions may inaccurate, your compassion and empathy will be genuine. You can be of great help to the victimized and outcast. Your emotional comfort will have a healing quality.

Hygiene and cleanliness will be important because this full moon is associated with weakness and illness. Higher susceptibility to germs and the effects of drugs, alcohol and anesthetics are likely. There will be an increased risk of exposure to poisons and infectious material.

Neptune stationed retrograde conjunct the Moon on 16 June at 14°15′ Pisces.
This September 6 full moon conjunct Neptune retrograde is at 13°53′ Pisces.

Freaky synchronicity like this can result in deja vu, series of coincidences and strange experiences in general.

Fixed star Achernar at 15°34′ Pisces will have a weaker but more positive influence on full moon September 2017. This bright star in the Mouth in the River acts like Jupiter. It gives kindness, charity, happiness, success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to religious beliefs or a philosophy, and a senior position in the government or church.

Full Moon September 2017 Astrology Chart


Full Moon September 2017 Aspects

Moon-Neptune opposite Sun creates a tense and confrontational environment. Sun opposite Moon brings attention to your close relationships and how they are influenced by confusion and deception. Others may try to bring you down by attacking your private life. The two weeks of this moon phase will be an especially sensitive time. For as well as feeling more emotional and romantic, you may also feel suspicious and vulnerable.

Sun opposite Neptune increases the already high level of confusion, deception, insecurity and discouragement. If you cannot avoid dealing with the harsh realities of life, you will need to take some precautions to avoid loss and disappointment. Weakened defenses can attract psychic vampires. Sneaky, dishonest people who will try to take advantage of you, or sell you stuff you don’t need. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Be very clear to yourself and to others about your intentions. There can be no gray areas, only yes or no. Any deception, underhand tactics or lying on your part will be like digging a bigger hole for yourself. If you do face disappointment and discouragement, it may be tempting to escape the harsh realities of life through mind altering substances. Remember, you will be more susceptible to addiction and overdose, as well as being ripped off.

Moon quincunx Venus increases your need for love and affection but it also increases tension between you and a particular loved one. This loved one will often be female or a close relative such as you mother, but may also be an intimate male friend or lover. Relationship tension may rise because of an imbalance involving emotional support and love. The amount of love you receive will be noticeably different to the amount of love you give.

When relationship tensions rise, a critical point is reached where something must happen to restore the balance. This can range from an argument right through to an affair. If one partner does seek satisfaction elsewhere it will involve secrecy and the risk of being caught. Such relationship issues may become a recurring problem with a continual build up then release of tension. A secret friendship or affair would most likely involve a friend, colleague or relative of the partner being cheated on.

Venus quincunx Neptune will complicate already tense love relationships with all the confusion and deception mentioned earlier. It brings the victim/saviour dynamic into the relationship. If you have a poor self-image and don’t like looking in the mirror, full moon September 2017 will bring a tipping point where you are forced to make adjustments. You cannot go on trying to balance a lack of self-love with self-sacrifice or self-abuse.

Mercury stations direct less than 24 hours before the September 6 full moon. This is a critical point in the Mercury retrograde cycle with a greater chance of communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays and lost items. Aggressive or defensive thinking can bring nasty words, arguments, outbursts of temper and impulsive actions. You will not have the patience for anymore excuses for disloyalty, deception or infidelity.

The solar eclipse on 21st August was at 28°52′ Leo.
Mercury stations direct 5 September at 28°25′ Leo.

More freaky synchronicity like this brings more deja vu and strange coincidences.

Full Moon September 2017 Summary

The August 21 solar eclipse is helping you make bold, confident changes for long-term success. The September 6 full moon brings, idealism, dreaming, illusion, deception, weakness and confusion. You may lose faith in your dreams for the future. Confusion and deception may put at risk your long-term success. Relationship problems, illness or financial strain may lead to disappointment. You may feel weak and discouraged but don’t let your loving kindness be mistaken for weakness.

Romance is possible but remember the difference between fantasy and reality. As well as emotion and romance, there will be suspicion and vulnerability. Mistrust, secrets and lies can poison an important relationship. You will likely lose your patience with any continuing problems in your love life or finances. If you do begin to lose hope, remember this full moon is distorting your view of reality. Things are not as the seem.

