Gabriel Heartman – The Alchemy Of Being Real – 7-17-19 – Soul Full Heart Blog


These are alchemical times. We are being defined, refined, and aligned. All of these celestial events are markers and signposts along the way. Just as lead is turned into gold, so is the process of our spiritual and emotional maturation. Our impurities are not judged but rather loved into transmutation and integration for nothing is truly impure in the heart of Love. 

Along this journey, you may hit roadblocks, detours, traffic circles, and U-turns. You may get a flat tire, road rage, and blown engine. That is okay. Each is an opportunity to become more aware of yourself, your traumas, your fears, and your desires. I am personally coming into this state as I allow myself to step further into my leadership and my truth. My relationship to both have been in ebb and flow. A going within to feel what is at stake and being willing to become more vulnerable from whatever place I am in at the moment, even if it does not appear to seem ‘higher’ or ‘spiritual’. We are meant to be real first, and then feel where we have places to go. 

This is the definition and refining period. This is where the ‘rubber meets the road’. Where you are meant to catapult into the New without leaving any rock unturned. There is no skipping steps. No ‘getting ahead’. Just getting real. 

This alchemical process is held in Love with the Divine and your Higher Self alongside guides and Star Family. You have support ‘here’ too. Seeking loving mirrors that can support and aid in that transmutation and birthing process. That is what I do for others and for myself daily. It is a way of life this way of being, seeing, and feeling. It is an ongoing journey. It is getting in touch with the You within you. Or maybe more specifically the Yous within you. The parts and metasoul aspects that make up your tapestry. Your Alchemist’s elementals. 

The disclosure of all that lies within gets purified by this alchemy and you arise renewed and re-membered back into Love. 


Gabriel Solais is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life. 


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KRYON – Soul Advancement Process in Amazing Detail


Published on Mar 28, 2019

In this channeling from March 2019, Kryon explains the complex soul advancement process is amazing detail. Upgrading your soul can have such a profound impact on your life that you don’t recognize your old lower self anymore. What Kryon calls a ‘Walk in’ happens when you reach a certain level of awareness that allows you to shift your reality. In this message, Kryon also reveals that the light has had a major victory in 2019.

Archangel Michael through Ronna – The Evolution of the Soul – 3-29-19

Ronna Herman




Beloved masters, you must endeavor to expand your capacity for Love/Light so that it includes all Creation: Love of nature, Love of animals, Love and compassion for humanity, Love for your perceived enemies, and most important, Love of Self. For in Essence, all of Creation is a part of you, and you are a Facet of the Supreme Creator. The expansion of God-Consciousness results in an expansion of your auric field–your Light Radiance. Over time, more and more of you will develop a radiance so powerful and expansive that it will begin to have a positive effect on those around you–and eventually on the Earth and all humanity. Quite a large number of the more advanced Souls have already gained this ability. However, you must remember, you cannot convey that which you have not claimed as your own. Also, remember this: an important part of your mission on Earth is to intensify the Light of the lower Dimensions. Expansion of Soul-consciousness results in an expansion of the auric field, both in intensity and scope of influence.

An aspirant on the Path must focus on both outer and inner world training. You must strive to become a conscious observer of what is taking place around you. Training yourself to become fully engaged with focused awareness of the physical events in everyday life is vitally important, as well as learning to process the harmonious and the discordant frequency patterns to which you are subjected. You must then take the appropriate action. Practicing emotional and mental discipline is also very important as you seek to become a Master of Self. You must not turn your back on the world and life’s experiences, but face them head-on. However, it is vital that you learn to view life from a higher vantage point. Endeavor to see the bigger picture and not get entangled in the small story dramas.


SOUL SISTER TRUTH – 11 Signs Your Soul Is Fully Evolved and Healed – 8-30-18



When someone is wholly and fully evolved they are then ready to help others achieve the same. They heal from experience because they have healed themselves. We have experience you cannot go to college to learn only by living it. It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have. If you haven’t experienced it you can’t have the level of compassion and experience that is needed to help and teach someone heal themselves. College degrees and medications are the 3D way of healing a broken person, which we all know doesn’t work. Love, compassion, and experience are the 5D way to heal, which leads to a completely healed person. When you are fully evolved you are then ready to be a 5D healer and teacher. There are certain characteristics of a fully evolved mature soul. Here are 11 that may resonate with you.

We do not judge others and where they are at on their journey.  We know that some evolve and learn lessons faster or slower than others and everyone is where they need to be. We know this world is full of broken people and we were once broken too. We do not judge someone’s current actions because we know something happened to that person in their past that has left them with unhealed deep wounds. We have no interest in judging we only want that person to heal. While others condemn them we have compassion and unconditional love for them. Once you are fully awoke you have no interest in judging those that are still asleep because you were once there too and you know how it feels.


We can see the spiritual ego traps that others fall into that keeps them from evolving. It’s perfectly ok to be vegan, do yoga, not watch TV, do spiritual practices 24/7, or fight for animals to be treated humanly. It is not ok for you to use this to condemn others lifestyles or to think in anyway that this makes you better or more evolved than others. This is an ego trap and will keep you from evolving. No one is better than anyone else. They are just more aware. We are all getting there just others may take a little bit longer catch up.


