Master Serapis Bey via Natalie Glasson – Finding Your Way upon the Earth with Your Soul – 8-8-15


Master Serapis Bey via Natalie Glasson   –   Finding Your Way upon the Earth with Your Soul   –   8-8-15

Many of you are accustomed to radiating and focusing upon projecting your soul light into your entire body, aura, and surrounding area.

This is a basic practice, which not only increases your spiritual awareness and evolution, it creates a momentum of receiving fulfilment from within and to be experienced outside of you.

To radiate your soul light is to connect deep within your being with the essence and core of your energy.

This energy is beyond your physical body and even auric field. It is an energy which is with you and expresses you whether you are on the Earth or the inner planes.

Your soul is a part of the greater whole of the Creator. Therefore, it is composed of such rich and fulfilling wisdom, light, love and consciousness. In truth everything is available to you through radiating and expressing your soul.

It is my wish that you come to realise, not only within your mind, within your belief systems and outlook upon yourself and reality, that everything is available to you through the expression of your soul. With this knowledge, trusted and embedded within all aspects of your being, you can begin to truly work in harmony with your soul as if you are connecting into its advanced capabilities.

When you radiate your soul, do you truly know what you are emanating and bringing into your physical reality? This is a wonderful question to contemplate. You may have many answers or you may be unsure of the energies, qualities, and wisdom being emanated and how these influences your experiences on the Earth.

In my communication with you today, I wish to support you in finding your way in co-creating, as well as understanding, your soul’s expression and purpose within your reality.

When you emanate and imagine your soul light flowing in all directions from your heart chakra, or in truth any other chakra, you are emanating a vibration of your soul which is drawn forth to support and assist you in that moment.

All qualities, light, and consciousness are perfect for each present moment, so in truth there is no need to achieve any more, as everything appropriate is shared, anchored, and delivered into your being and reality.

This is a powerful knowingness which supports your greater co-creation and experience of your soul. However, there are qualities and aspects of your soul you can connect with, creating a focused energy download into your being, which supports you in creating with your soul experiences, energies, and circumstances which propel you forth in spiritual evolution, happiness, and fulfilment. I will explain this further.

First, I wish for you to connect into your soul. Take the attention of your third eye into your heart chakra, allowing the light of your soul to emanate in all directions abundantly. Then invite and ask your soul’s energy to merge with your mind/ thoughts, emotions/feelings, and the divine plan for your soul in your current lifetime. Simply know and allow this to take place observing any shifts or alterations occurring.

You are now more fully connected to the Divine Creator as you invite yourself to contemplate or be inspired as to important events, experiences, people or even material objects that require to be manifested within your reality,  and accepted and experienced to aid your spiritual evolution, happiness, and fulfilment on all levels of your being.

In many ways, you are asking what do you as your soul wish to experience and achieve in your current embodiment. This is a very special moment, even if you do not understand, connect with, or gain any inspiration. Simply allow this part of the practice to be achieved often until the inspiration dawns. It may be the same as your current passions and desires in your physical reality. Ideally, you may be able to write down numerous inspired ideas which through their manifestation will support your spiritual evolution, happiness, and fulfilment in your reality.

When you radiate your soul light, you will naturally be emanating qualities, energies, and consciousness which move you into alignment or aid creation of experiences which support you in numerous ways. However, you can co-create with your soul to allow your soul to create a greater impact within your being and reality.

In many ways, this process is about letting go of boundaries that you may have created yourself for yourself to hinder and limit your soul.

If there are areas of unhappiness or lack within your reality then this signifies you are limiting your soul’s presence in these areas. This is usually because of a belief you have created which acts as a boundary and interference to your soul.

With your inspired ideas, which are born from your soul, you will allow yourself, in more ways than you could possible imagine, to move through boundaries, limitations, and fears, to be more connected to your soul and all that is the Creator. Thus, you create fulfilment through offering freedom to your soul within your physical reality.

The next part of the practice is to imagine your inspired ideas, dreams and aspirations, as you focus upon yourself existing surrounded by your soul. Feel as if you are in a cocoon of your soul light, safe and supported, while you allow yourself to visualise or imagine your inspired ideas, especially imagining the feelings you may experience. Achieve this for a few minutes until you feel a connection with the energy, presence and manifestation they hold.

I now invite you to ask your soul to bring forth from its abundant energy the qualities, energy vibrations, or consciousness which is required to create and manifest your soul’s aspirations.

‘My beloved soul and self, I call your beautiful energies to flow abundantly through and from my being as I invite you to bring forth the qualities, energy vibrations, or consciousness which are aligned to my inspired ideas and are required to support the manifestation of my spiritual evolution, happiness, and fulfilment.