Focused and acute thinking will clear away the fog and expose the secrets and lies. Discovering the truth may hurt but your ambition and sense of adventure will return. A sense of urgency will bring swift and positive change. Excitement and passion will replace mistrust and disappointment. Determined and sustained effort will bring the growth and happiness you wish for.

If full moon September 2017 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your Monthly Horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Full Moon Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017
Next Moon Phase: New Moon 20 September 2017

Full Moon September 2017 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York

September 6 – 12:02 am
September 6 – 3:02 am
September 6 – 8:02 am
September 6 – 12:32 pm
September 6 – 5:02 pm


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TRUTH EARTH – Synchronicity Report/Awakening Others Report – 7-3-17

Synchronicity 2

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Today I experienced an amazing synchronicity with one of my semi-awakening co-workers. One of his patients had 11 beats of v-tach at 1:11pm while he was out of the room. When I remembered to notified him several minutes later that it happened at 1:11 he said he was watching something titled 2:22 (we have downtime so we can surf the web on our iPads and phones). When I went to look down at the clock I noticed it was 1:22 pm. I tripped out on that for a few minutes…

  • Awakening the Dead

One of my other very un-awakened but ‘getting there’ co-workers was asking me about the meditation I do every Sunday. I explained to them today the effects meditation has on the world and she went on to tell me about this Yoga meditation that she started doing that has benefited her greatly so far. She also brings a juice in everyday, inspired by my 58 day juice fast. One of my other co-workers also started making a habit of doing that.

The phrase ‘be the change’ could not be more true in this situation. Instead of me waiting for change to happen through someone or something else, I am doing the work on myself and learning about all of these topics and teaching them to everyday people. It is rather exhausting sometimes but then again I didn’t come to this planet to play CandyCrush all day…

They are making changes in their life because I decided to make changes to myself. Becoming a focal point or node has been something that has happened as a result of seeking the truth and learning to become more service to others and forgiving of myself and others. Just like the Blue Avian message Corey has been communicating for so long now. I want everyone to see that I am living and practicing this right now and it isworking. The payoff is unimaginably amazing.

I’ve seen David Icke and many others talk about the importance of self-improvement and the effect it has on the world:

Image result for david icke change yourself

This is all I have for now. I am wishing each of you a wonderful day and rest of the week and with much love!

Joy Jackson @ In5D – SYNCHRONICITY – Effective Tool for Soul Ascension – 5-24-17


by Joy Jackson,  Guest writer,

Joy Jackson @ In5D   –   SYNCHRONICITY   –     Effective Tool for Soul Ascension   –   5-24-17


“Synchronicity gives us an invitation to explore a greater reality.” – David Wilcock, Author,

The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You, The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies, and The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil, and Filmmaker, Host of Gaia Consciousness Media Network’s series Wisdom Teachings and Cosmic Disclosure)

What is Synchronicity?

Psychologist and psychotherapist, Carl Jung to defined synchronicity as a concept of an acausal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena.

Synchronicity as a theory applies to phenomena  from the areas of psychotherapy, parapsychology, precision and premonition, I Ching, to astrology and many other fields.

Synchronicity as a Source of Guidance

A synonym of synchronicity is coincidence. One textbook example of synchronicity is when we  ‘coincidentally’ notice a sequence of repeating of numbers or letters, such looking at 11:11 or 12:12 on a clock or personal device. Such a sequence also may keep appearing to us for a period of time, e.g. you see 11:11 on the clock on the way into work, then on the drive home see the license plate of a passing car that reads LUV-1111.

Synchronicity, especially the kind of events that catch our attention such as in the example above, are arranged by our higher-self and spirit team through our intuition, and by manipulating the physical reality around us. Synchronicity provides validation that we are on track, or to as what the next step should be. Also, as in the example above, they could be trying to tell you something in particular with that repeating 11:11 sequence. You can then attempt to decipher what that meaning and connection could be. Sequences may validate choices you are to make soon, or refer to events in the future. They may also have a degree of common the with the ‘higher-collectives” mission.

How to Use Synchronicity  

Synchronicity is one of the most simplistic and yet effective tools to use on our journey,  as it does not require any exceptionally deep conscious state on our part: we only have to be open to it through our awareness (paying attention, being present). Thus, numbers and symbol sequences are often only one very convenient method for our guides to communicate frequently with us through synchronicity.

