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Published on Apr 7, 2018

After Ascension, We’ll Acquire New Spiritual Abilities By Steve Beckow Article :…



Article from Golden Age Of Gaia

So what will happen in the Golden Age, whether it begins with a sudden transformation on Dec. 21, 2012, as I believe it will, or with a gradual shift over time, as adherents of the gradual view believe it will?

Our sources say that we’ll acquire new spiritual abilities. Perhaps “acquire” is not quite the right word, because we always have had these abilities, but they are dormant in the Third Dimension. When we cross over to the Astral Plane or Fourth Dimension, these same powers “return.”

One of them is the ability to read thoughts and auras, which SaLuSa tells us will be ours after Ascension.

He begins by telling us how we start relationships in Third Dimensionality:

“There is a distinct difference between physical love and soul love. One is for the satisfaction of the physical senses, whilst the other is Universal Love for all life everywhere. On Earth you tend to be led by physical attraction and often take up partnerships without really knowing the person.” (1)

But in the Fifth Dimension and higher, nothing about a person will be hidden from us.

“In the higher dimensions you see each soul as they really are and there is no hiding of the truth. Being of a higher vibration you can see each other’s auric colours, and with an understanding of their meaning you will know their soul path and energies that they are using.” (2)

Anyone who has read the afterlife literature will be familiar with the fact that grass, flowers and trees on the higher planes actually make music. SaLuSa tells us that we’ll be talking to plants and animals in the Golden Age.

“Everything is alive with levels of consciousness that will give you the experience of talking with not just animals, but also any living creation such as for example plants. On Earth they have consciousness, and do respond to the energies around them. It is not unknown for people to talk to their plants, and find that as a result they become more beautiful and healthy.” (3)

Communication will be by telepathy, Matthew Ward says, allowing people of different languages to communicate.

“You will be able to communicate telepathically in the Golden Age, but speaking aloud still will be important and pleasurable. When telepathic conversations are commonplace again, you will be able to communicate telepathically with people whose languages are different because a translation process is an inherent aspect of telepathy.” (4)

Mira the Pleiadian says this will improve our communications.

“When you are in the higher dimensions you will be telepathic and so your communication will be improved. … This also explains why you are being gifted with increased empathy.” (5)

“Telepathic communication between some souls on Earth and those in other civilizations,” Matthew says, “has been going on ‘close to forever.’” (6) All the channeled messages we read, which is the favored method of communication between civilizations, are proof of that.

Again in the afterlife, people discuss being in two places at once and SaLuSa tells us that that ability to bilocate will be ours after Ascension: “You will have many attributes that will seem quite remarkable, such as being in two places at once.” (7)

Not only will we be able to be in two places at once, but we’ll be able to go back in time, says Ag-Agria, again another ability we have in the afterlife too.

“Oh yes, you can go back in time if that is necessary, and in the higher dimensions you will also be able to see into the future. All is in the Now, and you will experience a wonderful freedom of movement that is the gift to those who have risen up, and have become Cosmic Beings.” (8)

Whatever we need on the higher planes, we’ll create, SaLuSa tells us: “The higher vibrations are … your natural home where your own powers of creation provide all that you need.” (9) And “your creations will be of the Light. Nothing will be beyond your capabilities, and all will depict the absolute harmony that exists within the higher dimensions.” (10)

The Light we create with will be “the Light of the Creator,” which “contains energy, intelligence and everything necessary to create worlds without end and to fulfill the Divine plan,” Archangel Michael tells us. (11)

Moreover, we’ll feel moved to use our new powers of creation only for the benefit of all, SaLuSa says: “As your consciousness expands, so you will find that your understanding of the powers you have also increases. At the higher levels you will not abuse it, but instead use it for the good of all.” (12)

We’ll quickly forget about what we’ve had to leave behind, SaLuSa says, because of the quality of what we can create: “Whatever you leave behind when you rise up, you will have absolutely no regrets, as nothing can compare with the beauty and perfection of the higher realms.” (13)

Gone will be the noisy landscape of factories, SaLuSa says.

“In the higher dimension, … production where necessary will involve totally different methods that are noiseless. Much will be ‘thought’ into being and sometimes involve groups of people, whose combined power will be so much greater.” (14)

Gone as well will be such practices as mining and polluting, he informs us.

“Take for example the various resources of Earth that are used daily to sustain your world and its demands. In the higher levels that will become almost unnecessary as you will have little need to take from the Earth, when you can create what you want through the power of thought.

“In the same way as you dispose of your creations when there use has expired, there is no waste or pollution as all is returned to the unmanifest to be used again. When you reach such levels you will have the knowledge and ability to handle such matters, as your consciousness will be consistent with that expected of a Galactic Being.” (15)

In every way, we’ll become more of the real person we are, says SaLuSa.

“Then and only then, will you become the real you with very few limitations and great power to create.” (16)

Archangel Michael hints at who that may be.

“Remember, you were brought forth from the Sacred Heart Core of the Supreme Creator as a White Fire Being, from which comes the saying, ‘Made in the image and likeness of God.’” (17)

We’ll be awakened beings with greatly expanded knowledge, Ker-on of Venus says.

“After Ascension you will be fully awakened, and there will no mysteries connected with your existence or purpose of life. With your consciousness fully opened you will become godlike in your powers and join all other ascended Beings.” (18)

Thus our spiritual abilities will blossom in the higher dimensions allowing us to create, communicate by telepathy, travel to more than one place at once or back in time, and know so much more than we do today.

In light of that, I certainly feel the excitement building in me when I hear Archangel Michael encouraging us: “Follow the path of Light, beloveds; the time of the grand reunion is at hand.” (19)


4 Huge Benefits Of Being An Empath – From Higher Perspective – 1-2-16


From Higher Perspective, January 2, 2015

You have a distinct advantage over non-empaths.

Empathy is something we’re all born with. Each and every one of us. Our brains are wired to experience empathy. But many decide to beat the empathy out of themselves. This leaves them, in a way, at a disadvantage. By not learning to experience the emotions of others, they will have a greater difficulty in reading other people than you do.

You may feel lower lows, but the highs are even higher.

When you’re an empath, it’s easy to feel so so low when you’re around negative people, but with deep lows come soaring highs. When you feel good, you feel really good. Good enough for the good to last a lifetime.

You have a stellar bullshit detector.

Being an empath gives you the capacity to smell bullshit a mile away. People can’t just lie to your face without you knowing about it. You can even detect when someone is telling a white lie or saying they’re okay when they’re not. It’s a handy capability to have.

You’re more creative.

If you want to make it through this life following creative pursuits and making a buck out of it, being an empath is a gift to you. You’re able to put your thoughts and feelings on paper and canvas alike. This is something every artist needs.