LORD MICHAEL, Thank You for Standing in the Sword of Truth – by ELIZABETH TRUTWIN – April 23, 2010

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LORD MICHAEL – Thank You for Standing in the Sword of Truth – via ELIZABETH TRUTWIN – Posted April 23,



Archangel Michael:

This is Lord Michael.
As the Maitreya returns to Earth, he brings a message of Love, caring for One another, and sharing everything with Each Other. He does not ask you ‘Follow” him. He invites all on Earth, those who have religion, as well as those who do not. All of the religions of Earth, at this time, have removed the “Her” story from their History.

Today I would like to share one of those times. In the Christ story, after the Resurrection Jeshu came back to see his Disciples. At this meeting, Thomas was missing and did not see his body, the wounds on his hands, and in his side. One week later, in a locked room, Sananda walked through the wall to talk to the Disciples. As the story is told, it has been said: ‘he stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.” Thomas said to him, “My Lord and my God!” Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” Jesus did many other miraculous signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.’

What are the “other miraculous signs Sananda did in the presence of his Disciples? Sananda opened a portal to the New Jerusalem that day. They all walked onto the Bridge of the New Jerusalem. They were met by personal Counselors. They were briefed about the Romans and the Jews true roles in the story. They witnessed Earth from the Stars. They remembered who they were. They met again with their Twin Flames.

Here, each was invited to change their Soul Contract. They were asked to continue the Ministry in very harsh conditions. All agreed. They were returned to the room after their experience in No Time on the New Jerusalem, with Sananda. From there they went out together and in time, traveled all over Earth to teach about The Christ and they taught about the StarShips and all the Star Nations. It was not the Disciples which took the “Her” story out of History. They all risked their lives to tell the Truth.

Are you a Doubting Thomas today?
Do you need to see all the changes before you will take up your Mission? Do you doubt the politics behind Church and State, the involvement of the Money Changers?
In this time of changing Timelines, our work now is to remember We Are the One We Have Waited For. We ALL are Lords and Gods. We are the Creator Gods who brought into Manifestation the Nebadon Universe, of which Earth is part. In each new Creation, we have taken up new roles in each religion, to help shed light on the different Cultures of Earth. We Spirits having a Human Experience put into place the veils and as “His” story continued, put “God” above “Man” What really is God? All Manifest Creation, as called All That Is.

We have, as the Goodly Company, taken up roles on the Ground Crew, and roles on the Ships, in the Galactic Federation. We have shared these roles with our Twin Flames over the Eons of time. As you have heard, in the last 30 years, or less, in some cases, that we are from the Stars, and Jesus drives a UFO, it seems as if it is new. Another way to look at it is, you have awakened to a Universal Truth from every religion, from every culture on Earth.

All of the conditions have been met now for Earth Ascension and rising into the Higher Dimensions of Experience. It is existing from these Higher Dimensions which brings back the Ships Crews permanently to the Ground. It is NOW Landings are possible. As we increase our Light, our Love, and our Consciousness, we understand more. As we meet with our own Counselors, we learn more about our Mission and the next steps to take. How small a role, or how great a role you will have, is reflected in how you have handled responsibility in the past. It also has to do with your willingness to work together with your Fellow Woman, Fellow Man and your ability to Love Others not like you.

If you dream of a BIG ROLE, act BIG. Get your house in order, heal the relationships you have now. Reach out for Higher Service. You are all capable of Higher Gifts, as Jeshu/Sananda demonstrated. You are all capable of handling the Packages and the responsibilities that go with them. As Ships Land and All Is Healed, the Ships Crews and Ground Crew will work together to get the job done. Thank you, for without your loving devotion all these years, your refusal to give up, and your Belief in Truth, this NOW MOMENT of Announcements, of Emergence, would not be possible. YOU ARE THE ONE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. YOU are the CHRIST returned. You are Creator God/Goddess. You will work together, with your Twin Flames, to bring Heaven to Earth. You will join all together as the One Race of Humanity on Earth, all equal to each other. Through this you will learn New Creation.

Thank you for Standing in the Sword of Truth!
~Lord Michael
Beth and Mark, Galacticroundtable.com


Elizabeth Trutwin


Archangel Michael – Sword of Truth – Author: Karen Doonan – 2-19-14

Archangel Michael - Red

It is to be noted that AA Michael is a twin energy and that to work with this energy in TRUTH you need to invoke BOTH AA Michael and his twin Lady Faith in order to work with this energy in a balanced space.

Lady FAITH walks with ALL at this time albeit many are ignoring her whispers.

I have blogged about the manifestation of memories, this is the way that the lower dimensional frequencies may arise within you in an attempt to hold on and to re-anchor themselves.