‘Please at this time make me aware of the energies anchoring from my soul. Support me in being able to connect with them, experience, and even describe their energies and qualities, so I may know the energies and qualities I am to become and embody. Thank you.’

You may become aware of only one quality of energy, such as peace, love, enthusiasm, activation, healing, and so forth, or you may become aware of many. It is important to keep it simple and so we ask collectively and on your behalf that you are made aware of no more than eight qualities.

You may wish to write them down. These will become constant and empowered downloads into your being to aid your experience of that which you/[your] soul desires. The energies will synthesis to create a very beautiful and abundant energy which is empowering, satisfying, and supportive when you connect with it.

Take some time asking to connect with the synthesised energy, which is a combination of the qualities of your soul you have been made aware of. Invite your soul to download the synthesised energy into your being as you breathe deeply.

Feel it circulating your entire being. Enjoy and become accustomed to the sensation, so you can recognise when it is pouring into your being from your soul.

Know that this energy flowing from your soul will support your spiritual evolution, happiness, and fulfilment in your current reality. Know that each time you express your soul light, you will also be embodying this concentrated energy of your soul.

Take time in your daily reality to focus upon the synthesised energy merging with your being and reality. This is a beautiful experience as you are not only connecting with the abundant and expansive energies of your soul, you are inviting your soul to create a concentrated energy as well, which is supporting your divine plan upon the Earth and further connection with your soul.

You may discover that as your inspired ideas and aspirations manifest, you will need to move through the entire process once more to create from your soul new aspirations and concentrated energies, thus embodying your soul free from limitations and boundaries, offering your soul freedom within your being and reality.

The process I have communicated to you is to support you in co-creating further with your soul, thus knowing, sensing, and experiencing your soul more fully. It is a process which will allow much progression.

“Master Serapis Bey: Finding Your Way upon the Earth with Your Soul” channeled by Natalie Glasson, August 7, 2015 at

Source Links: Natalie Glasson OmNA School ; Sacred School of OmNa

Danny Searle – Soul Ages

Have you ever wondered why some people act the way they do? In this series I explore Soul Ages. Each person you know is probably at a different soul age to you. By understanding soul ages, you can better navigate your life, and you may just figure out where you are in the big picture!




Jesus Through John – Life Path is a Journey of Great Importance and Significance that is Mostly Hidden From You



John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms we are all deeply indebted to you for your ongoing and frequently exhausting Earth journeys as you work non-stop (yes, you do really work non-stop, waking, sleeping, and dreaming) to bring your brothers and sisters to awakening by constantly sending them Love.  What you are doing, and achieving, is quite amazing.  Each of your individual functions and contributions in this ongoing awakening process is essential to it; without your combined collective intentions and efforts it would not happen.

Do not let the fact that for the most part you do not get any sense of the importance and significance of what you are doing, or of our presence among you assisting you, worry you or cause you anxiety, because what you are doing is enormously powerful and effective, and only you can do it.  And of course when you awaken what you have brought about will be there in plain sight for you to see, acknowledge, and probably marvel at.  You are, and always will be greatly honored for your Earth journeys, where for most of the time it has seemed to you that you are struggling unsupported in a task that is way beyond your capabilities.  It is not! And you are bringing it rapidly to a state of fulfillment.

The task you chose to embark on for this particular earth life has been very difficult for many of you, and before you chose to do it you knew that this would be the case, but, with the help of wisdom, advice, and mentoring from your spiritual guides you planned most carefully to ensure that it would be well within your capabilities. You knew that it would be hard because you would be unable to remember any details of your pre-planning and consequently each moment would arrive, as it were, unannounced, presenting you with surprises and choices that were often unappealing.

However, you also knew that you could not fail because of the divine field of Love enveloping you and supporting you in every moment.  There truly are no accidents, every thing that occurs is part of a larger plan to provide all involved with the lessons that they wish to learn and thus bring them firmly and steadily forwards towards their awakening.  And that awakening is most definitely a done deal, nothing can prevent it.

As you cope with your individual doubts, worries, anxieties, and suffering remind yourselves frequently that you are divinely supported in every moment, that you are continually making sterling progress, just as intended, and that the secret of finding peace as you follow this demanding earthly path is to surrender to each moment as it occurs.

Do not look back at opportunities apparently missed.  They are gone, over, finished with, and all that you need to do now is address this present moment.  If it seems to you that you have made one or several ghastly errors, focus on the fact that each one them can teach you something very important or has already done so, and rejoice that you have grown from the experience, because you undoubtedly have, even if it is not immediately apparent to you.

