SOLSTICE GATEWAY – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure

SOLSTICE GATEWAY – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure

A Solstice Surprise ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have a delightful surprise for you in this transmission. We have been welcoming in energies from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensions, just as you have been welcoming in energies from all dimensions higher than the fourth, and our purpose at this point in our existence is to help beings like you in the physical dimensions. And so, we have been creating a powerful transmission to send to humanity at the time of your Solstice. This energetic transmission will be separate from the one that you receive from your sun.

This transmission is going to be saturated with the highest frequency energies in the universe, and it is meant to trigger you into remembering your time in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensions. Some of you already have a sense of who you have been in those realms. Some of you already know yourselves to be angelic or know yourselves to be aspects of your Oversoul, and you can feel more of that Oversoul energy running through you than the average person can.

This transmission will go even further than what you have already been able to uncover about your pasts. You can expect to feel much more Divinity running through you, and you can expect to receive feelings running through you of mastery over the physical realm. You can also expect to feel more whole and complete, not only as the fullness of your higher selves, but also as the fullness of the Oversoul being that you also are at your core.

This is going to be a very large energetic transmission, and so you are going to want to rest, relax, ground, and hydrate the day of the Solstice and the day after. We would say make sure you’re doing all of those things for the entire week after because we can feel how big the effects are going to be on all of you. And we are very excited to see what you will do with your brand new sense of self. You can also expect memories to come to you in the form of dreams that will remind you of who you have been and who you really are.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Working with and Honoring the Sun at the Solstice – via dreamweaver333

Sacred rays of the sun

TANAAZ – The Spiritual Significance of the Solstice June 2018 – 6-21-18



On June 21st the Sun shifts into the sign of Cancer signalling the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

Just like we track the cycles of the Moon from New to Full, we can track the cycles of the Sun. The word Solstice translates to “Sun standing still” and is a significant and sacred turning point that will bring a shift in energy.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we have the longest day of the year and the highest expression of the Sun’s energy, but this energy will start slowing moving inwards and the days will get shorter as we head towards the Autumn/Fall Equinox.

In the Southern Hemisphere, we have the shortest day of the year, and the lowest expression of the Sun’s energy. After this, the energy starts becoming more expansive, and the days get longer as we move towards the Spring Equinox.

We are all one, we are all connected, and we all live on the same planet, so to some extent we will all feel these energies in different ways.

Read about the significance for both the Summer and Winter Solstice below and how you can use the energy-

Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)

The Summer Solstice is the highest point of energy for the year. We are bathed in the full power of the Sun and everything is illuminated.

The Sun is where we receive our life force energy, it is where we get our power and sustenance. Without the Sun, there would be no life.

Under the Summer Solstice, we are all going to be given a boost of power and a boost of energy in order to complete our goals and to get to work on creating whatever it is that we desire.

We are going to be guided to illuminate areas of our lives that have been hidden and we are going to be encouraged to step forward for all of the world to see.

Whatever seeds we have planted during the Spring Equinox will now be in full bloom, and we will be able to reap the rewards of our harvest.

This is a powerful time for manifestation work, to give thanks to the Sun, and to recharge our own life force energy.

Doing things that make us feel alive and getting out in nature are all great ways to honor this special time of year.

While the Summer Solstice is a perfect time to celebrate the Sun, the giver of life, there is also a deeper knowing that Autumn is coming, and eventually we, along with Mother Earth will have to shed, release, and let go in order to be reborn.

If we look to nature for guidance, everything is alive and vibrant under the Sun, but soon enough the leaves will start to turn brown and we will enter into a new point in the cycle of life and death.

Life is forever changing, and nothing ever stays the same. While our time under the rays of the warm Sun is beautiful and bright, eventually we will reach a point where we have harvested and expressed ourselves all we can, and the time will come to retreat within.

Winter Solstice (Southern Hemisphere)

The Winter Solstice is the lowest point of energy for the year. It is a time when everything is in a state of stillness and rest. While the trees are bare and there is no movement outwards, there is a lot of energy working behind the scenes.

The Winter Solstice can be referred to as the dark night of the soul. It is a time when darkness reigns, however this is not necessarily a bad thing. We need the darkness in order to acknowledge the light. We need the darkness so we can go within and discover who we really are.

This is a time of dormancy in our outer world, but this is just so we can heal. This is just so we can take the time to rest and recharge our batteries.

Since the Autumn Equinox we have witnessed death. We have witnessed the falling leaves, we have witnessed the animals withdrawing for hibernation. Now it is the time to honor all that has been and all that was, and to heal and let go of any lingering emotions from the past.

This is really a time to sit and be with who you are and where you are. This is a time to bring acceptance and self-love to yourself and to whatever ‘deaths’ may have occurred since this time.

It is only through learning to love and accept yourself that you will feel at peace. By loving yourself, baggage and all, you will learn to set yourself free.

Even though the Winter Solstice brings darkness, it is also important to remember that nothing lasts forever. Moving forward, the days are going to get longer and Spring will soon approach. This period of rest and reflection is only so you can blossom in the months to come.

Just like the seasons, we are always changing and we are always being encouraged to go with the flow of our lives. This is the perfect time to honor all that you are, and to remember that the light will rise once again.

STONEHENGE – The Longest Day – 6-21-18

Stonehenge summer solstice

STONEHENGE – The Longest Day – 6-21-18

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L’Aura Pleiadian – Summer Solstice In the Northern Hemisphere! The Arising of Greater awareness of Light within YOU consciously! This will be the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Celebrating the Beginning of Summer on June 21st, 2018 and the longest day of daylight, we embrace within our transformation through LIGHT.

The Embodiment of Light, which is your Original Light, which is your Divine Ascended Being.

Welcoming in this Light may be experienced in ALL moments. Just as each day and the rising of the SUN we celebrate, so too, sacred rituals for each season, attune us consciously to the rhythm of the seasons.
The Spiritual Sun, the Central Sun, is often called the Sun behind the Sun.

The Sun and its transformation IMPACTS ALL LIFE.

We are Immersed in Eternal Light.

This Sacred Light we celebrate within and around us, is the Divine Love ~ and is the embodiment of OUR return to LIGHT as we Ascend.

In no time, we are already exists ascended.
We exist throughout ALL the dimensions.
We descend and we Ascend.

Feeling this LIGHT of the SUMMER Solstice as YOUR ORIGINAL LIGHT and attuning to the Divinity of IT, through thanksgiving, is a profound way to enter your own conscious shift.

Moment to moment.

ALL is Light.

Celebrating each moment, each sun rise, each season.

ALL Light flows through us.

Nothing happens to us, it happens through us.

Be enveloped in the feeling of the warmth of the SUN within your Heart. Even now.

This warmth is love.

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Is Eternal.

Carry this with you through all sacred MOMENTS.

Enter the SOLSTICE with the awareness of this LIGHT.

Transformed moment to moment, as our Divine LIGHT flows through us. We enter our PRESENCE.

As the ONE Being the Light forevermore, consciously.

Happy Sacred Solstice!

In Love, Gratitude and GLORY! Blessing the SUN of SUNS…all GLORY and LIGHT ~ Now!

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