Affirmations – The Power to Heal is Within Me

Steve Nobel
Published on May 22, 2019

“The power to cleanse and heal is within me. The power to cleanse and heal is within every fibre of my being. The power to cleanse and heal is within my Higher Self, my Infinite-Multidimensional Self. The power to cleanse and heal is within the Universe. The foundation of this cleansing and healing power is forgiveness.

The power to cleanse and heal is within me. I give myself permission to heal. I set myself and others free by choosing to forgive. I choose to forgive because it feels better to love. I forgive myself. I forgive everyone who I felt has hurt me. I accept the lesson my pain is offering me. I let go of pain. I let go of my need to be right. I am willing to see things differently. I see everything as an opportunity to grow. I trust that everything in my life is unfolding perfectly. I am willing to be at peace with myself and everyone. Every circumstance can make me a stronger, wiser, and more compassionate. I am willing to change. I am willing to shift my core vibration to greater levels of joy, love and personal power. As I do this everything in my body and reality is cleansed and healed…………”

Return Of The Light – by Nara & Nailah

Higher Self

by Nara & Nailah

Published on Feb 8, 2019

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Sophia’s Blog – SO, THIS IS HOW THE SHIFT FEELS! – via Infinite Shift – 8-21-18

Hey everyone!

There’s so much going on.

I will try to keep this streamlined,

yet there are no guarantees…

I’ve steered clear of posting due to

the vast amount of personal upheaval

that I’m currently navigating.

Figuring that none of us needs more

challenging, sad or gut-wrenching stories to read, …

via Sophia’s Blog — Infinite Shift

ANASTACIA – We are Needing to Clear Old Paths that are Hanging On – Residual Resonances of the Past – We Are Just Beginning – 6-22-18 – via Ascension Energies

Energy Update – Follow on from previous Update of:
~ The Collective Zero Point Unity energy HAS ARRIVED! – 23rd June 2018 ~

An upgrade within an upgrade within an upgrade, you get the picture….

Yes we have moved and shifted into Zero Point Unity energy and very recently…and yet still we continue…

Thanks to

~I am sharing/gifting this full ~ Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update ~ as we have reached the Collective Zero point energies!!!
These updates are available through contribution via private email and as shared here, are more personal than what was previously shared
If you feel you would like to receive these as guided for July, please refer to the website for further details and information on how to do so~

We continue with the ‘ascension process’ of/for each one of us…for what ever that may be…for what ever we are going through…for what ever we are transmuting…

As it does not all just ‘stop’ here or stop once we reach 5D!

We are still ascendING as human beings

Growing into our Master ship of the Masters we are…

Yes you here reading this!

You are a Master….you are growing into your EMPOWERMENT – your self empowerment

Which will in-turn empower the world with unconditional love truth and honesty…starting with ourselves firstly….

So right now, currently there are a few resonances coming through in different pitches all blending…like a chorus or symphony of ‘angelic music’

This is very different and new…yet again…

So whilst this is occurring and with ALL we have gone through, been through, pushed through, struggled through to break free in the human….yet again we are still shifting processing and pushing through and clearing the old in the HUMAN – in a new way!



JENNY SCHILTZ – Full Moon Energies Highlighting What No Longer Works – 7-8-17

Full Moon Energies Highlighting What No Longer Works

Anastacia @ In5D – Energy Update – Massive Clearing And Healing Of The Old – 6-13-17

Massive Clearing

Anastacia @ In5D – Energy Update – Massive Clearing And Healing Of The Old – 6-13-17

by Anastacia,  Australian Correspondent,

So much shifting and transmuting was happening in Spirit in the last 18 hours.

Energies that felt like one may ‘self-combust’ in the human

Divine Love, Guidance and Assistance came through to help us to help ourselves with this Divine Healing and so much more

So not only were we feeling and dealing with this in the human but we were also feeling this in Spirit = BOTH.

A ‘balancing out’ of recent Ancient Family Shadow energies that have ‘come through’ or been allowed to now be fully exposed energetically.

Depending on how ‘conscious’ one is in the human in relation to what occurs in Spirit…as this is creating a VERY NEW LINK in those who are needing to ‘own’ their shadow sides…in a very new way.

Yet to do so, there is much clearing and healing of the ‘old’ that was occurring in the astrals/multi-dimensions, as that is what was ‘happening’ in the last 18hours.

Much will have occurred and came through in ‘dreams’..and again, depending on what one has cleared and healed in the human, will be felt in many various ways for each soul.

