Archangels and Devas – Integrating the Solstice Energy – Energy of Upcoming Full Moon – 6-26-15

Integrating the SOLSTICE energy and the energy of the upcoming FULL MOON

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From Archangels and Devas, June 25, 2015

We are still in the process this week of integrating the most powerful Solstice energy so far experienced on Planet Earth. Because of the integration still taking place within your energy body, you will most likely be feeling very tired and needing to rest often. Honor these feelings, as your honor your Body, you honor your Self.

You will also be feeling a lot of negative emotions coming to the surface for release. This is happening within you and also within the Collective, so be prepared to feel these negative feelings and know that all you’re needing to do here is to hold the intention of releasing them.

The best way to do this is to go within and sit in meditation with your Higher Self to regain your sense of balance, and sense of peace and harmony within.

Your Higher Self is always helping you integrate the incoming energy and helping you to release anything that rises to the surface for release, so by being in PARTNERSHIP with this part of yourself, you are in a sense making LIGHT work. You are easing the load so to speak, and learning to CO-CREATE by working together towards a common goal and outcome.

Note that you will also most likely be sensitive to the negative energy being released by the Collective, so hold the intention of using the Violet Flame to clear these unwanted and uncomfortable energies. You can do this quite easily whilst sitting in meditation with your Higher Self.

A powerful Full Moon is expected next week and she will be bringing up more uncomfortable negative emotional energy waiting to be released. This Divine Feminine energy is also helping you to integrate a greater sense of Self Love and Divine Compassion towards yourself and towards the Collective. Remember you are ALL ONE!

During each of these powerful phases you are becoming more LOVE and therefore the need to EXPRESS LOVE is becoming more important. Energy needs to FLOW Beloveds! It is in the GIVING and RECEIVING of this great COSMIC FORCE OF CREATION that you will begin to experience higher dimensions or levels of consciousness, and therefore experience the ABUNDANCE OF LIFE and of LIVING in this NEW EARTH REALITY and the ‘Heaven on Earth’ you have been so eagerly awaiting.

It is ALL ways LOVE Beloveds.

As you’re integrating this powerful LOVE energy, you’re experiencing a greater sense of MERGING with your True Self, your Twin Flame AND the SOURCE energy of All That Is,  in and around you. Therefore, you’re merging not only with your SOUL Self, but with Gaia and the Elementals and ALL of LIFE here on Planet Earth.

And with this you will FEEL a greater SENSE OF ONENESS with Everything and ALL LIFE.

OPEN YOUR HEARTS further to the giving and receiving of more Love Beloveds. You are returning HOME to LOVE, for Love is the heart. The Heart is Love.

We wish you LOVE Beloveds and a magical NEW Day!


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LISA GAWLES – The Blue White Earth of June – Incoming Solstice Energy – 6-5-15


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, June 4, 2015


Well happy June everyone!!  Now granted, I only have two readings under my belt of understandings this month… but man oh man, what a view it is!!  What an absolute wonderful expression of NEW it is.  Fist, my two ladies that I read on June 1st were both virgins upon my field, which to me, was a huge statement of what we can anticipate from this energy system called June… new things.  Beautiful things.  Crazy things.

Before I even started my first reading of the day, I was filled with performance anxiety.  It had been since May 18th the last time I read for anyone and with all my voice has been thru, I prayed that I would be able to see and understand for these two precious ladies upon my schedule.  I sat facing the back yard, trying my antenna to make sure it would pick up the field.  I was shocked to see the magnetic poke that is the solstice coming up the third week of June… the fact that I was seeing it wasn’t what shocked me, but what it was doing…

For the last several years now, the solstices and equinoxes played an important part of everyone’s energy fields, always by amplifying whatever they were focused on, outwards.  So there is an expansion or out breath of energy around these 4 points in our year.  When I seen the magnetic pole of this coming solstice, I was so surprised to see it taking in highly magnetic energy from the sky, into itself.  What it felt like was condensing all the in coming energy to a single point (the magnetic pole of the solstice)… what that fully means to us, I do not know yet.

Last month,thru several of the readings, I kept seeing the energy of June, the earth presenting itself in June as the beautiful blue and white marble we see when earth is photographed from space:


With its expression this way, all I kept feeling was new, pristine, beautiful, filled with potential. So I was so very excited to see earth looking exactly like this thru both of the readings.

