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Published on Mar 27, 2015

ECKHART TOLLE – What Do I Do When My Partner Isn’t Awake Spiritually? – by Evolutionary_Mystic Post – 3-23-18

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KELLY ASHLEY @ iN5d – Spiritual Awakening – 4 Signs That Indicate You’re In Healing Phase Right Now – 2-28-18

Awakening 555

by Kelly Ashley,   Guest writer,

In every awakening, there is one stage in particular that is more painful, confusing and debilitating than all the others combined, and unfortunately, that’s the healing phase. It’s the most turbulent of all. But, if you’re reading this with a surge of fear in your stomach, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be like that. The good news is that after reading this article I’m going to share with you a healing method that will help you ease your way through the healing phase in a way that is calm, confident and stable. We can learn it in just 10 minutes too! (I’ve created a FREE course that will teach you everything you need below in my bio – but more on that at the end).

One good thing about the healing phase is that it has signs and symptoms so specific to the stage itself that we can easily and quickly help you identify if you’re in it or not yet (note the use of ‘yet’, because it is a stage we must all go through whether we like it or not).


Here are the 4 signs and symptoms that indicate you’re in healing phase of awakening right now:

  • Feeling highly sensitive
  • Intense, overwhelming emotions
  • Heightened empathy (picking up other people’s ‘stuff’)
  • Psychic or energetic sensitivity

Trust me in this, EVERYONE going through the healing phase of awakening experiences these 4 specific symptoms – however that doesn’t encompass all that you could experience in the healing phase, by a mile. These 4 key symptoms are an overview. Yes, everyone gets these, but within that, the experiences that each of these symptoms produce is as unique to you as your finger print.

So feeling highly sensitive could be as simple as developing an aversion to meat or unnatural substances.

Overwhelming emotions might mean not being able to hang around too many people any more, or feeling incredibly anxious and emotional.

Heightened empathy could mean that you can’t bear to watch the news anymore, or that you’re bothered by other people’s moods and emotional states.

Psychic or energetic sensitivity could be as simple as picking up ‘icky’ vibes from a place, or sensing buzzing and tingling over your body or in a particular chakra.

But What Does It Mean For You?

Good question. Your experience of the healing phase is unique to you because of your past life timeline. We’ve all had different lifetimes, different experiences, even different traumas and belief systems, and they’re all coming up for healing now. I’m going to share with you a little known fact that most people don’t realize about their awakening symptoms.

There is a divine purpose to your healing phase symptoms.

They are NOT just a jumble of emotions and symptoms – they are a code – a message from your soul to help you on your awakening path – and it’s not as confusing as you might think to decipher. In fact, it’s so easy peasy, you don’t even need to squeeze that lemon. No matter what the emotions or symptoms are, or how peculiar they may seem, they actually all indicate the same thing…

Issues that need healed. 

Yup, every single one of them. And the super cool thing about the ascension process is that it will show you exactly what it is that you need to heal in order to move forward. That’s why we’re all experiencing these crazy symptoms. Our souls are literally showing us what needs to be healed whether it be an emotion, ache, pain, energy block or energetic issue. If we’re FEELING it, we need to start HEALING it.

See, that’s the aim of the game. Our soul wants us to begin healing all of the old pain and trauma of our past life times that are stopping us from being absolutely authentic to who we truly are. We’re trying to get back to that clarity so that we can fulfill our life purpose and mission, and share the wisdom that we’ve brought (don’t worry if you can’t remember it yet!) But if we want to do that, and reach that end goal, we need to start moving along the ascension pathway.

Healing Is Key To Moving Through Your Awakening More Quickly & Easily

Yes, healing really is the key to moving through your awakening more quickly and easily, but in order for us to begin making that transition we need more understanding. Let’s have an overview of the awakening process and its stages so that we can get a more structured handle on this thing. ‘Structure?’ I hear you say, YES spiritual awakening does actually have a really specific structure to it. Unfortunately we don’t often realize this when we’re in the midst of the mess, but it can be helpful in understanding what’s happening, so let’s take a look.