We are completely aware when our ego rears it’s ugly head and how to control it. Our ego is never completely gone but it no longer controls our life or our actions. We live by our hearts and compassion for others. We immediately recognize when something is coming from ego and can stop it in it tracks.


We are highly sensitive and have empathy but have established boundaries and come from a non reactive place of love. We do not let our empathy for others make us a sponge for others energies. We do not let others use our empathy and sensitivity to take advantage of us. We are perfectly fine with letting karma play out and we know when not to interfere with others and their karma. We know it is better not to react and just let everything play out in divine timing.


We have respect for everything and everyone on Earth and a deep connection with nature. We have love for every living thing on this planet. Every animal, insect, rock, tree, and even blade of grass is precious to us. Seeing trash. litter, and junk on our beautiful earth hurts our hearts. We see how we are wasting our natural resources and destroying beauty with our love for junk and stuff we really don’t need. We long to go back to a simpler life and we honor all life.


We know thoughts lead to emotions and feelings and to have control over them, we must first start with our thoughts. We know that positive thoughts lead to positive emotions and energy and that is where we must maintain our vibration. We know our thoughts are the most powerful intentions and energy on earth. We also know that once you control your mind, you control everything in and around you. We are mindful of negative thinking cycles because we are powerful manifestors and do not want to manifest the negativity that comes from negative thinking patterns. We have learned to break these cycles and stay in the now, which leads to inner and outer peace.


We want to teach others what we know. We don’t think we are better than others and keep our knowledge just for ourselves. We share and spread our information freely because we genuinely want others to be in the same place we are. We have no interest in saving or rescuing others. We want to inform and teach others to save themselves. We have no competitive feelings and want everyone to succeed. We are also humble and don’t want others to elevate us in anyway. We truly see everyone as equal. We also know that everyone is gifted and capable of greatness. We just worked hard and got there first. Our goal now is to show everyone the way we achieved awareness and evolved as fully healed souls.


We see through illusions and therefore don’t get caught up in them.We see everything as energy and can detach from the energy of money, power, sex, and beauty. We also know how destructive these energies become when obsessiveness is behind them. We know energy ebbs and flows and how to ride the waves. We also know detachment from these energies actually makes them come to you, while obsessiveness pushes the energy farther away from you.


We have learned to not be attached to anything. We know that a $30 dollar watch keeps the same time as a $300 dollar watch. We know possessions can be easily replaced. A car gets you from A to B no matter how much it cost or what it looks like. We know that attachments in relationships are unhealthy and that people should be free to be who they want to be. We also know that there is nothing you can buy or posses that will fix the inside and what is broken in you. Cars, jobs, houses etc can be replaced but love cannot and love of people and ourselves is what really matters.


We feel unconditional love to everyone and everything all the time.We may not love the actions of a person but we love the person. We also know that most people live in a place of fear and react from that fear. It is our mission to heal the broken parts in someone, every time a broken person is healed. You break the cycle that has been being carried out of broken people creating more broken people.


We know our mission and have stepped into it. As much as you want to know they when, where and what of your mission. It won’t be revealed until you are ready for it. If you have not healed yourself completely, you are not ready. If you haven’t healed yourself then you cannot tell others how to heal themselves because you haven’t experienced it. We take the responsibility of healing others very seriously. We know damaged people damage others. Therefore we may have spent years in isolation and learning to heal ourselves first, before we were ready to come out and help others heal. There is no rush take all the time you need to fully heal. When you are ready the universe will fully align with you and guide you to who needs you and your experiences to heal themselves.

If they don’t all resonate with you. It’s just because you aren’t quite there yet but you will be. It is a process that we all go through. One day you will be a whole, fully healed. evolved, enlightened soul and then you will help others do the same.

Lots of Love and Light,


I am a shaman, light and energy worker. I am here to help as many people as possible ascend. If you need assistance on your journey email me at You can read my blog at

JEFF STREET @ In5D – The Top 10 Characteristics Of Highly Evolved Beings – 11-30-17

Evolved Beings

by Jeff Street,   Guest Writer,

Highly evolved beings, and the civilizations that they create, embrace principles and ways of being that create highly beneficial outcomes for all. Their civilizations are characterized by cooperation, harmony, and love rather than competition, conflict, and fear. The net result is civilizations where freedom, prosperity, and happiness abound. Their example serves as a great model for Humanity to emulate if it truly wants to create the better world that many of us are hoping for.

What highly evolved civilizations you ask? Well believe it or not, there are many highly evolved civilizations within our galaxy, and many more beyond.

There are two reasons that their existence is not apparent to us; (1) most of them exist in higher dimensions of our physical universe, so they’re not visible to us, and (2) they aren’t all that interested in direct interactions with a civilization as primitive as ours. But rest assured that many of these civilizations are very interested in facilitating the evolution of Humanity and are doing so in a number of subtle ways behind the scenes. This is a fascinating topic beyond the scope of this article that I may explore in the future, follow the blog to stay tuned.

