Steve Beckow – Changes in the Divine Plan Do Occur – Part 1/2 – 1-25-16


Steve Beckow   –   Changes in the Divine Plan Do Occur – Part 1/2   –   1-25-16


Contrary to what we may think, the Divine Plan isn’t static.

Neither is it being thought out on the fly.

The truth is somewhere in between.

For instance, when I interviewed the Arcturians through Sue Lie in late December 2015, they said in passing: “Whether or not our parallel or alternate realities will all collapse into the ascending Gaia has not yet been determined within the now.”

I asked them if there are still some elements of Ascension in particular that haven’t been determined yet, some aspects of the Ascension plan that hadn’t been firmed up. They replied: “Oh yes.” (1)

In 2015 Archangel Michael acknowledged that the Divine Plan changes: “Have there been many variables and many things that have interrupted and interfered and changed a particular motion?  Yes.” (2)

Mira the Pleiadian says the Divine Plan for Gaia changes every minute.

“We are involved with the strategic divine plan for the Earth. This plan is longstanding and flexible. It changes minute by minute. It impacts all of creation.” (3)

Earth’s is the first mass, physical Ascension in the universe. What happens here will, with appropriate changes, serve as the basis for Ascensions elsewhere.

Such is the need to change on occasion that, Sanat Kumara acknowledges, “there are times when even we are surprised.”

“At any time, there are many, many scenarios and pathways that can come, both within an individual life, within a group, and within the collective.” (4)

Ashtar through Philipp tells us that “the time for [major] changes in the Divine Plan is definitely over.” But he adds:

“Are there nuances which we have to consider and to react to? Of course there are. But, first of all, they are only nuances and not big changes.

“And, secondly, the plan now in place will not change in such a way that we will have to provide you once again with explanations for events which you consider to be ‘unfair,’ ‘not anticipated’ or ‘unexpected.’” (5)

Back in 2008, SaLuSa of Sirius explained to us that “there was a plan that allowed for the end of the cycle to occur at [the turn of the Millennium].

“But it was seen that there were greater prospects of more souls turning to the Light by completing the full cycle. That decision has proved decisive and correct, as the Light has continued to grow exponentially.

“Now the dark has been slowly restricted and denied further opportunities to cause calamities on Earth. You have your victory over the dark forces, and it only remains to remove their power and replace them by those who carry the Light.” (6)

Well, we know that our victory over the dark is still in the offing, seven years later. Not all has gone as predicted: enter freewill again.

Also enter human susceptibilities. The Arcturians told me the other day through Sue Lie that humanity wants major changes but when major changes occur humanity becomes confused, afraid, frustrated and angry.  Therefore the galactics have found that they need to take things in smaller steps than they’d planned and that slows things down as well.

Here’s Matthew Ward in 2014 on the relentless opposition of the Illuminati to the Divine Plan:

“The Golden Age master plan was designed so that when Barack Obama became US president in 2008, your world would eagerly support his efforts to unite all peoples in peace and harmony with Nature in accordance with Gaia’s vision.

“The Illuminati-led offensive against that objective has been relentless.  Even so, the light has shattered their international network and diminished the effectiveness of its remnants while engendering the expansion of grassroots movements around the globe and increasingly successful behind-the-scenes negotiations.” (7)

Ashtar explained that honoring our free will has limits. Our free will cannot be allowed to defeat the Divine Plan.

“Your Free Will is the most precious commodity that you have received from Spirit and it is, to all who are taking part in the process of the Ascension of the human Collective, holy and surely not to be violated.

“But it is not only the uplift of humanity that is dependent upon your Ascension – your Ascension has an effect on the whole Universe. Therefore, your Free Will is holy as a part of the Ascension but it can not and must not lead to the situation where the Divine Plan is not implemented. Your Free Will is considered insofar as it is compatible with the Divine Plan.”  (8)

He confirmed that we can affect or change the Plan through the exercise of our willpower, as we apparently did in 2012. He gives the conditions under which this can happen.

“Is it possible to adjust and to modify the Divine Plan by your willpower? Of course – as long as it is compatible with the Plan, as happened when humanity decided to ascend collectively. Spirit has considered your collective – not individual – Free Will and has agreed that humanity will ascend together, so the Divine Plan was adjusted accordingly. But there was a clear agreement relating to the conditions for this adjustment:

“First of all, it should not mean that Gaia and her inhabitants have to stay much longer in the lower vibrations. Please remember that it was Gaia herself who asked for help and who initiated the ‘Ascension’ project. Furthermore, your Ascension is affecting the whole Universe, and it is the pioneer for the Ascension of other planets in your Universe. For this reason the ‘waiting period’ was deliberately concise.

“A further condition is that the individual Free Will of a few can no longer affect the Collective Free Will. Herewith we are referring to those who for some reason do not want to take part in the Ascension, be it for keeping the status quo and not losing their power, or because they have planned their Ascension for a later time.” (9)

(To be concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.)

Steve Beckow – So Strong are the Vibrations – 1-20-16

Sacred 11Steve Beckow

I’m in transformative love again. Others call it universal love, unconditional love. It’s all the same.

Something amazing is happening to me. I’m experiencing a revolution in my way of being.  And it’s all a result of these glorious energies.

I used to be the world’s biggest gunnysacker, never letting go of a resentment until all was a desert around me and I was the last man standing. And standing. And standing.

OK, I’m exaggerating – it’s the last bit of drama allowed to me. But I held on to resentments longer than most people.

In the intensifying vibrations that are all around us at the moment, I actually see a huge shift in my behavior.  Hallelujah!

In the last week I had things happen that were aggravating or frustrating.

One was that a friend broke the glass of my favorite picture (“The Audience is Listening,” see “About the Staff”).

Another was that the work that’s being done on my building reached my suite last week and I had to transfer everything from my balcony into my suite.

If someone broke the glass of my favorite picture in bygone years, I’d have been, ahh, irritated.  But today, I simply attended to the mess of glass, spent a half hour getting the remaining glass out of the broken frame, and then got on with my life. I heard myself say that I didn’t care if I lost the picture. I’d get it back in 5D.

I also moved the balcony trunks and boxes into my apartment, most of which was not mine. I could have gotten bitchy about storing other people’s possessions and been nasty to them.  But I didn’t. The minute I finished moving everything indoors, the incident was closed and gone.

That is revolutionary for me and it’s all because of the energies.

If you were as big a gunnysacker as I was, this shift would come as deliriously-welcome news, equivalent to V-E Day.

It’s not a feature of something that I’m doing because I’m not doing anything. It’s a feature of the energies.

We’re looking for tangible evidence that the things we’re following are real. Well, to someone on the awareness path, the way I feel right now is tangible evidence.  Experience is what I learn from and look to for veracity.  I feel love shading into bliss. The depth of the love and bliss I feel right now is for me highly-credible evidence that things are happening energetically.

I know. Some people aren’t feeling anything. I went through years of not feeling anything and now I am.  There are probably many variables involved. There usually are.  I’m sure it will come.

For me, the energies are so high, at this moment, that I’m deep in transformative, transforming, transformational love. It dissolves all issues. It releases all bonds.

Don’t forget that love is limitless. So all I’m ever going to be saying here is that I’m deeper and deeper in love. It may get repetitive, but the experience is not. The experience of love is endlessly new and delightful. There is nothing on Earth that I could compare it to because everything on Earth pales over time except love.

Bliss, enlightenment, and love are all endless. We just deepen more and more into them.

So it’s the energies that are raising my own vibrations to a place where resentment is absent.

Archangel Michael and I discussed this on the last Hour with an Angel and both agreed that transformative love leaves no room for resentment.

This development will spark a character revolution in this one, as I’m sure those who knew me in my bad old days (say, two years ago. No? One?) would agree with.

I never knew I was resenting. I sensed that something was wrong. I couldn’t have put a name to it or put my finger on it.

I never knew that I followed this lockstep pattern of feeling offended and resenting the other person if they don’t make amends. And then I would withhold affection as a punishment. Ho, man, that was my life. F-O-S-S-I-L.

Now, buoyed up by this Salt Lake of love, floating on the surface of life, exposed to the light and relaxed, I just saw resentment drop out of the picture. Just like cold drops out of the picture the minute we walk into a warm hot tub. Just like the fear of death dropped out of the picture the minute I saw I was not my body (OOBE).

I don’t have to resent! I don’t have to punish people! I don’t have to sew drama and reap trauma!

At this moment, I’m deeeeeeeeeeeply in transformative love. I’m telling the truth, right? And the truth is setting me free.  I’m experiencing progressively-more release. Love is arising from this artesian well I call my heart to fill the space thus created.

I’m listening to Viva La Vida and almost dancing around the room. I could lose myself in ecstacy, so strong are the vibrations.  And I surrender and lose myself.

In this state of ecstacy, I can make mistakes. So if you see something unusual on the blog and think someone is asleep at the switch, you’re right. I’m asleep in bliss, asleep in samadhi. Pardon me for a short bit while I retire into meditation.

Steve Beckow – In Love with Love – 1-15-16

sacred 12Steve Beckow  –   In Love with Love   –   1-15-16

I’m at this moment filled with a simple love for love. An appreciation of love. A gratefulness for love.

For me – now – the service of the Divine Mother = The service of love.

From within the experience of love, everything seems possible. All doubt dissolves and is replaced with a universal willingness to entertain.

It seems as if we’re all looking for something special. And when one of us finds it, he or she shouts back to the rest: “Over here. It’s over here.”

Over here. It’s over here. It’s love. It’s in here, in here.

Receive this bounty. Here. Hold out your hands. Both hands.

There’s more where this came from.

But don’t take it from me.

You have this endless artesian well within yourself as well.

Drink deeply and share with the world. It’s freeing and free.

Steve Beckow – The Significance of Being Complete – 1-11-16


Steve Beckow

The Significance of Being Complete   –   Part 01   –    1-11-16


mystical-392Steve Beckow

Previously I said that I didn’t think that a person could experience transformative love without being complete.

I now see an equally-important role that completion plays.  I’m slapping myself on the forehead for not seeing it years ago. But I didn’t.

It’s our feeling or belief that we’re incomplete, followed by our acting on it, that takes us out of transformative love. Not only is completion vital to entering transformative love; it’s essential to staying in it.

I’ve wondered for years what it is that has me fall out of peak experiences. Why do I keep losing it? I’m incomplete because I create being incomplete just as I create being complete.

I tried in my past article to discuss the mysterious nature of completion. (1) If I were to use the short form of the explanation, I’d say that completion is a declared state. But I wager that that won’t mean a great deal to most folks.

Before going further with the explanation, I need to remind readers of the ladder of consciousness, from intellectual knowledge to experiential knowledge to realized knowledge. As we go up the ladder, the impact of our knowledge, or knowing, increases – on us and on everyone else we come in contact with.

Thus, if we declare our completion from a place of intellectual knowing, that declaration will probably have little impact on us and may mean little to the world.

If we declare our completion from a place of  experiential knowledge, well, there’s at least a game to play. We’re at least feeling it. That’s a deeper, more personal and intimate knowledge from which to come.

But if we declare our completion from a space of realized knowledge, then creation will follow. It will be as we say it is.  It’s this third state that I’m referring to when I say that completion is a declared state. It’s a declared state if the declaration comes from the space of realized knowledge. (2)

I’m complete if, from the space of realization (3) I declare myself to be complete. To maintain my completion implies remaining at a level of realized knowledge with it. If I fall back to a space of ordinary consciousness, characterized by intellectual knowledge, then my declarations again hold little power.

Given that I’ve gone in and out of the transformed space for some months now, you can imagine why understanding the ladder of consciousness becomes important to me.

Another aspect of completion is, and here I acknowledge my debt to Werner Erhard, that it isn’t a place to get to. It’s a place to come from. We come from love, come from joy, and come from completion. They’re who we are. They’re aspects of our natural state, which we’ve wandered away from but are again there in an instant of realized and felt completion.

Completion doesn’t depend on me making a “To Do” list of everything I haven’t finished or every relationship that is even a little bit out. Completion lives in my say-so, my word, my declaration. That’s something that a person has to experience to accept and we’re not used to looking in or exploring this area. But I’ve explored it enough times now that I get the power of my word, my declaration, to break through the overburden of issues and upsets and make the state of completion present itself.

Still another aspect: I can hold by what I say in the realized state whether or not I’m in it in the next moment. I can treat what I said as a firm commitment. I often have to uphold that which I’ve said in the experience of transformational love when that space has since departed. It makes me want to be careful with what I promise in the transformed space because realized Big Steve is binding intellectual Little Steve, so to speak.

(Concluded in Part 2.)


Part 02

Steve Complte

(Concluded from Part 1.)

The fact that I know (realized knowledge) that completion is vital to experiencing the transformed space is something I can now carry down into ordinary (intellectual) consciousness without loss or harm.

The nature of completion as a declared state is going to sound like hocus-pocus to many people if I try to explain it while in a state of ordinary consciousness.

The state of completion is itself higher dimensional. Perhaps that’s why I have so much difficulty explaining it.

If I’m in transformative love and an incompletion comes up, I now can recognize that hitching up with that thought will cost me dearly. It’ll cost me the loss of the space. And once it’s gone, it’s adios, amigo!

I knew back in 1977 that lying could cost me the transformed space. Protecting, projecting, pretending, resisting, judging, blaming can. But never have I seen the more general category behind them all: Incompletions.

I now need to steer around any of my own attempts (not talking about requests from others) to make myself feel incomplete. I need to remind myself of the price I pay. Continuing to honor my incompletions, in the language of Tomorrowland, is feeding the wrong wolf. (1)

Here’s an exercise for you. If you can watch this video by Coldplay, dancing around the room and snapping your fingers to the music, you’re complete in this moment. If not, take a look at what prevents you and find your own declarative power to be complete with that.

You’re complete if you say so and your say-so is what makes completion present itself. (I know. I know. It’s a mystery.)

STEVE BECKOW – Purification and the Divine Plan, Part 1/2 – 1-3-16

evolution 22


Steve Beckow

I’d like to look at the mechanics of human life, as a way of backlighting the Divine Plan behind it.

Animal life is by and large stimulus/response.  It may not be that way for whales, dolphins, cats and dogs. I don’t know. But for most of the animal kingdom it seems to be, given our present state of knowledge.

Life for humans is stimulus/perception/conception/conclusion/decision/response.

Or I could have said stimulus/thinking/response.

We interpose between stimulus and response a cultural moment, a moment in which we experience sensations, make sense out of them, reach an understanding of what we face, frame a response to it, and then respond.

While that process may take time when we’re young, later in life it’s second nature and often takes no more than a fraction of a second.

If we respond to life from love, our native spirit or soul expands its control over the dense material mechanism that our bodies are. Our soul has freer rein to govern our actions. Our awareness steadily increases.  And our link to our guides and others who are attempting to influence us for our own well-being and the highest human good is strengthened.

If we respond from the lower and baser impulses, like anger, greed, jealousy, and hatred, then we strengthen the baser and denser elements of our physical structure and lower our awareness.

Specifically, we create stress and store it in our muscles as bands of muscular tension. These go to areas that receive our attention through the inappropriate use of metaphors. So if we conclude that we’re carrying the world on our shoulders, then we store tension in our shoulders and end up with a sore shoulder and eventually arthritis of the joints, etc.

Or if someone like a spouse is seen as a pain in the rear, we may create complications in that area. If we cannot stomach the condition the world is in, as I fell into doing, we may create gastro-intestinal problems; in my case, colitis.

Moreover, we “learn” from our negative experiences, resolve to never go to unproductive or traumatic places again, and create tapes, records, scripts, vasanas, issues, resolutions, reaction patterns, roles, etc., to see that we never have to experience a “bad experience” again.

Living Fossil 33

And we walk down a path to what I’ve variously called fossilization, coralization, dumbing down, however you want to see it.

In that state, we become what we variously may call “old fogeys,” “a guy in a diner,” rednecks, opinionated people, etc. We trade our spontaneity for automaticity. We become like robots.

Ascension will relieve of us these symptoms and situate us in a light body that has no more diseases. And the refined vibrations of the Fifth Dimension will dispel and disallow all the lower emotions and qualities.

But in the meantime, we have work to do as lightworkers and that work is impeded if we’re prisoners of our base emotions and reaction patterns.

Unless we handle and emerge from them, we won’t be able to serve the roles we chose for ourselves in the work preceding Ascension. If we spark, argue, criticize, gossip, reject, and in other ways decline to work as part of a very large team, then we’ll have little or no role to play in things like building Nova Earth or creating a world that works for everyone.

That’s OK if it happens. Others will take our place. But I assume that people want to make their contribution in this lifetime and so they’re open to emerging from our patterns and unworkable ways of being.

Spiritual teachers have discussed the process of emerging from our patterns in various ways. Many have called it “purification.”  The Buddha advised us to desist from unwholesome actions, do only wholesome actions, and purify the mind.

His method of purification was Vipassana meditation which sees one circle the body with one’s awareness, observing sensation on the body. Taking one’s hands off the steering wheel in this way had all our vasanas – no longer held down – emerge. Provided we simply observed them, they disappeared leaving us “purified.”

It could be called cleansing the mind, resolving our issues, letting go of our past, becoming aware of our scripts – there are any number of ways one could characterize this process.

Whatever the way, it has us emerge from the bondage of our stress patterns in the body and unworkable reaction patterns in the mind.

Spiritual experiences can accelerate our growth. The heart opening I had on March 13, 2015 certainly accelerated mine. And the rising energies are making these experiences possible and propelling us towards love, compassion, bliss, etc.

One could say that we have two choices in life: (1) to continue reacting to the people and situations around us, building up more unresolved issues, committing ourselves to lifetime after lifetime of karmic illness and disease and living unfulfilling lives or (2) learning how life works and living it consistent with what works and not with what doesn’t work.

So that’s the reason why I talk so often about what Linda calls core issues and what I call vasanas. They are the residue of our unfortunate choices in life to withdraw from it, isolate ourselves, compete with others instead of cooperating, and generally behave as if life is an “us against them” affair.

Everyone takes a bath or a shower in the morning before beginning their day. We lightworkers are also cleansing ourselves before beginning our work. The depth and conscientiousness with which we do it will determine the extent to which we can contribute in what’s coming down the pike.

In the next article I’d like to look at the relationship of purification to the Divine Plan.

(Concluded in Part 2)

STEVE BECKOW – What Is Light? , Parts 01, 02 – 12-27-15


Steve Beckow


Part  01

Having mentioned the subject of light, in an essay on bliss recently, (1) I wanted to look into what our sources say about its nature and role in Ascension.

The absorption of Light is what decides who ascends and who does not so the subject has significance.  Light precedes all creation, transcends it, and is the basis of it. (2)

In order to provide as much literature to the newly-awakened on important subjects as possible, I again use the question-and-answer format.

Our most prolific source on the question is Matthew Ward. SaLuSa, Archangel Michael, Hilarion and a few others add to our understanding.

What is the relationship between light and God?

Matthew Ward: Light, which is the same energy as love, is the essence of Creator, Source of everything in existence. Light is the most powerful force in the cosmos, the entirety of consciousness, the ingredient of souls, and the life force of every living entity. (3)

Matthew: Light is the total essence of the Creator, the ultimate power in the cosmos, which has many universes. (4)

Where do the waves of Light striking the Earth come from?

