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Trinity Super Moon Gateway – Morag O’Btien @ The Event Chronicle – 1-2-18


By Morag O’Brien

1.1.18 Gateway, gemini to leo is a repeat of the cycle we began mid November, marked by the first super full moon. The second comes at the auspicious new year, the third accompanied by a full lunar eclipse  at the close of January. This trinity of supermoons are quantum coordinates opening a portal, a cosmic crossroads of timelines. Many of us were knocked clear off our cosmic surfboards by the whirlwind of negative energy triggered by the first gemini supermoon. We reached the leo full moon, reconnecting with our warrior instincts, culminating in the calm reflection of the Solstice. Our task this time is to stay on our cosmic surfboards, centred, balanced, grounded in love.

Super full moons illuminate a quantum world. We will be propelled through January by waves of disclosure, truth will be told. January’s blue super full moon on 31st will mark the closure of this portal to multi dimensional pathways. The conjunct lunar eclipse will soak up all the darkness released during the Gateway’s expansion, transmuting dark to light. It is up to us to walk through this portal, to face duality in ourselves as well as the outer world. To embed our energetic being in love vibrations. We come online with 5d. 2012 was the starting pistol. We left the third dimension and have been accelerating up the frequency spectrum ever since. DNA strands triggered, activating chi flow through our chakra being. Expansion of consciousness gaining momentum, mass awakening. We are cosmic surfers learning to ride waves of light vibrations in a quantum world.




We’re About to Witness a Meteor Shower & Supermoon Light Up the Sky on the Same Night — peoples trust toronto by Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution It’s been quite the year for skywatchers, and December is closing it out with one more incredible supermoon. Gracing the sky on Wednesday, December 15, it’s a special spectacle in the sky you surely won’t want to miss. The December supermoon is also called the “Cold Moon,” and will […]

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Supermoon 6 – Nov. 14/15, 2016 — Infinite Shift

Originally posted on ༺♥༻ New Earth Energies ༺♥༻: Following last Friday’s 11:11 Remember LOVE Portal, on November 14/15 we have a SUPERMOON !!! This SUPERMOON is extra special… as our Full Moon hasn’t come this close to Earth since January 26, 1948 AND won’t come this close again until the Full Moon of November 25, 2034. Sharing…

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Thrive On News – Full Moon August – Supermoon – 8-3-15

 august supermoon 2015
                                                                 Super Moon August 2015   –   Image Source

August Super moon astrology meaning

Full Moon August 30th in 6º Pisces at 4.34 am AEST


This August super moon ( perigee full moon – or grain moon ) is the strongest of the year so far. A super moon is when the moons orbit is the closest to the earth. The super moon rises with great timing for spectators and photographers at 6.36 am Australian time. A super moon is also when the sun, earth and moon are all in alignment creating a vortex of energy called syzygy.

Pisces the intuitive one influences our full moon this August allowing us to breathe in the forces of nature and utilize them on a spiritual level. Gaining peace of mind and a closer connection to oneself. On the 1st of September tomorrow Venus and Mars conjunct teaming up to deliver a powerful super moon.

Also influencing the mix is Neptune and Jupiter, expect some love and communication from the people around you. If you are the Pisces zodiac sign the super moon effects will be intense for you, try to relax and meditate the night away. A perfect time for self reflection, gaining wisdom from your own personal insights.

Super moon August Spirituality Meaning

Super moons are known for bringing violent weather patterns, as you will know the moon and especially the full moon have a tremendous effect on everything on the planet including us. The super moon energy shifts are around our spiritual sector this August – September asking the question how solid are our beliefs.

Believing is key to succeeding, that coupled with an extreme determination. This super moon allows us the opportunity to delve into our core spiritual beliefs, tweaking them with our new found knowledge downloaded to us with the energy shifts of the August full moon. For those already spiritually minded awake and aware the opportunity is rare. Be sure to clear the mind of all earthly commitments before you begin your meditative connection with spirit this full moon. See blue moon meditation for right method.

The powerful August supermoon 2015 is a special one aligning with Imbolc (S.H) the spring festival or if you’re on the other side of the world it would be Lughnasadh (N.H) the autumn festival. Be sure to align these two events together in your August full moon ritual. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

Full Harvest Supermoon – It’s a Healer! – Judith, The Celestial Team – 9-8-14



This “hit” just came to me. The Full Pisces Supermoon will be exact at 6:38 p.m, pstd–  about 30 minutes from NOW. The timing does not escape me.

Neptune’s energies are mystical, numinous and without boundaries.
Chiron, I’m “getting,” is the centerpiece energy of this moon, the focal point that is for our benefit. And with good reason.

Chiron, the star that never became a planet, will resonate with any way in which you feel defeated… as if you are not enough, no matter how much you want to be… as if you just aren’t powerful enough to heal and transcend old traumatic injuries to your spirit… Allow this to happen!

Chiron is the energy of the wounded healer. Let your old wounds come to the surface in resonance with Chiron’s compassion. Feel them– they have been rejected for SO long! Then, allow Neptune to transmute them, through your self-compassion. Be willing to let them go.

From my heart to yours, I wish you that willngness! Please wish it for me as well… Lets wish it for ALL of us…right NOW.  ♥
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