It may be at this moment you are being shown parts of your human life that you had all but forgotten.

Some of these memories may be painful and leave you in much confusion as it may appear to the logical human mind that these memories are somehow “random”.

The old 3d earth reality will try to teach you to push these memories to one side, that as they are “past” they no longer hold any relevance and that to view them is too painful anyway.

This will work against you at this time for the memories are coming up for RELEASE.

Many of you may feel almost powerless, “what should I do with these memories?” , “how do I release these memories?” etc.

All these questions and more may be flooding through your human logical mind at this moment. The release is relatively simple, ALL JUST IS, the human logical mind is LOOKING for complex for it has been TAUGHT complex.

There are no in depth and complicated rituals to follow in the release of these memories.

There is INTENTION, for intention is everything when working with energy and there is LETTING GO.

The following is a short exercise that works to help you CUT the CONNECTION with these lower dimensional frequencies.

I have to state that the old 3d earth reality may attempt at all times to re-anchor and re-connect you back to these lower dimensional frequencies in multiple ways, so you need to become more conscious of the nudges from your SOUL.

Be more mindful of the language and phrases that you are using, for often the clues are in our words, YOUr SOUL can speak through you and will show you a “theme” or a “phrase” that is seeking to unlock that which is hidden and running inside of your human vehicle.

It is to be remembered that YOU have ALL the answers for YOU, for only YOU are YOU and experiencing life here on this planet as YOU.

Each time you have a memory that comes flooding in and that seeks to show itself to you then I would guide you to view this memory.

ALLOW the memory to have a voice, you are not being asked to interact with the memory nor to align with it, you are being asked to ACCEPT and ACKNOWLEDGE the memory.

Then call on AA Michael and Lady Faith, ask AA Michael and Lady Faith to place the sword of TRUTH and LIGHT through the memory and into the connection you have with the memory. ALL that is TRUTH will remain and strengthen, all that is not will dissolve.

This exercise seeks to take you out of the logical human mind, for the human logical mind will try to persuade you to solve the puzzle, it is vital to remember there is NO PUZZLE, there JUST IS.

When AA Michael and Lady Faith place the sword of TRUTH and LIGHT into the memory you may feel a huge surge of energy, these are the energies being severed and disconnected from. It is THIS SIMPLE.

You may have tears come up for release or you suddenly may have to go to the loo. Both are ways that the human vehicle seeks to rid itself of a lower dimensional frequency. Each time a memory comes up for you then you can do this exercise.

This way you do not have to logically work out if the memory is a “good” or “bad” for in TRUTH it JUST IS, it is the filters that you have been TAUGHT to apply in relation to the scenario you are remembering that seek to anchor and keep the frequencies hidden by keeping you in the loop of trying to work out what is what when ALL JUST IS in TRUTH.

At this time upon planet earth there is much coming up for release. You may have to work with this exercise over and over and it may become like breathing. You do not have to stop what you are doing to do this exercise, intention is everything, this exercise is simple and takes moments but the effects are deep and expansive.

The New Earth energies are once more heightening in preparation for a massive expansion across and within planet earth.

This may show in your waking outer reality as an intense energy that at times may leave you dizzy, unable to “sleep” (as in the definition of sleep in the old 3d earth reality), feeling intense pressure in various parts of your human vehicle, chest pains, extremes of emotions, waves of tears, dryness of skin, extreme thirst, extreme tiredness.

These are but a few of what you may experience, there is NO servitude in holding on to these symptoms, many are using these symptoms as “proof” of the ascension process. All these symptoms seek to show you that you are out of balance and ask that you take steps to come back into balance.

For example extreme thirstiness and dryness of skin point towards dehydration and the human logical mind may try to teach “ok drink more water”, you may do this and still experience the symptoms, so I would guide you change the water for something else like fruit juice or another “type” of water.

This is trial and error until you align fully with the human vehicle. It is to be remembered that you are ALIGNING WITH the human vehicle, you are NOT attempting to align the human vehicle with you!

The energies over the next linear 48 hours in the outer waking human life experience are set to expand rapidly and swiftly. At this time you are asked to release in order to anchor the New Earth higher dimensional frequencies in preparation for the expansion of the entire human race in general.

Working WITH this process will see you able to detach from the old 3d earth reality that is now dissolving at various levels.

How quickly it dissolves at a PERSONAL level within YOUr human life experience is dependent on how much you can let go and be in flow.

For the life experience in the New Earth is a PERSONAL and UNIQUE one, it is NOT dependent on the interaction or reactions of those around you, this is not how this works, this is how the old 3d earth reality was constructed in order to contain and suppress.


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