We have told you that the Supreme Creator has begun to emanate the rarified Love/Light Essence from the heart core of Its Being (Adamantine Particles of Pure Divine Light substance).

This Essence contains all the facets of Creation, which include the Seed thoughts, energy components, and grand designs for never-before-experienced new creations. Within these wondrous multiple beams of Creator Light are newly-activated, black-spectrum Rays of pure unmanifested potential.

The Creator is sending these Rays as a gift throughout this Universe, for they contain the stillness of the Great Void, which will be accessible to all who are brave enough to tap into the magnificent power of the Void of space, in order to be a participant in the creation of future worlds and galaxies. (6)

How does that Light come into this universe?

Matthew: Light comes into this universe through its Supreme Being, whom you may call God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh or any other name; and everything is universally connected by and within this energy. (5)

Matthew: With unconditional love for Gaia and every sentient being on her planetary body, far distant civilizations whose vastness and power are beyond your imagining are beaming intensive light to dispel fear so every heart can open to love. Love is the key to the world you are there to help create, and you would feel as encouraged as we if you could see the light radiating from all the souls who are responding. (7)

The power of the energies that you have anchored [comes], yes, directly from the Mother [i.e., Father/Mother God], from the Masters, from the archangels, from all of us, [and] from your star brothers and sisters. (8)

When it comes from Source, do we get it in its fulness?

Archangel Michael: The Divine Rays which originated within the heart core of the Supreme Creator are refracted Light of stupendous power, which has been stepped down and refracted through the prism of our Father/Mother God’s consciousness via the Great Central Suns of this universe. (9)

What is Light to souls?

Matthew: Light is the composition and life force of all souls, whether living in a physical world or a spirit world. (10)

Matthew: Light is … souls’ eternal and inseparable connection with Creator and God and every other creation throughout the cosmos. (11)

When we feel light hearted, where’s the light coming from that we feel?

Matthew: Light is within your spirit, the feeling you describe as light hearted when something is giving you joy or you’re remembering something that was special to you. Think how you feel when one of your dogs comes to nuzzle you or you hear one of your favorite symphonies or see a beautiful sunset—it’s as if your whole self is lighting up, and that is what’s happening. You’re actually being filled with light simply by the experience. (12)

Matthew: The light is coming from your soul, connecting with your mind and flowing through your body to produce lovely feelings or an inspirational Aha! (13)

What’s the relationship between light and love?

Matthew: Light is the very same energy as love, simply expressed differently. (14)

Matthew: The highest energy of light is love, a fluctuating, expanding and contracting motion ever increasing in its power to encompass more loving capacity and sensation.  Love is infinite and light cannot be captured, only directed. (15)

Matthew: With few exceptions, your scientists see light in the context of astrophysics and technology, and religions see love as the province of the soul. It will become known that the light of science and the love of the soul are one and the same energy, and it is the most powerful force in the cosmos.  (16)

How does the Light affect the Earth (Gaia)?

Matthew: Light is the force that is enabling the Earth to ascend out of third density, where darkness thrives. It is propelling her toward fourth density, the onset of her Golden Age, and will continue to take her on to her destination in fifth. That is where her soul originated and remained while her planetary body spiraled downward during the millennia when darkness so heavily influenced her human residents. (17)

Matthew: Love … is what light beings throughout this universe have been beaming with intensity to Earth for more than seven decades. The initial infusion of light saved her life and gave her the strength she needed to jar loose from deep third density and start on her ascension course.

With that in-pouring of light, Earth had more to offer to all of her residents, the microcosms of her Being, and her peoples who opened their hearts and minds received it and generated their own light, their very life force, more abundantly.  (18)

What role do humans play in Earth’s ascending process?

The Arcturians: The humans, who are the Keepers of the Land, have volunteered to ground this expanding transmuting force into the Earth, whereas the Cetaceans have volunteered to ground this force in the water. (19)

Tomorrow we’ll look the place Light plays in our Ascension process.



Part 02

(Continued from Part 1.)

We continue with a brief look at the role the Light plays in our Ascension.

How is Light related to our Ascension?

SaLuSa: [The future of all] is bound by the degree of Light that you have drawn to yourself, and whether it is sufficiently high enough to enable you to ascend. (1)

Matthew Ward: Ascension is possible for all who have absorbed the light. (2)

Matthew: Light is raising consciousness levels to free you from third density’s limited perceptions, and by opening hearts and minds, light is paving your spiritual evolvement pathway. (3)

Matthew: The glories of the Golden Age will be available only to the souls who absorb the light that will enable physical survival along Earth’s ascension journey into the high frequencies of fifth density. (4)

SaLuSa: You are on the crest of a wave of Light that shall propel you onto the path of Ascension once and for all. Be prepared and lift yourselves into the Light and Love forever. (5)

How does light cause us to ascend?

Lauren Gorgo: The cells of the human body, which are mostly water, contain the genetic blueprint for biological ascension.  This blueprint is activated when enough of the cell mass is bathed in the light of higher consciousness and the energy vortices have opened sufficiently enough to sustain it. (6)

Matthew: There is no seat of judgment or arbitrary selection of which humans can ascend and which cannot – it is strictly a matter of science and souls’ own choices. Light changes third density’s carbon-based cellular structure to the crystalline form that lets bodies survive in the higher frequencies, or vibrations, of fourth density and beyond.

That is why persons who choose to live in the light can ascend with Earth and those who choose to cling to their dark ways cannot.  After a time in spirit, souls in the latter group will incarnate in a world that corresponds to their Earth lifetime energy registration and have more opportunities to ‘see the light.’ (7)

Matthew: At some point the archangels had the idea of making physical forms for souls who desired it—that was the origin of DNA and the elements of bodies’ “building blocks.” Within the DNA were photons, which continuously absorb and radiate the light that produces bodies with crystalline cells that contain cosmic consciousness and have the ability to live in the vibrations of the highest celestial planes. (15)

Once grounded, these higher frequencies of Light replicate to create a body that has more light and less matter. (8)

Matthew: Persons who receive the light will ascend in their physical bodies along with Earth as she progresses into the higher vibrations of fourth and fifth densities. The absorption of light changes bodies’ cellular structure from carbon-based of third density, which cannot survive the intensity of light in the higher vibrations, into the crystalline structure that can survive. …

The decision about who ascends and who does not is the province of each individual. It is not an arbitrary decision – it is a matter of the energy within the individual and that is determined by the free will choices within either the light or the dark. Light-filled people will ascend. (9)

Matthew: Your ‘travel ticket’ is the absorption of light that comes automatically with living in godly ways. (10)

What do you mean by “godly ways”?

Matthew: Each act of kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion and understanding creates light within the “giver” as it radiates light to the “receiver,” who absorbs that light and generates more in feelings of thankfulness. (11)

Archangel Gabriel: Whenever one is changed by the Light, hundreds and thousands follow suit until a mass awakening occurs. (12)

Matthew: This new abundance of light extends outward to all others whose lives the giving and receiving persons touch, and all of those individuals affect others. The ripple effects of one kind gesture are incalculable! (13)

Melchizedek: Where more than one are gathered, therein is created a greater and more potent power to effect the most incredible and comprehensive changes ever thought could happen. You are the Light of the World and by your Light, the Light within others is igniting in an unstoppable journey that has the entire Universe watching with bated breath. (14)

Tomorrow we’ll look at how the dark affected our DNA and what their fate will be


STEVE BECKOW – Underneath It All, We’re OK – 12-28-15

Soap 11

Steve Beckow

With the inner landscape so invitingly rich, I’ve said to myself that I’m ready and willing to set out on a second level of purification.

I’m willing to leave the processing of vasanas or core issues behind and turn now to dissolving something even more residual – our conditioning, sometimes called our programming.

Jesus was referring to this task of purification when he said through Fran Zepeda recently:

“Everything is coming up to be seen as the illusion that it is. Yes, you must deal with it, and yes, the solution can come easily if you let it, and then move on and see it as a virtual clearing house of all the mundane 3D structure that you painstakingly assembled in all your years, your eons, of dabbling on earth away from your birthright, away from your full divine awareness of your Full Divine Self.” (1)

Before I begin to deconstruct my own, I wanted to spend this moment looking at the notion of purification itself.

Because that’s what we’re doing. We’re refining ourselves in the same way that fire, refining iron, produces steel.

We’re removing the accretion of ages that keeps the statue from being lustrous.

If we talk about something being pure, we often view it from a moral angle and conceive of “purity” as being righteous or as having the right stuff.  Righteousness is a middle-ground concept, which still begs duality.

Complete purity of soul is an absence of core issues and conditioning; that is, of “impurities.” It’s beyond duality.

Purity simply means being completely what one already is.

If gold is pure, it’s 100% gold. If water is pure, it’s 100% water.

And we, in purifying ourselves, return to our natural state, that which we we already were and are.  That would be 100% love.

We already are the peerless statue. We simply have a buildup of dirt on our exterior.

Having spent two months off and on in bliss, I can attest to that being an aspect of our natural state. Happiness is as well, joy, aliveness, ecstacy.  The state is the state and then it has aspects and qualities – like bliss, happiness, and satisfaction – depending on what we focus on.

What prevents us from being in that state is of course the density of the Third/Fourth-Dimensional medium but also our own issue-driven thoughts, feelings and actions and the conditioning that results from them.

I said earlier that one of the most significant results of our issues is the muscular tension we pack into our bodies, that results in pinching off our awareness and denying us access to the more refined feeling states.

We purified our minds over the last three or four years by raising our vasanas or core issues to awareness and then experiencing them through to completion.  The fireworks should be over.

It’s time now to go down another layer and dissolve the conditioning that keeps us locked into automatic behavior.

My working hypothesis is that dissolving that build-up is a process of shedding, discarding, surrendering, yielding, or letting go. It’s a process of dropping things as we would a heavy suitcase.

Underneath it all, we’re OK.

The gamble we take is that our natural state will work to produce the results that we previously sought from conditioning. It’ll see to our survival needs. It’ll se to our spiritual needs. My understanding is that there’s no further need for conditioning on the rarified heights we’re aiming for, if there ever was.

In fact our conditioning is counterproductive, just as surely as dropping it is counterintuitive. It seldom if ever achieved what we wanted it to, witness the high rate of relationship breakdown in our society.

Just as our use of conditioning involved clutching certain behavior patterns and other responses to life, so our dissolving of it involves letting go of the pattern we clutched. If we need something to substitute for it, I suggest we substitute love. In a word, that’s our real mission here, anyways.

Letting go of our conditioning proceeds at such a deep and conscious level of Will that we seldom actually have succeeded in the past in letting go of a pattern. Success has definitely been the exception rather than the rule. But these new energies in which we’re basking bring us hope of much greater success than in past times.

If we want to experience the higher states, we have to elevate our frequency. And there’s no better way to do that that I’m aware of than cutting the anchor of our conditioning.

STEVE BECKOW – Financial Reform, Social Reconstruction, and Abundance – 12-21-15

resetWhat is the Reval Designed to Do?

What are the new financial arrangements designed to do?

Spiritual Hierarchy and Galctic Federation: These new financial systems are to drive out the dark cabal, swiftly bring this globe an end to debt slavery and produce a worldwide prosperity. (1)

SHGF: Our Earth allies and their numerous national associates are doing this to redistribute the planet’s wealth and create a way to push the dark from its present position of financial and governmental supremacy. All of this is just the beginning of a process to free you from centuries-long debt slavery and the corruption of governments sworn to uphold every whim of the cabal and its many associates. (2)

SHGF: This is to be created by the global flow of monies for innumerable humanitarian projects.

These projects are to allow this world to introduce as well numerous innovations, which are successfully to provide the devices to solve the worldwide need for water, power, infrastructures and new alternative medical devices.

These projects are as well to provide a means to end poverty and bring this realm a grace-filled prosperity. (3)

SHGF: There will be a vast transformation in the banking and financial services industry that will forever change how these various financial institutions operate. These new rules will enforce policies to end the tyranny that these financial institutions spread across this globe. In its stead, freedom and personal sovereignty will blossom once again. (4)

SHGF: A great prosperity linked to a global revaluation of your various national currencies is ready to happen. This grand event is the clarion call which will expel the old governance from power and influence. It will liberate you from your many illegal debt obligations by instigating universal debt forgiveness and this includes your release from any incurred indebtedness to this old governance.

You are about to inherit not only this divine gift of freedom but also a never-ending supply of prosperity. (5)

It is monies that can be used to create, to anchor in a physical reality the institutions, the rework, the re-engineering for Nova Earth.  (6)

What changes will financial reconstruction usher in?

SaLuSa: Certain changes are inevitable as it is apparent that your old monetary system is lopsided and only really benefits those at the top in the banking world. A fair system of distribution will be introduced and banks will be re-organised to a more manageable size that will be accountable to the people. Many needed changes are so to say “in the pipeline” as we have long identified the cause of your problems. (7)

SHGF: A scenario is forming that promises to give us the means to bring out the first stage of monetary reforms that are to swiftly lead to your abundance. The currency reforms and the new banking regulations are merely the start of a system that is to produce gold-backed monies.

These things are to lead to a new environment that is to be overseen by a series of NESARA-like governments across this globe. (8)

SHGF: This growing level of consciousness is partly responsible for the numerous alliances that are forming across your globe. Humanity is becoming aware that a different way of doing its many tasks is indeed possible. This is why there is a great need to end governmental corruption and tie it into a new currency reset and a precious metal-based financial system.

This system requires a high degree of transparency in order to succeed. Given these parameters, the new financial system is to encourage a redistribution of wealth and a means to transform poverty, homelessness and unjust taxations. This immense shift is to provide a way for each human to watch their respective levels of governance and help it truly represent them. (9)

Our associates intend to begin deliveries of many items necessary to bring forth your abundance. These programs are to establish a new and unencumbered way of effortlessly moving these prosperity and humanitarian funds around. This system is designed to easily catch those who illegally wish to pass laundered or dirty monies. This new system ends the logjam created by the dark Cabal’s system. Many other things are being instituted as well that are to permit a new jubilee for all. It is our intent to see that new monies backed by gold are given to you. These are to be replaced shortly with a special system that makes any accumulated debt just about impossible. The key is to move toward abundance and joy! (10)

SHGF: Various technologies as well are ready to be introduced, which end the days of money. This money-less society is to emphasize the rise of the replicator. These technologies are to free you from the numerous forms of debt slavery now prevalent on this world. One of the greatest tests for humanity is to learn that the universe provides what you need in abundant form. (11)

SHGF: The BRICS group development bank is ready to come online and replace both the SWIFT system and the international status of the Federal Reserve and the IMF. This blessed development implies two things. First, international money transfers are no longer the concern of the banking system set up by the Dumbarton treaty in 1944.

Second, the western banking criteria now used by the IMF is to be replaced by one more conducive to international development. These alterations are to make possible the easy transfers of large sums to kick-start the need to develop the infrastructure of your world.

Both the undeveloped and the developed world require funds to either build or rebuild a vast network for water conservation and transportation. There is as well a need to give this realm the monies to construct a vast network for the educating of children and adults. For too long, governance has dumbed down or ignored this great responsibility. You are growing in consciousness and require the tools needed to understand fully what is happening across this globe. In addition, a special class filled with truly meaningful ecology lessons has to be taught to all. Previous prejudices against women and religion require an end. (12)

The dark cabal is rapidly diminishing. A number of nations are currently putting together coalitions whose purpose is to bypass the many fiat-based organizations of the old dark order.

These financial organizations were given life by the signing of the Dumbarton-Oaks agreements in late 1944. The old guard institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), are to be set aside as new “true value” precious metal global currencies manifest.

Along with these new currencies are to be new banking regulations as expressed by various “Basel III” compliances. (13)

STEVE BECKOW – Financial Reform, Social Reconstruction, and Abundance – Part 3/8 – 12-19-15

Money 22

Steve Beckow

The Context into which the Reval Fits

Can you give us a broad-brush picture of the process in which the Reval fits?


Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation: A process will be set in motion to make it possible for a great prosperity to be redistributed to you. Our liaisons are working diligently to explore a most needed set of protocols that will swiftly lead to a global currency reset.

The currency reset is a natural process to set up a certain level of agreed-upon value between the world’s nations. This is a basis for global trade, and in the end, the start of an operation that is scheduled to lead to a precious metal-backed monetary system.

Included in this reset is the use of new banking regulations such as “Basel III.” This revised structure will expand the distribution of various prosperity packages. The intent is to reform the current system of “haves” and have-nots” and replace it with a worldwide spread of prosperity.

The old system of income taxation needs to be revamped. A debt jubilee will be declared and the old corrupt system put to rest. This new system will redo the globe’s infrastructures and establish a new foundation that takes advantage of now-suppressed technologies. This will later be added to by our off-world devices. Then your world can move out of its present technological dilemma and prepare for a new consciousness. (1)

What does the Reval signify?

Archangel Michael: It is financial reconstruction. It is the shift in what you think of as basic societal and institutional values. Several weeks ago I have spoken — and I thought quite eloquently! — about what was required, for example, in order for a financial reconstruction, a revaluation to take place. The [change in] attitudes of all the individuals, the nations, the countries, the players [that needed] to take place in order for that to occur. …

What is occurring is a series of events, what you are going to think of and recognize. First it looks like chaos. …  But really what is appearing as chaos is a breakthrough. (2)

AAM: Violence in your society, whether it is a war, man against women, rape, has to cease. It cannot continue to exist. Now, the re-valuation of the dinar is related to all of this. It is not just a financial decision. It is a world coming together to halt economic war, and it is a world coming together to re-value. (3)

St. Germaine: This financial prosperity will bring global harmony and well-being to all living things, including the planet herself, a planet which was on the verge of dying but has now transcended this and “risen from the ashes,” so to speak. (4)

St. Germaine: This RV [of the Iraqi Dinar] and GCR [Global Currency Reset of numerous currencies] are symbolic of a transition from Service to Self towards Service to All…..this includes focusing on your own well-being, self love and self care as well as others’ well-being, loving others, and caring for others…of resources and positive vibrations being shared by all for the good of all which in turn has the effect of creating the highest good for each being. The positive energetic vibrations then circulate freely among all, eliminating strife, and accentuating harmony and joy. And in realizing this, each being acts from the standpoint of this awareness. (5)

How soon after the Reval can we get down to the work of building Nova Earth?

AAM: Why do you assume that all the banking and all the work that is being done by humans, for humans, with humans, with angelic realms, with the legions of light [around finances] have not been addressing at least some of these questions of what you can think of as reorganization of Nova Earth?  (6)

What is the spiritual purpose of the Reval?

AAM: Let us speak of the spiritual undertaking behind this, what you think of as Reval. And for some of you I bring you back a year, and for others of you I bring you back a decade, and for some of you a decade and a half. Because many of you have been at this for a very long time.

And let us speak of the spiritual import of this undertaking. You have all been going through a spiritual re-evaluation, re-valuation, e-valuation, evolution, valuation. Think of those three terms.

And how do I present this? Think of your currency, the currency of you. Do you feel trust, know yourself to be of greater value in your heart now than you did previously, one year, two years, ten years ago?

