Spiritus Gladius – This is the Ultimate Reality – Nothing Else Exists – 11-13-14

Unity Consciousness

The Ultimate Reality is that Everything and Everyone is Eternally One

Everything created, is created by the consciousness that makes up this reality.  Every sentient entity that is conscious, is conscious by an eternal-life giving energy that some people call ‘spirit’.  This spirit has a logical-hierarchy in terms of different frequencies of light.  The higher the frequency of light, the closer one gets to the True Reality of the One All-Powerful Being that we comprise, that some call ‘God’.

This light, here in the third and fourth (time) dimensions, is split into the seven colors of the light spectrum.  This light is accompanied by sound, along the seven notes of the scale.  These sounds and colors of our Universe are imbedded within us in our central nervous system via the spinal cord.  These are what are called our seven vortexes of live-giving energies.  Some people call them ‘chakras’.  Google chakra and you’ll see exactly what I am talking about.  It is well-known knowledge to certain people.  Our chakras, cumulatively-speaking, is where our consciousness comes from.  Find the flow of your chakras to go closer to the power of our spirit.

We are One with what people call God.  And because of this, We are One with each other, on a deeper, spiritual, energetic, conscious level.  Remember, we only use about 10% of our conscious brain.  This means quite literally, we are only experiencecing 10% of The Ultimate Reality.  We are literally missing 90% of reality in normal waking states.  Our human bodies are limited until we learn and utilize the truth of our connectedness and realize We Are All divine beings who eternally came from The Same Source of Eternal Consciousness.

There is literally a matrix we are living in; and becoming free is dependent upon everyone’s ability to learn the truth of this reality we are living.  Nowadays, one can convince themselves of the Ultimate Reality through various forms of quantum sciences, philosophy, religion, and even intellectualism.  Other people have more dramatic happenings to bring them to the Truth.  Others, remain ignorant their entire life, remaining stagnant and thus not evolving their soul to become and do what they were meant; thus, not progressing one’s soul to higher realms after death and higher consciousnesses during this life.

Like-attracts-like.  This is true 100% of the time, because of our oneness.  How one treats another will come back full-circle.  Whatever energy one gives the universe, the universe gives back.  This is how one can evolve one’s soul.  Get Positive, and do everything you can to remain Positive.  Someone once told me we have to have “Unconditional Positive Regard”. And this is fully attainable.

“As a saint had a past, a sinner has a future”.

“We are not risen-animals but fallen-angels.  We originally come from a much higher reality.  For whatever circumstances we each made a choice to incarnate here.  Many of us are here to raise this reality to a new one.  We are a species who is so evolved already, our next evolved move with be our conscious choice to evolve.  We have been given the will of our Primary Creator because we all come from him/her.  I use the terms him/her to give personality to this consciousness.  We do not live in a dead universe.  We are life, and this is personal.
-I am Another Yourself

Alcyon Pleiades 22-1 – Improvement of our DNA-RNA – The Beings of Light

Alcyon Pleiades

As the amount of photons of light heading towards Earth increases many things will continue to be modified, all that we are will be impossible to hide and the consciousness will awaken in one direction or another, following the path that each of us has chosen.

Therefore, whilst we are in this purifying limbo-purgatory of transition the Rescue Beings are indicating to us the importance of preparing ourselves thoroughly and it is urgent to be [positive, affectionate, empathic, show solidarity as well as learning to digest or transform density into subtlety.

Likewise, we are being asked that as much as possible we prevent ourselves from experiencing reactionary, disturbing or turbulent states so that we avoid falling into strong outbursts or discharges of emotion, as is the case with the vast majority of people who do not know how to conduct themselves prudently, intelligently and with good sense.

We are experiencing are the result of conspiracies and provocations, which have been clearly, deliberately and perfectly staged with the aim of keeping us trapped within the low frequency the dark ones emit.

So, in order to counteract this dominating anti-light
we must fight to free ourselves from the shackles that have bound us for centuries and whilst this huge change of genetic vibration takes place, we must try to recover the stellar heritage that rightfully belongs to us only in this way will we achieve the freedom of our soul-consciousness, which has been eternally ours.

A metamorphosis is taking place throughout the planet and behind it lies the defining photonic energy, the photons spur us on to establish our preferred stance, desires and tastes, whether towards the light or towards darkness, and all that they entail.

This situation is experienced by the whole of humanity alike, this is why there is no place to which we can attach ourselves, complain, use to shield ourselves, or from which we can try to seek help, the only thing that is true is the harmony and integration that each one of us feels and can develop with others.

Video created by Alcyon

Arcturian Message via Suzanne Lie – Stairway of Unity Consciousness – 9-13-14

Back3EyeArcturian Message: The Stairway of Unity Consciousness. Channelled by Suzanne Lie, September 11, 2014. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/

We are always ready to communicate, commune with you. In fact, we are constantly communing/communicating with you, as we are ONE. While wearing your physical Earth vessel, you may experience that there are times that we are ONE and times that we are not. However, since we resonate beyond the frequency of time, we are always ONE with you NOW.