I was inspired to write this article by the in-depth discussion of this topic found in the book Conversations with God, Book 4: Awaken the Species and this article is essentially a summary of that discussion peppered with my own insights. So without further ado, let’s dive into the top ten ways of being of highly evolved civilizations.

#1 – They Deeply Understand the Unity of All Life and Live Congruently

Highly evolved beings know the Oneness of all — they know we are all parts of a singular, yet multi-threaded, consciousness that is All That Is. They know that any apparent separation is an illusion because everything is part of one thing and it is all interconnected and interdependent. They know that any action they take that effects another being or thing ultimately effects everything else.

This is the single most important realization any being can have and in civilizations created by beings with this understanding it is the foundation of their way of life. They deeply know that what they do to another they are ultimately doing to themselves — and hence they treat everyone and everything with great care and respect.

#2 – They Always Tell The Truth

Highly evolved beings always tell the truth. They are essentially incapable of lying. They have deeply learned that deceiving themselves or others is counterproductive to achieving their highest intentions and desires, so they have absolutely no interest in lying. But even if they did, any attempt to do so would be easily detected by all those listening.

At the level of consciousness of highly evolved beings, their ability to sense energy and vibration is greatly enhanced (everything is energy; matter, light, thoughts, emotion, etc) and so any attempt to communicate something that is untrue would be readily apparent to all listening. At this level, a being cannot communicate something that is untrue and not radically alter the energy they are emitting.

In stark contrast, denial and deception run rampant in Humanity — we frequently lie to ourselves as well as others, and we are easily deceived. Only by transcending separation consciousness, only when we realize that we are all expressions of the same one consciousness, the same one being, and by embracing the unity and equality of all beingness will we eliminate the need to deceive and avoid all the associated undesirable consequences.

As an example of how we lie to ourselves, consider the violence that is portrayed in our entertainment and its connection to the increasing violence in our society. The portrayal of violence runs rampant in our movies and TV programs, in our video games, and even in our children’s toys. You’d have a hard time convincing a highly evolved being that the constant stream of violent images we bombard our children with has no effects on their beliefs, attitudes, and behavior.

Humanity, on the other hand, can’t seem to admit that the increasing violence in our society arises, at least in part, from the continual onslaught of such images. Because if we did, we’d have to do something about it, and we feel powerless, so we just ignore it.

This pattern of seeing self-damaging behaviors and then doing nothing about them is a classic sign of immature beings. Highly evolved beings never hide from the truth, and they always speak the truth. And of course, when they speak the truth they also take congruent and appropriate action which is the subject of the next two points.

#3 – They Always Do What They Say

Highly evolved beings have a habit of speaking their truth, and they also have a habit of following through with what they say they will do, whether it is said to others or themselves. Their actions are always consistent with their words, they don’t say one thing and do another.

Humans on the other hand, often say one thing and do another — and then ignore, deny, or lie about it! Obvious examples abound.

For highly evolved beings, sticking to their word is a matter of honor and integrity. If they don’t think they’ll be likely, or able, to do something they don’t say it. If on the other hand, they meant what they said, but later they find they can’t keep their word because of unexpected circumstances, they will face it squarely and go talk to everyone involved to clear it up. They will humbly and truthfully explain why they won’t be able to do what you said.

#4 – They Always Do What Works

When highly evolved beings see a less than desirable situation and have understood why it exists, they always respond with something that works. They do not ignore it, deny that it exists, cover it up, do something that doesn’t address the true problem, or in some other way fail to take appropriate action — as is often the case with Humanity.

Examples abound, here are a few of them:

If our goal is to live a life of peace, joy, and love (which I sincerely hope it is), then violence does not work. This is immensely obvious if you take but a moment to contemplate history — isn’t it clear that retribution begets retribution, hate begets hate, violence begets violence. And yet we repeat the pattern over and over.

If our goal is to live long and healthy lives, then consuming meat daily, smoking known carcinogens continuously, and drinking alcohol regularly does not work. This has been amply proven, yet many of us continue to do these things.

If our goal is a society free of violence and war, then the modeling of violent behaviors and attitudes to your children, via our entertainment and toys, which has clearly been proven to facilitate the adoption of those violent tendencies, does not work and would be stopped immediately. Yet, we do nothing.

#5 – They Never Kill Each Other

Highly evolved beings never, under any circumstances, kill another incarnate being unless specifically asked by the other to do so. Within Humanity, murder and mass murder (war, etc) occur appallingly frequently. We justify much of this behavior as “self-defense.”

It’s interesting to note that in primitive societies all attack is called “defense.” And of course, we certainly have the “right” to defend ourselves and do so in any way we see fit — after all, we are free and sovereign beings, so we “have the right” to do anything we please. Yet, a highly evolved being would not kill another even in situations we would clearly consider self-defense.

This is because they understand that every act is an act of self-definition, every act defines who you are. You are creating yourself in each and every moment by what you choose to do, so it boils down to deciding who and what you want to be. Do we want to define ourselves as ones who are willing to do anything to survive, and create a dog-eat-dog kind of world in the process?

