SOPHIA LOVE – As We Shift – It’s Mid August – 8-19-16




SOPHIA LOVE   –   As We Shift – It’s Mid August    –   8-19-16


Sophia Love

Sometimes writing is easy.  This particular post is not.  I am not yet clear on why but I have been struggling to focus for several days.  I’ve moved through coffee shops all over town and different places around this house to change up the environment, to no avail.  This could be deeply personal as several people I love are going through life altering changes, yet it feels even bigger somehow.  Yesterday, I chose to clean my car to change the vibe. For sure that was a first! Yet even that did not result in a blog post.

School has started here, and it feels wrong.  That sounds odd when I see it in print yet perhaps this video, (that I was just made aware of), has something to do with it. What matters now feels very close, close to home, to those I love deeply.

There is a time before giving birth referred to as “nesting”.  The feelings now are somewhat like that.  There seem to be things undone, chores to take care of, things yet unsettled.  Regardless of how much I cross off my list, this feeling lingers.

It is surreal, like walking in two worlds.  One I see with my eyes.  One I feel everywhere else.

So many changes engulf us that it isn’t clear where to focus.  It feels as if our multi-dimensional existence begins now.

  • Numerous reports of good news, such as this source, evidence the shift.
  • Free Energy via Keshe is working.
  • Chaos in lives of the election candidates (USA).
  • Psychic attacks on light workers/warriors (reported privately).  These have not stopped their efforts.  Rather they are seen as evidence of success!
  • A general feeling of “not ready yet” as the formal education system begins its term. This huge institution cannot keep up with this vibratory uptick.
  • More disclosure happening daily.
  • Rapidly shifting energetic patterns felt personally and seen in family, co-workers and friends.

Days move along from assumption to assumption without the sharp edges felt in the past.  Subjects emerge in every conversation that used to be reserved specifically for either mainstream or woo-woo; the division is not quite as sharp.

The connecting element looks to be financial.  It is here where things are felt equally, regardless of who you may blame.

This causes me to wonder if the initial event will be an economic event.  This too has been said and continues to be said by those doing the forecasting.

We’re past the mid-point of August now and are looking towards September.  What is on all of our minds is the event.  Its timing and format will surprise us all somehow.

We are ready.  If your life is anything like mine now then it is expectant and as prepared as possible.  I’m watching people and dreams both leaving and ending while also witnessing the new begin for others.  I’m seeing banks get nervous as they invent new reasons to gain access to personal accounts.  I’m watching houses sell in less than 24 hours (someone is buying up lots of land here).  I see an increase in soda pop commercials and billboards as more of us now reject it; drinking water instead.

What I see mostly is humanity doing what we do best – persevering.  We may be tired and we may not know precisely how this plays out, but we are not giving up.  We are eternally hopeful and unrelenting in our capacity for love.

As you breathe through these days ahead, laugh.  It is this single act that alters your vibe and opens a window. It is time to let in the new.  These 3D events can feel overwhelming.  Let in some light and watch it all change.

Laugh.  This is what you came for. You chose and were chosen for this moment now.


You are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

It is such an honor to be here with you.

With gratitude and love,

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Sophia Love – As We Shift – Ready or Not, Here We Come! – 8-13-16

Sophia Love   –   As We Shift   –   Ready or Not, Here We Come!   –   8-13-16
Today’s title springs from some recent witnessing.  Evidence of massive movement is sprinkled throughout my every day.  Unexpected powerful events pop up everywhere.

There are endings. There are no clear beginnings yet. Plans, relationships, cars and lives either swerve off the road or stop completely.  Next, I expect a sorting.

The thing about the Hogwarts Sorting Hat (from the Harry Potter Series) that feels important right now is how it took the students’ desires into account.  Today it is as if our true selves are emerging, “ready or not”. It would be nice if a hat could tell us where we’d best fit, yet that is not how we constructed this.  We will choose by ourselves.

The past two days there have been two conversations about what is happening now. Some of it sounded a bit repetitious, yet I will share bits of both, from 8.11.2016 & 8.12.2016.  They pertain to this now moment.

From 8.11.2016
(The Earth) is undergoing massive energy changes and now has reached what appears to be a culmination.  …history tells us there is to be great change.  This change is not slight or subtle.  It will not be missed by any life form on your sphere.

The light is strong here on your planet; so strong that even the most dark areas and arenas are illuminated now.

Expect a flip. As there has been darkness at the wheel and directing events and directions – there is about to be light.

The heavens line up and put themselves in position for this flip.

What we see as witnesses now is a build-up of force that compels the dark to dissipate.  This force is light.  It springs or is emitted from that which is the element within the human fiercest – it is the force of love.

It is not that the darkness is gone.  Here is the part still undone.  Humanity will now be directed by a force of light – Gaia as well.  The opportunity to see humanity’s compassionate heart rule the population is ours. …from our view, it is imminent.

We wish you honor and congratulations.  We know that the love of the human heart has been the power right along.

We do not see dates or the passage of precise days.  We see energy and movement.

I see what you are sending.  It is a sphere, a planet, earth? There is darkness on it. There is light sort of growing and easing out the darkness.
This is not light from a star but somehow from within – swirls of light sort of growing and pushing back darkness. (Sophia)

This light is the light sparked by humanity’s love.  It is this that we see.  The power grows from within. It is this we wanted to say. …it is your heart that is the light.

Be aware this happens and is now possible because of you.  You are the light that compels the end of this darkness.  You are the power beneath the shift of your world, and this break-through is imminent.

We anticipate a bit of chaos.  We want to say (that) out of the chaos will come something new and it is the power of your light that brings it forth.

Well done human, well done. (This was human as a race and not personal)

And from 8.12.2016
The buildup and assorted explosive reactions are small versions of what Gaia is experiencing.  You become now one with her. This is accomplished as you proceed in your daily life.

The human …is designing this shift and movement of consciousness completely in the realm in which he rests. This assumption of physicality and mortality becomes the driving point home now.  This happens here, on earth, as you live and die and love and fight.  This happens in the smallest of moments and the most cataclysmic of events.  Above all – this happens within humanity itself.  It does not occur elsewhere.

What it asks of you is a declaration of your wholeness, your sovereignty, your power.  …what needs to end will end.  It will end in its own “time”.

You cannot hurry this or force this.  It is an eruption of power and transcendence.

As you observe Gaia she takes her cues from you.  The controllers have left and what remains is speaking now.

This shift occurs.  Each element pushes it along and it happens.

This occurs now.  Your lives are forever changing not outside of you but because of you. This feels moments away.  It will look as you design it to look.

This means you may or may not be accompanied by the humans with you now – the concept of family, of what is acceptable and necessary and preferable alters as you reach deep and pull out your empowered greater versions of who you choose to be.

You may find the things fed to you by others no longer are even appetizing now.  You may find yourself not hungry at all or insatiable.

The point is – (It) all changes here. (It) all changes now.  (It) all changes because you change.  You, the human, are this shift. You, the human, direct this shift and announce its timing with your every action.  Gaia gets her cues from you. The sun too watches and waits, poised for his part to be introduced.

…the timing is yours and when you decide you are ready – you shift. These extreme energies are about at their highest intensity right now.  Change is imminent.

That concludes the messages from these last few days.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
With so much love,

PS Here is an excerpt from The Guardian, now both in e-book and paperback formats.
Note that phrasing and even spelling has been kept as it was originally given.  English was not this Guardian’s first language.  This is a quote of his (from Chapter 4):

“There are 2 main Sources of knowledge and one “Oversource”, “The Prime Sources”.

Source Order is what is known to lightworkers, this is the main Source of receiving Universal Knowledge from and through light, it is the Source of knowledge which restructuring the molecules in matter to be in order. Like You saw this on a water, if Good words are said, the molecules changes to beautiful symmetrical structures.

Source Chaos is the source which is on the other side of this world residing in the second “dark world” the world of antimatter which is completely parallel to this world of matter and have a great influence on this world as well, is the Source which desynchronizes synchronicity, collapses order of molecules and create chaos in it.
“From this second world’s point of view” this world is dark and the Source in this world is considered as chaos to all inhabitants of world of antimatter. Because the effects of two worlds on each other have destructive capabilities on each ones structure. The energies from two worlds are “incompatible” and they are trying to annihilate each other instantaneously. The emptiness, considered as darkness of space is this influence of the second world. The terms “dark matter” and “dark energy” are not called this way without a reason.
From this everlasting battle of two worlds comes the duality of reality and Consciousness.”

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Things are getting weird. The veil is lifting, timelines are merging, and parallel realities are showing up in the news.

Since the removal Saturday of the final bunch of controllers at the top 1%, there have been quite a few questions about what this means for us.  Here are some thoughts on that.

It means we’ll see more reports in the mainstream media like this one (NBC) and this one (David Icke in Australia).  It means our history will change, as with these recollections of that day in Dallas, to where the story of who shot who is talked about openly.  The media will be less and less suppressed; to the uninitiated, it will appear to have always been the case.  The criminal actions of the controllers will become an open part of our collective history – open and (now) obvious.

Without the veil we will see more clearly the host of others occupying this dream.  Expect to see more out of the corner of your eyes and in our skies.  There are several reports of planned fly-overs.  Expect them.

Words like unveiling, exposing and uncovering the obvious will be seen in media and history books.  We are entering and building a new world.  Our timelines are merging and morphing and becoming something else.  Our children and our grandchildren will hear about our old world with surprise; in much the same way we look at the time before electricity.

