The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin – Surrender to Your Perfection – 2-7-15

The Lighted Ones: Surrender to Your Perfection. Channeled through Andrew Martin, The Lighted Ones, February 4, 2015

Today we wish to speak about where you stand in this moment. Of course the truth as you see it will be individual to you and yet we want you to consider that wherever you are, that you are perfect as you are. For every being there will always be new opportunities to learn and to grow.

There will always be a higher frequency to ascend to. However at this point we encourage you to consider that your work now is simply to be as you are. Shine in the beauty of the perfect state you are now existing in.

We understand that this may seem confusing to some. In many of our previous messages we have spoken so often of healing and clearing and purifying and letting go of all which no longer serves you. We have talked to you about surrendering to where you are and embracing yourself with Love and compassion in order to release the illusion of separation from all that is.

Today we wish for you to consider that you can now surrender to the perfection of who you are. Surrender to the fact that you have come through the fires of transformation and now the refined energies that you house are so brilliant, they shine brighter than ever before. If the larger part of who you are is loving you now, exactly as you are…why not embrace that Love?

We understand that from a human perspective you may still see endless things within yourself and in your world that you want to fix or to change. Yet we present to you the idea that you could continue the search for unwanted or undesirable aspects for a thousand lifetimes and in your search you will always attract to you more things to fix or to change. What if you decided that where you are now is more powerful than any place you have been before and that the simple act of resting in that Light will do more than any fixing or purifying that you could do?

When the Sun shines it does not search for shadows or darkness to illuminate, it simply shines knowing that nothing can escape It’s brilliance. It shines knowing that It’s Light reaches the place it is meant to reach and it does not worry about the shadow for it understands that in time, all shall be illuminated.

You are in a place not unlike that now, Dear Ones. You have focused so diligently on the areas in your lives that were asking for acknowledgement, Love and acceptance and there is no area within you that has gone unloved or unnoticed. So now, what if you decided that it was time to go out and begin to live in the truth of who you know yourselves to be? What if you decided that your job now was simply to shine and to choose those things that magnify your brilliance?

The echoes of the old thoughts and patterns and beliefs in your personal lives get weaker each time they reverberate back to you and the sooner you let them go, knowing that the work has been done, the sooner they will silence themselves. Trust that you are now in a place that if something does need your time and attention, you will know it without question.

At some point, the master painter must decide that the work is complete and that it is time to unveil the masterpiece. The primary work for you now is to understand that the incubation period for you has passed. This is your time to step out and trust that you have everything you need to progress into the world you have been dreaming of. Surrender to the truth of who you are and let that be enough!

Do not let the old patters of your ego entice you into believing that you are not ready, for the truth is that the journey up the spiral is never complete. Allow yourselves to be the beacon that shows the way for those who seek the Light. Surrender to the brilliance of who you are and allow yourselves to shine! Trust that your Light will find its way and your job is simply to shine!

In Love and Light we leave you.



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