Ultimately, highly evolved civilizations transcend the need to kill others because they no longer create situations where they would find themselves needing to kill. And that’s because they have awakened to their Oneness, and every aspect of their attitudes and behaviors have changed dramatically.

When Humanity fully awakens then all the conflict and competition will end — no more killing, no more dog-eat-dog world. Instead, we will find ways to share everything and cooperate on a grand scale. And this new found level of cooperation and sharing will create an unprecedented level of prosperity and happiness for all, and no one will ever have any reason to attack or defend (physically, emotionally, financially, etc) for any reason ever again.

In the rare case that an unenlightened person chose to mortally attack you, you would simply allow yourself to be killed knowing that “death” is an illusion and peacefully exit physicality and return to your eternal non-physical self and existence. You would not choose to perpetuate more violence just for the survival of your physical body — which is not you; it’s just a temporary vehicle. When you know that the real you can’t die it changes everything!

“ Know then that the body is merely a garment. Go seek the wearer, not the cloak.
— Rumi

But what if we were attacked by another civilization you might ask? Don’t we have to worry about another civilization coming to Earth one day and destroying us? This question is addressed in Conversations with God Book 4 and I will defer to it on this topic.

All I’ll say about this is that our fear of this scenario is being encouraged by a whole slew of alien invasion movies and the like. Given the benevolent extra-terrestrial presence that is here (i.e. highly evolved civilizations) trying to gently facilitate the awakening and evolution of Humanity, it makes you wonder if some or all the “alien fear porn” is the work of some agency with a nefarious agenda? If you’d like to explore this topic further, then I suggest you check out the work of Dr. Steven Greer. He is the world’s leading expert and most trust worthy source on the extra-terrestrial presence, and who, why, and how it is being hidden from us.

#6 – They Never Damage Their Environment

Highly evolved beings would never do anything that could potentially damage or harm the physical environment that supports their society. They deeply understand and appreciate the interconnection and interdependency of all life, and they deeply appreciate the environment that sustains them. They know that to continue to have their environment to provide for their needs, and for the needs of all generations to come, then they must live sustainably — they must live in a way that is gentle, careful, and thoughtful to their natural environment and planet and wisely husband her resources.

Humanity, on the other hand, continues to demonstrate a callous disregard for their environment using and abusing it, and poisoning it (and ourselves in the process)!

#7 – They Share Everything With Everyone, There is No Ownership

In highly evolved civilizations there is no such thing as “ownership.” This is because they understand that since they are all One, everything that exists belongs to everyone that exists. And hence, they share everything with everyone all the time.

A far cry from Humanity, which generally only shares with others in very limited circumstances. We have an economic system and mindset that encourages us to accumulate as much stuff that we can call our own as we can, and that encourages a relative few to horde the majority of the resources and wealth of the planet. To most of us, sharing everything probably seems completely impractical and unworkable. It’s very hard for us to imagine how sharing everything could work — but believe it or not, it works very well.

In highly evolved civilizations the idea of “ownership” is replaced by the concept of “stewardship.” Beings in those civilizations mutually agree on who will have stewardship responsibility for what, who will partner with whom, and who will perform what functions. The person or persons that care for and manage a given thing or resource (e.g; the stewards) do not “take” it as their own — they are simply responsible for managing it. It could be said that the resource is “owned” by the community and the steward of the resource is taking care of it on behalf of the community. But of course, enlightened communities understand all resources are essentially gifts from the Universe that are to be managed responsibly, and used fairly, for all those using it now, and in the future.

Those who accept stewardship of anything, be it land or something else, do not imagine that they “own” it. They understand that they are merely caring for and managing it for the benefit of the community. For instance, no one imagines, that just because they are stewards of a particular plot of land on the planet on which they incarnated, that they “own” the minerals, water, and whatever else is under that plot of land — all the way down to the center of the Earth. Nor does anyone imagine that they “own” the air, or the sky, above a particular plot of land — as high as the sky goes. Such ideas are absolutely ludicrous to highly evolved beings and any debates about who owns the “rights” to whatever seems utterly pointless to beings who understand that they are all One.

A big stumbling block to embracing the idea of “no ownership” is our difficulty in imagining how we would earn a living without the profit motive that seems so strongly linked to ownership. But unlike Humanity, highly evolved civilizations do not view living as something you have to “earn.” Systems can easily be devised that allows a society to fulfill individual and group needs without the members of that society having to sell their soul and abandon their dreams to survive. Many civilizations have created such systems and have demonstrated that they work very well — producing a high degree of freedom, prosperity, and happiness for all.

Highly evolved beings also have a different way of looking at “profit.” They do not consider it “profitable” if one individual benefits at the expense of another. They do not consider it honorable or acceptable if they get more and another gets less. In highly evolved civilizations, no one benefits unless everyone benefits. It might be said that they would measure profitability by how well a stewarded resource is managed and how well it provides benefits to the members of the community. And hence, they would likely describe the degree of success of any venture by using the term “beneficial,” rather than the term “profitable.”

