STEVE BECKOW – The People of Earth Welcome the People of the Stars – 12-5-15

 Man and UFO


Welcome to Our Star Brothers and Sisters

The skies above the Earth look like a parking lot these days. Extraterrestrials – or as we (1) prefer to call them, galactics – are all over the place.

Sometimes you need to look carefully, as in the case of lenticular clouds. But most often they make themselves pretty visible.

They could as easily hide from view, but they don’t choose to.

Why not? Because they want to “meet” us. I say “meet” because they’ve met us. It’s we that haven’t met them.

They’ve been here protecting us from our own ill-advised actions that have threatened the existence of the Earth.

One threat to the Earth was depleted uranium. We released enough DU from weaponry in several wars to have finished this planet off. Period. Full stop.

One has only to enter “depleted uranium” in this site’s search box to find out about the omnicidal threat, the threat to all life on Earth, that DU is.  The galactics removed the depleted uranium from the atmosphere. Planet saved. (2)

Let’s take that investigation further. The apparent desire of the American secret government was to start a nuclear World War III.

Lenticular 1

They wanted to live out their nuclear war in deep, underground military bunkers. When that war was over, they planned to return to the surface and start again with a much reduced human population to be enslaved to do their bidding.

But the galactics first removed all personnel and then imploded their bunkers in 2011, ending their plans.

Death by nuclear warfare was not in the Divine Plan, or in the cards.

Later they quarantined us to prevent us from spreading nuclear warfare to space.

Sound far fetched? You don’t have to believe me. Just ask yourself. Have you heard of a nuclear bomb being exploded on the surface of the Earth or in space recently? Yes, you’ve heard a lot of reports of them. But those have mostly been been faked.

You’ve seen a few missiles launched and some you didn’t see. (3) But none of them have exploded.

In reality then no nuclear bomb has been exploded in hostile intent since the small nukes of Sept. 11, 2001 were exploded.

Sept. 11, 2001? 9/11?  You don’t know it was an inside job?  Hmmmm…. Don’t know what to say.

* * *

If you do know that 9/11 was an inside job, then it may not be a stretch for you to hear that the galactic forces that have guarded us since that day (actually since the end of the Second World War) (4) will neither allow a nuclear bomb to be exploded on Earth nor tolerate World War III nor permit another false-flag operation as extensive and harmful as 9/11 was.

(Paris was not a false flag on the scale of 9/11, in my view. The death figures for 9/11 have been greatly under-reported – 50,000 NYC dead or more is, I think, more probable than 3,000.)

We can continue to follow the trail of our own mayhem and folly. But each time it’s been the galactics who cleaned up after us – after our oil spills and nuclear power plant explosions. It was the galactics who neutralized manmade, Fort-Detrick pandemic virusues released on the population, from AIDS to Ebola, SARS to swine flu. This again was designed to reduce the population to a more manageable 500 million.

It was they who neutralized the toxic pandemic vaccines that were visited on an unsuspecting public and were as infectious as the viruses.

It was they who took out the chief weapons of weather warfare, like HAARP and other weather-control devices.

It was they who neutralized the poisonous chemtrails.

They’re obliged to respect our freewill choices to take each other apart.  Unlike us, they understand and respect the universal laws, like the laws of freewill, karma, and attraction.

So I welcome our star family of ascended brothers and sisters.  There are no dark forces among them or anywhere else in our vicinity. As I see it, we on Earth are safe and protected better than we might imagine.

(Concluded tomorrow.)


(1) Lightworkers.

(2) Unfortunately the hideous damage and disfigurement to people that have resulted from the ingestion of DU continues. My assumption is that these injuries will be addressed by the galactics’ new healing technologies after Disclosure.