Has your self-worth currency grown? Has your sense of connection and connectedness to All grown? Has your knowing of the value of your path and your service and your place of love within the heart of One grown?

Of course it has. That has been part of your awakening and part of your Ascension. Now, I have said to thee that there is a time now — and you are seeing it in many different areas of your physical existence – where things that have been on a spiritual level are floating down, sinking down like the penny in the pond, down to the physical level.

Are there some who have approached this entire project with, can I say, less than pure intentions? And even some with intention of greed and control and simply money? Yes, of course there are. But there are many more who have approached this undertaking with an idea and a belief and a faith that in fact this could change the face of Gaia and equalize what you think of as currency and wealth.

Now, let me be clear about this. Do I want you to be focused on the Reval and money morning, noon and night? Absolutely not. Do I want you to be focused morning, noon and night on what you can create and bring forth and share with humanity? Absolutely, because you have the heart, the knowing and the spirit to deal with this, because you have expanded.

Is this a scam? It is a prayer, a promise, a trust and an act of change, not simply an act of faith, but an act, a pro-active movement of change. You cannot stay in fear. You cannot say, “This is simply a scam,” because you are the movers behind this action. …

You are holding the energy and the space for this to transpire, not in a needy, fearful way, but in the way of declaring, in a different dimension, in a different reality — yes, one in transition; we grant you that but it is in a different reality – that you are bringing this forth.  (7)

What is the significance of the Reval to the overall effort culminating in Ascension?

Ashtar: If you look to the outside for tangible evidence for our messages – although we tirelessly stress that you should seek changes within yourselves in the first place – each and every one of you who follow our messages will see the first widespread, tangible proof by noticing the change in your financial affairs, especially with the revaluation of many currencies.

We are certainly aware that many – if not all of you – have some doubts now and then whether all this is real. And we understand this because of the many changes in the Divine Plan experienced by you throughout your journey. This is the reason why the revaluation of many currencies is of such importance. It will show you that everything is for real and not a dream. (8)

STEVE BECKOW – Financial Reform, Social Reconstruction, and Abundance – Part 2/8 – 12-18-15

sacred money 1Steve Beckow


Who is Behind the Reval?

Can you give us examples of the ultimate sources of funding and authority for the Reval?


The Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation: The funds [are coming] from both the trust funds and the ancient families. (1)

St. Germaine: My trust fund can supply money for everybody. (2)

SHGF: A new series of policies are emanating from the ancient families as a new generation of members of their various councils has come on board. (3)

SHGF: This reality is being swiftly disassembled by the various decisions of a new group of the ancient families and the new royalty of Europe. Their decisions are making it possible to speedily take down the many-headed monster that is the cabal. (4)

SHGF: The most important part of this [plan] was to explain to the many ancient families how the great resources collected over the centuries were to be used to undo the power and resources of the dark cabal. This is presently fully explained to these numerous factions and a plan is currently in effect. The deadline for this sacred plan’s conclusion is coming into view. (5)

SHGF: Our Earth allies and their numerous national associates are doing this. (6)

SHGF: A majority of smaller governments and the international legal system is quickly isolating the de facto American governance.

This is bringing to an end the long reign of the fiat dollar and is to cause the collapse of the US Federal Reserve and a return to the US of a non-imperial foreign policy. These new circumstances are to set the way for global peace and harmony. This is to be created by the global flow of monies for innumerable humanitarian projects. (7)

Is the Reval a single event?

Archangel; Michael: We have talked to you not about an event, but a turn of events, plural. And this is one of those turns of events.

So for all of you who are seeking not only financial relief but signals that the shift in terms of what you perceive as Ascension is underway, this is one of your landmark signals. (8)

Where are we at in terms of geographical coverage?

These operations now cover the Americas, Europe and Asia. (9)

Why has the Reval not happened before now?

AAM: Because the human’s energy has not been such that they would be using the currencies wisely. …

Many, let us say not mistakenly but incompletely, believed that the Revaluation is a political, in the broad sense political, restructuring. It is far more than that.

The breadth of what it is truly about will only be known after. Let us say that very clearly. But there would be no point from our perspective to simply re-create a financial elite.

Until such time as those that are entrusted with money, not just spiritual currency but money, until they are at a point in their spiritual evolution and growth that they can be entrusted with these funds and use them judiciously and wisely for the creation of Nova Earth and not for selfish gain, there would be no point in bestowing them upon anybody. So we have been waiting for this growth in human spirituality. …

[This growth] is of values. It is a heart anchoring. It is the desire not to be acquisitive, not to be selfish, not to acquire wealth for its own sake but to use it for the benefit of all.

And concomitant to that to also use it wisely for the benefit of self and there are so many that have not reached a place of self-worth that they were not ready. (10)

Were there other reasons?

AAM: It is not that there is obstreperous obstruction or that there is intentional delay. It is simply that this is a massive undertaking, both above and below, but particularly below. It is a bureaucratic — and we do not mean this in a negative sense, but — it is a massive bureaucratic undertaking. And because it has to do with what human beings, might I say unfortunately, are obsessed with, and that is their money, they want to make sure that everything is perfectly in order and progressing in ways that do not cause upheaval, panic, division, derision. So, it is underway. (11)

The slowness of the process from your perspective is that those who are responsible feel this mantle of responsibility and are perhaps over-zealously making sure that every I is dotted, every T is crossed, that things are completely clear and clean so that there can be no back-stepping. But what we have asked you to work on — and of course you may work on the bureaucratic side as well, reassuring and helping, filling them with energy to work long hours.

But the sense of worthiness, which is what I’ve spoken of earlier, weeks ago, also has need to be addressed. Yes, this surrender to worthiness, to the acknowledgment of love, that that is who you are, comes in layers. But there are many out there — and now I’m addressing my community, my lightworkers; the Company of Heaven’s lightworkers, the Council of Love’s lightworkers — there is no differentiation, you know. Stop thinking or believing that there is any value in living in scarcity, that somehow this makes you virtuous, or it is what you’ve signed up for; it is part of your soul contract and mission; that it will never happen; that it is always an indefinite ‘tomorrow.’

As servant and clear spokesbeings for the Divine Mother, please, take your sword, take the torch of St. Germaine, take the golden flame of Yahweh and eradicate these doubts. This, more than anything, creates energetic floods in the flow of abundance.

And when I say this I don’t simply mean financial abundance. Yes, I know what you say, but that is what we’re concerned about and that is how you spell ‘relief.’ And to us how you spell relief is eradication of doubt. So let us do this together. Let the concern go and know that you’re exactly on schedule. Put away the worries and prepare for the celebration. Is that clear enough? (12)

Are humans ready now?

AAM: They are getting there. Yes. That is why it is coming in waves. It is coming to those who are prepared. (13)

AAM in Feb. 2015: Are you already at vibratory rate? The answer is yes. (14)

Sanat Kumara, in Feb. 2015: “Are the human beings ready? Are the 8 billion ready?” No. “Are many segments ready?” Yes. “Is it in process?” It is not dribs and drab. This is a political move. This is an economic move. “Does it herald a shift in the consciousness of what is fair and equal?” Yes. “Will it come forth?” Yes. “Are we going to give you a date?” The channel will not allow such a thing. (15)

How do you work with us on something like the Reval?

AAM: [What the Company of Heaven does] is akin to laying out the banquet table, knowing it will be a delightful feast, [and that] everything is prepared. Now can we make you eat? No. But usually, not always, the inspiration and the vision, the unfoldment that has been planted within is so beautiful and so clear that it is almost like a compulsion on the part of the individual or at first in some situations the group to proceed in a certain direction. (16)

STEVE BECKOW – The Impact of Bliss on Knowing – 12-18-15

music vibrationSteve Beckow

I’m swaying to the music at my neighborhood Starbucks, which is like an office to me.

The bliss returned at 1:30 this afternoon. Now at 2:30 I’m blissful enough not to hide my enjoyment of my music without caring who sees me. I’m gradually coming out of my shell, my hidey-hole, around bliss.

But what I wanted to record here is that bliss has a remarkable effect on a person’s ability to know. I’ve had my profoundest realizations under the impact of bliss.

For instance, the 1987 vision of the total journey of a soul from God to God established for me that “Enlightenment is the purpose of life.” (1) That whole experience was steeped in bliss. In it, the realizations were coming fast and steady and I knew that bliss was the reason.

It was bliss that allowed me to look upon the figures in that wordless movie and say to myself, “That’s the Father, Brahman.” “That’s the Christ, Atman.” “That’s the Holy Spirit, Shakti.”

Of course longtime readers will recognize those statements as the seed concept that allows for the integration of the spiritual teachings of many religions – creating a cross-cultural view of spirituality. The fact that Father, Son and Holy Ghost = Brahman, Atman and Shakti is the Rosetta Stone of religions for me.

Aldous Huxley called the cross-cultural fundamentals of spirituality the “perennial philosophy.” Others called it the “ancient wisdom.” It’s the truth underlying religions, what their originators were really pointing at before their followers had a go at their teachings.

Today the perennial philosophy is freely available to us from channeled sources and a plethora of ancient texts now sold at bookstores throughout the world or available on the Internet. But their availability is a recent phenomenon.

On two other occasions, bliss spurred realization. Both were about the nature of Light. In the first, in 1986, which I called the Flame in the Heart, I broke through to the transformed space of bliss. What caused the breakthrough was recognizing that love and light both came from my heart.

And I also saw that I’d been seeing the advent of Light in a certain way all these years. Breaking through to this space, I expected to see a brilliant and discrete Light, the Light of the Self, the Christ or Atman. But instead all I saw was … well, just what I saw, but ever so much more vividly and distinctly.

And then I realized that what I saw was Light. Light did not have to be brilliant. To think otherwise is to limit Light.

As a follower of the path of awareness or consciousness, I realized I might never see a brilliant Light (although others will). I aim to deepen my awareness of exactly what’s before me – we might add nowadays, on whatever dimension I’m operating on at the moment. We get what we expect to see.

It isn’t a question of one viewpoint (Light as brilliance and Light as what we see) being right and the other wrong. Both are right, depending on the person, their path, and their expectations.

But it isn’t that insight that I want to draw attention to, as interesting as it was, but the accompaniment of bliss, which made the knowing possible. If I had not been experiencing bliss, I daresay I would not have realized what I did about the Light. Bliss heightens everything – whether the senses of the seer or the sight of the seen. Bliss unfolds our capabilities so that we have a wider net, a finer discerning instrument, and contact with higher inspiration.

On another occasion, in around 1990, my wife and I were … well, let me be discrete … but at the exact moment when I was feeling love, I was also aware of Light and I instantaneously tracked both love and light again (as in the Flame in the Heart) back to my  heart. (2)

At that moment, I experienced another explosion of bliss that left me unable to remember my own name but knowing with certainty that I was God.

I called that experience the Silver Bullet.  It certainly anaesthetized my lower self for the duration (about an hour).

Again bliss was what I found myself in and then, under its influence, I realized that I was God. (3)  I knew that with the same certainty that I know I have a hand. Bliss was the midwife and catalyst of that experience as well.

Add to the earlier discussions, then, this research note that bliss, to paraphrase the Bible, brings all things to remembrance. As a result of these experiences, my working hypothesis has become that bliss brings about the unfoldment of our innate capabilities.

STEVE BECKOW – Financial Reform, Social Reconstruction, and Abundance – Part 1/8 – 1-17-15

Reset 22



Steve Beckow

Will there be a Reval?

It’s our intention at the Golden Age of Gaia to provide readily-accessible answers to questions the newly-awakened may have about aspects of what’s happening today around Ascension, Disclosure, Abundance, Accountability, etc.

To speed up the production of these sources, rather than construct articles, we furnish question-and-answer booklets. This one is on the nature and significance of the Global Currency Reset and Revaluation of currencies that is scheduled to happen soon.

The sources consulted are those channeled messages that we consider the best and most reliable.

Will there be a Reval?

Sanat Kumara: Will there be a reassessment, what you call a Reevaluation of a number of currencies worldwide? Yes. (1)

Archangel Michael: The answer to both your questions [is there a Reval and is it coming in the near future] is yes. (2)

Some people say, well, it’s not going to happen until after full restoration of consciousness. Is that correct?

AAM: This gift of abundance and economic freedom, which is part of a larger package of restoration, as you know, is part and parcel of the restoration.

So it is not if or when or who can stop it; it will simply be. (3)

How did the Reval start?

AAM: This conversation of revaluation of currencies goes back many, many years, in fact, to the issue of Japan and Hiroshima, and then Korea, and then Vietnam. For many the intent of this entire project was not for lightworkers, dear heart. Potential lightworkers? Yes.

But it was originally brought forth to support the very troops who were completely soul-destroyed by the act of war and mayhem that they would have the financial and physical support to construct a life and a community that would alter and invariably defeat the program — the program! — of war. Because what is war? It is the lowest vibration, yes, but it is also a very dark way of making money. (4)

Sanat Kumara: What you call the RV or the Reval is a small part [of a much bigger picture]… [it] was originally designed to assist veterans, to assist those who were the warriors and those who were harmed by war.  (5)

It was … a political promise that when there was a cessation of war and an establishment of what political nations call peace, which is not the same as our peace, that then there would be the carrot that your currency will be reexamined in light of your economy and your resources.

And the reason why many of the veterans were included in this was the understanding, above and below, that these beings had paid dearly by engaging in war. So, it is not merely a blessing from heaven for being a lightworker. That is not the case. Now is it a blessing for lightworkers? Yes. But is it exclusionary? No. (6)

Apparently the plan for the Reval goes back a long ways and is part of the consciousness shift. Is that correct?

Council of Angels and the Pleaidian Council: The release of a large stockpile of funds has … been planned for eons so that their release would coincide with the raising of the consciousness of humanity…we are sending you a mental picture of this now (yes) … Yes, it is an escalation of the light and a turning away from the dark, and even those who were once in the cabal are turning away from that now because their frequencies are being raised from the influx of higher dimensional energies. There are those who are assisting with the upliftment of mankind and the removal of the slavery system on your planet with all of the wealth and power in the hands of the few.

Yes, the wealth is going to be redistributed and it will finally dawn on mankind that, yes, we are all One and, yes, there will be new governments and no borders, for everyone will realize that they are all in this together – One People, One Planet Earth, working together for the benefit of All, not the elitism of the few. (7)

I understand that some of your past attempts were foiled. Is that correct?

SHGF: This heavenly alliance is aided here on Gaia by the forces of our large fleet, which is staffed by a group of Beings dedicated to making it possible to produce a realm that can free surface humanity.

This group initially received a great setback when the American cabal struck suddenly in your Gregorian year of 2001.

DEW [directed energy weapon] explosions and an all-consuming fire destroyed the twin towers of lower Manhattan. This audacious event temporarily caused a setback for those who were ready to formally declare NESARA. This legislation was to make possible new governance that was to drive the dark from power.

Nevertheless, the wars and a dark plot to take over the globe’s monetary system ultimately failed and the Light’s coalition started to come together and arrange a way to terminate the powers so illegally grabbed by the American cabal. (8)

Where is the Reval now?

SHGF: Our liaisons report that the new financial system and its many parts are in fact completed. (9)

SHGF: At present, all major transfers of funds by our earthly counterparts are completed. … The first part of a massive delivery is ready. What remains is the slow deliberateness of those in charge. While all this is happening, the last thrusts of the dark’s minions go on. The New Year promises to be one in which a whole host of long announced promises at last come true. The deliveries of the first items look to happen before your Xmas. Use this first flurry of activity as a sign that some truly fantastic events are on the near horizon. …

SHGF:  You are very close to a start of funds going out to you. … All of us are extremely dedicated to seeing these first stages completed. (10)

SHGF: Our liaison and diplomatic corps can attest to the large amount of progress that has been made in the last few months. We know that this operation is huge in scope and that it is a most complex proposition. Yet, we are indeed going to achieve a full success in all areas. The scheduling of all of this remains secret. (11)

SHGF: These monies are just the start of a wave of funds that are to shower this realm with Heaven’s blessings!  (12)

SHGF: It is the intention of our allies that you take possession of these monies as soon as possible. (13)

SaLuSa: It is our intention to bring the changes in as soon as possible so that there is no delay in establishing the benefits of the New Age. (14)

STEVE BECKOW – Everything We Need to Know About Ascension – Parts 07, 08 – 11-15-15





STEVE BECKOW   –   Everything We Need to Know About Ascension – Part 8/8   –   11-15-15

(Concluded from Part 7.)  Links to Parts 01 – 06 lited at bottom of this post.


Today we examine the fate of the dark ones.


Will we always be plagued by the dark Ones?

The harshness and confrontation you experience now will disappear for good, as those beings who cause such problems are not ready to ascend. (SaLuSa, Oct. 19, 2012 at

Yes, some are seriously lagging and causing misery to many, but please don’t let this be foremost in your thoughts and feelings—be mindful that the universal law of attraction is in constant operation. (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 20, 2015 at

What will happen to them?

When Earth reaches a specific frequency, will all the dark ones and any others who don’t accept the light die at the same time? There is a frequency, or vibratory level, wherein carbon-based bodies cannot survive, and the bodies of the puppets of darkness will die within a very short period. In some cases, this simply means that no new clones will replace the ones that degenerated. (Matthew’s Message, Oct. 19, 2009, at

Earth is nearing vibratory levels where the light is so intense that all who have refused the light – the ones we speak of as dark simply to indicate their lack of light – will die. That may sound unduly harsh, but it is not a matter of some “divine” judgment or punishment – it is simply the physics governing life in this universe that bodies bereft of light cannot survive in those higher vibrations. In short, all those who have been causing fearful conditions will be disappearing. (Matthew’s Message, April 23, 2011, at

The souls whose lifetime energy registration was of the basest density – what some would call pure evil – automatically will be drawn to the only part of Nirvana that is separate from the flexible layers, the tiny orb near your moon where the density is so great that it holds those souls captive. They are aware of where they are and what they did that led them to that densest part of Earth’s spirit world because it is there that they review their entire past lifetime moment by moment and feel their every emotion along with the emotions of everyone whose lives they touched in any way. This review process is the hell of some religious concepts.

Light is constantly beamed to those souls, and if they choose to accept the light, they will embody in a first density placement in primitive forms that have no memories or intelligence, but only an instinctive existence. This allows those souls to start with a clean slate, unencumbered by memories of the dark behavior that led them to that densest of placements in your part of this universe.

Persons whose lifetime energy was of very low density – those who ignored their soul contracts and whose deliberately ruthless actions prevented others from fulfilling their own contracts, but were not as tyrannical or diabolical as the souls consigned to that tiny orb – automatically are drawn to a first density world and start over from scratch.