If you still think a society sharing everything is unworkable consider that Humanity makes sharing work all the time on a small scale — with our loved ones and families. In this context, we generally care for others no matter what, regardless of what they’ve done.

What if we could extend our sense of family beyond blood relatives? What if we could start by caring about everyone in our community with that same type of bond and the same sense of connection that we have for our family members? And then what if we could extend it to everyone in our country, and then our world? This is the difference between highly evolved civilizations and Humanity — they feel that same connection, the same amount of compassion, care, and love for everyone in their society.

When you begin to stop seeing others as outsiders, when you begin to transcend “us” versus “them,” you are on the verge of a breakthrough in the evolution of your consciousness. When you can treat every single person with kindness and respect no matter what they have done, then you will have transcended separation and will have powerfully aligned with the unconditional love of the Source within you.

One of the root impediments to adopting a sharing economy is the belief that there is not enough for everyone, which leads to people wanting to make sure they get theirs, so someone else doesn’t get it instead — possessiveness, greed, hoarding, etc. The belief in scarcity is one of the key beliefs that is responsible for creating the type of world we live in (e.g; one characterized by conflict and competition).

The apparent scarcity of many things on our world is largely due to unfair or inefficient distribution, not any inherent scarcity. As a shameful example, there is actually enough food produced on this world for everyone yet many continue to starve. And of course, much of the apparent scarcity on our world is intentionally manufactured by commercial interests to maximize profits or by distribution strategies based on profit only mentalities which leaves many without even though there is plenty. And imagine if all of the energy and resources invested in the worlds war machines was applied to everyone’s welfare — we could easily solve most if not all of the worlds inequities!

Because highly evolved civilizations work cooperatively, share everything, tell and face the truth, and do what works, they rarely experience scarcity. But even more deeply, highly evolved beings have transcended scarcity altogether because they understand metaphysics and know that they are creating their reality with their thoughts and beliefs and so ultimately scarcity is an illusion which is self-created.

#8 – They Work Together Cooperatively, There is No Competition

Highly evolved beings never compete with one another. They deeply know the Oneness of all and that what they do to another they ultimately do to themselves, so they work together for the greater good of all. They cannot bring themselves to gain at the expense of another and so competition all but disappears in their civilizations. When enlightened beings see the truth, they do what works and the strategy that works the best, in the long run, is cooperation and sharing.

Humanity has a long way to go in this regard. Competition, at every level, runs rampant. We have convinced ourselves that competition is healthy — that it motivates and produces more efficient outcomes. And in the short term it often does, but in the long run, it creates great inequities. We have fallen into endless and often ruthless competitions for everything — money, power, fame, love, attention, sex, everything — and it is killing us.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the enlightened 32nd president of the United States, echoes this sentiment when he said this about competition and cooperation:

Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.

#9 – They Do Not Embrace the Principles of Justice and Punishment

Highly evolved societies do not embrace the principles that we refer to as “justice” and “punishment.” Enlightened beings understand that any being that acts to harm another is deeply wounded, deeply in pain and that their acts are simply a cry for help, a cry for love. Hence, they do not attempt to bring those that have done harm to justice or punish them. They have found that, in the long run, this approach is rarely effective. Instead, they reach out with compassion and love to help heal them.

They try to help heal these people in whatever way seems appropriate and effective. And they understand that judging and punishing is rarely either — because it does not heal a person’s core wounds and therefore alter their way of being or behavior. They know that doing so will likely only deepen and sustain the wounds and the problem. They know that only love can heal all wounds and transform people.

But how can a society function without laws and a judicial process, and the threat of punishment and incarceration that is the cornerstone of this system? How can beings co-exist without some sort of “code-of-conduct” and associated disciplinary system? The code of conduct of highly evolved beings is elegantly simple:

Do not think, say, or do anything to another that you would not want to have thought, said, or done to you.

Sound familiar? Every religion on our planet teaches some version of what we’ve called “The Golden Rule.” The difference between human societies and highly evolved civilizations is that they actually apply The Golden Rule in their lives, rather than just giving it lip service.

But what happens in these civilizations if someone breaks The Golden Rule? Is it considered a “crime?” Believe it or not, there is no such thing as “crime and punishment” in highly evolved civilizations. No one commits a “crime,” because everyone understands that they are All One, and that an offense against, or harm to, another is an offense against their self.

And since their are no crimes, there is no need of what we might call “justice.” The concept of “justice” is interpreted and expressed in a different way, not as “punishment” but as “appropriate action,” and in most cases, the appropriate action is far different than what would occur in our society. A typical example is, rather than punishment and incarceration the action that would be taken would be education, support, and rehabilitation.

Justice is not something you experience after you act a certain way, but because you act a certain way. Justice is an act, not punishment for an act. An enlightened civilization understands this. The problem with our society is that we seek “justice” after an “injustice” has occurred, rather than “doing justice” in the first place, through the choices and actions that we make — justice is an action, not a reaction. When everyone in our society acts justly (e.g; follows The Golden Rule), we will not need judicial and incarceration systems.