(3) On June 20, 2008 a Minuteman nuclear missile was launched from Boseman, Montana, after the Russians showed they could shoot and actually shot down a TR3-B Aurora spacecraft. A second apparent TR3-B took out the Minuteman. The incident nearly started World War III.  Galactic or terrestrial, the incident exposed the existence of the American secret space fleet to non-military eyes.  See “June 20, 2008: The Day the Earth Stood Still” at

(4) Or countless millennia ago, depending on the power of magnification. The galactics have been watching over the planet since the beginning, but they also cannot interfere with our free will, which has resulted in a common state of warfare on the planet throughout the historical record.




The People of Earth Welcome the People of the Stars – Part 2



Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth

More than safe, the Earth is blessed by the galactic presence.

For those who enjoy gifts, they bring gifts of healing, longevity, and replication. Imagine having the thought of something and it’s instantly there. These are the technologies we’ll soon be routinely enjoying.

They also come to introduce us to new ways of transportation, communication, and peace.

They come to teach us about universal love, to help us create a world that works.

They beam and anchor Light for our planetary shift in consciousness. The next dimension, in the progression of our consciousness, will be one of universal love and harmony, peace and abundance.  The world will naturally – and effortlessly – work in such an environment.

It’s a humbling thought for us to think how primitive and misguided we might appear to them, if they judged us as we judge others. But they don’t judge. Their ways are not our ways. They’re higher.

They’re human like us. They’re in fact our forebears. They populated this planet. The humans here are originally from the Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius and the other star systems.  So we’re welcoming back the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, our Ancestors – if that’s your perspective. It certainly does reflect the relationship.

We have no enemies in outer space at this time. The galactic presence ensures it. There were cattle mutilations, but they were mainly done by the secret government to make us feel afraid. The greys are gone. The time at which anyone could interfere with the consciousness shift we’re already in as a planet is now gone … forever.

There’s no downside to the arrival of our star family. I say that on my own recognizance as a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth. This is my declaration to the world.

* * *

What’s unfolding before our eyes is part of the greatest show on Earth. Never mind Moses and the Ten Commandments (forgive me, Moses). Never mind the greatest battles ever fought. Never mind Gandhi’s, Mother Teresa’s, or the Dalai Lama’s contributions to humanity.

What’s happening now on planet Earth, thanks in large measure to the galactics, is a stunning and amazing shift in consciousness available to the whole world, which you can feel.  I can certainly feel it.

None of the contrived, false-flag events that the secret government is perpetrating on us at this time can stem the tide of elevating consciousness and transformative love that’s sweeping our planet now. It is the hope of the Earth and it’s unstoppable.

We’re heading towards the greatest celebration this planet has ever had, a welcoming of family from afar and a recognition of our collective freedom and peace, abundance and harmony.

So let’s forgive ourselves for our mistaken impression that they were here to eat us, vaporize us, or whatever. We were wrong. Let’s change tack now.

There’s so much we don’t know about our star family, that they’re just waiting to tell us, if we invite them.

* * *

What we’re accomplishing now has never been done before. The eyes of everyone in the universe interested in mass shifts in consciousness are upon us.

I cast my vote for getting involved in this scenario to the greatest extent I can. Never will more dreams come true than through the Divine Plan that this higher-dimensional scenario reflects and represents.

Tremendous reconstruction is taking place around us, in great measure effected by the galactics.  They want us to join them. I for one want to be involved.

ECETI, James Gilliland – Star Visitors Sanctuary on Hawaii – As You Wish Talk Radio – 6-28-14


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Listen in to James Gilliland’s own radio show.

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Steve Beckow – Still More Meetings with Remarkable Galactics – 2-25-14

Alleged depiction of Cdr. Hatonn

Cdr. Hatonn of the Galactic Federation

Your stories of actual or possible contact continue to flow in. Here are more accounts. First a clarification from Anne on her previous post.


Allow me to clarify my previous post. Where I spoke of my “conversation” with my guides, I feel I was not specific enough about what the message was that they had for me.

They appeared as a group, although not in form, but rather as a “feeling.” I was seated on my back porch, albeit, winter and cold and snowy, I feel compelled to be on Gaia as much as possible, it is my calling.