Either way, it was a very huge healing and clearing of ‘old’ energy.

The more one has ‘old’ energy ‘built up’ in the astrals, the more one felt this ‘pressure’ in the human that was being released.

This is still continuing to be released in the human right now at the time of this sharing.

As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love and Truth


Ascended Earth Master
In6D human embodiment/8D in Spirit

About the author: Anastacia is a Rainbow Bridge as a Trailblazer and WaySeer in linking our Soul to our Spirit, through our emotions.All she shares is by experiencing first hand and then sharing Energy Real-Time Updates of Humanities Ascension as it occurs. Linking 3D and 5D and Beyond, guiding and teaching in Service to Humanity and Gaia. She had a vision as a child when Christ came to her and lifted her up…and more recently was gifted her Spiritual Soul, when Christ came to her again as their palms touched with Rainbow energy….so she is able to see all that occurs in the Astrals and Multi-Dimensions in having two souls, double the information and insights. Having cleared her vessel from Spirit to Soul by going through the Abyss and back to be a clear vessel of Pure Divine Light, coming from Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty and Realness. Anastacia is Australian and was ‘tasked’ by Spirit to be part of teaching and leading Australia’s Ascension in linking our Spirit to our Soul, through our Emotions, as part of her role here as well. She has written many articles over the years and has been going within for 20 years, so much of what humanity is feeling and going through, she has already been through, while still experiencing her and Humanities Ascension as an Ascended Master.




Georgi Stankov – A Powerful Alchemical Reaction Cleansing the “Money Fear” Chakra – 6-9-16


Georgi Stankov   –   A Powerful Alchemical Reaction Cleansing the “Money Fear” Chakra   –   6-9-16

This morning on May 9th Eastern Pacific Time a massive alchemical reaction has commenced in order to cleanse the 1st root chakra of survival and the associated 2nd chakra of sexuality which Dominique recently so well described as the “Money Fear” chakra in an email to me. The reason is that humanity is now sensing the coming financial collapse of the Orion matrix and is being prepared for it at the quantum level, which also includes the subconscious soul level of all humans. The new codes of light currently cleanse all the fear patterns based on money scarcity and impoverishment which function as energetic blockages and resistances for the free flow of source energies as the Elohim told us. I was expecting this to come and was somewhat surprised by the week-long lull before the storm in early June after we had left behind us the most dramatic energetic episode in the ascension history of mankind and Gaia in the second half of the May.

Before the financial collapse can be triggered, the human personalities, now incarnated mostly with highly evolved transliminal souls, must cleanse all their lower chakras that harbour the basic human fears. The latter determine the social behaviour of the people and the way how their economies and personal connections are organized. Before the source can give green light for the beginning of the financial crash, which may very well happen in the days before the Brexit vote on June 23th as I wrote in  the latest article, all these fears and resistances which are low-vibrating energetic patterns have to be fully removed from the fields of the incarnated human beings.

This is a necessary prerequisite for the favorable outcome of this crash which will not end up with the ruling cabal establishing a new global cashless currency after the current inflated fiat currencies have collapsed but with the introduction of the new Astral currency. This is how the planetary ascension is now being prepared energetically at the chakras level for the masses after all resistances and low-frequency patterns were removed at the quantum level on May 30th. As all levels and systems in All-That-Is are superimposed and intertwined any change in this holographic model of forms must begin first at the invisible subatomic, quantum level and then “trickle upwards” or “downwards” (as these directional distinctions are obsolete in the bigger picture)  to the more complex forms of space-time such as human beings with all their chakras and finally to the economy and society.

It is important to observe that this cleansing wave of the “Money Fear” chakra was preceded by another profound cleansing of the emotional bodies of the incarnated personalities during the previous two-three days. Essentially we eliminated in another alchemical tour de force all emotional and mental rejections of the divine nature of human beings and in particular of us as Ascended masters and Logos Gods in our families and environment and at the societal level. These rejection patterns build the thick energetic layers around the human body and fields and sever the incarnated personality from the soul source. It is the primary and only cause for the downfall of humanity to such low-frequency, dense and toxic reality as the current Orion matrix which we now completely eliminate and transform into the light.

It is not very easy to explain these processes that are so subtle and invisible and affect most of the people in a subconscious manner. But I am sure that many of you have felt these underlying streams of consciousness and powerful waves that now profoundly transform human nature away from its past Orion conditioning into its new divine multi-reality.