Higher guidance received through synchronicity from our intuition is always connected to our life purpose. Our highest-self, angels and guides only ask that we trust and have faith in these messages from Creator and then take positive action. This guidance also encourages us to focus our efforts towards finding balance and harmony in all areas of our lives and spending time and energy devoted to our own paths of spirituality and passions.

In order for us to awaken and embrace our true life’s purpose we also need to be ready to accept change. Change may come in the form of a change in consciousness, a change in belief-sets and/or thought-patterns, a distinct career change, or feeling called to make a change in lifestyle choices.

Some Additional Examples of Synchronicity In Action:

Do the same numbers keep showing up over and over in your life, or during certain times? These may not be repetitive number sequences as used in the first example above. They could be numbers that have significant meaning for another purpose, such as a birthdate.

Someone you were just thinking of calls you out of the blue.

You bump into someone who answered a question that you were just asking yourself.

These are all signs that you should be open, pay attention and acknowledge that your Highest-Source is attempting to send you a message. Still your thinking, analytical mind. Breathe. Listen.

Everyone has a higher inner-voice that acts as our internal radar system and guide. We only need to listen to it and trust it in order to be led by it successfully.

Feelings and messages about our purpose and passion often come as a gnawing thought or a reminder of what sparks your interests and what is important to you. Sometimes some sort of serendipitous situation or event will take place in order to jolt your hidden personal passions and purpose.

Be aware and observant of even the smallest events and circumstances in your life, and watch out for signs, signals and messages that appear to support your spiritual growth and life path. Take note of your impressions, visions, sensations and insights, then follow-up with some research, study, inquiries and/or action.

About the author: Author, Joy Jackson, The Backyard Mystic, is professional psychic-medium and intuitive guide in the Pacific Northwest.


By Cherie Roe Dirksen, Conscious Life News


Synchronicity is Your Ultimate Guide

“According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don’t bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous.”

~Deepak Chopra (Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles)

Thanks to

What exactly is synchronicity?

Well the dictionary states that it is the occurrence of events and especially psychic  events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.

In laymen’s terms, it is simply being in the right place at the right time to receive the right information.  Now, why is this important — surely these kinds of events are just coincidences?

Defining Coincidence

Let’s break this word down to better understand it.  ‘Co’ means mutual and, of course, ‘incident’ means an event or occurrence.  Coincidence is pretty much a dead ringer for synchronicity but why do most people ‘brush’ things of as mere coincidence when, in fact, both coincidence and it’s relative – synchronicity – are profound states of universal flow?

When we are young, magic surrounds us — life is the biggest trip ever!  Sadly, as we become adults, we lose that awe for the mysterious and start putting things down to chance or luck and we start to give a rather cynical meaning to a beautiful word: co-incidence.

Should You Read More into Coincidence?

Yes!  The statistics of you being at that ‘right place at the right time’ are phenomenally low, so when they occur it is in your best interest to take very serious note of the message behind the encounter.  Then act on it.

“All of us, whether or not we are warriors, have a cubic centimeter of chance that pops out in front of our eyes from time to time. The difference between an average man and a warrior is that the warrior is aware of this, and one of his tasks is to be alert, deliberately waiting, so that when his cubic centimeter pops out he has the necessary speed, the prowess, to pick it up.”

~Carlos Castanada

 For example:

You have been thinking of an old childhood friend, even possibly been dreaming of them.  Then one day, at the supermarket, your trolley collides with another trolley.  You look up to apologize and there is the friend you’ve been thinking of.

So What Does it all Mean?

All meaning could be different according to personal circumstances but let’s take a few possible meanings:

  • This person may have some valuable information for you. It could be that they know someone who could help you with that project you’re working on.
  • It could be that your friend may need your expertise with solving a problem.
  • Or it could simply be that you need to catch up and share some precious life experiences with each other.

The meanings may differ but the little gems that pop up as ‘coincidences’ are rarely of no use.  Sometimes we have to pan for gold.  It can take days to recognize that little nugget of truth that was meant for you in the synchronous event that took place.

Flex That Synchronous Muscle!