The first words they spoke were” RELAX YOUR TONGUE’ relax your tongue (I have a loose tooth, and at this moment in time am unable to see a dentist, awaiting the reval to do so) and as we all do with a tooth problem we worry it with our tongue.

I immediately stopped my tongue movement. They told me a tongue is used to speak, eat, or drink. They said I would ” grow new teeth” and not to bother myself with the loose tooth, I still needed it.

They then said, not to be so concerned with world peace, it was already here!!. World peace has been my plea for a very long time. Then they asked how I could see myself embracing the entire collective in my green heart of pure Love, when I am not able to embrace that same feeling with my husband. That was a real wake up call!!!

Then they told me ” not to be concerned about the global reset of currencies, when AAMichael already said it was to come to pass “within the Sources Plan” Just let it go Anne, they said, and move on along your journey, with BELIEF in the One and the Mother.

Thank you for allowing me to be more specific, for I feel I may have left my first post with the impression that our guides are not caring, nurturing and LOVING us along the way, as they have been from the beginning of our journey a millenium ago.

In Love and Light and Service to The ONE,


I believe I met a galactic being at a birthday party for a friends father one summer day 6-7 years ago. He was never with this group of people before and I had a brief encounter with him that I found very strange.

He was somewhat short and slim with oddly colored yellowish blonde hair and very pale skin and was wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt as if he was from the 1950′s. He was of average looks but had a very bright smile. We were introduced and when he spoke to me everything around me seemed to disappear.

I don’t remember what he said but I had the impression he was speaking in riddles. I do remember that he asked me if I ever saw anyone like him before but oddly enough I don’t know what my reply was. Shortly after he left and I immediately thought I had an encounter with an alien being. I had no fear whatsoever and have not seen him with these people since.

Thank you for letting me share this story.


Dear Steve,

A couple of weeks ago I had a very vivid part of my dream where I met some galactics. I have been reading other peoples’ experiences through your site, thinking ‘I wish I could meet some’ – then I remembered :) I told my friend at the time (who was silent).

I was on a train and it suddenly diverted into a dark tunnel and travelled a bit further, and I remember thinking and feeling that I was being taken somewhere off the expected route. This was one of those dreams where I was more or less awake, and quite calm.

After a minute or two of letting the train take me through this dark tunnel, I turned to notice a group of silent, but very thoughtful, people standing to my right. One guy was the ‘leader’, and he had both men and women around him – I think 7 in all, to either side and behind.

Their facial expression was dead blank, and did not speak. They looked mostly human, but had greyish skin and hair, and their hair was short and straight, thinnish, brushed straight down to the middle of their foreheads like Frankenstein and short around the ears and back. The top of their heads were kind of flattened, not rectangular, just like ours but flattened at the crown.

Their eyes were dark and their face was more or less like an Earth human, except devoid of expression. Their clothes were very plain and again, grey and white. I had the strong impression they were ‘feeling’ me – all their attention was on me, otherwise alone in the train carriage, they stood still and we just looked at each other.

But there was some kind of mental communication, and my feeling that I was not afraid was conveyed, and I told them telepathically ‘I know you are aliens’. They said they were taking me somewhere (I think they said that? I’m sorry I don’t recall – but they did communicate something to me. It was a group thought, coming through the lead male and his thought was more prominent).

The scene changed and we had entered a living room, where the group’s ‘leader’ was seated on a couch in front of a TV. I knew he was the group’s superior in some way. He had a female with him (who seemed a bit wary of me??). I walked up quite boldly with my hand out, saying ‘I’m not afraid’ and ‘Nice to meet you’ telepathically at the same time.

He was a bit taken aback at my boldness and even stepped back half a step. The dream changed from then – I don’t recall anything else, except I sat down with the group at a table and I think we talked a bit, but the atmosphere was like playing cards. (Sorry, but it was a couple of weeks back and this was the end of the awake part of my dream).

These people had quiet minds, deep intellects, not emotionally ‘labile’ as we on Earth, and they were interested in my emotional response to their presence. I knew in the dream they were galactics who had come to visit me in order to test my reaction, and I recall feeling pleased with myself that I was totally fearless and happy to ‘show myself’ if that makes sense. I felt glad I had made contact.