Grounding -> Healing -> Clear intuition -> Aligned with life purpose


As a first step we need to ground in order to simply reduce our symptoms, but grounding isn’t just about reducing your symptoms (although that is a great relief for sure). It’s about prepping you for the healing phase. If you’re not fully grounded, you WILL NOT BE ABLE to handle the healing phase at all. Healing without grounding is like trying to build a house on a wet, sandy shore. You’re sure to get washed away with that emotional tsunami when it comes (if you haven’t already dealt with that – it’s imperative – you can get our FREE course to show you to ground how here.)


I’m also going to let you in on a little therapist’s tip that I use with my awakening clients in session. We also need to ground so that we can clearly see whatever issues or symptoms are left over. If a symptom resolves with proper grounding in place, then it’s simply a result of being ungrounded. However, if we ground and the issue or symptom is STILL there, then our soul is showing us exactly what we need to clear and heal in order to move forward. So everything we FEEL we need to HEAL. It’s pretty awesome how our souls guide the way like that.


As we move through healing we begin dissolving any blocks to our intuitive gifts, psychic awareness, leadership and healing abilities. All the issues that happened to us before, throughout many past lives that caused us to dampen our gifts, hide our abilities or fear our own power are eradicated and soon, we are in full control – stable and grounded, yet intuitive and awakened.

Life Purpose

Then POW! We’re really there. Once we are grounded and stable, clear in our intuitive and healing abilities, capable of stepping into (and controlling) our own power, then the universe says, ‘hot damn, s/he’s finally ready!’ This is when miracles can occur. When divine intervention really takes hold. When we become enlightened and inspired with a passion so great that it helps others and fulfills our souls at the exact same time. It marries our greatest potential, our fullest joy, our deepest passions and our greatest abundant yield. Yes, the universe really does want to support you in that.

But it’s all got to start sometime, and that time is now.

Are you ready to get started on this healing pathway? It’s super easy – I’ll show you how in our FREE 5-day course in the bio below!

About the authorKelly helps those going through spiritual awakening to reduce their symptoms and awaken more easily. Get your FREE 5-day course to help you calm your emotions, clear blocked energies and heal your soul *here:

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Originally posted on Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD:

Greetings everyone!

Today I am overjoyed to bring you a potent conversation,

introduction, seed and ancient continuation between

two beings who walk the same path,

but in different ways.


KELLY ASHLEY @ In5D – 3 Reasons Why Your Spiritual Awakening Is Completely Overwhelming – 9-30-17

Spiritual Awakening


by Kelly Ashley,   Guest writer,

Spiritual awakening is hard

I mean, really hard. There’s a lot of content out there that makes it sound like rainbows and butterflies coupled with a delicious feeling of oneness, but generally, most of us are curled in the fetal position feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and unable to cope.

There is an underlying sense of synchronicity about it all. You know that something big is happening to you, but you don’t know what, and you definitely can’t explain it. You might be experiencing moments that are high – a spiritual elation, psychic or spiritual experiences, a sense of love or oneness or a strong sense of purpose… but it dips away again and you are left in the darkness, beating yourself up and wondering why you just can’t get through this more gracefully like everybody else.

Well, let’s bust that myth, because I don’t know anyone who has moved through the awakening process with total ease and grace (or rainbows and butterflies for that matter). Even the likes of Mother Theresa and Carl Jung went through awakenings that involved a lot of darkness. We’re all just moving through our ‘stuff’, shedding the darkness that is no longer true to us, and revealing our divinity. Be gentle with yourself, and accept the fact that a transformation this spectacular means that being a bit of a hot mess sometimes is par for the course. You’re not alone in that, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with where you are right now.

Lets take a look at the 3 main reasons why your spiritual awakening is completely overwhelming:

Emotional sensitivity

Okay, first things first. When we begin to awaken, ALL of our sensitivities become heightened. We’ve been opened up and super highly sensitized on purpose – it ensures that we FEEL in order for us to HEAL. It helps us become aware of feelings that we might have been hiding from for lifetimes. Recurrent themes and patterns that may have plagued us through the ages rise up once more – highly charged and full of intensity (because we’ve dealt with them so many times) which can be really frightening, confusing and hard to deal with. Know that although they may be powerful and overwhelming right now, that you’re here to heal them once and for all, and when you do they’ll finally be gone forever.