My first lady, when her reading opened, she was standing on I guess what I can call a platform denoting the entrance into June and the entrance into this full on version of earth.  What I found so interesting was at her feet there was an emerging fissure in the earth.  This fissure was trimmed in gold energy (high spiritual vibration opening at her feet) was about 4 inches across at her feet and thinned down to a single point about 3-4 feet out from her.

Instantly I was reminded of all the serious earthquakes happening in the Month of May, earth releasing long-held energy from her depths topside, from the soul of Gaia to the heart of those aligned with her wonder… to use, to create with and play within.

Both of my ladies had an immediate energy system at the ground that denoted something happening, coming together in about 3-4 days.  Which would put this entrance into June’s full energy spectrum about June 5th.  Much to my very happy surprise, both teams, my first and second readings, they were very clear about why the initial golden energy I was seeing at the ground was the length it was… they said it was denoting our perception of time… 3-4 days of time.  Then it was like… blast off!!

My second lady, her team went on to say she will be suddenly taken off her center path forward, and her path bent deeply to the left (physical life) and they said she will be going into the higher elevations and I could see her standing on what I can only call a cloud bank about 3 feet off the ground.  I had to smile when my lady said, in a few days she was going to Colorado (she lives in Alabama) for about 10 days.  Well!!  That is a literal raise in elevation and so purposeful for her in this current time.

The one thing for sure… there is a lot of magic about to dance around as creative manifestations for those who not only see their earth as new and whole and magical… but who see themselves that way too!!!

Yesterday, I had an early morning dentist appointment and woke up late and didn’t have the time to put out a sharing and really, just didn’t feel like it either.  For a moment, I couldn’t understand why, I was so excited to share the energy of the readings I had the day before… but, I just couldn’t park my butt in front of the computer to type.

When I got in my car to head to the dentist… I was shocked at what I had seen:


My windshield suddenly had a crack that started at the base of the windshield on the left moving upwards to the right.  Where the hell did that come from??  It wasn’t there when I drove my car a few days ago.  Suddenly I was right back in my first lady’s reading, remembering the opening of the earth to release new energy to her to enhance her June experience.

When you and I are in a reading, three elements come together to give us a larger view… my soul energy, your soul energy and the field itself.  If we look at my car’s windshield as the energy system I call the field… it is opening higher, BECAUSE we have opened to higher energies.  We have set something in motion that is now, unstoppable!!  Yay!!  Of course, I was straddling a fence of bitching to my team… ya know, you could have shown me this in meditation, you didn’t have to literally crack my windshield, my insurance better not go up when I get this fixed!!!  Hell!!  I don’t have time to get this fixed… grrrrrrrr!!!!

Ohhhhhhhh!!  I just got an understanding of that crazy solstice pole and why this sudden shift in direction with it!!!

Last week, my team helped me to (FINALLY) understand the bigger reason the incoming energies affect me in particular places.  This is true for everyone, not just me.  The only difference is, the incoming energies may have been affecting you in different places.  Let me ‘splain:

First, the incoming energies started in earnest in 2000, all leading up to this particular point of our evolution.  The first major wave of energy that came thru was to clear the way for Source energy to move in.  For me personally, once I really got a handle on the adventures within my bathtub, OMG the headaches I would get!!  Almost always in relationship to the sun doing its thing, whether it be flares or CMEs or even just solar winds blowing out of its coronal holes…

The way it was explained to me by my team, the clearing within our human vessel to allow the Presence of the Presence to fully partner with us, as us, was a long and intense process.  15 years to be exact.  Clear, enhance, clear, enhance.  The clearing meant… moving completely out of judgement, out of conditional love, out of expectation, embodying trust in what was/is coming thru your energy system.  Obviously so big an energy it took all of us 15 years to fully embed this thing I call God into our fullness!!

If one place within our body was bad enough, as we moved along, another part of our biology started to get hit… for me personally, it was the deep chest colds.  OMG… it all had me questioning whether this bathtub odyssey was even worth it.  Until I took to meditation, I never even so much as got a cold… now I have massive headaches with bouts of intense chest colds…

That was spirit moving in to its place of power.  Yup these chest colds started happening in earnest after my kundalini integration.

Of course, looking back… if you were able to see what my physical body looked like before this path, I was probably equivalent to a burnt piece of charcoal.  Dysfunctional, closed down in all energy centers and I needed tons of dynamite to break thru and open myself up.  Which I got, over and over again, for the first 8 solid years of this path.  So it was explained to me that this second onset of consistent symptoms was the soul moving into its power position in the body to be the Living Will of my life.

