Simon Nightstarr – Divine Self – Genuine Good Intentions Do Not Equal Deception – 7-10-14


Divine Self:

Genuine good intentions do not equal deception. What this means is simply that whenever you are aligned with your Higher Self’s integrity, which is actually a state of peace and joy, while in this empowered state you cannot be self-deceptive, you cannot be self-deceived, nor can you possibly be deceptive to others.

Many of you believe that a person may have what you term “good intentions” and then somehow be duped or led into deception by another. This cannot occur when you are very conscious and aware of your power.

You may only be deceived by your own ego, even in cases of so-called “demonic” influence or manipulation involving another. It is universal law that no being may “influence” you without your own soul’s agreement. This is why, for example, what many imagine to be “demonic possession” is not actually possession at all. There is only one Universal Substance of which all beings in creation are made of, and this Universal Energy is really what you all “possess” and are “possessed” with.

What you may call a negative influence, being, entity, thought-form or person is simply another vibrational form of the same Universal Energy. This is all very basic, and most of you reading this do not find disagreement with it, even though at other times you may forget this universal truth and speak of ridiculous things such as “demonic possession” as if it were empirically true based upon actual “solid” or absolute knowledge of the True Nature of what you call “reality.”

You cannot actually be “taken over” nor “misled” by any other being, precisely because separation is not real. If you are “misled” it is ALWAYS because you carry a disempowering belief that is the actual cause of the misdirection. Misdirection is caused by the belief in a separate “I.”

If you while in your human state were to clearly perceive the transparency of the ego, the “I,” you would not be prone or susceptible to any “negative outside influence.” This is not to say that no one would react negatively, but simply that you would not perceive yourself to be a “victim” of any negativity, for you would be very clear that EVERYTHING you experience is literally manifested by your own consciousness.

You may indeed have good intentions, and on a Higher Self level all of you do, yet if in any given moment you are not FIRMLY GROUNDED in this energy, in this awareness of your True Self, then you are indeed “misguided” to some degree by your own “unconsciousness,” your own ignorance of your Divine Integrity. This is why in order to feel “protected” it is imperative that you love yourself unconditionally.

What most humans do is very often PROJECT much of their attention upon others, upon “external reality,” thus giving more energy to the “reality” of their senses, and if the reality of your senses is something that you react fearfully to, you are only ADDING to the “solidity” of that “reality.”

Perhaps some of you may be seeing more clearly now how it is impossible that having good intentions may attract or manifest an unwanted result. That is, unless those “good intentions” are not as “good” or pure as you thought they were. True good intentions do not place one person above another. True good intentions do not make lofty claims about one person being more “special” than others.

And true good intentions do not cry out for “justice” through insisting that “others” must atone for their errors so that the ego may be “happy” again. It is not the human persona that is the real generator of pure intent. Again, it is not the personality as you know it that is the source of positive intent.

It is that which may be called your “Higher Self” which is where you all channel your good intentions from. You are all channels in the truest, broadest sense of the word, and your human responsibility is to be as clear and pure a channel as you can be for your own Higher Wisdom to flow through you. It is obvious that a “positive” thought, a “positive” intention, meaning one that gives you a genuine feeling of love and expansion, absolutely cannot produce a “negative” outcome as long as the integrity of the energy is sustained.

It is very important that you be very alive to the present moment, for in this way you sustain the integrity of your well-being. 🙂 This is indeed an art, the art of savoring the vibrant energy of your Divine Inner Being. I suggest that you bask in your holiness, children of God!

Really take a good look at that very common human belief, that oft-repeated statement that many of you make, “I believe [insert name] means well, but…” But? But what, My children? There are no “buts” when it comes to genuine good intent. Your intention is either love-based or fear-based. There is no middle ground, no fence, no neutral half-way point between love and fear, and in fact LOVE is the only true intention that ACTUALLY exists. If so-and-so has good intentions, then by universal law he or she absolutely cannot, CANNOT karmically create a negative result from that good intention.

A true good intention is a God-Intention. 🙂 This is simple physics, simple mathematical AND metaphysical logic, that you cannot manifest BAD (meaning painful results) from GOOD (meaning joyous results).