After all this Orion conditioning has become the only expression this human species knows and accepts because most people do not believe that there are infinite worlds and realities beyond this limited way of existence and hence reject vehemently this foundational idea. Especially we, the PAT, have been exposed to this radical rejection in the family and in the society and have suffered most. This rejection has suffocated your soul fragments and has, because we are great empaths, affected even the highest levels of our soul essence which we now must finally cleanse as to enable our ultimate transfiguration. In this way we are the pacemakers for humanity to discover their divine and sublime nature.

This all is happening since May 30th and none of these profound transformative processes has been reported in the New Age scene. But I am sure that you have been confronted with these energies since the end of May and may have asked yourselves what is happening with us and humanity. As these energies were very oppressive and consuming and have left us emotionally totally depleted, you may have begun to question the validity of our achievements last month. But then you must remember the maxim of ascension – the more successful we were in transforming this reality in the past, the more intensive the light work gets in the future because our cleansing and transforming capacity has also increased.

Currently there are many converging timelines that point to another energetic pinnacle this month.  It is therefore not at all remarkable that I discussed them with our PAT member Boyd yesterday and today:

“Dear George,

Something big had happen yesterday.  During night 7th-8th of June I nearly ascended respectively were taken out of the body. I felt all of my body vibrating and slowly rising up. I thought, “This is it” then, like turning off the light switch this experience stopped.

When you reported on 30th of May” something dramatic is happening” at the same time I felt strong pain in the back–right side of my head. It was like high air pressure feeling. It is important to say that I never experienced this kind of pain in my entire life. Therefore I knew that some big energetic event is in the making.

Yesterday, thru all the day, I felt exactly the same kind of pain in my head. I am sure you were also knocked out, because those waves always hit you first. Hope you can share more insight on yesterday event.

With love and light,



Dear Boyd,

what happened in the last two days was a massive cleansing of basic human fear patterns, in particular the rejection of the divine nature of all humans and the existence of their souls. It was a powerful alchemical reaction in which I was personally involved and this led to another ID shift as you have experienced it in form of personal ascension test run. This alchemical reaction was for me entirely in the emotional body and although the intensity of the waves and the vibrations were very high it did not hit me in the head as is the case with the usual cc-waves from the Source. You have had such a cc-wave which shows that we work in shifts and change the spectrum of our light work duties from time to time.

I myself feel very depleted emotionally from this latest cleansing episode and empty from within. Today I am beginning to emerge from my trough level but I have no impetus to do anything and there is nothing we can do now as the world has switched to neutral gear and is in a kind of suspended motion.

I have no idea how long this will last before we begin to see significant collapses. Brad thinks that the Comex gold market may default as they have no physical gold anymore, I am closely watching the EU big banks which are all bankrupt and can declare that fact anytime. The presidential race has ended up in a showdown between Killary and Trump. She can be indicted though anytime if the polls show that she loses against Trump and the cabal will then present a new democratic candidate, probably Biden as to save the status quo. Trump has announced that he will make some major revelations on the Clintons next week when the battle between the two is officially opened. As they were friends in the past, he must know quite a few internal secrets of the Clintons and they tremble now with what he will come up as he is unpredictable. His latest speech yesterday must have only increased the angst of the ruling cabal:

NATO is poking the Russian bear on its border in the Baltics and Poland and if the red line is crossed who knows what will happen. Putin already warned in a dramatic manner the Romanians and the Poles that they are in the cross-hairs with the newly installed US missiles on their territory. German tanks roll for the first time in Poland since WW2 for NATO war games there. With the coming Brexit, the EU is falling apart and the refugee invasion from the Middle East has begun anew this summer and Europe is sinking in chaos again. France is gripped by a national strike and the UEFA championship there is already in jeopardy. As are the Olympic games in Brazil this summer. The war in Syria has commenced with full force after the futile negotiations in Geneva were discarded. Greece is in default more than ever and the established political parties in the EU are losing for ever their majority to alternative blocks. But they will continue with the sanctions against Russia under the dictate of the AAA empire until their economies fully crash. The hostilities between China and USA in the South China sea have reached a peak and nobody knows who will shoot or blink first. 

There is a sense of finality in all actions and also a sense of futility of any 3D efforts. The space-time is empty currently and I attribute this to the complete opening of this holographic model to the light codes from the source at the quantum level where the exchange of the energetic tissue of this holographic reality is now happening with full force. As we have no empirical evidence how long this will take till we see tangible results, we can only watch carefully and speculate based on what we see on the world stage.