For me, all these “symptoms” seemed to calm way way down as I learned to step out and expand into my emerging skill set and perfect them… until 2013 hit.  Hit… more like toppled me over the cliff!!

Instead of getting just a chest cold, the lungs decided to chime in with asthma like attacks… but then, all of a sudden, I was blowing my voice out of my throat from all the coughing (this set in 2014, the constant puberty lol.)

So again, as it was recently explained to me, the voice, which is completely run by the air in the lungs… is I guess we can all it my creation tool.  The higher the vibration became within, the more my lungs had to adjust to the air itself, the more my larynx had to adjust to the use of the new air and if I speak it, its already on its way back to me.

So if you look back at your own self… the first place these intense clearing energies started to hit you most from 2000 forward, would be the very place source set itself up as one of the pulleys (if you will) of your creation system.  The second place that started to get tweaked (to put it kindly) is the soul center as it works its pulley system with the source energy.  The most recent third place is your creation release or manifestation release of energy.

So three places within you, you can say is the Source/Soul/Physicality connections, drawing energy from the whole of the body to produce the manifestation/creation in your energy field.

Then, something really odd, if not totally random started happening a few months back.  I never really noticed the why of it until this past week.  I think we all have had such bizarre happenings in and thru our bodies, it’s just easy to assume…. it’s just energy.  But there is one other thing that is important to define/understand.

For me personally, out of the clear blue and what seemed like really random times, suddenly my root chakra would start to vibrate like crazy!  What the hell…?  Because of my work schedule, I really didn’t take the time to notice anything particular happening in my world until this week.  One day  last week, I had an unexpected large bill take $100 out of my very delicate financial situation and was in the midst of an inner melt down and telling the universe, this has got to be replaced somehow.  Then, my root chakra started vibrating quite intensely for about 30 minutes and an angel sent a donation of $100 out of the blue.  My vibration stopped as soon as it came in.  Wow… was that a coincidence??  If it was, it sure was a very strong one!!  The next day, same thing started to happen, my root chakra went into holy vibration mode, 5 minutes later, in came a donation!!  Phew… bills got paid… yay!!  And that is when I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, this is the incoming energy place within my body.  What we send out in desire has a target area in its return.  Pay attention and see where your creational energy shows back up in your body… then know, KNOW something important is arriving in your created world, soon!!

Now let’s go back to the magnetic pole of the solstice.  Most of this sharing I wrote yesterday morning, then my schedule snowballed and I didn’t have time to come back and finish it, so I am finishing it up today.  I had one reading yesterday and she really gave us a clearer understanding of the new way I am seeing the solstice energy…. incoming!!

She had what looked like that magnetic pole of energy I call the solstice shoved into the beautiful blue and white earth, only it was I guess what we could think of as a shadow version of the solstice pole…. where the inflow of energy coming in already via the solstice is set up in your personal field of creation for use and adjusting to.  This lady was at the very top of her deep golden magnetic pole curled up in what I keep thinking looked like a new years eve party favor:


The curly cue part of her pole that was wrapped around her body and kept her body horizontal to the ground was a thin gold thingie of energy.  Then I would watch her unwide outwards, contract inwards, outwards, inwards.  Roll out about 3-4 feet, roll in… roll out… roll in.  What the hell??

What her team explained is she is drawing in the energy from the solstice, expanding her DNA codes within, spreading it outwards to the new fields of June/Earth and the rolling in, would be the contracting, solidifying her desires, the energy she has put into desired motion to be experienced.  I did everything I knew how to get her beyond her party favor image and her team kept saying nope.  What we have in store for us is HUGE, exciting if not completely threaded with the bizarre… unexpected things moving into our realities that her team said, I couldn’t understand yet even if they showed me.  Alright then!!

Now, if you think about the enormity of all this… and the reason I see the earth as that beautiful blue/white pristine thing… it is fully and absolutely cleared for all creation to come play, dance and experience within her energy fields as she has always been meant to be experienced in these times.  However to experience her in this way, you must always not only SEE her in this way, but feel her… AND YOURSELF in this way.  Clear, pristine, aligned so deeply with creator-source/soul/physicality that all of life has become your living playground to enjoy, to manifest to LIVE the fullness of Shambhala on all levels.

Party on!!!

On that note, my day begins again!!  I love you all so very very much!!  Thank you for doing all you have done to allow this most magical time to Be Here Now!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of love, bliss and dreams made manifest thru you!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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