What’s important for us now is to capitalize on this opportunity.  Expect the shift before us and release any prior inhibitions about pushing back.  The structure is dismantling, with the topmost layer gone, what’s beneath it can’t help but crumble.

#PUSHBACK. If there was ever a time to refuse to cooperate with corruption, it is right now.  The more we participate in this collapse and shift, the faster it occurs.  This is beyond an angry protest, which only happens when one is controlled, as in enslaved.  No, this is a statement of sovereignty.

We no longer accept cartoon character candidates, corrupt officials or restrictions to our lives.  Refuse to participate in such things.  Stand for sovereignty.  Do so with love and from a point of clarity.  Not willing to comply with anything that diminishes the spirit, we must #PUSHBACK. This happens without bloodshed; it happens with unity.  An empowered people welcome this new world now.

There is a shedding as things crumble and it is all around us.  It can hurt.  Feel that pain and let it go.  There is work to be done.

Notice – those small moments of concession and subservience and #PUSHBACK.  These are not part of this new world.

It is a place of possibility, inhabited by sovereign individuals freely living in peace.  All of our dreams are now realized.  This may not be easy or without disruption as things have to fall away to make room for the new.  These challenges are necessary as the transition has to be clear.  There will be a moment we’ll look back on, those of us remembering; when we’ll know it changed.  We will mark that moment.  That moment is now.  Those changing it are us.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
Thank you for sharing the journey,
With so much love,


PS Below is validation of the art removal operation I spoke about here. It comes as a comment to the post:

“I can verify this channel from a different angle. On 7/22 I cared for a man in the hospital who had a very unique vibrational signature and spoke of time, and the ability to be able to move through it. On 7/23 night when I arrived at work, he was very animated, and expressed the urgency to gather his group for a dissolution ceremony. He revealed that he was a founding member of the Church of Satan, and that during their time they had amassed an unimaginable fortune/treasure. He said he was not saddened to lose it or his sect because the convergence of time is now. That they must keep it “light”, have a picnic or supper, enjoy each other”s company, then do a ritual of release. His worry is that the treasure would fall into the wrong hands, since some artifacts were powerful. But nonetheless…he is oNE of the 1%, letting go because “it is time…we have run our course” and that there is no longer the need of their control.”
What is the best part is the jubilation expressed.
The story of this experiment on humanity is told by the Guardian, in my first book, here.
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And one more…. this song, well, just feel it.  Feel the light.  This is what we are. 


SOPHIA LOVE – As We Shift – Prophecy Fullfilled – 7-25-16

SOPHIA LOVE – As We Shift – Become The Light – 7-11-16






SOPHIA LOVE   –   As We Shift   -Become The Light  –   7-11-16


A chipmunk chases this midsummer morning along the back fence. Back and forth she scampers, turning and repeating her route over and again, moved by some inner compulsion.  Unaware of the breeze and ignoring the birdsong, she doggedly retraces her steps. What has she missed?  What has she found?

Pokémon Go, a brilliant mobile app just released, has millions of players out of their homes, their cars and their usual routines, seeking and capturing virtual Pokémon in the real world.  The streets and parks are filled with people day and night.  It seems we are all looking for something.  There was a wild “Pidgey” in my bathroom yesterday.

Perhaps this experiment, the one we’ve unknowingly been a part of, has merely capitalized on an instinct we came here with.  This idea of pursuit (in this case, pursuit of “the light”) is just too delicious.  Once it grabs hold of either man or beast, it drives everything.

It all seems propelled by an inner sense of longing.  There are the everyday desires for food, shelter, vitality, fun, sex and sleep.  There are though deeper, undefined longings.  Some will name these cravings for god or forgiveness or home.  Once found, we expect to realize a sense of finally belonging.  A sigh of relief brings an in breath of peace.  We are home.

Hiraeth is a Welsh word with no English equivalent.  It may come closer to defining what it is we are seeking; what unmet place we’ve yet to find.  This inner drive for completeness feels always someplace else.  Like the chipmunk retracing her steps and the Pokémon player on the hunt for the next one – it never ends.

So what is it?  This Hiraeth we all possess. Those who set this experiment up knew we had it.  It could be argued that the Creator was sure we all exhibited it as well. It’s the force that drives us on.  Under a certain light it may look like addiction; in another backdrop, determination or even insanity.  It is the influence that propels us and it’s here just because.

My neighbor has a pool for her baby.  You know the kind – small, round, hard blue plastic (pool, not baby).  For the last ten minutes this morning I hear the same splash, followed by the same baby giggle.  If that baby could speak it would be saying “Again!”  The word that explains it all.

It’s the word that has no reason.  Perhaps you could say it’s about what brings us pleasure. Yet there are some “agains” that do not, ultimately, do that. Self-destruction is rampant amongst humans, whether through food or habitual thought, belief or action.

What these disconnected thoughts lead to this morning is an idea that brings together “again” and “longing” and “seeking” and the end of this experiment.

We’ve been told that this is an experiment in consciousness; to see how far we’d go to reach for the light.  Those wearing the dark t-shirts have not stopped playing and we’ve seen the lengths they’ll go to succeed.  The white t shirts are ready to call it quits.  If it’s not over by mid-August, it will ABSOLUTELY BE ENDED.

This is a proposal to end it with a decision, a belief and intent.  Become the light.  Let go of searching, stop longing and give up needing something outside of yourself.  YOU ARE THE LIGHT.  Nothing else is needed.

It sounds sort of simple and it may not change your everyday behavior much.  Yet it will alter your belief and it is belief that creates our world.  If we saw ourselves as a group of light beings, (rather than a group of beings waiting or searching for the light) – everything would change.  I’ve seen and heard visions of beauty, peace and complete authenticity; our new earth.

This place exists in our heart.  We’ve all been there.  You see, life doesn’t stop once we settle there.  It expands beyond our current vision to more.

Once the more becomes our everyday, we do not stop seeking.  It is from there where we give.  All of creation is transformed in our light, just as all of our light is transformed in creation.  It starts and continues right here, with us.  It does not end.  Again!  Let’s see what we can do next. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you for sharing the journey.

With so much love,

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SOPHIA LOVE – As We Shift – Mandela & the Now Makers – 6-28-16



SOPHIA LOVE   –   As We Shift  –  Mandela & the Now Makers   –   6-28-16


Let’s talk about who we are.  What’s occurring lately is a landscape of extremes.  This is one being rapidly painted and re-painted over and over by those controllers invested in keeping the status quo.  That’s the last time they will be mentioned.  This moment, right now, is about letting all of that go.  We are on sacred ground, where miracles occur.  We are Now Makers.

Recently, what’s happened is a sort of side-tracking moment.  Consumed with self, there’s been a pre-occupation with things that are, in truth, defined by actions, not worry.  We are here to create.

The Mandela Effect is mentioned again and again. Here are some thoughts on that, my own and those of some of my “non-surface” contacts. Astrology gives us a blueprint. We are free now to adjust the lines within as we settle in. This is all illusion, (so we are told), yet the word is meaningless as we contemplate our bodies, our freedom, our families and our loved ones.  It sure feels real.

Consider the idea that there is no past.  There is no future.  It’s all just a constant stream of NOW.  Our teachers forever have led us to a vision of ourselves as creators.  Recently, The Secret, Mike Dooley, Abraham and others promote the power of our intention to create our life.

It’s a waste of energy to look back and wonder which past is “real”.  They all are.  The thing that’s not included in the “Mandela Effect”, and is so easy to forget, is that we create all of it. So whether Bernstein or Bernstain matters little; this is not a trick.  It’s a fluid process; one that can’t be completely defined with the word “timeline”.  Timeline is a word created in a black and white world ruled by polarity.  That world no longer exists.

The fact that we remember one “past” while noticing another (completely different) description of it, validates the power of now.  Each now is a unique occurrence, never to be experienced in precisely the same way. We’ll leave the discussion of “déjà vu” for another blog post.

In each now moment, you are creating.  Pre-occupation with the specifics that decorate your world now, ultimately matters little.  It is not true that another change in our “past” indicates a specific change in our “future”, – unless we create it that wayThere is no past.  There is no future.  It’s all just a constant stream of NOW. The thing that’s so easy to forget, after so much manipulation, is that WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN CREATING THIS.

EMBRACE THE POWER YOU HOLD. As this is written, three songs sing to me.  We are conscious creators today and with intent we can become consistently aware conscious creators.

Those of us reading this are among the growing numbers of us determined to spread the light on this landscape; and keep it illuminated.

We can share our vision; which is what Brandon Heath seems to be asking of us here.

We can demonstrate agape, as the words of this song do. The reference to Jesus is not the point here.  It is the love that we are that is the point; the power inherent in that love. We are each creator gods.

The Goo Goo Dolls describe the world our love and light is actualizing right now; conscious creation is key.  There is no past.  There is no future.  It’s all just a constant stream of NOW.

In each our own way, we will actualize this transformation – in our hearts, bodies, towns, countries, continents and world. This is a construct of our emotion and imagination and belief and intent.  We are doing this beautifully, uniquely, powerfully.  We have exceeded every expectation for magnificence at every age and every stage.  It is not the moment now to concern yourself with what is being said about yesterday.  You only need remember who you are.  You are a NOW

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

It is an honor to take this journey together.
With so much love,
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SOPHIA LOVE BLOG – As We Shift – Some More Departures – 6-19-16





SOPHIA LOVE – As we Shift, Answer the Call – 6-1-16

SOPHIA LOVE – As We Shift, Sorting It All Out – 5-3-16

SOPHIA LOVE – After the Shift – a Sirian speaks – by Rose Rambles – 5-25-16

SOPHIA LOVE – As we shift, Prophecy II of III – 5-20-16

Courtesy of

SOPHIA LOVE – As We Shift: Prophecy – I of III – 5-18-16

Sophia Love -Earth Keepers – 5-10-16


Well, this post from Sophia Love makes perfect sense to me! Now that we all KNOW their is other life out there, doesn’t it make sense for some of there off-world BEings might be here for the sake of Mother Earth?