Heightened empathy

Now that our emotional sensitivity is heightened, we begin to get triggered. We start to pick up on other people’s ‘stuff’. We unwillingly feel their feelings and take on their aches and pains automatically without conscious choice. We might even begin picking up icky vibes from places or things too. This can make watching the news, tv or films too painful to bear as we experience the emotions connected to those involved. This leaves us intensely feeling other people’s feelings (because of our heightened sensitivity) and unable to shake it because of our heightened empathy. In fact it can in some cases make social interaction practically unbearable. Rest assured though, that as with our heightened emotions it is happening on purpose. Being in contact with other people, places and things is triggering these emotions and feelings in us so that we’ll heal our own ‘stuff’. It stops us from being able to run away from uncomfortable emotions and ensures that they get completely released and healed.

Spiritual experiences

Another natural part of awakening is the opening and heightening of our psychic senses. This means that we’re going to be seeing, feeling, sensing or hearing spiritual things that we weren’t before. It could range anywhere from a hunch or an intuitive feeling to a full blown spiritual experience that is so profound it completely knocks us off of our feet. Usually we’re not prepared for what we are about to experience and this can lead to confusion, doubt or even a sense of madness. When I went through my own awakening, the spiritual and physical world began to confusingly blur together and it made keeping my feet on the ground in a steady, structured reality extremely difficult. These are natural experiences too, designed to elevate our consciousness and awaken us to the truth that there is more than what we see with our conscious eyes.

These are all absolutely and totally normal. Our empathy is heightened so that we are ‘triggered’ by other people’s stuff. Our emotions are heightened to help us feel the issues that are rising to the surface to be healed and cleared. We have spiritual experiences and a strong awareness of energy and vibes because our psychic senses have been opened (to help us connect to higher realms). This is all normal.

However, sometimes it gets out of hand. I know because it happened to me too. Let’s take a look at the signs we get when our awakening is ungrounded.

Signs your awakening is ungrounded:

  • Anxiety or panic
  • Feeling completely overwhelmed
  • Emotional breakdown or being unable to cope with the intensity of feelings
  • Physical breakdown – sweating, aches and pains, brain fog or fatigue
  • Mental health concerns – psychosis, mystical madness (or a fear that you’re going mad)
  • Psychic intrusion – seeing, hearing, or feeling spiritual things at inappropriate times, being frightened or disturbed by what you experience or psychic and physical worlds blurring together confusingly

These are not only signs that your awakening is ungrounded – they’re not necessary parts of the journey either. Fortunately I learned that these challenges can be changed and awakening can be made much easier by simply grounding our energies.

How To Ground Yourself

You must be really careful in grounding yourself during spiritual awakening as there are many grounding techniques that can actually be ungrounding as a result of our extremely heightened sensitivity. We want to avoid further stimulating these energies or opening ourselves up further as this will only speed up the process and exacerbate the signs we are experiencing. It can open us much further than we are currently prepared for or able to physically handle. Unfortunately I had to learn that the hard way.

I can share what I’ve learned with you so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. I learned what DIDN’T work, and it taught me what DID.

In fact, I created a FREE 5-day eCourse to share what I’ve learned and teach you how to effectively ground yourself in the exact same way.

Are you ready to ground your awakening and ease these unnecessary symptoms? Get started with my FREE ecourse by clicking the link in the bio below.

Kelly AshleyAbout the authorKelly Ashley is an intuitive therapist assisting others with their spiritual awakening process. Get your FREE 5-day eCourse to transform your ascension (and join our Facebook community) here:

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JELELLE AWEN – Re-Anchoring Out Of the 3D Matrix – Into Your Awakening Divine Self – 8-14-17


Re-anchoring is going on huge it feels like right now, especially during this mega time of energy shifts and influxes. Re-anchoring into higher vibrational frequencies and higher consciousness states of New Earth into 4D transitional consciousness and away from the 3D matrix which anchored us into its projected and collaborated reality. The 3D matrix dissolving as it is in the now WITH love ‘drops’ people then into their own native soul expressing body frequency and into the discovery of what that actually IS outside of the collective vibe.

