Lightworker Bill Ballard – Going with the Energetic Flow vs Dis-Ease – 5-31-14

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Sometimes darkness we experience can really open us up to our next levels of LIGHT initiations.. We only have to see and understand why what unfolds in our life is going on… I certainly have witnessed this in my life so many times now and here it has just unfolded again.

So much is at play right now on planet. So many persons are here to simply “hold the vibrations” while others of us are not only holding those vibrations but also here creating change and playing our part in that globally. We each play our parts in this global ascension of humanity and Mother Earth. What seemed like would take forever is really unfolding in the “twinkling of an eye”.

We are in a duality material world, here for the experience. The question is what do we wish to create and what level of vibration do we choose to hold as individuals? That understanding IS the comprehension of multi-dimensionality while incarnate. All dimensional levels are playing out right now as the collective wakes and sometimes it is simply NOT comfortable to be around others who are not playing from their hearts… It’s just an experience for all who are playing the games, plain n simple.

To live the experience without generating karmic issues is a real trick right now… Sometimes we just have to let things “just be” for the present moments knowing it will all work out in the end…

It’s ALL Good!

Matt Kahn’s video I was speaking of in this one that made so much of my current experience make sense.

Celia Finn’s latest on Timeline Manipulation I was speaking of… Yup, I feel this is going down right now too… Time Travel 102 : Navigating Timelines” by Celia Fenn. How Time “engineers” are affecting our perception of reality.

Karen Downing – Eclipse Revelations – 4-16-14


The recent eclipse is the harbinger of great and profound change on Earth. But, that change begins within each and every soul first. Collectively, change will not be facilitated without first looking within and creating change in one’s own life. In the process of Ascension (raising one’s vibration), there is a moment where each individual comes face-to-face with the aspects that have been hiding within their deep subconscious memories.

It is not easy to confront these aspects and to look at them honestly, for they originate in past life experiences, and those can be challenging to assess in an impartial manner. When you are living your life now, you have blinders on when it comes to how you view yourself from a past life perspective. Humanity tends to judge things in an all-or-nothing classification, without taking the time to genuinely look at all pieces of one’s emotions and behaviors.

My channel is often asked the question, “What can I do to progress spiritually?” Her answer is, “Work at understanding yourself on a deeper and deeper level.” For, the answer to that question is ongoing, because as you identify and release one past life, another one is there to examine and release, layer upon layer. And, even when you get to the very core of the energy, there is still the Ego (Self) part of you to contend with. This is the part connected to every living being, a part that while once was an asset, now has become like a friend who keeps giving you bad (although well-intended) advice.

Learn to understand your own Ego, what messages does it say to you over-and-over again in your head? Does it put specific expectations on you or what you can do in life? Does it bring emotions into your communications and interactions? Does it keep you trapped in fear? Does it worry about the day-to-day process of life? Because the Ego is attached to the Earth plane (and yes it will continue to be here after Ascension), it is best to learn to about all of its tactics and messages.

The Ego comes from a place of meaning well, but it is basing its conclusions on not repeating the hurts from your past lives. By learning how to keep your own Ego in check, you can arrive at a place where you have mastered how to neutralize its force. This is an ongoing task, because as long as you are living on Earth, the Ego will be present. It will change and evolve, but it will be present as long as you are experiencing the incarnation process. The Ego is a part of the Earthly existence, no different to your physical body. It is the reason why you have chosen to learn in the Earth School versus another plane of learning elsewhere.

The Ego dwells in the extremes; extreme reactions, extreme emotions, extreme highs and lows. It is the Ego that will use terms like “Always” and “Never.” Saying things such as, “I never get help,” or “You always do this to me.” The Ego is not only prideful and self-important, but also fearful and self-defeating. The Ego takes a piece of information, event, occurrence, or situation and gives it an emotional context. The Ego has to convince others of its viewpoint, and sometimes even will try to convince you. Whenever you have to qualify your answer to someone else or to yourself, it is the Ego that is compelled to do so. You neutralize the Ego by learning about the tactics your individual Ego displays.

The more that you learn about your own Ego, the more control you have to keep it from interfering in your life, and the easier it is to move into your Higher Self. That is the ultimate goal of the incarnation process, to overcome the strength of the Ego in such a way that you are able to transform the energy from all previous lifetimes, able to gain completion of what you came to Earth to learn. Every time there is an eclipse, it is there to reveal something that the Ego had tried to keep hidden. There is always something new to learn about yourself, always a new piece of information to discover. The moment you decide you are finished with your learning, is the moment the Ego can exert its influence over you even more. Use these big Astrological events to dive deeper into the recesses of your Ego. When you are honest with this Ego exploration process, you can propel yourself forward on your life path with greater momentum than you could have ever anticipated.

Love, Aurora

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Culminations – The 12th Road