Sophia also concludes this article with some compelling reason why a differnet type of diet might be “the way to go”. So…please this mesage, see wht thoughts come to as a result of reading this, and…


This conversation took place April 6

th, 2016.


“I am here.  Is there someone who wants to connect at this “time”?”



 We do Sophia, yes.  There are things to explain about what is happening on earth.

Sophia Love – As we Shift, Personal Disclosure – 4-1-16

Courtesy of:   Rose Rambles


This is a great message from Sophia Love, a telepathic emapth, about the value of knowing yourself! Please read, go inside of yourself for a few minutes, and…




These times now bring shifts – not of character so much as shifts in the way we move within our character.  Those things we may have stood on for support, you know the ones; be it a job or a title or role or a specific outfit or relationship or “belief system”, are not so much crumbling now as re-aligning, re-forming and fine tuning themselves. What remains at the end of this now moment is only what truly fits.

What truly fits you may or may not sit comfortably inside the puzzle that was your life.  You may find it necessary to move to locations more in line with your current hue.  Like a sunset releasing gradual tones of pinks, golds and purples; this is a dynamic creation.  Right now is not the time to permanently attach “you” to any one section of it.  It’s in the midst of a major morph.

What is erupting from those around me is a blatant disregard for rules, norms and protocol.  Clear outbursts of feelings are announced without regard for polite society or prior relationship.
Refreshing and a bit shocking, these candid explosions of truth are precursors only.  As we anticipate what promises to be a great global uncovering of hidden programs, activities and technologies, we are “disclosing” our deepest secret selves.  As above so below.

This shift is not happening without our participation or to us, as much as it is emerging from us. At all times we create our reality.  These personal revelations set the stage for unveiling on a much larger scale.  This is how it must be – we are one.

Things I am hearing and seeing are:
spontaneous healings
sudden breakups or make ups
vivid experiences of remembering “past” selves
unexpected physical moves
new illnesses
bodily changes
financial disruptions (followed by new ways of creating resources)
“youthing” (as opposed to aging)
honesty in conversation
an exposing of feelings
a “telling it like it is”
and a bit of boredom

We are losing patience with the “waiting”; we know something better is evolving, even if we can’t verbalize our knowing.

This is such an exciting time to be here! The current mood is one of “coming out of the dark” and the only way we’ll emerge is together.  It is our collective love that holds us up now, that steadies us and propels us all at once.  Our journey is unique but identical, just like we are.  The realizations I need to hear and to face and to process are not yours.  Yet as we each emerge – in each other’s eyes we will recognize truth.  There is no escaping our oneness.

Be gentle as you reach inside and expose yourself.  As you softly love yourself anyway, you’ll begin to breathe acceptance.  It is the only way now – be bold and brave and take it in, warts and all.

Then, as our governments and leaders in every discipline are exposed, take a deep breath and say “there but for the grace of god go I”.  We are one.  Sovereignty erases the necessity for blame.

Be here now.  In this moment rests all the power you hold.  Energy spent angry or embarrassed or worried is a waste of your most precious resource – your imagination.

Imagine the world of your wildest and most wonderful dreams.  Expect it.  Believe it.  It is done.  You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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These times now bring shifts – not of character so much as shifts in the way we move within our character.  Those things we may have stood on for support, you know the ones; be it a job or a title or role or a specific outfit or relationship or “belief system”, are not so much crumbling now as re-aligning, re-forming and fine tuning themselves. What remains at the end of this now moment is only what truly fits.

What truly fits you may or may not sit comfortably inside the puzzle that was your life.  You may find it necessary to move to locations more in line with your current hue.  Like a sunset releasing gradual tones of pinks, golds and purples; this is a dynamic creation.  Right now is not the time to permanently attach “you” to any one section of it.  It’s in the midst of a major morph.

What is erupting from those around me is a blatant disregard for rules, norms and protocol.  Clear outbursts of feelings are announced without regard for polite society or prior relationship.
Refreshing and a bit shocking, these candid explosions of truth are precursors only.  As we anticipate what promises to be a great global uncovering of hidden programs, activities and technologies, we are “disclosing” our deepest secret selves.  As above so below.

This shift is not happening without our participation or to us, as much as it is emerging from us. At all times we create our reality.  These personal revelations set the stage for unveiling on a much larger scale.  This is how it must be – we are one.

Things I am hearing and seeing are:
spontaneous healings
sudden breakups or make ups
vivid experiences of remembering “past” selves
unexpected physical moves
new illnesses
bodily changes
financial disruptions (followed by new ways of creating resources)
“youthing” (as opposed to aging)
honesty in conversation
an exposing of feelings
a “telling it like it is”
and a bit of boredom

We are losing patience with the “waiting”; we know something better is evolving, even if we can’t verbalize our knowing.

This is such an exciting time to be here! The current mood is one of “coming out of the dark” and the only way we’ll emerge is together.  It is our collective love that holds us up now, that steadies us and propels us all at once.  Our journey is unique but identical, just like we are.  The realizations I need to hear and to face and to process are not yours.  Yet as we each emerge – in each other’s eyes we will recognize truth.  There is no escaping our oneness.

Be gentle as you reach inside and expose yourself.  As you softly love yourself anyway, you’ll begin to breathe acceptance.  It is the only way now – be bold and brave and take it in, warts and all.

Then, as our governments and leaders in every discipline are exposed, take a deep breath and say “there but for the grace of god go I”.  We are one.  Sovereignty erases the necessity for blame.

Be here now.  In this moment rests all the power you hold.  Energy spent angry or embarrassed or worried is a waste of your most precious resource – your imagination.

Imagine the world of your wildest and most wonderful dreams.  Expect it.  Believe it.  It is done.  You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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Sofia Love – As we shift – Just 30% to go – 2-23-16

Sophia Love by Rose Rambles – Cosmic Explorers, Healer – 2-2-16



Sophia Love by Rose Rambles  –  Cosmic Explorers, Healer   –   2-2-16


Rose Rambles

Ah! another message of “soft disclosure” from my friend Sophia Love. In this message, Sophia, a telepathic empath, communicates with off-worlders who might be just becoming aware of the human race on Earth. Her conversations with this group are interesting to me because they open the door to learning just why humans are of such interest to the Universe. (Is that my ego talking?) Human ability to love is a very sought-out emotion!

There is no doubt that humanity as a whole is very beleagured and stressed and pressured byt the chaotic times we live in. At this point, i think the best we can do for ourselves is to simply STOP for a while, and meditate. That may be the sanest way for us to stay sane!

So…Please read this mesage, place your own meaning on her conversations, focus on love, and…