The good news is, the more aware you are of synchronicity and how it breezes in and out of your life to steer you to your greater good, the more you’ll start unraveling the unique tapestry of your life and destiny.  This is why Deepak Chopra refers to this phenomenon as ‘Synchrodestiny’.

When you learn to use synchronicity, you’ll start to follow the breadcrumbs to fulfilling your dreams.  Be careful of shrugging events off as mere coincidence because that’s exactly what they’ll become.  Take joy in uncovering the pearls of wisdom in these packages.

The Fury at Being Robbed Blind!

Let me give you an example of a huge shift that took place recently in my life thanks to allowing synchronicity to work for me.

I recently had my bank account hacked into and a vast sum of money stolen over a period of 2 days.  It was a red-tape nightmare but I eventually got refunded by the bank.

Just last month, the same thing happened with an account I have at a different bank — thankfully, a smaller amount was stolen but the same principle had occurred.  I started to get metaphysically suspicious.  What was the universe trying to tell me?

Sometimes synchronicity isn’t as pleasant as having a catch-up cuppa with an old friend — it can come as an earthquake to rattle your cage of complacency.

Figuring Out the Puzzle

Suffice to say, I don’t believe in mere coincidence in the dull sense of the word — everything happens for a reason.

I started to pick this puzzle apart.  What I found stunned me.

I realized that I had a tremendous ‘painbody’ (a phrase coined by Eckhart Tolle to describe a collective energy within the self that feeds of the pain of a certain incident(s) and affects us subliminally) around money.

I am good at accumulating lump sums but then proceed to either spend, lose or give it away bypassing any form of financial literacy or sustainable income.

The Puzzle Goes Quantum!

A friend of mine also pointed out that money is just energy.  If I was having large sums of this ‘energy’ stolen from me it could also be a reflection of my personal life.

She was right.  I was also giving away my energy (in the form of attention,  in this case) to something that did not serve me.

I started hauling in all this valuable information to analyze.  Synchronously, my neighbor gave me a book to read, called ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki, which I devoured.  It was as if it was written just for me!

I started to implement some of my findings and got immediate feedback from the universe.

Within days of me making a conscious shift about my attitude towards money, someone accidentally put a large sum of money into my bank account.

Even though, a week later, the sum of money was reversed — my situation had changed!  Instead of people taking money out, they were putting it in!  That was my confirmation that I had truly shifted my perspective and that things were on a new track.

But You Never Kept the Money!

In both instances (whether having the money purposefully stolen or accidentally given), a message was being delivered.  I always had the money reimbursed by the bank in the case of the theft and my account returned to normal in the case of the deposit.  So there was no physical gain of money but the metaphysical message was received.

The message delivered was that there was a problem with my mental attitude towards money and the message was received and acknowledged by the shift in physical occurrence — one could say a wink from the universe.

If I didn’t realize that my money being stolen was no mere coincidence, I would have plodded on feeling like a victim of circumstance instead of seeing the opportunity that was being offered to change my financial attitude.

Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys. ~Emma Bull

Keep your eyes peeled for meaningful coincidence and start shaping your destiny through synchronicity today!

Further reading: Finding meaning in coincidence and synchronicity

Books by this author include:

   Divine You — Redefining Love in the New Earth Book

I’m Not Going Insane – It’s the Universal Awakening! – Synchronicity and The Cosmic Initiation – 4-28-17


The following is an introduction to the experience of synchronicity and that it is a perfectly normal part of awakening. The fact is, the mystical and miraculous side of life has been marginalized in our postmodernist nihilistic world. The average person is incapable of considering ultimate meanings, values, and life purpose—beyond the socially acceptable outlets of the modern world. But behind the veneer of consumerism, entertainment, and self-aggrandizing egotism that is so commonplace in societies today, lies an ocean of mystery, wonder, and amazement. In this sense, works of fiction and fantasy allow us to explore aspects of life and beingness that have become socially taboo—most people don’t take spirituality and subtle energy seriously, but they will go see a movie about people with mystical powers. This suggests that all people are interested in transcending the limits of who they are now, so they can become something more.
Awakening isn’t so much a random occurrence as it is an evolutionary leap.

Awakening is inevitable when the heart of curiosity still beats within the body of the citizen, employee, or government agent. And when one begins to awaken from their life’s slumber, a tidal wave of insights, realizations, and connections become apparent—this is the quintessential experience of synchronicity.

