ADAMA of TELOS – via Genoveva Coyle – Removing Debris And Core Issues From Humanity – 9-23-17



Afama of Telos

You are participating in this intense cleansing and clearing process, transmuting and eliminating suffering from humanity and Gaia…

Greetings dear ones! I am Adama, High Priest of Telos, the City of Light located in Mount Shasta, and it gives me great pleasure to commune and connect with thee again.

It is wonderful to see you doing so well, and yes, I do understand that from where you are right now and from the limited human perspective, there seems to be very little progress. Your egos and the ones that are still caught in the old third fearful way of conducting their lives would like you to believe that things are not improving and in fact they are getting worse.

Nothing could be further from the truth beloveds!

What you are doing at this time is that you are fully participating in this intense cleansing and clearing process of your whole being, and that includes, of course, your lower dimensional parts, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

You have decided bravely to move further along your path and to remove every single bit of debris and remnant core issue, and every little hidden dense and painful memory that still resides within.

You do have free will, as you know, and some are making the choice to stop half way, to sit and ponder, to analyze their current position and options. There is no judgement and your decisions are always respected. But there are the courageous ones, like you, in the forefront of the waves of changes that do not want to settle, that want to finish the work that was started by setting a continuous intent to flow freely into the purest love there is, and to be taken wherever there is a need for you, and for the highest good of all.

We honor your choice and commitment to your Divine plan, and we are eager to come and assist you always, to clear the confusion and the fog in which you might find your sweet selves engulfed at

It has become clear to thee that to move further along your path, to forge a new path of light, means to be ready for the unexpected bumps and blocks, for the twists and turns of the road, and even to accept that there might be thorns to be removed, and that pain can be inflicted on any of your sensitive bodies. Bruises and scratches can occur, pain will be felt, but suffering is not a requirement, you do not have to take the pain into yourself, into your hearts, even if you do not completely understand why you feel it, why you allowed it to occur in the first place.

Know that you have done nothing wrong. Understand that there is much pain that has been buried in the human collective and in Gaia’s body, and it has to be purged and cleared. Many of you have volunteered to transmute it, and that is an extremely difficult and taxing task for your bodies, but you do this by allowing the pain to flow through you, and always by asking the assistance of your mighty higher selves and by lifting yourselves into the 13th Octave.

When you go down the rabbit hole, when you are chasing the pain trying to understand the reason for its existence in this aberrant form, you end up taking it upon yourselves, lowering your vibration and suffering unnecessarily, and of course this is not serving anyone, or the greatest good of all.

You want to eliminate the suffering from this Planet Earth. Your intention is to liberate every being inhabiting this wonderful planet so you can all live in joy and laughter, in beautiful and loving cooperation with one another while learning and expanding continuously, and at the same time building the new kingdom of heaven and fulfilling the Mother’s Plan.

You are appreciated and honored enormously for your service of love, for your selfless dedication and fortitude in bringing and anchoring on Earth only the purest love there is.

Until next time, farewell.


» Source – Channel: Genoveva Coyle

Christina Lunden – Is Your Soul Clear for Ascension? – 10-6-15

We live in a Universe with free-will. When you are at a group event or with a person and are hypnotized, they have free access to your soul until you revoke that access. You may have thought that after the session was over, that was it and you were no longer connected to that person / group. But that is not the case. At this time of Ascension, everyone should be looking for ways to get as clear in their body, mind and soul so that nothing and no one can stop their Ascension.

If you have been hypnotized at any time in the past and want to make sure that you have nothing attached to you or that stayed with you without your knowledge, say this prayer with a very strong intention:

“In the name of Jesus, I command that I now disconnect from anyone or anything that I had previously given my consent to implied or verbal, to touch my soul. I cut all entanglements and all attachments to my soul from anyone and anything outside of my soul. My body, my mind and my soul is completely free and clear. Thank You. Amen!”

This will not stop any relationships or soul contracts, etc. It will stop anything that is un-natural, unhealthy. It is not natural for another soul to be touching your soul in any way, shape or form. We are to stand beside each other as whole beings. We are at a critical time for our souls to evolve. The Angels want to remind us to get and remain as clear as possible so there are no disappointments when the Ascension occurs.