#10 – They Do Not Believe In or Experience Lack

Highly evolved beings know that “lack” is a self-created experience and they have transcended it. They understand metaphysics deeply and know that they are eternal beings — that their ultimate essence is pure consciousness, non-physical and formless, and hence they do not fear death and are not concerned about their survival.

When survival isn’t the issue, the idea of lack begins to dissolve. Fear of not having enough is further dissolved by their knowing that they are creators — that what they experience (their reality) is created by their thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and desires and hence what they can experience is limited only to what they can imagine — and they have gotten very good at imagining only an abundance of health, happiness, and prosperity. At this level of consciousness, sometimes referred to as Creator Consciousness (versus Victim Consciousness), abundance is guaranteed.

At the level of existence of highly evolved civilizations they are no longer concerned with whether they will survive, or have enough, but in what manner they will live life to its fullest and create wonderful experiences for all.

Humanity is far from this level of consciousness and existence. Fear of not having enough, and survival runs deep, and it is one of the core reasons why there is so much competition, conflict, inequities, and suffering in our world.

But most of the perceived shortages on our planet are illusory. A good example is the supply of food. On our world, over 650 of our children die of starvation every hour — which seems to indicate there is a shortage of food. Yet we scrape enough food off our plates in restaurants to feed whole countries; no child needs to starve to death. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates food waste in the United States alone to be about 30 to 40 percent of the food supply — an estimated 133 billion pounds of food wasted.

This is a situation that would never, ever occur in highly evolved civilizations. They would simply make it a priority to figure out how to solve the issue, which is more one of distribution than it is of lack of supply. They would figure out how to “share” the food more effectively.


We have explored some of the key characteristics that distinguish highly evolved civilizations from others that are less so. If you’d like to explore these in more depth or learn about some of the other distinguishing characteristics not discussed here then check out Conversations with God, Book 4: Awaken the Species.

The example offered to us by highly evolved civilizations provides a tried and true model for us to adopt that can enable us to create that better world that we all yearn for. This model can be summed up very simply — caring, and sharing, and cooperation is a powerful combination that can transform our world!

“ You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as one.
— John Lennon, Imagine

Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world and create a wonderful new earth together!




Gregg Prescott, M.S. – Raising Your Vibration Through The Universal Law of Soul Evolution – – 5-16-14

We are given literally hundreds of opportunities every day to practice unconditional love to one another, thus raising our vibration while facilitating our soul's evolution. How often do we actually do this? When we do our life reviews, will we see the missed opportunities or will we see the joy and gratitude that we not only brought to others, but to ourselves as well?


by Gregg Prescott, M.S.


We have all heard the term, ‘raising your vibration’ but what does it really mean and how can it be raised through the Universal Law of Soul Evolution?


What does it mean to raise your vibration?

In the simplest of terms, raising your vibration involves making selfless, positive choices in your life by living through your heart. Everything boils down to energy, including vibration.  When your positive energy rises, so does the vibration of every cell in your body.

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For example, if you performed a random act of kindness for someone else without truly expecting anything in return, then you’ve not only affected the life of someone else, but you also unknowingly helped to raise your own vibration.


The premise is similar to being a reiki master.  When you perform reiki on someone you are not only helping to heal that particular person, but yourself as well.

Conversely, when you do lower 3rd dimensional things such as watch violent movies or television programs, you are lowering your vibration through fear.    This is why those in power use fear as a tool because when we live in fear, we can easily be controlled.


Why do I need to raise my vibration?

The choice is yours to make but eventually, whether it is in this incarnation or a subsequent incarnation, we all will learn this lesson as part of our soul evolution.


The choice is yours to make but eventually, whether it is in this incarnation or a subsequent incarnation, we all will learn this lesson as part of our soul evolution.Before you incarnated here, you were surrounded in unconditional love.  This is your true, spiritual reality.  When you practice unconditional love, you are bringing yourself more in balance and in harmony with your spiritual reality. While no one is perfect, virtually everyone has performed some sort of disharmonious act in their life, which allows each person an opportunity to learn from these lessons while overcoming all obstacles through unconditional love.


You incarnated here to learn these lessons while fulfilling your soul contract. This may involve various karmic relationships which in turn, will present the opportunity to not only end the wheel of karma, but to raise your vibration as well.


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In the end, you want balance and harmony in all areas of your life.  The best way to attain this is through raising your vibration.


What is soul evolution?

A Rosicrucian belief is that your goal in life is not to be happy.  Happiness is an emotion, not a goal.  Your goal is to have as many experiences as possible and within those experiences, you will find happiness.


It is within these experiences that you will be presented opportunities for soul evolution.  They say It is within these experiences that you will be presented opportunities for soul evolution. They say that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This is also true for the lessons we fail to learn within this 3rd dimensional reality. This is why so many people keep incarnating to Earth again and again, to learn these lessons.that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  This is also true for the lessons we fail to learn within this 3rd dimensional reality.  This is why so many people keep incarnating to Earth again and again, to learn these lessons.