Thank you so much for everything you and the crew do for us,

Andrew from Sydney

In November of 2012, I was living in my home in Dewey, AZ and preparing for the December 2012 experience along with others in the Lightworker community. One night I was called to awaken from a deep sleep.

“SUSAN. SUSAN. WAKE UP,” the voice called out in my bedroom.

I wokw up and saw a hole in my ceiling to one side of my room that was approximately 2’ x 3’ large. Strips of paper, like ticker tape, were silently streaming through it. I got out of bed, walked to the spot and walked around and around it, examining the strips of paper that seemed to have strange calculations on them. I kept thinking, “What is this? What is this?”

After a few minutes I seemed to have the answer in my mind. “This represents the downloads taking place in the mass human consciousness at this time.”

Satisfied with the answer, the “vision” of the ticker tape went away but was replaced by ships coming and going out of the hole that I was told was actually a portal that had been opened for my benefit, in order that I could be a part of the “mission” of the Galactics in my conscious, waking mind.

Each night I would awaken and look at the portal to see ships of all sizes coming and leaving through the portal. I never “asked” to go on board because I knew, that at some level, I was already part of the crew.

Life changed over a year and a half and I had to give up my home and move. I felt sad about having to leave my home and the portal experiences. Before I moved I was awakened again by the sound of my name being spoken aloud. I woke up and saw a vision in a far corner of the room of the Earth, gleaming and beautiful, with millions of ships of all shapes and sizes moving toward her.

I was told that my experiences were mine and that even with my move, experiences would continue to find me, I was connected to and with them.


I have had a few dream experiences where I met galactics that have occurred over the last few years. In one I remember it being night time, seeing people outside holding candles, it being peaceful, and then I think I walked to a ship of galactics, went inside, shook their hands as I was introduced to them.

They looked just like us in that they were slender, had dark blue bodysuits on, the men had short brown hair, the one woman I saw to my left had light brown, blonde hair, put something in my left arm. One of the males asked me if I was scared and I said, “scared no, excited yes.”

Another dream I had I was face to face with what appeared to be the grey aliens but they were blue. I was a little scared because they don’t look like us. They sensed that and said, “It’s ok we are not going to hurt you.” They kept their word and then disappeared from view, which must prove that the negative ones aren’t allowed to be around Earth anymore.

In both of the above examples I was talking telepathically to them because I don’t recall ever seeing their mouths move.

I also had another dream where I was in a total white surrounding and having a conversation with a higher dimensional female. Maybe she was galactic. I don’t know but I remember saying to her very sincerely from the heart, “you are so beautiful” and then looking at her and she was higher dimensional because while I could see her face smiling very lovingly.

She appeared a very bright golden light and had like orange hair or something like that. I don’t remember much of the conversation except she said something to do that was good for my stomach. Obviously we must have been communicating telepathically since it was in a dream state, higher dimensional environment.

When I met the blue ones that otherwise looked like the greys I was in a dark, black environment and could really only see them. I felt at total peace when I was with the higher dimensional female in the total white environment.

Much love,


Hello, Golden Age of Gaia Team! I bow to You in appreciation of what You do for all the souls upon Earth. My name is Sandra and I live in Poland.

I’m a regular visitor to this website, it helps me to gain hope, strength and balance in my everyday life, so for all your good work and good hearts I thank you. This series of articles about meetings with our galactic friends encouraged me to tell you my story as well:) So here we go…

My hyper, turbo, fast awakening started around September 2011. I started my studies in England thinking that I finally have my life in my hands, when peculiar things started to happen.

The keyword for my process of awakening was “Global Awakening”.  I just spotted it somewhere on the internet but the feelings and sensations in my mind, in my heart and in my body were pushing me further and further to get to KNOW what is this all about.

I started to be like a sponge, just absorbing information, more and more, all I could find on every topic that caught my attention.