Given the intensity of the energies in my and Carla’s fields, I do not see how we can stay much longer here but even this conclusion may appear to be premature.

Do you notice any new developments in Australia that support this analysis?

With love and light




The 7 Stages of Emotional Clearing – Michael Love – by Lauren Avery @ Insights and Clarity – 11-28-15



How to clear the negative emotions in our bodies is a process that most of us have never been taught to do. Society does not give much credence to this work. Consequently, when we do try to clear, because we do not know the stages that humans go through in order to release painful emotions, we get stuck. For many, this leads to feelings of frustration and so they just give up. But when we give up, we do so at a price.  When conflicts remain unresolved, their associated emotions remain, creating energetic imbalances in the body on the physical level that lead to illness. On the mental level, they can create bi-polar disorders and, in some cases, depression. On the emotional level, they lead us to either act out in destructive ways such as raging, or in covert ways, using passive/aggressive behavior. All of these things are destructive to our personal relationship with our Inner Children, not to mention our relationships with others.

The 7 Stages of Emotional Clearing are given as a roadmap to help you navigate the stages of clearing that each person experiences in order to fully and completely clear negative pain associated with a conflict or other negative event from the body.

The 7 Stages

1. Trigger
2. Identify Trigger through anger
3. Projection and blaming
4. Express and release anger and pain
5. Look for and find the mirror
6. Own the mirror
7. Clear the mirror

1. Trigger

A trigger occurs when someone violates a personal boundary or agreement.

2. Identifying the trigger through anger

Once triggered, you react with anger or, if not anger, at least a sense that something is not right.

Note: Many people get stuck here because they have learned to immediately stuff their anger when it occurs. An example would be saying to yourself, “Oh, it’s just not worth getting upset over.”

3. Projection and Blaming

If you are angry, the next thing you do is blame someone for it. We call this “projecting” because you are putting the blame for your pain on someone else.

Note: Many people project and blame but they don’t go past this point and express it to the person with whom they are upset.

4. Express and release anger and pain

This is the step in which you vent your anger toward the accused. Expressing can take various forms depending on the intensity of the violation and trigger. Mild violations may require just speaking up about it.  Stronger violations may require speaking up and a few choice cuss words to clear the pain and so on.

Note: Most people will stop short of this step because they believe they don’t feel comfortable and/or they don’t have the right to express their anger. In that case, passive/aggressive behavior will ensue because anger must have a release.

5. Look for and find the mirror

Once the anger has been expressed, logic can return. Now and only now can you begin to look for how you have co-created the situation. Beginning with Steps 1—3 of the Formula of Compassion, you look for the lesson, contract and role that the other person is playing.

Tip: If you are not able to talk with your guides to get the information you need to find the mirror, try starting with Step 4 of the Formula.  Ask yourself, “What fear is the other person expressing through their behavior?” Once you figure out what the fear is, you then ask, “What belief is triggering that fear?” By doing this, you are tracing your way back to the belief that is at the root of the behavior. Keep this rule in mind: Beliefs create fears which we then act out through our behavior.

6. Own the mirror

Step 4 of the Formula of Compassion is where you recognize the aspect of you that the other person is reflecting or mirroring back to you. It is always a behavior motivated by fear.  At that same moment of recognition, you will also be able to acknowledge that you have done the same thing that you have been judging that person for doing.  If you truly see this, the anger and pain will quickly turn to empathy and sadness because you understand, first-hand, the fear that drives you both to that behavior.

Note: You may have already completed this step if you used the tip provided in Stage 5.

7. Clear the mirror

Steps 5-9 of the Formula of Compassion are completed in this stage.

Now that you have found the fear that motivated the behavior, the next step is to ask yourself,  “What belief triggered that behavior?” This is usually a core belief such as, “I must be perfect in order to have the right to exist.” Once you find the belief, you now have the gift; the recognition of that belief and the opportunity to change it.

At this point there is a sudden shift in your body. The empathy and sadness shift to overwhelming appreciation and gratitude for the other person as all anger, pain, and blame are transmuted. In this moment you release the other person totally and completely.  You then apologize and validate the other person’s pain.

Step 9 of the Formula of Compassion: Your only thought now is how to thank the other person for the gift. You do this by thanking them with a heart full of appreciation and gratitude. They will feel this. Once completed, you have cleared the mirror. The conflict is over and peace, love and harmony is reestablished. But there is an even greater reward; each party feels a greater degree of trust in the relationship because they know that when conflicts arise, each party will stay to work through the conflict and not run.