Universe is quite blunt when it comes down to which lessons you need to learn.  For example, you may find yourself going from one abusive relationship to another. Unless you end the wheel of karma and learn how to use better judgment in finding a suitable partner, you will continue to experience these lessons within this, and future, lifetimes.


There are at least 12 dimensions of consciousness and within each dimension, there are new challenges for soul evolution.  Right now, we are at the bottom of the totem pole and it is easy to be persuaded by lower dimensional forms of entertainment instead of working on our spiritual progression.


The biggest detriment to soul evolution

Watching television is one of the biggest forms of mind control on the planet. The objective of those in power is to keep you living in the vibration of fear, which can be easily attained by watching TV.  A secondary objective is to keep you distracted.


Think of soul evolution this way:  When you do your life review, do you want to see yourself sitting in front of a television with a remote control in your hand?  How did watching TV help your soul’s evolution?  In what way were you able to express unconditional love by watching TV?  In what ways did watching TV help humanity?


What if you only watch comedies, sports or educational programs?


Any form of television is mind control, not only through the particular program you’re watching, but through the commercials as well.  Even if you recorded the program and fast forward through the commercials, your subconscious mind is still absorbing the commercial messages through sight and sigils (symbolism) while forming your opinions on societal expectations (what to wear, eat, drink, how to look, etc…)

If a solar flare were to knock out your electricity for 6 months, how would you entertain yourself?  What hobbies do you have?  Would you go outside and be in nature more often? Do you own any books?  Would you write?  Virtually anything you do of positive vibration would be more constructive to your soul evolution than watching TV.


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Exactly what is soul evolution?

In his book, “Universal Law for the Aquarian Age“, Dr. Frank Alper stated:


The law states that when a soul has evolved to a predetermined level it has earned the right to end its series of karmic physical incarnations and assimilate within the vibrations of the Spirit Core. At that point it is the soul’s choice either to immediately begin new levels of evolution or to voluntarily remain within the present vibrations to do service in assisting other souls who have not yet completed their patterns. A soul may not avoid its obligations of growth…

15 Ways to raise your frequency vibration

There are literally millions of ways to raise your vibration, so the following suggestions are just a Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels for help and direction – your spirit guides and guardian angels are eagerly awaiting your call for assistance, so ask them for guidance, assistance, protection and direction each day! few ways to do this.  If you are not sure whether what you are doing is in high vibration, then chances are, it isn’t.  Ask yourself this:  Is what I am doing in the best interests of humanity?  Did it help someone (or something) else?  Do I expect anything in return?  Did it feed my soul in a positive way?


Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels for help and direction – your spirit guides and guardian angels are eagerly awaiting your call for assistance, so ask them for guidance, assistance, protection and direction each day!


There is no particular order to any of these suggestions because when you actively raise your vibration, you are not only healing yourself but every other sentient being on this planet, including Mother Earth.


1. Intend to raise your vibration.  The simple act of intention helps to manifest the reality.  Leave a sticky note on your door before you leave your house to remind yourself.


2. Practice Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian Code of ForgivenessHo’oponopono means, “to make right,” or “to rectify an error.” According to Hawaiian legend, error arises from thoughts that are impaired by painful memories from the past. Ho’oponopono is a way to release the energy of those painful thoughts, or errors, which cause imbalance and disease.


Find out more about Ho’oponopono, here and here.


3. Forgive yourself and others.  According to past life regression hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon, forgiveness is the best way to eliminate negative karmic events.  When doing so, always come from the heart versus merely saying it without any positive emotion.  For example, if you had a bad marriage, forgive your partner because everyone deserves love and to be loved.  Release them, and yourself, from this cycle of karma.  When you forgive others, you not only end the wheel of karma but also raise your vibration as well.


4. Surround yourself with like-minded friends. When you are with people of higher vibration, your vibration will rise as well.  For many of us, we have lost some old friends along the path only to be replaced with new ones who resonate to a higher vibration.  If you end up losing some old friends, remember to forgive them as well as yourself.


5. Gratitude! Gratitude is one of the best ways to raise your vibration so express gratitude as often as possible.  If you wake up and it’s sunny outside, be grateful!  Even if it is raining, be grateful for the water it provides you and all of the plants, trees and animals that need it too.


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6. Positive affirmations. Have you ever heard the expression, “You are what you eat”?  In this case, “You are what you think”.  You have already intended to make change, now make it through positive affirmations.  You can find a list of the Top 100 Affirmations from The Secret here.


7. Be the example.  Even if you think no one is watching, EVERYTHING you do is being recorded into your Akashic Record. If you strive to be the best positive example for others in everything you do, then you will not only raise your vibration, but the vibration of everyone else around you!


8. Eat healthy.  “You are what you eat”.  Always try to choose organic whenever possible and try to avoid food without substance, such as any processed foods.  Eliminate fluoride from your diet as fluoride helps to calcify your pineal gland. When shopping, virtually all processed foods are found in the center aisles of your grocery store while the healthiest foods are usually found on the perimeter.  Chances are, if the product has a commercial, then it’s probably not good for you.