The matrix has created a sense of unity consciousness, yet it has the lower vibrational agenda of modulation, conforming, control, following the ‘rules’, and has run on fear-based frequencies of avoiding rejection, unfelt abandonment and unworthiness woundings, power over others, and codependence. As souls, we all agreed to the collaborative creation of this matrix as it helped with the 3D experiment that we all felt was an important one on a soul level and to purge out the shadow in our collective unconsciousness. And so, it has been as we have learned MUCH during it and are continuing to learn so much as it is dissolving.

This matrix is becoming obsolete, no longer needed, and hugely limiting to our soul frequencies now coming into our bodies and emotional bodies. The human species in this current ‘modern era’ timeline is now ready to BE without this matrix on a collective level. The collective emotional body is ready to be healed through the receiving of love frequencies to transform the stuck and blocked places of fear into love. The Reptilian Star BEings who have collaborated and agreed to play the role of ‘suppressor’ and enforcers of this matrix have also now grown beyond it (on their leading edge) and this role. They are in a collective choice point of love over fear, letting in forgiveness from the Divine for all they have ‘done’, and seem to have been gifted a planet of their own to settle down in and continue their awakening journey as a species.

As we can no longer anchor into the matrix, there is this collective ‘floating’ feeling as each individual soul finds their new bearings inside of themselves rather than outside of themselves. For some souls, parts of them will be slower, stubborn, or even outright refuse to re-anchor into themselves in a higher vibrational frequency during this current timeline. They will continue to create a matrix from inside of themselves, pulling from their unhealed emotional bodies and undigested karma from their Metasoul lifetimes too. The ‘hellish’ frequencies of the matrix will still be reality for them as they are free will choosing it. They will remain ‘hooked in’ completely by their own free will choice on a 3D level and, of course, on a higher self level too. They will continue to manifest body illness, dis-ease, toxic relationship patterns, suffering loops…whatever they need to continue to grow and learn. Although it will become increasingly uncomfortable for them to be at this lower frequency and remain on Gaia, so they will most likely leave the body eventually with their Metasoul having sovereignly learned what it came here to learn.

For those of us who are re-anchoring already in a conscious way and maybe have been for many years and have been awakened to our Metasoul frequencies, we will flow along WITH the matrix-free Gaia as She moves UP in frequency. An important aspect of the process for you in this is the 4D transitional phase, the deaths and rebirths, the Dark Nights and the Light Day awakenings, the de-conditionings and the re-conditionings too, the shedding and molting off of so many layers. This re-anchoring into self is the discovery process of what ISN’T your authentic self and what IS. To say ‘no’ to very many previous beloved ways of being in the world in order to say ‘yes’ to the unknown NEW way that is based in love. It is the process of letting go of 3D anchors that are OUTSIDE of you in ALL areas of our life so that you can anchor INSIDE of you. In this phase, you discover and FEEL yourself as a fractal from Divine Source AND as the Divine, both, and let go of the ‘outside of self’ God picture as offered by 3D religious pictures.

One of the deepest sources of 3D anchoring can come in the form of relationships (both romantic and friendships) and especially those that are long term or from the ‘past’ or birth family. These long-term relationships have mostly been running on a momentum of subconscious and underground hook-ups between parts of you and an agreement between 3D selves to stay connected ‘no matter what’. These relationships may have served as a crucial anchor to 3D reality when it was most needed, especially those formed during childhood and as a teenager. Your inner child and inner teenagers aspects deeply NEEDED this anchoring to come from some where and found solace, relief, in the other providing it. The souls and higher selves agree to this anchoring together to support each other through the incarnation process of BEing in the vibrational denser 3D frequencies.