~ Archangel Michael through Michael Love

Waking Times – 8 Steps to Towards Non-Attachment – – Spiritual Cleansing – 8-22-15

Flickr - Free Bird - Luz Adriana Villa A.

Déesse Indigo, Contributor
Waking Times

During our lives, we tend to form many attachments to various types of things. Many of us are so attached to the physical world that we become enslaved and possessed by the very things we adore.

Detachment is when someone has complete freedom from all that is seen or heard and doesn’t let any possessions take control of them. Practicing non-attachment gives us power over our emotions and feelings in relation to the attachments in our life.

Many people wonder, why does detachment matter? Why does it matter whether or not we’re attached to something? The answer is simple, if we’re not careful our attachment can lead to tragedy and heartbreak when change takes its unstoppable course. Attachment is the root cause of our suffering. Non-attachment is the ultimate form of self-mastery.

The first and most important concept when trying to incorporate non-attachment into your life, is consciously acknowledging that everything that’s manifested in our physical world is temporary, not forever.

When you notice your attachment to anyone or to anything, ask yourself the following questions: “Why do I really desire this? What permanent advantage would I gain by possessing this? How would this possession help me towards greater knowledge and freedom?” Over and over again, the answers to these questions show us that the desired thing is useless in the long term and also may be potentially harmful by driving us into ignorance and bondage. Sometimes we may become aware that the things we desire, is something simply to fulfill a mere restlessness in the mind.

The mental state of non-attachment may come slowly, but even during the earliest stages of practice are rewarded by a sense of peace and freedom. Guaranteed success will come from being consistent with this spiritual discipline.


Practice Non-Attachment in 8 Steps

1. Ask yourself what realistic permanent advantage you should gain if you possessed your desire.

2. Let go of your attachment to money by making a donation or helping out someone in need.

3. Befriend yourself- your self-worth should come from within you, not from other peoples approvals.

4. Don’t seek security in people or things.

5. Overcome your attachment to entertainment

6. Let go of the need to be dominate or influential over others.

7. Stop living in an illusion- don’t overly attach yourself to your possessions or even your hopes and dreams.

8. Understand that all things naturally come and go. It’s unavoidable.

Non-attachment is easily misunderstood by many people as they might interrupt it as having to give up their possessions to feel “free”. This is far from the truth. Detachment is simply not feeling owned by the things you possess or desire.

There will be moments when impatience of frustration arises. But that’s alright as long as you allow the emotions to rise and dissolve. Do not feed or fuel the negative emotions.

The Benefits of Non-Attachment

  • Expectations no longer rule your life.
  • You see things for the way they are.
  • You’re not bothered much by the physical world (but you don’t tolerate harmful behavior).
  • Your heart grows even bigger and you love more because you don’t feel the need to control everything.
  • You’re not attached to outcomes.
  • Detachment is releasing vibrational resistance, allowing the law of attraction to work effectively for you.
  • Be attached to nothing but be open to everything. Non-attachment is a freeing practice which will help you a lot when it comes to adjusting to change that takes place in the future.
About the Author

Déesse Indigo is a self help and Law of Attraction coach. On her free time, she loves to write simple essays for people to enjoy so they may grow or understand themselves better.

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This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

Waking Times

Steve Beckow – Going Down or Coming Up, Vasanas Feel the Same – 10-13-14

Vasanas 231This statement from the Arcturian Group is significant and should not pass unnoticed:

“The [clearing] process is not always pleasant as you have discovered for many clearings are re-experienced as they come to the surface.” (1)

They describe a puzzling situation. Here we are after so many years of clearing, things and still coming up and they feel as unpleasant as heck. What in the world is going on? We should feel clear by now.

We fail to distinguish between an upset that we project outwards or introject inwards, that adds to our stack of vasanas, and a vasana that’s going off to be cleared and is cleared.

They feel the same. In both situations we feel crummy, hurt, pained, etc. We tend to wonder what if we’re getting anywhere.

But indeed there is a difference.

In the first situation we’re burying ourselves deeper and deeper in our upsets and unwanted conditions. In the second one, we’re releasing our upsets and unwanted conditions. But to do that we need to re-experience those upsets and whether experiencing them and projecting them or re-experiencing them, and releasing them, we feel equally crummy and out of sorts.

Don’t be fooled. If we re-experience them to completion and let them go, we might never be troubled by them again.