Synchronicity is the term often used for those times when we see repeating patterns and/or feel that events in life have a profound meaning—one that materialists are quick to “explain away.” For example, if you spontaneously remember a friend from many years ago and moments later they call on the phone or send you a message, this is often regarded as a synchronistic event. But synchronicity is more powerful than just this.

Those who have fallen into the abyss of nihilism will—out of profound fear—seek to downplay and marginalize the meaning of synchronicity, often labeling it “random coincidence.” Nihilism is the belief that life is random and meaningless, there is no purpose to experience other than what we make of it. I characterize this as a grand all-encompassing cosmic crisis—a psychological sickness that prevents someone from making contact with the spiritual realities of existence, the very same realities that allow one to see how all things are ultimately connected and meaningful. Nihilism is a toxic belief that causes untold suffering for the believer and society at large.

Those who ascribe to this philosophy tend to unconsciously fear the unknown because it reminds them of this cosmic crisis. What we can’t understand we tend to avoid because it makes us feel disempowered. As a result, some reject synchronicity likely because to such people profound meanings and insights are dangerous—they unsettle their beliefs about the world. Such people tend to feel generally afraid of many things and are also unwilling to entertain new ideas, which makes navigating through life hard and tragically unsettling.

But to one on the awakening path, profound meaning and insight is everything. Why do things happen the way day do? What does it all mean? The answers to these questions beget more questions.

Even though asking these questions is often unsettling, and it should be, the awakening one embraces the adventure, despite themselves. Eventually, one’s desire for truth eclipses their fear of the unknown and this is when personal transformation and empowerment can begin. For there are some things within that must die so that we can be reborn anew.

Synchronicity is cosmic initiation because the truth is bigger than anything you can possibly imagine. Initiation is a rite of passage into a group or community. Thus, cosmic initiation is the community of beings who have embraced the truth and seek for it in all ways, including the technique of understanding synchronicity. And our pursuit of truth is an endless adventure of personal growth and transformation—one which will feel new, exciting, and sometimes, terrifying. The truth can scare us because it tends to make light of our mistakes, misunderstandings, and lack of mastery. And we can be tempted to reject such things to stay like we are—but this is a fool’s errand.

What makes us feel “insane” while waking up is when what we believed to be true is comes under threat, and we aren’t ready to let go of it yet. And that’s OK. Awakening isn’t a race; it’s more like a fine meal that needs to be savored and appreciated, each bite of truth and experience needs to be properly digested.

For those new to their awakening, don’t worry, your experiences are not weird, uncommon or strange. 

Each one of us goes through a personal awakening—whether we embrace it or not. The challenge is to keep following the truth wherever it leads and have faith that the character your building in the process will be stronger and better as a result.

In truth, we can’t avoid the changes that life brings, but we can learn to embrace it. In doing so, not only do we provide ourselves wisdom to lead better lives but we also positively impact the world around us.

So don’t turn away from awakening, for it is a universal right and destiny that all creatures eventually need to face. The price of rejecting awakening means suffering for oneself, and chaos for others. In this sense, the meaning of life is to live it fully, completely, and with the innocence of a child.

– Justin

Source – Wakeup World

by Rachel Horton White, April 21st, 2017

I woke up one morning, turned on the radio and it hit me. “Oh my God. It’s not real,” I thought. In a flash, all of the scary stories, never-ending wars and the political hype fomented in the mainstream news appeared to me as one big web of deceptions. I tried without success to convince myself I was wrong.

Was I living in a delusional head space that I would eventually snap out of? Or was I waking up to what reality has actually been all along?

Last year, I decided I was fed up with my unfulfilling career and with re-living the same pattern in all of my jobs. I hired my own life coach and started meditating again. While reclaiming my spirituality, I started asking higher sources of wisdom to help me along the way. And that’s when things began to really happen…

Road signs would jump into my line of sight with messages that seemed to be speaking right to me. Songs on the radio seemed to be directed just to me. I tried to rationalize it all. Maybe I was reading too much into these things. But it kept happening and the messages were right in line with what was going on in my life.