It can be helpful to recall, very briefly without dwelling there, errors you have seemingly made that later resulted in an unexpected improvement in your life or your situation.  None of you have made errors from which no lessons have been learned nor benefits obtained, you just need to let go of the egoic need to not make mistakes and the consequential need to castigate yourselves when you do so.

As humans living the illusion you cannot see the way ahead clearly, and errors are therefore going to be made, so be kind, forgive yourselves (and others!), and move on.  You can learn enormous amounts in moments if you live in the moment, instead of dwelling on and regretting the past and anxiously worrying about what the future holds for you.

You planned the life path you are experiencing with great forethought to enable you to learn the lessons with which it would present you.  You knew it would not be a rose garden, and it is unhelpful to look at the apparently happier life experiences that others are undergoing and feel that therefore you are being unfairly treated by life.  The path you are experiencing and following is the most appropriate one for you, and you can have absolutely no idea of the suffering and pain others have undergone that have led them to where they are.

Your human life path is a journey of great importance and significance that is mostly hidden from you, and so it is very easy for you to view another’s path with yearning and envy because it seems to offer them all that you wish for.  And that, of course, can seem very unfair, especially if it appears to you that they are not truly appreciative of their good fortune.  This is one of the reasons that you are constantly reminded not to judge, because you can have no idea what it is that you are judging as you see only the surface of something that is amazingly deep, and therefore hidden from your view.

No one’s human life path is easy.  It may often appear to you that others have a very good life, are perhaps spoilt, are in fact having a life of ease and luxury that you envy and that they do not deserve.  But this is never the case, every life path offers precisely what is needed in the moment.  No one has been cheated into following a path unsuited to them, or given one that offers them unfair advantages over anyone else.  Everyone’s path is perfect for them, and for them alone.

So when you are feeling down, hard done by, alone, and unappreciated go within. Within you have instant access to your guides and to the Love that our Father offers every one of us constantly.  Focus your attention on the inner knowing that each one of you has confirming that you are an irreplaceable and absolutely essential aspect of your Source.

Disregard any adverse judgments that you believe others are making of you, and let go of any adverse judgments you hold against yourselves, because none of them are valid.  You are, and always will be, a dearly loved child of God, a perfect aspect of Him that has chosen to undergo a very difficult experience to assist in bringing all His children to awakening.  And for that you are highly honored, because to be a human is to take on an incredibly difficult task . . . and to succeed!

Your loving brother, Jesus..

AngelicView – Holding Open the Door to Eternity – So that We can Catch a Glimpse – 1-12-14

By AngelicView

Tonight I’d like to write a bit about – and show you a few case examples of the “Shared Death Experience”, or SDE. I had written in my article last night that it happens when you are in close proximity to a person who is dying, but after some study, I see that it doesn’t have to be that way. Why does it happen? I don’t know, but it may be as simple as a pre-birth planned experience that you wanted to have.

The SDE is actually an NDE, except the person having the experience is not the one who’s dying. Many times they are near-by the one who is dying. But sometimes they are not anywhere near-by.

But that is the only distinguishing factor between a SDE and an NDE. Sometimes it is very confusing at the time for the person who is sharing the experience, and they think they are dying, too. Other times the person knows that they are simply “along for the ride”.

Here are some of the things the person might experience according to Dr. Raymond Moody (he was the author of “Life Between Lives” and several other books, and first coined the term “near death experience”):

  • Change of geometry of the room.
  • Mystical light.
  • Music and musical sounds.
  • Out-of-body experience.
  • Co-living a life review.
  • Encountering unworldly or heavenly realms.
  • Mist appears rising from the body of the one about to die.
  • Sense of being in a different world of ineffability. 

So now I’m going to give you some case examples of the SDE, saving my favorite one for last where the sharer accompanies her dog to Heaven! Each of the headings are also a link. So if you want to read more about the story then click on the heading.

Karen’s Experience

Karen accompanies her grandmother twice. The first time was when her grandmother had a stroke and fell unconscious. The story does not specify that her grandmother was in a coma, but it has been reported that people who are in a coma may or may not still be inside their bodies. The second time she accompanies her grandmother to heaven was when her grandmother actually passed away. Here are excerpts from her story:

April 23rd: I was aware of a hugely intense feeling of love and compassion. I travelled through a kind of tunnel. Time didn’t exist, and I found myself at a “gate,” together with three figures. One of them, I recognized as my grandmother—whom I knew was alive at that time. The other two were other kinds of beings, human-like, but I couldn’t identify them. The feeling of harmony, love, and goodness was overwhelming.  At one point we were “told” we weren’t allowed to pass yet and had to “go back.” It wasn’t communicated in words, exactly, though.  We were both reluctant.  I “went back,” but my grandmother stayed. The next day, my husband told me that my grandmother had had a stroke and was unconscious and in very serious condition. But I already knew…