Always try to choose organic whenever possible and try to avoid food without substance, such as any processed foods. Eliminate fluoride from your diet as fluoride helps to calcify your pineal gland. When shopping, virtually all processed foods are found in the center aisles of your grocery store while the healthiest foods are usually found on the perimeter. Chances are, if the product has a commercial, then it's probably not good for you. The food you eat will greatly affect your vibration. For example, if you eat a lot of heavy, processed food, you will find that you tire easily, usually within an hour or so of consuming them. If you were to make an organic smoothie, you'll find your energy is much higher and lasts longer than eating processed, GMO's.

The food you eat will greatly affect your vibration.  For example, if you eat a lot of heavy, processed food, you will find that you tire easily, usually within an hour or so of consuming them.  If you were to make an organic smoothie, you’ll find your energy is much higher and lasts longer than eating processed, GMO’s.


9. Love yourself and others.  You are perfect EXACTLY the way you are because underneath this shell that we call our “body” is a beautiful light being full of unconditional love.  Don’t try to be the Cosmo Girl or the man with 6 pack abs if your sole intention is to be loved and recognized by others as a way of fitting in with any particular group.  Love yourself for the beautiful person you are INSIDE and your outer shell will reflect that love as well.  Love is the highest of all energy vibrations! We all have perceived flaws.  View them as a gift from the Universe because they are what make you, “YOU”.  When you see perceived flaws in others, remember that you are mirroring your own insecurities about something within yourself, so learn from this process.


10. Accept others for who they are.  Similar to perceived flaws, when we try to change someone else, we are really saying there is something I don’t like about myself.  This is an opportunity to practice unconditional love, thus raising your energy vibration.


11. Laughter.  Laughter is another exceptionally high vibration so find the humor in life and share it with others.


12. Eliminate watching TV.  Virtually anything you do would be more constructive than watching TV.  Not only is TV a major contributing factor to mind control, it is also one of the quickest ways to LOWER your vibration.


13. Meditate.  There are literally thousands of ways to meditate, so find one that suits you.  Some people are unable to sit in a fixed position for a long period of time and may consider going for a meditative walk or going fishing.


14. Play with your petsPets, especially dogs, teach us unconditional love every day.  If you can capture this emotion with your pets and extend it outwards to society, then everybody wins!


15. Enjoy nature.  Being in nature has a very grounding effect on your soul.  It also provides an excellent opportunity to express gratitude for all of the beauty that surrounds you.  Additionally, it provides the perfect setting for any type of meditation.


Soul Evolution: Make the most of every day!

We are given literally hundreds of opportunities every day to practice unconditional love to one another, thus raising our vibration while facilitating our soul’s evolution.  How often do we actually do this?  When we do our life reviews, will we see the missed opportunities or will we see the joy and gratitude that we not only brought to others, but to ourselves as well?


The hardest part is actually making the decision to change your life.  It is easy to succumb to peer pressure, especially when it comes to being open about your spirituality because most of your old friends have probably not awoken.  At times you may feel alone on your journey.


There is no fast track to your soul’s evolution because there are specific things we all need to learn during this incarnation that will help us move up to the next level of our spiritual progression.  However, there is one thing that is working in our favor:  Thoughts are manifesting quicker than ever, so take advantage of this opportunity to not only raise your vibration, but in raising the vibrations of those around you.  Your soul will thank you!


Also, please keep this in mind:

When you raise your vibration and the vibration of others around you, you’re also helping your soul’s evolution.


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About the Author:
Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic Healthcare (AHH) in Sarasota, FL with subsequent subsidiaries around the world based upon this model.Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit.  He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic Healthcare (AHH) in Sarasota, FL with subsequent subsidiaries around the world based upon this model.

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Arcturus Ant – ETs Assisting Earth – Arcturian message – Soul Evolution and GOD force

ARCTURUS ANT·48 videos

Benevolent multi-dimensional extra-terrestrials originating from the star of Arcturus, divine expressions of energy which have been assisting us for many thousands of years.
This video is a channeled message, an introduction for the series of ” Teachings from the Arcturians ”. Which is a series of videos forming as manuals for personal and planetary evolution. Informative and deeply trancedental. they express their nurturing love towards humanity, as they express ideas of how we can raise the collective frequency of our planet. In these series of channeled messages, they also welcome you to integrate the information of their own civilization, and many aspects of their universal wisdom.

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ETs Assisting Earth – Arcturian Message – Soul Evolution – GOD force

ARCTURUS ANT·48 videos

Benevolent multi-dimensional extra-terrestrials originating from the star of Arcturus, divine expressions of energy which have been assisting us for many thousands of years.
This video is a channeled message, an introduction for the series of ” Teachings from the Arcturians ”. Which is a series of videos forming as manuals for personal and planetary evolution. Informative and deeply trancedental. they express their nurturing love towards humanity, as they express ideas of how we can raise the collective frequency of our planet. In these series of channeled messages, they also welcome you to integrate the information of their own civilization, and many aspects of their universal wisdom.

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