These relationship agreements based on 3D reality anchoring are now being shaken up by ascension energies and Gaia’s frequencies shifting into 4D and higher and the matrix dissolving.  As your higher self frequencies come into your physical body and your emotional body, you begin to feel how these anchors (while necessary while they were) are now limiting your consciousness from expanding and growing. The transactional ground of the relationship gets narrower with less common values to share, unless both souls have agreed to awaken together and in similar ways. If you are the one awakening though, you begin to realize how sensitive you are to the lack of resonance in the relationship, missing curiosity from the other in awakening, and just lack of ‘common ground’ between you and them. It becomes quite painful for you to BE in the relationship as it just doesn’t offer the nourishment anymore of what your soul and heart most want and need.

The ascension energies are inviting us to shift from anchoring into another person, yet rather to begin the process of anchoring in OURSELVES and to the Divine as a source experienced from WITHIN us. As you drop these anchors to 3D life, your soul is freed UP, your heart is opened UP, your mind is expanded UP, and your body is lightened UP too. The NEW anchors do not weigh you down, yet rather invite you to let IN, grounding you in yet not limiting your consciousness or capping it in any way. As SoulFullHeart facilitant Seraphina said recently of this process, “The anchor is lost at sea but I am floating free!” And so it IS and so it becomes more and more as you let go in order to let in the NEW.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about space holding sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at




Luke Miller – 6 Things You Lose As A Result Of A Spiritual Awakening – by Body Mind Soul Spirit – 8-14-17

6 Things You Lose As A Result Of A Spiritual Awakening

by Luke Miller,

Spirituality is the foundations for good health. When you spiritually connect to that which is important to you magical and amazing things start to happen.

But while a lot of people seem to be getting into spirituality for personal gain and development, it is actually what you lose as a result of spiritual connection that has the most impact.

I have to say that you will never completely lose the things I speak about in this article, and while they are quite negative, they are also natural feelings that come up from time to time.

We all have the same capacity to feel what any other person feels and act in ways any other person acts, what will make a difference in your life is the level of attention you project onto these areas.

A spiritual awakening is by no means the end; it in fact asks more questions than it answers. But when you reach that more enlightened state here are 6 things you will start to see a lot less of!


You usually hate in others what you see a part of in yourself or what you want to see more of in yourself. A spiritual awakening helps you to hold up the mirror and see yourself stripped down to the bare bones.

There will always be people in the world who have characteristics which are unpleasant to you, but the people who are expressing these traits are doing so at their current level of mind and it is up to you if you want to allow that person to dominate your consciousness.

Spiritual connection helps you to show compassion for those who do you wrong and give you the ability to at least start the process of tolerance and forgiveness!


An awakened mind allows you to show admiration for those who do well and strive to follow in their footsteps. It also helps to remove any malicious or jealousy and appreciate the accomplishments of others.

When another person attains that which you desire, it is quite easy to feel envious, even if there are no bad intentions. Being spiritually awakened will help you to realize that we are all part of the same organism and another persons success is your success and when you see the accomplishments of others they can help motivate you to reach the same heights!


Anxiety manifests as a result of living a life that you are not connected to. Your hobbies, your friends, your job and how you spend your time can contribute to that heavy feeling of anxiety.

Spirituality helps you connect to your true purpose and that which matters to you. When you spend your life living on your terms, fully connected to things that have importance to you, anxiety is a lot less prevalent.

Spirituality also helps you to relax, which is the complete opposite of anxiety.


Anger is usually a very unconscious type of behavior. For example losing your temper, this is not a well thought out process.

Spirituality however is a very conscious process that teaches you to be present and in the moment. It also helps you to confront and deal with your problems, leaving you with less unresolved issues to be angry about.


It is hard to feel insecure, when you are deeply connected to your values and you know what you stand for.

Spirituality helps you connect with your identity and remove the layers which may have been left by following the wrong dreams, society, loved ones or any other influence you may have been in contact with.

It helps you to know yourself and when you truly know who you are, you are far less likely to go against you true nature, just so you can please other people!

Fear Of Failure

This goes hand in hand with insecurity, because once you remove those layers of insecurity and actually know what you want from life you can relentlessly move towards your goals.

Your goals are supposed to be scary. If they are not then you might want to consider some bigger ones! And failing on the way to achieving what you want out of life is also normal.

But being spiritually connected helps you to not be afraid of being a failure, while accepting you will fail along the way.

