INNER WORK – Reconnecting with the Soul’s Purpose – via Good Therapy – 10-1-18




We all have many wounds. Broken hearts, shattered dreams, abuse, and trauma all leave battle scars that may not be outwardly apparent to others, but can cause a lifetime or even generations of experiencing the same issues, as patterns are often repeated and handed down as part of the family legacy.

The pain sustained throughout the years frequently leads us to develop defensive shields that serve to protect our vulnerable hearts from being wounded once again. And yet, this outer armor ends up not only closing us off from others, but also ultimately from the beauty and wonder of our own souls.

As a psychotherapist working from a depth perspective, I have been fascinated and privileged to have been able to witness the soul at work every day in my interactions with clients, as well as out in the world. The soul always strives to attain a state of wholeness or unity and seeks to reestablish harmony when an imbalance exists.

For example, I have frequently noticed that individuals with deep inner wounds often spend a lot of time engaged in outer pursuits in order to avoid looking within and facing the discomfort that they feel, yet at the same time they often experience a deep yearning for something more meaningful in their lives. If the gap between their inner and outer state becomes too painful to bear, they may finally feel compelled to explore their inner world through some type of creative endeavor, spiritual practice, or by entering into an empathic therapeutic relationship. This type of inner work can lead to an inner transformation that creates a more balanced perspective.

One of our fundamental needs as human beings is to be deeply heard and understood. When we experience pain in silence, we tend to feel cut off and separated from others and unable to enter into satisfying relationships. Unfortunately, as we grow up, we are taught that certain aspects of ourselves are unacceptable and unlovable, which in turn leads us to feel different from others.

We therefore start to reject those traits and identify only with the characteristics that are deemed pleasing to others in order to try to fit in. But deep down, we are aware of this inner conflict that is going on between our outer persona and our inner authentic being, which can lead us to feel unworthy of love and disconnected from ourselves and from others. In order to heal, we often require the presence of an empathic other to help us to examine more closely the inner dynamic that has been occurring.

Soul work involves shining …




SUZANNE ALLISON @ In5D – Are You Really Ready to Ascend? – 3-13-18

Ready to Ascend

by Suzanne Allison,   Guest writer,

Most of us who want to ascend have done many of the right things – meditation, eating organic whole foods, drinking pure water, forgiving ourselves and others, connecting with Source on a daily basis, living in peace and love, being in service to others,  and on and on.   But what are the hidden blockages that may prevent us from moving upward in a more expedient fashion?

I have been working with energy for many years, being a Reiki Master, working with energetic tools and learning how to check energy using either applied kinesiology or dowsing tools.   Over the years, I have been able to identify clones, synthetics, holograms and organic portals.  These are the “Agents” of the matrix, and can be turned on and off by the dark forces as needed.  We are at the end of the battle; the dark, however, in their final death throes, are still attacking, and using these agents to do their bidding.

Many on the path have learned to put up protective fields around themselves.  I have found that sometimes this protection can be compromised.  It is necessary to check ourselves from time to time.

These matrix agents tend to attract dark entities, which use their host’s etheric cords attached to friends and family for their own purposes.  These “non-beneficial” attachments can be a myriad of dark entities, thought forms, archons, lost souls, etc.   They will manipulate our surroundings and loved ones to create chaos and drama in our lives.   We then produce “loosh” which is lower frequency energy of anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, emotional pain and suffering, to be fed upon by these entities.

You can usually identify an attack by dark entities:  you will feel weak, tired, unfocused, irritated, depressed or clumsy.   You will find that situations in your life go sour:   a lot of drama and discord with family and friends; mechanical/electrical items may not work; your health may suffer; your income may suffer; your Life Force or Chi will diminish.  This is all orchestrated through the dark entities in order to obtain loosh from you and to slow down your ascension process.

If you can use a pendulum or other dowsing tool, or applied kinesiology (muscle testing), and feel comfortable with it, you can first identify if there is a source for the chaos, and where/who it is coming from.  Secondly, you can measure the energy of the source person – clones, holograms, synthetics and organic portals vibrate at 3Hz/4Hz, and connect to and are programmed through specific grids on the planet.

Once you identify the person, work with your guides or Ascended Masters to remove the attacking entities.  Command that they be taken far away from the earth plane, and that they be healed or transmuted into the light.  Then request your guides or Ascended Masters to cut all etheric cords between you and that person (you can be in service to others and ask that all cords between that person and others be cut).  After the removals, command that the both you and the person be enveloped in 5th dimensional energy of love, peace, abundance and harmony.   Shortly after, you should find that your energy balances out again.  If you can measure your Life Force, you will find that it goes up again.

These lower frequency beings are only a part of the blockages we may encounter.  The dark ones have been insidious.   It is necessary to remove tracking devices, implants, spells, hexes, blocks between us and Source, nanobots, A.I., damage to our aura, old trapped emotions, and much more.   These are constructs of the dark to slow us down or prevent us from ascending.   You will find information on the internet for sites that list some of these blockages.  Additionally there are books on emotional and etheric clearing. Make a list of all the items you find.   Connect again with your guides or Ascended Masters and request/command that each of these items be removed and transmuted into the light.  You should muscle test or dowse on each one.  If you are not used to working with your guides or Ascended Masters in this fashion, you may need to do this more than once, so that a solid communication can be established.

Once you have gone through your list, and feel that these items have been removed, command to be enveloped in 5th dimensional energy of love, peace, abundance and harmony.   Thank your helpers for all their work.  DRINK lots of quality water to clear any toxins that may be released through this process.

You will want to check periodically for any further attacks or blocks that may come up.  It is not always a one-time shot.

The great news is that I have found the following after clearing these attacks and blockages:

  • Life Force/Chi increases to 100%;
  • Additional DNA strands begin to drop in and connect;
  • DNA telomeres begin to expand;
  • Vibrational frequency of the person goes up;
  • Light held by the physical and etheric bodies increases;
  • Feelings of peace and harmony increase;
  • Health becomes better (although there may be some healing crises initially);
  • The aging process slows and starts to reverse.

By doing this clearing work on yourself, you will unblock your ascension pathway.  You will find it easier to deal with negative situations as they come up.  You will also become more aware of the soulless beings that are here to uphold the Matrix, challenging your life experience.

Be in Peace!

Suzanne Allison