Sophia Love

The following took place on June 1

st, 2015.
“I’d like to know who woke me up last night and why?”
You have been contacted by us.  We would very much enjoy a meeting with you and reached out at that time because it was felt you would have more time then, to devote to an interaction.  We did notice a lack of enthusiasm. (LOL)
It was 1:30 AM.  I start my day 3 hours after that time and wanted more sleep.  I did not sleep well after that however. The way this works best is for me to reach out when I can devote some time and effort to our connection.
Yes, we see that now.  We are anxious to speak.
Who are you and why do you want to speak now?
We are (nothing came through)
Who are you?
We are a faction of (again, nothing)
Okay – one word only at a time, please.
We are a party of explorers, developers of systems, anchors that set in place beginnings.  We come to you now as we see the beginning that is happening.
 Although you may deem this a slow start – by our view it is rapidly evolving.
We come to you by way of desire – the emotion here is powerful and we would like to employ it for our own use.
We are not parasites, as you have some beings here such as those. (I imagine this is a reference to the Archons) We are not looking for negative power or any.
So we are wanting to experience the emotion of earth and have waited until there was a celebratory mood.
There is not now.  I wouldn’t describe it as celebratory.
You underestimate the potential force of joy and creativity.  It is present in greater amounts on earth now than previously existed.  Your numbers may be relatively small – yet the strength of their energy empowers whatever vibration it encompasses.  From your view, you do not see the effect of that.  We do.
This is why we are anxious to engage in a real way.
You are not familiar to me.
You have not encountered us before now.
Again, explain what it is you do and what you are looking for in this conversation?  My purpose is to provide information, truth, where it was missing or hidden before.
What we do is encounter and then (we) establish systems.  This takes place on a level unseen by you in your present form and so far into the nuances of life as to be invisible.
We are sort of “place holders” and again looking for newly formed arenas where we can insure a structure is in place.
I am not following you.
There is an organized chaos to life – all of creation holds court on a blueprint – a map you could call it, and the magnitude of this is beyond words.
My group, the one I am a part of, keeps a watchful look out for places where the “new” emerges within the fabric.  We sort of oversee, insure that the semblance of order necessary for continued successful evolution is present.
In Earth’s case, the evolution of consciousness happening now is creating a split and this must be accounted for in the blueprint – there are several choices happening – all of them infused with powerfully creative energies on both sides of polarity.
We reached out to you as the creative side promoted by your “people” is one we are looking to understand.  It is relatively new in all of creation and the opportunity to be close to it intrigues us.  It is powerful in a way unseen by those holding it. (A reference to ourselves, Sophia)
If this was harnessed…
I am seeing something here.
We are sending, yes.
I see a huge wave moving across a grid and changing it as it ripples through.  The entire grid is altered.   It is blue, with lines.
Yes.  We see the potential of human love as something of a super-conductor.  We felt, if we could understand it on a personal level, we could perhaps understand the best sort of grid/blueprint for it to set up; one that encourages its growth for all of creation.
The earth grid is not set up that way now.  We will be able to offer an assist.
How do you plan to get close to it?
Merely connecting we experience your energy and those of your readers – there is power there.
Okay.  I must go now.
You will hear from us soon.
The conversation ended.
Note: I did not hear from these “explorers” again.  I believe this is because I questioned their reasons for interaction.  There was a level of trust that I did not feel, based on what they said was going on.  I did not doubt the truthfulness of their communication, only their benefit to me and to us. This could be my own lack of complete comprehension as to their purpose and methods.  Yet the “to what end?” question was not answered satisfactorily for me. And it was my energetic signature they were latching on to for whatever work they were into.
At that point, (early June 2015) I was not declaring “For Assistance Only.” I began to do so not long after, and these sorts of things did not happen.  They were clear as to their objectives, yet from this end, there was little benefit, as far as I could tell, to us.
There have been several times when the connection was cut off (by me), due to the fact that the beings reaching out for contact were sort of “joy riding” or “playing” or “checking me out”.  There is no harm in this, perhaps, yet it isn’t really beneficial. 
In other words, there was no point to it.  It would proceed usually from some sort of really exuberant, party like greeting and the impression of lots of beings in the group sort of smiling or waving.  Fun, yes, don’t get me wrong; yet much like talking to someone at a party after his or her third beer, sort of pointless.  😉
This next conversation took place the same week last summer, on June 3, 2015. It is an answer to my personal questions, given by a healer who shares my energetic signature, (if at another moment in “time”).  I include it today because this energy shift has recently gone into rapid acceleration.  This plays havoc with our physical selves.  I hope that it helps you.  I know when I found and read it today, it helped me.
“I’d like to ask some questions.  They concern what is going on physically specific to me and in general to everyone.  Is there someone who can answer?”
There is.
My question is – Why am I exhausted?  Why is it such a challenge to move, (even) to walk?  Why the congestion for me? (I never get colds.) Why the allergic reaction for everyone I know?  And for me?
These are good and important questions.
Can you answer them?
I can.
Who are you?
 I am a fractal of you who was a healer.
Go on.
This all you’ve run into is created out of two things.  Your desire for growth and physical stamina has the cells of your body in a rapidly moving state – you are changing.
As you move more and attempt to match the acceleration you sense, your body tells you to stop.  This is new.
As these changes occur around your, they occur within.  You are not separate but a part of your environment.  Rapid frequency cannot occur in isolation.
Your body responds by desiring rest and also by releasing toxins it no longer supports.  You are not sitting there today in the same body you were sitting in even a week ago.
The exhaustion comes from several places for you.  You are eating differently.  And as well you’ve intended new.  New means change Sophia, new means change.
As your body works to keep up with your declarations – you push it from the outside.  The only thing it knows to do is attempt to release the allergy with congestion and as well force a shutdown, (create exhaustion).  With the signal message of exhaustion being sent you get a very clear imprint – this body needs to rest.  As you ignore and continue to push it will continue to feel and send a message to STOP.
I’ve been told the body lies.
Yes, well, this is sometimes true.  In this case though, it is not.  Massive upgrades you would call them, are occurring.
As you change you are more fragile and susceptible to germs and viruses.  These things too, are altered by the frequency shift.  You can be affected now and are vulnerable.
Is that it?
What is the most productive thing for me to do?
As a healer I recommend quiet.  You are so very stressed.
You are in need of calm.  This rapid acceleration is wearing you down.  You are pushing beyond what the body can successfully do.
How long will this go on?
Until a new stasis is reached; there is not one yet – not for you or for anyone.  But you are all at different levels of acceptance and health.
(There was some personal information and the conversation came to an end.)
Okay.  I will go.  Thank you.

Sophia – Inner Earth Being has something to say – by Rose Rambles – 1-29-16


  Sophia Love
With absolute love,
Sophia Love


Rose Rambles


Wow! That’s all I can say about this article from Sophia, a telepathic empath, who regularly “receives” messages from other intelligent life in our Universe. Today, she reports on a converstation with an inner earth BEing.

Now, this message is very interesting because it seems inner earth BEings may not be all that supportive of we “topside” earth dwellers. From the reported converstation, it does seem they think surface humanity to umm…”unworthy” of developing relations with them.

Curious yet? I hope so! So…please read on, think to yourself how you woud convince others of your intergrity, and…



Sophia Love:

This conversation is from January 22, 2016


“Is there someone who wants to engage?”
Okay.  Please introduce yourself.  Hello.
Hello.  This is your way of beginning.  Beginning interaction.  Hello.  I am not of your race and do not know of your forms of social interaction.  You have methods deemed appropriate.
I am from your earth, not surface earth but inner earth.  I realize there are several sources supplying information about my presence and race.  I thought perhaps I could offer some insight.
Insight into what?
Into our reasons for methods of interaction.  They seem to be in collusion with many dark forces, forces against humanity.
Who are you?

I am a being from your inner earth.
What do you look like?
Like you, like humanity.
Are you male or female?  You feel male.
Yes, I am.  I have been to the surface.  Yet that is not something I wish to do again.  You reside in a frightening arena, one that I am not accustomed to.
I am not following you.
I reside in inner earth.  My origin precedes that of your race by many thousands of your “years”.  This means that my race has viewed this planet and the “goings on” taking place on it for a very very lengthy interval.
What I was witness to when on the surface was bloodshed and cruelty.  I believe it was during one of your world wars.
I see snow, cold, soldiers hunched down.  (What came into my thought at the moment I saw this was WWI – Sophia)
You are seeing what images I hold of your surface world.  It is not a place I’d ever choose to go again.
It is not always at war here.
Ahhh, but in our estimation you are always killing each other.  If not every place on the surface, some place on the surface.
What is it you’ve come to say?

That our dealings with those who control the surface population are not done in collusion, but from necessity.  We must deal with the ones in charge.
There is a code that states all beings have free will and that code is honored here.
That seems a rather convenient explanation to escape any responsibility for the brutality and corruption that decimates populations of humans.  How can you cooperate with beings, knowing their agenda without accepting responsibility for actions taken under their regime?
We have watched the human and what is seen is a brutal race and constant killing.
Under command and control of an elitist regime who kill by command if not their own hand.  A regime you are supporting if you are not opposing.
The same is seen when witnessing humanity.  An allowing of these global dictators indicates an answer of “yes” and this looks to us like agreement.  Humans kill each other on the street too.
Again, not most humans.  Those that do are mostly oppressed and do so as a desperate act.  Generations of humans have grown up knowing only this brutal regime.
We are not aware of any disinformation campaign.
Did you not wonder who we were?
Again, most of us thought we knew.  You are seen as a warlike and subservient race, easily manipulated.
Wow.  I am almost insulted.
You needn’t be.
In this way are you absolving yourself of all responsibility for maintaining or helping to maintain control of 8 billion beings in a deliberately corrupt manner?
I am not.  I will say this.  We are acutely aware now, on all levels of life here.  This will change how we approach the surface population.
In what way?
In every way.  We will be in contact and are in contact with others of your kind. 
It was always known that you would be released from the stronghold of slavery.  It was never clear what you would do upon that release.
It was felt that such a warlike species would only wreak havoc here, in inner earth, and therefore it was not certain that we’d contact you for interaction.
It is not clear now what will happen.  Forms of disclosure are under discussion and that impacts how we approach every contact.
It is for this reason I’ve emerged now – perhaps with increased awareness a more absolute form of knowledge will aid in our contact.  You need to hear more than one “side” of the story.
I am still not getting a real “positive” picture here.  It does not sound as if inner earth is interested in benefitting human kind.

You speak of inner earth as if we are one species – we are many, or several. I represent one only, and one of those who’ve been in collaboration with the surface controllers.
This is not an attempt to convince you of our “positive” intent, but to shed some light on our historical relationship.  It has been marred with misconceptions on both ends.
Certainly we have been partly responsible for the lack of good stewardship of the earth, and her people, which translates to a mis-handling of our responsibility.  We will have to answer for that.
We are not attempting to promote ourselves in a positive light but a neutral one.  We will be starting over.
As the Earth herself approaches her physical grand shift much upon the surface changes, while we of inner earth remain watching.  We want mankind to know of our presence and potential collaboration.  We share the planet.
What does collaboration look like?
This cannot be seen as much is in flux and changing right now.  It is clear that a relationship will be maintained yet it is not clear who on the surface will handle these negotiations.
Is there anything else?
At this time there is not.
Goodbye then.
The conversation ended.





