BREITBART – Rare ‘Christmas Eclipse’ Will Light Up Sky with ‘Ring of Fire’

In this handout provided by NASA, sun spots are seen as the moon moves into a full eclipse position after reaching annularity during the first annular eclipse seen in the U.S. since 1994 on May 20, 2012. Differing from a total solar eclipse, the moon in an annular eclipse appears …


A partial annular solar eclipse will illuminate the sky with a “ring of fire” during the day in the Eastern Hemisphere the day after Christmas.

An annular solar eclipse takes place when the moon is small in the sky and moves directly across the sun, but does not entirely cover it. Therefore, a “ring of fire” forms around the silhouette of the dark moon.



Paul Butler – Solar Eclipse Galactic Reset – Ascended Christ Collective – Prepare Your Hearts With Love – 6-1-19

Paul Butler
Published on Jul 1, 2019

Solar Eclipse Galactic Reset ~ Ascended Christ Collective ~ Prepare Your Hearts With Love…

Meg Benedicte – Just Hours Till Solar Eclipse Global Activations – 7-2-19 – via The Earth Plan

Meg Benedicte – Just Hours Till Solar Eclipse Global Activations – 7-2-19 – via The Earth Plan

Source: New Earth Central

In just a few hours a Total Solar Eclipse at 10° Cancer reaches peak intensity at 12:22pm Pacific Time. Eclipse portals are powerful times of transition and change. This is a North Node Eclipse in sensitive Cancer, which has a ‘fated destiny’ aspect to it. It is a call to awaken the compassionate heart!

It is a positive, nurturing Eclipse gateway, soothing the troubled, anxious energies of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction forming Jan. 12th, 2020. While Saturn meets Pluto on the karmic South Node we are witnessing massive karmic repercussions on a global scale. Saturn reveals our fears and limitations, what is holding us back. Pluto provides the alchemical torch of transformation.



Lisa Gawlas – The Triad of Energy includes the March Equinox – 1-12-19

triad of energys


There is no doubt what spirit wants me to share today, since it was in my minds vision the moment I woke up this morning. The March equinox started to become relevant thru some of the readings yesterday, what spirit is calling a triad of energy coming in now.

I know how much everyone has missed my handy dandy artwork, so twice in one week should satisfy (smile.)

triad effect.jpg

We are all somewhere on that line between the two eclipses, heading into the lunar eclipse of course. Some are closer, some are further, but all heading towards it as the equinox now mixes in its magnetic field of energy to the mix. it seems to be adding this radiance of clarity to the field, like a light that is bright but also, clear (as opposed to white.)

I have seen one person show up with the equinox pole directly in her field between the eclipses, others the energies just starting to come in and yet others, no connection (yet) to the equinox. Not one is better or worse than the other. Ever. It is just how our field is developing, the intricacies at play and so on.

There also seems to be a push/pull effect coming in with the equinox energy as well. Keeping in mind, up until the December solstice, one series usually pulled energy in, the other sent it out )solstice/equinox) now all are doing the same. A pure blend of spiritual energy igniting creation in physical life.

If I am understanding this correctly (always subject to change with more information) we are receiving the dark matter of creation from the solar eclipse, the emotional/life current energy coming in from the lunar eclipse and now the igniting of that which is ready, from the equinox. Including what I will just call your stem cells of life. Waiting for your emotional desires to match the frequency of life to get it started in manifesting as part of your life experience.

Much more than that, I am unsure of… yet. But when spirit wakes me up with a vision hanging in my face, I know I need to share it.

On that note, I must get ready for the next phase of my day. Hopefully more information to be gleaned and shared!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of clarity and life igniting to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Seven Symptoms of every Solar Eclipse – By The Alchemist – 7-12-18 – via Magical Recipes Online

The Seven Symptoms of every Solar Eclipse


I‘m pretty sure you’ve already learned so much about the Magic of each Eclipse and how does it affect you. It goes without saying that for us, the Magical Community, each Eclipse is a chance for tremendous spiritual power. We actually schedule many magical rituals with friends in and we are looking forward to see more participate! No matter what aspects do the eclipses form – like Today’s Eclipse, you should know that – magically speaking – the effect of the Solar Eclipse is pretty standard.

Effects of Eclipses

Obviously, the Scientific Community, denies any kind of paranormal effect from the Eclipses. However, there have been detected weird ‘effects’ of Eclipses on the animal kingdom which you can actually check out here. Moreover, NASA confirms ‘profound psychological effects’ of the eclipses, which may lead to actual events in a form of massive hysteria.

On the other hand, for the astrologers, alchemists and witches, the Solar Eclipse produces some form of explosive energy which influences us in a very obvious way. These are actually the Seven Symptoms of each Solar Eclipse.

Seven Symptoms of a Solar Eclipse

This is what you should expect when each solar eclipse comes!

NOTE: You should always check with your medical doctor if you experience symptoms that affect your health.

1. Sleeping Deprivation

It is widely accepted that in each Solar Eclipse, troubles occur during sleeping time. We feel like something inside of us has been awakened, or more accurately… is afraid to sleep!

The absence of Solar Light – even if we can’t see it – produces a primitive sense of insecurity. This profound feeling is so strong that affects our sleeping circle. Insomnia, nightmares or (on the contrary) feeling extremely sleepy are some of the possible ‘symptoms‘. Sleep Paralysis is more often around the days of the Eclipse! Magical Power acts like a bait for the dark forces.

Moreover, it is believed that dreams which are ‘presented’ in the night (or the day) of the Solar Eclipse are actually extremely potent omens.

