Love is visible now. It is palpable. It is focused. It pours forth from eyes and floods out as a force unseen, perhaps, yet unmistakable. It is the bonding element; the superglue of Creation. It is what holds us all together. It propels deep Unity.

For there has always been love, yet in this moment it’s as if it has grown wings.  Like the caterpillar, its been forming itself into something else, something new, something more expansive, something that moves faster and further than its previous version had ever gone.

It’s visible in previously estranged relationships.  It shoots out of smiling eyes. It crops up in conversations about “difficult” situations and “challenging” folks. It can be witnessed in automobile repair shops, hospitals, kitchens, airports and dentist offices.

It appears to be going exponential.

Something new is manifesting in perfect order. Each component must be added with precise timing.  We are doing this ourselves.  We are following the recipe for success with maximum participation. This requires global awareness and billions of willing hearts. We are individually and collectively shifting. All of us together are doing this alone.

As our hearts remain open, there is more room for love. We will not force this Event and subsequent Ascension with a closed heart. No.

Profound change cannot be forced upon us, it has to be allowed in.

This superglue love will hold it all together for us.  We’ll be able to confidently throw our arms open wide with hands outstretched. We’ll stand unencumbered by guilt, judgment, debt or blame and allow our arms to sprout wings.

Beautiful wings for wrapping around ourselves and each other; safe and fearless. Powerful wings to take us places we’ve only imagined.

It’s already begun.  Just today there are 3+ messages in my inbox saying virtually this same thing. We are noticing. Once we notice, we believe. Once we believe, we expect. Once we expect, we create.

We are the ones.
We have anchored the light.
It is done.

With appreciation and love for all that you are,

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