Seer Almine – Art and Music of the Hidden Realms

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In day 7 of Almine’s course, ‘Interdimensional Communication, she transmits messages from the Fauns, the shyest beings of all. On day 8 Almine presents a visual meditation to ‘activate our magical eyes’ and promote the vision of the hidden kingdoms. This video is a selection from the interdimensional meditation and features the language of the Fauns.…

Karen Kubicko Blog – A Blissful Kaleidoscope of Color – Have you Seen IT?

by Karen Kubicko  /  Karen Kubicko Blog

Have you seen beautiful, morphing, blissful colors during a meditation or a regression? I have. Some of my clients have.

morphing kaleidoscope of colors

What is this kaleidoscope of colors, really? I am not exactly sure.
Quite a few people have also seen these constantly moving, loving colors during a regression. While being regressed, they experience a blissful feeling and watch a variety of colors moving in and out of focus.

The most interesting part is that they each had a soft, permanent smile on their face – as if seeing a beautiful baby for the first time.

Each also wanted to stay and watch the colors. It felt like love, they said.

My last client who experienced this said he would like to stay longer and watch a bit more (this, after 60 minutes of seeing the colors morph with small glimpses of random past lives come through).

and more morphing kaleidoscope of colors


Sometimes, these colors do turn into a past life for my clients, but only after a lot of redirecting to return to another time or place.

But, again, what is it really? Where is this colorful place of peace, love and bliss? Is it the plane in which we can truly see the energy around us? Is it another dimension? Is it Heaven? Is it a level of consciousness available to us all?

It actually reminds me of a SpongeBob episode on time travel. The animated friends float in total consciousness when they venture into the future.

Maybe it is the future.

I asked a few psychic friends their opinion. One said, he thought it was spirit guides coming through to my clients – in a way they are comfortable. Another said they might be receiving a healing from an angel or spirit guide.

Both answers sounded loving to me.

and even more morphing kaleidoscope of colors

I have read many, many books on hypnosis and past life regression. I have taken training courses. I have never come across this in anything I have read or heard.

So, I open it up to you, my faithful readers …

Have you seen morphing colors in a meditative state?

Have you experienced it too?

What do you think it is?


Karen Kubicko Blog

Abraham Hicks – Where is your Grid spinning

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Extracted from the Abraham Hicks workshop :Sydney – 2013.03.17. All recorded and printed Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Jerry and Esther Hicks. For more information on Abraham, Esther & Jerry Hicks please go to their website:

The Creative Will – Helena P. Blavatsky

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