May 9th: Again, I remember traveling through time and space, until I came to the gate.  I vividly remember how intensely I was looking forward to it.  My grandmother was still there. Words were not exactly spoken—it was more a communication of “knowing.” It was in a totally different dimension. The two beings were there, too. The light was blindingly beautiful and all-encompassing.  It’s difficult to find words, but, as I seek them in my memories, tears are in my eyes. Then suddenly they let me know “It is not your turn yet.” I remember vividly how I reached out for my grandmother, and her “energy” touched me and became a sort of lacy string of light.  She went through the gate and—still with this tremendous feeling of love—the beings sent me back. (AV: That’s when her grandmother had died.)

Francis’ Experience

The next example is from a woman who had also experienced her grandmother’s death and ascent to heaven. It came as a “dream” where she felt like she was drowning. Her grandmother had died in the night that night from Congestive Heart Failure in which the lungs fill up with fluid.

I was asleep and had an incredibly vivid dream in which I was “surrounded by water” and unable to breathe. The water was kind of living water, I don’t know how else to describe it other than maybe amniotic fluid. I could see shadows outside the water and knew they were people I loved but we weren’t really connected physically. I fought and fought not to breathe the water, I was rasping heavily in my breathing. Nearing exhaustion, I decided to “breathe the water.”

The next experience in my “dream” was sudden and immediate: a big black paw hit my forehead followed immediately by what I can only describe as “peace beyond all understanding.” After the long and excruciating battle against breathing the water, these steps were more quick. Feeling peace beyond all understanding, I was sort of floating above a bed (hospital bed), surrounded by medical staff whom I could still identify today: a young man somewhat dark complexion, with dark wavy hair and a stethoscope around his neck; a lovely young woman with beautiful auburn wavy hair (I don’t know these people in my real life). They said to me (the body below me) that they were sorry they could not save me. I “think-talked” to them, feeling so peaceful, that it was ok, it was ok, it was ok.

Next a wonderful green-yellow-white light drew me to it (still floating in the hospital room). I couldn’t resist the light and entered into it. There was an immense and more than beautiful lawn or meadow, and a tree with a man gardening under it. I moved toward the man (who was somewhat ephemeral) and it was my grandfather (my grandmother’s deceased husband). He began to welcome me.

Then the phone in the bedroom rang and rang…my husband awoke, answered the phone, and called me to it. I was very groggy from the dream, and my voice still “froggy” from all the rasping as I had tried not to breathe the water. It was my dad on the phone, telling me my grandmother had passed away, approximately a two-hour drive from my home.

Dr. Joan Borysenko and her son

In this case, psychologist Dr. Joan and her son did not leave their bodies with the death of her mother, but a fascinating thing was witnessed within the room as she passed.

It was about three in the morning at the time of her passing and we said ‘goodbye’ to each other for the last time at about midnight and then she’d gone to sleep. And my son, Justin, who was about twenty at that time, and I, were sitting with her. We were on opposite sides of her bed. I was having a quiet time. I was just praying, meditating, and my eyes were closed.

All of a sudden, I had a very vivid vision. I opened my eyes after this vision and the whole room seemed to be made out of light. I know that might be hard to understand, but it was like everything was made of particles of light: my mother and the bed and the ceiling. Everything was so beautiful. I looked across the bed and I saw my son Justin. And Justin was weeping. Tears were just streaming down his face and he had this wonderful, soft look, this look of awe on his face.

And he said to me, ‘Mom, the room is filled with light. Can you see it?’

And, boy, I said, ‘Yeah, I see it. I see the light.’

And he said, ‘It’s Grandma. Grandma is holding open the door to eternity for us, so that we can catch a glimpse.’


Angela’s Experience

As promised, here is the example of one where she accompanied her dog. “RoxyMoxy” was the dog’s name, and she had cancer. She was at the end of her life and was suffering terribly from the illness. So Angela took her to her veterinarian to have her put to sleep. Here is her experience:

As he was injecting the needle and delivering the shot I felt Roxy’s spirit leave her body and to my surprise I left with her, in no time at all I had traveled so far from where I was standing on earth and had traveled to another galaxy light years away. But, then as if no time at all had passed I was standing back at the exam table with the doctor and my dog’s body. Her spirit had just traveled from our world to the next.  Do all dogs go to Heaven? YES guaranteed, that is what I learned. The experience changed my life, I became a vegetarian, so I would daily remember the beauty of my puppy.

Beloved Mooji – Making Your Soul Smile

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Yours truly had the pleasure of meeting Mooji in London, Easter 2013.
Enjoy his sharing from the heart !

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