It is easy to search for external answers in life, as it seems that the answers are just out there waiting to be found. The reality is that losing things or finding what already exists within you is the key to living a healthy, happy and balanced life!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you have lost as a result of your spiritual awakening by leaving me a comment below! And if you think anyone you know could benefit from reading this share it on social media, tag your friends or email it out!]

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About the author:  My name is Luke Miller I am a spiritual life hacker and the creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology & spirituality to help you create more happiness in life. I believe that spirituality is the foundations for good health & once you get a good spiritual connection it is easier to live life on your terms and perform at your peak. You can get your hands on my free eBook which teaches you how to create happiness, spiritually connect, perform at your peak and live life on your terms by going to this here link.

KELLY ASHLEY – 4 Stages Of Real Spiritual Awakening – How To Move Through Them More Easily – dreamweaver333 – 6-1-17

Originally posted on Dreaming With Dolphins: I’ve seen and read a lot about the stages of spiritual awakening over the years and to be honest, I’ve been left disappointed. For the most part I couldn’t understand how everyone else’s awakening was all rainbows and butterflies, while I became a hot, emotional, crazy, mess. I figured…

via KELLY ASHLEY: “4 Stages Of Real Spiritual Awakening And How To Move Through Them More Easily” — dreamweaver333

9 Indications You’re Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening ~ Alex Grey — Evolutionary_Mystic Post

1. You’re creating your own beliefs. Many self-defined spiritual people can talk to you at length for hours about spiritual beliefs of others, but when it comes to their own beliefs, there aren’t actually any. When you’re experiencing a true spiritual awakening, sure, you might find some solace in older beliefs and systems. You might […]

via 9 Indications You’re Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening ~ Alex Grey — Evolutionary_Mystic Post

Paul Levy – Spiritual Awakening – Spiritual Emergence – 10-31-14


 Image Source

In a spiritual awakening, the old and antiquated structures of the psyche are breaking down, which can become a breakthrough, however, depending on how it is contained and related to by the surrounding community and unfolded. The dis-integration of the personality can be the beginning of a coming together at a more coherent, and unified level of consciousness. When someone is having a spiritual emergence, it is as if they have snapped out of a life-long spell and are beginning to see through the illusion of consensus reality which is woven all around us; because of this they are typically in an incredibly open, vulnerable, fluid and fragile state.

When the person who is spiritually emerging is being judged and pathologized by the world, their friends, their family and “the authorities,” i.e., psychiatry. However, this can literally evoke the pathological part of their process to manifest, which simply confirms to those who are pathologizing them the objective truth that the person is indeed in a pathological state, as they now have even further evidence to prove the rightness of their judgment, ad infinitum.

This process—a self-perpetuating feedback loop—can quickly become a nightmare for the person who was waking up, as it can literally make them sick. Before my awakening got violently shut down by psychiatry, my inner subjective feeling was that my prayers were being answered—the trauma from my father was being released and liberated.

In a spiritual awakening, an enormous amount of psychic energy and latent creativity is released, as if a beach-ball that was being held under water had been released to its natural buoyancy. Talking about the birth of the true personality and its “therapeutic effect,” Jung writes that it is “as if a stone lying on a germinating seed were lifted away so that the shoot could begin its natural growth.”

As is typical when something is long-held down and suppressed, there can be an over-compensation in one direction until “the shoot” sprouting out of the germinating seed of the personality naturally gets in balance over time. Typically, the person who is waking up can become quite “enthusiastic” (“en-theos” means to be filled with spirit) about the “good news” they are realizing which can easily be interpreted as being a form of “mania.”

In its initial stage, a spiritual awakening can, and often does look like and mimic a nervous breakdown, as the person’s habitual structures of holding themselves together fall apart, as their inner constitution is being rewritten. Indigenous cultures the world over are more aware than our modern, industrial society that when someone begins to act a little “weird,” it might be the beginning of their call to potentially become a shaman or healer, a role which would benefit everyone.

