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Lilou Mace

Published on Aug 11, 2015

There is something about the motoring of a cat’s purr or the wagging of a dog’s tail that brings us a certain comfort and delight. Cat memes and pleas for animals to be rescued and adopted have taken over our social media culture, as well as, stories about animal cruelty around the globe that break our collective hearts. Animals teach us marvelous lessons and offer profound wisdom if we choose to pay attention. Linda Bender’s book illustrates with anecdotes she has collected in a lifetime of loving and working with them, the heart of what animals have taught her. They offer us insights into how to live happily and healthfully and teach us…
How to overcome loneliness by reconnecting with the source of all life
How to face death without fear
How to relax into the mystery of existence
How to live from the heart – the power of love
How to have more fun and joy
Animal Wisdom offers readers:

Cutting-edge research on the “unexplained powers of animals”
18 step-by-step practical ways to enable readers to hone their natural intuitive abilities and engage in interspecies communication
How to care for the Earth – practical tips for What You Can Do to Make a Difference today!
Animal Wisdom is for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the innate loving, spiritual connection we share with animals and the interconnectedness of all life. Pet lovers, animal-rights advocates and conservationists alike will be deeply touched by this heartwarming book. A portion of the book proceeds will be donated to From the Heart, which funnels 100% of its profits to charities that directly benefit animals, their care and their habitats

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