When they accept the light that is beamed continuously into the placement, they can incarnate in a second density world where they will have no memory of other lifetimes but do gain a conscience, a capacity for reasoning, and free will choices. With this greater degree of innate abilities comes the option to act within the light or the darkness, thus they can have many lifetimes in second density, relapse into first, or progress into a third density world. As for the veil of forgetting falling on residents of a third density world – how many of you remember why you are where you are?!  (Matthew’s Message, March 29, 2010, at

Those who are not of the Light but lean towards the dark side are in fear as they see the world falling apart, unlike you of the Light who have everything to look forward to. They are likely to drop further into the mire, seeking solace in drink and drugs. Hopefully when the truth about us and the coming Ascension is known, many can be encouraged to look to the Light for a path back to normality. They may not do enough to sufficiently raise their vibrations to ascend, but any progress made now will be of value when they start their next cycle. There is no question of any soul losing any gains made in raising their consciousness levels. (SaLuSa, Aug. 3, 2011, at

As you can imagine, such Beings are those who are of the Illuminati and controlled the plans to bring about world slavery of the Human Race. Clearly with Ascension so near to manifesting they will eventually be removed, and spend their time at an appropriate level where they can reflect upon the effect they have had upon millions of Beings. All is not lost where they are concerned, but their path back to the Light will be long and arduous. (SaLuSa, Dec. 19, 2011.)

Will they be brought to justice, either now or later, here or elsewhere?

Nothing escapes our notice, and there are no hiding places that the Illuminati and their minions can use to avoid their fate. They have been offered a way out if they resign, but that does not mean they can get away with their crimes against Humanity. There are far greater powers than us who are involved in ensuring that justice is meted out. (SaLuSa, Feb. 20, 2012.)

The dark Ones are being driven into a corner, that will enable us to finally put paid to their activities.

The removal of the Illuminati will be a monumental achievement and take away their ability to cause any further trouble, and that is high on our list. We can only add that patience is called for all round, as some of these tasks are very delicate and finely balanced. (SaLuSa, Jan. 20, 2012.)

Over the many years we have accumulated more than sufficient evidence to show which individuals have broken their promises to work for the people, and instead fallen for promises to get rich quick at their expense. We can therefore largely dispense with the laborious and long winded trials that there is no longer sufficient time for. However, some crimes against you are of such gravity that a few individuals will stand trial, so as to reveal the full extent of them. (SaLuSa, Dec. 19, 2011.)



Everything We Need to Know About Ascension – Part 7/8

Fundamentalists(Continued from Part 6.)

We discuss today what happens to people who choose not to ascend.

What is the fate of those who choose not to ascend?

What is so very different in your present timeline, for which you have all prepared for in many incarnations, is that the third/fourth dimensional holographic projection of Earth is closing. Gaia and all Her inhabitants are returning to their true Multidimensional SELF. Those who wish to take on a physical form to study at a “planetary school of cause and effect” will need to log into a different planet.

Those humans who do not feel complete with their lessons of cause and effect will simply shift from Gaia’s holographic projection to another planetary holographic projection to complete their education. No outer source will judge these humans, as the concept “outer sources” is a third-dimensional illusion. In fact, the concept of “judgment” is a third-dimensional illusion. (“Message from the Arcturians: Happy Summer Solstice – Becoming Masters,” channelled by Suzanne Lie. June 21, 2014 at

Life on your present Earth is coming to an end and of necessity, because the cycle of duality has all but completed its course. Nothing stands still and all is in motion and change to take up a new position according to its vibration. Separation of the souls on Earth is therefore quite a natural occurrence, as the Law of Attraction is always in action.

Do not worry about anyone’s path as all are destined to follow one that has already been planned. You will all find yourselves in the right place to continue your evolution. Think not of losing your contact with those you love, as [you] will always be one with them wherever they are. In the higher dimensions, time and distance are no barrier to travel or communication. (SaLuSa, Nov. 5, 2012, at

It is accepted that not everyone will be ready to ascend, and that will be by their choice. You are not looked upon as being any the less successful than any other soul, and you will eventually reach the same level as any other one.

Many souls have identified with the earthly vibrations and become separated from their real self. That was expected and is seen as an essential part of your experiences, and represented the real challenge that you elected to face. …

We do not forget those who are not ready or choose not to go, and they also shall receive our protection until they leave Mother Earth. We love you all, and see your Light beaming out even if in some it has not fully developed. To us you are all One and we make no exceptions whatsoever. (SaLuSa, Sept. 21, 2012, at

Should we try to change the mind of a family member who does not want to ascend?

It is within families that the most difficult problems are likely to occur, because where they are close knit they like to stay together. The chances are that they will have already planned to go into the future together. However, there will be instances where perhaps one member will be adamant about following their own feelings, that may be the opposite of what the others have accepted.

In those circumstances you must allow that person to exercise their own freewill choice. Subconsciously every soul instinctively knows what is right for them, and clearly they must feel at ease with their decision. In general families with young children will find that they do progress together as one unit.

As we often remind you, the love bond where families or friends are concerned will ensure that there is always a link between them. So do not worry that you face permanent separation when one of you takes a different path. In the higher vibrations you can locate each other by thought, and at some point you will be able to travel anywhere instantaneously. (SaLuSa, Oct. 15, 2012, at

In the final reckoning whatever is believed will be down to free choice, and such souls will continue their experiences in a vibration that is the same as theirs. There is no point in trying to force people to accept what they are unprepared for, and that is not our way. (SaLuSa, Sept. 12, 2012, at

How will it be for fundamentalists and scientists who cannot bear to watch their spiritual or scientific “truths” be disproven?

Many whose religious or scientific beliefs are the foundation of their lives will choose to depart rather than accept the forthcoming truths that differ profoundly from what they were taught. People whose wealth came under the old systems may be so fearful of losing everything when the global economy collapses that they will leave before they could know that new systems will function smoothly and fairly under knowledgeable managers with moral and spiritual integrity. (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 4, 2012, at

Individuals whose rigid beliefs are founded on false religious dogma and flawed science will be the most resistant – their beliefs are the very foundation of their lives or their livelihoods. And when the facts about “9/11” and the reasons for wars in Afghanistan and Iran – ALL wars! – are revealed, families and friends of all who died may be disbelievers because knowing why their loved ones died could be overwhelming. All of these people need compassion and understanding – they will be able to accept the truth after they transition to Nirvana.

Please do not feel sad if persons dearest to you are among the non-receptive. Spiritual evolvement comes at a pace that is as unique as each soul itself is – when the time is right for your beloved people to have conscious awareness of universal knowledge and grow spiritually, they will. (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 11, 2011, at

The majority of people who will leave are the devoutly religious whose very lives would be meaningless without their beliefs; their bodies will die at various times, depending on each one’s ability to deal with formidable mental and emotional stress after the truths about religions emerge. Once in Nirvana, all those dear souls will be aware of the truths, and will choose to consciously remember them in their next incarnation. (Matthew’s Message, Oct. 19, 2009, at

A large number of people who have lived in godly ways will choose not to ascend with Earth after the truth about the origin of religions emerges: They were designed in darkness to deceive and control the peoples, by the most divisive element of life on Earth, and reap wealth for the heads of churches. Although everyone on Earth knows that truth at soul level and it is a contract choice to consciously remember it, many of the devoutly religious will be unable or unwilling to accept that their deep-seated faith is founded on false teachings.

By so doing, these individuals deny the light within truth, that they are god and goddess selves, eternally inseparable from God and all other souls in this universe. Their next pre-birth contract will again include the provision to become consciously aware of that truth during their next physical lifetime, which will be in a third density world.

Regardless of the reason a soul leaves this lifetime, physical death will come from any of the many causes that exist now. There will be no mass departure of darkly inclined persons when Earth reaches some specific vibratory level because the amount of light within bodies varies.

And there is no way for you to distinguish between light-filled individuals who leave Earth lifetimes in accordance with soul contracts, those who choose to leave rather than accept the truth about religions, and persons whose bodies’ viability is snuffed out because they lack the light to survive in the vibratory level Earth entered. (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 13, 2010, at

When the truth about religious dogmas emerges, many will choose at soul level to leave; later they will embody in a third-density world where their beliefs can remain intact until once again the truth emerges about religions’ false teachings, and they will have another opportunity to open their minds and accept that truth. (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 11, 2010, at



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STEVE BECKOW – Everything We Need to Know About Ascension – Part 6/8 – 12-13-15

flower-essence-children(Continued from Part 5.)

We look today at whether our spouses and children will ascend and what we need to consider if they choose not to go with us.

Will our children ascend?

Steve Beckow: I’m under the impression that children below a certain age are regarded as innocent and will automatically ascend with their parents. Is that a true statement?

Archangel Michael: Yes. Most children are of pure heart. They are of love. And that is particularly true of the children that have come in in the last 20 years. That is why so many of them are completely disillusioned and feel disenfranchised. They don’t understand what on earth they are doing here and how they got here. Because they still have that core of innocence and of love. There may be some confusion, but they are still in that state of innocence. They are like little cherubs. … So, under eleven.

SB: Under eleven. Okay. Will children who appear not to understand ascension or issues dealing with ascension still ascend?

AAM: Yes. The issue isn’t intellectual. It is a heart decision. It is a heart knowing. Each of you on Earth have had situations where your guide or guardian angel has nudged you and you say, I’d better get out of here, this doesn’t feel right. And so you leave a place where, perhaps, danger is lurking. That is the sensation many of the children will have: “I don’t think I’m going to stay here; I think I’m going to go.” And it will be that simple. (“Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension – Part 3/3,” Oct. 3, 2011, at

We know that with Ascension approaching some parents express concern about their children, and that is understandable. Let us explain that they are as every other soul at this time, following their life plan. They chose who to be with and they would have known about their future as well as yours. Look upon them as souls simply becoming acclimatised to Earth life, with as much potential if not more than yours.

Certainly over the last 30 years or more, many souls have been chosen to join you at this special time because of their highly evolved state. They are needed to bring out their Light, and help the awakening of other souls whose consciousness levels need lifting up. The whole process of Ascension has required an army of Lightworkers to put it on a firm footing.

There is in reality no need to worry about any other soul whether they be young or old, and about their place in Ascension. All of you came to Earth knowing fully well what the challenges would be, and what your karmic lessons would entail. You are all fully equipped to deal with your life plan, and you have a number of Guides who help ensure it all works out successfully for you. (SaLuSa, April 20, 2012, at

If a parent chooses to stay for the sake of a child, or a spouse for a partner, will that parent/spouse miss out on Ascension?

Steve Beckow: There are parents who are worried that they will ascend against their will and leave their children or spouse behind when they don’t want to. Is it possible to ascend against one’s will?

Archangel Michael: It is absolutely impossible.

SB: So that, so the simple thing then is just to say, I don’t wish to ascend at this point?

AAM: You see, this is the power of no.

SB: [Laughter] Right.

AAM: No, because part of the ascension process is the act of will. It is the alignment of your heart, your mind, your spirit with your will, not just the will of all, but with your will. We are not going to override that.

SB: Okay, so that’s the brake.

AAM: That’s the brake. …

Steve Beckow: Has a parent who chooses to remain behind when ascension occurs for the sake of a spouse or a child forfeited their chance to ascend for the next 26,000 years, or will they ascend upon the death of the physical body?

Archangel Michael: Of course they will ascend on the death of the body.

SB: All right. So it’s not the case that there’s a window that briefly opens and then shuts and these people have lost out altogether?

AAM: Why would we ever punish? We are not in the punishing business. And we would certainly never punish for love. When one stays because their love and their caring is so intense, their commitment is so intense – that is always taken into account. They will have their chance. (“Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension – Oct. 1, 2011 – Part 3/3,” at

Some relationships will end

Beloveds, you must be willing to let go of those things in your life, which include relationships as well as material things that are no longer compatible with your new State of Being. You will find, as you move swiftly forward and upward on the path of Ascension, that whatever you are leaving behind will be replaced with people and things of a more refined level, which will be much more meaningful and important in your future existence. (“Archangel Michael: The Path of Ascension is the Path to Freedom,” channelled by Ronna Herman, August 29, 2013, at

Everything is energy and when your relationship with something or someone works, it means you are vibrating at the same rate. When an individual’s energy level changes, he often no longer resonates with those same people, foods, entertainments, news, etc. and is no longer on the same “wavelength” so to speak. Spiritual growth is the process of evolving out from under the dense and heavy energies of separation and duality consciousness and into the higher lighter frequencies of truth.

Some, in ignorance of what is happening, struggle to restore what they no longer resonate with, thinking that there must be a problem within causing them to no longer enjoy or believe the way they used to. This is not a problem, but a graduation Dear Ones, and simply reflects a shift in the energy from what you are used to (3D concepts and beliefs) to what is now awakening (truth of who and what you are).

This is what you have been asking for Dear Ones, so please do not be afraid to let go of anything and everything that no longer resonates with you, no matter how much it has been a part of your life up to this point.

We hear many say; “What, my marriage, my family, just let them go?” No, letting go means letting go of your concepts about these things. It means a conscious choice to remove any energetic cords still holding you in bondage to concepts of persons, places or situations – it is spiritual awareness, and then a living out from that awareness.

This may or may not result in the ending of some relationships because awareness brings with it a sense of detachment, even within ones family. Issues that seemed very important simply no longer resonate, and this is often difficult to accept for those who have always known you in a certain way.

When there is no longer anger or related ego issues with regard to some person or situation, but simply the realization that the whole thing is now old and has been completed through truth and Love, then whatever it is can be let go of and left. (The Arcturian Group, June 30, 2013, at

(Continued in Part 7.)

Steve Beckow – Everything We Need to Know About Ascension – Part 3/8 – 12-10-15

Ascension(Continued from Part 2.)

We continue our discussion of Ascension with a look at the gradual and sudden aspects of it.

Ascension is both gradual and sudden

You are already having these subtle upgrades. And you have been for some time. …

The subtle upgrades will continue and then there will be the “blink of an eye.” (1) (“Universal Mother: Your Family is the Legions of Light, June 18, 2013, Part 1/2,” at

(1) The “blink of an eye” (actually there is more than one) consists of seventh-chakra enlightenment, called Brahmajnana, and a permanent heart opening, called Sahaja Samadhi. These will be discussed later in this serries.

What are the sudden aspects?

Can this occur in the blink of an eye? Yes. Has it? Well, for some of you it actually has. That switch went on and you said, “Ah, I get it. I am it.” (“The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 10, 2014, at

It is that feeling — well, it is more than a feeling; it is knowing; it is ignition — it is that feeling that you have been switched on to a different frequency, and it happens suddenly. You may be working at it, working at it, working at it, and then you wake up one morning, and you see, perceive, feel, know different.    (“The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 10, 2014, at

What are the gradual aspects?

Remember, your whole system has been previously geared to maintain status quo at all costs, and as such, it will have more than one reason to rebel in the days and indeed nights ahead as this huge shift continues to unfold. For this is, as always, a gradual process, for if not, it would simply render you all unable to cope at all.

For this is not merely a superficial change, this is something that goes deep down into your very core, and indeed, the exact same goes for your whole planet. So as things start to shift, much will be set into motion, and we do mean that both in a physical and indeed a less concrete but still just as powerful way. (“The Constant Companions: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 407,” channeled by Aisha North, March 31, 2014 at

Spiritual evolution is a gradual unfolding process, as an unprepared physical body could not survive an intense sudden intake of higher frequency energy – they would be incapable of handling it. The profound experiences that some indeed may have, are the fruit of an attained state of consciousness – hard work done in previous lifetimes. (Arcturian Group Message, September 15, 2013, at

The Fall did not happen as has been depicted through the Bible and mythology. It occurred gradually over a great period of time and its opposite, the Ascension and rising up of humanity, will also occur gradually for the collective. Thus follow the grand cycles of the Universe, in their vast sweep of ‘time’ far beyond the ken of most individuals. However, those who are in touch with their own multidimensionality can ‘see’ into these cycles and know that change will come. (“The Angels: The Choice to Live in Joy is Yours,” channeled through Tazjima, July 14, 2013 at

It is all just stair-steps really, and how fast you go is dependent on your contracts and individual physical capability of holding the Light that you truly are, of course, but also on your ability to let go of attachments to the 3rd dimensional concepts of yesteryear. … As you sense and experience the freedom that comes from letting go of all attachments and beliefs and issues and fears that bring you back to your old way of living and thinking, like a tether attached to you, you will have the means and ability to soar even higher. (“Mary Magdalene: You Are All Exalted Beings of the Light,” channeled by Fran Zepeda, September 29, 2013 at

By now, you have already passed a multitude of steps on this ”stairway to heaven” if we may use such a description, and we gather you will all get a kick out of looking back down to where you came from. Is it not a long drop down, and have you not mastered so much to get to this lofty vantage point already?

And please trust us when we say that even if you think we will once again ask you to muster whatever patience you might have left – for we will – let us also tell you that if you could see just how few steps there are ahead, we know you would all eagerly rush up those last enticing steps in a great hurry to get you all the way to the top.

Well, you might get more than a little out of breath if you do, so we suggest you keep up the pace you are already at. For this will serve you very well indeed, and it will not take you any longer to ”get to the top” anyway. For in this as in everything else, events will unfold at the designated time and at the designated sequence, so just follow your own inner voice and know that every step you do take, no matter how hard or high soft it feels, will take you the exact length that is intended. (“The Manuscript of Survival – Part 350,” channeled by Aisha North, September 5, 2013 at

Will it be gradual for some and sudden for others?

For some, the awakening process will be gradual; for others, it will appear abrupt and sudden, but all are being prepared at inner levels for whatever will take place. Some persons have the capacity to adapt quickly, as they have integrated both the energies of flexibility and strength, so they can flow. Others, facing change and holding within more rigid structures of resistance and denial, will find their worlds, perhaps, suddenly shattered by physical circumstances.

Then change will be confronted and no longer resisted for the human spirit, although tested and tried, can thrive on adversity and move through fear with grace. When those things, habits and belongings, are taken away or are found to no longer serve the needs of the owner, then it is easy to let go. Whether change and challenges will be met with resistance or with grace is entirely up to each individual and group. (“Higher Self and the Light Collective: On Integration,” channeled through Tazjima, November 9, 2013 at

(Continued in Part 4.)

STEVE BECKOW – ASCENSION – Everything We Need to Know – 12-8-15



Steve Beckow   –   Everything We Need to Know About Ascension, Parts 1, 2   –   12-8-15


As more and more people awaken to Ascension, the need grows to answer as many questions about the shift as possible.

The synopsis that follows was taken from the works of the Company of Heaven – the celestials and terrestrial and galactic ascended masters who are here at this time to help us make the transition. It follows a question-and-answer format.

What is critical to ascending?

Ascension is possible for all who have absorbed the light. (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 13, 2010, at

The fact is you cannot move higher than your vibrations allow, and clearly that would be the level at which you would feel most comfortable. (SaLuSa, Oct. 22, 2012 at at

With Ascension no souls can go forward with it unless their vibrations are compatible with it. The choice is still yours, but you must have reached a certain vibratory level to ascend. All souls will have known about it before they came into incarnation, and some of them have no desire to ascend, but wish to add this period in duality to their experience. (SaLuSa, Feb. 20, 2012 at

All happens as it should according to Universal Law.

Put simply it states that no soul can move upwards until they have reached a similar vibration.  (SaLuSa, Oct. 19, 2012.)