2. Feeling Anxious

This may also be a result of the sleeping deprivation, but the Solar Eclipse radiates so much energy that only few of us can handle. They say that only the Wise Ones can deal with so much energy. Therefore, we get anxious and not able to keep calm. In result, this can actually push our body to the limits and result to health issues.

3. Feeling Embattled

The Primitive instincts which are awakened are sensing an upcoming danger. Therefore, we are ready to fight as if we are in the middle of an invisible war. Maybe that’s because during the Sunlight’s absence, dark forces can target us. It’s documented, that most ancient civilizations believed that a Solar Eclipse means that evil is approaching or – even worse – that is already hear.

4. Accidents

During a Solar Eclipse, our focus is deeply affected as if our mind does not work like the other days. This makes us prone to all kinds of accidents. Therefore, we need to be more careful and if needed proceed slower than usual.

5. Feeling Exhausted

Eclipses are believed to effect our vital energy prompting a ‘hard reset’ for our body. It feels that we are tired and need to sleep more – although we want actually get enough no matter how long we stay in bed.

6. A Feeling in your Guts!

It is known that Witches and ancient priests and priestesses performed some kind of fasting during the Solar Eclipses. Why?

Because a Solar Eclipse is traditionally linked with troubles with our digestive system causing indigestion or stomachache or other belly related issues. It probably has to do with our energy intake and how our body processes these amounts.

7. Weird Vision

One of the most common symptoms related with the Solar Eclipse is trouble with our eyes probably because are commonly injured after looking directly at the Eclipse. NEVER EVER look at the Sun directly.

However, it seems that even if you don’t look at the sun directly, or it’s cloudy, or you are ‘locked’ in your work and you don’t even have the chance to go out, you feel something weird happening with your vision. You feel that what you are looking at is not as real as it was. You don’t feel familiar with your own eyes as if they are not yours anymore. Do you feel it today?

Do you Feel these Symptoms?



NATALIA ALBA – Energy Update – February Solar Eclipse – Important Cosmic Passage – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame


By Natalia Alba

Beloved Light Emissaries,

This cosmic passage in which we have been immersed for a while, is one of the most important ones of the year, for it is an opportunity to bring deep change, and freedom, in ourselves, in our relationships, and in our physical reality, by assisting, as One, with our own soul gifts. There are many souls currently working with the dissolution of old 3D beliefs and past habits/patterns, beginning to restore those old beliefs with new ones that are now coming from a space of lack of judgement and compassion, something that in the 3D matrix did not exist, for the system only focused on narcissism,where Love for All, was not contemplated.

The main task of the many ascending souls incarnated on this Planet, is not just being and assisting by our mere essence but also by consciously being the wayshowers and mentors of the restoration of the true human values. We came here to act as authentic and integrated beings, spreading our truth and assistance to All, we did not come here to get trapped into 3D drama or feeding old illusions. It is pivotal that we move away from our personal human story and begin to act as the raisers of consciousness that we are, instead of repeating 3D old patterns, falling into the manipulative frequency of mass consciousness.

To be able to bring those lost pure human values based on unconditional love and compassion, first we must begin by transforming our own fears, and old programs that are still active within. Since we decided to experience a human life, we all have within our genetic patterns the ability to modify and/or dissolve, as well as the parental education received.

The main change in our values must be removing ourselves from self-destructive behaviours, for if we do not love ourselves, there is little we can do to love All, for they are all a reflection of us, after all. These new values should be taught at schools someday, moving from the negative agenda programming to an empowered and compassionate one. We were never meant to live in a brutal society, and hence, we were manipulated to the point of only bringing out our distorted masculine essence, becoming the doers of destruction instead of the bringers of love and peace that we essentially are.

Some of the main values that as New Earth Seeds we shall begin to bring back are:

• The conscious use of our feminine-creative life force – beginning to shift from a patriarchal and masculine perspective into a more loving and feminine one, acting with love, integrity and opening to the intuition that comes from our soul, and above all, focusing not just in the feminine, but in bringing unification into both polarities.

• Restoring the true meaning of sexual connection between equal partners, and hence, dissolving the implanted unnatural 3D meaning, and use, of sex.

• Moving from a fearful space to a free one – overcoming the fear to stand firm in who we are, a thing that a lot of ascending souls are still fighting for.

• Beginning to consciously utilize our energy in everything we think, say and do, for we feed everything with our essence. 
Moving from desperation to our eternal connection with the Divine within,coming back to a state of trust and faith.

• Retrieving our sense of worthiness, leaving behind the deep self-implanted belief we are hopeless and unworthy beings governed by outer gods and/or forces.

As always, it is only by working on self-love and personal power that we can finally shift eons of mental control and slavery by building a free sovereign society – whose principals are based on a loving and conscious exchange and on endless expansion – rather than in gaining personal power by oppressing others.

Remember Beloveds, remain, always, in the Illumined Presence of your soul,where only Divine Unconditional love can touch you.

With love and blessings,

Natalia Alba


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JALELLE AWEN – Energy Update – Solar Eclipse Offers Joy Again and Setting Boundaries – by SoulFull Heart Way Of Life – 2-15-18 – by Blue Dragon Journal

By Jelelle Awen

Partial solar eclipse today…

visible with our third eyes mostly,

felt in our hearts, registered by our souls and Higher Selves

as the codes come streaming in.

This eclipse offers that your SKIES can open up again….

that the sun of love is meant to come in

and arise again after …

via Energy Update: Solar Eclipse Offers Joy Again And Setting Boundaries — SoulFullHeart Way Of Life — Blue Dragon Journal