It’s a hard birth, as the Arcturian Group says. But it’s what we came to do and it’ll soon be superseded by a state of equanimity and bliss.

“Hang on,” as Linda Dillon says. (2) We’re on our way home now, never again to be prodigal children. The last act of the drama of the old Third Dimension is happening now.

Divine Alchemy – Transmute To Love


Ryan Brown – How to Free Yourself From Repressed Emotions – Waking Times – 6-21-14

Ryan Brown, Contributor  /  Waking Times   /


A common way in which we deal with unpleasant emotions is to suppress or ignore them. These are normal coping mechanisms our minds uses to handle situations we don’t particularly want to deal with in the present moment. When strong emotions come into our consciousness, there is often something inside of us which says, “This is going to ruin my happiness right now and I don’t like that, so I’ll just deal with it later.” The problem with this approach is that ‘later’ never comes and these emotions get pushed further down, out of our conscious awareness.

It is a basic law of the universe that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. The same law applies to our consciousness. We can suppress emotions for a very long time, and although they leave our conscious awareness, it doesn’t mean they are completely gone. This repressed emotional energy gets buried deep within the basement of our subconscious, where it sits gathering ‘emotional dust’.

This ‘dust’ is actually emotional energy that resonates with the repressed emotion. These emotions also attract like-emotions, and they do this by bringing situations into our day-to-day life which activate and feed them with similar emotional energy. In this way, suppressed emotions (which are basically energetic patterns) begin to gain more power, until an emotional pressure begins to build.

This internal pressure of repressed emotions is what many of us are afraid to look at. This gradually accumulates until the pressure becomes too great to remain hidden, and rises to the surface in a fit of rage, depression or an uncharacteristic emotional reaction. When this breakdown happens, we feel a temporary relief from the released energy. However, if we don’t work to bleed out all the accumulated energy, the pressure will, once again, begin to build until the next ‘external’ event releases more of the pressure.

When an emotional trauma occurs, there is the choice to either deal with it effectively or to turn away from it. When we choose to turn away from it, we must do something with the energy of the situation. We either 1) repress/suppress the emotions, 2) express them (i.e. saying things out of anger), or 3) distract ourselves with something else.

These debilitating forms of handling emotions lead to the reinforcement of an emotional pattern within the psyche, which can eventually take on a life of its own and begin to run our lives. When approached in this way, the process can continue indefinitely, or until a complete (often called nervous) breakdown occurs. The nervous breakdown, although traumatic, usually has a very transformative effect because a vast amount of pent-up emotion is released in a very short period of time. It is this catharsis, or ‘dark night of the soul‘, that is touched upon in many world myths, religions, and shamanic traditions. 

The Good News

The good news is that we don’t have to wait for a complete nervous breakdown to start letting these repressed emotions go. There is a way to let out this emotional pressure, no matter how deep, in a beneficial and transformative way. It requires radical self-honesty and the courage to face the fear that played a main part in suppressing the emotions in the first place.  It is not the easiest of paths, and not to be undertaken lightly, but it is one that we must take if we wish to live a truly peaceful and balanced life. 

The Decompression Process


Please Continue Reading This article at Waking Times


About the Author

Ryan Brown is a meditation teacher, energetic healer and writer. He has studied shamanic traditions of the Amazonian Basin and strives to integrate the ancient wisdom teachings of both the East and West in a way that is applicable to modern living. You can learn more about his pursuits at

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Jonathan Parker – 3 Painless Ways to Become Clear of Negative Karma

Jonathan Parker·36 videos – Jonathan Parker shares 3 ways to become clear of negative karma. Clearing karma begins with understanding the pattern, releasing the beliefs that perpetuate the pattern through self forgiveness and finally using affirmations to imprint new positive emotions which help clear the old patterns.

Ashtar – Update About the Present Clearing Process – Tsunami Of Love – 5-13-14

rainbowabundance·2,287 videos




Ashtar Speaks: Update About the Present Clearing Process –May 13, 2014There are times where the work you are doing is demanding that we ‘leave you alone’. In this phase, where your bodies are dealing with major adjustments, it would be counter-productive to keep you busy with additional tasks.


Every one of you is going through major changes. During April you experienced for yourself how intensive this clearing was.


The outpouring of energies upon you has affected your bodies in rather the same way as with nature following a thunderstorm. You have probably noticed that after a storm the sun seems brighter, the air purer and that everything is more in harmony. And, just as in the aftermath of a thunderstorm, everything that needed to be cleared is transformed and dissolved.