There has to be a shift in the vibrational spectrum. For example, a thought that feels slightly uncomfortable will open you up to possibly choosing thoughts and feelings that are slightly MORE comfortable than that particular thought, as well as thoughts and feelings that are slightly LESS comfortable. You NEVER jump from genuinely feeling empowered (positive intentions) to its opposite, yet most of you have this popular belief in your human society that says that this is possible, and THIS ERRONEOUS BELIEF IS WHERE VICTIM-MINDEDNESS COMES FROM! I ask that you be VERY AWARE of how this dynamic works.

If you TRULY believe that someone has a positive intent, you would be wise to leave it at that. Following it up with a contradictory statement to complete the thought, such as “…but this awful thing has happened” or “…but so-and-so [or “they”] did this to [insert name]” is not an empowering thing to do, helping neither you nor the person in question. Now, if you are not feeling very certain about someone’s intent, especially your own, it is wise to center your attention within yourself to establish a clear sense your own inner peace, your own well-being. Making your business all about “them” is not self-empowering.

All actions arise from the “self,” no matter if you are focused on helping another or yourself, for it makes no difference. There are no “selfless actions.” Many of you have highly misinterpreted the idea of “selfless” as taught by such wise ones as the Buddha. The ONLY sense that this idea of “selfless” contains is in referring to a lack of ego identification, which clearly is a very positive thing. That is, yes, you peacefully accept the basic premise of having a “self,” because you obviously must have an ego, an “I,” in order to experience your physical reality that is centered around the sense of existing in/as a body, yet at the same time you are very clear that you are not dominated by this finite “self.” YOU, as Consciousness, are the motivating force. Your human body/mind is seen as the faithful servant of your True Self, which ultimately means Oneness, God.

Many of you have yet to let go of the “poor-little-ol’-me” syndrome, which may disguise itself as “hopeless,” “weak” or “depressed,” or even as “pompous,” “boastful,” “arrogant” or “superior.” My children, there is actually nothing more arrogant than denying your Divinity! Many of the most arrogant human personalities (and this is not a label of what any of you really are, just a description of a type of BEHAVIOR)…

Many of the most arrogant personalities are those who often speak of their own disempowerment, because what really makes an arrogant belief is any thought that the ego has that portrays itself as “less” than the creator-god/goddess that it is. And understand, My children, that even those whom many of you may see as negative “controllers” of “power” in your world ARE REALLY DEATHLY AFRAID OF THEIR OWN TRUE, CREATIVE GOD-POWER, which is exactly why “they” have sought to “steal” energy and resources from the masses, while wearing masks of “power,” “wealth” and “high status,” even those who exist at those particular “levels” where they “conceal” their “high status” from the general public.

It is all a masquerade ball, this exciting game of “human life” that all of you wonderful souls are playing. If you would remember this as you engage in your journeys of exploration and expansion, you would certainly be at peace with your ego while happily offering it in service to your Higher Self and thus all-that-is. 🙂

If you engage anyone or anything with suspicion, it is better to be suspicious of your own ego’s intentions. Have you noticed that most of your talk of “discernment” concerns discerning “others”? This is projection, making it about “them,” and not really getting to the point of what discernment really is. True empowered discernment is “What am I really intending here, now?”

That is REAL discernment, you see, shifting your concerns back upon the SELF. You lose much vital energy when your focus of discernment is largely centered on the words and actions of others. Yes, you may speak of how you feel in reaction to another, yet if your predominant focus is not upon your WELL-BEING then you are actually enlarging the “problem” (your fears) instead of being a conscious and clear channel for the SOLUTION.

The power is YOURS! I AM very pleased that you are all performing your chosen roles of “exposing” your fears so that they become much more apparent to you for your own healing, for recognize that this is what you are really doing during your disclosure campaigns, whether very actively in the “outer world” or not. It really doesn’t matter in itself what you SAY you are bringing to light, because true disclosure is about BRINGING YOUR OWN FEARS TO THE DIVINE LIGHT OF GOD.

You are all exposing your own “stuff,” each and every one of you, no matter what it is, whether of high integrity or not. In truth, more of your Inner Light is being exposed in terms of the “Big Picture,” ultimately speaking. My children, I call upon you to rejoice in this!