One of the most difficult adjustments to your fifth dimensional SELF will be the release of the illusion of time. This challenge is exceptionally difficult for our Masters in the bigger cities, which are ruled by time. On the other hand, societies who work with the land will not have that difficulty as they already live within the flow of Gaia’s NOW.

Therefore, we request that you connect deeply with Gaia. This winter the landings will begin in earnest. The landings will not be in areas, but in people. In other words, people will begin to flow more easily into the NOW.

Once in the NOW, which is a fifth dimensional and beyond state of consciousness, you will begin to remember your Galactic and Celestial consciousness, and thus your Galactic and Celestial memories. In other words, you will begin to awaken to your true SELF.

All of you chose to send a fragment of the essence of your Galactic and/or Celestial consciousness, genetic coding, and thus, memory into the higher consciousness of your Earth vessel. As your consciousness expands into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will increasingly remember that your Galactic/Celestial SELF is a higher dimensional component of your physical Self.

Some of you are predominantly representing the Angelic Kingdom and others are predominantly representing the Galactic Federation. The Galactics and Celestials work as ONE within the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, the bonding of the Earth-bound Galactic and Celestial representatives will greatly assist Gaia.

Once our “Away Team” to Earth unites with their own higher expressions of SELF, they can share the unity of that Multidimensional consciousness with other grounded Celestials and Galactics. In this manner you will create a very powerful Multidimensional energy field. By uniting this energy field with physical Earth, you greatly assist Gaia.

You are building your “Stairway of Unity Consciousness” by:

  • Uniting with the Core of your Galactic and/or Celestial SELF
  • Remaining in constant contact with your Galactic/Celestial SELF
  • Uniting those who have merged with their Galactic/Celestial SELF
  • Uniting with Gaia’s planet Earth

The order of these expressions of Unity is not important, as “order” is a third dimensional term. As your consciousness resonates more and more to the fifth dimension, you are finding that many physical concepts are becoming obsolete. In this manner, there is a Stairway of Unity Consciousness. This stairway begins by remembering that you are a Multidimensional Being who is ready to connect with the ever-expanding expressions of your SELF.

This decision to consciously unite with your Galactic and/or Celestial energies, and to ground that expanded energy field in the body of Gaia is the first step towards assisting Gaia with Her Ascension. Remember, whatever Gaia’s Beings experience greatly affects the entire planet. Much of humanity has forgotten that Gaia is a living Being who has volunteered to be the “School for Ascension” for your sector of space.

Gaia, like yourselves, made promises from the higher dimensions of reality without realizing how extremely difficult it would be to carry out those promises in the lower frequencies of the physical plane. Furthermore, these promises were made long before Her planetary frequency dropped so severely after the destruction of Atlantis.

Because of Gaia’s fall into the lower third dimension, the forces of darkness could take a strong hold on Her planet. To assist dear Gaia, your Galactic and Celestial Selves volunteered to take a form on Her body to assist in raising Her frequency.

Many of you took your first Earth vessel at the fall of Atlantis, not realizing that you would need to continue reincarnating on Her planet for the duration of her third dimensional form. Dear Brave Ones, we the Galactics, Celestials and Ascended Masters who have guided you through your many incarnations, are happy to tell you that the Clarion Call has been sounded.

The “Clarion Call” is a strongly expressed demand or request for action. In order to effectively answer this call to assist Gaia, those who can remember their Multidimensional SELF must join in Peace and Love. The forces of darkness have been very strong, but the “time” is NOW.

Gaia has waited long enough for those who have abused Her to find their inner Light. She can wait no longer, as it is the NOW. Within this NOW, Gaia must answer Her Clarion Call to return to the higher frequencies of Her planetary expression of SELF. The best way to assist Gaia is by uniting with the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. Then you will able to perceive Gaia’s ever-expanding higher Light to join Her in the glorious NOW of planetary expression.

We must remind you, our Dear Ones wearing a human vessel, that you are NOT the vessel you are wearing. YOU are a magnificent Multidimensional Being who has volunteered to wear a vessel by implanting your consciousness into your human body. The seed of your Multidimensional SELF has been lying in different stages of latency within the human form that you are wearing.

Beloved volunteers, the Clarion Call has sounded within YOU. Hence, it is the NOW for you to fully awaken to the infinite wisdom, Multidimensional power and Unconditional Love of your true, higher dimensional SELF.

By “fully awaken” we mean that you:

  1. Remember ALL of who YOU are.
  2. Remember how to live in constant contact with that “YOU.”
  3. Remember your many “rehearsal” lives.
  4. Remember the Mission that YOU volunteered to fulfill.
  5. Remember that your Mission begins NOW.

We will now speak in depth on each of the above points:

1) Remember ALL of who YOU are.

This remembrance is not as difficult as it may seem, as your inner child will be of great assistance. Therefore, go into your subconscious to connect with your inner child who still remembers many of the versions of your Multidimensional SELF. With the help of your inner child, you can remember the games you played, the thoughts you had and where your imagination took you.