Once my spiritual awakening became ignited, I have no doubt whatsoever that all I needed was a number of months, maybe even a year, to have a safe container, supported by friends, family and mentors to help me to integrate what was being revealed to me. Instead of being pathologized, medicated and all the rest, which simply aborted a deeper process that was emerging, all I needed was to have my process held in a certain way so that it could creatively unfold itself and be naturally metabolized and assimilated.

Paul Levy

Atona Areyus with Ari Kopel – 10-4-13 – ETs of Light, Archangels, Transformation, Spiritual Awakening , Walking Between Realities Part 2

Part 2

In this episode, Atona continues her “magical journey” with us, as she goes into more detail about her communication and experiences with the Illumined Worlds. These experiences with “the otherside” are what has shaped her understandings of how this world is constructed. Atona’s experiences demonstrate that these Illumined Realms are real and that there is so much more beyond this reality. She brings information that will help us see through this matrix-illusion and embrace the Higher Vibrational Worlds that are simultaneously present and can be experienced when one is open to that.

Part 1

Ari Kopel·39 videos

Atona Areyus joins us on “Shattering The Matrix” for an amazing in-depth discussion of how to walk in between realities and how to make the “Paradigm Shift”. This information will help us see through this illusion and embrace the Higher Vibrational Worlds that are simultaneously present and experienced, as we increase our vibration, expand our conscious awareness and pierce the veil.

In this episode, Atona discusses how she was transformed from a mundane, non-spiritual person to one that was highly sensitive to the Higher Realms. She tells how she was chosen by those Beings of Light to facilitate the Star Link 88 event in Los Angeles. Atona shares her candid, heart-felt story about her journey in awakening and involvement in being an instrument for the Higher Realms. This story is “Magical” and “Inspiring”. It will resonate with most of us on this journey to self-mastery.

Atona works with Students all over the world as a teacher, and works “under-the-radar”. Her stories will re-kindle hope and that “Sense of Magic” & Innocence in all of us. The story is told from the purity of her heart, revealing experiences with Beings of Light that are here to help Humanity. Atona will help us reconnect with that part of ourselves that allows us to break free from the illusion of limitation, and join the Beings from The Illumined Worlds in creating this Glorious New World!

Atona Areyus – Interviewer Ari Kopel – ETs of Light, Archangels, Transformation, Spiritual Awakening , Walking Between Realities

Ari Kopel·37 videos

Atona Areyus joins us on “Shattering The Matrix” for an amazing in-depth discussion of how to walk in between realities and how to make the “Paradigm Shift”. This information will help us see through this illusion and embrace the Higher Vibrational Worlds that are simultaneously present and experienced, as we increase our vibration, expand our conscious awareness and pierce the veil.

In this episode, Atona discusses how she was transformed from a mundane, non-spiritual person to one that was highly sensitive to the Higher Realms. She tells how she was chosen by those Beings of Light to facilitate the Star Link 88 event in Los Angeles. Atona shares her candid, heart-felt story about her journey in awakening and involvement in being an instrument for the Higher Realms. This story is “Magical” and “Inspiring”. It will resonate with most of us on this journey to self-mastery.

Atona works with Students all over the world as a teacher, and works “under-the-radar”. Her stories will re-kindle hope and that “Sense of Magic” & Innocence in all of us. The story is told from the purity of her heart, revealing experiences with Beings of Light that are here to help Humanity. Atona will help us reconnect with that part of ourselves that allows us to break free from the illusion of limitation, and join the Beings from The Illumined Worlds in creating this Glorious New World!

Join our website at:

Author: Michael Brown – Spiritual Awakening – Defining Moment TV

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Interview with Michael Brown, Author of “The Presence Process: A Healing Journey into Present Moment Awareness.” Hosted by Bret Moss. 

11 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

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11 Signs of Spiritual Awakening, explanations, & solutions

1. Major setbacks in life
2. Unexplained aches & pains
3. Weight out of control
4. Anxiety symptoms & panic attacks
5. Emotional roller coaster
6. Persistent choked feeling/ “lump in throat”
7. Exhaustion/ can’t sleep
8. Feeling lost or something is missing
9. Seeing/ Sensing non-physical entities
10.Lack of concentration & forgetfulness
11.Flu-like symptoms