With absolute love,
  Sophia Love

SOPHIA LOVE – A Merfolk Elder – 1-4-16

Thanks to Rose Rambles

Our plan for mutual benefit includes the voice of one who has been on one or the other side of the current issue, preferably both.  By “both” is meant that if the issue has potential for elevated emotion for both parties, there may be determining factors that call for more than one outside voice.  In other words, there will be 2 beings called in, as long as they have experienced opposite sides of the issue.
As all beings are of equal rank, there are no superior “voices” who outweigh others.  This allows for completion of emotional events in an atmosphere of clarity. All sides of issues are expressed and heard by all merfolk present.
What happens now is that questions are put forth.  These questions are arranged in ways to solicit empathic emotion from each side.  This is done as a circle event and so all emotions and ideas are expressed out loud and felt in the group.  Once this happens, well, situations tend to right themselves.
One of the beings, upon feeling the emotion of the others affected, comes up with a solution other than taking that which is so desired.
Many creative and expansive solutions are invented in these circles, it is a marvelous thing.
As one of the “elders” who is empathic as well, I have often been a part of these circles.  I cannot explain precisely what occurs, only that a sort of oneness takes over and guides the proceedings.  This insures that growth and a continuation of supportive relationships are guaranteed.  Oneness becomes the guiding hand, the negotiator (and) the overseer.  All are served ultimately in this fashion.
In my world, decisions are not made in the “heat of the moment” and as young ones learn this, they are not expected.  Certainly we desire our choices to be fulfilled when we are challenged – yet being raised in a fluid and compassionate arena that does not hide alterations of character, we also come to interpret upsets as normal in the course of our days and lives.
You might say our temperaments are “even” and that our expectations are reasonable.  In your world this is not the case; as we see in your consciousness the fighting of young ones when they are not catered to or given everything by their demands.
It would seem that some effort towards oneness would benefit any society.
I chose to speak now as there will very quickly be a necessity for new governance.  Your ways of reconciliation and what you call now “control” will be altered as the old breaks down.  The new ones coming in are not expecting to be governed by control, restriction, rules and punishment.
The young now who will be considered “authority” when they grow up will adopt by necessity new ways of management, governance and societal method.  These thoughts may contribute to the collective, alternate ideas.  This may aid your new world.
I thank you.  Is that it then?
It is.  For now.  Thank you for so much conversation.
Until we speak again, goodbye Sophia.
The conversation ended.

Sophia Love – a Hathor – by Rose Rambles .org – 11-27-15



Sophia – a Hathor   –   by Rose Rambles .org   –   11-27-15


What a great article from Sophia, the telepathic empath, that makes me realize…it’s all about us! About us as individuals who MUST be in LOVE with ourselves. That’s in LOVE with the one your mother thought would never be “good” enough, or the one who seemed to “fail” while others were expecting something else.

It’s time for ALL of us to know WHO WE ARE and LOVE that unique individual. Look at the perfection of you, in you, and around you that no one else will see…but you know your perfection! All around this world is chaos, but inside you are content and stable because deep inside, you know your truth. So…rise up, raise your head high and acknowledge your divinity, and…


Hello and welcome to my newsletter.
The conversation below took place between September 25th and 28th, 2015. It was around two topics, which I guess was actually a single topic – the humongous wave of love energy coming in and the response to it that was experienced personally.  It was quite an intense two months for this particular body and life. In sharing it here, it is my hope that you will be assisted with your own process…
I am a telepathic empath and just about every day I tap in and there is someone on the line, ready with something to say. This is a sort of “soft disclosure” as we talk about their world, their society and their physical form. 
Before connecting I make several declarations, including “Highest and Best for all concerned. Complete and absolute truth only.  Just love. Pure love. For assistance only.”  Then I see who shows up. This is verbatim. I hope you enjoy it!
This conversation took place over four days, 

September 25

th to the 28
th, 2015.
“So can someone tell me about this energy?”
Please do.
The fabric of your world is being rent in two – this is felt and dealt in each individual – control vs. freedom.
The place has been prepared and can now be
Now be what?
Now be occupied by the energy of love.  It will be disruptive at first and for some time.  Then, as the new levels adjust, there will be peace in your breathing and from within,  your world will be turned around.  It starts with you.  Begins inside each of you.
This energy enters like a steamroller, sort of rolls over everything and makes it all equal.  What has to happen is a starting point.
Everyone must be taken off guard, and not be able to stand so idly still in one place, holding their ground.  What this means is that you are all knocked off balance.
What happens when you are knocked off balance is you grab onto the first thing…
I was interrupted here and continued this the next day.
Who is it that I am feeling?  There is an overwhelming warmth.
It is the exuberance you experience as warmth.  I am so very excited to be in contact!  To having felt your recognition of my energy!
It seems to be receding a bit, traveling upward and beyond I suppose?
Oh, I am here.  What you felt was an initial surge of me.  There is much to say to you today.
Let’s get started then.  Please introduce yourself.
Yes.  I am a Hathor –
you have heard the term and read some of what it is we are saying to others, Tom in particular.(Tom Kenyon)
I am of the group, but not precisely the group in contact with Tom.
Yes, okay.  What is it you wish to convey?
You’ve felt the wave in a very concrete way recently, the wave of energy that encompasses your earth.  You’ve seen its effects on a personal and local scale.  Now you are ready to hear in greater detail how to operate while it is flowing, in order to maximize its available assistance.  Please talk about how it looks and feels for you now.
Personally, I am experiencing numerous simultaneous health crisis’s.  Alarming, confusing and unexpected.  
I witness children each day and this week they are acting in ways unexpected and seemingly beyond their control.  It looks to me like a response to energetic shifts.  The adults I see are either staunchly hanging on to the old or throwing up their hands in surrender or verrryyy crabby.  For everyone – its moving very fast.
Thank you.
I’d like to discuss some ideas that may help you to operate successfully in your life during this more intense influx of what can be called love.  As the boundaries are removed the earth and her people get the full force of the wave.
This wave will carry things in with it and drag things out.  Think about waves on the beach.  The shoreline changes with everyone.
It is useless to attempt to hold still – the wave reaches everyone, everywhere.  What you do while it surrounds you and pulls you with it exposes who you are, displays what you are.  No one escapes the wave or its force.
In your case, there is much hidden beneath the surface that will be flushed out.  Your response of desiring to greater control your diet is interesting because in this it is not control that will heal, but fluidity.  You will need to roll with it and keep moving – follow your inner guidance.
I feel more and different energy now.
Yes, others are joining us.
I am so hungry.
It is interesting that you choose hunger as a focus – not clear why you do this because your body is not actually experiencing it – but your mind.
What will be dealt with now for you are old hurts and injuries.  Flow is the only appropriate response as things move forward.  Flow with whatever shows up and deal with it.
Self-care must become primary.
Love must be put in a place of prominence.  Do things to support whatever systems in your life (that) you want to continue. These would be:
 Your love
 Your physical life
 Your home
 Your family
 Your work
 Your relationships
Do these things in concert with your everyday life.  You’ll see.  We’ll talk again.
Thank you.
 This personal conversation continued on and off during this time frame as my body and life worked to get synchronized.  A bit more came through the next day, September 27th, 2015. 
I was not told who was speaking, but as it applies to this transformative process, I will include it here.
You are struggling to maintain composure while your inside self-destructs.  Self-destruction is a necessary part of the process of ascension.
You harbor thoughts, ideas and notions that do not support a pure life of peace and unconditional love.
This love must be felt for you first and today it is not.
It is yourself you must like first.
It’s time to look within.
 Do not neglect self.
 Do not neglect self.
 Do not neglect self.
 Do not neglect self.
I will go now.
Yes.  Goodbye then, and good luck.
And a bit more on the 28th of September.  Once again, the conversation was related to this facet of the ascension process.
See now the reality of what is you.  See now the reflected pain…You want what you will not give yourself.
This is your deepest hurdle – which sounds impossible on purpose – you have skated through these years without addressing things – parts of you causing discomfort.
Now, by calling forth Presence, you are seeing all that you bring to the table.  These are parts of your ego self that remain floating out there.
You came this time to move past judgment.  This is your final judgment.  The judgment of self.
You have to let go of your reflections on any other, and move your focus to the center, to you.
It is yourself whom you don’t trust.
You are re-feeling every deficit from ancient, ancient times.  It is this you must release if you are to move forward – to ascend, to reach full awareness, enlightenment.
As you expect to be disappointed, you are.  There are no mistakes or random events.
You want to deal with this.  You are being given the opportunity to deal – all that you most desire is available within – as you embody love, it becomes your life.
As you relate to mistrust and fear that also then becomes your everyday experience.
In order to move past fear you have to embody it.  In order to move past mistrust and blame and judgment, you have to embody it.
This uncomfortableness is part of it – is all of it.
I must go.
The conversation ended.
This was an intense time, with energies off the chart.  This physical vehicle was demanding that I deal with her.  Simultaneously I intended to integrate all the parts that I am. The reference above to “Presence” is referencing a Michael Brown book I was immersed in.  Timing was perfect.
This resulted, at first with a sort of silent shouting in protest; emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  Two months later, I would be tempted to call it a “dark night of the soul” sort of event. 
Ascension is not for sissies.  😉
A perfect collection of lyrics for what we do… this is why we are here now…
Rise Up
Rise Up

Stop – New! – (how they tell you in Ontario, Canada)

(wouldn’t it be great if we all had these for any changes on our journey?)
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SOPHIA LOVE – Open Your Eyes – This Ascension – 11-6-15


It is not that you are un-ascended or not enlightened.  Even words like expansion are misnomers for what you are feeling right now.

The primary thing to realize is that all of this already exists.  It is like the seed holding within it what’s to become the magnificent, towering oak tree.  Yet it’s beyond that, for the seed holds a very specific blueprint, for a single tree.

YOU are the entirety of creation.  It is by choice that you express yourself now as human.  We are speaking now of pure potential.  You are, you know, you be, everything.

You do not “need” anything specific to ascend.  Your only task is to locate your ascended self and allow her to be.