Only those of you who have lifted your vibrations sufficiently, will be able to join those energies. Thereby lies the outworking of a truth, that only those of the Light can exist in the new dimension. The choice has always been yours, but with it comes the responsibility to carve out your own pathway to Ascension. You can have all of the help and encouragement in the world, but only you can take the necessary steps that will bring it about for you. (SaLuSa, Jan. 9, 2012 at

It is the light within a body that transforms its carbon-based cellular structure into the crystalline form that enables the body to live in the high vibrations of energy planes beyond third density. (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 4, 2012 at

Your objective is to bring more Light through to increase your level of vibration. At some point in the near future you will in fact be successful, and as a result be ready to rise up into the higher dimensions. Indeed, as soon as you are ready you will be lifted up but can still visit the lower dimensions, as you will be able to lower your vibrations to do so. (SaLuSa, Feb. 20, 2015 at

In that moment [of Ascension], what we are calling a moment, (1) there is a choice. Do you want — and it can happen instantaneously, because so many of you have laid the foundation — do you want to be in the heart of one of love? Do you wish to be in the higher frequency? In the very last second, all they need to say is yes, and allow themselves to be flooded by what you can think of as a tidal wave of energy that will sweep the planet. That is why we say all are invited. (Steve Beckow, “Reading with Archangel Michael, August 1, 2011” through Linda Dillon, at

(1) Ascension is both gradual and sudden. It is gradual in that we’re being bathed in successive waves of energy that are gradually elevating us and it’s sudden in that there are moments when jumps are made. See Part 2 for two “sudden” events – Brahmajnana or God Realization and Sahaja Samadhi or our natural and liberated state of being.

And for you, the task this time around is simply this: to finally allow that innermost part of you, that singularity of light that has no equal, no other place in All of creation to come out from hiding so that you and everyone else around you can SEE you in all of your glory.

For then and only then will others be able to finally release all of their own inner fire as well. And it is only by allowing that fire to burn brightly, while still within this miracle of a human body you inhabit, that all of these seeds of life encased within all of the other physical carriers on this planet can come fully to life once again. (“The Constant Companions: The Manuscript of Survival-Part 434,” channeled by Aisha North, February 24, 2015, at

We must clear 51% of our negative frequency patterns and attune our Energetic Signature to at least a portion of the lower sub-level frequencies of the Fifth Dimension in order to [ascend]. (1) (Archangel Michael, Sept. 27, 2009, through Ronna Herman, at

(1) If we haven’t assimilated enough light to tolerate  living in the Fifth-Dimensional environment, then we cannot remain on the Fifth Dimension. The same applies to any higher dimension. Like all dimensions (or planes), the Fifth Dimensions has subplanes. The real entry into the Fifth Dimension comes with Sahaja Samadhi, which itself comes at a higher 5D subplane than the first.

It is the Laws of the Universe that determine where every soul is to be found, but they can move lower if it is their desire. However, none can move beyond their correct level, except that a Higher Being accompanies them. This sometimes takes place in the interests of allowing knowledge of the higher dimensions, and possibly to meet some of the great souls that reside in them [the dimensions, that is]. (Atmos, Jan. 28, 2009.)

It is simply the physics governing life in this universe that bodies bereft of light cannot survive in those higher vibrations. (Matthew’s Message, April 23, 2011, at

Do I need to know about Ascension to ascend?

Knowledge of the Ascension process is not necessary to be assured of rising up with it. There are many, many souls that are kind, loving and compassionate who are also ready for such an upliftment. In fact they may have quite a different view of the future, but that does not matter as they will soon adapt to the coming changes. (SaLuSa, Nov. 13, 2012 at

Which is more important to Ascension: knowledge or intention?

However, it must be understood that Ascension is so near that if you desire to seize this opportunity to get out of the 3rd. dimension, you do need to ensure you know what is needed of you. As we have so often mentioned it is your intent that is so important, because as soon as you send out that energy it attracts similar energy, and strengthens yours that opens up the pathway to Ascension.  (SaLuSa, Dec. 2, 2011 at

Must I believe in God to ascend?

A lack of belief in God is not necessarily preventing people from ascending, as many of them are at heart very kind and decent people. It is what you are inside that counts, but we always come back to the need to treat others as yourself. (SaLuSa, Oct. 3, 2012 at
Must I be 100% healed to ascend?

You do not need to be one hundred percent healed and whole emotionally and spiritually in order to ascend. … We can work miracles with each of you. This is our intention. (Sananda in Eric Klein, The Crystal Stair. Livermore: Oughten Hosue Publications, 1992; c1990, 34.)

What if my life so far has not been exemplary?

Do not make the mistake of judging yourself unsuitable to ascend, as whatever your life so far you can always step onto a new path. (SaLuSa, March 9, 2012 at

My path is different from that of other lightworkers I know. Will I still ascend?

Do not concern yourself if your path is different to others, as there is more than one way to reach Ascension. Indeed there are time lines that cover every possible combination of possibilities. If you have exercised your choice there can be no wrong way, otherwise freedom of choice would be pointless. (SaLuSa, Dec. 2, 2011 at

(Continued in Part 2.)




Everything We Need to Know About Ascension – Part 2/8

enlightenment3(Continued from Part 1.)

Two sudden Ascension-related events are Brahmajnana (Seventh-Chakra Enlightenment, God-Realization) and Sahaja Samadhi (a permanent heart opening, our natural state). When will Brahmajnana occur?

Steve Beckow: Matthew [Ward] seemed to imply [Ascension] was going to happen in 2017. That is not the case, right?

Archangel Michael:   That will be what you can think of as phase two, when the full awareness is anchored within everybody.

SB:   So, now, the full awareness is Sahaja Samadhi.

AAM:   Well, it won’t be that extreme. But it will be a full… it will be what you think of as your Golden Age.

SB:   Right. Is it an enlightenment?

AAM:   Yes.

SB:   So is it Brahmajnana?

AAM:   Yes.

SB:   Oh!  So 2017 will be Brahmajnana. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 28, 2014.)

When does Sahaja Samadhi – the level of enlightenment that concludes our present Ascension journey – occur?

Steve Beckow: When does Sahaja Samadhi occur?

Divine Mother: It occurs with a more gradual awakening and lifting up. So there is the abrupt “I am not the same,” then there is the working and the anchoring, the integration, then there is another jump, and another jump, and another jump. And you don’t know it — well, some of you do — but you are leap-frogging. And then you will be there.

SB: Now, are those jumps equivalent to sub-planes? (6)

DM: You can think of it as sub-planes, dimensional sub-planes, yes. (“The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 10, 2014, at

Steve Beckow:   Oh!  So 2017 will be Brahmajnana. When will Sahaja occur?

Archangel Michael:   Shortly thereafter. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 28, 2014.)

How long will the Ascension door be left open?

Exactly the same way that the door to the thirteenth octave was kept open by those who passed through and held the door open, slightly ajar, for those who wished to continue, it is the same for this Ascension process.

The door is being kept ajar by those of the collective of humanity — and your star brothers and sisters, actually — who have diligently worked, both consciously, unconsciously, and subconsciously, to keep this door open so that as many may ascend into the new realm as possible.

So you are saying, “How long will the door be kept open? How long will people have?” At this point in your time, and in the convergence of the Divine Convergence, the door will be kept open for those who are diligently — and diligently is described and defined by yourselves — working on Ascension, the door will be kept open indefinitely.

No, not for thousands of years, but for the duration of, shall we say, a lifetime. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 19, 2012, at

(Continued in Part 3.)

STEVE BECKOW – The Absence of Pain – 12-7-15

Sacred 333

Steve Beckow

I’m going deeper and deeper into my own consciousness.

It’s as if my consciousness is imploding into itself, structures are collapsing, and belief systems are exploding.

I’m experiencing a collapse of what I’d call a “self” or an “ego.”

And I welcome it. I remember that, earlier this evening, I asked for it. And now it arrives, barely an hour later, I’d say.

Every image of collapse, destruction, and explosion is flashing across my mind. Everything about me that could collapse is collapsing.

The old is falling away and the new is being revealed. Only it’s happening rapidly, almost in fast forward.

What keeps us in the Third Dimension is negativity. But what would keep us in the Fifth Dimension is not positivity. That’s itself a part of a duality.

It’s contextuality. Contextuality is an appreciation of the whole, a universal consciousness. It takes in everything. Examples of contexts are peace, love, health, and completion.

When we can think from a universal standpoint and love from the same, then I think this world will work.

* * *

I’d call the space I’m in at the moment “ecstacy.” Thirty years ago I did the drug ecstacy. And the space ecstacy presented then is the space I’m in right now, without the use of any stimulant.

It’s predominant characteristic is depth, profundity, fulness.

It’s almost as if I’m on a scenic tour of the transformed space – be it Fifth Dimensional or otherwise.

Each day, more of it’s revealed.

* * *

I’m still in the space of ecstacy, some hours later.

I tried making a smoothie for a friend in this space. I’m in utter abandonment of thinking. Could I even slice an apple?

It was very hard to concentrate. Every act I didn’t like to do I could have resented. That would’ve been my Third-Dimensional response. But instead of that, I did it out of love for my friend.

There are rules of the road for ecstacy, just as for love and bliss.  And I’m finding them out by experience. This is all brush-clearing.

I feel buoyed up so high that it would’ve been hard to imagine this space if told about it previously. I’m not trying to suggest that it’s a high enlightenment. It isn’t.

It’s a high subplane, if you will, of the transformed space. So I mean “comparatively” buoyed up, short of enlightenment.

There were several times today I thought it would take a turn towards enlightenment, but it didn’t.

And so I’ve continued to simply hold myself open to what is an unfolding experience.

* * *

I now feel routinely and totally free of emotional trauma and pain at this moment. No vasanas (or core issues), in other words.

They could come rushing in in an instant, but right now I’m pain-free.

This breath that I take, I take without the memory of past upsets or any trace of resentment or regret.

I call this “back to innocence.”  Original innocence, rather than original sin. That’s the feeling.

I feel fresh and pure.

I turn the ordinary method of breathing around and breathe into myself profoundly, as deeply as I possibly can. And then I breathe out ecstacy. I go as high as I possibly can. And I repeat this.

Again I marvel that these are events in consciousness. Not a Light for me. Not a vision of the Beloved. But a continual expansion in consciousness, with the rewards of love, bliss, and ecstacy and the absence of pain that they have – so far – brought.

* * *

Paramount to this space is how relaxed I feel. I feel totally at peace with myself and the outside world.

And it turns out that I’m the only person I absolutely have to be at peace with. Ups and downs with other people I can endure. But I cannot manage being at odds with myself.

The absence of peace within my self makes me right away a breeding ground for mayhem and chaos.

But it takes real work to maintain peace with my self. Any judgment could start a war. Any blame, resentment, regret.

All of it, I earlier called “negativity.”  All of it now has to be put aside to keep the peace within my self.

* * *

Having chosen the path of consciousness or awareness, I now find my reward in constantly-expanding. consciousness. This validates what the Arcturians said: “Where your attention is, there you are also. … attention is how you connect with realities.” (1) I connect with the reality of love, bliss and ecstacy through awareness of my internal states.

It also validates the notion that we can walk any path to Ascension. Any path that elevates our consciousness and hence our frequency will do.

I feel totally different than I did even a day ago.

I feel … well, it’s always that I feel more of what I did then. These are obviously areas of life I’ve been working on and working out and I’m now reaping the benefit in these areas.

I feel confident. So obviously I’ve been working on issues of confidence.

I feel strong, peaceful, free from desire.

I feel content, satisfied.

What more could anyone ask?

And yet I know there’s always more.

STEVE BECKOW – The People of Earth Welcome the People of the Stars – 12-5-15

 Man and UFO


Welcome to Our Star Brothers and Sisters

The skies above the Earth look like a parking lot these days. Extraterrestrials – or as we (1) prefer to call them, galactics – are all over the place.

Sometimes you need to look carefully, as in the case of lenticular clouds. But most often they make themselves pretty visible.

They could as easily hide from view, but they don’t choose to.

Why not? Because they want to “meet” us. I say “meet” because they’ve met us. It’s we that haven’t met them.

They’ve been here protecting us from our own ill-advised actions that have threatened the existence of the Earth.

One threat to the Earth was depleted uranium. We released enough DU from weaponry in several wars to have finished this planet off. Period. Full stop.

One has only to enter “depleted uranium” in this site’s search box to find out about the omnicidal threat, the threat to all life on Earth, that DU is.  The galactics removed the depleted uranium from the atmosphere. Planet saved. (2)

Let’s take that investigation further. The apparent desire of the American secret government was to start a nuclear World War III.

Lenticular 1

They wanted to live out their nuclear war in deep, underground military bunkers. When that war was over, they planned to return to the surface and start again with a much reduced human population to be enslaved to do their bidding.

But the galactics first removed all personnel and then imploded their bunkers in 2011, ending their plans.

Death by nuclear warfare was not in the Divine Plan, or in the cards.

Later they quarantined us to prevent us from spreading nuclear warfare to space.

Sound far fetched? You don’t have to believe me. Just ask yourself. Have you heard of a nuclear bomb being exploded on the surface of the Earth or in space recently? Yes, you’ve heard a lot of reports of them. But those have mostly been been faked.

You’ve seen a few missiles launched and some you didn’t see. (3) But none of them have exploded.

In reality then no nuclear bomb has been exploded in hostile intent since the small nukes of Sept. 11, 2001 were exploded.

Sept. 11, 2001? 9/11?  You don’t know it was an inside job?  Hmmmm…. Don’t know what to say.

* * *

If you do know that 9/11 was an inside job, then it may not be a stretch for you to hear that the galactic forces that have guarded us since that day (actually since the end of the Second World War) (4) will neither allow a nuclear bomb to be exploded on Earth nor tolerate World War III nor permit another false-flag operation as extensive and harmful as 9/11 was.

(Paris was not a false flag on the scale of 9/11, in my view. The death figures for 9/11 have been greatly under-reported – 50,000 NYC dead or more is, I think, more probable than 3,000.)

We can continue to follow the trail of our own mayhem and folly. But each time it’s been the galactics who cleaned up after us – after our oil spills and nuclear power plant explosions. It was the galactics who neutralized manmade, Fort-Detrick pandemic virusues released on the population, from AIDS to Ebola, SARS to swine flu. This again was designed to reduce the population to a more manageable 500 million.

It was they who neutralized the toxic pandemic vaccines that were visited on an unsuspecting public and were as infectious as the viruses.

It was they who took out the chief weapons of weather warfare, like HAARP and other weather-control devices.

It was they who neutralized the poisonous chemtrails.

They’re obliged to respect our freewill choices to take each other apart.  Unlike us, they understand and respect the universal laws, like the laws of freewill, karma, and attraction.

So I welcome our star family of ascended brothers and sisters.  There are no dark forces among them or anywhere else in our vicinity. As I see it, we on Earth are safe and protected better than we might imagine.

(Concluded tomorrow.)


(1) Lightworkers.

(2) Unfortunately the hideous damage and disfigurement to people that have resulted from the ingestion of DU continues. My assumption is that these injuries will be addressed by the galactics’ new healing technologies after Disclosure.

(3) On June 20, 2008 a Minuteman nuclear missile was launched from Boseman, Montana, after the Russians showed they could shoot and actually shot down a TR3-B Aurora spacecraft. A second apparent TR3-B took out the Minuteman. The incident nearly started World War III.  Galactic or terrestrial, the incident exposed the existence of the American secret space fleet to non-military eyes.  See “June 20, 2008: The Day the Earth Stood Still” at

(4) Or countless millennia ago, depending on the power of magnification. The galactics have been watching over the planet since the beginning, but they also cannot interfere with our free will, which has resulted in a common state of warfare on the planet throughout the historical record.




The People of Earth Welcome the People of the Stars – Part 2



Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth

More than safe, the Earth is blessed by the galactic presence.

For those who enjoy gifts, they bring gifts of healing, longevity, and replication. Imagine having the thought of something and it’s instantly there. These are the technologies we’ll soon be routinely enjoying.

They also come to introduce us to new ways of transportation, communication, and peace.

They come to teach us about universal love, to help us create a world that works.

They beam and anchor Light for our planetary shift in consciousness. The next dimension, in the progression of our consciousness, will be one of universal love and harmony, peace and abundance.  The world will naturally – and effortlessly – work in such an environment.

It’s a humbling thought for us to think how primitive and misguided we might appear to them, if they judged us as we judge others. But they don’t judge. Their ways are not our ways. They’re higher.

They’re human like us. They’re in fact our forebears. They populated this planet. The humans here are originally from the Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius and the other star systems.  So we’re welcoming back the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, our Ancestors – if that’s your perspective. It certainly does reflect the relationship.

We have no enemies in outer space at this time. The galactic presence ensures it. There were cattle mutilations, but they were mainly done by the secret government to make us feel afraid. The greys are gone. The time at which anyone could interfere with the consciousness shift we’re already in as a planet is now gone … forever.

There’s no downside to the arrival of our star family. I say that on my own recognizance as a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth. This is my declaration to the world.

* * *

What’s unfolding before our eyes is part of the greatest show on Earth. Never mind Moses and the Ten Commandments (forgive me, Moses). Never mind the greatest battles ever fought. Never mind Gandhi’s, Mother Teresa’s, or the Dalai Lama’s contributions to humanity.

What’s happening now on planet Earth, thanks in large measure to the galactics, is a stunning and amazing shift in consciousness available to the whole world, which you can feel.  I can certainly feel it.

None of the contrived, false-flag events that the secret government is perpetrating on us at this time can stem the tide of elevating consciousness and transformative love that’s sweeping our planet now. It is the hope of the Earth and it’s unstoppable.

We’re heading towards the greatest celebration this planet has ever had, a welcoming of family from afar and a recognition of our collective freedom and peace, abundance and harmony.

So let’s forgive ourselves for our mistaken impression that they were here to eat us, vaporize us, or whatever. We were wrong. Let’s change tack now.

There’s so much we don’t know about our star family, that they’re just waiting to tell us, if we invite them.

* * *

What we’re accomplishing now has never been done before. The eyes of everyone in the universe interested in mass shifts in consciousness are upon us.

I cast my vote for getting involved in this scenario to the greatest extent I can. Never will more dreams come true than through the Divine Plan that this higher-dimensional scenario reflects and represents.

Tremendous reconstruction is taking place around us, in great measure effected by the galactics.  They want us to join them. I for one want to be involved.

Steve Beckow – A Big Push in Consciousness – 11-30-15

heart consciousness


Steve Beckow   –   A Big Push in Consciousness   –   11-30-15


How can I not comment on the channeled messages we’re seeing these days.

Notice how coordinated they all are.  What do they all say in common? Love, love, love, love, love, love.

Natalie Glasson’s message hit the ball out of the park for me.

“An explosion of light is moving through the atmosphere waiting to penetrate your being.” (1)


“It may feel that everything that does not resonate with the light is protruding from your being, wishing to remain anchored within your being while also wanting to escape. This may create a chaos within you which will be experienced at different levels for each individual.”


“In the past it has been through chaos that light has been born. Again you are moving into an experience of inner chaos awakening to bring forth and allow an explosion of light into your being.”

Totally. And I’m ready for the light.

I just spent the morning feeling bummed out, before realizing that these emotions were arising to be experienced (finally) and let go of. All they want is for me to experience them and let the river of awareness carry them away.