As the weeks passed, this started getting stronger. I started seeing number sequences everywhere. First 11:11, then 2:22, then 3:33, then 4:44. Then a mix of numbers, usually on clocks, street addresses or gas stations, in some kind of orderly fashion.

I was fascinated with the repeating numbers. Through numerology, I learned that number patterns can be messages from the Divine, or ‘angel numbers’ (thanks to Doreen Virtue). Right now these numbers are being seen by people everywhere, especially 11:11. I have learned that this is the universe trying to get our attention. It is a collective wake-up call to access our true, spiritual nature as human beings — a summoning for us to start acknowledging the loving and unified selves that we really are.

You have probably heard of the “Golden Age”, or the “Age of Aquarius”, referring to the new spiritual era we are in. Many say it started in 2012, and that there would be an event to end the world. But December 21, 2012 was just the date of a new era in the Mayan calendar, the beginning of a shift in consciousness for humanity. This shift on the whole has happened gradually. In 2016, however, the awakening accelerated significantly. People are now noticing that we need to change our lifestyles. We need to find real meaning in our lives. Many of us can no longer tolerate conditions (in our jobs, relationships, etc.) that do not nurture our inner selves. So many of us crave to work with the earth, to help others, to connect with other humans, to nurture children or animals, and to live more simply.

In my own life, I decided to start a new career. I didn’t know at first what that would be. I’d always loved Tarot cards and learning about developing my own intuition. So I started doing more of that, and it eventually evolved into a business. Once I started following what my soul really longed for, mysterious coincidences (also known as synchronicities) grew more frequent. I would be looking for something I had misplaced and it would just show up right in front of me, as if someone had secretly left it for me there. I would be thinking about calling someone and my phone would ring at that instant with that person on the line.

I knew part of this was about intuition, or the sixth sense we all have. Maybe I wasn’t crazy. Maybe I had just been oblivious to the magnitude of human Divine energetic potential. I had been subconsciously keeping my higher self (the part of us connected to universal love) dormant for years. I had been blocking so much from unfolding in my own life with my negative emotions of worry (mostly about money) and doubt (mostly of my own abilities.)

It finally all started making sense. I had always been intrigued by what spiritual books had always taught me. But I never really understood what they were talking about until now. Concepts like “we are all connected” started to click. Now I really got it: we are literally all connected by energy. And our thoughts and emotions affect our daily reality. Your negative emotional state emits some kind of frequency in the universe that can affect my energetic body. And my positive emotion can lift you up in kind. This is also known as a “resonance,” explained better by Gregg Braden (author of ‘The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief’.) And positive emotions, such as the bliss produced in meditation, have even been shown to reduce crime rates.

Like a water droplet jiggling an entire spider web, I started to understand how I could actually transform my life by focusing on what I believed was best for myself (and my soul) through my thoughts and emotional state. So I started trying it out on something bigger. In 2015, my husband and I were having another baby and our tiny house wasn’t going to fit four people. I made a point of visualizing what I wanted, wrote that vision down everywhere and talked about it openly and often. And I prayed. Then I started taking action, connecting with people and talking about my life goals. I focused on a home with more space, in nature, with privacy, near our workplaces, and in a loving community.

Soon after, my parents started talking about downsizing. They asked us if we wanted to buy half their house from them to convert the rest into an in-law space. I was so opposed to the idea of living in my parents’ house that I said no. Months later, after a comment from my uncle at Thanksgiving, I realized that this house was the answer I had been seeking. I had been blind to the opportunity right in front of me, out of my own fears. Fast-forward a year later, and we are now living in a multi-generational home along with everything else I had requested.

Here’s what I now understand. That even though we’ve been asleep for so long — thanks in large part to junk entertainment, bad food, soul-crushing workplaces and think-inside-the-box educational institutions — many of us now acknowledge some kind of magic in our existence.

We have been led to believe that we lack the ability to control and co-create our lives. Under the iron fist of traditional religious institutions, we were encouraged not directly to access Divine guidance ourselves. We were told that religious authorities (like priests) were the only ones connected to God. So we didn’t understand that we could simply ask higher forces to assist us in our everyday lives. And with the editing and omission of mystical truth from religious texts (like the Bible), we were unaware of the metaphysical powers within each human being. We didn’t know that we could actually create a reality for ourselves by using just our own thoughts and emotions.