There is no difference in creation.  It is One. It is all.

This is potential.  No adjectives or further descriptions can define what it is that you are.
Your potential is realized.  Open your eyes – this is ascension.

Imagination is the stuff of creation.  It sees the form within the formless and the formless within the form.  It knows.

When every expression of life is self and every expression of self is accepted, there is agape.  This becomes then, all that is.

The “process” of ascension happens differently in every case because all possibilities are realized uniquely and at once.

These words sound like riddles, even ridiculous… because there are no words yet for ascension – you haven’t made them.

Yet you have. You will, you do, discover what you seek.  This is the journey of life – seek and you shall find.  Always there is a seeking and as well, a finding.

Become your own spokesperson for truth.  Announce your knowing with confidence.

The balance between self and “other” is not reached in agreement.  It is realized in acceptance.

The journey is really taken by all, for all, and with all.  There are no solitary moments.

You are not born alone.  You emerge to embark on a self- chosen quest; an experience, an exploration, a fabrication, a moment of loneliness or loss or bitterness or untold “wealth” or mental agility or rigidity or “fame” or obscurity or illness or power or selfishness or ignorance or brilliance or beauty or deformity or self-destruction or joy.  And we are with you; watching, remembering, becoming again your mirrors.

These are not so much steps on a journey as instruments in a composition; all playing at once, all playing now.

Music software shows you each instrument as a line on the screen – you hear a note without realizing the many “different” parts.  It is not necessary to see the lines to appreciate the piece – yet they are there. And the composer chose each carefully and specifically – placing them precisely where he wanted – creating her song.

Ascension will be an “aha” moment – you’ll see each chosen instrument and realize they’ve been played with skill.  You will remember your technique and come to the fullness of your mastery.

Your knowing will change as a switch is turned on from its former “off” position.  What is happening with the flick of that switch is the power surges forth – no longer held back – and lights your way.  The power was there always, waiting for this moment of release.

There is an ease of ascension.  It’s like searching a dark room for a light, and then once found, noticing it was right there all along, within reach.

You will sense it, imagine it, and still not realize it until you allow it. This may feel odd; there are no directions or blueprints for this room.

I work with very young children and when we walk into certain hallways and places we tell them we are entering “Quiet-land”.  They know what to do there.

We are entering “Ascension-land”.  You know what to do here.  Keep your eyes and your heart wide open.  It’s full of surprises, all waiting for us to illuminate them.

Information is flooding in so rapidly all that I seem to want is sleep… It’s like nothing we’ve been told and is more in every way imagined.

Three nights ago I was out walking and, well, something happened.  It was like the earth shifted and then righted itself.  A palpable movement, like I was walking on a giant ball and it rolled forward and then back. Surreal.  Then, I could hear the crackles in my ears as what feels and looks to me like reality is forming before my eyes…

On my walks around the park, the lights go out as I approach…..   Not just one… many.
We will invent the words for this one… We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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SOPHIA LOVE – boots on the ground ascension – Rose Rambles Commentary – 10-28-15


SOPHIA LOVE   –   boots on the ground ascension   –   Rose Rambles Commentary   –   10-28-15


Rose Rambles

I get this, I feel this. I agree with Sophia Love’s assessment of the energetic state of Planet Earth right now, in this discrete moment in time. We can all see how the same old paradigms are just not working out they way they used to: Wal-Mart and McDonalds are suffering financially; the US political scene is a joke complete with an array of cast characters running for President: channellers are not presenting messages like they used to.

Nope…the times they are a changin’! Please read Sophia’s assessment, take a look around your world to compare against your past, and…



Sophia Love

The old stuff isn’t working.  The energy we are currently in, well, this is what it looks like from here:

In the children, there is excitement.  They are pushing limits and looking around wondering who will tell them when to stop, or what to do.  This may not sound so different but somehow it is.  Those kids who are used to being blamed or blaming aren’t having either right now.  The adults in charge are too pre-occupied to blame anyone.

All sorts of “ailments” are flaring up.  These may be physical or habitual.  Ways of coping with them that used to work – aren’t.

Personalities are sticking out all over the place.  Secret tendencies are no longer so secret.  We are seeing our true selves.  We are asked now to decide who we be.

The controls have lifted.  This is the only way I know how to describe it.  There is a change in the energy of places.  Before now, I could “feel” a room and it felt sort of contained and reachable.  Not so now.  The rooms are still filled with us, and our energy signatures, yet there is not cohesiveness. It is a room of individuals, all on their own.

No one is “in charge” but us.  We’ve moved from controlled to freedom and are being asked now to create in real “time” – everything.

This is what we’ve chosen as a race.  There were options – and humanity chose self-determination.  Who we be and how we govern ourselves is up to us.  Every moment is a creation moment.
A short look around will show you evidence of system failure and personality explosions.  This is an intense time.

We must go easy on ourselves. The controls are off and it’s sort of like our first time riding a bicycle without training wheels.  We are going to fall off a few times.

I am seeing miracles and extremes in health, as well as reversals in temperament, as we each see the “played out” and unrestricted versions of ourselves and then decide –  Who am I?

These are heady times.  We’ve only just begun.  This is Boots on the Ground Ascension.  Everything is self-determined. We are at constant choice.

Our new earth will be unlike anything ever witnessed.  It will be exactly what we believe it can be.  It will be specifically what we intend it to be.

Intend abundance.  Breathe compassion.  Believe love.  This is why we came.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Note – After writing this first piece in the middle of the night, I was contacted by someone from the Pleiades.  I have not spoken to this being before.  I am including it here with this post as it is relevant to the subject of these new energies. This took place on October 26th, 2015.  My part of the conversation is in bold type and italics. If you would like to read other conversations I am having, you can sign up for my newsletter here.

“Who wants to connect?”

Yes.  Settle in and we will communicate.  Something has occurred.

What do you refer to?

Something in your world and as well, your physical self is different now today than it was the last time we reached you here.  You are experiencing the results of the impact.

The impact of what?

The impact of the force stream of awareness – you are being flooded now and as these things take hold you will react in some sort of response.  There is no way to plan for this precisely as there are no forerunners.  Its never happened and never been done.  Not while physical and not under the deep constraints that have held you apart.  Apart from truth and without assistance.

You have been “protected” while “controlled” from any extreme fluctuations of force.  You are not now shielded in the same way.

Oh, there are forces/beings scrambling to regain footing but they have no effect.  Not in this now moment.  Humanity is on her own in a very real way.

Things like organizational systems, medical, government, educational, spiritual – they are not now being pushed around and put in specific places that serve a single small group.

The head of the snake has been removed.  This is not Medusa, where 2 grow back.  This is now a headless creature.

What must happen is new ways of sight, and direction and control of the body needs to be established.

What is seen now is a form of quiet chaos.  This energy is individually felt, assessed, absorbed and assimilated while on the run.  New behaviors are emerging.  As you ascertain their effectiveness, you’ll decide if they are something you want to continue or not.

Guidelines are just not there.  Without them, an absence is experienced and a sense of the loss.  It’s not something you’ll miss; it’s something you’ve never been without.

This moment is about self-realization and creation.  Who you want to be is who you will eventually, it seems like, settle in on.

Who is this?

I am an observer of your shift.  I have not interacted with you prior to this now moment.  I am from the Pleaides.

At this point I had a phone call and this interaction ended.  This was sort of an echo of my earlier thoughts, as written in the blog post above.  I suspect that’s why I was contacted.  I don’t know if the message was complete, but I don’t think so.

This validated (for me) the extreme changes I have been both witnessing and experiencing internally these last several weeks.  Particularly the children, who I refer to as the canaries in this coal mine, are sort of off the charts in behavior extremes, and mostly very happy all the time, regardless of what is happening around them.  Something has changed, for sure. It feels like we are only at the beginning…

One more “noticing” is that those beings out there now are of a different sort.  When opening yourself for contact of any kind, it is beneficial in a very real sense to declare “Highest and best for all concerned. Just love.  Pure love.”  We generate a great deal of interest and are drawing crowds!  It is a simple thing to guarantee all are being served with the contact. 

With love,
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SOPHIA LOVE – The Annunaki – Take Away Their Crayons – by Rose Rambles – 8-25-15

sohpia love II

Commentary by Rose Rambles

Now this article makes perfect sense to me. Sophia Love, a telepathic empath, relays a message from the Annunaki, the BEings who have held sway over the Earth for a whie now.

The Annunaki are controllers. They have the innate desire to influence…everything and everyone on our Planet. The Earth , with humans, must be a younger place with BEings (humans) who do not understand theirselves and thus, are easily led. Our controllers have led us down a garden path, and the way keeps getting smaller, tighter, and less eaily travelled.

The Annunaki liken control of a young Earth as a box of crayons being given to them. Oh, my! Let’s do this, and cause that, and explore this idea using this young race who relly have no clue about themselves and what they can do with their emotions!