“Chaos doesn’t have to be something which you are fearful of or shy away from because it is seemingly not spiritual or [impossible] to be enlightened when you experience chaos.

“However your reactions are the keys which allow you to move into a space of light within your being. Can you experience chaos within your being without fear and with a reaction or response of love? This is what is being asked of you.”

No, I cannot. Not yet. Not completely.

And then the piece de resistance:

“A light which is the supreme love of the Creator and will intensify the supreme love of the Creator within you will explode within your being, it will fill every cell with light and create a powerful realignment encouraging balance, healing, further Creator consciousness awareness and resonance with the Creator. Imagine if all misalignments, blockages and limitations were dissolved and your entire being was free to reform itself into an awakened and aligned version of yourself.”

This is the Light of the Self, the Christ, the Atman. This is the pearl of great price, the treasure buried in a field, the mustard seed that will grow into a great tree.

The message goes on to amplify what we may experience in this phase of our Ascension. It promises a fourth-chakra experience. We’ve already heard the Mother and AAM describe a seventh-chakra experience and a permanent heart opening in 2017.

One aspect of their report I’m hesitant to mention because we’ve all had such difficult experiences with dates. They predict this experience for most people will haopen between Dec. 21-26, 2015:

“Many people will experience an explosion of light within their beings sometime from the 21st – 26th December 2015, those who experience it during this time will either require the collective support of others achieving it at the same time to aid their activation or are supporting the collective in their experience. Those who do not require amplification from the collective consciousness of humanity will experience their light explosion with divine timing either before or after these dates.”

Eeek! Not another date. I can’t avoid mentioning it here but I won’t mention it again, I promise.

I maintain that it doesn’t have to be the sight of a bright Light that we experience from the impact of these energies. I believe it can also be an explosion in consciousness, the vision of one’s Chosen Ideal, or other manifestations. But the impact will be the same.

For me, this ability to look upon chaos without fear or reaction is what the growth movement aimed at. It’s what est was all about, Zen, Vipassana (certainly), and enlightenment intensives. To regard everything with the same loving glance, without judgment or reactivity.

My work with vasanas could be boiled down to: Are we willing and able to experience our past traumas, now, without reacting so that we can then let them be swept downstream by the river of awareness?

You and I have been having this conversation about major vasanas (or what Linda Dillon calls “core issues”) constantly for nigh on … oh … many years now. That conversation is now being declared a “global” imperative. It’s no longer a small and local conversation, but an inclusive, planetary one.  I for one am swept away by the thought.

I don’t even know what it means. I feel finished with the subject and now the planet is being implicitly asked to master it. I guess this is what wayshowers do, right? Talk about the territory they’ve been through already?

“The chaos which is arising from within your being is beautiful. You may have already experienced it in the past few weeks.”

Uh, yes.

“Be experiencing it now or about to identify it within your being. It may feel all-consuming, familiar or simply a mild frustration and yet if you are willing to recognise the chaos with awareness and love, you will accept and ignite an explosion of light within your being.”

I’m up for that. Ready, aye, ready.

Holy mackerel. The rest of Sunday’s messages are also on love. A big push in consciousness must be on. Or that’s the way it seems to me.

Now to take pen in hand and continue drawing the new map of Ascension. Ascension has had long times of gradual elevation. If we were to see the Light of the Divine Child (Self, Christ, Atman) in a fourth-chakra moment of enlightenment, as the Andromedans suggest, then that would be one instance of Ascension being sudden.

I imagine that would be followed by another period of gradual ascent. And that too would be followed by another sudden moment of “ignition” – the sixth-chakra sight of the Light in all creation.

Then more gradual ascent and then the kundalini would reach the seventh-chakra and we’d have the sight of the Light transcending creation.

And finally, at the end of our current round of Ascension, the kundalini would double back to the heart through the nerve called the Atma Nadi and permanently open the heart in the experience of Sahaja Samadhi.

This is the manner in which Ascension can be said to be both sudden and gradual.

Oh, yes, and I mustn’t neglect this diary entry. At the beginning of writing this message, I was not in the transformed space. And now I am.

Steve Beckow – Emerging from the Chrysalis of Ascension – 11-28-15



Steve Beckow   –   Emerging from the Chrysalis of Ascension   –   11-28-15

As we all continue our gradual emergence from the chrysalis of Ascension, I’m now noticing stages in the development of my ability to express love.

In the early years of my marriage, it was as if I had a hole in my heart. I couldn’t generate love for life or money.  My wife hung in with me, loving me always, for 23 years, even though there was apparently nothing in it for her.

At that time I was not aware of the impact of vasanas. It was in fact the clearing of major vasanas or core issues that contributed to the breakthrough – the heart opening – on March 13, 2015.

But at that earlier time, I was a loveless being for most of my life. Not like I knew I was. Not like I knew what real love was.

I’d polished my constructed self about as much as I was ever going to. I mainly just wanted to be left alone to write. I became more and more frustrated and retreated more and more into the paradigm that anger, rather than love, gets you what you want. It never did.

So not a pleasant guy to be around for practically all the loving women in my life. I was probably about as automatic as they come.

Meanwhile everything that was happening for me was happening internally. My spiritual life was blossoming. Spiritual experiences were occurring right and left. The Flame in the Heart, the Highway to Heaven, the Universe Inside, the Silver Bullet – I named them all for memory’s sake. They would come and go.

I remember saying to myself that one moment of bliss in these experiences made many years of spiritual work bearable.

However, none of this translated into real love for others. Generosity, yes. Affection, yes. Real, transformative love, no.butterfly09

Fast forward to the near present after endless clearing of vasanas.  My love for one woman was like a volcano. But it was focused on that one person only. With everyone else I remained a stick man. But at least I’d had that breakthrough.  It started the glacier calving.

Added to that was an exercise that I’d been doing – raising love from my heart and sending it out to the world. And this exercise worked, where many have not. I began to feel real love.

Then came the heart opening on March 13, 2015. As I remember it, it began as a feeling of energy going up my leg.This could not have been my own kundalini because that would have started from the root chakra, not from my foot. It felt like it was coming from “outside.”

At first I was startled and then I relaxed upon thinking to myself that the Divine Mother was in charge and so why am I worrying?

When the energy reached my heart, there was a sensation as if a gigantic cork had exploded outwards. And the love flowed in a flood now.

This happened at 7 a.m. on a morning I was to have a reading with Archangel Michael at 10:00. I imagine there was no accident involved here. When the hour of the reading arrived, I was still immersed in a torrent of love.

AAM explained that the experience was a heart opening and said that the personal love I’d been experiencing was the precursor of this new breakthrough into impersonal love. He added that the exercise of bringing love up from the heart and sending it out into the world had greased the wheel.

Not everyone will experience a heart opening, as I understand it.  One devotee will derive the same effect from seeing a brilliant Light. (And I’ll be sharing about an Australian friend who’s had that experience.) A bhakta or devotee may see the loving form of their Chosen Ideal.  A jnani or student of wisdom will have a realization.  I’m a student of consciousness or awareness and so I had an experience in consciousness. (This gives rise to perhaps a different meaning of “what you sow, you reap.”)

When I started writing this article I was not in the transformed space and I notice that I now am.

After the heart opening, for many months, love just flowed. And it was a love that made no distinction, what sages call impersonal or universal love. I loved everyone. Of course some people meant more to me than others. We had need to be together. But my love itself was incapable of making any distinctions past that.

So, for me, the heart opening of March 13, 2015 was like a watershed in my life.

I sincerely apologize to the many people for whom I was not present. I apologize to everyone who had to bear the force of my anger because my inability to love revealed me as such a beggar in matters of the heart.  And I could not stand being seen in that light.

The bliss arises in me and settles me down again. I send my love out to all who hung in with me for so, so long.

Suzi is away so there’s only me answering email.  I won’t be able to answer folks promptly, I’m afraid. Later, all will change.

Suzanne Lie Channels The Arcturians – Taking Us Behind the Scenes on Ascension – An Hour With Angel – Interviewer Steve Beckow

Suzanne Lie


Suzanne Lie Channels The Arcturians – Taking Us Behind the Scenes on Ascension – An Hour With Angel – Interviewer Steve Beckow




The Arcturians Take Us Behind the Scenes on Ascension on An Hour With An Angel


Linda Dillon has had shoulder surgery recently. She’s doing well but will need to rest for a few weeks. Our prayers are with her for as comfortable a recovery as this form of operation allows.

This week (and for the next show) we invited Sue Lie to sit in for her. Sue channels the Arcturians.

To give you a taste of what was discussed, the Arcturians took us behind the scenes to explore how Ascension is being managed.

They explained, before setting out, how putting our attention on the dark’s activities can lead to our becoming tainted by that energy field. Attention is how we connect with realities.

They discussed how the many beings who are helping with Ascension could be thought of as presenting us with different portals to the same place.

There is the angelic kingdom, whose portals present a feeling of love and forgiveness.

The Elohim, which includes “a strong amount of our [Arcturian] beingness,” focus on creating  forms in line with the divine ideal. Their portal is through creativity.

The Andromedans are very technical and scientific and many people appreciate that door and will go there.

Sanat Kumara and Kuthumi are holding the Light within the core of Gaia. The ascended masters generally are quite educationally-oriented and work with Archangel Michael, offering his blue sword to clear ourselves of attachments and St. Germaine’s violet flame to help transmute.

Each person will ascend within the “Now” in which they are ready and each person’s Ascension experience will be unique.

From there we discussed what holding the light entailed, light as information and creation energy, grounding the Ascension energy, what assimilating the Ascension energies involves, what about Ascension was gradual and what sudden, the multidimensionality of Ascension, and much, much more.

An Hour With An Angel Airs no later than 7pm ET on alternate Thursdays. Linda Dillon channels Archangel Michael and other guests from the Council of Love to provide spiritual teachings and guidance on co-creating the New Earth. Interviewed by Steve Beckow, editor of the Golden Age of Gaia. Produced by Suzanne Maresca.

Music: Pachelbel’s Canon and Mike Roland – Son of the Light.

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STEVE BECKOW – Time 11 in the Transformed Space – 11-4-15

Sacred 11Steve Beckow

It’s three hours before the Vancouver Meet-Up and I’m just now entering a very blissful state. I’ll try to record it but I don’t know how well I’ll do.

Thank heavens someone is giving me a ride to the Meet-Up because I lose track of time in this state. I might miss it altogether as I nearly did in the tenth sojourn in this space (Time 10) when I forgot a lunch engagement.

Grand thoughts arise.  I can see that all is a process of letting go. The amount we need to let go will always be more than what we can see or imagine.  Some of the resistance we carry exists out of sight, out of mind – we don’t know we don’t know about it.

There’ll almost always be more to let go of.  Why not just make it a policy to first look at letting go?

I need to ask myself: Is there something I need to let go of?

In this space, there’s no time. A short interval in that “no-time” space and I completely forget what day it is.

There’s been a substantial interval between Time 10, when I was last in this transformed space, and this, Time 11.  The mellowness I feel now is much greater.

This is a refined space – soft, gentle, silky.

I’m buffeted by every current of the tsunami of love. I feel profoundly impacted by each wave of cosmic energy.

And now bliss rolls in like a wave. I can feel the tide of evolution slowly moving forward in the changes I see in me.

Time and movement stop.

Past this point I cannot experience the experience and write about it. I must stop.

STEVE BECKOW – Everything We Do Here is New and Significant – 10-18-15

New earth


Steve Beckow


Everything happening to us at the present moment is brand new.

And everything we do here has a significance probably beyond our imagining.

Everything we used to know has changed and we’re obliged to learn anew.  I can give a personal example.

Recently I had two profound spiritual experiences – one of complete stillness of mind and another of the kundalini completing itself at the seventh chakra.

In olden days, they would have brought an experience of God-Realization (Brahmajnana, kevalya nirvikalpa samadhi). But in AAM’s hands, they were toned down (for instance, there was no bliss) and equaled no more than what he called a system reboot.

I was curious and said to him:

Steve: Hmm, interesting! Ordinarily you would experience Brahmajnana at that point but I felt that it had been muted, toned down.

AAM: Completely toned down. We want you very physically present. (1)

In his further explanation, AAM said:  “What you are seeing or what you are referring to [in our discussion of enlightenment], can we suggest, is some old patterning, not incorrect patterning, but patterning that has shifted and expanded.”  (2)

AAM’s comments are mirrored in St. Germaine’s remark to Suzi Maresca that “all the rules have changed.” (3)  Processes that would have resulted in profound states of enlightenment now may simply result in a personal clearing or a resetting of our system’s machinery.

Brahmajnana (God-Realization) as a fully-experienced state for the mass of the population does not come until 2017 and Sahaja Samadhi (the natural state, what Ascension truly means) comes shortly after that. (4)  Such processes as enlightenment are being re-tuned to meet the needs of a first-time, mass, and physical Ascension.

The Divine Mother said to me on An Hour with an Angel: “This is unique. It is a new creation. Can you imagine, my son, in all this expanse, that this is new?” (5) I had to admit to myself that I had trouble imagining the implications of such a statement.

In what ways is it new? Jesus summarized them.

“Your forthcoming human awakening or Ascension is different because it will be a mass awakening in which you retain your bodies which are then restored to full vitality and perfection, with an age or physical appearance and abilities appropriate to it that suits your wishes.” (6)

Archangel Michael explained that “this experiment in transitioning to the higher dimensions while within the hue-man body … has never been accomplished before. You are all the pioneers of this ascension experiment.” (7) And they are the pioneers as well, probably fine-tuning as we go along.

Like the Divine Mother, AAM asked us: “Do you know, my family, how rare something new is throughout the multiverse? It is rare and it is precious. And therefore it is being very carefully monitored.” (8)

“Anastara,” the guide of one of our editors, tried to awaken us on this subject by telling us the long-long-range impact of our Ascension:

“So, is it audacious? Yes. … There will come a time when the evolution, not only of Gaia, but of this universe has migrated back to the One and then will be reborn again, but it will be reborn in a different octave and in a different way because of what has happened and what is taking place on this planet at this time. It is more phenomenal than many realize.” (9)

Tomorrow I’d like to look at another way in which our process of Ascension is different: It’s evolutionary process is additive rather than subtractive.


ascended masters 11

(Continued from Part 1.)

Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara indicates that our Ascension process is fluid, some of it being designed or tinkered with as we speak. He said recently: “Some of the final pieces have [only] been put in place very recently.” (1)

That may be why some processes take longer than others – because the process is being planned, jigged and rejigged as we go along. The most obvious example of that is the assertion that the planetary collective requested that Earth’s population be permitted to ascend together and as one. If true, that certainly would have brought a revision of the Plan.

One way the process has changed from what it was is that it used to be that to ascend you needed to drop the physical body.

And then, on the spiritual side of life, we’d continue our ascent by dropping one more body after another. Dropping the etheric for the astral; the astral for the mental; the mental for the causal; and so on. We can think of this process as subtractive.

Now the process is additive. As Sanat Kumara tells us that “now is it a continual expansion, what the channel and I and many on this side have said in terms of creation – add on, add on, add on, add on?  Yes.”  (2)

Thus we take our physical bodies with us. We don’t drop them. They meld with our light bodies, as Archangel Michael informs us.

“All beings have a light body. It is not something that you need to obtain. It is part of who you are.

“But it is not that you are going to shed your physical body and just be in a light form. No. Your light form and your physical body basically become a unified grid. That is the miracle of Ascension. It is that melding in that infinite moment into your totality, and the shift that you have been making from carbon to crystalline is so that vibration, that frequency can actually be held, in light body, in physical body.” (3)

The Council of Nine describes the difference between the old process of Ascension and the new:

“If you were to change into a light body tomorrow upon waking, chances are you would no longer be embodied. Such was the pattern that existed for most initiates in ‘past’ eras when there occurred both individual and mass ascensions. The physical body was left behind and the light body disappeared into the unseen realms.

“Now what is occurring on GAIA is the beginning of physical ascension, bringing heaven to Earth by allowing the Higher Self to completely enter the physical vessel AND remain there, in charge of the lifestream’s mission here. This process is an intricate, delicate and lengthy one, especially for those who go first. They have, for the most part, prepared for such an occurrence, for lifetimes and for decades in this lifetime.” (4)

The Divine Mother noted of the process that “it is physical, and it is spiritual. But it is not to the exclusion of either/or.” (5)

Thus this Ascension is brand new and changes our evolutionary process from a substractive one to an additive one, with a mixture of the physical and the spiritual.

Tomorrow I’d like to look at the impact of our Ascension in the universe.



(Continued from Part 2.)

What impact will our Ascension have in the universe?

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council asserted that “what happens on the Earth affects all of Creation.” (1) Ashtar suggested that “your Ascension has an effect on the whole Universe.” (2)

Archangel Michael compared its impact to dominoes, which trigger more Ascensions: “Do not forget, sweet angel, that this is the beginning, the domino effect of many planetary ascensions.” (3) I know myself that, after 200 years vacation, I’ll be part of the crew staging a Seventh-Dimensional Ascension. (4)

Elsewhere he called our Ascension the “template” for this universe.

“Do not forget: This is a template for this Universe. …

“As [this] is the Truth, as [these are] the templates, the grid, then it is ready to be replicated in other planetary systems.” (5)

Goldenlight’s sources expanded on the chain reaction that would follow our Ascension:

“Your planet is the catalyst in a ‘domino effect’ that will affect all other planets, galaxies, and universes in the multi-verse; the ascension of Gaia and her inhabitants to higher dimensional levels is setting off a chain reaction in the multiverse wherein all other planets, star systems, galaxies, beings are being upgraded a level or two.” (6)

“What you experience and feed into on the Earth drives the experiences had on entire planets far away from the Earth or from your perception, as this is your supreme power as a Creator.”  (7)

After our Ascension, we’ll join the intergalactic civilizations that are aiding others to ascend.  Say Wes Annac’s sources, “the Company of Heaven”:

“The evolution of the Universe will be aided immensely by the Earth’s ascension, and in return, will aid in the evolution of other structures of existence far beyond even the grasp of what’ll be your united and ascended Universal consciousness. …

“You’ll establish, along with us, a collective Universal consciousness and from there, we’ll help the Universe ascend and help in the next expansions and ascensions that’ll take place.

“The ripple effect the Earth’s ascension is causing couldn’t be expressed enough, as it’s to help bring about the Universal ascension which will then bring about continual greater ascensions in realms and Creational structures far beyond the consciousness of the Universal collective you’ll establish.”  (8)

Goldenlight’s sources also tell us that “All attention is focused on Earth now as this is the staging ground for the upshifting of all elements in the universe.. The catalyst for change so to speak.” They add:

“The entire universe is going through an upgrade and Earth is an integral part of this, for just as your Earth beings and all other beings are a projection of the Divine Mind, so too are the other elements in the universe. And the upshifting and resetting of the systems of Earth must happen before the upshifting can occur in the rest of the universe.  …

“We encourage all now to focus on this vision as it is the power of collective thought which is assisting in bringing about this reset which will continue to proceed as has been planned for eons… And this successful reset of Earth will then spur the domino effect of the upgrading of all the other systems in the universe… so you see, your planet plays a vital role in the Divine Plan for All and is an important Intergalactic member who will now be openly welcomed into the Intergalactic Councils with great “fanfare”, joy and welcome from all the other members. Your planet is becoming a “grown-up” and maturing from its infancy stage and coming out of the darkness of quarantine which has lasted a very long “time.”  (9)

Saan and the Arcturian Councils, through Wes Annac, say that “the work you’re doing for the Universal ascension goes far, far beyond the ascension of the Earth’s collective, though we note, as many others have, that your Earth’s ascension will be most instrumental to that of the Universe.”