This ‘thunderstorm’ was especially heavy, as you yourselves have experienced, and the clearing process has not yet finished. The only absolute term in the Universe is that changes are happening.


However, the Divine Plan is proceeding like clockwork. Those who have doubts are still focusing too much on the outer symptoms of this clearing. Whoever claims that there are no outward signs of what we are telling you here, even though this is not true, might like to look in the mirror and compare themselves with the person they were a few months ago – switch off your brain and concentrate on your heart.


The best indication of your progress is that you are unceasing in your efforts to make the world a better place for All That Is, and you are progressing tirelessly, irrespective of how exhausting your journey may appear at times. And so it is, Dear Ones – you agreed to follow the path of All That Is. You are the Wayshowers that have been chosen to pave the way for the human Collective.


The Tsunami of Love is in full flow and you are ready to receive the major wave. And here we would like to remind you that this major wave is not coming from outside – it is beginning and developing inside you. Open your heart to the Tsunami of Love and you will be totally prepared for the arrival of this major wave that is in its final approach and will clear you at the right time.


As we have said, the Tsunami of Love is a forerunner of your Ascension – it is preparing you for your Ascension with your physical body. And if you would like to know just where you are at this present time in the process of Ascension, then let us give you this picture:


Imagine that you are standing in front of a huge, bright portal of absolute beauty. This portal is flooded with gentle, lovely music and total peace. You are directly in front of it, and your hand is on the handle that opens the door of the portal. All that stops you from pressing the door handle are the last transformations within you, which still have to be resolved to be able to receive what is ready for you beyond the portal.


So you see, you are more than close to your destination. Don´t ease off in your process of clearing which will enable you to pass through the portal. As tiresome as it may seem to be, without this clearing process passage through the portal cannot take place.


Spirit´s Plan for Humanity is implemented – nothing has changed this, neither the present unrest in your world nor your Free Will.


Your Free Will is the most precious commodity that you have received from Spirit and it is, to all who are taking part in the process of the Ascension of the human Collective, holy and surely not to be violated.


But it is not only the uplift of humanity that is dependent upon your Ascension – your Ascension has an effect on the whole Universe. Therefore, your Free Will is holy as a part of the Ascension but it cannot and must not lead to the situation where the Divine Plan is not implemented. Your Free Will is considered insofar as it is compatible with the Divine Plan.


Is it possible to adjust and to modify the Divine Plan by your willpower? Of course – as long as it is compatible with the Plan, as happened when humanity decided to ascend collectively. Spirit has considered your collective – not individual – Free Will and has agreed that  humanity will ascend together, so the Divine Plan was adjusted accordingly. But there was a clear agreement relating to the conditions for this adjustment:


First of all, it should not mean that Gaia and her inhabitants have to stay much longer in the lower vibrations. Please remember that it was Gaia herself who asked for help and who initiated the ‘Ascension’ project. Furthermore that your Ascension is affecting the whole Universe, and it is the pioneer for the Ascension of other planets in your Universe. For this reason the ‘waiting period’ was deliberately concise.


A further condition is that the individual Free Will of a few can no longer affect the Collective Free Will. Herewith we are referring to those who for some reason do not want to take part in the Ascension, be it for keeping the status quo and not losing their power, or because they have planned their Ascension for a later time.


This is important to understand – the dark forces can have no more influence on your Ascension. This is the reason why we are tirelessly pointing out that you should not allow any of their actions to prevent you from focusing on your Ascension work. Send them Light and Love, and do not forget that they are also players in the game called Life.


In a nutshell we wish to say that everything is well. We are immensely proud of you and how you are participating in this endgame. Please do not let your trust weaken, and when you have any doubts get in contact with your brothers and sisters ‘behind the curtain’. Ask us for strength and help – you are never alone, not for one single moment. This is the most important fact to remember again and again.


I am Ashtar, your Star brother, who is talking to a number of souls on this side of the curtain. And it is a great pleasure and honor for me to be this Ambassador.

In deepest Love  /  Channeller: Philipp


Steve Beckow – Why Processing is So Important – Releasing Your Reaction Patterns – Golden Age Of Gaia – 5-9-14

Happy 223Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

This article is very well contextualized by “Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young: Shifting With Grace and Ease & Becoming Your Own Hero” at

We’ve talked a lot about “processing.” What does that mean and why put emphasis on it?