Oh…this is soo good…you mut read this articel for yourself and gain a small imaging of how you , and I, and everyone else has been “playing the game”. I sooo look forward to the end of this game! Hurry up stock! Bring humanity to it’s senses NOW! Read on, determine how you feel about this merry-go-round on Earth, and…



Sophia Love

July 8th, 2015
Is there someone who would like to engage now?
Okay, please go ahead.
There are forces on your planet now, right now in your focus, who/that wish to halt progress towards abundance and enlightenment.  These are the ones behind the controllers here.  They are not invested, in any way, in your progress or process.  You would label these “service to self” beings.
They are more than that.  In their being is played out the maximum in self-focus, to include an absolute blind eye to others and its effect on them.
 They are akin to children, who, for the very first time, discover crayons.  Such a marvelous thing, to create new color, that they proceed to color everything they see – the wall, etc… Thank goodness their legs are small and they have no understanding that there is a need to hide what they do.  They color with enthusiasm – everything.
Those forces behind the forces on your current home world, earth, are like those children.  Humanity is a relatively recently discovered play thing.  It has no inherent standing or value other than what it provides or is capable of providing, to these creator beings.  They, therefore, look at it much as a child looks at a box of crayons.  A means to an end.
No doubt you’ve heard this before yet what I would like to introduce is a new thought.  Bear with me as this thought is further expressed by comparison.
A child with a new box of crayons will never be convinced it is “wrong” to color the walls.  It has no concept of “wrong”.  The colors produced when it smears the waxy things on everything are just as beautiful on the wall as on paper – and the canvas for creating is so much larger.
No, in order to stop the child you will have to simply take away the crayons, and then, if they are ever returned, supply the child with paper to color on and supervise.  You may provide ample opportunities to explore with crayons, all the time attempting to satisfy the child’s need to create and insatiable curiosity.  What results, hopefully, is a grown being who has not lost his or her impulse to create, yet respects the property of others while doing so.
The ingrained notions of right /wrong/punishment will not be effective in these new vibratory fields of life/of creation.  There is no place able to hold steady that holds any remnants or judgment.  In order for long term success here, and by that is meant a creative condition of management that is sustainable – the creative impulse and validity and rights of each must be taken into account. In every decision.
Mankind’s tendency to blame, accuse, judge and punish WILL NOT WORK IN YOUR NEW WORLD.
For the purpose of success, you’ll have to dig deeper.  Consider solutions that honor the individual without degrading their worth.  Taking away crayons, guns or control of human systems from a being who only currently understands service to self is necessary for the proliferation of universal peace and happiness.
You (empirical) cannot ever know what’s in the mind of another, not completely.  Yet you are motivated by necessity to get along.
Until the vibration shifted, you were all “getting along” fine.  You (meaning the masses), believed in the necessity of control and the ones behind the ones in control made sure it was supplied.  Those next in line began also to believe in the necessity or self-serving control systems, and on down the line it went.
The quote from your sacred text “the meek shall inherit the earth” refers to this time now.  Those with the least recognizable power are those who will shift the planetary system while “taking away the crayons” from those in control.
What was never planned on was how deeply into humanity these beliefs would be felt.  There are several layers and it reaches down into those who figured out the “game” and are comfortable sacrificing some freedom for protection and financial security.
Their financial security is being outed for the fiction it is and this is what will and is now going to ultimately turn the tide.
Why do I engage with you now?  To say that this entire process may repeat itself and lengthen the “time” of your awakening if mankind picks new controllers and gives them the crayons. Those currently vying for the level of control to which I refer will and do desire to spread their idea of coloring everywhere and anywhere they desire, with no regard for humankind once they’ve been put into power.
In order for systemic change the entire system of power must be altered.  This can only happen with the voices of every one participating and effecting decisions.
It is not necessary for a global vote – what is best for the whole is the same as what is best for the few.  Without absolute power, the benefit to every being becomes the only choice, as those making them are part of the “every being” that is impacted.
Ideas such as these seem beyond thinking about and too large to implement.  The human has been shaped by ideas put forth by an oppressive regime – “JUST OBEY.  IT’S EASIER FOR YOU THAT WAY.”  This will not result in freedom.  Thinking about every choice takes effort and in their daily life, running the “rat race”, man has little time or energy to devote to such improbable and far off notions.
Notice how, as the energies are shifting, the energy required is lessened as to what physical effort must be supplied.  More is accomplished with intent.  This shift leaves space for new thought.  Wrap into your ideas some thoughts of how to “take the crayons away” from your new governments and organizers – as there will be new ones.  If freedom is to be found and maintained, it must be not only seen as possible, but probable and then maintained.
You (empirical) do not need to come up with individual solutions and then run for office.  Rather, shift your thinking from obedience to participation in your own life systems, done for the benefit of all.
Inequalities in financial accruals will most likely be present still as mankind clings to his desire for individuality.  What will be released once all participate is the few gaining at the expense of loss from the many.
Man is always emitting a frequency, an answer, a response to ‘how should this dream be run?”  The collective voice needs to incorporate new ideas around responsibility and possibility.  That is how things are created.  Belief and intent run the show.
I am going to have to stop now.  Will you introduce yourself please?
I will.  I am a voice of the race of beings who originally saw the potential on earth for an experience of control, of service to self as supplied by a “lesser” being.  You would call me of the Annunaki Race, as most of my “time” was spent exploring life on their system.  This is why I may speak with what you would call “authority” on control systems.  I understand the thinking of the controllers.  I have played that game.
Okay.  I must end now.
I see that you must.  There is more to say – this is a good start.
I believe so, yes.
Goodbye then.
The conversation ended.  

Sophia Love, Commentary by Rosalie Parker – The Moment – 8-3-15


Sophia Love, Commentary by Rosalie Parker   –   The Moment   –   8-3-15


Rosalei Parker

This article from Sophia Love sums up everything for all of us. NOW is the time to accept yourself as a god, to believe in the perfection of yourself, to understand the wonderfulness of your uniqueness! NOW is the time to put your focus on what it is you wish to create, and I rather think the detail of that focus is unlimited.

Excuse me…I just said unlimited! Imagine, think, feel about what you want most in this world, out of this world, around this world because our time is NOW as new energies are absorbed into our bodies, minds and hearts. oh yes, I AM a scientist, but am quite aware of the quantum theories that back up this statement. If human thought is sufficient to bias a scientific experiment, then what chance doers “accepted” thought stand against “unlimited” thought?

I have presented, along with many more, the human filters, the limited constant teachings from our educational system, the debt-filled pain of our finances, and the mismanaged medical system that does not cure as precursors for our understanding of the truth…we ARE sovereign! And as such, have no place meekly accepting the terms of our existence from anyone.

Oh…I AM on a rant of love, belief and nurture for each of ourselves FROM ourselves. Please do read this article from Sophia, examine your heart, and…



Sophia Love

What is coming up now is balance.  What is being felt here is essence.  What is happening today is a return to center; the place from which manifestation begins.

It is true that creation is a constant force.  What we’ve come to appreciate is the ability to skew direction of that force with suggestion, with ideas, with systems, with advertising and primarily with emotion.

Today we begin actual comprehension of our potential.  This is not the same as understanding.  Understanding is STANDING – UNDER.  There is no one standing over you, giving you truth.  You are beneath no system, no being, no personality, no situation, no law.  Comprehension is self-actualization.  It does not come from an outside source, it emerges from within.

How this plays out is with an acceptance of self.  Perhaps announcement is necessary.  A statement of knowing, an acknowledgement of self.  This time, without apology.  I AM LOVE.  Today, love looks like this, prefers this, expresses like this, feels like this.  Acceptance is key.  It’s all okay.

For, once you accept yourself, your world follows suit.  As Master Creators, it has no choice but to.  YOU ARE SOURCE.

It all springs from you.  Focus takes energy.  With focus, intentional creation occurs.  The playing field is prepped now – what will you plant there?  Pay attention.  It is the optimum moment.  Master gardeners recognize this. If you are distracted – pointing fingers, blaming or making excuses – you may miss it. 

A neglected field will grow only weeds.  These are relentless things you’ll have to then work very hard to eliminate.

A Master Creator appreciates the moment, fills the field with whatever she wants, focuses on what matters to him and expects miracles to grow.

Distraction takes energy too.  Where will you place your energetic signature?  What is your image for the field of creation spread before you now?

Imagine. Focus. Accept.  Allow. These are the tools in your toolkit.  A being of Absolute Love, you are pure potential.  The essence of creation runs through your core.  The field has been cleared.  All is prepared. For you.  For now.  Plant your wildest imaginings.  Nurture them.  Use your toolkit.  Love with abundance.  It’s game time.


You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

With absolute love,


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SOPHIA LOVE – the game of humanity – 6-16-15


Sophia Love
For love of self is the apex of power.  Without it, all pseudo-powers fall away.

There is a sense of self, which once attained, is absolute.

Power that depends on title, position, money, strength, name, knowledge, looks or ability is not power at all, but part of the game.  This game.  The game of humanity.

We understand power because at our core it is what we are.  The initiating force from which you spring – is love.

This love-force is beyond telling.  It resides only in knowing.

What knowing provides is a fearless response – to everything.

Fearless is often depicted as having nothing to lose.  Perhaps it is instead an understanding that you cannot lose.  The absolute truth of you is eternal.  It is everything.  There can be no loss.  You are everything.

This blog post (Click here) describes an experience of that.  It was shared first in a recent newsletter.  (You can sign up here to receive my newsletters regularly.)

This quest (it is our second day) is an exploration of freedom.  What does it mean to be free?  Freedom is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice or action.”

Have you ever felt free?

Understanding yourself as equal and complete in every way trumps all doubt.  This freedom as defined means you need nothing.  You are not forced into or stopped from any choice at all.

If we are understanding creation; this means that once we actually feel free, and embody freedom, we will then naturally manifest its physical expression.  You stand free to love yourself exactly as you are, without interference by outside opinion.

That’s the true ring of power, the real key to the kingdom.  Unconditional self-love means that with imperfect bodies, bank accounts, relationships or even health, you “get” completely that you are god.  You know how to change your world.  You choose the life you desire and you create it.