It is time that many of you really begin to QUESTION your attitude of “Oh, that poor [insert name]!” Such attitudes like that are NOT the highest and best that you can offer from the Spiritual Heart. You did not incarnate in your world to have a big pity party. 🙂 (Well, that is PART of why you came, but really it was simply to expose, experience and ultimately learn to ENJOY the expansion as you allow your Higher Selves to educate you in regards to ESSENCE.) Learn to never leave a statement on a “sour note.”

Accentuate the LIGHT in yourself and others, even when you expose “darkness” to that Divine Light. Purify your “pity,” those times when you shake your head (so to speak) and feel bad about some “misfortune.” Your POWER is in EXPOSING YOUR DEEP COMPASSION, YOUR TRUE SELF. 😉 I AM happy to see that most of you are truly choosing this for yourselves with increased willingness. Amen.


All Dis-ease is Psychosomatic – Divine Self Channeler – Simon NightStarr


Ashtar Command Crew 

The mind is the maker, the manifestor of personal reality. The nature of personal reality is such that consciousness is the governing agent of all things. Nothing exists outside of consciousness, and nothing can be apart from consciousness.

There are, in actuality, no divisions within the Universal Mind, and because of the law of “As above, so below,” there is really no separation even in the appearances of division that exist in your human reality. All is One.

For this reason dis-ease is not a reality in Heaven, the God-State. However, it is acknowledged here that there are appearances and experiences of separation and lack in human consciousness, and for this reason I AM providing you with greater insight into the nature of personal health.

It helps to clearly understand that your medical science is generally very narrow and close-minded to the true nature of how the mind functions, and to how consciousness affects the state of the body.

This is certainly changing for the better, and thus I AM taking for granted that you are all growing and expanding, for it is inevitable.

However, for your greater learning it is required from time to time that you re-examine the “lacks” that exist within your mind, within your human reality and its belief structures, and therefore for this message I AM pointing out various errors within medical science (and within general human belief) that must, and ARE, being corrected and healed.

One great error that is made is the general human assumption that only “some” conditions are created by the mind. This error is made simply because of identifying oneself as partially mind and mostly body, instead of as being totally mind.

In this instance, by “mind” I AM ultimately speaking about Universal Mind, God-Mind, and not referring to the limited human mind.

You are Pure Consciousness, though each and every one of you must certainly discover this for yourself, and you are all indeed on this universal path of enlightenment, whether you realize this now or not. 🙂

This is where you must see the obvious if you are to assume responsibility as master of your personal mind and its affairs.

You see, it is a basic fact of nature that nothing can exist without consciousness, without MIND. No *thing* may appear to exist without a governing agent (a mind) to create it.

This is basic physics as understood by your Higher Self.

What the human mind often perceives as “random” and “chaotic” is clearly perceived and known by the Higher Self as belonging to a perfect order, a Divine Design, if you will, and this includes all appearances of dis-ease as well, for any appearance of dis-ease is but a reflection of the human mind, and serves as a message from the Inner Self that your self-perception, your attitude, needs positive adjustment so that you may FEEL BETTER and be in closer alignment to Who-You-Really-Are.

It serves you well to see the absurdity of the notion that only some things are psychosomatic, which most physicians (and humans in general) believe.

Why draw an imaginary line between one bodily affliction and another? There is no true logic in this. The ego likes to pick-and-choose when it comes to what it accepts as self-made, such as accepting that an ulcer may be created by stress that is brought on by the mind, but that something “more serious” such as cancer has somehow appeared in the body due to factors outside of one’s control, often citing genetics as the cause, which actually makes no sense. If your genes may be thought of the “cause” for anything, why stop there? Why is it that most humans do not honestly ask this question:

“What CAUSES genetic programming?” “What CAUSES DNA?” Blaming your “genes” for any condition is an immature choice to make, and is essentially the same mistake as blaming God or “the devil.” In fact, blame of ANY kind is beneath you, for blame is not the same as assuming real responsibility.

Consciousness is responsible for what it believes, conceives and achieves, with no exceptions. God does not feel bad about any human condition, because God does not believe in separation. You have to BELIEVE in separation (to whatever degree) in order to PERCEIVE illness as “real.”

And because God does not feel bad, this is how God has Perfect Understanding of Un-conditional Love, for Divine Love knows of no “conditions.” Conditions always imply illusion, for ultimately there are no levels, degrees nor states of Being; there is just Pure Being, which just IS.

It is not a condition. Yet, for teaching purposes you may assume that Pure Being is Perfect Divine Health beyond imagination.

