Metatronics – The Quantum Physics of the Science of God

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Buddha Maitreya explains how we can come to know and experience God through the blessing of the science of Metatronics – The Shambhala Healing Tools provided by Buddha Maitreya for personal and planetary healing to establish Shambhala, Heaven on Earth, a planet ordained in the Holy Spirit.

“If we imagine God being Etheric in the beginning – there was nothing. And then there was the Word – matter manifested – ‘Let there be Light’ and every single living thing was permeated with God’s resonating Mind – the Monad. Metatron is the highest angelic energy that is an identical energy to God and as this Monadic energy of love created matter it went first into the embodiment of the electron. Geomancy manifests out of the electron creating sacred form. So everything is an emanation of God. At the center of each and every atom is God’s resonating mind but we have to resonate a similarity, like a tuning fork, that resonates our oneness with the same vibration and it awakens the light within and that energy is what heals the Etheric field.” Buddha Maitreya

This video is taken from Buddha Maitreya’s September UK Dharshan 2012 – available on DVD and Bluray.

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