In 3D terms it means your power, resolve, tenacity, happiness or success is not interrupted by outside opinion, an unexpected detour, an unscheduled “request for payment”.  Remain resolute.  You are here to change your world.  It all starts with love.  You know who you are.  Cherish her.  Adore him.  You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Until tomorrow,


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Sophia Love – The Event Puzzle – 1-2-14

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

There is not a thing to do, there are many things, collective things, in unison, that are necessary to initiate and push forward massive change for humanity.  This event we are all anticipating is a moment, a “reward”, a great and powerful shift within – a return, not to innocence, but to truth.

In fact it is very much a reality; a magnificent moment in which each aspect of creation will understand, comprehend, appreciate and participate in life as they intended to before their emergence onto the physical plane.  It is such a grand moment, that we cannot avoid the energy of it.  It is simultaneously felt and created by One – which includes every part of life.
This event will happen when all pieces of the puzzle are inserted.  As we all know major change cannot be planned.  There is a moment when you physically move out of your home of origin and another moment altogether when you emotionally separate.
The event is much the same.  We are feeling, sensing, anticipating, and even wishing for something that cannot be predicted.  There is no way to know just when the final puzzle piece will drop into place.  We can only set ourselves up emotionally and physically, and remain aware.
Also, keep putting every stray piece back where it belongs. Relentlessly, consistently, piece the puzzle together.  We’ll all know when it is complete – the whole fabric of what we are looking at will alter – it will become One.
It will be the thing we’ve been seeing in our minds eye all along, while we were focusing on finding that one piece necessary for completion.
Blessings and love for this New year – 2014.  This post was written earlier today.  Just now this message was received, another piece of the puzzle: Click here.
I love you.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

Sophia Love – The Unraveling – 7 August 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

What we feel is not so much a sense of discomfort, as different.  As with anything new, this requires adjustment.  This place we are living is being reformed at our command.  With the energetic contribution of 7 billion+ beings, a new reality is being birthed.  None of you can say precisely what it’ll look like as its something else again.  All of our contributions are equally represented.

This is the unraveling.  Think of a rope.  There are many strands interwoven to reinforce the ONE.  It is actually made that way on purpose, for strength.  It is ONE rope, yet within it, co-existing, are all these strands wrapped around each other.  They each do the same thing from a different perspective – acting as ONE, yet distinctly unique.
As the unraveling proceeds those at the start of the chord move further and further from each strand.  They are the first to notice the separation.
You at the front are right at the edge now, having pulled away long ago.  You are feeling the separation from the rest.  As the chord unravels at high speed, the base from which you began seems to disappear.  It is as if you are alone and unsupported, as if the rope has vanished.  Yet nothing could be further from the truth.
There is no truth in solitude.  Those that seem furthest away are in fact instantly pulled to you with your eyes and heart.  We are ONE, and you are the first to uncover this truth.
Those now pulled away for the very first time are looking around, grasping for a stronghold.  Go to them.  You only need to remind them – they are never alone. Witness the power of unity.
You are the brightest lights here to illuminate the process. The parts unraveled first (you) are weaving in and out and through each other at the other end – in new and unexpected ways.  Our rope of unity is coming together, stronger than before.  The paths and patterns of oneness are intricately, indestructibly gorgeous.
There is a noticing now.  We see each other as if for the first time.  Just yesterday I danced with, laughed with, joked with and stopped strangers in their tracks.  These are fellow first responders, joyfully playing with our unity rope.  I was also honked at, frowned at and ignored by those of us confused and frightened.
The absurdity of fear is occurring to all of us.  This response is habitual, distasteful and fruitless.  It may show up when the unraveling begins. Fear does physiologic harm to our bodies, and keeps us separate.  We were meant to be together.  Fear disappears with unity and light.
We knew when we began this dream how it would end, so we left ourselves clues.  As we discover these self-hidden clues, we remember what they mean.  It is all happening perfectly, just as we planned.  We would have it no other way.  The brightest of lights are necessary when it gets really dark. That would be us.
We are the ones we are waiting for.

Sophia Love – Choosing Your Earth – 29 July 2013
Every so often I stick my toe in the deep end of “popular” culture just to gauge its relevance.  Feeling especially reckless, I may go as deep as to read the Reddit comments or listen to call in AM radio shows. In the midst of one such dip today, a sudden thought appeared “We are already living on more than one earth.”
I’ve been holding out for one catalyzing event and a split.  What I see today are many splits and multiple events.  Perhaps we’ll all experience a singular, life altering moment, yet right now we are in the midst of a seamless, rapid, inescapable shift.  I’ve crossed over and there is no going back.Violent conversations about the adultery of Clinton vs. the sexting of Weiner hold no fascination.  I am not afraid of our government or law enforcement system, I am outraged.  I no longer hold any definition of a “good” person – I see us all as One.  Good or bad hold no meaning in regards to a person’s value.The cool thing is, as everyone becomes okay in my world, so do I.  I discover this tender, gradual, awareness that we are all perfection – fat, skinny, homeless, wealthy, banker, lawyer, teacher, clown, fisherman or protester – I’ve been every one.  To embrace oneness means unconditional acceptance.  Agape is the only response I hold.

Now for years this has been the subject of this blog, yet today it feels somehow solid.  Maybe that’s what the prophecy of 2 Earths means.  The absolute conviction of universal love defines everything around you.  The firm belief in right, wrong, good, bad, slave or owner sets parameters and divisions that are visible.  Both view points are firming up.

There’s been a reference to 2013 as being similar in pattern to the course of a pregnancy.  By the 9th or 10th month our new earths will be born.  I’m not a prophet yet I see everyday my truth manifest before me.  There was a time I stayed away from others with different values.  No longer.  Life right now is full of everyone that’s ever been there and includes all points of view.  The change now is my own conviction.  I don’t have to be right.  I have to be me.  That’s a huge difference.

Barry Neil Kaufman wrote a wonderful book called “Happiness is a Choice”.  So is suffering.  There’s a 100% chance I’m living the life I’ve chosen and so are you.  How we each feel about it is completely personal.  We can either suffer or smile.

The last two blogs have been about kiri campbell.  Stories of her meditating in her jail cell and completing her speech in the courtroom without anger are breathtaking… She is not suffering.  She is engaged in the direction of her self chosen life; getting out of it every bit of flavor she intended.  I wish the same for all of us.

We do not have to suffer.  We have to choose consciously.  As we construct our days we’ll build a life of clarity, peace, celebration and agape.  We’ll create the world we’ve been dreaming of with each moment, every “yes” and all of our light.  The new earth already resides in our hearts and when we connect we glimpse it in each other’s eyes.  That’s when we breathe deeply and remember what we came to do.

We are the one’s we were waiting for.



– Ohana – Soul Families – 19 July 2013

As our concept of family changes, questions are initiated.  Does a new soul family negate the importance of the one we’ve always known?  What will happen to the relations we share right now, our parents, spouses, children and numerous extended family members?  Many of us relate to the feeling of isolation and lack of understanding in our light/life’s work.  Does this soul family “calling of the clan” mean it’s time to move on?  To leave those we love?
Yes and no.  Yes, it is time for movement.  No, leaving anyone you love is not necessary or preferable.  This is the age of unification.  It does not mean we are all here for the same reason, with the same ideas or belief systems.  It does not mean our families will be left behind while we soar upwards and onwards towards the light. We are each evolving, growing, and moving further along in a beautiful process of synchronization.  Seen from a few steps back, this is like a practice session for synchronized swimming.
It takes all sorts of abilities, movements and paths to create what seems to move as one and in the same direction.  Some of us are maintaining the center, treading water; the pivot point from which the rest of the swimmers extend.  Others of us use powerful strokes to span huge distances, stretching limits.  Many of us adjust and maneuver in varying tempos and rhythms to shift the terrain. Every one of us is creating this show and necessary for it to succeed.
There have been no mistakes.  You and your current relationships mutually chose each other with purpose.  Those we spend the first part of our lives with are our clearest mirrors and our deepest loves; despite what you may believe.  Disagreement does not indicate distance.  It is a component of the process of self-awareness.
A natural part of this journey is movement away and we all seek it in our twenties.  This new direction may be showing up in your life at a time a bit further on down the path (than your twenties).  The difference now is it does not have to mean a physical move, as in, out of the house.  It is a motion towards something, not away from anyone.
Thus begins our expansion.  Love is by no means singular or exclusive.  Loving 100+ members of your soul clan that may or not include your current family is not divisive or wrong.  It is part of the shift we are here for – no one get’s left behind.
As you awaken, you’ll see how you can, by agreement, be in an exclusive intimate relationship that you call love, at the same time understanding that love is not exclusive.  Love is anything but.
Society’s imprint of right and wrong, good and bad, moral or amoral runs deep in our psyche.  Operate at what feels comfortable if that’s where you are.  Yet know that growth is uncomfortable and today it’s vital we examine all ideas about love, relationships, sex and family.  We are stepping out of generations of programming and everything we believe we “know” is suspect.
So, we may continue to live with our children, spend holidays with our families of origin while we create sustainable communities with our soul families.  No one gets left behind.
Last week, the “Calling of the Clan” brought together many of us.  That call is still being answered today.  In an effort to provide an easily accessible space where we can find each other, a “soul family” forum was created.  Here you will find discussion topics, ideas for projects and introductions.  Join us!
The world is changing because we are changing it.  The experiment has been called off.  In a very real way it is up to us now.  We are creating this next version of humanity with every breath; as we dream and move and love and BE and DO.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.