Sitara – How Much Our Bodies Love Us – by Steve Beckow – 3-5-17

Sitara Williamson of Bellingham, WA, is undertaking a rigorous fast, keeping a journal, and enjoying revelations about her relationship with her body. She shared this page from her journal.

Today I’m having the sluggishness and fatigue of the cleansing part of the first week of fasting.  This little body is really busy now.  I’ve been at it for 3 days and I’ve lost 9 pounds as of this morning.  It’s all water and glycogen but it’s soooo encouraging.

Today I was listening to Heavenly Blessings on the Golden Age of Gaia.  This session was with Galea, Communications Officer from the Neptune. In the introductory part of the podcast Linda spoke about her current “learn to channel” group.  She noted that one person had brought through the information of how much our bodies love us.

This really struck a chord in me.  AA Michael, in my reading with him a while back, guided me to name my body and speak to her like I would speak to anyone.  He and I chose the name, Jet.  Since then I have been carrying on a conversation with Jet.  I would ask her which supplements she would like this morning, does she want this to eat…. et cetera.   I send my love to her and tell her I love her all the time.   But it never occurred to me that she had a depth of love for me as well.     That statement rocked my world.

After listening to the podcast I took a shower, still thinking about this revelation.  (The shower is a great place for downloads!)  As I was having a conversation with Jet and confessing to her that it never occurred to me that she would love me greatly I came to understand from her that she is very happy and excited about my fast.  It gives her a golden opportunity to cleanse, clear, sweep out, repair and rebuild without having to deal with everything digesting food all the time does to interfere with this process.

Jet also told me that the collective of human bodies are beyond excited about this ascension process.   The physical bodies are going to rise in vibration and dimension along with their occupants, which is unique.   We have not realized that these precious bodies are going with us….not really.   I think we know it intellectually, but I don’t think most have actually understood, gotten this fact in our bones.   I had not really grokked it till now.  And I certainly had not even considered that our bodies would be happy about it.  From my point of view it was all about facilitating and manipulating the body to raise in vibration …. all one-sided from me to her.

I think most of us have considered the body something that we would drop one day, just lay down, discard, without ever thinking that it is an intelligent being.  I know I did.  No more!

This fast that I have been guided to do serves a great purpose.  The body is free, now more easily able to do the work it needs to do to.  I asked Jet to use the Porlana C energies as much as she could to assist her in this process.

I’m not going to do much, physically, today as I’m being very gentle in the body but I’m certainly going to do much contemplation on this revelation.

This has triggered a huge happiness bubble for me filled with joy and bliss.  I’m going to float on this sea for a while.