This remembrance of your child Self will leave a puzzle of memories that you can put together as an adult. As you follow the trail of your childhood memories, you might recall what you think of as “past lives.” These remembrances are actually parallel and/or alternate lives that are all occurring within the NOW of the ONE.

Once you can connect with these versions of your third dimensional Self, they will create a stairway leading to their higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. You see, you have taken many lives, some of them parallel or in slightly different frequencies in which you practiced for the NOW of personal and planetary Ascension.

2) Remember to BE in Constant Contact with that “YOU”

Remember that YOU are your best friend. As you listen to, visualize and imagine your realities in the higher dimensions, you will gradually begin to hear, see and/or imagine a Galactic or Celestial being of Light who is now, and always has been, with you. You can ask your child for confirmation.

Then you must release your ego and trust your imagination. Your well-trained, third-dimensional ego will likely say, “Oh, you are being conceited to think that that Higher Being could actually be you.” Many of our brave volunteers who entered an Earth Vessel have been convinced by the “dark ones” that they are “just humans.”

What is worse, you were trained that you are “crazy” if you believed you are a Being of Light who has taken on an Earth vessel. Be courageous, our dear Away Team. Ignore the outer voices and listen to your SELF. You are a beautiful Multidimensional Being who has volunteered to wear an Earth vessel so that you can better serve Gaia in Her time of re-birth.

3) Remember Your Many “Rehearsal” Lives

Many of you came to Earth in response to Gaia’s call for assistance. What you may not have when you volunteered to enter Gaia’s evolution is that you did so for the duration of Her process of Ascension. Hence, you have lived many incarnations on the body of Gaia.

Some of these were very dark, some were lives of quiet desperation, some lives were filled with adventure, some filled with spiritual awakening and, in some of your lives, you were able to ascend back into the fifth dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. It was during your Ascension lives that you learned what you would be teaching as a Multidimensional Leader, which is how to surrender into the process of Ascension.

You all took many “rehearsal lives” in preparation for this NOW of planetary Ascension. Many of you are very impatient in your current life to “get on with the Ascension.” Once you remember your rehearsal lives, the impatience of waiting one lifetime will be small compared to the many lives you have already spent in service to dear Gaia.

4) Remember the Mission that YOU volunteered to fulfill

Owning that YOU are your true SELF is the key to unlock the door to remembering your mission. Again, you will put together the puzzle of all the things you like to read, to watch and do. When you allow your Self to remember that your “imagination” is actually fifth dimensional thought, you can consciously listen and watch what you like to “imagine” you are doing.

This kind of imagination is a rehearsal of who you will actually BE and what you will actually DO. Hence, this “imagination” builds your confidence and empowers your mind. You will know when it is your NOW because you will find yourself actually doing and manifesting that which you once “only imagined”.

Your imagination is how the creative right hemisphere of your brain communicates with the analytical left hemisphere of your brain. Your right brain carries the “blueprint” of your mission, and your left brain materializes that plan in your physical world.

It is important that both of the hemispheres of your 3D brain are in alignment with each other and with your Multidimensional mind. We will take you through that process of alignment within your NOW.

5) Remember that your Mission begins NOW

When you unite more and more with your higher expressions of SELF, time will become increasingly confusing as you will begin to live in the NOW. Once you live within the NOW you will remember that your mission begins NOW. You will remember that time and space are only illusions of the third/fourth dimension.

In your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, you live within the HERE of the NOW as you experience flowing within a vast sea of possible realties. When you wish to participate in a given reality, you choose to attend to it and decree with your thoughts, “I choose to participate in this reality.”

You will then extend your Unconditional Love into that reality to participate in that reality until you feel complete with that experience. Within that NOW you will withdraw your attention and send another gift of Unconditional Love, as you release all attachment to your involvement with that reality.

Even though you appear to be wearing a third dimensional Earth vessel, your SELF has chosen the circumstances of your life within this NOW. This important lifetime is tailor-made so that you can remember that:

  • You are the creator of your reality.
  • Which reality do you choose to create?
  • What reality are you creating NOW?

If you wish to remain in your present expression of reality, send it Unconditional Love and Thanksgiving. Unconditional Love will align you with the highest frequency of any reality in which you are engaging. Also, Thanksgiving for the substance at hand will duplicate the substance indefinitely.

On the other hand, if you find yourself confronting or living a reality that you do NOT wish to experience, merely say, “I refuse to participate in that reality!” Then withdraw your attention from it as you say, “Blessings BE!” Blessings BE means, “There are blessings to be experienced should you decide to accept them.” In this manner, you are not abandoning a situation. Instead, you are giving the persons in that reality the key to resolving whatever they are ready to release.

Just as your Multidimensional SELF allows you to resolve your own issues when you need to, you will allow others to go through their own process of discovery without emotion or judgment. Also, what may appear to you to be a grave mistake may be the only way in which that person will go inside to find his or her own Multidimensional SELF.

Our dear Ascending Ones, we see the strength inside of you that you may have forgotten. Turn around inside your mind to see the magnificent YOU that lives inside your Earth vessel. YOU are your Multidimensional SELF.

YOU are the Stairway of Unity Consciousness!