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The Full Moon is upon us again and with it comes the culmination of energy that’s been building since the recent Solar Eclipse and really, in my mind, since the Lunar Eclipse in mid-October. It was always going to be intense travel through these 2 months with so much being shaken up and it’s panning out to be an unsettling mix of sensing we’re on the edge of something huge while being brought back to the minute detail of being in the right here and now. It’s like being asked to tune into the nature of infinity while honing in on the intricacies of nature herself. Each version of reality has its own place in our existence but we find ourselves searching for the balance between the two. For me personally, the past few months have given me a preview of where this Ascension journey is likely to take me. I arrived at a place energetically and yet physically, I’m still here at the top of the mountain, standing at the point of no return while feeling hindered from making the leap forward. I’ve been trying to shift my focus away from the day to day aspects of a life that’s fast disappearing to try and find the higher perspective of what’s happening and by doing so, I created a life map of how I see things fitting together. What I saw was, for me at least, the energy has been coming in bursts of about 6 month phases, so it’s no surprise finding myself on the cusp of another wave of evolution as this month unfolds. This last 6 months has felt like a ‘cross-over’ period where the new has been edging its way in with the support of the old. But now, there’s something different happening where the new is strengthening to the point where the old has to fall away and for that to happen, there must be even deeper purging and release. It seems as if the new is so strong now that to actually be ready to make the leap into it, the old ways must give way. This process may be excruciatingly slow or not, depending largely on where our mindset is. But despite all that’s happening, there is a point of resolution available now that’s encouraging us to stay focussed on living within the new ideology, to keep practicing it until it works, until we’ve unblocked all connections to our innate wisdom. A newsletter from Lemurian Awakening arrived this morning summing these times up beautifully:

Be the master of your reality. This is a lesson you need to learn before you can step further onto this exciting dimensional journey of yours …. Practice is the secret tool of the masters. ~ Adama via Kata

The 12th Road Blog

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 322 – 13 June 2013

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We would like to give you all a little task today, dear ones. We ask you to stand in front of a mirror, and to take a good look at yourself. And then, try to describe to yourself who you see. And yes, we did say ”who”, not ”what”, for this is not to be a list of facial features, of beauty or blemishes, of hair or color. This is supposed to be a truthful description of YOU, the one that lives inside this human body, the one that has elected to come down on to this planet and play the game of being human.

For who are you REALLY? And what are you doing here in the first place? Have you come to learn or have you come to observe?  Have you come to play the part of the victim, or have you come to play the part of the perpetrator? Or maybe both? And is that the real reason you came this time, to play a part, or is it mayhaps because you came down for the very first time to be the REAL you?

So this time, we will keep the message short, for we just want you to become fully awake to the fact that mankind have for eons been playing a game, a game of hide and seek with themselves, and the reason for this, is well known already. For you all came here to learn, not only personal lessons, but lessons that would help All of creation to evolve. But now, the rules have changed, and you have been given the task of re-learning the truth about yourselves. It may sound easy, but it is not, for there is much old baggage standing between the ”you” you see in the mirror, and the YOU you have come to be known as to the rest of Creation.

But now, this separation must come to an end, and the only one who can remove it, is again – you. So start by going to the mirror, and look deep into your eyes, and see if you can start to get a true glimpse of the both of you. For then, you will truly start to see the difference between them. For you have a very distinct human persona, but you have something else, and far, far more evolved deeper within. And when you start to admit that fully, you will also feel how the human persona starts to dissolve and the real YOU can finally step forward and be acknowledged. Not only by you, but by the rest of the world as well. So take a good look dear ones, for we think you will all like what you find there, deep beneath the surface. / link to original article

Peter Van Runt – The Inner And The Outer – Freewill Choice

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Doing the Inner work alone will not be sufficient to bring about a New Paradigm Age and do we really have Freewill Choice?
Ron Van Dyke’s Video:

The Oracle Report – Wednesday, April 17, 2013

God Consciousness

The Oracle Report   –   Wed, April 17, 2013

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

As the “strike point” continues today, we need to make sure we are not striking against ourselves.  Today’s energy brings the tendency to self-sabotage and to direct anger inward.  Some people always respond to this type of energy by acting it out or projecting it onto others, so be aware that anyone can become the object of this.  But more serious damage is done when we inflict criticism and harsh judgment on ourselves.  This cuts to our soul. (For an explanation of the “strike point” listen to the audio from April 4, 2013, linked above.  I discuss the massive astrological influences that are now underway, as well as how they would be used to produce false flag type events.)

This entire lunar month is simultaneously like a battle on a battlefield (Eris astrological effects) and a descent into the underworld (Black Moon astrological effects).

The catch here is that we really aren’t descending into the underworld, the underworld is rising around us.

The “underworld” is two very different things.  It is the energy that we identify as archontic and it is literally the ground beneath us – Gaia Sophia.  As the archontic forces rise up, so too does the divine being embodied as the planet.  And she takes us with her.

If you recall, I discussed how a major “upgrade” to our personal energetic frequencies/signatures would begin in earnest this lunar month.  This is happening at the subatomic levels of our mental, emotional, and physical bodies.  It’s all based on electromagnetics and light.

Then we have the Mahavidya who rules this month, Chinnamasta, blowing out the crown chakra so that we don’t implode from the upgrade.

While individuals and the human collective at large go down fighting today, we rise with the power of all that is beautiful, good, and fierce.  We have on battle armor and a shield (protection that we mentally establish and maintain) but we rise above the scene.  We are elevated by wisdom – the wisdom goddess herself.

As we rise above the scene, panoramically, we recognize that sometimes a player jums up and tries to take hold.  This is archontic energy trying to attach in the form of an actual attack from someone/something or self-criticism.  The battle can take many forms.

Here’s the thing to remember: we are not alone.  We are intimately connected with our creatrix and through two-way commnication (which is happening on several levels of awareness) we are affecting the battlefield (the matrix) in real time.  It is important to note that we are neither engaging in the fear battle that is being waged right now, nor are we passive. TWe are awake and aware.  We respond when we are personally moved to action.  This is different for everyone but takes on a general wave of action.

This report will take a couple of reads, and you may want to revisit it later today for fuller understanding.  And be kind to yourself.

Forgiveness – Releasing Pain, Hurts, Regrets and Mistakes

ForgivenessTrunk·2 videos Release your pains, hurts, regrets, mistakes allows you to move on. Letting go of past relationships, a divorce, abuse or abandonment needs to happen first.