Learn to feel comfortable with the “asbtract” nature of God. After all, you have meditation to help you with this. Divinity is not an object in Itself, yet may certainly be perceived as the “underlying essence” of all things.

Divine Self honors your beliefs, and would never advise that you go “against” your beliefs in any way, for resistance is not the way to well-being. You ARE asked to look deeper within for the Real Cause of all your conditions, but never are you condemned for having beliefs that may be very limiting, such as the general examples given in this message.

You must, and will, of course, choose what you personally feel is right for you, and in fact you always do this anyhow. 🙂 Discernment is not an option. You ALWAYS discern, which simply means that you always choose, you always decide, no exceptions.

Even a so-called “non-decision” or “doing nothing” is actually a CHOICE, a DOING. Just because you may have a particular affliction or state of being does not mean that YOU, on some level, were not and are not actively involved in its creation.

“I would never ask for this. I would never choose this.” This is a common cry, but is it true? Look deeper! You do not need to ask for something by name in terms of specific thoughts and words in order to manifest it in some form, and most of what you manifest is not literally asked for in terms of specific thoughts, desires and choices that you have and make.

Much of your thinking/creating is still “unconscious,” and it is this that accounts for that which is perceived as not being made by you.

As you make the “unconscious” CONSCIOUS, that is, as you become more personally aware of the basic “levels” of your psyche, and the content of these “levels,” you gain practical experience in being more of a conscious, deliberate creator.

The “angels” and “demons” of your mind and of your experience that you perceive (from your personal vantage point) are of YOUR making.

You manifest your personal reality through using the Universal Life Force Energy that is channeled through your soul from the God-Head, and you mold your creations in collaboration with your personal beliefs, your “subconscious mind” and your “Higher Self.”

You are all Reiki Masters, as perceived by Divine Mind. It is high time that many of you reading this are truly opening up to this Divine Healing Power, which may be symbolically perceived as attuning to your 8th chakra.

Why is it that most “healers” (and humans in general) still believe that only “some” conditions may be healed by the mind or Spirit, but not all of them?

Why is it that most medical physicians (and humans in general) still believe that only “some” cures exist, that only “some” conditions may be cured?

This is because the ego hasn’t been consistently surrendered to the Higher Mind in a way as to leave little to no room for self-doubt.

Self-doubt is due to bodily identification, seeing yourself as mostly as body “with” a mind, instead of the other way around. This is the reversed thinking of the ego, which generally perceives in opposition to the Higher Self.

You are asked here to LOVINGLY QUESTION ALL BELIEFS, including the beliefs of this interpreter that are reflected in this message. ONLY YOU are the chooser of your personal reality, and when you realize that you are actually Pure Consciousness, you gently laugh at all thought of separation, limitation and lack.

You are not “partially” mind and body. You are ALL MIND, Divine Mind, temporarily dreaming Itself to be encased within flesh and bone.

I ask you to surrender to God any and all perceptions and feelings of victimhood, which includes any beliefs that any condition may be a “punishment.” You are never ever punished.

“Punishment,” “vengeance,” is but a highly-distorted perception of karmic balance, which itself is neutral.

It is often believed that stress is the “cause” of some afflictions. But then, why not inquire into what CAUSES stress? Why just stop with an oft-repeated cliche that you’ve just copied from hearing many other people say?

Why not be Original and discover the TRUE CAUSE of all manifestation? Most of you who say, “I create my own reality” do not actually believe 100% that mind is the maker.

As you all inwardly know, it is one thing to SAY something, and yet another thing to actually BE IT and LIVE IT in great honesty and integrity.

You will not discover causality through intellectual pursuits alone. You discover the First Cause through surrendering the ego’s “understanding” of what it calls “reality,” accepting the wordless, concept-less, condition-less True Understanding of Divine Self.

Whatever your personal beliefs about healing may be, indeed work with what FEELS BEST for YOU, of course, by all means seeking those who you may FEEL are the best qualified to help you FEEL more aligned with your joyous, Divine Inner Being. Although the sole healer is the Holy Spirit, God’s Healing Agent of Well-being, this does not mean that the ego doesn’t have its valuable part in learning and teaching its expression of the Art of Healing, and thus all human “healers” are valued and honored by Me. You are all catalysts for healing, in other words. 🙂


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