Teal Swan – Answers questions on Feelings and Emotions

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with Alan Steinfeld on http://www.NewRealities.com radio program, Teal answers questions from callers on personal, emotional and spiritual issues…

How to Grow Stronger – Infinite Waters

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MaNithyaSudev – Guided Meditation – You Are a Source of Love and Light

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Patricia Cota-Robles – Releasing the Human Ego

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Releasing the Human Ego
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Music by Aeoliah: from The Liquid Light of Healing: http://www.aeoliah.com

Art – with Gratitude!

Daniel B. Holeman – http://www.awakenvisions.com
Josephine Hall – http://www.josephinewall.co.uk
Gaelyn Larrick – http://www.artservingspirit.com

Thank you to all artists- please if credits were not given to your artwork, contact Adele twinflames@me.com

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Eckhart Tolle – The Supreme Art of Living

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An excerpt from “The Mountain The Valley” – and featured talk of Eckhart Tolle’s produced by ETTV.

Abraham Hicks – The GOD Concept

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