Archangel Gabrielle goes so far as to say that all life awaits the outcome of our efforts.

“All life awaits the human experiment that is creating divinity in physical earth bodies. As you have moved deeper into the new life in 5D on Earth, profound change has taken place within the DNA of the human form. The so-called junk aspect of the DNA has reformed into the crystalline structures originally intended for people to experience their divinity.  (10)

Finally Goldenlight gave voice to “Source Creator,” whose comments can serve as the last word on the matter:

“Many eons ago did I plan this mass awakening on Earth to be the catalyst for the upgrade of all of my creations and for all of my star beings – Earth, Andromeda, Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, all star systems – to come together in harmony as one United Inter-galactic Society.” (11)

Ascensions will happen after ours like dominoes. What we do here will serve as the template for countless other Ascensions.

Thus here we see that our Ascension is new and profoundly significant. All the rules for it have changed.  It will serve as the template for Ascensions throughout the universe.

Tomorrow I’d like to look more at what the impact of our Ascension will be.


Dream 11 (Concluded from Part 3.)

Jesus through Wes Annac also tried to give us an idea of how important our Ascension is:

“It’s important for your populace to reach the point of collective ascension, because of the importance of your ascension to that of the Universe. The Universe is ascending along with the Earth, and the various planets that’ll be uplifted because of the Earth’s ascension will themselves inspire and uplift other planets and civilizations to find evolution and aid in the Universal ascension.

“The Universal ascension is a much bigger event than has yet been hinted at by the majority of channels, and for quite a while, the protocol was to first have you focus upon your Earthly ascension and bring it about before we introduced the most intricate discussions regarding the Universal ascension.” (1)

Sue Lie’s Arcturians call Earth a “flashpoint”:

“There will be a merging. … You [are] seeing the whole solar system ascending. And [as] the whole solar system ascends, the galaxy ascends. There is a flashpoint that goes on and on.

“And, Gaia, who has taken on this deep clarity and this great challenge of separation and limitation, is a key factor; and, that is why so many beings are here to assist her and to assist the brave ones who have stood in line and written petitions to incarnate during this particular time on the body of Gaia.” (2)

Sanat tells us what will be done with our Ascension template:

“[Your shift] is not simply an ascension into the fifth-dimensional reality. It is to continue on and it is the freedom in form to be able to experience the different realities and dimensions.

“Now when that is anchored, the pattern, the repatterning, the grid, the model is set. And those planets who have had their own hurdles will then take the pattern, the energetic imprint of Gaia, and be able to utilize that and the energetic imprint of humanity and be able to utilize that with their own populations so that they may rise back to the place of love, back to a place of greater consciousness. (3)

Finally, what special responsibility does being the first in the universe to ascend en masse and in physical form place upon us? I asked the Divine Mother that question on An Hour with an Angel:

Steve Beckow:   Mother, we on Earth are the first to experience this current Ascension. What special responsibilities does that assign to us, in this case in relation to the outpouring of energy? And, as we go further into Ascension, what special responsibilities does being first give to us?

Divine Mother:   You are the wayshowers, the pathfinders for the next wave. And the responsibility — I am glad that you have brought this up — the responsibility is, as I have mentioned, the translating of the clarity into thought, collective thought, individual thought, holding to that potential and acting upon it.

This is a time of stepping forward. That is why I have made this plea to so many who still feel themselves in turmoil and pain to come home to my heart, so that you can then return and be in action, not just my action, but your deliberate, chosen, laser-like, direct action, that you can collaborate.

If there is one undertaking, one lesson that the human collective — all of you! — are learning at this time, it is collaboration and cooperation. That is the aspect of unity. So as you do this, you are setting the paradigm for the next and the next and the next. Because it cannot be achieved in a solitary manner. That was not my plan. And I am not changing that. (4)

If we awaken to the significance of our Ascension, even if we only act “as if” it were true, we see the scope of  our creation. What we do here establishes a template that will be used again and again throughout the cosmos with other civilizations who will soon be ascending.

Soon you and I will have control of sacred money, to begin to level the playing fields of the world and rescue people from poverty, homelessness, etc.  Everything we do from that moment on, everything lightholders do to explore the new spiritual spaces, everything loveholders do to serve the populace of the world will become part of the blueprint for how other Ascensions will be managed.

Was there any more noble prospect offered to you in the last … few hundred years? What are you doing for the next five?  What do you want to do? Dream to do?

Steve Beckow – What is an Avatar? – 10-12-15

Steve Beckow

A reader has asked about the notion of an “avatar,” especially in light of the new uses that have arisen for the term. I’m sure she won’t mind if I reproduce that discussion here, somewhat extended.

“Avatar” originally referred to an individual who came from the Divine with a special mission to humanity. They’re not ascenders to God, as we are, but descenders from God. “Avatar” means a descent of the Divine.

An avatar is like a Babushka doll. On the outside is the human vessel (Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Ramakrishna, etc.). Next below that can be a step-down transformer from a higher dimension, such as Sananda was for Jesus.

And next inside is the Divine Mother, Holy Spirit, Shakti (all the same), present in an avatar in a way and to an extent vastly different than for the ordinary person. It’s the descent of the Divine Mother that results in the use of the word “avatar.”

Avatars don’t generally acknowledge their avatarhood. Here’s Jesus on the subject. I’m going to cite him at length because he answers numerous questions in his replies.

Steve Beckow: You mentioned the Holy Spirit in flesh, and that raises questions about your ministry. Do you consider that the word “avatar” applies to you and your ministry?

Jesus: Avatar is not a word that I particularly cherish. Let me put it that way. … There are those who wish to label me as an avatar. And I would accept that label, but I would not choose it. I would choose the label, or the description, of teacher. …

S: Sri Ramakrishna considers you an avatar (1) and publicly declared that. Can we talk about who was here then, please? You were here in bodily form.

J: Yes.

S: Sananda was also here overlighting you, was he not?

J: Yes.

S: So that would be a second layer to your ministry, so to speak, the overlighting.

J: That is correct.

S: And then in addition to that, the Holy Spirit [Divine Mother] descended into your form. Is that correct?

J: That is correct.

S: And did that, by the way, happen when you were being baptized in the River Jordan?

J: No, it happened at a very early age, actually. The baptism was a symbolic refilling, if you want to put it that way. But, no, in order for me to go forward in my journey on Earth, there was an infilling of the Holy Spirit at a very early age, of about five, five and a half. And then it was renewed, or – symbolically renewed – so that the people would know that this was available to everybody.

S: All right. Well, if you were the human form that was overlit by a spirit as exalted as Sananda, and the Holy Spirit descended in you, that I would call an “avatar.” Would you disagree?

J: [Laughs] I do not disagree. I simply say to you that it is a designation that I am not so eager to claim. …

And I will tell you why. Because you, or your listeners, will then say, “Oh, well, he had this overlighting, he had this infilling, and that makes him different or separate,” and it does not. If anything, it allows me to be closer to you.

S: All right, I accept that, Lord.

J: All right. So I have made my point, then! (2)

An avatar like Sri Ramakrishna demonstrated for spiritual adepts all the forms of enlightenment and how they might be achieved. Krishna came to re-establish spirituality on a firmer basis. Others might re-establish a particular form of practice like devotion (Chaitanya) or meditation (Buddha).

All that you’d like to know about the physical experience of an avatar could best be learned, in my view, from reading the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, where he lays bare the inner experience of an avatar. That’s the best book on that subject that I’m aware of: a daily record of the life of an avatar.

You can also find an extensive treatment of the subject here:…

Yes, there are differences in an avatar’s body and a regular body and in the caring of it. There are three cosmic forces or gunas – sattwa, rajas, and thamas – and the avatar’s body is made of the purest constituent – sattwa. Of the gunas Swami Nikhilananda says:

“The word guna is usually translated into English as “quality”, which does not give the precise meaning of the original. Sattva, rajas, and tamas are not qualities of maya [the phenomenal and hence illusory world] in the same sense that hardness is a quality of iron, or softness of butter, or heat of fire. The three gunas are the ingredients of maya; they may be compared to three strands with [sic] constitute the rope of maya, the rope by which maya binds man to the illusory world.” (3)

Avatars are fashioned from pure sattwa. Here’s Swami Nikhilananda on what sattwa is and does:

“Sattva is the giver of happiness and is the real friend of man in his effort to realize Truth. It manifests itself, in man, as humility, guilelessness, self-control, unselfishness, purity, contentment, truthfulness, fearlessness, faith, devotion, yearning for Liberation, and other similar spiritual attributes.

“When sattva predominates, a man feels detached with respect to the world, lessens his physical activities, intensifies his contemplation, and strives in various ways to attain peace and blessedness. Through the cultivation of sattva, both rajas and tamas are kept under control.” (4)

Sri Ramakrishna’s body was so sensitive that, when a boatman hit his companion with an oar on the other side of the Ganges, the saint of Dakshineswar howled. He couldn’t touch money without experiencing pain. He could not brook the touch of an impure person without washing himself in Ganges water.

If you’re really interested, you can look here at the section on the gunas for more:….

Some people have borrowed the term “avatar” to mean one’s physical form, sometimes a little picture of themselves used on Skype or Facebook or in a forum. This meaning bears no relationship to the meaning originally attached to the term. It just reflects people borrowing a word and putting it to a new use.

Words are symbols that we freely and arbitrarily bestow meaning upon. No one can stop anyone from using a word in the way they wish. If that meaning gains currency over time, then vocabulary changes. If not, its use falls away.

Unfortunately many “avatars” today have in some way failed or fallen. If I were to give examples, I’d probably get myself in trouble with their devotees. The last sound and true avatars on this planet, to whom not a speck of dust clings, are, in my view, Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Sri Anandamoyima.


(1) Shivanath Shastri told Sri Ramakrishna: “Sir, one of my Christian friends has come to see you. Having heard of you from me, he was very eager to meet you.”

On hearing this Sri Ramakrishna bowed his head to the ground and said: “I bow again and again at the feet of Jesus Christ.”

Surprised at such utterance, Rev. Sannyal said: “How is it, sir, that you bow at the feet of Christ? What do you think of Him?”

Sri Ramakrishna: “Why, I look upon him as an Avatara.”

Rev. Sannyal: “Incarnation of God! Will you kindly explain what you mean by it? Is he one like Krishna and the others?”

Sri Ramakrishna: “Yes, exactly like that. An incarnation like our Rama and Krishna. Don’t you know there is a passage in the Bhagavata where it is said that the incarnations of Vishnu or the Supreme Being are innumerable?”

Rev. Sannyal: “Please explain further. I do not understand it quite.”

Sri Ramakrishna: “Just take the case of the ocean. It is a wide and almost infinite expanse of water. But owing to special causes, in special parts of this wide sea, the water becomes congealed into ice. When reduced to ice it can be easily manipulated and applied to special uses. An incarnation is something like that. Like that infinite expanse of water, there is the Infinite Power, immanent in matter and mind, but for some special purposes, in special regions, a portion of that Infinite Power, as it were, assumes a tangible shape in history, that is what you call a great man. But he is, properly speaking, a local manifestation of the all-pervading Divine Power; in other words, an incarnation of God. The greatness of great men is essentially the manifestation of Divine Energy.” (Paramahansa Ramakrishna in Swami Prabhavananda, First Meetings with Sri Ramakrishna. Madras: Sri Ramakrishna Math, 1987, 106-7.)

(2) “Transcript of An Hour with an Angel, with Jesus, Jan. 9, 2012,” at…

(3) Swami Nikhilananda, “Introduction” to Shankara’s Self-Knowledge. Madras, 1967, 65.

(4) Ibid., 67.


STEVE BECKOW – Profound Inner Peace, Ineffable Bliss – The Shift is Now in Progress! – 10-10-15

Wild SCENE, People, Creatures, Mansions -- Pablo A


Steve Beckow

Alexander del Sol experienced Ascension in 2013 and wrote in with this account of his experience.


Alexander del Sol, “Profound Inner Peace, Ineffable Bliss — The Shift is NOW in Progress!” On the Cusp of the Wave, March 26, 2013, at

(IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Process that we have been going through is universal for ALL people on Earth at this time.  The Paradigm Shift is planet-wide — if not even greater in scope.

However, each sovereign individual human BE-ing is having a unique experience of this Shift, based on both their specific circumstances in life, and the particular perspective and attitude which they choose to adopt in any and every given moment, and at what point in The Process they find themselves of course.

Self-comparisons and ‘rankings’ and such are simply . . . . . perpetuating the Illusion, to put it nicely.  Please just let it go.  ALL of it.  Now.  Choose Unity Through Variety instead, Humanity as a stunning mosaic of oft-bewildering, but always fascinating, manifestations of be-ing and do-ing here.  Thank you!)

Over the past week or so, I have been experiencing, and maintaining, the deepest and most relaxing Inner Peace of my life.  I have also been experiencing frequent bouts of ineffable, pure states of Bliss, even feeling waves of ecstatic chills running up and down and throughout my body.  And this has had NO ‘external’ cause, is happening at NO particular time of day, has had no connection whatsoever to my immediate circumstances or situation.  None.  It is spontaneous, magnificent, and utterly overwhelming!

The Paradigm Shift, the beginning of the Golden Age of Gaia, the Earth Changes – whatever you’d like to label it as – is INDEED in progress, actually in its latter stages of completion . . . . . for those who choose to experience it, of course.  And I personally have definitely chosen — over and over again — to DO just that, and enthusiastically so!!!  The following excerpt from a new blog article posted the other day (seen here) resonated deeply with me regarding both my own recent feelings, personal contacts with the ‘Ocean of Source’, and the NOW manifesting global paradigm shift:

‘The Feeling of Being, the sheer Presence of I AM, the Sacred Chamber of the Heart, is now a tangible Reality, implanted in the collective consciousness of mankind. . . . . It is the Ocean of the Source Which we all share and which is inherently uniting us as inseparable Oneness and Radiant Love. Such Is the Origin from which each One of Us came, and our remembrance of It is dawning now in the One Body of mankind.’

I truly hope that you all join me in embracing and celebrating the wonderful, fantastic New Earth that we are co-creating together – fully aware of its rapid emergence or not – and share in this indescribable Peace and Bliss that I AM now partaking in most of my waking hours.  BE well, and again please consider striving to adopt the following suggestion as your guiding mantra for and in and through our collective grand and radiant future:

‘. . . . (Let’s) ride like waves upon the Infinite Stillness of our Being-ness, arising and dissolving in That Ocean as a dance of light and energy, our new and ascended body-mind a sacred vessel for the force of creation.’

Alexander RA-Sol, aka Waverider

KRYON: The Cosmic Cook – by Steve Beckow – 10-8-15


Kryon, “The Cosmic Cook,” July 26, 2015

Kryon’s message is wonderful for those who are tired of waiting.

This live channelling was given in Woodridge, Illinois

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Woodridge.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Dear Human Being, you are not in our dimensionality and we recognize that. You cannot see us as we see you. There seems to be a test at hand, and you are aware of it. However, it’s not a test of the Human Being, but rather it’s a test of energy. How far will you go with the divine energy you are discovering in yourself? How far will you stretch out your hand to meet the hand of the Creator inside you? You are a piece of the benevolent creation of the earth, disguised as a Human Being in corporeal form, unaware of your creative seeds, of even how you got here. That’s who you are. In your linear form, however, you continue to ask all of the common linear questions: “How do I do this or that? How many times should I do it? How often? What duration?”

These are all wonderful questions you ask – if we were linear. But we’re not. Many of you are confused on what to do next and how to do it. You are also always asking about the timing involved. It’s no wonder you are asking these linear questions, because it shows you are aware of your spiritual path. It’s honored! But again we say, even if you are asking in a linear, intellectual way, we are only able to answer in an intuitive, conceptual way. However, since you only hear in a linear way, you’re not going to understand it all, since you’re antenna of understanding is linear.

You’re waiting for the 3D list of what to do, or you’re waiting for a linear, practical answer to a practical question. But what we give you will be concepts to help steer you into things that are even beyond what you’re asking for. We are also constantly giving you the concepts of love, even when you are asking a “how much, how long” question. I want you to relax – all of you – into the arms of God right now.

Isolation from Spirit

Spiritual organized belief on this planet is in a very old, survival energy. It places the soul in an isolated status, in a linear Human box. Your spiritual systems do not see your soul as a part of God at all. It is somehow suspended in a place where it’s going to survive or not survive. If you don’t do the correct linear Human thing, your eternal soul is going to be punished or rewarded accordingly. Dear ones, does this information sound like the Creator, or does that sound like something that men created for you? I want you to get rid of the concept that your soul is somehow in the dark and linked to Human action. Your soul is part of you and me. We are allied; we are the same throughout all history, and there’s a new energy on the planet that literally is shouting to you through a transmitter that you’re not quite tuned into yet. I want you to relax and feel the love of this large paradigm shift. It’s so important for you to understand how integrated we are with you!

There is so much misunderstanding about the real relationship between Humans and God. When you meditate, know that we’ve been with you all day. You understand that, don’t you? We are aware of your life and all your circumstances. Your existence and your soul are all totally known by God!

I want you to approach things more gently and with more patience and understanding. Perhaps you might say this: “Dear Spirit, I don’t understand what’s happening and I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do next. I’m a little confused. What should I do?” What do you expect we’re going to tell you? “Take four steps, turn left, and breathe deeply five times?” [Kryon laugh] It’s not going to be that way. Our answers come from synchronicity, change and concepts for you.

“Kryon, what is the timing of my situation?” The answer to this question is always the same. Be patient while synchronicity unfolds. But this is not a linear answer and many are frustrated by this. After all, this answer is not on any calendar or clock. Dear ones, it’s time to more fully understand synchronicity.

The Metaphor of the Cook

I present a new metaphor: We’re going to cook a meal. Now, this makes my partner very nervous, since he has no idea about cooking. Just relax. [speaking to Lee]

Cooking a fine meal on this planet is an art. You enjoy food and the best cooks are the ones who start early and prepare and prepare and prepare. In a professional kitchen, there are multiple cooks, but in this metaphor, there is only one.

Perhaps you have cooked for a large family, and now you wish to prepare a meal that is exotic, perhaps a little different from any kind of existing recipe. Perhaps you’re the kind of cook who makes up your own recipe and uses your cook’s intuition? Whatever the case, you often start by assembling the ingredients in preparation. Some of you will actually put these ingredients in containers, getting ready to compile them into that which is going to be cooked at the right time. At first, you don’t mix them together. Instead, you may have a bowl of lettuce, a bowl of rice and perhaps some vegetables. Then there are the sauces and the au jus, which will be what the meal will be cooked in, and actually added later again.