Years ago we discussed how, if we did not cleanse ourselves of what I call our vasanas, (1) by which I mean our reaction patterns formed in childhood as a result of traumatic incidents that are carried in memory, we might have a rocky ride in the lead-up to Ascension and in Ascension itself.

At that time, there was no talk of a Tsunami of Love as a precursor to Ascension. But I now see that the need to clear vasanas relates as much to the Tsunami as to Ascension itself.

A few days ago, I had an experience of the Tsunami. The spiritual experience I went through was indeed actually a tsunami! The blue setting I found myself in buckled and burst and a wave of love arose which very quickly filled up everything.

I was not somehow swallowed up in this wave of love. It was not intrusive at all but very gentle and uplifting. So much for “drowning” in the wave.

And then it passed and I was back in processing leftover feelings again. No experience is lasting short of the Tsunami in full force and Ascension.  The Divine Mother told us on January 30, 2014:

“One drop of knowing the fullness of my love shifts you permanently, irreversibly. And yet I speak to you of a tsunami, of an ocean of love, of our love, to penetrate your core so that you may know not only how much you are cherished, but what you are truly capable of.” (2)

Unless we process these leftover blocks, barriers, and resistances, they’ll be the first things that come up in the face of increasing love.  We’ll need to clear them at that time, I think, and so processing them when they rise to the surface in everyday life is a good thing and the way to have them be gone.

Jesus in “Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: The Third Way” describes what this third way which I call “processing” looks like: I apologize for the lengthy quotation, but it’s very relevant.

“There is a third way – a third way to experience your own human emotions. The first way was to totally identify with your anger, as in the previous example. The second way was to crowd it out, to suppress it and to condemn it.

“The third way is to allow it – to let it be and to transcend it. That is what consciousness does. The consciousness of which I speak does not judge – it is a state of being.

“It is a way of observation that is at the same time creative. Now, many spiritual traditions have said: be aware of yourself, that is sufficient. But then you wonder: how can that be? How can the mere awareness of myself bring about change in the flow of my emotions?

“You have to realize that consciousness is something very powerful. It is much more than a passive registering of an emotion – consciousness is an intense creative force.

“Now imagine again that something in the outside world evokes a powerful emotion in you – for example, anger. When you deal with it consciously, you observe it fully in yourself. You do nothing about it, while at the same time you keep observing and watching.

“You no longer identify with the anger, you do not lose yourself in it, you just allow the anger to be what it is. This is a state of detachment, but a detachment that takes great strength, because everything you have learned seduces you into being drawn into your moods, inside the emotion of anger or fear. And to make it more complicated, you also get drawn into judgment about that anger or fear.” (3)

Awareness or consciousness is decidedly not neutral. I’ve spoken before about “painting with awareness.” (4) When we apply awareness to an unwanted feeling, it’s like painting on paint remover. It causes the feeling to lift, without leaving residue.

Eckhart talks about applying “presence.” Same thing. (5)

What I do is that, as Jesus said, I be aware of the feeling, rather than projecting it or interjecting (swallowing) it. If I abide long enough as this bare and basic awareness, the feeling not only lifts, but, if I’ve seen the process through to the end, the feeling mitigates and finally disappears, leaving me free of it (after repeated processing, that is).

And, yes, it does take great strength to do this. Feelings like anger, anguish and loneliness are very unpleasant to rest with. We squirm in the face of them and want to escape.

It’s counter-intuitive (6) to breathe into them and allow them to be, without running from them. But this is the way to release them. (You can also give them away to the Divine Mother, something that is working more and more these days.)

I not only “be” with the feelings, but I also ask the mind to throw up images that show me what earlier, similar incidents the feelings relate to. The mind is very obedient and throws up an image almost immediately and we’re to go with the first image it casts up.

But that image flies by our field of awareness very quickly and so we have to grab it. If we reject the first image, either no further image will come up or an image will that is not as relevant. So we have to be swift.

Once we’ve processed the feeling completely and it lifts, we’ve gotten rid of one more barrier to a smooth experience of the Tsunami or Ascension.

So this is what I’m doing and why I’m doing it so religiously. I’m clearing my memory banks of traumatic memories to ensure a smooth passage later.

I’m clearing the musculature of the body of its holding patterns if what I’m doing is clearing a surface feeling, embedded in the body’s muscles.

And lately I’ve also seen that if I allow the traces to remain, the so-called subterranean feelings, they then sprout again into a full-fledged surface feeling.

So that’s what processing means and why I do it and why it’s so important as we prepare for the full-fledged Tsunami and Ascension.



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