Extraordinary dreams about missions, and people and places I didn’t know and not long later, the sightings of ships and blinks in the skies. I knew it was them, because it was always a specific situation that they would appear. For example, when I was going through the doors and something ‘clicked’ in my head to look up.

And when I did, just in this moment there was a bright light which disappeared a second later, or a blink and they are gone and just a trail of them going warp speed left for another 2 seconds. It was happening daily for many months.

But there are two situations that were serious and I remember them very well. The first person-to-person meeting happened around November 2011. That’s when i met the ‘bad guys’. Yes, I first met the black hats before the white hats. ;) and it went like this:

I went to bed around 11pm. Fell asleep really fast. I woke up suddenly. I didn’t know what time it was. I felt like I was out of time, but ,just when I regained my consiousness, I noticed that I’m not in my bed, but hovering above the floor! (in a standing position – watching my feet).

That surprised me, but I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t able to move my body, felt like I was paralysed, except my head so I decided to look around.

When I turned my head left I saw a big Reptilian Guy (he was really big and tall. I still ponder HOW he fit into my tiny room.  🙂  He was looking at me intensely.

His eyes were yellowish-red. Then I decided to turn my head right, towards the window, and right in the window there was a Grey alien guy also looking at me intensely with his black eyes. I started to grasp the seriousness of the situation and I could feel that they want me very much. It was somehow important, and that it was supposed to be a piece of cake for them, so they were not careful at all.

I started to get really frustrated but in very CALM, unusual way. I was looking straight into the eye of the Grey guy and I just said one sentence “Leave me alone, now.”

After this everything happened really fast, like in a millisecond. I saw a smile, but not a nice smile on the face of Reptilian. Then I felt huge energy pouring out of my heart which was hidden behind the simple words “Leave me alone, now” towards them.

It felt like my free will was fully present giving them a hard time for trying to break the rules and hurting me. I think in this millisecond, they just perished in this amazing powerful energy. I woke up a second later in my bed.

I couldn’t even say it was a dream, everything was clear and sharp, just like reality. I felt pulses of energy in my heart and around the room. They never tried to get so close and bold ever again.

Second big meeting happened at exactly 17.06.2012 – I have it written in my dreambook, and yes it happened during sleeptime. Here it goes:

There was some kind of excitement going on among people. I was doing something around my house when someone directed my attention towards a huge spaceship hovering above the forest. I was jumping and laughing with happiness.

I saw a smaller shuttle landing on the field so I ran there. A man came out of the shuttle, who said that he just wanted to recharge his vehicle and he will be going.

There was a lot of people gathering around him, and I didn’t wanted to nag him so I just said ‘hello’ and went my way.

A bit later, the same man came out of nowhere and stood right in front of me. He was wearing a silver-blue suit. His hair was short brown, but his eyes were blue.

But there was something about his eyes, a calmness, stillness, like no emotions, but at the same time full of wonder and shiny.

He was just looking into my eyes and he asked me if I’m ready to see something. I said with smile that I’m ready, and there was really no fear, just excitement.

He showed something that looked like a small waterfall, like the one you put in your garden, but it was like a small copy of real, natural waterfall, full of colors and crystal water.

We went through this waterfall and I felt a change in pressure, my ears popped, colours changed. Literally we went through the veil.

I found myself in a small city, full of small people, satyrs (half man, half goat) and many other small creatures who happily came out to greet me, happy and joyful.

In the sky I saw a blue sun, some little clouds. The temperature was just perfect. A while later, after greetings and laughs, those kind and lovely creatures asked me to sit down around a big wooden table.

I saw a man, who came out of a wooden house, who also greeted me very respectively, I guess he was the “chief” in this city, but not in the way we understand that.

Anyway, while I was sitting there, the ‘chief’ and many little creatures gathered around started to ask me questions, many questions, about Earth, about what’s going on on Earth, what is she like, etc.

I was telling them about Earth, about humans. We were discussing happily. There was a lot of laughing, but in one moment I started to cry. I told them that the Earth suffers, how much pain and lack of love is to be found upon Earth, and how hard is to have peace here.