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But as in a deep slumber, many of us have now awakened. We are meditating more and tapping into our inner selves, expanding our intuition to receive higher guidance. We are taking action by speaking up for justice, equality and truth, by demanding access to clean water and defending our natural environment. And more of us are creating lifestyles fueled by spirituality, sharing our crafts in the arts or in music, farming our land or building something beautiful and useful for others.

To truly elicit change we crave, we must stop giving our power away to our leaders. They don’t create our country — we do. We can be proactive instead of reactive. And we can ask for guidance from whatever universal power we believe can assist us. We can actually transform our lives with this magic, through dedicated inner work, separating from the illusions about our reality and working to co-create our own destinies. Knowing that we can take back control of our lives by allowing our higher selves to show us the way is the ultimate liberation. For me, it has been the only answer.

This is a sign of a shift in consciousness, a universal recognition that we are connected to a loving, Divine source. And we have the ability to heal ourselves and our planet. Each and every small decision that we make matters – from what kind of shampoo we use to what kind of water we drink. But we must start using our power and we must start acknowledging our true spiritual selves. Along the way, we can ask ourselves: “How can I best be of service? How can I best assist others?” This beautiful Hawaiian prayer, Ho’oponopono, can help us to set the tone for love and carry us forward. An ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and healing, it essentially means: I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

This message of love will be what transforms us and our world.

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Gregg Prescott @ – 11:11 and Other Repetitive and Synchronistic Numbers – 7-30-16


By Gregg Prescott, M.S., WooWoo Media



Do you see 11:11 often?  How about numbers such as 2009, 12:35 or 333? Why do repetitive synchronistic numbers come into our lives and what do they mean?

Many people within this genre believe that there is no such thing as coincidence and that everything happens for a reason, including repetitive synchronistic numbers such as 11:11 or 555.

A general consensus of the meaning of any given particular number is that you are supposed to be paying attention to whatever is on your mind at that particular time of numerical synchronicity.

But what about numbers that appear to you that seem to have no meaning, whatsoever, such as 1123, 112 or 1235?

If you see any of the three numbers listed above, then these are related to the Fibonacci Sequence.  For example, 12:35 is a Fibonacci sequence ( 1 + 2 = 3; 2 + 3 = 5) but if you do the numerology of it, it also equals 11 (1 + 2 + 3 + 5 = 11).  The Fibonacci sequence can be seen in everything from the arrangement of a pine cone to great works of art, such as the Mona Lisa.

When you see a synchronistic Fibonacci number, it may represent compounded spiritual growth in the same linear fashion as the sequence.  1123 breaks down to 7 (1 + 1 + 2 + 3).  Perhaps 7 is your life path number or the life path number of someone who is close to you?

Additional Fibonacci numbers include 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765…  You might glance at the clock and see 2:33 or 1:44.  Perhaps you recently purchased an item for $15.97 or put 9.87 gallons of gas/petrol in your car?  These are all numbers in the Fibonacci sequence and chances are, you’re going through an amazing period of spiritual growth and enlightenment.  If you break $15.97 down in numerology, you get 1 + 5 + 9 + 7 = 22, which breaks down to 4 (2 + 2), but can also be see as this:  22 = 11 + 11 (11:11).

Sometimes, you might see numbers in unexpected ways.  For example, you may find a penny on the ground. Look at the date and try to understand the significance of not only the date, but the numerology of the date. Perhaps you found a penny that says 2009 on it but you don’t remember anything significant from 2009. The numerology of 2009 = 11 (2 + 0 + 0 + 9).

Do the same thing for any coin you unexpectedly find. Perhaps it’s a coin from 1986 or 2002. Think of the significance of that particular year and then do the numerology until you can break the number down into a single digit, or the recognition of a master number, such as 11, 22 or 33.

If you are filling your gas tank, notice the number of the pump your filling from, the amount of gas you get and the cost of it. You can do the same thing at the grocery store by looking at the total amount you spent on groceries.

If you are at an intersection, look at the numbers on the license plate in the car in front of you. Do the numerology on your house or apartment number.

One should always pay attention to any synchronistic number that constantly arises in your life and try to look for the significance and why it is occurring to you.  For more on 1111 and synchronistic numbers, please read the following articles:

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