There are some ingredients that are going to be placed on the main meal as it is cooked at a lower temperature, then removed as the temperature is increased. These may be put aside and then cooked finally later, as the main finishes. Then there are the seasonings – before, during and after cooking. You will be putting them in various containers and bowls as well. As a great cook, you might even mix seasonings beforehand.

You may even be preparing the night before, because there have to be certain parts of the meal that need to be soaked or marinated in certain ways, perhaps even pre-cooked, in order for them to be timed correctly to the final fruition of the meal. It will eventually come together in its beauty and elegance. The aroma will be lovely, ready for consumption with a beautiful taste. When combined with certain kinds of sauces and certain kinds of beverages, it’s a feast that is filled with love and great appreciation. Congratulations! For, as a cook, you really know what you’re doing.

The Kitchen Comes Alive

Now I’m going to alter the metaphor, so stand by. Our metaphoric story continues and the reality paradigm of your kitchen has just shifted. Every ingredient in every bowl now has a unique consciousness. Every single ingredient in every single bowl also has no idea what you are doing – none. The ingredients also don’t have any idea about the final meal. They are just ingredients sitting there, but because they now have consciousness, they also may now have an attitude! Well, not necessarily an attitude that is negative, but certainly one that is inquisitive.

You are the cook and you are the creator of the meal. As the cook, you have placed ingredients around you in bowls and sealed containers, getting them ready. Let’s say one is the lettuce, for instance. It may even be one of first ingredients to be prepared, for it has to be chilled. It might even have been sealed and put in the refrigerator 24 hours before the meal is served! But it is there all alone, being chilled in the refrigerator – and it’s suddenly complaining! “Why am I in the refrigerator? Look, I couldn’t help but notice there are some other things going on. I’m all alone. What’s happening? Why am I here in this refrigerator and how long will it be before I meet the vegetables? This is not acceptable.”

Now, the vegetables are mad because they also expected something to happen by now (vegetables are often that way). They are waiting and waiting, but the cook is over preparing something else – the sauce. The sauce has no idea about anything (sauce is like that). It’s just happy to be here, no matter what. It doesn’t know why it’s being whipped up or what’s coming. It’s used to whatever happens, but it’s aware of a strange seasoning that is being mixed with it. It’s a bit anxious (there is nothing worse than anxious sauce).

Dear ones, in this metaphor, Spirit is cooking a meal with you for your life, but it’s always going to be cooked with others. The metaphor is this: What ingredient bowl or container are you in? How are you being prepared? How long will it be until the other ingredients come together with you in a certain way, in order for the final meal to be cooked? Are you all right with the fact that there may be some preparation? You may come together with some other bowls now, but still there is no completion and things are stalled. How long will it take? Sometimes the bowls are combined, only to sit there some more!

All this planning with others depends upon synchronicity. It must be coordinated, too. When certain bowls of ingredients meet each other and are ready, they are now prepared. But then the mixture may have to be preserved over time. So if you are the lettuce and say, “Dear Spirit, I’ve been waiting! How long is it going to take? What should I do? Are you there?” The real answer is, “Chill out, lettuce!”


That’s often when you get religious and frustrated and say, “Lettuce pray.”

[Lee’s joke, not Kryon’s] [More laughter]

The ingredients of this wonderful meal are being gathered and prepared beautifully and with elegance. They are participating in the timing of a master chef. But each ingredient is totally unaware of how it’s coming together or if it’s happening at all. You’re impatient, aren’t you? As ingredients, you wish to know when, where and how long. The cook knows because the cook looks over all the ingredients and knows the plan. When it comes together, dear ones, it happens unexpectedly and all at once. But even then, there is more action, for again there are certain ingredients that must be added even in mid-cooking, even at the table!

How are you doing with this? Are you involved in the pre-preparation or later, during the heat? Perhaps you are the salt that comes last? You don’t know, do you? And that’s the point. How much trust do you have in the cook? It boils down, no pun intended, to you trusting that which is the Creator, the master chef, for the meal that is being cooked is the final solution that you have asked for. Where you’re going with this, no matter what it is, will always involve others. Even if you are asking for a personal healing, it will involve those around you. It’s a meal that is being prepared with many ingredients. Do you understand that for you to have an answer, other Human Beings are going to be involved? Do you understand that they have free choice?

So now, let’s make this meal even more complicated! Every single ingredient not only has an attitude, but they now have free choice! They can say no. Imagine what the cook faces at this point in cooking. The vegetables are backing out! You’re going to have to get new vegetables. Now, that’s going to delay the meal just a little bit. New vegetables come forward, and they are then prepared. Wow! They are even better veggies! So all the other ingredients must wait just a little longer, but they don’t know why. Now the lettuce is more frustrated than ever, sealed and waiting in the chilling darkness. But the meal is always in process for, you see, the cook is very patient.

Elegant it is, the system. Beautiful it is, and misunderstood by almost all of you! You want the meal to be finished now! I know you understand this metaphor. So, where are you in the scenario? How long has the meal been in progress? Is there an ending in sight? Are you impatient yet? Do you want the finality now? Did it take a seeming detour? Can you taste it, yet it’s not yet here?

The cook knows your name, dear ones. The cook loves you, dear ones, and everything that we have told you is benevolent for you. What if you are, indeed, the lettuce and you have been waiting for so long! You’ve been chilled and perhaps even chopped. Then you came out, but something happened, and you were back to chilling again! Then suddenly, the cook finds that the ingredients really have come together in an unexpected way, and the meal suddenly changes direction. It’s going to be something else! “Back in the refrigerator for you, lettuce!”

What finally takes place is something you could never have projected in a linear way. Against all odds, the outcome may take a different direction – perhaps even better than the originally planned meal, because new ingredients came forward that made it more complete. You see, the cook sees all the ingredients, all the time. You only see one – you.  Nothing is too complex for the cook.

How about it? Are you willing to understand synchronicity? Seeing how it all works requires patience and faith in the cook. We have asked for this before, even in things that would seem immediate, like healing. Sometimes processes on the planet that require answers right away are simply part of a greater picture. Sometimes you won’t understand why the vegetables would back out, or even why death would seem to triumph. The final meal is a bigger one than you can imagine, dear ones. But through all of it, we want you to know that we have never disengaged from you – never ever. You see, we know your name. You are our family. Could it be any clearer that our hand is stretched to you. The meal is a good one. Trust the cook. Patience!

And so it is.


Steve Beckow – The Shortest Path to Ascension – Just Love – 10-6-15

Sacred unions 55Steve Beckow

I’ve ascended a third time.

I’m going to try to describe the space as best I can.

I’m listening to Andrea Boccelli, Sarah Brightman, and others on my iPhone.

Music uplifts me now. Vivo Per Lei carries me upward.  Time to Say Goodbye wafts me away.

And where am I wafted to? Nowhere. Right here. My consciousness expands, but I remain exactly where I am.

This is not simply an expansion of awareness, but one of feelings, thoughts, inspiration as well, the messages of all the faculties. It’s definitely a flowering of all faculties.  Not a full blossoming, but an unmistakeable stirring.

At times it’s like walking around drunk – unable to navigate.  At other times, it’s like walking around stoned – fully present. At other times it’s like Broadway – wanting to step out and really rock.

I’m awash in bliss when I think of my loved one.  Everything, all activity, grinds to a halt. I lose track of everything I intended to do and I couldn’t do it anyways at a time like this.

I’m just awash in bliss.

Hard to work. Hard to concentrate. Not wanting to be pulled away from this wonderful space.

Still dualistic but a walk in paradise.

The shortest path to ascension? Love someone. Anyone. Just love.

Steve Beckow – Second Trip through the Portal – 10-4-15

Higher consciousness


Steve Beckow


I ascended again yesterday. It happened at exactly the same stretch of road I was walking a few days earlier when the first experience of Ascension happened.

And, like the first time, I was enroute to a meeting when it occurred.

Again it wasn’t like a voyage to a sublime plane of existence. It was an ever-deepening expansion of consciousness. We’ve seen movies of people who shrink. Well, this was an experience of expanding, expanding, expanding.

This experience was deeper than the first. Given that I was having lunch with a lightworker, I could do things like allow her to look into my eyes while I let myself sink as deeply as possible into my experience. And, when I did, I went down, down, down, down.

I was so drunk on the energies by the time lunch was over, I could hardly stand and didn’t know how I was going to get home. I’d planned to go to the supermarket, bank, etc., and had to abandon those ideas. I could not manage anything else but head back to my apartment, only to find that Nicole also was immersed in a similar experience.

Neither of us could call for hours because our experiences continued and required us both to be off alone for the duration.

I remained in almost a stupor of bliss for another hour or two, and then felt myself strong enough to rejoin society, so to speak.

Bliss was the overwhelming characteristic of this experience. But being in that space also promoted tolerance, compassion, flexibility, and other divine qualities.

At one point, I heard myself say: OK, you’re ascended. Now what? The “now what” of Ascension is to carry on but do it better, cleaner, more expansively.

We didn’t agree before we were born to ascend and then leave the job. We agreed to ascend and really get to work.

And what is that work in regard to Ascension?

It’d be what it’s always been: to help to ascend those who have not yet ascended.

Isn’t that what every sage and saint has ever done? Don’t the ascended always turn around and help the unascended?

In our case it’d be helping the members of our soul group and anyone else we can reach. To my way of thinking, souls groups ascend and form the fabric of the whole. That’s how the whole ascends.

Beyond Ascension is building Nova Earth. Our Ascension equips us to do that job by giving us the needed strength, vision, and compassion – what I call “the juice.”

The day after this second experience, I’m left feeling substantial and stable.  A conversation of deep truth-telling will probably bring me back to the space of bliss fairly easily.

Steve Beckow – The Shift within a Shift – 9-27-15

sacred union 44Steve Beckow

The shift in consciousness that the peak energies of Sept. 27-28 facilitate will see, I think, many changes occur on the planet. I can certainly see the changes that are happening in me.

I sincerely hope that they’ll facilitate what I regard as the most important change for this planet: the balancing of the female and male energies or the balancing within and without of the divine feminine and divine masculine.

The bedrock, the sine qua non or indispensable part of this shift within a shift is the ending of all forms of gender inequality and gender persecution on the planet.

The vibrational upgrade this X-wave, Event or Ascension energy brings may be what’s needed to begin a pan-human response to this form of suffering.

That responsive movement eventually must and will encircle the globe, to end what I consider the most pernicious of hierarchical patterns: the presumptuous pattern of male superiority.

That pattern must and will end everywhere on the planet – down to the smallest village in South Asia whose panchayat sentences a woman to be judicially raped (do those two words ever belong together?) to the most isolated town that sentences a woman to death by stoning for alleged adultery.


Closer to home, the glass ceiling, the undervaluing of women’s labor, the lack of aid to single mothers, and all other forms of institutional inequality as well as all forms of violence against women – domestic violence, abuse, rape, sexual harrassment, etc. – must and will end as well.

One of the most powerful tools that we have is to give a voice to those who’ve been abused and allow them to tell their story and be heard.  It then takes incredible courage for the victims of abuse to come forward and actually share how it has been for them.

Over the past three years, I’ve heard stories of incredible abuse. I don’t know how people survived with their personalities intact after the horrors visited upon them. And I’ve heard stories of victims meeting their abusers with only love. You know that I met my father’s physical abuse with only hatred, so I cannot claim the stuffing it must take to meet abuse with love. I wish I had it.

I’m committed to seeing the end of gender violence, gender inequality, and gender persecution on this planet by Jan. 1, 2018.  (1)  I say that on my own say-so as a sovereign citizen of planet Earth.

I’m in the planning stages of organizing a charitable foundation which I’ll be calling the Michaelangelo Fund to distribute resources to women’s groups around the world to work on all aspects of ending gender inequality and gender persecution.

No, I’m not asking for funds. I’ve been told that we’ll have plenty. I’d recommend that you send your donations to the Hope Chest instead, for the relief of lightworkers.

But I do ask for your alignment. If you search your own character and find any traces of gender inequality or gender disrespect, please let that go now. Begin to sensitize yourself to how the message of gender inequality and violence is spread.

Begin to notice the “Beauty Trap” that we have women in. Notice how, whenever a woman is described, it’s mandatory to use the word “beautiful.” Start to see how we box women in, what tools we use to do that, and how we excuse ourselves for doing it.Womens Rights 32

See how we allot to women the role of being what one sociologist called the cynosure of gaze, (2) the “thing” of beauty, causing women to dress up, be abnormally concerned with appearance, etc., all to “make it” in society.

Then see how we turn around and reserve for women the menial tasks in life.

What does all this serve? And whom does it serve? Those are questions, I think, that need to be answered, without emotion and with accuracy and detail.

None of us like to be confined by roles. But women have been confined to roles that have excluded them from full (and sometimes any) participation in society and that circumstance now needs to end.

It can only end if we approach it from love. Anything else will leave residue and simply prolong the ordeal – for men and women. Love is the beginning and end of everything – social activism, relationships, building Nova Earth. It’s the origin and destination, the alpha and omega of life in its entirety.

No matter what dimension you find yourself in, it’s love that you can come back to to orient yourself and acclimatize. Love is beyond all dimensions.

We need to come together as lightworkers and as a planet in love and gratitude to pledge our commitment that we ourselves will no longer contribute to gender inequality and persecution and that we hold the space for them to end throughout the world. This needs to become a planet of equality, kindness, and respect again, as it was in the beginning.

Steve Beckow – How Unconditional Love Heals and Increases Vibrational Frequency – 9-25-15

Arcturians - Layers of Reality

Steve Beckow

I asked the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie back in 2013 to explain to me why so many spiritual masters land up in bed with their students.

The discussion that ensued went far past the limits of that question and centered on how universal love works to lift us out of lower dimensionality. 

As the vibrations continue to increase this month, this discussion seemed particularly relevant to post.

SB       All right, could we go back to that?  I wonder why so many teachers or beings have become enlightened, at least to seventh chakra level, what we call Brahmajnana [seventh-chakra enlightenment], and yet have behaved so poorly, especially in the area of sexuality.  But with money as well.

I thought to myself that our vasanas [archaic negative energy patterns derived from earlier traumatic incidents] survive and survive until 5th dimensional reality and Sahaja Samadhi. Even if that explanation is correct, which I hope you will comment on, it still doesn’t help.  How can I avoid perpetrating or misbehaving if enlightenment itself does not remove those vasanas?

A        As long as you are wearing a physical form there will be certain neuropathways that will become activated.  And certain lower emotions, sensations and desires that will move into your consciousness. That is the great challenge. …

SB       But the question remains: what to do about that?  Could you advise me on that please?

A        The challenge is really one of unconditional love.  And in order to give unconditional love to the beings and the planet that you have come to serve, you have to give unconditional love to yourself.  And in order to give unconditional love to yourself, you will have to do, feel, think or be something that it is difficult to love unconditionally.  Are you with us? …

Unconditional love means that you love a being’s darkness as much as you love their Light.  You love their confusion as much as you love their illumination.  And in order to give unconditional love away, you must have it within your consciousness.  You must hold it for yourself.  However, unconditional love does not even adhere to the frequency of an earth vessel, does it?

Therefore, the earth vessel needs to be allowed to do what it does.  And what the earth vessel does is it expresses its polarity.  And as the frequency emanation within that earth vessel expands the frequency of the earth vessel into a resonance that is immensely uncomfortable but only on the edge of transmutation, for it is not yet your time to leave.

Therefore you will come to the point of transmutation into Light Body and you will stop because it is not your time. You have not yet fulfilled that which you came to do.  You understand that, do you not?

Therefore you have put your physical body into quite a spin.  For within the physical world, what goes up comes down.  Does it not?  And so when you go down you are going to go down into your own darkness, are you not?  And when you go into your darkness, you have the wonderful opportunity to unconditionally love yourself.

And when you unconditionally love yourself, then you can unconditionally love everyone.

SB       Can you help me understand why, given what you just said, these enlightened masters go off into behavior that’s not acceptable publicly?

A        They do not remember to love themselves unconditionally.  And the unconditional love is the healing force of the multiverse.  When you love yourself unconditionally, the molecules of unconditional love, which are the highest frequency of Light, move into the psychic scar tissue of your lower fourth-dimensional areas that are holding the scar of being stretched beyond that which it can contain.

And that scar becomes presented into the third-dimensional world as a behavior, as a thought, as an action, and as you know from one who has experienced the glory of the kundalini, (1) the energy is very sexual, is it not?

One, who has felt the full flow of kundalini, so that the alpha and omega can blur into the oneness, (2) can fall down and not be able to use this beautiful opportunity to practice unconditional love.

The unconditional love will move into the scar tissue of the aura, into the scar tissue of the etheric body, into the scar tissue of the chakras, into the scar tissue of the habitual habits of behavior.  And it will replace those third-dimensional wounds with as high a frequency of Light as that body can tolerate.  For unconditional love is the bonding force.

It can take the scar and close the wound and this must happen many times for the physical body is very dense and of a very, very low frequency.  Therefore there has to be an ongoing repetitive process of moving up and falling down, and unconditionally loving, and healing the part that was wounded.  And so that with each repetition of the unconditional loving of the healing the body gradually adapts to higher and higher frequencies of Light.

In the same manner, you are also downloading the higher frequencies of light.  And the higher frequencies of light as you know are activating the DNA that was shut off from the Annanuki and that was shut off after Atlantis, for we realized that that much power would be very dangerous in the frequency to which your Gaia had fallen.

And so that ability had to be lost and now it is being regained by us that have taken the form and because we are able to detach from the form, because we are able to feel the bliss on the other end of the spectrum, we have the power to go through this immensely painful process of wounding, healing, wounding, healing, wounding, healing, adapting, adapting, falling, forgiving, falling, forgiving, falling, forgiving.

In fact the wounding is not the greatest challenge for our grounded ones.  The greatest challenge is the forgiving. The forgiving of the behavior.

But you see in forgiving of the behavior of the body that you are wearing – does that not teach the one who is wearing that body to release any remnants of arrogance that might have adhered to the higher state of consciousness?

SB.     This process of forgiving, wounding, forgiving, and wounding – I’ve been through that in enlightenment intensives.  In fact going to enlightenment intensive is a voluntary acceptance of that process.  I know what you are speaking about there.  I have said in the past that it is bliss that heals the scars rather than love.  Am I incorrect in that?

A        Unconditional love and bliss are absolutely the same.  Unconditional love is the mental condition of the matrices that arise from the frequencies of unconditional love.  Bliss and euphoria is the sensation of the clairsentience that fills the matrix to create.  They are the same. There is no difference.

It is only within third-dimensional thinking that thoughts and emotions are separate. Thoughts and emotions are not separate.  Thoughts and emotions are the same. Thoughts and emotions are creativity in motion.  The thought is the matrix; the emotion is that which fills the matrix.  But they are one.  With the thought of believing that you and all of our brave ones who have entered a form at this time believing and knowing with every shred of your consciousness that you are Arcturian, you have just released the greatest trap of the third dimension – and that is the trap of forgetfulness.

It is the forgetfulness that traps those that have achieved great states of consciousness for they forget that they are not their body. They forget that they are wearing their body and then they begin to think that they are their body.  And then they start listening to the primal urges of their body – the guilt, the fear, the anger and of course the most primitive and the most basic is the urge for procreation, sexuality. (3)