When they saw my sadness they became kind of sad too, but I knew that they didn’t understand what suffering really is. They didn’t experience any lack. They didn’t get it or grasp the idea of ‘not being happy’, because they were, fully happy, completely filled with love, peace and simplicity.

I asked one of them, how do I know that it is not just a dream, and he became sad again, because he didn’t understood my question, my way of thinking. But then in one second after this question I understood that till now I was the one who didn’t know what a dream really was!

I regained consciousness fully and understood that it is my will to remember,. If that’s what I want, it shall be that way. I walked back to the border. We exchanged goodbyes, smiles and hugs and I went through a dark tube, where pressure, colors changed again and I woke up in my bed. Right after waking up a asked where I was.

First I got the feeling of this place. I can recall it even now and then the feeling changed into words in my heart – it was Agartha [in the Hollow Earth].

There were many more adventures, but I wanted to share with you just those which were most important to me during past months and years. These gave confirmation of what I felt my whole life but just recently had the courage and will to acknowledge and live as my path of life.

Thank you, and may the force of light and love be with all of You, my beautiful friends. See you all soon in these new and different circumstances.



Hatonn – Wake Up Call – Channeler Nancy Tate – 10-10-13



Hatonn, can you tell me what all the cloudships were doing yesterday over the southeastern part of AZ?

Hatonn: I will tell you this, dear one, there is lots of activity going on with your galactic family, and the ships that come cloaked are a busy lot. They come to accomplish various feats and one of them was, as you had interpreted when you first saw them, that there are many portals that are still having to be cleared. As they are cleared they are then protected by their own energy of Love. Nothing can penetrate them with that energy of love instilled within each one. Any being/person who is enhanced with a great deal of Love is allowed entry.

This is something that is occurring on a large scale these days. As the ones who have that access join the ones within the areas that the portals lead to they will be told various pieces of information that they will have the freedom to share with anyone they so choose.

There is an ongoing hiatus of the ones within the earth and the ones who are hovering in the craft above the earth. As the visits become more and more in purpose the hiatus will soften and eventually become unnecessary, for there will be an open communication with all three levels of beings, within, on the surface and above.

One more thing I would like to share with all of you is that there will come a time when you will be speaking with the elders of the Native American and other aboriginal tribes of this land. They are in safekeeping in the Inner and Hollow Earth, and they will be speaking not only through you, but through others as well. They hold much information that is relative to these times, and that information will enrich the understanding that is to be brought to the surface of many peoples lives. There will be questions answered with the information, and I speak now of on a soul level, that will bring much deeper and clearer communication between everyone on the surface in the process of ascension.

Nancy: Thank you Hatonn. I have one more question at this time. Red Jacket, one of the former chiefs of the Seneca tribe, has begun to speak through me. He told me that he is in the line of not only Mushaba, but of you as well. Could you elaborate on that for us?

Hatonn: I would be happy to. We are all descended from the original Mushaba energy. We came to this planet because of the plan that was in place when the universe was created. Not only was I in the original line of the Mushaba beings, so too was Red Jacket. We came from the original tribe of Mushaba beings who populated the planet Mushaba and took part in the creation of the various races of humanity. It is a matter of the interlacing of the colors of the Mushaba energy with the rest of the spectrum that was created from the various expressions of the tones of the Mushaba energy. The totality of the colors that are expressed at the time, and continue to be as more expression is created is what brought forth the essence of all of Creation.

There will be more information that will be brought forward about all of this as more and more people are awakened in the various ways that they choose. You will find that there are many aspects of information that will be coming forth that will explain much of what has been taking place and will be in the coming evolution of all of existence.

Thank you, once again dear Hatonn!

Love, Nancy Tate

Cosmic Vision News – Geoffrey West – InLight Radio – 8-16-13 – Click To Listen

Cosmic Vision News   –   Geoffrey West   –   InLight Radio   –   8-16-13   –   Click To Listen

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